No Hate Charges in Center City Cab Attack

Stephanie Farr, Philly, February 3, 2012

Three juveniles accused of assaulting a cabdriver and his passenger in Center City Saturday night while shouting racial slurs will not be charged with a hate crime, the District Attorney’s Office said yesterday.

The teens, who are black, were not charged with hate crimes because there was no evidence that the assault had been motivated by the race of the victims, who are white, said Tasha Jamerson, D.A. spokeswoman. Just shouting racial epithets during the commission of a crime doesn’t rise to the level of ethnic intimidation, she said.

“They just didn’t have that in this case,” she said. “If they had somebody who, two blocks before, heard them say, ‘We’re going to beat somebody up because they’re white, brown or purple,’ it might be different.”


About 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Goldman was in a cab that was stopped at a red light at 15th and Chestnut streets when he and his 53-year-old cabdriver were assaulted at random.



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  • Anonymous

    Goldman is no doubt pleased.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so I don’t really like hate-crime legislation for the standard conservative/libertarian reason.  Hate-crime laws essentially punish one’s speech.  Assault is wrong, regardless of the victim’s skin color, so why should the reason for assault (the perp’s racism) warrant a greater punishment?  People have the right to dislike other people for whatever reason, race included–this is constitutionally protected.  Assault is wrong even if you care deeply for the person you assaulted (domestic abuse).

    But if we have hate-crime laws, they must be enacted fairly and uniformly.  If it were 3 white teenagers who jumped a black cabbie while yelling racial epithets, I cannot see how this wouldn’t be “ethnic intimidation.”  The larger problem with hate-crime legislation is its vagueness.  Prosecutors can, if it is politically advantageous, seek harsher sentences when minorities are attacked yet give minorities a pass if they are the perpetrators.  I can only hope sensible whites in the Philly-area keep the pressure on prosecutors who ignore the privileges of whites.

    • It’s Holder. When he and his dept. said they would not  bring hate crime charges against whites (or ANY discrimination charges), we thought he meant personally. Now we know he is putting pressure on every urban district to do the same and keep the discrimination laws for “historically oppressed people.” (And no, he does not recognize that whites were slaves for centuries.) Did all those “white-guilt” victims who voted in obama because of a sightly darker skin color ever think that they might lose their own rights over it? Will it occur to them this time?

    • Beloved Comrade

      Here’s the reality:

      There is a war against Whites.  Our living spaces are being taken from us all across the globe. We are being set up for elimination, I see it no other way.
      If you can point out a place where Whites are being treated fairly, please do so.The government has NO intention of “playing fair” and honoring “equality under the law.”For Whites, there IS and WILL BE no “equality under the law” as long as our current masters and mortal enemies are entrenched in and control the law-making aspects of this country.We are “legally” discriminated against in the workplace, in courts (by hate crimes laws), and anywhere where Affirmative Action is enforced which is just about everywhere.  There hasn’t been fairness and justice for Whites in several decades.  Even at voting venues our enemies are being allowed to intimidate us, in violation of Federal Laws.  Was there ever any redress for the NBP (or whatever the hell those black thugs call themselves) incident of clear voter intimidation in 2008?  NO.  The DOJ did nothing.Political power comes through numbers and organizations, such as is allowed for Mexicans, Asians and Blacks, each of which has its own heavily-funded advocacy groups to speak out and promote the interests of their people.  It also comes through the end of a gun as Chairman Mao stated.

      WE Whites have nothing except oppression and INjustice.   This will not end well, I expect violence will come soon, directed at us.

  • Anonymous


    • That was over here on the East Side, the Illinois suburbs of St. Louis.  I strongly suspicion that these women were playing the ghetto lottery from the Red Lobster.  They said they got the “wrong” order but ate it anyway.   Red flag time.

    • • I’m guessing they didn’t tip either.

      • Would Jim Crow have prevented this?

    • Anonymous

      Great stories but the home-made videos are weird. The video is just standard surveillance with no violence (except the odd demon faces that were inserted).

      You post great story links, no need to add video.

      • Anonymous

        i was forwarding like 3-4  stories a day to amren just for that comment i wont forward any more

        • Anonymous

          And I’ve noticed a number of them end up featured the next day.  Keep it up!

          I think you read too much into Sonya’s comment, I doubt she meant to offend.

        • Don’t do that Mr. Lane.  Ms. Sonya is okay sometimes and then just silly other times.

