Quebec for Quebecers!

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 9, 2013

A conversation with a comrade.

Rémi Tremblay is the spokesman for a patriotic Quebec organization known as Fédération des Québecois de Souche. Earlier this summer, the group invited Jared Taylor to speak near Montreal. In the following interview, Mr. Tremblay explains the work of the federation.

AR: First, how would you translate the name of your organization, Federation des Quebecois de Souche, and what are its goals and activities?

I think the best way to translate our name would be Federation of Old Stock Quebecers. “Old stock” emphasizes that we are a distinct people, and want to stay that way. Before the so-called “Quiet Revolution” of the 1960s, we used to be called French Canadians, which applied to a distinct ethnicity. That term was replaced by an inclusive one, “Quebecer,” which is like “Canadian” or “American.” If anyone can be a Quebecer we find that the term is meaningless. Others have tried to define what a Quebecer is, with definitions ranging from “anyone living in Quebec” to “anyone who likes Quebec.” This does not represent us; Québécois de souche describes who we really are.

"Now or never! Masters in our own house."

“Now or never! Masters in our own house.”

Our goal is to preserve our people and defend its interests. Living as a minority on a continent mostly populated with English-speaking people, Quebecers are intuitively conscious of their ethnic identity and interests. However, we differ from most Quebec nationalist groups because we think that the greatest threat to our survival is not our Anglo-Saxon neighbors, but immigration and multiculturalism. So our concrete objective is to end immigration and to stop multiculturalist nonsense.

Our activities range from demonstrations to lectures, with a great emphasis on spreading our message. Our activists hand out thousands of flyers each year explaining our goals on specific issues such as immigration.

Please tell us a little about your background and why you started FQS.

The FQS was started in 2007 when our province was shocked by religious accommodations granted to minorities. All major universities started opening Muslim prayer rooms, and a gym in Montreal had to blacken its windows so young Orthodox Jews could not see the women. Sikhs were allowed to wear their turbans as police officers or while they played sports, etc, etc. All these religious measures—called “reasonable accommodation”—angered the population, so the government set up an investigative commission. The people heading the commission were Charles Taylor, an avowed Marxist, and Gérard Bouchard, a devout multiculturalist who coined the term “interculturalism” to replace the hated term, multiculturalism. They defended the minorities, and were very rude to anyone opposing such accommodations. People were angrier than ever.

The Quebec Soccer Federation recently placed a ban on players wearing turbans, but reversed it after outside pressure.

The Quebec Soccer Federation banned players from wearing turbans, but backed down due to outside pressure.

It was in this context that we founded FQS. Originally it was only a web forum where people could express their anger. Since then, it has evolved into a website that has become a reference for the activist and nationalist movement in Quebec and into a real organization with activists all around the province. We now publish a magazine, we have organized demonstrations and lectures, and every week we continue to attract new people to our cause.

Does Quebec have its own immigration policy, and if so, how does it operate?

We are the only province that has its own immigration policy, which means that since 1991, Quebec chooses most of its immigrants. Because we are French-speaking, our selection of immigrants revolves around language. We can also decide how many immigrants we want to accept in the province. Right now we are accepting about 55,000 a year, which is a lot for a province of seven million. Of course, anyone who immigrates to another Canadian province under the federal immigration policy is free to move to Quebec.

What is the percentage of non-whites in Quebec, where are they concentrated, and what countries do they come from?

Most of the immigrants live in Montréal, Laval, or Quebec City. There are very few outside these urban centers. Montreal is one of the three main Canadian destinations for immigrants, and is where the great majority of immigrants coming to Quebec end up. According to our elites, language is what defines us as Quebecers, so most of the immigrants come from Haiti, North Africa, and South America (Spanish is close to French). There are also many Chinese immigrants.

In 2006, 89 percent of the population of the province was still white, but high levels of immigration are changing this rapidly. French speakers are already a minority in Montreal schools. Ethnic Quebecers and French speaking immigrants were less numerous than non-French in Montreal schools!

How can this be, if most immigrants come from French-speaking countries?  

