AZ Lawmaker Suggests Holiday for White People

Elizabeth Erwin, KPHO (Phoenix), February 2, 2012

[Editor’s Note: See the original article to watch the video report.]


Rep. Cecil Ash, a Republican from Mesa, is suggesting Arizona needs a holiday for white people.

“I wanted to speak to you all about Latino Americans here in Arizona,” said state Rep. Richard Miranda on the House floor Monday, starting the conversation that sparked the controversy.

Miranda said Arizona should have a Latino American day in Arizona.

After some heated debate, Rep. Cecil Ash stepped up to the mic.

“I’m supportive of this proposition. I just want them to assure me that when we do become in the minority you’ll have a day for us,” Ash said.

Reaction on the streets is mixed.

“Crazy idea,” one person said.

“Good idea. Like they have Cinco de Mayo for Mexicans. We need something for whites,” another commented.


But he said he’s not backing down from his statement.

“Yes, I think it was appropriate. It was appropriate for the mood that was in the House and I think that if and when the Caucasian population becomes a minority, they may want to celebrate the accomplishments and the contributions of the Caucasian population the same way,” Ash said.



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  • Anonymous

    State representatives are a good gauge of the ideals of the people.  They have less political aspirations and care less about being politically correct.  This is true for both conservatives and liberals.

    Having said that, I’d rather not be a minority in my own country, and think it better to celebrate the achievements of white men by keeping them the majority.

    • Anonymous

      In the case of AZ it’s already preordained that, given the composition of the school age population, that the state will be majority Hispanic within a generation. 

      • Anonymous

        Nothing ruthless enforcement of immigration laws cannot fix.  Even legal hispanics may go to California if they feel they aren’t wanted.  AZ is one state on the right path, if it sticks to its guns and doesn’t get intimidated by the DOJ and Holder.

        • Impertinent

          Holder….he’s going to get a nice cell with his CBC gang bangers if there’s any justice left in America.

        • BUT, “racial” profiling is always and forever, a problem.

          I think White Folk should start talking about why it’s always okay to Profile Whites (long hair, dirty looking, hanging out in the wrong places, etc.) but not Non-Whites.

          • To Rapscallion,

            Right up to the very moment they do it to you that is.

            If it’s okay for Whites to be profiled, I assume you also believe it’s okay for non-whites to be profiled too right?

            Is it okay for ninety-eight year old wheel cheer bound Grand Mothers and five year old little White girls to be stripped and hand searched by non-whites for doing NOTHING but daring to travel by the mode of Transportation that they paid for?

            Is that okay because, let’s see here, oh, I forgot, it was White Grand Mothers and White five year old little girls who flew our Airplanes into our Towers and it was White Grand Mothers and five year old little White girls who have indeed, been the very ones who attacked, Fort Hood, Fort Dix, D.C. Sniper, the Military Recruitment Center and the constant other attacks and all in the name of islam.  I forgot.

            Yes, let’s keep profiling Whites for ONLY Whites commit crime around here…

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad he’s not backing down. It’s a pleasant change from what usually occurs.

  • Anonymous

     Get ready Amren readers, I’m about to shock you:

    Even if Whites become a minority of the US, I would not support a “Celebrate Whites Day”.


    Because it reduces our ethnic group to that of a subjugated minority. Phillip Roth once wrote of White Americans “Let’s face it- they are America.”

    Let’s keep that mindset alive, and forgoe the demeaning holidays.

    • You’re taking Sam Francis’s side in the famous Francis-Calabro Debates of the early 2000s.  The AZ politician seems to be taking Louis Calabro’s side.

    • Steven Bannister

      I understand what you are saying – and I agree. But we are still at the point where mentioning ANY kind of “group identity” for whites is forbidden. In making his comment, this lawmaker took a small step towards that – and I think that’s positive. 

      In fact, I’ve notice all around me that whites are taking “small steps” towards saying how they feel. I  think it’s only a matter of time (perhaps when Obama wins re-election?) before they begin to take the big steps necessary. 

      •  The silver lining to an Obama reelection?  You could be right.

        • Outside of non-whites, Voter Fraud (same as last time but more this time) and Unknowing Whites, I can’t see how obama can win.

          Too Much Debt, too Little Jobs and No Light at the End of the Tunnel.  But of course, Poor ‘Ole America is Forced to be just about half and half now so maybe yes, but God Forbid.

      • There is ONE silver lining in the cloud of the constant black-on-white beatings we are hearing about daily. People do seem to be waking up a bit. I give a lot of credit to this site along with others of the “new” or “alt” right, who are not afriad to discuss race honestly. (No hat tip to Holder). Seems we are now the edgy counterculture in a boring, PC-style society that dominates. imagine, after all these years, back to being “anti-establishment.”