        • Anonymous

          Everyone here appreciates your contributions and news stories, I did not mean to upset you. What I meant to say is your videos are good, you obviously know how to produce them and add in special effects. What might make them even better would be to include story content so the viewer better understands what happened.

          You could even brand them and have your own “series”, others do that using news broadcasts and apparently they don’t run into copyright issues.  Here is one example…

          • Anonymous

            If that is what you meant to say, then why didn’t you say it?  No one rushes you to post here.  Hooray for Mr. Lane!

          • Anonymous

            1gravity you are correct I should have phrased it that way the first time. My apologies.

      • Why would you say that?  Video, or pictures speak a Thousand Words…

        You know seeing is better than reading.  Seeing gives it so much more emphasis.

    • Anonymous

      I call Red Lobster “Black Lobster”  I don’t go there anymore.

  • “They just didn’t have that in this case,” she said. “If they had
    somebody who, two blocks before, heard them say, ‘We’re going to beat
    somebody up because they’re white, brown or purple,’ it might be

    They could have had the evidence.  All it takes is to shake down either the youngest one of the three or the least “guilty” one of the three to turn over on his other two friends and spill the beans, including that their motivation was racial hate.

  • Anonymous

    The cab driver said they yelled racial epithets, Goldman said he “doesn’t recall that” but he DOES recall the word phone.  That implies they did this in order to steal his awe inspiring phone. Motive becomes robbery not hate crime, even though they never actually attempted to steal the phone.

    • You’re twisting.

      If robbery were the True Intent, they’d find an easier target.  It’s easier to rob a lone person on the Street than it is to rob one sitting in a cab which by the way, now has TWO witnesses to the “robbery” (victim and cabbie).

      The phone was merely a “benefit”.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a hate crime if you hate whitey because they have more than you.  They are just taking out the middle man for the gimme mentality

  • Anonymous

    My comment has NOTHING to do with Jews, and if it did I would say so. It has everything to do with the piece Goldman wrote after the incident. If you have not read it and you request a link I may oblige. Otherwise just use the google and read it for yourself.

  • Bon of Babble and I had a friendly debate on where “it” will start.  And by “it,” we mean major riotous upheavals on the part of a NAM.  She thinks Southern California, I think Chicago.  Turns out we both might be wrong, it will probably be Philadelphia.  How ironic that the “stuff” hitting the fan that results in the USA falling from superpower status in a hurry would begin in the city where two major founding documents were written.

    • No Sir, no it is not.  It’s Poetic and me, I happen to believe, Almost Godly.

      The Very Place that Birthed us is going to The Place where “it” begins and thus, set us on our way to Our God Blessed Recovery.  And yes, I believe we’re gonna win.

    • Anonymous

      I personally do not think there will be a race war. Riots do not count. If the economy collapses then yes, things will get ugly and race will be a big part of that but a race war in and of itself just because? Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. 

      I assume that is what you meant by “it”.

      The war will be won or lost politically/intellectually. We are losing at the moment but that could change.

      • Anonymous

        I suggest that whether a particular public prosecutor prefers hate crime charges in this kind of circumstance should be a matter of supreme indifference.  The underlying reality, that blacks attack vulnerable whites for fun, and get kudos in their communities for doing so, will remain the same.  Screaming about the hypocrisy of BRA [Black Run America] is a form of collective self pity.  The incompetence, corruption and hypocrisy of BRA has been noted.  That’s the way BRA is.  Let’s move on and plan on doing something about it. 

        • Anonymous

          The prosecutor cannot be blamed in this situation, one of the victims said it was NOT about race, but about a need for violence.

          As far as what to do about it, what is your plan? That is not sarcasm, I do believe brainstorming various ideas can be very helpful to creativity, and Lord knows the more ideas the better!

