Posted on July 17, 2009

Mexican Brothels Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Dave Gibson, Norfolk (Virginia) Examiner, July 16, 2009

Illegal alien and convicted felon Emma Tlacoxolal-Perez was sentenced this week in U.S. District Court to 33 months in prison for running brothels in Chesapeake, Newport News, James City County and Williamsburg.

The Mexican national was the head of a prostitution ring which employed women smuggled into this country from Mexico, and only catered to other illegal aliens. Tlaccoxablal-Perez, along with co-conspirator Felipe Vargas-Ortega, passed out business cards to advertise for the brothel known as El Nopal (The Prickly Pear).

Two more alleged co-conspirators, Francisco Sanchez-Martinez and Juan Carlos Vargas-Ortega, are scheduled for trial in September.

Tlacoxolal-Perez, 37, who has operated brothels in the Hampton Roads area since 2004, was actually deported in 2006, but easily found her way back across the largely unprotected border.

Customers paid $30 for 15 minutes with one of the prostitutes, the ring leaders kept half of it.

The Newport News location was in a suburban neighborhood and Mexican men typically went through the neighborhood at all hours, knocking on folks’ doors looking for the brothel.


All of those involved are illegal aliens from Mexico, El Salvador, and Ecuador.

Though it may be surprising to some that houses of prostitution catering exclusively to illegal aliens have set up shop in this country’s neighborhoods, the problem has become widespread. {snip}

-In February 2009, local police and federal agents raided a brothel run by Mexican nationals in Glen Burnie, MD

-In September 2008, police in Baltimore, MD shut down a Mexican brothel and arrested Carlos Silot, who ran the operation, along with two prostitutes, all were illegal aliens. {snip}

-In June 2007, police in San Antonio arrested a mother and her two daughters for smuggling two minors out of Mexico to use them as prostitutes. Once in the U.S., the girls ages 15 and 17, were told they would have to work as prostitutes for five years to pay off their smuggling fees of $3,000. {snip}


-In January 2006, police in Charlotte, NC raided two brothels run by Mexican nationals, both were crowded with women smuggled into this country and held against their will.

The Charlotte Observer reported that the leaders of these prostitution rings bring Mexican and Central American women in and out of Charlotte, exchanging them for women in Raleigh and Greensboro. One of these women could typically be sold between the pimps for $130 each.

Just as illegal aliens have spread throughout the United States, an epidemic of human trafficking to supply the brothels which cater to them has spread to every corner of this nation.

Most of these women are confined in locked rooms with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and are often beaten. Of course, the women who are kept in these prostitution rings are illegal aliens as well, and are afraid to report what is being done to them. They are told that if they leave, their families back home will be murdered.


Apparently, many illegal aliens are also doing the jobs that American women won’t do as well.