American Third Position Nominates Presidential Candidate

Merlin Miller 2012, January 12, 2012

The American Third Position has unanimously nominated Merlin Miller, a West Point graduate and veteran independent filmmaker, as our presidential candidate for the 2012 election ( Dr. Virginia Deane Abernethy, Professor Emerita at Vanderbilt University, has been chosen as his running mate for vice president. The American Third Position (A3P) is a rapidly growing political party and the sole representative for traditional white Americans and the restoration of our Republic.

A3P is uncompromising in its position that the present political system unquestionably favors the two entrenched parties. Through mass manipulation and corruption, the “Republocrats” have effected their continuation in power. They have also succeeded with their “divide and conquer” tactics that adversely affect white Americans. The current presidential regime, along with all of the regimes in recent memory, has ruined the ideals and institutions of America’s Founding Fathers. If existing government social policies continue, white Americans are projected to become a minority in the U.S within a few decades. This has already happened in a number of states.

The American Third Position party believes the time has come for a strong political party that explicitly advocates the interests of white Americans. The character of a nation depends on those who comprise it. A country is the product of its people; if you change the people you inevitably change the character of the country. Each nation has the right to maintain the identity upon which it was founded. Our slate of candidates is morally, ethically and intellectually above those offered by the Democrats or Republicans. Critically, we are lobbying for a proportional representation electoral system at the local, state and national levels.

First and foremost A3P proposes a moratorium on immigration and the immediate deportation of illegal immigrants. Similar plans were enacted by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression (1930’s) and by President Eisenhower in the 1950’s. Many European countries have significantly reduced the number of Third World immigrants as well. Additionally, we support fair trade over so-called free trade; private enterprise over government expansionism; sound environmental and energy policies; and an “America First” foreign policy, including the cessation of all military intervention and economic aid abroad.

Visit A3P at for information. The executive leadership is William Johnson, Esq. (Chairman), Don Wassall, Esq., Kevin McDonald, PhD., Dr. Virginia Abernethy, Tomislav Sunic, PhD, James Kelso, Dr. Adrian Krieg, CMFGE, Alexander Carmichael, Esq. and James Edwards. Contact: William Johnson, Esq. at (213) 621-3000.

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  • Thoughtcrime1933

    I’ll bite.

  • Why do I get the feeling that this Presidential election will be more crucial for the future of white America than the “official” one we’re all hoo-hawing about now?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll vote for them if they are on the ballot in my state.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone named Merlin immediately has a credibility problem.

    Also, why is it so hard to find someone with sound ideas on race who does NOT agree with the anti-white, anti-Western, Politically Correct Left and the Islamists on matters of foreign policy, international affairs, and terrorism?

    I want someone who stands up for and wants to win, at home AND abroad.

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re pretty much alone here in your admiration for the Permanent Warfare  State.  And the American neo-Bolshevist empire is the main enemy of whites everywhere: 

    • You would think someone named Barack Husein Obama would have had a credibility problem also.

    • Anonymous

       I knew another man named Merlin and he was the president of a state health care provider association and a serious, straight-laced professional.  Merlin is an old Welsh name and more men have used that name than you might think.  Just because you only associate it with Arthurian Legend as a name from a “fairy tale” doesn’t kill its legitimacy.  I can’t imagine why someone who uses a Shamrock as his avatar for posting would associate a lack of credibility with a name like Merlin.  Maybe you are just to reflexively guess that only a liberal who believes in unicorns, and Marxism would name their child Merlin?  I don’t care if his name is “Sue,” he’s a West Point Grad and served.

      I don’t think we’ll ever get anywhere if we make judgements based on such reactions.

      Please don’t react by being offended and posting an angry comeback.  At least think about it a little.

      • Anonymous

        I use a shamrock as an avatar, but I’m anonymous on the internet, I’m not running for president, I’m not running as the nominee of a “racist” third party that needs maximum credibility boosting rather than yet more things to overcome and explain, and a shamrock as a symbol is nowhere near as weird as Merlin as a name. Enough pro-whites are neo-pagan weirdos as it is, and even if normal people out there don’t know that, “Merlin” as your first name still makes you sound weird. Sorry, the political world is a harsh one.

  • Anonymous

    Hysterical overstatement is self indulgence.  Obama is left of center, and well left not only of the average white American but far to the left of America’s historic consensus positions.  However, he is NOT “openly Marxist”, nor does he “make no effort to conceal his loathing of Whites”.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any  good alternatives to politics. You can try to “wake up the masses”  through propaganda/education. But if you manage to “wake them up” what do they do then? Politics does seem futile in the US due to the outmoded Anglo-American plurality system.  That system could conceivably be junked (in some places)  at the local and state level under the banners of CHOICE and DIVERSITY by an anti-PC and anti-USG coalition that is not explicitly white.  