      • I W

        That depends on semantic definitions; was the Indian Mutiny of 1857 a race war,  a revolution, terrorism,  or a mutiny against rightful authority? It was all of the above, yet it is remembered as a Mutiny because the victors get to write the history books.
        Race will be a large component of any conflict in any non-racially homogenous area -history’s prooven this again and again, with only the power of religion able to run it a close second. Just look at the LA riots; from the Korean shopowner’s perspectives I would definately say that had it been on a larger scale the term ‘race war’ would have applied.
        Add to the ‘homegrown’ black panthers,  the burgeoning la-raza and brown beret problem -which could be said to include every single male illegal alien between 14 and 55; and there is no doubt that any widespread domestic upheaval -from sunspot caused power outages or other natural problems (like a big hurricane season) to a certain politician whipping up his minions with speeches inciting them to ‘punish their enemies’ -will inevitably become racial as we can witness from Miluakee and Philli this past summer, or poor pathetic London on fire.
        The fact that these attacks are continuing throughout the winter does not bode well for the summer in any case. A perfect storm of Olympian proportions is being boiled up around the entire globe -from China finishing the work on at least 3 A/C carriers ( “they are nightclubs” -in a pig’s eye) to god knows what is next -suicide bombers in ‘flying squirrel’ jetpacks or something. If oil supplies are disrupted enough we will find ourselves in the thirteenth century within a few short weeks, war on another front or two could spell the tipping point for hyperinflation.
        My point is that any number of things can and may happen; meanwhile we are sitting on a powder keg of ‘entitlement’, resentment and hatred that has been brewed against whites specifically for at least three solid generations now simply waiting for the last vestiges of social restraint to break or crumble into impotence.
        History will ultimately judge, but the conditions sound ripe for “it” to me; anyone know where to get a good, older copy of the Boyscout’s Handbook? I just want to be prepared is all…
        -True Blue

    • Impertinent

      If you thinks that’s ironic (  the city where two major founding documents were written. ), consider the fact that of the original 13 colonies that signed the Bill of Rights….6 of them no longer recognize the 2nd amendment that they approved of and signed into 223 years ago. Try to demand your 2nd amendment rights in the libbie ghettos of NY, NJ, CT, RI, Mass and NH.  To say nothing of Illinois where the bigot Obama ( our post racial fraud ) resides.

      It’s the states ruled by liberal scum that deny you your constitutional rights.

    • Anonymous

       What is NAM?

    • Anonymous

      The Black situation in the City of Chicago is much better than 20 years ago. There are 200,000 less poor Blacks in the City in 2010 compared to 2000. We/the Daley administration tore down the high rise all Black public housing projects – these people went elsewhere (Southern suburbs) – Black crime is a given. But Black riots not as big a threat – plus Blacks never riot in the winter, colder weather. I’m praying to the Norse gods to bring as an early Winter next November if Obama loses or even if he wins. 

      Blacks never riot in the cold.

      • The day last week or two weeks ago in Chicago with no murders?  Duh, it was cold, in fact, probably the coldest in Chi so far this “winter.” 

        All that means is that if “it” starts in Chicago, “it” will start in South Suburban Cook rather than the Southside.

        I’m praying for a blizzard on November 6.

  • I personally don’t think this will last.  I mean, perhaps this particular crime will stand as is but I don’t see it going much further without Hate being attached because:

    Nutter’s not that stupid.  He does know where the Money comes from just as much as he knows how Whites quietly move.  They will quietly move OUT of his Tax Collecting District and then, well, No Money and we all know what happens then…

    Or, I could be wrong.  Perhaps Philadelphia is so far Black now that even if he did want to start charging hate, he may not be able to do it.

    re: the Article – If White People can be charged with Hate just for calling names during the commission of a crime then why can’t non-whites be treated the same?  Is this Racism, Double Standard or just Good ‘Ole Fashioned Non-White Privilege?

  • Anonymous

    This story was on the frontpage of Foxnews and Drudge…in less than a day it was taken off. Another black on white racist attack is thrown into the memory hole. I can imagine how angry the communists are at CNN, MSNBC and similar. The fact that Fox even mentioned the story must have filled them with rage. How dare we mention black on white violent crime!

    • Have you noticed how Die Hard III is NEVER shown on the Movie Cable Stations?  I tend to think it’s because of that placard…

      I used to say years ago, get what you want now ’cause ‘for long, it’ll be gone.  Every square inch of Truth or Humor at non-white expense is gone and going. 

      • I W

        You’re right, but I do not think it is  so much the placard, as it is
        a) the line “have I oppressed you? Have I oppressed your people? …your problem is you’re racist, you don’t like white people.”
        b) them daring to show children reciting ‘black power’ type hate speech, particularly while trying to do such an un-black thing as sell stolen goods.
        etc. etc. but good point, I was thinking it the other day.

