Blakey: ‘Racism’ Key to Any Discussion of Race

Kristen Green, Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 3, 2012

Refusal to acknowledge racism is “the new racism,” a renowned anthropologist who directed the scientific research of New York City’s African Burial Ground told a packed room at the Science Museum of Virginia, which recently unveiled an exhibit on race.

Michael L. Blakey, a professor at the College of William and Mary, spoke at the museum as part of a series of community conversations about race in Richmond associated with the exhibit.


Blakey said during initial discussions about putting together the exhibit, “Race: Are We So Different?,” some of those involved suggested the word “racism” could not appear in the exhibit materials.

He said he questioned how a discussion on race and racism could happen if nowhere in the exhibit does the term racism appear, but he understands the sentiment. “People run from the word,” he said.

The exhibit, unveiled last weekend, challenges the concept of race and explores it from biological, cultural and historical points of view. The exhibit debunks the concept of a scientific component to race. It does, in fact, include the word racism.

Blakey traced the roots of the concept of race back to slavery. He said enslaved people were deemed to be “something less than fully human.”

Race, he said, “became a means of justifying the unjustifiable,” he said.

Later, it was a way to justify Jim Crow laws, immigration restrictions, the eugenics movement and other forms of white privilege.


“White privilege persists,” Blakey said. “How does one justify white privilege in an officially anti-racist society?”

He said there is no scientific difference between people of different races.

“We know people do look different from one another, but we will find that this variation is really very small, very superficial,” he said.


Michael Blakey

[Editor’s Note: Click here to watch AR’s recent video debunking the myth that race is not biological.]


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  • Thoughtcrime1933

    Laugh at this psuedo-intellectual and his little hate filled mockery of reality. This buffoon would have us believe that whites invented slavery and the very concept of hate itself.

  • Anonymous

    He’s done amazingly well in such a racist country.  But if racial differences don’t really exist can racism exist?  It would be like arguing about sexism at an all-male establishment.   Also, what is “white privilege” if race is an illusion?  Obvious there has to be *some* racial differences between whites and blacks if “white privilege” exists–which he asserts but of course cannot prove.  

    • Another thing:  Race doesn’t exist, yet denying the “ism” to that which does not exist is the “new” “ism” for that which does not exist.

    • Anonymous

      They would argue that “racism” is discrimination based on perceived differences and does not depend on whether those differences are real or not.

  • Authorities: Black-on-white Philly cab attack was not a hate crime.

    Is their refusal to acknowledge a racist motive the new racism?

  • This guy is correct, racism is alive and well in America. A day doesn’t go by in this country where you can’t read about or watch a video on the Internet in which you don’t see violent black racism on display directed at whites.

  • People like this race baiting clown have become intoxicated with the power of being able to win any argument by tossing the race card.   They are either intellectually lazy or never particularly smart in the first place.  But they’ve overplayed their hand.  The fact is that white people who don’t practice any kind of discrimination against blacks in their day to day existence are fed up with being called “racists” just because they’re white.  Whites are, in fact, the victims of racism themselves by race activists because calling a person racist just because they’re white is a racist act unto itself.  It’s not mitigated simply because the false accusation is racism.  That doesn’t make it any less racist.  It’s no different that accusing someone of being a murderer or a rapist just because of their race. Accusing someone of being a racist because of their race is a racist act, period.

  • William and Mary College is Dead.

    And, who’s denying racism?  I don’t deny it and neither do most Folk both White and Non-White.  Whites notice how they’re under attack BECAUSE of their Race and Non-Whites are attacking Whites BECAUSE of their Race.  No one is in denial here.

    the word “racism” not allowed – This Affirmative Action Flunkie should just be Grateful for his ‘Silver Platter’ Job that was handed to him BY White Folk and just Be Quiet now but NO, he cries louder and White do what?  FOLDS AGAIN.

    debunk scientific – That’s right.  White People have so given up their Reign that now, now they can debunk Science.  I want White People to just completely stop dealing with non-whites completely.  Non-white at the cash register with a short line but there’s a White Person with a longer line, go stand in the longer line.  Send a message.

    slavery – Then you better look in the mirror pal.  The only Brutal Slavery that ever existed was that coming from your own people and your Original Masters, the Arabs.  Whites treated you good and so good in fact, you had only seven years of Labor and then your sorry black ass was Free!