    • David Duke didn’t win statewide in Louisiana because he didn’t get  enough of the white vote to overcome is massive black vote.  As a percentage of its electorate, Louisiana has the most black voters in the country, even though Mississippi has the most black people in the country as a percentage of the whole population, because Louisiana has a lot of more intelligent mulattoes.  Duke got 60% of the white vote in one of his two statewide runs, but still lost.  One probably needed about 75% of the white vote to win statewide, and that 15% margin that would have never voted for Duke for whatever was about him that bothered them cost him the election.

      Now, because of Katrina, and a lot of black voters now permanently exiled in Houston and elsewhere, the hurdle isn’t that high anymore.

      • Anonymous

        David Duke didnt  win stateside in Louisiana mainy because of vicious  attacks and  unlawful tactics to intimidate his supporters by the MSM,  which included publication of his supporters/donaters names,addresses,and phone numbers in printed  media throughout the whole country. This tactic used by the mainstream media was much more  a crime of voter intimidation  than we witnessed recently concerning the intimidation of White voters at the polls by a couple of Black panthers,but neither the right nor the left had  any spokesmen to challenge or protest to its illegality at that time or now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

        • Anonymous

          Also,  there were credible threats of sanctions that would have crippled the New Orleans tourist industry.   

          But the main thing is that the archaic Anglo-American voting system is easily controlled by the ruling elites in an era of mass manipulation by 24 hr media, centrally controlled education and greatly eroded regional loyalties.  See Paul Gottfried’s  trilogy on the managerial-therapeutic state, especially Multiculturalism and 
          the Politics of Guilt. 

          You see the essentially the same problems in Britain with the BNP. 
          Some people foolishly claim the problem  with the BNP  is “bad leadership”, “corruption”, etc.  You’d have to blind not to see that the mainstream parties have plenty of bad leaders, crooks, sexual deviates and any sort of dysfunctional personality you’d care not to encounter. Yet they keep getting back into power. 

      • Anonymous

         I checked out DD earlier, during 2010.  What I found was that he is far more concerned with spewing Jewish conspiracy theories and paying negative attention to Jews and Israel than discussing our real problems as whites here and now. 

        I know; some have to believe that Jews are behind everything, but I suggest that; 1. More Christians are than Jews, and; 2.  We have more real life threatening issues coming from Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, than we can hope to conjure up as having a Jewish origin.  When Jews start to randomly shoot Christians or bomb a church, fly a plane into a building, etc.,  then I might be moved to agree with those who adhere to DD’s political focus.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of commenters seem to be missing the point.  A3P doesn’t expect to win the election, they
    are using it to advocate for White interests. 
    Being a registered candidate gives one opportunities to explain one’s positions
    one wouldn’t otherwise have.  Many of the
    top people in the American 3rd Position are excellent at explaining
    how Whites are being dispossessed in the United States and why this is a

    • Anonymous

      Probably the most important thing is that radio and TV are required by law to run the 
      (uncensored) ads of candidates.  A3P should hire RAMZPAUL to produce their ads. 


  • Anonymous

    Universal suffrage has been a disaster. There should be qualifications for voting.

  • Anonymous

    As a Canadian, I certainly hope that the political sentiment will cross the border and awaken whites in Canada to this very important concern.  We desperately need a Canadian A3P!

    • Anonymous

      It is another unknown party; it will unlikely receive any coverage. If the media mentions the AP3, they will pass them off as ineffective radicals.  Whites and others will not embrace such parties until it is too late. 

  • Anonymous

    What are their “sound environmental and energy policies”?
    Unfortunately, science clearly says there are two imminent apocalypses that white people have to face, not just one. Is it too much to ask for candidates who will deal honestly with both? I don’t want white people to lose their countries and their civilisations, but I don’t want them to lose their climate either. Stopping immigration and foreign aid would certainly help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s not nearly enough to stop catastrophic global warming.

  • … and who exactly isn’t for: (besides of course, the candidate that shall not be named)

    1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to
    public purposes.

    2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

    3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

  • Anonymous

    “A3P should hire RAMZPAUL”. Quite possible. A3P people and RAMZPAUL are both frequent guests on the various Voice of Reason internet radio shows and run in the same circles. I am sure Merlin Miller will be a guest in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know abut the other issues, but for their stand on illegal immigration alone, they’ve got my vote!

  • Anonymous

    That’s not me, it’s from the linked article. 

