Posted on July 17, 2009

Hollywood Goes on the Attack Again

Kyle Bristow, American Renaissance, July 17, 2009

Hollywood is the vanguard of the anti-white movement, and several of this year’s summer movies are only the latest proof. On a recent visit to a theater I found warnings that the theater discriminates against non-humans. In an obvious analogy to the pre-1960s South, notices specifically banned non-humans from bathrooms and drinking fountains.

These notices were actually advertisements for a movie called District 9, a story about human discrimination against peace-loving aliens who have come to Earth as refugees. You can watch the trailer for the movie via YouTube:

Closed-minded humans appear on screen, saying things such as, “They don’t belong here.” “We are spending so much money to keep them here . . . at least they are keeping them separate from us.” “They must go.” “Why don’t they just leave?”

The movie is set in South Africa, and before the phrase “They are not human” comes on the screen, viewers might think white South Africans had revived Apartheid. Some viewers might not even realize “they” are aliens, and think the phrase “They are not humans” is supposed to be what South African whites think of blacks.

There is a website that leads to several District 9 websites, some of which pretend that the story in the movie has actually come to pass. One site is advertises a fictitious company called Multinational United, which offers high-paid careers for people who must deal with non-humans. The same company also offers low-paid jobs for non-humans as janitors in non-human dormitories and handlers of non-human garbage. Job offerings for non-humans are even offered in an invented foreign language that is supposed to be the language of this alien species.

The same site lists regulations for non-humans, who must live in a special area called District 9 –from which the movie’s name is taken — and work mostly in mines. Here are some rules for them:

“Non-humans must wear identification tags at all time.” “Non-humans are not permitted to own property.” “In large capacity public places, non-humans must sit in designated seats or viewing areas.” “Any trespassing [by a non-human] . . . is grounds for on-site extermination or indefinite detention.” “Sexual relationships between humans and non-humans are prohibited.” “Non-humans must not use public drinking fountains.” “Non-humans must use restroom facilities specifically designated for non-human use.”

There is also a link to a fake newscast made to look like a public safety message released by the government. The video implores viewers to contact the authorities by 800 number if they see any non-humans escaping from District 9. The video concludes with a picture of a wholesome-looking white family with the caption “Keeping humans safe by keeping non-humans separate.”

The purpose of the movie, of course, is to mock whites who do not like multiculturalism and multiracialism. The refugee aliens are a metaphor for illegal immigrants living in the United States and Europe. I do not know the story of the movie, which has not yet been released, but humans will no doubt be shown to be xenophobic nativists.

On Facebook, there is a District 9 group where members can vote on the question: “Do non-humans deserve equal rights?” I voted “No,” as did 53 percent of the respondents at that time.

District 9 is the second movie this year that treats humans as inherently evil and aliens as good. A children’s animation movie called Battle for Terra, which was released in the spring, is set in a future after humans have destroyed their own planet through global warming. The last remnants from Earth invade a planet inhabited by charming, peace-loving aliens, with the intention of wiping them out to claim the planet as their own. The people planning this planet-wide genocide are mostly white men, and in the trailer, it is a black man who speaks out against conquest. Here is the trailer for it:

In both District 9 and Battle for Terra, a human betrays his own species to fight alongside the poor aliens the white men is oppressing. This betrayal is, of course, presented as heroic. The message could not be clearer: It is selfish and brutal to want to have territory just for one’s own kind, and it is noble to make way for others who are utterly unlike oneself.