Teacher Suspended for ‘Go Back to Mexico’ Comment

Natalie Solis, My FOX DFW, February 16, 2012

A two-time “Teacher of the Year” in Arlington is now fighting to keep her job after allegedly telling a Hispanic student to “Go back to Mexico.”

Barnett Junior High School math teacher Shirley Bunn has 24 years of teaching experience. But her career could end with what she called a moment of frustration.

Bunn admitted she lost her temper on Sept. 30 while distributing Title 1 forms to her eighth grade students.

According to public documents, a student who had a history of being disruptive repeatedly asked his teacher for a form printed in Spanish by saying, “I’m Mexican. I’m Mexican.”

The documents said Bunn tried to tell him that he could get the forms in the office but he continued to argue with her and repeat, “I’m Mexican.”

In response, Bunn blurted out “[Then] go back to Mexico.”


An independent hearing examiner has recommended that the district reinstate Bunn. In his opinion he wrote the district failed to provide sufficient grounds to terminate her. He also cited her student approval, excellent appraisals, two “Teacher of the Year” awards and volunteer efforts with a Hispanic heritage organization.


The documents do reference one other incident in which Bunn refers to a disruptive group of boys in class as the “Mexican mafia” in a private conversation with a counselor.

But the independent examiner decided the remark based on its context was not disparaging, degrading or demeaning. He had the same conclusion about the “Go back to Mexico” comment.


The school board is expected to meet about the reinstation recommendation before next month. Trustees could reject it, but Bunn’s union representative believes that is unlikely.

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  • Time for the US official language amendment. 

  • Tim

    I got out of substitute teaching becauseI realized that with a former history of bartending it could only end badly for me and/or the students. Also, I had noworkable  leverage with the miscreants… Can`t take their drink away, crack their skull  or tell them to leave…

    • lenaopal

      I can sympathize; I am a burnt out Chicago Public School teacher.  I also have many years of experience with Head Start.   I have never lost my temper with a child, but have a tendency to speak my own mind too much around coworkers.  I work hard to keep  myself  in check. 

  • According to public documents, a student who had a history of being
    disruptive repeatedly asked his teacher for a form printed in Spanish by
    saying, “I’m Mexican. I’m Mexican.”

    What this means is that the student was using his race as an excuse to avoid punishment for misbehavior.

  • Heinrich24

    We truly do hate ourselves anymore, don’t we? If you had told someone just several generations ago that a teacher with a 24 year career could possibly be fired over this, they would have laughed. It’s not so funny anymore. We’ve gone completely insane!

  • He interrupts the class to announce that he is Mexican.  Then why is he in an American school?  Why is he allowed to disrupt the class so Americans cannot learn?  Keep the teacher; expel the disruptive Mexican.
    And we wonder why test scores decline (unless there is cheating).  

    • Boereseun

      I can just imagine the utter look of contempt I would get if I was at school in a place such as South Korea and insisted that I be taught in Afrikaans. I cannot even get my mind around it. If I was living in another country and going to school there, my parents would teach me Afrikaans, as is their duty, and they would make damn sure I was taking whatever lessons I should be taking to learn the native language. It’s just the kindness you show to people who have given you a place in their country to live and prosper in.

      I’m now out of school for a number of years but the stupidity of the actions shown by the school board don’t escape me. With actions like these, is it any wonder there are not enough ‘good’ teachers? Good, hard working and intelligent teachers are not a dime a dozen, they truly are a gift to your children. Not something to sacrifice on the alter of political correctness.

      • Absolutely Boeresen…we are being invaded by Mexico and yet are required to “educate” their spawn, who in turn have nothing but contempt and disdain for this country and education in general. I imagine if you wanted to destroy a country, this is how you would go about it.

  • razorrare

    Dont be too overly sympathetic for this math teacher Shirley Bunn..who had received two ‘Teacher of the Year’awards..any racially perceptive person knows these awards only go to those teachers who have in some way volunteered their time to help minority organizations and charitys..as the article states,she volunteered her time and probably money in efforts to help a Hispanic Heritage Organization…La La La Raza..

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Regardless of her politics, the point is that racial sensitivities have gotten to a stage that any “insensitive” comment made by someone with an otherwise outstanding record will result in suspensions, demotions, and/or firings–not to mention the shaming and groveling.

      Spineless administrators would rather suspend a veteran teacher–hurting both her career and the students who want to learn and might benefit from her expertise–than stand up to liberal anti-White groups like la raza.  Not only is the punishment unfair to the teacher as she had every right to snap back at the entitled brat who isn’t even American, but schools have more trouble functioning when teachers are seen to have less authority.

  • The insanity continues! This woman should have been given a medal ,but instead, will have to  plead and offer up 24 years as a teacher in order to keep her job. This little mexican parasite should be deported back to mexico post haste!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Teachers are plagued with this all day from disruptive little punks who waste our time and talents  and don’t care about learning.  These ungrateful ***holes receive a free education, free medical, free food, free housing — it is no wonder they feel entitled to demand privileges and entitlements.

    This teacher will be unjustly punished and the district sued.  Yet a teacher in Colorado has her choir students sing praises to Allah and receives support and applause.