  • John McNeill

    The state representative may appear to be “surrendering”, but what if we fail to reverse demographic trends and whites become a minority? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of communal mindset in place to help foster and defend what’s left of white America? I think this lawmaker has foresight and we need more people like him to get ready for the demographic change which is very likely to happen.

  • Anonymous

    Heresy! String that man up! Draw and quarter him!

  • I’m pretty sure black people in Wisconsin already came up with a Holiday for White people, I believe they called it “Beat Whitey Night”………

  • Wannabekira

    Ha… I can think of one that might fly… a whites-only day of shopping.  Our shopping and crowds in the local stores (Wal-Mart and also food stores and warehouse stores) have been less busy than usual ever since the holidays, and our local Winco Foods has been verrry quiet for the past 3 days running.  It so happens that I did some shopping on each of the last 3 days there.  Very few shoppers and relatively few cashiers.  But almost no kids at all, and none of those were running around, screaming, throwing things, or knocking things (or people) down.  I was really happy about that, and mentioned it to the cashiers.  Got a dirty look from a teenage girl, but I ranted right back at her. 

    • Garry Deihl

      Do you rant at everyone who looks at you funny?

  • As far as I’m concerned, Whites are already The Minority.

    My Town is Pop 3,410 as of July 2009 but amazingly, there are hispanics, asians, indians and even muslims.  How did they find their way here?  They were purposely put here to destroy My Once Pristine and Crime Free White Community.

    Forget asking for any Holidays and instead, start demanding Government Sponsored Programs for White People so they may Save their Race because NO Race is in jeopardy except Whites and since it has been ONLY White People who’ve been giving non-whites everything for the past fifty+ years now, it’s now our time.

    If that’s considered “racist”, call them out on their want for White Genocide.  Why would anyone, who’s not “racist” that is, not allow a Race to Survive?  I mean, we’re all “Equal” here right?

    • Garry Deihl

      Try to find as many excuses that you can for being a racist. They don’t even have to rational or logical.

  • if and when…whites become a minority?

    That’s the racism and evil. 

    And why does one have to be a minority to deserve a’day’.  This is the sick thinking that puts minorities before the very majority that gives the society its existence.

    Why??  You can only condescend to the weak.. not the strong.   It has no effect.

  • Garry Deihl

    Every day is White Day in the US.

  • Garry Deihl

    And be more racist?

  • I appreciate Rep. Cecil Ash and his efforts for taking a stand. We need more of our representatives to do the same. Hispanics are shameless when arguing for special considerations on behalf of their raza. However, maybe Rep. Cecil Ash could spearhead efforts to ensure Whites do not becomes that much anticipated “minority”in the first place, especially since it’s being carried out via our immigration laws and national sovereignty being ignored, under the cover of “multiculturalism and diversity.”

    White achievement should be celebrated everyday, especially by the minority freeloaders who like to take advantage of everything a country created by and for White people has provided them!

  • How about a Lent-like one-day holiday for everyone, in which you have to give up anything your ancestors had no part in creating or developing?  I could celebrate by reading and drinking some Guinness.  How would you celebrate?

    • Anonymous

      Hmmmm…tough one. Something our White ancestors did not create?

      Better question would be enjoy an entertaining day that did NOT involve a White inventor. Okay besides the obvious, what would that entail? Can’t go for a drive, can’t watch a movie, can’t surf the net, can’t go out shooting, can’t cook a good meal inside on an electric or gas stove, or even outside on a propane grill, can’t drink a chilled beverage….well I guess we could watch fireworks without all the other stuff, right?

    • Slavery.  I could give up Slavery for My People hard no part of that.  Don’t blame White People for merely making purchases or taking part in Law that Black Man Fought for.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, it’s wrong for Americans to blame themselves for slavery. The first slaves were transported to the new world way back when America was a British colony. When independence came, the newly libertaed Americans found that they had also inherited a  large number of coloured folk. That’s hardly your fault, it’s our fault.

        • It may be your fault but it damn sure ain’t mine.  Africans were not stolen, they were bought and not bought by me neither.

          Anthony Johnson turned Indentured Servitude into Slavery, not me.

          Last, I was not alive then and neither was ANY non-white living today. 

        • In my hurry, I forgot to add the most important part:

          Stop calling it “our fault”.  The Brits, you, I, NO body is at fault here.  “Slavery” has been experienced by all and done by all so for non-whites to cry about it is just an excuse for all their so-called “white racism”.

  • The Fourth of July!

  • Oh wait, okay, how about January 16th?

  • Yes, My Little Town.

    It has been the last eight years I’d have to say is when they started showing up.  Not long after the Census.