    Race is an excuse and especially so if Science is wrong or, “debunked”.  It’s really a shame and sad, that non-whites cannot see how they are.  When it suits, they’re the “minority” or they’re “Equal” or they’re “oppressed” or they ‘never had a chance because’ or “racism” or “race” or or or.  It’s boring.

    • Homer’s smarter brother

      As far as the “seven years and labor and then…you’re free”  It may’ve applied to some blacks, but, in general, I think you are referring to indentured servants who were mostly white.

  • What is “White Privilege”?

    White Privilege is being forced to help pay for Non-White Groups.  Mexicans, Hispanics, Indians,
    Chinese, Japanese, Muslims and Blacks too, all have numerous Groups that seek to Help, Promote and Advance ONLY their own but when White People try to do it?  It’s “racism”.  That’s your “White Privilege”.

    White Privilege is being forced to be Government Sanctioned Discriminated Against for everything from Housing to Education to Jobs.  There’s your “White Privilege”.

    White Privilege is being beat within an inch of your Life by Non-Whites on a Daily Basis without Racism being an issue yet we get to be charged with “Hate Crimes” for merely speaking out. 
    More “White Privilege”…

    White Privilege is getting to watch your once Beautiful, Quiet and Clean Community become infested with non-whites and all their trash, graffiti, crime and false cries of “racism” and when you dare to speak out, you get “branded”.  This is the “Privilege” of being White.

    White Privilege is getting to be LITERALLY, the only ones who are Expected to Accept without Question.  No other group is FORCED to accept other people and their ways EXCEPT White People for that “Privilege” only belongs to White People.

    White Privilege is getting to be AUTOMATICALLY having come from a Good Family complete with Grandparents, Parents, Stability, Food, Clothes, Warmth, Education, Emotional Support and Good Discipline whether they had it or not.  “White Privilege” to you maybe but a flat out Lie to the rest of us.

    White Privilege is getting to watch your Country be stolen from you.  White Privilege is getting to be told how you were really never here first so you really have ‘no claim’.  White Privilege is getting to hear how you don’t belong.  White Privilege is getting to be made to feel “guilty” for wanting your Country for yourself.

    White Privilege is us accepting the most bizarre and backwards religions, traditions and customs while quashing our own and for who?  Not us, no, not us, no, we do it for you.  That is the “White Privilege” you found us fit for.

    “White Privilege” is getting to hear how “Privileged” we are…

  • Anonymous

    I live for the R word to be trotted out in debate/discussion/argument.  I seize it and use it to bash the heads of people who are unaccustomed to and completely unprepared for counter-attack.

    When confronted with the word, demand a definition.  You will very rarely if ever get one, because it no longer has any real meaning. It’s a catch-all tar-and-feather word bandied about to silence race-based discussion that makes multicultists uncomfortable.  I think it was here that I read the word was only coined in the first place as a smear and insult.  Practically nobody uses it to describe themselves in a positive light.   

    Once the word is defined, it takes on limits.  If you can nail down a multicultist on a definition, for example “racism is the belief that one race is superior to others,” it can’t be used any longer to silence those who point out facts such as the horrifying Black violent crime rate.  No superiority is expressed or implied by pointing out facts.

    They can accuse you of “speaking in code,” but once that happens you know you’ve won, and astute observers know it too.  It’s been quite a long time since I heard an argument from the Tim Wise crowd that I haven’t heard before.  After enough experiences you can learn to anticipate responses and prepare yourself to block and parry immediately.  It’s getting to the point that it’s not even fun anymore.  Plenty of “anti-racists” are intelligent, but none of them are thoughtful.   

    • I am a Racist because:  (racist = my ethnic stock is superior)

      No other ethnic group gives more in terms of Charity than White People.

      No other ethnic group has created/invented more than the White People.

      No other ethnic group has allowed for Freedom more than the White People.

      No other ethnic group ever had Military Strength like the White People.

      No other ethnic group lives cleaner than the White People.

      No other ethnic group is more Ethical and Moral than the White People.