  • Impertinent

    Once more Filthadelphia even with a Nutter as mayor… watches a city slide into ruin, racism and crime against white citizens. And under the criminal AG Holder ( I’ll never prosecute my people ) there will never be prosecutions against black racists and thugs. Gang bangers & flash mobs ( described as disaffected youts ) will now rule the streets in what once was….a great city that’s apparently joined the ranks of DC, Camden, Newark, Baltimore, Detroit, NYC, Cincinnati, NO and LA. Here’s what this post racial fraud in the WH has wrought….lawlessness and a “pay back” attitude.Perhaps the law abiding white citizens of Philly and PA…start realizing that the state still recognizes and will issue carry permits. Use them people…apply for them…get them and stand up to these gang bangers, thugs and criminals in training. Perhaps a bit of 380 payback might give these people something to consider?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa.

    Can someone tell me if a person of color has EVER been charged with a hate crime against a White?

    If the races were reversed, the assault wouldn’t matter, the words alone would be enough to classify it as a hate time.

    In Holder’s America, there is one set of laws for us, another set of laws for them.

    Just shouting racial epithets during the commission of a crime doesn’t rise to the level of ethnic intimidation, she said.

    Originally, the article stated “shouting racial EPITAPHS”  

    (a phrase or statement written in memory of a person who has died, esp. as an inscription on a tombstone).

    before it was  changed to epithets, although I believe “epitaphs” to be the correct word.

    “It Was Nice While it Lasted!”
    Cause of Death:  Suicide by Multiculturalism.


  • Okay.  I know you’re right but still, one can hope?

    Money does run out and this is the part that scares me.  China is waiting for just the right moment to call in our Markers and Property always was a Good Form of Payment.

    I’m afraid “america” will come to Americans and say, You must do your “duty” and forfeit.

  • I’ve sent back Food and every time I did it, I had taken only one or at the very most, two bites from it.  You know right off whether you like it or not.

  • Anonymous

    We all know there’s a racist undercurrent to these flash mob attacks, to the attacks that have been happening on public transportation, and to the “polar bear” and “knock out king” attacks.

    Hate crime laws require that very specific conditions are met such that career-minded DA’s only bring charges if they’re very certain they can win, but just because they don’t bring hate crime charges in all of these hundreds of cases doesn’t mean that there isn’t a racial component to the attacks. We all know there is.

    When the DA’s finish their investigations, the politically correct media loves to be able to say “See? No hate crime here. Now all you racists go back and crawl into your holes,” and walk away from ever talking about the racial subtext, other than to point out how “white racists” are overreacting.

    The way I see it, our job as racially aware white folks is to not let them get away with writing off these attacks as not having a racial side to them.

    Maybe we don’t get hate crime charges, but we can certainly ask:

    Why do blacks commit interracial crimes far out of proportion to their numbers?
    Why do blacks single out whites the majority of the time in the interracial attacks they commit?
    What does it say that blacks use anti-white racial epithets when they violently attack whites?
    Why are there simply no corresponding, similar white-on-black attacks?
    and so on…

    Most of all, perhaps White America needs to start addressing blacks directly.

    Stop attacking our children!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amren provides a valuable forum for discussion of issues that are of value to whites and is greatly appreciated.  That being said . . .
    It seems that Amren is a bit touchy when discussing topics that touch on Jewish interests.  I have been criticized for questioning jewish interests on many sites (including this one).   A question to the moderator (and others).  . . Why the hypersenstiivity?

  • Anonymous

    In these instances, please contact local political leaders and local press contacts and ask why the double standard on hate crime prosecutions? Include photos of the victims and the perps.

    Ask why:

    “When it’s White against Black – it’s a hate crime. When it’s Black against Whites it’s… not to be discussed in polite society”.

    Don’t whine or show fear or intense anger – just stand on solid principle and insist that this double standard has to be stopped and violent, racial attacks on Whites must be stopped.

    Here is the flyer we made presenting the attack on the White Vietnam Veteran in Philadelphia:

  • Isaiah14

    Of course it isn’t considered a racial hate crime. The perpetrators would have to be white and the victim black or hispanic, DUH. The problem is, whites don’t do this.

  • Anonymous

    Goldman is a metro-sexual pansy. He not only ran off and left the cab driver that was defending him alone to face a violent mob, but according to his own account he went on the planned date immediately following the incident and never bothered to call 911 regarding the man he left fighting his battle.

    Now he contradicts the statements made by the cab driver. He is an ungrateful little wimp.

    • I didn’t know metrosexual pansies didn’t have any civil liberties or civil rights, or the moral right not to be brutalized or battered.