The majority of immigrants are said to speak French, and the majority come from French-speaking countries, but others do not. Of course, immigrants from China, Iran or the Philippines usually don’t speak a word of French, and it is unlikely that their children will learn French. It is entirely possible to live and survive in Montreal without speaking French. You must then add to these immigrants who don’t speak French, the immigrants who arrived in other provinces and decided to move to Montreal after landing in Canada. And of course, we accept a lot of refuges who are not screened for language. So the result is that non-French children are the majority in Montreal schools.

How do opinions about immigration differ among Quebecers by region, by age, social level, etc?

I would say that in what we called the “regions”–everything outside of Quebec City and Montreal–there is strong opposition to immigration. I remember we were handing out flyers in a small town against immigration and a local resident saw the word “Immigration” on the flyer. He did not read it and started insulting us because he thought we were promoting immigration!

So outside the urban centers, Quebecers are much closer to their roots and are more nationalistic than in Montreal or Quebec City. Political correctness has never made its way through Quebec’s rural areas and we are often surprised by the things we hear people say.

As for age and social level, there are no studies on the subject, so I can speak only from personal experience. I would say that older people tend to be more critical of immigration, but most of the activists we have are young. As for social level, I would say that people who attended university are less likely to support us. These people can live in rich areas where they don’t need to cope with multiculturalism, so the only thing they know about it is the utopian description they were given by their professors.

Do you have a better chance of achieving your goals if Quebec remains part of Canada, or would you prefer independence?

We do not advocate independence for its own sake. Most of the independence movements just want to copy the Canadian multiculturalist system. I would say that Quebec’s major separatist party, the Parti Québécois, is very similar to the Scottish Nationalist Party: left leaning, pro-immigration, etc.

Nevertheless, we lean toward promoting independence. Because of its unique situation, Quebec has always been more nationalistic and conscious of its ethnic interests than the rest of Canada, where multiculturalism is more accepted than it is here. Our country exemplifies the destructive relationship two European people can have. Instead of working hand in hand with English-speaking Canadians, our peoples are divided by what Tom Sunic calls reactive nationalism. Very often our interaction is based on opposition rather than cooperation, which does not make sense because we both face the same problems.

We do think it could be easier to preserve our people and our culture if we were independent, but it is very late. In 1995, when we had a referendum on sovereignty, the federal government fast-tracked thousands of immigration applications because they knew immigrants would vote against an independent Quebec. They literally stuffed the ballot boxes with immigrant votes. As our premier, Jacques Parizeau, said after the loss, we lost “because of money and the ethnic vote.”

Are you in contact with French nationalists and identitarians? If so, please tell us about them.

Yes, we are and have been in contact with several French organizations. Because Quebec is a very small nation, most of the nationalist/identitarian books and movies available in French come from France. So, of course, we are in contact and work with several organizations. There is very strong pressure on some of the organizations we work with, however, and I would prefer not to name them.

In France there is repression against everything nationalist. Activists have been arrested on trivial charges and organizations are dismantled by the government.

Is there is a strong “anti-racist” movement in Quebec? Can you hold meetings openly?

There is an “antifascist” movement in Montreal, but it is simply a code word; these are anarchists and they are basically anti-everything-that-is-not-them. In Montreal, left-wing radicals are extremely violent and have committed all the terrorist attacks that occurred on our land over the last 10 years or even more if we go back to the FLQ (Liberation Front of Quebec) of the ’60s. They are so violent that there is a special police unit, Gamma, to monitor their activities.

During the October Crisis,

During the October Crisis, the Liberation Front of Quebec kidnapped two government officials. This led to the suspension of civil liberties during peacetime.

They oppose us but they also oppose populist radio hosts, conservative journalists, etc. I think they want to silence everybody who does not think as they do. They never debate; their motto is, “We don’t discuss with Nazis.” Of course, for them, everyone is a Nazi. The media are Nazi, the government is Nazi, the police are Nazi, so of course, for them we are Nazis. I tried to find one single politician who has never been labeled a Nazi, and even the far-left Amir Khadir (of Québec Solidaire) has been labeled a Nazi by English-speaking anarchists.