      No other ethnic group is more accepting or tolerant of others than White People.

      I am also a Racist because of the constant insults, violent attacks and of course, the never ending Non-White Privileges.

      I am Racist because Non-White Privilege is Brought to you and Paid for by The
      White People.

      I like it when I get called a racist too.  I like it because it opens the door for me to pound them with Double Standard and man oh man do they hate that!  Hold up Double Standard and they shut up and but quick too.

      Does anybody know why you can’t copy and paste from Word without your post getting all messed up? It cuts sentences.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be surprised that you don’t get Webster’s definition.  They think Webster was the little black guy from the TV show.

        There’s no such thing as a “racist.”  It’s a word invented solely to make White people feel bad for thinking the way individuals of every other race on the planet think.

        Pride should be encouraged and I plan to teach my son as he grows older to be proud he descends from the Mediterranean and Nordic stock that dragged most of the world out of the Stone Age and carved from a wild wilderness what once was the most prosperous society in history and the very definition of liberty in a matter of decades, not centuries. 

        But personally I feel boastful pride is bad form.  It smacks of insecurity, and my son won’t have anything to prove to people that only have the wheel and written language because his ancestors gave these things to them.  To me it’s just a step above teasing the handicapped.

        I just read Jared Taylor’s piece on liberal literature, and especially liked the bit about Europeans measuring themselves against each other.  Nobody ever imagined to consider the others.  And why should they have done so?  What did they find in Africa, Arabia, or the Americas that measured up?  Only the Asians even offered a society worth considering.  These were the days before revisionists reminded us of all the Black and other minority contributions to society.  Without specifics, naturally. 

        • You’re funny!  Webster from T.V.!

          I agree.  I don’t need to boast and I don’t want to.  That makes me feel uncomfortable.  All I’m saying is, I do not owe shame, will not be shamed and won’t stand for anyone trying to make feel so.

          This whole “racism” garbage is just that, garbage.  I have never beat a person because they were different from me.  I’ve never beat anyone period.  I’ve never done anything to anyone and this is why I have no patience for non-whites and whites and their phony cries.

          I don’t mean to be so hard it’s just, every time I ask for place, date and details of all this supposed “white racism”, all I get is either, no answer or some extremely vague incident from OVER fifty years ago or, they bring up Slavery.

          Slavery I have no problem with since it is just so dawgone easy to dispute but when they just say “white racism”, they seem to get away with not providing proof.

          Wouldn’t it be nice if White People could come together as one, like a D.C. March of sorts, and demand “racism” be put away once and for all and that “minorities” are to be treated as “Equals”?

          I mean no more Non-White/Minority Privileges.  They have entire months dedicated to them and their stock didn’t even build this Country!  They have Congressional Caucuses and Chambers of Commerce and SBA set-asides and Government Contracts specifically set-aside for them.  Non-White Privilege was never meant to be.  Privilege for anyone was never meant to be.

          Two wrongs don’t make a right.  This whole idea of, ‘well, I didn’t suffer but my great, great, great, great, a person whom I’ve never met and whose Blood isn’t really mine ’cause from that particular person, a whole lot of other Blood is in there BUT, never mind that, GIVE ME even though it was NOT you who ever did anything and it was not I who suffered but you owe me.  This is absurd.

          You right things by merely fixing them.  You don’t right it by forcing people to pay for what they do not owe to people who are not owed.

          • Anonymous

            Loved your last sentence:”You right things by merely fixing them. You don’t right it by forcing people to pay for what they do not owe to people who are not owed”.

            My understanding of Professional-Black-Guy-With-Chip-On-Both-His-Shoulders Michael Flakey is this:  If to deny Racism is the new Racism, that means there will never be any Non-Racism; Ergo, there will always be racism – white racism, that is.

            So, if we apply logic to Flakey’s assertion, we see that there will never be an end to racism. To even assert that there is no longer any racism (even if true), would be racist. 

            So, what is the solution?. Is it really the destiny of White men and women to spend the whole of our lives bowing, scraping, apologising, grovelling to professional black guys?.

            No Thanks. I’d rather be a racist – and send them all back to Africa, Arabia, or whatever third world s***-hole they came from.


