Posted on March 2, 2012

Nationalism Gets a Makeover

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, March 2, 2012

The nationalist Vlaams Belaang party in Belgium and their leader Filip Dewinter will officially kick off their new “Women Against Islamization” campaign next week, and one of its advertisements has already caused a stir.

The purpose of the campaign, Filip Dewinter says, is to enlist women in the fight against Islamization: “Women are always the first victims of Islam. We want to make clear that they have a choice.”

Miss Dewinter says the ad was her idea but there have been reactions from Muslim groups: “I have had everything up to death threats made against me,” she said, adding that “death threats and criticism no longer scare me off.”

The campaign is sure to increase already-high tension between nationalists and Muslims in Belgium. In January, an Antwerp prosecutor recommended two years in prison and a 550-euro fine for Foaud Belkacem, head of the group Sharia4Belgium, for incitement of hatred and violence toward non-Muslims. Mr. Dewinter says Mr. Belkacem “openly said that I should be killed because I am an enemy of Islam.” Last September, Sharia4Belgium opened a Sharia court to mediate disputes between Muslims.

Muslims are about 6 percent of the Belgian population and are expected to be 10 percent by 2020. Mr. Dewinter outlines his plan to stop the Islamization of Europe in his latest book, Inch’Allah? The Islamization of Europe. Read the AR review here.

A Fox News video about the “Women Against Islamization” campaign can be seen here.