Over the years they have threatened us quite a few times over the Internet and have confronted us on the streets a few times, but there have been no major disturbances. Our demonstrations are held openly, but our lectures are usually private. “Antifascists” like to make bomb calls or threaten the owner of the rooms we rent, and when we invite foreign speakers, they call the border agency to try to prevent them from coming into Canada (however, the border agency is Nazi when it arrests illegal immigrants). Most of the time their actions give us free publicity and a chance to reach a broader audience.

Please tell us anything else you think Americans should know about your movement.

We invite you to communicate with us. Most of our staff speaks English and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We want to encourage a more pan-European approach.

Also, it is important to keep being active. We cannot sit and watch our countries being destroyed. No act is in vain; every small action counts!

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • BerekHalfhand

    I have (English speaking) family in Canada and have at times considered the option of moving there, as I have enjoyed visiting the country and felt quite at home. I haven’t been for some time and am told the country is becoming more and more subject to the wearisome multicult, though parts of it still look attractive to me.

    I have always had a sneaking admiration for the Gallic stubborness and sheer pig-headedness of the French Canadians in carving out a civilised, comfortable homeland on the North American continent, and I wish them well in their endeavours.

    • Sick of it

      The pig-headedness is great when attached to traditional culture, but godawful when they embrace the wonders of Marxism, as many do in my state.

      • Shmiggen Mghow

        Agreed. I lived in Montreal for two years (1994-1996) and enjoyed it. But after a couple of years the politics of the province is enough to make anyone want to eave. It is as socialist as France.

        • Fr. John+

          Don’t confuse NATIONAL socialism with INTERNATIONAL socialism. Social services for ONE’S OWN, is merely the Gospel on the civil sphere. Social services for EVERYONE, is Bolshevism, totally opposed to Christianity, and the continued existence of the West. It’s no surprise that the NatSocs of Germany were hated by the INTERNatSocs of Russia, and the Jewish intelligentsia of the ‘Boycott Germany plan’ of the 1930’s. They knew that if every country started caring for its’ own, Bolshevism would die a natural death. So the Jews and the Soviets demonized Hitler, and voila- socialism that is International (Multiculturalism) is now the ‘only approved’ Faith.

        • benvad

          That’s very true, because they replaced Nationalistic conservative Catholicism, with socialistic nationalism. UNFORTUNATELY!

  • There are a pair of islands off the south coast of Newfoundland, St-Pierre-et-Miquelon, that are still a French department, i.e. legally part of France. What would be the odds of France ceding those islands to an independent Quebec?

  • CanadianImmigrationReport


  • Jon Hensley

    I wish all the Best to Quebec because Canada is such a large country and vastly under populated. There Culture is being crushed by all the 3rd world immigration and many Canadians think it is a good thing. Stand strong Quebec.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    I need to get in touch with my own genetic roots and learn French.

    Nothing against Canada, but a fracturing of our northern neighbor could provide a positive example for our own non-nation state…

    • Sick of it

      I’ve forgotten too much of my French over the years. The last time I had any practice was chatting with French Canadians online.

  • sbuffalonative

    However, we differ from most Quebec nationalist groups because we think that the greatest threat to our survival is not our Anglo-Saxon neighbors, but immigration and multiculturalism.

    Here here!

    I’m glad to know that someone is addressing the REAL issue.

    I have long feared that Quebec would chose language over White French heritage; flooding their oasis with Haitians and Moroccans who spoke French but weren’t white.

    Whatever squabbles Quebec nationalists have with Anglo-Canada, they pale in comparison to race replacement. A language can be revived. Can a race? Can a unique French-Canadian culture?

    Best of luck!

    • guest

      I, too, can’t understand why the Quebecois would choose language over their ethnic identity and heritage. And I especially can’t understand why they’d allow their province to be flooded with these non-white immigrants who don’t share their values and culture.

      • Romulus

        They do NOT share their DNA either!

      • curri

        Those are decisions made by cynical politicians making careers for themselves within the existing cultural marxist-consumer capitalist system. To go against that system they would have to take risks that might make their lives uncomfortable.

        Mainly sociopaths are drawn to politics. There are ways to ameliorate this problem, but it’s too complicated to go into here.