          • To Loyal White Briton,

            I was trying to be “PC”!  I’m attempting to tone down my “naziism”, “racism”, “KKKism”, “bigotism” and, let’s see here, I know I’m forgetting something….  Oh yeah, my “whiteism”.

            I prefer to live in a Country that is just Pure White.  I know that’s “racist” and all the other things I listed above but I can’t help it.  

            For so long now, non-whites and all their “superior” cultures and languages have been shoved down my throat now that I now have little to no patience anymore.

    • Anonymous

      I LIVE FOR THE R WORD TO BE TROTTED OUT AND THEN USE IT TO BASH HEADS! LOL.  Seriously you are a hero.  I do the same as much as I can probably not with as much confidence and gusto, but all the same I do.  I found a fellow enlightened white lady last night at the superbowl party I was at, just from mentioning an aside about “teens” ahem.  She knew exactly what I was on about and I just sent her the link for AMREN.  Either way, it’s comforting to see whites everwhere glancing around and wiping the sleep from their eyes – because they ARE.  They are noticing that something’s up when even from years of forcibly abasing themselves for the goodwill of negros, NOTHING gets better and blacks are still blaming YT for everything as they are cheerfully brainwashed from birth that all their failures (including what they look like probably) are the fault of whites.  Who can blame them for hating us?  Not that I care about that but the coddling must stop and they need to be controlled as they once were by a confident white man at the helm since they are NOT capable AT ALL.  Imagine the incongruous conditions we are living in:  blacks who lack intelligence, self-control, education, morals, and fine skills having such bold contempt for the white men that actually feed and clothe them and allow their false portrayal in media as scientists, judges, doctors in media to actually USURP the real roles these while men ACTUALLY fill IN REAL LIFE? It belies belief.  It’s as if everyone is playing a game of pretend where the winners pretend to be the losers and then the losers steal their show and everyone keeps believing that it’s REAL.  What must it be like to be a white man today?  To KNOW that you created everything worthwhile on the earth and through lack of vigilence it’s all been stolen and handed to negros?  It makes me want to vomit.  White men have allowed them this privilege and have now seen what they get for it, so now they need to cut off these boost of self esteem and shut them down for good.  Once one has proven lack of ability to act civilized in white society they should be confined tot he hetto with no chance of readmittance to any society where civility and not savagery is the order of the day.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Blakey is ignorant.  He is completely unaware of the history of what I deduce from his picture is the greater portion of his heritage.

    “Greater” in more ways than one.

    Craigslist is the bathroom wall of Internet posting forums but I read something on the Seattle Craigslist once that was very poignant and thought-provoking.  To summarize, a very astute individual wrote that there’s a reason why there were islands just over the horizon of the African coast that were untouched by man until the Portuguese set foot on them, because the African never saw a leaf blowing on the breeze and from that dreamt a sail.  He’ll find one of the White man’s steel drums washed up on the beach and he’ll beat on it with a stick and shake his hips before he’ll think to fill it with surplus food and seal it for future lean times, let alone ponder the complex mining, manufacturing and supply chain processes that make such a thing even possible.  But this is the side of Michael Blakey’s heritage with which he identifies.  Says a lot about him, doesn’t it?

    The collapse of civilization will be worth it if it means I get to see the Michael Blakeys of the world destitute on the street with their shoestrings holding their pants up.  He and his ilk would be nothing without the grievance industry.

    And even that was created by the White man.

  • Guest

    Is it White privilege that elevates this affirmative action, pseudo academic fraud to a position of authority on this subject?  Must be. 

  • Anonymous

    Anti-racism is nothing but a code word for anti-White.

