Posted on December 7, 2011

IQ, Skin Color, Crime, HIV/AIDS, and Income in 50 U.S. States

Donald L. Templer and J. Philippe Rushton, Science Direct, December 7, 2011


In 50 U.S. states, we found a positive manifold across 11 measures including IQ, skin color, birth rate, infant mortality, life expectancy, HIV/AIDS, violent crime, and state income with the first principal component accounting for 33% of the variance (median factor loading = .34). The correlation with a composite of total violent crime was higher with skin color [defined as % black] (r = .55), a more biologically influenced variable than with GDP [gross domestic product] (r = −.17), a more culturally influenced variable. These results corroborate and extend those found at the international level using INTERPOL crime statistics and at the county, provincial, and state levels within countries using local statistics. We interpret the cross-cultural consistency from an evolutionary life history perspective in which hierarchically organized traits culminate in a single, heritable, super-factor. Traits need to be genetically organized to meet the trials of life–survival, growth, and reproduction. We discuss brain size and the g nexus as central to understand individual and group differences and we highlight melanin and skin color as a potentially important new life history variable.

[Editor’s Note: The following appears in the discussion section of the full-length article:

The first factor [IQ] replicates and extends previous findings showing that diverse variables at the state level can be viewed from within Jensen’s (1998) g nexus, which includes psychometrically measured intelligence, intelligence as reflected in degree of life success and adaptive behavior, and biological variables. Violent crime has a high loading on the first factor, as do HIV/AIDS, infant mortality, life expectancy, income, and skin color (% Black). The more biological variables such as skin color yielded the highest correlations with violent crime, while income, a social variable, provided the lowest. We suggest this pattern of results is accounted for by evolutionary life history theory in which there is co-variation between reproductive effort, aggressiveness, high fertility, low altruism, and poor social organization.

Professors Templer and Rushton will be speaking at the American Renaissance conference in March. Their findings appear in the journal Intelligence.]

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  1. B.B. says:

    You don’t need to pay ScienceDirect to read the entire article. It has been made freely”>”>freely available on the Charles Darwin Research Institute’s website. In fact, Rushton has almost all the papers he wrote or co-wrote available on his Curriculum Vitae page.

  2. Ben N Indiana says:

    Blacks could create a super-race and dominate every aspect of human life if:

    • Every black with an IQ under 100 and

    • Every black with a history of crime and/or violence

    Were to have themselves voluntarily sterilized.

    The net result would be future generations of non-violent, intelligent blacks.

    Sound far fetched?

    Not really.

    Dr. William Bradford Shockley Jr., the Nobel Prize winning physicist, made such a suggestion.

    Shockley, whose solid-state transistor made ‘vacuum tubes’ obsolete and who pioneered silicon-based semiconductors, “proposed that individuals with IQs below 100 be paid to undergo voluntary sterilization.”

    From Wikipedia’s account, “According to 1970 Census, unskilled and skilled whites had on average 3.7 and 2.3 children, respectively, whereas the corresponding numbers for blacks were 5.4 and 1.9. Because IQ is a heritable trait, Shockley expressed concern that the black population would become progressively less intelligent [and] proposed that individuals with IQs below 100 be paid to undergo voluntary sterilization.”

  3. Mr. Pibb says:

    “Blacks could create a super-race and dominate every aspect of human life if: • Every black with an IQ under 100 and • Every black with a history of crime and/or violence Were to have themselves voluntarily sterilized. The net result would be future generations of non-violent, intelligent blacks”.

    That’s already been done. An evil big-headed scientist, Yacub, did just that 4,000 years ago and in the process creating the devil white race. No wonder they don’t want it repeated!

  4. neanderthalDNA says:

    That’s something I’d love to be taxed to pay for.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The problem with sterilzing every American black with an IQ below 100 is that you’d end up neutering over 80% of their population. An average IQ of 85 means that only about 17% of US blacks score above the white mean of 100. And keep in mind that the group we call “black” has about 20% white DNA as well as some snippets of Amerindian genes too. With pure-blooded blacks, the proportion sterilized would be even greater. Such a practice would surely decrease their share of the US population, although I suspect many commenters on this site wouldn’t mind that.

    Another less drastic solution is to encourage black women to artificially inseminate themselves with sperm from high IQ men. The men could be of any race really, since the one drop rule would ensure that their kids would still be recognizably “black.” With a 70% illegitmacy rate, an awful lot of black women really don’t care who their “baby-daddies” are anyway. Of course knowing the key genes for IQ would be the ultimate eugenicist’s dream. We could conceive embryos using in-vitro and only use the ones with a significant number of “intelligence” genes to initiate pregnancies.