    It was right here on Amren where a poster wrote (to paraphrase): The Census is used to destroy White Communities and sure enough, when you look at it, it’s True.  It’s True.  I can name a Ton of Towns that were PURE White but ain’t no more.  And all this has occurred at times after Census taking.

    I’m done.  I owe no one nothing and I’ll be damned if people are gonna make feel guilty ’cause I don’t like indians and their Crop Destroying Stink Bugs (yup, we have those too now) or so-called “moderate” muslims taking over our Churches or the spanish signs in my once, English speaking stores.  We didn’t have any spanish signs in our Stores.  None.  We had no hispanic stores and now they’re everywhere.  It’s not Integration, it’s an Invasion.

    • Anon

      The small town where I grew up is now 95% mexican and 5% White. It used to be 98% White and about 2% mexican.  This has happened to EVERY small town in our valley in the last 20 years or more. They are all majority mexican. The City where I live is now, (close to my old hometown)which used to be about 80% White is now about 30% White with the rest being black, mexican, asian.

      Yes, I have been saying for years, it is an invasion and colonization, not immigration.

      • I assume if you had the way, you’d move.

        I can’t help but believe there is a REAL Genuine effort to destroy us.  Most White People are ‘hand to mouth’ and our enemies know it so what do they do?

        While you and your parents earned your home, non-whites were given theirs for half the price and they do this because they know, you’re ‘hand to mouth’ and will never be able to move away and thus, eventually be consumed by the non-whites.

        Should I ever find myself well, I’ll be spending it on pulling people like you and me OUT of our hellholes.  Wishful thinking it is but hey, I still have to hope…

  • No one has explained why it is, a State would need to pass a Law in order to Enforce a Law that is already a Law.

    Sounds like a dog chasing his tail don’t it?

    • Absolutely Orwellian.

      • I know what’s going to happen.  My post will probably get deleted but here goes anyway:

        White People will continue to do nothing, demand nothing and then the Scale will be tipped.  Game Over.

  • If you click on any of the news links below the original article, they all have a comment option and comments – but not this one.  “Telling it like it is”?  I don’t think so.

  • MatNationOfFools

    A holiday honoring white people? You mean the folks who built the culture and countries all the rest seem to want to flock to? Sorry. But I must inform all that under the New Disorder it is… VERBOTEN!

  • Anonymous

    I think the White holiday should be on the anniversary of the day when we expel the Mestizo invaders. Spain had something similar to honor the time Spain expelled the Arab Muslim Moor invaders in the 15th century.

  • Anonymous

    And  was it not Frederic Douglas that declared to a White audience on Independance Day,nine years before the Civil war,”This Fourth of July is yours,not mine.”                                                                                                                                                                   The British aristocracy’s penchant for arming negroes and indians for combat against White Americans has largely been forgotten today,even though it was one of the factors which led the colonists to go to war against King George,and was cited as such in the Declaration of Independence.The patriots’ outrage at indian atrocities and anger at Dunmore’s manumission of negroes ,was summarized by Jefferson in one of the least quoted passages of the Declaration: “He(King George) has excited domestic insurrections amongst us(Dunmore’s proclamation freeing blacks in American jurisdiction),and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers,the merciless indian savages,whoseknown rule of warfare,is an undistinguished destruction of all ages,sexes and conditions.”

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      BUT, the liberty-seeking patriots fought back and triumphed, didn’t they?

      And that’s ALL that matters here! 

      Also forgotten today:

      German gunsmiths around Lancaster PA developed a new, accurate, long-rage weapon in the 1740s, the Pennsylvania flintlock rifle, which was far superior to the short-range British government’s Brown Bess musket.

      The long-range rifle enabled the Colonists to use what the British called “despicable, cowardly tactics” and “barbaric practices” such as hiding behind rocks and trees to fire from long distances, “against all codes of chivalry.”  The rag-tag rebels used the sniper rifle to pick off British commanders while far out of range of the British guns; Yankee rebels beat the British army, the most experienced and mightiest of its day.

      When the British army surrendered to the rebels at Yorktown in 1781, the redcoat band played “The World Turned Upside Down.”