    The documents do reference one other incident in which Bunn refers to a disruptive group of boys in class as the ‘Mexican mafia’ in a private conversation with a counselor.

    This is where Bunn really went wrong:  Trusting ANYONE, including a counselor, in the educational system to keep conversations private is foolish.

    If you are angry, and you should be:

    Jerry McCullough Superintendent of Schools 682-867-4611 EMAIL

    Peter Baron – President, Board of Trustees 682-867-7344 fax: 817-459-7299 EMAIL

  • What all this comes down to is:  No Right to Free and especially PRIVATE Speech.

    a “private conversation with a counselor” is now a part of a Public Document AND, her simple response (Free Speech) is being used against her in order to take from her, her Livelihood.

    It’s not going to stop until “We” make it stop.  “We” have to be the Loudest.

  • Anan7

    What happened to “Free Speech”?

    And “Mexican” is a pretty pejorative term in itself.  Look at that place!  Look at what its sons and daughters are doing to the USA!

  • razorrare

    Nonsense..Let her Liberal brothers & sisters and those in the Hispanic Heritage Organization she donated her ill placed time with,speak up for her.Why should any race realist worry one-self  about the job status of this one teacher.Let this be a lesson to her that she may be able to learn from.Instead of donating her time to minority organizations that time would have been better spent with her own children or grand-children.Though this teachers’ rose-pink sentimentalism may not rise to the level of Amy Biehl(just one example amongst thousands)it is no less offensive to me.Many fine teachers are looked over for “rewards” and “recognitions” because they havent  kow-kowed to PC  and minority groups  to gain a promotion or what not.They us be concerned about stopping that kind of non-sense!Who was that politician from California who donated much of his time to the NAACP and blacks group interest only to ‘accidently’ blurt out  the word “n…er” while giving a speech at a NAACP Convention that he had been invited to speak.Dont judge me for not wanting to speak up for this do-gooder teachers free speech rights.

    • MrGJG

       I think you’re being harsh. White awareness doesn’t work in a vacuum. I’m sure many here have had that awakening moment after years of buying into the status-quo.

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberals like to blame “unmotivated teachers” for the low test scores of third world students in inner city schools. Actually most of the teachers in those schools are highly motivated to pay their dues trying to do the impossible by teaching the unteachable so that they can be transferred to schools where white and Oriental kids are trying to learn. 

  • If you want to know why our public school system is a failure, then read this story! Our teachers are
    expected to “educate” these third-world ingrates; coming from a
    culture of ignorance, extreme nationalism ( for Mexico as this story demonstrates
    once again) and disdain for education in general. Why in God’s name are we
    required to teach Mexico’s illiterate class, when it amounts to an absolute detriment to our children and country! One can only wonder what test scores and the social environment of our
    schools would look like if the illegal invaders and anchor babies were removed from the system.

    Those that passed Brown v. Board of Education must really hate this country!

  • razorrare

    Just did a little search.Unable to locate any press articles referring to such but was able to locate a blog site that commented on such,that related to Cruz Bustamante who had a ‘slip-of-the-tongue-moment’ while speaking to 400 black labor leaders at a convention in California..”Did Buscamante Really Say That?”….http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/archive/index.php/t-207805.html

  • Another theory:  The student was trying to bait the teacher into saying anything that could be construed to be a slur or insult, so his parents could sue the school district.  The barrio lottery.

    Yet another theory, the least probable of the ones I have advanced:  The school district was in kahootz with this student to get this teacher to say anything that would be an excuse to fire her and replace her with either a cheap H-1B or a cheap Can’t Teach for America overeducated ditz.

    • redfeathers

      “Can’t Teach for  America”!!   I like your style!

      • Confession:  I “borrowed” it from a local black radical (used to be) talk show host (Lizz Brown, for those of you that know). Not too long ago, there was a proposal to replace a lot of the (mostly black) unionized St. Louis City Public Schools teachers with CTFA dingbats (frying pan to the fire, IMHO), and she was upset about that. 

        A broken clock is right twice a day.

  • “She made a mistake”?  I don’t see how it’s a mistake; if the kid keeps insisting that he’s Mexican, then he really should go back to Mexico.  Mexicans have a country they can call their own.  It’s called “Mexico”.  Where is the country that “Gringos” can call their own?  It’s certainly not the U.S. anymore.


  • bluffcreek1967

    After 24 years of teaching and a two-time ‘Teacher of the Year’ award recipient, Shirley Bunn was fired for making a rather benign remark to a disruptive Mexican student. This is how white liberals show their appreciation to hard-working teachers who, in a moment of frustration, say something that’s not politically or racially correct! I tend to think this was teacher who was frustrated by the current Mexican invasion of her country – and who had to continually bite her lip from saying what she really wanted say!   

    • In other words, she had amoment of clarity and the truth was uttered, even though this decisive moment will cost her dearly. She will be condemned to the gulag of those who dared to defy the realm of political correctness by speaking the truth. She will receive the usual dose of pc indoctrination and be required to donate her time to her local hispanic
      supremacy chapter to demonstrate she has been reformed.

  • if you work with a bunch of illegal immigrants, why don’t you call INS or report your employer?