  6. nooffensebut says:

    Enjoy this video of Rushton’s 1989 debate with David Suzuki.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am going to disagree on the altruism factor. Blacks can be generous to a fault. They will bankrupt themselves to support relatives, something, I, a white person just can’t understand. Blacks are often in terrible financial shape because they take in useless, unemployed relatives. That is one of their strengths and weaknesses. I have a running joke with a black co-worker about always being able to move in with her as she has taken in any number of her relatives over the years. She actually called me on my holier than thou attitude once when I moved out of a boyfriend’s house and back in with my mom for a short time.

  8. Ryan says:

    Ben N Indiana, If you were to get rid of all the blacks who had IQs below 100 you’re effectively advocating killing 75% of blacks in America (85 IQ type) and among full blooded blacks (70 IQ type) you’d be killing easily 99% of them. Once all that is said and done you’ll have a few million people with an average IQ of 100. You’d also have to take into consideration the high likely hood that the following generation of these blacks might begin to regress to the normal black IQ. So to recap, if this plan were to be brought into action all you’ll succeed in doing is killing a lot of blacks.

    On the other hands these new 100 IQ blacks would have to contend with millions of whites and Asians with 100+ IQ.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Blacks could create a super-race and dominate every aspect of human life if….”


    It seems to me as if the opposite is happening. The least intelligent borderline mentally retarded ones seem to be having 6 or 8 or 15 children. It seems as if in the past there was a large segment of the black population which was sort of civilized and dignified. I don’t get that sense any more.

  10. Rhialto says:

    Re #2:

    I think that is more or less what happened when hominids left Africa for the northern hemisphere. For the African environment, a large brain is an unnecessary expense; aggressive short range thinking provides the optimal behavior for genetic survival. In the seasonal northern regions a large brain and long range thinking provide the optimal behavior.

  11. Sureesh says:

    Skin color! Skin color! Skin color!

    We Indians have skin darker than many Blacks yet our crime rate is WAY lower than whites.

    I fear when whites finally wake up, we well behaved, intelligent Indians will be mistaken for black cuz of ‘da color of our skin’ forcibly removed from our nice, safe suburban neighborhood and dumped to live among the blacks in the ghetto.

    That’s why I’m moving to Singapore next summer- to avoid being in America on that day. American whites think race= skin color and that skin color=race.

  12. elitist says:

    If we had introduced a rigorous eugenics program for blacks half century ago as Shockley so wisely recommended instead of wasting trillions of dollars trying to alter the behavior of blacks through bribes and cajoling, the black community in America would now be intellectually mediocre working class instead of a violent, feral, moronic underclass.

    It is not a question of making the black race into Einstein (that is just science fiction), but instead of improving their character and cognitive ability to the point where they are a functional lower class rather than a dysfunctional underclass.

    The cutoff point of 100 IQ is outrageously high for blacks (it is too high even for whites).

    More sensible would have been a cutoff point of 75, raised gradually to 85, so that in any given generation, only a small fraction of blacks would need to be sterilized.

    Sterilizations should have been / should be voluntary, of course.

    But all of this is a mental exercise, since eugenics cannot be implemented in our current political system (except covertly and voluntarily).

    Based on typical black behavior these days and dysgenic trends, it is fairly clear that black community the US is heading for an average IQ in the 70s.

    Viewing the depressing squalor and chaos of black life in America today, it seems a terrible tragedy that the black elite was too foolish and ignorant to rally around Shockley as their savior 50 years ago instead of indulging in childish fantasies of becoming the master race & dominating whites.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So if blacks are so dumb then why the hell are they stealing and swindling everything off the white race? Wouldnt this mean they are getting some help from other outside sources? So who could that help be? And why are they helping them while stamping out the white race at the same time? Something dosent add up.

    Couldnt be those who own run and control the media could it? Has whitey not been wise as serpents from way back?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Who said anything about killing? War and killing seems to be on American’s brains. Sterilisation, and getting paid for it, is the plan.

  15. john says:

    Shockley’s suggestion that low-IQ people should be paid to undergo sterilization needs enhancement to be truly effective: Ideally they’d be paid with a lifetime unlimited supply of pop-wine.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wow…..what a load of tripe a gobbledygook. Lots of big words being thrown around in the hopes that nobody will understand their meaning and assume the person has something of merit to say.