      • Anonymous

        Michael A. Hoffman writes in  his book ‘They Were White and They Were Slaves..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    During the American Revolution,Lord Dunmore,the Royal Governorof Virginia appointed by the King,sought towin Virginia back for the British Crown with Black troops recruited in America,to be called the Etiopian Regiment.Parties of Blacks in the South were armed by the British with guns,clubs and swords with the order to use them against rebellious American patriots.(Ronald Hoffman, “The Disafffected in the Revolutionary South,” The American Revolution:Explorations in the History of American Radicalism,pp.281-282).                                                                                                                                       “By the first of December(1775) nearly three hundred Blacksin uniform,with the words ‘Liberty to Slaves’ inscribed across their breasts,were members of Lord Dunmore’s Ethiopian Regiment…On the ninth of December at the Battle of Great Bridge–the Lexington of the South–the British force of six hundred,nearly half Black,was thrown back by Woodford’s(all-White,American)Second Virginia Regiment…                                                                                                                             “In April,1782,General Nathanael Greene informed Washington that the British had armed and put into uniform at least seven hundred Blacks.The Ethiopian Regiment was not the only Black unit.That same spring two members of a Black British cavalry troop,about a hundred strong,were killed in a skirmish(with patriots) at Dorchester,Virginia.Evacuating Boston,the royal army sailed to Halifax with a ‘Company of Negroes.’…It is possible that tens of thousands of (Black)slaves in South Carolina and Georgia went over to the British…(Sidney Kaplan,The Black Presence in the Era of the American Revolution,1770-1800,pp.32,61 and 67).                                                                                                                                           During the War of 1812,the British ranks included approximately three hundred armed American negroes,who were used in combat against American forces.Some of these negroes helped the British burn the White House in 1814(Roediger,p.44).                                                                                                                    No wonder that Frederic Douglass(Black Leader and Author of book,Life and Times,which denounced the poor White people of Maryland  as being “of the lowest order”,Douglass,p.27)would declare to a White audience on Independence Day,nine years before the Civil War,”This Fourth of July is yours,not mine.”                                                                                                                                       A few Blacks fought on the side of the Americans during the Revolution,including some Massachusetts negroes known as the “Bucks of America.”The claim has long been made that the first victim of the British in the American Revolution was a Black,Crispus Attucks.In fact,Attucks was an Indian,a descendant of John Attucks,a Natick who had battled American pioneers in King Philip’s War……Hope this dosent give  film-maker George Lucas any ideas…good grief!   

  • Ahhh look at that, the comments are disabled for this article but you can comment on every other story on their site. Hmmmmm?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Race bating politician

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to be a nit-picker but the holiday to which you refer is “Independence Day”.

  • Anonymous

    Minorities have been handled with “kit gloves” for so long that when whites ask for the SAME special treatment, minorities can’t believe their ears and cry racism.  Funny stuff.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    they will never reach their biggest aim – annihilation of all differences.

    The media/political system’s biggest aim is NOT the annihilation of all differences, it is the  annihilation of all Whites.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The “Mirandas of the world” are too stupid, unorganized and would NEVER be able to take on White America without A LOT of government help.  

    The government “helps” them by subduing us, by keeping its boot on our White necks — passing hate crimes and speech laws against ONLY us, taxing us to death to steal the product of our labor, moving in urban blacks via Section 8 to destroy our living spaces, importing the dregs of the Third World to expose us to deadly diseases, advocating for more foreign workers to replace us — at the same time allowing and even funding non-Whites to attack us.

    Non-Whites, ALL OF THEM,  have government force on their side, we don’t.  Try organizing Whites or asking for anything in support of Whites and see if you aren’t called every name for racist and Nazi. Ask Jared Taylor about the last two AR conferences and why they had to be cancelled.
    The “Mirandas of the world” are nothing more than a battering ram, useful idiots and running dogs used by the government to destroy White American.That the media, schools and government are anti-White is NOT in dispute.And it is THIS that we are up against.

  • Anonymous

    Agenda to accomplish implied and stated goals:

    Repeal Immigration Act of 1965.
    Deport all illegals.
    Cash offering to recipients of welfare for more than 1 year if they accept sterilization.
    Authorization to use lethal force at border.

    • jeffaral

      Any illegals trespassing the border  should expect to be shot at!

    • Anonymous

      NO REFUGEE status for non-whites!

  • No need for some “days”, but for Operation Wetback II.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    German craftsmen in Pennsylvania designed and built a forerunner of the long rifle in 1725.

    This new, unique, long rifle was carried by hunters, trappers and explorers into the frontier (at that time Kentucky). The first use of the term “Kentucky Longrifle” was in an 1812 song, “The Hunters of Kentucky.”

    I’ve read historical documents that refer to the “Pennsylvania/Kentucky Longrifle.


  • Anonymous

    I wonder what they think of that move now, the idiots?    The overwhelming regret they must have is hard to feel sorry for .  As usual it’s DWLs and it’ s always the ones who have never been near real blacks before but only see them on TV.

  • Anonymous

    I have a better idea. Let’s celebrate them now.

  • Anonymous

    White people are by definition bad. That’s why they wouldn’t be given any day to celebrate their race. All non-whites feel that way, regardless how subtle they are.

    • Pandemonium

      In my world, every day is celebrate Whites day! 

  • Anonymous

    Only one day?An appropriate observance would last at least six months.