  • zone

    Then no complaint if a drop in attendance at TJU, or decrease in your city being chosen for corporate trade shows.
    You just have a great time with your locals and we’ll be elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    NPR audio story on Hate Crimes (against imigrants, gays).  I didn’t hear them mention against whites.

    The attackers in this story were black but that fact is not mentioned in the story.,r:0,s:0&tx=39&ty=52

    However, they do mention that most hate crimes are committed by white males, they also mentions Nazis….lol. I am beginning to think that most hate crimes are NOT committed by white males but only white males are being prosecuted. When blacks do the same thing, they just assume it is robbery….lol. Seems racist.

    Very slanted reporting.

    • Anonymous

      I was in LA yesterday. There were nazis everywhere. I couldn’t believe it. They were all committing hate crimes…attacking homosexuals, pulling people out of their cars, etc. I’m just being facetious of ccourse. I’ve never seen this happen in my life. NPR and similar fantasize about such stories. They can only report in doublespeak and deliberately create illusions.   “White males commit most hate crimes”….nonsense, fiction. I have even seen mainstream TV dramas copy real hate crimes, and reverse the races. They create a fantasy world where whites are always the attackers. The people who watch these programs have such a low IQ, they cannot decipher between fantasy and reality. Fantasy becomes reality for them. The media is very clever in manipulating people with low IQs. Higher IQ liberals want so badly to believe these lies are true, this indoctrination is a religion for them. Telling them the truth is impossible. They will angrily shout you down, as if they were religious radicals. 

    • Anonymous

      NPR stands for National Jewish-Propaganda Raido.

      A typical NPR story is a Jewish newscaster interviewing a Jewish author concerning his book about some Jew.

    • Anonymous

      My wife and I play a game each morning:

      We wake up to NPR and listen for 10 min until we finally get up to shower.  In that 10 min we score 1 point for each story dealing with:

      1) Racism, hate, African-Americans, slavery,poor immigrants, discrimination, etc.
      2) Homosexuals
      3) The Holacaust, Jews, Israel, or Middle-Eastern Wars for Israel.

      We can almost always get 3-4 points in 1o min.  Many stories get 2 or 3 points just by themselves, such as the recent story about illegal immigrants in Israel (a two-fer).   The story about the fact that many of theL.A. homeless were gays should have gotten 2 points, but it was so over the top that I awarded it a coveted NPR-Trifecta.

      When I heard that story, I bolted out of bed and ran around the room naked wailing, “The gays are homless!  The homelless are gay!   Whaaaa!   Whaaaa!     

      Thanks, NPR —  you’ve given me so many happy propaganda moments to remember.

      • Thank god somebody else acknowledges what I’ve been saying for years. These NPR’ers  have some weird obsession. They need to report every little thing that happens in black areas while managing to nearly ignore the other 95% of the world. I wonder if their is a name for this syndrome?

  • Anonymous

    I believe this comment violates Amren’s comments guidelines. This comment is filled with rambling calls for illegal acts of violence against un-named, shadowy elites who somehow controlled “everything”. 

    Let’s get back in to reality and not everything is bad. New York City is 100% better than when I lived there in the 1990s. The last two NYPD chiefs have been outstanding White men, stopping and frisking NW youths, thumbing their noses at the idiot anti White press. These men should be our models for most everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    I believe this comment violates Amren’s comments guidelines. This comment is filled with rambling calls for illegal acts of violence against un-named, shadowy elites who somehow controlled “everything”. 

    Let’s get back in to reality and not everything is bad. New York City is 100% better than when I lived there in the 1990s. The last two NYPD chiefs have been outstanding White men, stopping and frisking NW youths, thumbing their noses at the idiot anti White press. These men should be our models for most everywhere.

  • Beloved Comrade

    You have written a very powerful, important comment that everyone here should heed, especially this: 

    POWER is what matters, not justice.

    We Whites are increasingly facing IN-justice from a DOJ that ignores every tenant of “equality under the law.”  We are FAR past the point where we are able to seek redress in a court of law, laws are being written specifically against us.  Our enemies well know it is POWER and FORCE that keep us in line and they use legislation against us to achieve this end.  Re:  Hate Crimes Laws only used against Whites.

    It WILL come to the point where we will be fighting for our lives and the use of extreme violence against our opponents will be THE only means possible for our survival.

    We are facing genocide here, people, nothing less, in all of our lands, Europe, the US, Australia, SA, ALL of our living spaces are being systematically taken from us through hateful policies targeted at Whites and only Whites.