    • Manaphy

      To be truthful, Immigration and multiculturalism are dangerous to any society, whether is French of Anglo-Saxon, White or non-white, Christian or Jewish, American or European, Etc. Each race, creed, and ethnicity has the right to preserve its heritage and culture, and whether it be through secession or through civil war, nationalism will always maintain its importance and power. Nationalism is always the course that nature intends. This is why I support independence for Quebec, and why I plan to make a donation to FQS.

      • China_Rising

        To a certain extent.

        I don’t see how flooding African lands with Europeans would be a bad thing for the Africans. Just look at South African Whites, and how they are leeched off of by the Bantus. They are a net benefit to the Negro community.

        • MikeofAges

          It is bad because it is bad for the whites and brings out a kind of visceral animosity on both sides. The Chinese and the Indians can have their go at it. Maybe the cultural problems will not be difficult in quite the same way.

          The question of whites who have been in Africa for generations is another matter. But it is for them to work out how they deal with the issue whether to stay or not. In South Africa, the white Dutch created an autonomous Afrikaans civilization in a land where the Bantu did not exist until later. Africa is a big place, and the situations are different in different locations, I am sure.

          • China_Rising

            I believe there is a small independence movement for the Western Cape of South Africa. They are a White minority with a mixed-race majority. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

        • saxonsun

          Right. A white population always spells culture and progress.

  • Tim

    The remark about the man insulting him before reading the flyer is telling. It tells me that they are getting their message out more than we are getting our message out….

    • Enar_Larsson

      I’m not sure. Wouldn’t you have a similar experience in small town America? It seems to me that they should be passing their flyers out in the cities and on the college campuses. Expose the rich white students to multiculturalism if they are the ones who like it and have the means to affect the political process. I have found that college students will sometimes actually dare to think what they actually think when they find an instructor willing to let them think it. Maybe I’m wrong about the small towns, though. With NASCAR and Nashville and Hollywood pushing multiculturalism maybe it has ruined even our rural folks.

      • Sick of it

        Rural folks have indeed drunk the kool aid. Maybe not as many, but I’ve seen it.

  • ravitchn

    Be careful about supporting the Quebecois. They are like the Chicanos in So. California, Arizona,, and New Mexico.


    • NeanderthalDNA

      Except they are White.

      In this way they are very unlike.

    • Puggg

      And Mexicans are the new Italians, I suppose? The New York Times says it, so it must be true.

      • Spartacus

        Of course it’s true ! Everybody knows that the Renaissance is just as culturally relevant as donkey shows .

    • Kblankenship7

      I don’t see this at all. Quebecois (sp) have been there for something like 400 years. It is their land and culture thay are defending. Why should they not be entitled to their own heritage?

      • MikeofAges

        Because heritage gets in the way. In the way of what? In the short run, in the way of the universalist hegemony and the individual “success” of the adherents of the universalist creed. In the long run? I don’t think the people who are doing it are thinking about the long run. In the long run, there may be no long run. Not for any electromechanical, cybernetic and biotechnic civilization. To sustain that, you need people with both the ability and the impetus. Lose either, and it’s back to early modern oligarchy, feudalism, or something less than that, depending on where you are. The doubt that anyone other than whites can sustain an industrial or even early modern level of civilization is not even slightly unreasonable. The East Asians and the Indian upper castes have the capability, but they might lose the impetus. I have considered that perhaps the Asian civilizations might be less disturbed than the West would be at thought of going back to the traditional mode. But at least they are capable of maintaining their racial and ethnic type, the East Asians anyway. The East Asians will be able to maintain the world’s treasures of culture and thought, including those of the West. As least when it comes to literature, intellectual achievements including mathematical and theoretical scientific knowledge, and written music. But that does not equate to maintaining modern industrial civilization.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Monsieur Tremblay cogently likened the Quebec and Scottish independence parties
    as leftist, open-borders oafs.

    Both groups want to go through the arduous struggle of secession so they can turn their homelands into third world nations through mass immigration. What complete wastes they are!

  • BonusGift

    I think he provides the best advice I’ve heard (or at least he articulates that which we all deep down know):
    “Also, it is important to keep being active. We cannot sit and watch our countries being destroyed. No act is in vain; every small action counts!”
    Well said.

    • Sick of it

      Call your congressman and tell him he’s gone if he votes for any amnesty-like measure.

