Posted on February 3, 2012

American Third Position Nominates Presidential Candidate

Merlin Miller 2012, January 12, 2012

The American Third Position has unanimously nominated Merlin Miller, a West Point graduate and veteran independent filmmaker, as our presidential candidate for the 2012 election ( Dr. Virginia Deane Abernethy, Professor Emerita at Vanderbilt University, has been chosen as his running mate for vice president. The American Third Position (A3P) is a rapidly growing political party and the sole representative for traditional white Americans and the restoration of our Republic.

A3P is uncompromising in its position that the present political system unquestionably favors the two entrenched parties. Through mass manipulation and corruption, the “Republocrats” have effected their continuation in power. They have also succeeded with their “divide and conquer” tactics that adversely affect white Americans. The current presidential regime, along with all of the regimes in recent memory, has ruined the ideals and institutions of America’s Founding Fathers. If existing government social policies continue, white Americans are projected to become a minority in the U.S within a few decades. This has already happened in a number of states.

The American Third Position party believes the time has come for a strong political party that explicitly advocates the interests of white Americans. The character of a nation depends on those who comprise it. A country is the product of its people; if you change the people you inevitably change the character of the country. Each nation has the right to maintain the identity upon which it was founded. Our slate of candidates is morally, ethically and intellectually above those offered by the Democrats or Republicans. Critically, we are lobbying for a proportional representation electoral system at the local, state and national levels.

First and foremost A3P proposes a moratorium on immigration and the immediate deportation of illegal immigrants. Similar plans were enacted by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression (1930’s) and by President Eisenhower in the 1950’s. Many European countries have significantly reduced the number of Third World immigrants as well. Additionally, we support fair trade over so-called free trade; private enterprise over government expansionism; sound environmental and energy policies; and an “America First” foreign policy, including the cessation of all military intervention and economic aid abroad.

Visit A3P at for information. The executive leadership is William Johnson, Esq. (Chairman), Don Wassall, Esq., Kevin McDonald, PhD., Dr. Virginia Abernethy, Tomislav Sunic, PhD, James Kelso, Dr. Adrian Krieg, CMFGE, Alexander Carmichael, Esq. and James Edwards. Contact: William Johnson, Esq. at (213) 621-3000.