  • Anonymous

    I doubt Ron Paul, if and when elected, would succeed in any of this.  Having been outvoted by his House colleagues by 434-1 (or close to it) any number of times, Paul would never win over Congress, save for some minor, symbolic victories. 

  • Anonymous

     At least now there is someone you and I might feel good about writing in.

  • Anonymous

     “I exclude drug/alchol offences because decent people can get hooked on drugs.”

    I want to be sympathetic and fair also, but we must recognize that people who are alcoholics, have character flaws, and so do people who use drugs.  Beyond that, people who are chronically intoxicated probably don’t have good enough judgement to vote competently.  But it could also be that they couldn’t qualify through the IQ screen you already mention.

    of course, there is no way that your plan could every be implemented unless we had an entire new system with a different Constitution.

  • Anonymous

    I like Buddy Roemer.

  • Anonymous

     Just to for some perspective. Disreali was British Prime Minister in the late 19th century, not the 18th.  The other big point to make is that Disraeli was the British Prime Minister, and was JEWISH.

  • Anonymous

     Next thing those “reputable” scientists on the payroll of big oil must tackle is the acidification of the oceans due to the high carbon atmosphere MAN has created.

    To me, not a bit of this argument means anything to me.  Anyone with a modicum of scientific training who reads something besides their own favorite position’s hyperbole, knows what is going on.  But time will soon render denial difficult in a decade or two. 

    But your posit that “It is nothing more than a ploy to transfer wealth to the third world,” pretty silly, since those same scientists would know that third world countries including India and China are already huge polluters, set to pass the West very soon, if they haven’t while I am typing this.  They don’t even try to have standards.  The same was true to the Soviet Union and The Eastern Block including Yugoslavia.

    Capitalist greed is what has transferred our wealth (middle class) out of the U.S.

    I wouldn’t  try to make your case with one natural example.

    It took me one moment to find this opening quote on the Wiki page regarding the issue;

    “In the scientific literature, there is a strong consensus
    that global surface temperatures have increased in recent decades and
    that the trend is caused mainly by human-induced emissions of greenhouse
    gases.[3][4][5] No scientific body of national or international standing disagrees with this view,[6] though a few organisations hold non-committal positions.[7]”

    According to the well referenced articles included, only a small percentage of the public refuses to recognize this issue as real.

    I really worry for whites when I read so many posts by self described race realists and others who advocate for whites that so completely lack evidence of an intelligent, thoughtful mind behind the writer.  It rather proves the notion that “racists,” or “white supremacists, ” or whatever are typically of low education and IQ.

    You can be a race realist and realize that we have some problems that people on the left have championed that are concerns for everyone.  They became typical right wing issues because of decades of lobbying by big business and other social conditions that have made certain issues appear to be “owned” by the left.

    An important thing to remember is that NO ONE is right all the time, and NO ONE is wrong all the time.  There are facts and truth everywhere.  Those who can make the best use of the most facts and truth – not through empty assertion, but real cause and outcome, and apply them to their cause are the most likely to prevail.

  • Zorro

    There are no State policies in this country about how many children a family should have.

    Contrast that with Nazi Germany which made it a woman’s national duty to have children, and the more she had, she was given a medal for her contribution to the German Reich.

    Even Putin has asked Russian women to have more children to reverse the downward spiral of Russian demographics.

    No one is advocating that, but I have seen Posters here advocate Polygamy to reverse the decline in the White Racial birth rate.

    Femisnism is chiefly responsible for women wanting to abandon their traditional roles in the family, since they were told throughthe 1960s and 70s that they needed to be  Liberated and Independent from men. Childrern were considered their “Jailers”.

    American Communism was responsible for the rise of Feminism. While the Commuinsist worked on the women, our greedy Corporate-Socialists wanted women in the workforce, so the other 50% of the population could be taxed, while their children, fewer in number, could be taken by the State, and educated in how they saw fit.

    Women were also told to be “Career girls” and that family would come later. Many have bought h elie, only never to marry and have children.

    I also am against abortion. It is a Human life that is developing and should not be brutally murdered because it is mere inconvenience to have the baby.

    Many men today also act like overgrown teenagers, and think they can haveit all, too. They bought in to different lies that were equally damaging to the White family unit.

  • Fr. John+

    The A3P also has no nod of the head to Christianity, or moral framework, that (rhetorically, at least) is implicit among many of the members of the Republican Party.

    While decidedly NOT an Evangelical, the A3P’s studied ‘hands off’ that part of the electorate, make it appear to be the newest reincarnation (!) of the NDSAP.

    Which means, “I’m not interested.” Are you folks gonna cover the Constutition Party’s nominee with as much interest? Just sayin…..