    We didn’t get come this far by playing nice and negotiating with our enemies, we got this far by defeating them, which is the ONLY way we are going to survive this.   

    Our enemies understand only one thing:  Power.  All wars are power struggles fought and won through violence, not silly words, pure, raw, unadulterated power.  In the end nothing else matters.

    Chairman Mao was NOT WRONG when he stated that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

  • Anon

    So true!  Just look at all the White Republicans who bow down and appease blacks and mexicans just to show they aren’t “racists”…What silly pathetic little fools. The same for Walt and Mearsheimer and anyone else who try to escape and to distance themselves from being called a “name”. It never works and how many times do we have to see it happen and allow ourselves to be silenced over and again? What are they so afraid of?  If there is a group of people or subjects that are off limits for discussion then one knows something is up.

  • If I as a White man got
    into a fight with a black man and use the N word as a “verbal punch”
    during the fight, do you now think for a second I would be given the benefit of
    the doubt insofar as a hate crime is concerned? Even if as you say, race had
    nothing to do with assault?

    That is the problem. Minorities
    are given wide leeway when attacking Whites and Whites are given no leeway when
    the situation is reversed!

  • Anonymous


  • B

    It’s clear to me now, the police can not read the minds of blacks as they can of whites to determine what one was thinking during the crime, thus no hate crime charges can ever be filed against blacks.

  • Beloved Comrade

    POWER is what matters, not justice.  So what if you are right about every single issue, down to the greatest detail.  Those with power will ignore all that and do as they please.  What whites need is power, not a good case to bring before our masters that they might please change their behavior toward us.

    You have written a very powerful, important piece, unfortunately, every word of which is true.  Every white should take every word you’ve written deadly seriously.  The power our enemies wield is what keeps us disorganized, atomized and terrorized.

    We HAVE ceased to be a nation of laws, there is no equality under the law for whites and hasn’t been for decades.  If there were, clearly anti-white policies such as Affirmative Action, hate crimes laws and preferences, all of which specifically favor nonwhites over whites would be struck down instantly by every court in the land.

    The power brokers that control this country through the government and media tell us whites that it is in our best interests to cede our country to Third World hoards, that it is in our best interest to be lorded over by nonwhites, that committing suicide is the best possible option for whites worldwide.  How are they able to do this?  Through the power to sue us in court, charge us with hate crimes, vilify us in the media, get us fired and strip us of our earnings through taxes.

    Chairman Mao said:  Political Power Comes From the Barrel of a Gun.

    Power is what wins wars, subjugates populations, terrorizes enemies and backs up the lies told by the power holders.

    You are absolutely right, in the end, nothing else matters but Power.

  • Anonymous

    What do you think Romney will do about black on white crime? Do you think he will finally address the epedemic? or will he just ignore it?

    I would like to think Romney is on our side, but I believe we will be sidelined. Inflating house prices and wars for Israel is far too important. As for the one million or so white victims of racial assault per year…who cares? 

    Write to Romeny and politely ask him, “As President, how will you address black on white crime?”. You probably won’t hear anything, but we should all write to him, just the same.

  • Anonymous

    The Paula Zahn show on CNN released a report on the Newsome murder. They claimed the white supremacists are using this murder as a propaganda tool. The feature was of course extremely offensive, left wing propaganda, but some racial reality did slip through. If you haven’t seen it, you find it on youtube. 

  • Anonymous

    I do agree Romney could be a small ray of hope. Obama does have a some newfound support, but that could be temporary. These numbers always fluctuate. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s only true if the assailants are white. If a white homosexual is “gay bashed” by minorities, the story will be buried. It will not be considered a hate crime, and the assailants will receive a light sentence, if they are even prosecuted. If a white homosexual is assaulted by whites, the assault would make national news.  There will be a full investigation, and a full hate crimes prosecution. The victim will be a household word and will have streets named after him. I don’t recall a minority gay ever being bashed by white assailants. (If I’m wrong, I welcome any factual rebuttals.) If this did happen, the mainstream media would be in heaven. I couldn’t imagine the international carnival that would errupt, morbidly celebrating the incident. The victim would have his own holiday declared in his honor. I exaggerate, but you know what I mean. 

    Yes, gays have some privileges, but the same racial double standard applies. I think that all victims of hate crimes should receive significant coverage. Unfortunately, most of the victims are white, and most are ignored.