  • David Ashton


  • Romulus

    Best of luck Mon ami! You need look no further than the same people that have been instrumental im destroying America from the inside out. The proof is in the brainwashed leftist idiots screaming Nazi.

  • Spartacus

    “In 1995, when we had a referendum on sovereignty, the federal government
    fast-tracked thousands of immigration applications because they knew
    immigrants would vote against an independent Quebec. They literally
    stuffed the ballot boxes with immigrant votes.”


    I’m curious – do you think they would’ve still come if they knew they would’ve been shot at ? Just asking…

    • MikeofAges

      Here in the “states” they had use believe that the margin against Quebec independence was provided by the votes of the Tory Canadians who lived in Quebec. Still, there apparently was not an overwhelming sentiment in favor of independence among the Quebecois, or the referendum would have passed.

      If the issue of outcome hung on something other than the votes of Tory Canadian residing in Quebec, that is pretty ominous. By typical in the world today. The voters don’t pick the government, the government pick the voters.

      • BonusGift

        And, might I add, those who pick the government (or should I say present the false choices and narrative(s)) control the media.

        • MikeofAges

          Government-Media Complex. Radio host Michael Savage minted the term. “Beware the government-media complex”.

  • jane johnson

    …the federal government fast-tracked thousands of immigration applications because they knew that the immigrants would vote against…They literally stuffed the ballot box with immigrant votes.

    Sound familiar?

  • cecilhenry

    And so what if these non-white immigrants DO speak French.

    They will displace and diminish and destroy the ethnic identity of French Quebecers.

    RACe has value, people have a right to defend and promote their ethnic identity.

    A french speaking Quebec that;s 80% Asian is NOT Quebec, its genocide.

    ENOUGH hypocrisy. ITs geNOcide by immigration.

    Throw the immigrants out, and throw the politicians and those promoting this in jail for promotion and encouragement of genocide.

    No excuses, no ‘we didn’t know’. They know, they want it, they are responsible.


  • William Allingham

    if someone asked me what will happen with all these immigrants (if they will ever assimilate) i would quote a great person by saying: “[what you are trying to do is] to rub a negro until he becomes white—as if someone who feels no need to wash himself were to want to let himself be soaped by somebody else!

  • NorthernWind

    I’m a Quebecer but I haven’t yet joined this organization/group. I have been aware of them for some time so I really should do so…

    Anyway, I have a special disdain for the Parti Quebecois. They want independence from Canada but wish to continue to erase us French Canadians with massive third world immigration. They make me sick because they get so much of the rural vote. These rural French Canadians do not know that they are voting for traitors!

    I was looking at pictures of my ancestors the other day and family portraits were especially pride inducing. In one picture there was my grand-parents (father’s side) all standing on the front porch, well dressed and standing tall, with their five children, ready to go to church. I can’t help but feel that we have fallen when I see that. I wonder what my grand-father would have said about this mess we are in had he lived long enough.

  • Mahound

    Real diversity is to have multiple europoid-derived nations with unique cultures, languages and traditions living side by side. I salute these patriotic Quebecers!

  • Spartacus

    Yeah, I hear the UK government intends to do something similar with Scotland, now that they decided to have a referendum for independence .

  • Enar_Larsson

    Perhaps I should have been more specific. I was referring to contemporary’s Nashville’s unrealistically integrated music videos. I unfortunately get a broadcast tv station that plays them all day and when I feel like getting snobbish about only listening to real country (e.g., Waylon, Merle, Dale Watson, Whitey Morgan), or when I want to get riled up, I will turn it on for a minutes. Almost all the songs are shallow growing-up-in-the-backwoods type songs and most of them include several minorities in the hard partying cast. Since country music plays off of nostalgia, romanticism of the rural, and patriotism, these portrayals are all the more insidious. The message is very clear: the good old days of hard working and hard partying in wide open spaces free from inner city violence and anxiety are multicultural good old days.

  • gemjunior

    God bless them! I wish them all the best for success and hope they can hang in there and stick to their guns. Perhaps they will serve as an example for European Americans. I only hope so.