    So what are they saying. The first thing they are saying is that blacks register as mental defectives on IQ testing. The second is that this is confirmed by widespread failure among them. Also noticed is widespread psychopathic behavior among them. In other words, blacks test as stupid and are stupid, and violent as well.

    So far so good, but the person makes call to various extremely controversial theories as well in order to “explain” this finding. The implication is that it can be changed because it really doesn’t have to do with skin color but behavior choice. The paper strongly implies that such things are positives that are simply not appropriate for the modern world. All of which, are, at best, wishful thinking and at worst, based on lies. Evolution, for example, has failed scientific investigation to the point that treating it like a valid explanation for anything amounts to a lie. That’s what this article attempts to do. To say that having many children you don’t care for, is an evolutionary advantage when the very concept of evolution itself has basically been proven false.

    So what is the author attempting to accomplish here. The first is an attempt to draw a common sense observation (blacks are stupid and evil) into the realm of science in order to give it authority. It then posits an extremely shaky theory as to why this observation is made with several extremely ludicrous assumptions. Assumptions like not taking care of one’s young has survival value. Important variables like white people handing every needful thing to blacks, including their next meal, are simply not mentioned. It’s simply an evolutionary snafu that will change over time! Except it doesn’t and it never will. Not the least reason is there is no such thing as evolution.

    But the insidious thing about this article is the red herring issue of treating the observation that blacks are stupid and evil as if the observation can’t stand on its own and must be explained, and not just explained but explained using cool jargon. It draws debate into the realm of unobservable theories, which are often revealed as being ludicrous in an attempt to dismiss the observation. Which is the point of the red herring argument. Don’t fall for that. There does not have to be a reason why blacks are stupid and evil. It is only important that these facts are easily and reliably observed and that the observation is stable over long periods of time (thousands of years).

    The important thing is the observation be taken into account when decisions are made. For example, stupid, evil people should not be welcomed to immigrate to our country.

  17. sofita says:

    It is true that blacks are going to get dumber. Being a lawyer I work with some very smart blacks and they aren’t having any kids. The dumb ones, on the other hand, have a brood.

  18. WR the elder says:

    Unfortunately the dysgenic trend exists in all races, although it may be particularly severe for blacks. I’ve noticed that the smarter and more accomplished whites have fewer kids than the more marginal whites do.

  19. Girlish says:

    Surreesh, don’t you think you’re being just a wee bit paranoid? You’re actually thinking of moving to Singapore because you think segregation will make a come back? Not anytime soon.

  20. Anonymous says:

    @ No. 17: Unfortunately, the same is happening to Whites as well — the more intelligent are having less or no children, while the unintelligent have more.

    @ No. 13: Ha ha! Very sneaky. I agree with you, though.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is genetic engineering a taboo topic within these comments? If so, why? If not, when does it appear??

    [No, it is not taboo. If no comments on that subject have appeared, it is either because comments that happened to have that subject matter were rejected for some sort of cause, unrelated to that, or they were diverted into spam filter oblivion. — Moderator]

  22. Anonymous says:

    The increased population carrying capacity created by the industrial revolution seems to have been mostly invested in low grade whites in Europe and low grade everyone in USA. Read this and shudder:

  23. Jason says:

    Girlish, maybe you should go to Singapore with him? Better yet take all your black friends with you.

  24. Anonymous says:

    ref. 16

    Elements of your comment seem to get at the question of why

    research about these matters has to have a kind of “physics

    envy” in restricting itself needlessly to merely a physical science regimen. Nothing is lost and much is gained, if summaries for studies like this can also step outside these

    boundaries explicitly and note such lines of evidence as

    folklore, the arts, previous consensual social views about the topic, etc. It is sadly myopic, if not self serving, to assume that more and more controlled studies and amassed evidence will

    uncork matters to let reality out of the bottle. Life is proving not to be quite that tidy.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Poster 13 should not have to be so cryptical if this is really a forum of open discussion as the Jefferson quote at the top of the page asserts. There is always the same elephant in the room though. Plenty of evidence to support this kind of theory so why can it not be freely discussed? This hardly seems like the kind of website where someone’s race would be considered irrelevent.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Singapore? Singpaore’s elites are entirely ethnic Han Chinese. No idea how the Han Chinese view race & IQ? Google Lee Kuan Yew and his famous speeches / policies. Young Lee Kuan Yew made David Duke look like still asleep on the issue in comparison.

    The only “advantage” of Singapore is perhaps too-small-to-hide when it hits the fan.