  • Anonymous

    When folks trot out the “white privilege” argument in conjunction with “social justice,” they are using code words for “take whitey’s money.”  My question for any leftist arguing said points is to ask them to name the one city, state or country that is majority black and black run they would be willing to move to and raise their kids.  The area must be limited to the planet Earth.  So far, no one has named a single place.  It’s also a handy argument if someone accuses you of not supporting BHO because of his race.  Say, “Well if you can name. . .” then perhaps I won’t consider his race as a factor. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to use both these arguments from now on if you don’t mind because I think they say it all to libs.  I’m meeting some old friends in the village on Sat night for a little reunion (I grew up with them in the city and they are all unfortunately still LIBS TO THE BONE who believe in transfers of MY WEALTH to THE OPPRESSED AND UNDERSERVED.  BTW I paid for college and somehow they all scammed to have theirs paid for even though they are all white but they went to New School for Social Research (the mother of all marxist colleges).  I think the key is that a couple of the kids were Russian immigrants so their parents were well-versed in shaking down a bureaucracy and one guy had a last name that was Spanish and his mother was Columbian so they were able to get over.  But they were all as white as me and I’m full-blooded Irish.  My parents would have been ashamed to scam or do anything like that, so would I so like probably everyone else here I paid back my loans.  One Russian girl got a great apartment on Water Street for about $270 (in the ’80s but still pittance then even) as part of section eight housing.  Imagine?  I’m going to use these arguments on these DWLs this weekend, I can’t wait to see them speechless (I hope).

  • Anonymous

    [Professor Michael L. Blakey] said there is no scientific difference between people of different races. 
    – Kristen Green, Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 3, 2012 
    “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”  
           ― George Orwell 

  • Anonymous

    [Professor Michael L. Blakey] said there is no scientific difference between people of different races. 
    – Kristen Green, Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 3, 2012 
    “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”  
           ― George Orwell 

  • Anonymous

    Leftist hallucinators use “racism” as a synonym for telling the truth. For example, having a rational response to and realistic assessment of the substantial thug element among people of race (my joke formulation that takes the place of the PC PoC) is considered “racist” by these loons. What is amazing is that this overused and meaningless cudgel term still terrifies so many people.

    •  More like Leftist hullucinators use ‘racism’ as a deflector from the truth, but I know what you mean by your reference to  a synonym.

      Their twisted brainwashed intellect is so warped by decades of Marxist indoctrination,  they refuse to recognise that racism is,  in fact, completely natural and actually imperative for racial and cultural survival when employed by indigenous populations. 

      When is is practiced by alien invaders and occupiers of another ethnicity’s ancestral homeland(s), it become race-hate, NOT racism.  When practiced by same-race members such as self-abasing White Marxist useful idiots, it becomes homo race hate.

  • B

    “He said there is no scientific difference between people of different races.”

    Blakey is either an outright liar, grossly undereducated or both.

  • Anonymous

    White people run from the word RACISM because it is an attack world.  A aggressive person using the word RACISM can exert a lot of power over people.
    The word RACIST has been a very effective tool of assault against white people and any attempt by white people to stand up for white values and way of life.
    Its used by anti-whites who just hate white people.  They really want you to embrace your own genocide and that of your children.  WHITE GENOCIDE is very obvious if you look around and see how White Western Civilization is being transformed.  The awareness of white genocide is on the increase.

  • Anonymous

    “White privilege persists,” Blakey said. “How does one justify white privilege in an officially anti-racist society?”

    He said there is no scientific difference between people of different races.

    This is the crux of our problem.

    Blacks and their apologists insist there is no such thing as race and therefore no racial differences.

    How then to explain the differences in achievement? Racism and white privilege. If only whites would admit they were racists and give up their privilege, the black man would be equal to or even surpass the white man.

    • ed

      Once again–  any ‘white privilege’ comes from sitting quietly in a classroom and listening and learning.  Also, the able to understand that the future will come and to be able to save money for that and do some kind of planning………  most blacks seem to not understand those concepts..

  • Anonymous

    Spot on, as the British would say. Indeed, planning ahead, or what
    race-mongers call “having a future time orientation,” is part of a
    long catalog of “racist” crimes. 

    The Seattle Public Schools system at some point adopted a set of definitions dripping
    with far-left wackiness that purports to identify various forms of

    “Racism” itself (without a modifying adjective)
    apparently cannot be perpetrated by groups which in the view of the Seattle
    Public Schools have “relatively little social power,” identified as
    “Blacks, Latino/as, Native Americans, and Asians.” This would seem to
    exempt a sizable chunk of the population (known in the PC vernacular as
    “people of color”) from being capable of committing this hideous
    crime. One would have thought that “racism” (without the adjectives)
    is a state of mind. Apparently it is an activity:


    The systematic subordination of members of targeted racial groups who have
    relatively little social power in the United States (Blacks, Latino/as,
    Native Americans, and Asians), by the members of the agent racial group who
    have relatively more social power (Whites). The subordination is supported by
    the actions of individuals, cultural norms and values, and the institutional
    structures and practices of society.