  • MikeofAges

    Ive got a knack for terminology. I started using the term South Asians as a catch-all for all persons belonging to South Asian nationalities, from the Indian subcontinent to North Africa, actually, as early as the mid-1990s. A kinder, gentler to the pejorative “raghead”. Still, I thought the “raghead” idea was expressing something actual, but needed a proper term to describe it. The men of all of these nationalities frequently wear turban-like headdresses. Sometime these have a religious significance and sometimes the simply are cultural expressions.

    I use the term Tory Canadian to describe the English Canadian, although the term is confusing because it “tory” also has a political meaning in Canada. Still, I think it expresses the basic division. All immigrants, because they are in the process of assimilating into the cosmopolitanist and universalist English-speaking culture fall on the Tory side of the equation. I don’t think this term is used in Canada. Or here. But it fits.

    In a way, the Quebecois remind me of the ethnic whites in some of the Eastern cities who tendentiously maintain their ethnic identity and ethnic communities. Only more so. Nothing wrong with that in the human sense, even for non-whites. It’s all an issue of where your do it. Isn’t it? That’s what the blood-and-soil concept means. The soil that has your blood in it is your homeland. You can’t fake it. Either it is, or it is not.

  • MikeofAges

    Suffer economically? So what. There are possible answers to that anyway, but as the “greens” types like to note, on one of their more ubiquitous bumper stickers, “Extinction is forever”.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    I would be happy to practice with you? I am fluent in Spanish, can draw on that to understand some written French. Or maybe not, lol…

  • Ngati Pakeha

    False papers? Dead people voting? Sounds like some other place I know.

  • kjh64

    The reality is that immigration in large amounts is bad for ANY country. It’s one thing to have small amounts of immigration periodically of people who are able to assimilate. It’s quite another to just allow people to pour into one’s country, especially if they are of a different race, ethnicity. speak a different language or have a different religion or incompatible culture. When this happens, you end up with a society that is increasingly fractured along racial/language/religious/cultural lines, you have increased tension and political divisions and the host country’s culture and identity are increasingly weakened. If such immigration continues, eventually the host county is colonized or changed into something else. Even if the people are of the same race and religion etc., it is ridiculous to bring in large, continuous amounts of people that will compete for jobs, use resources etc. Western nations and only Western nations are committing suicide by allowing and endless stream of people continually in far too great a number.

  • saxonsun

    The French and the Irish gave a nasty habit of slitting their own national throats when it comes to their opposition of the English. And they get a well-deserved karma bomb.

  • saxonsun

    Ah, so it’s just fine if a nation is safe for your group but not for gays!? You are truly beyond belief. Now you know how it feels–just a little, that is. As a gay woman, I can only rejoice. Do you think you’ll suffer at our hands as we’ve suffered at yours?

  • NorthernWind

    Apparemment que non! Je suis certain qu’il doit y avoir d’autres Québécois qui fréquentent AmRen.

  • teaisstronger


    What a wonderful nation a combination of Americans and Canadians would make minus the Leftist Liberal Evil.

  • teaisstronger


    The people of the world want their own homelands with people like themselves.

  • MikeofAges

    The term “Tory” Canadian represents my own use of the term. I use it to draw the distinction between English-speaking and non-English speaking Canadians. I am hoping to put the term into use for that purpose. I very early used the term “South Asian” as a catch-all for all nationalities from the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. Eventually, it became the proper usage. Not that I had any part in making it so simply because I never promoted the idea or used the term in any writing whatsoever in any medium of publication, just to be clear. This was in the early 1990s and the internet was not at that time developed.

    I am aware that “Tory” is and has been a political designation in Canada, as you have described it.

    I simply feel the need for a vernacular but not pejorative term which expresses the cultural and linguistic division in a simple and direct way that would make sense to an outsider. So, in this case, yes, I am trying to make the term “Tory Canadian” part of the language.

    I am just one of those people who is not afraid to introduce or change the meaning of cultural concepts, alter the language, or change the frame work of issue. If I can do it, I will. And I have in at least a couple of matters. If we, “the people” do not do it, then it is left up to committees of elitists who also have their own agenda and most often work in a way that is frankly Orwellian.

