Posted on December 7, 2011

Discipline NYPD Cops Who Wrote Hateful Facebook Messages About West Indian Day Parade: City Politicians

Trevor Kapp et al., NY Daily News, December 6, 2011

The purported cops under fire for racist Facebook rants ripping West Indian Day Parade revelers found an unlikely ally Tuesday: The New York Civil Liberties Union.

But while defending their free speech rights, the group, like outraged pols across the city, said the postings–racist and otherwise–indicate a big problem for the NYPD if proven to be from cops.

In all, there were about 250 posts on the now-deleted “No More West Indian Day Detail” page. A third were from commenters who said they were city cops and about two dozen contained racist or inflammatory cracks.


“Like all public employees, cops have a First Amendment right to speak freely in their private lives, even when their speech is offensive,” NYCLU associate legal director Chris Dunn said.

But “they do not get to be racists on the job, and these postings indicate the department still has a lot to do to address race issues within its ranks,” he said.

The annual celebration–believed to be the largest parade in the city–was described as “Savage Day,” “this coconut parade” and “pure savagery” in the worst of the Facebook page posts.

The ones that weren’t racist bemoaned having to work on Labor Day–and what they saw as the general mayhem of the day.

Some cited shootings that have marred this past year’s and previous years’ events. There were three shootings with five people injured near the celebration on a weekend that saw lots more gunplay–and dozens of other victims not tied to the parade.


City politicians called for swift discipline and a meeting with Mayor Bloomberg.

“What concerns me is the racist language used here matches up with racist NYPD policies such as stop, question and frisk,” said City Council member Jumaane Williams, who was wrongfully arrested during the parade.


“I really hope these guys lose their jobs,” said Julie Beatle, a West Indian immigrant and Nostrand Ave. store owner. “Ninety-nine percent of the paradegoers are black. Who wants people that racist as a police officer?”

8 responses to “Discipline NYPD Cops Who Wrote Hateful Facebook Messages About West Indian Day Parade: City Politicians”

  1. Rocky Mountain says:

    “Who wants people that racist as a police officer?”

    Who wants people that violent as neighbors, customers, friends etc. etc.?

  2. AmericaFirst says:

    For 45+ years, we have been hearing of majority white police forces as “occupiers,” and the like, but have never seen or heard a request from black citizens for an all-black police force for their neighborhoods. Why is that? Do they not believe that a black majority or exclusively black force would be professional or competent enough? Most whites would have no problem whatsoever with an all-white police force serving them. Although it could never be done – in spite of what the racist black rabble-rousers have been crying for these many decades – this is the only real solution. If the blacks want chaos, violence and mayhem, they should be free to have it so long as it does not impinge on the outside community, and the rest of us don’t have to pay for. Of course, once they stray outside, then we get to protect our turf. (I realize this is pure fantasy, but there is no solution to this problem, is there?)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Honesty hurts. So naturally the Cops that wrote it must be punished; the truth be damned.

    If the top Brass only knew how many Cops are on the job that feel the same way. Sure, they give lip service to the stuff everyone in Political Office and the Media wants to hear, but away from it all, it’s a different game.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ok, it was stupid to place those comments on a Facebook page. That said the crime related to that parade, including murder, is very high. Cops hate that duty as it is dirty, hostile and dangerous. Some might call that savage.

  5. Unwilling participant says:

    For anyone not familiar with this yearly free for all believe me it is a sight to see… It’s also known as the “Murder Day Parade”. There are multiple instances of death every year, accidental and otherwise. Gunfire is ever present along with rampant overt drug use. There have been instances of sex on the floats while on the parade route (I am NOT joking) and sex in other public places as well. The men look like Uncle George from the Little Rascals (“yum yum eat em up”) while the women look like…. well just google the women of the West Indian Day parade. All this while the police are encouraged not to engage in any “un-necessary enforcement activities” so as not to cause a riot. This my friends is 3rd world savagery at its finest, the cops are stating facts….

  6. Awakened says:

    Take a look at that photo. Does it take much gray matter to see that we’re viewing a primitive and savage so-called “culture”?

  7. Anonymous says:

    What an outrage that an employer has the ability to fire or discipline someone writing on his own facebook account (well, it isn’t too smart to use facebook because of facebook contempt and attacks on privacy)! Talk about a communist country!

  8. Anonymous says:

    What an ugly picture! They look like demons from hell!