    The next entry is on “individual
    racism.” Just when I thought that individuals of all colorations are
    capable of “racism” after all, it turns out that, besides
    “telling a racist joke, using a racial epithet,” the miscreant must
    believe in the “inherent superiority of whites.” So, unless members
    of “targeted racial groups” perversely believe in such superiority,
    they are off the hook once again:

    Individual Racism:

    The beliefs, attitudes, and actions of individuals that support or perpetuate
    racism. Individual racism can occur at both an unconscious and conscious level,
    and can be both active and passive. Examples include telling a racist joke,
    using a racial epithet, or believing in the inherent superiority of whites.

    But perhaps matters are even more weirdly
    complex than that. Perhaps members of “targeted racial groups” cannot
    be individuals at all, for we learn under “cultural racism” that the
    emphasis on “individualism” is also “racist”. Since
    “targeted racial groups” cannot be “racist,” they thus
    cannot hold “racist” beliefs such as a belief in the individual.
    Following this dizzying Seattle Public Schools logic, “targeted racial
    groups” might not exist as individuals at all:

    Cultural Racism:

    Those aspects of society that overtly and covertly attribute value and
    normality to white people and Whiteness, and devalue, stereotype, and label people
    of color as “other”, different, less than, or render them invisible. Examples
    of these norms include defining white skin tones as nude or flesh colored,
    having a future time orientation, emphasizing individualism as opposed to a
    more collective ideology, defining one form of English as standard, and
    identifying only Whites as great writers or composers.

    Another revelation is that planning ahead (what these
    educationists call “having a future time orientation”) is apparently
    also “racist”. Now, believing that planning ahead is a function of
    pigmentation strikes me as truly racist. But these educationists are probably
    too dim-witted to realize this.

    It should be noted that these dogmas have been far-left fare for a long time.
    They are not recent creations of Seattle
    schools. The inspiration listed as a source is Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice, 1197 eds.
    Adams, Bell & Griffin. Still, it is astonishing that a
    tax-financed, public entity would adopt a lunatic fringe creed as its guiding
    policy. An incidental benefit is that it becomes a little clearer what the
    proponents of “social justice” have in mind.

  •  Bang on the button.

    Your exceptional display of complete rationale on this subject, is astounding, if only because your sentiments are the exact sentiments I myself have been expressing all over the political forums of the Internet for months now.

    I particularly like your no-nonsense approach.

    VERY well said.

  • I know exactly what you mean!  I’m currently ‘debating’ with a number of these useful idiots on The Huffington Post and demolishing their banal arguments in the process.

  • Anonymous

    I posted a comment at the original address of this story, describing how whites were not the first to notice racial differences. Egyptians, Arabs, and Persians are just a few who wrote about blacks and whites, in many cases centuries before Europeans began the slave trade (which is claimed by the exhibit to be the time when whites invented race just so they could subjugate non-whites).

    Over the past few days, I noticed my comment started receiving “likes.”

    Unsurprisingly, I have also found that my comment has now been deleted, and it appears to be impossible for anyone to now comment on the story at all.

    The Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Science Museum of Virginia are both promoting anti-white conspiracy theories, which are so plainly false that cursory research by anyone would leave these lies lying shattered. No wonder then that those who are scared by the truth would do their best to cover it up. It’s just so Orwellian that this could happen under the auspices of a newspaper, in a nation with a “free press.”

  • Poor whites from Appalachia don’t commit drive by shootings on a daily basis. They don’t accept gang-rapes as a norm. Poor whites have some sense of morality. Other races are also capable of civilization on their own.  Blacks have never shown the ability to create a modern civilization or even keep an existing civilization thriving when they inherit one. They have destroyed every city they have taken over…Detroit, Newark, Cleveland, Gary, Birmingham, Johannesburg etc etc

    I have worked with blacks and notice that very few of them accept personal responsibility. They will always blame white or the system or some unknown force.