    A recent example of that is the way they obliterated the concept of Pluto as a planet. My ladyfriend has young grandson. Because of that I help shop for and pay attention to children’s books. Even though the idea of Pluto as a planet was as much a cultural concept as a scientific one, all of the books which referred to Pluto as a planet were quickly destroyed. Her grandson’s solar system book teaches eight planets. “There are only eight planets There have always been only eight planets.”

    Are we supposed to be merely passive objects of the arrangements these sadistic snobs make among themselves? Or what?

  • TheAntidote

    Unlike the majority of Americans I early became familiar with the French nation to the north. As an ethnic American often chided by the Wasps as, “having come to this continent long after it had been completely settled and civilized,” I was amazed and delighted to discover there had been a French church with records and a mission before Plymouth Rock.
    These tenacious and hardy people had survived Arctic cold, pestilence, Indian attack, French neglect, Anglo attack, and American overtures. God grant that the pure wool kept so immaculate all these years not be dipped in the permanent dinge of multiculturalism.
    They are a distinct people, and they have the right to self determination. I support French Canada 100%

  • MikeofAges

    Well, maybe Anglo-Canadian would be a better term to denote a Canadian descended from English-speaking ancestors. I sometimes use the term “Anglo” in the American context to denote anyone of European descent who is a native English speaker.

    In Canada, I believe that almost all immigrants either have or will assimilate into Anglo-Canadian culture. All will assimilate into the Anglo culture here after a certain number of generations, but the process will be slowed or diverted as long as large number of immigrants from a particular group’s country continue to arrive. That, of course, particularly applies to Hispanic Latin Americans in the United States. Some people talk about how in Miami’s Little Havana you have to speak Spanish to work and live. That may be true, but I guarantee, the business owners and all of those who work in an administrative capacity know how to communicate in written and spoken English.

    The African American is another special case. Immigrants from the rural South may speak English, or some regional dialect of it, but otherwise are poorly assimilated into the Anglo culture. In the North, some families have been there for generations and have never assimilated into the dominant culture even to the extent of being employable in a blue collar job.

    I have never completely learned French, and might not be comfortable within French culture even if I was fluent in the language. But I understand and read enough to know what the French language and French culture are about. I don’t want to see it destroyed in North America. But I think there are some who would like to see that happen and will take every small chip out of it they can until it is nothing a memory. Quebec pour toujours!

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I am Quebecois and I am proud of it. My fifth great grand father fought in the French and Indian War. In North America, the French won this part of the Seven Years War. I have recently been mulling over the question of how close the alliance of American colonists and the French Canadians came to actually occurring. If that had happened, history would be much different and no American Revolution would have occurred. It would have been settled in 1756. My fourth great grand father was one of the first settlers in Michigan in the area that is today Detroit environs. So this issue is very close to my heart.

    Thank you for the interview, Mr. Taylor. As difficult a poster as I am, you have to realize that my heart and mind are in the right place.

  • skara_brae

    But the Cree do not agree.

  • Seminumerical

    I live in rural Quebec, even though I am an Anglo. I moved to escape the crime in Montreal (which, bad as it is, is nothing to the crime I saw when I lived in Chicago). Now I don’t lock my doors at night, not my home or car.

    When I was a child in Montreal we never thought to lock our doors, and my dad and all the dads on the street simply parked in front of their houses and left the car unlocked. It would not have occurred to any adult or any child old enough to reach the door handle to enter a car not their own.

    We weren’t goody two shoes. We let off stink bombs in elevators or in letterboxes and the normal method of egress for many children was out the third story window, down a tree, and along our natural highway, the top of the wooden fence that divided one street’s back yards from another. We were keenly aware that we were technically not violating private property by not setting foot on either side of the fence, though we took care not to be seen. For a ten year old high crime was to actually creep into someone’s garden to pick up fallen chestnuts.

    I left Montreal after some Haitians poured gasoline over two young men and set them on fire, nearly outside my window. At least I think they were Haitian. The news story was rapidly suppressed so I only heard rumours.

  • ThomasER916

    I would recommend Cree literature but there isn’t any.

  • The Tank

    This is exactly what needs to happen, there is no shortage of white groups, nor of people in the country who understand the truth despite the multicultural garbage they are afraid to speak up against. The problem is these groups are leaderless and divided. White people need a unified leadership, and a unified front. To remain divided is to be conquered.