Born to Kill

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 5, 2013

A study of the criminal brain.

Adrian Raine, The Anatomy of Violence: The Biological Roots of Crime, Pantheon Books, 2013, $35.00, 478 pp.

The last 20 years have seen a huge expansion in our understanding of the biological basis of crime. From the end of the Second World War until the 1990s, sociological dogma held that crime was caused by poverty, “racism,” social inequality, etc. There had long been twin and adoption studies showing that crime runs in families, but orthodoxy ignored them.

Adrian Raine, professor of criminology at the University of Pennsylvania, points out that there is now too much evidence to be brushed aside. Even the top sociology journal, American Sociological Review, now publishes work on the genetics of violence it would not have dared touch 15 years ago. Prof. Raine’s book, The Anatomy of Violence, is a broad introduction to discoveries in how genes and brain structure predispose people to crime, but it also suggests a considerable environmental influence on gene expression and brain structure. There is much to learn from this book, but it is self indulgent and a chore to read.



The Anatomy of Violence is about antisocial behavior of all kinds, and it comes in all gradations. Littering or talking in a library is antisocial, and in this sense, we can all be antisocial. At the other extreme are the pathological cases—psychopaths—who are of the central characters of this book.

As Prof. Raine explains, the best way to understand psychopaths is to imagine what it would be like to have no conscience. Psychopaths have only an abstract understanding of right and wrong. They do not feel the strong inhibitions against evil that come naturally to the rest of us. Many people believe moral decisions should be made calmly and rationally, but that does not always happen; most of us are held back from evil by physical sensations of revulsion. People without these sensations may do horrible things.

Prof. Riane describes the case of Jane Toppan, a Massachusetts private nurse who poisoned at least 31 people from 1895 to 1901. She would climb into bed with them and get what she called “a voluptuous pleasure” from holding them close while they died. She knew very well that what she was going was “wrong” but she had no feelings of wrongdoing. She was shocked when she was found not guilty by reason of insanity, because she considered herself perfectly sane.

Jane Toppan

Jane Toppan

Toppan was the typical conscienceless psychopath, unusual only because psychopaths and serial killers are almost always men. Prof. Raine says that about 3 percent of the male population are psychopaths, though they are not all violent. They tend to be charming, accomplished liars, and when they are smart enough to stay out of jail they can be ruthlessly successful. We have probably had psychopaths—certainly borderline psychopaths—as Presidents.

Most psychopaths are eventually exposed as heartless bloodsuckers, but they just move on to the next scam. Prof. Raine says that temp agencies are perfect for them; they can drain every advantage out of a temporary job and move on before they are caught. Despite their skill with people, psychopaths are not good at reading unhappiness, fear, or sadness in people’s faces. This is no doubt connected to the fact that they are utterly indifferent to such feelings in others.

But how do they get that way? Prof. Raine cites many studies showing that their brains are different. Their amygdalae, two almond-sized organs in the brain, are 18 percent smaller than in normal people. Brains scans show that the amygadalae are active when we are imagining morally perplexing problems. When psychopaths think about the same situations, their stunted amygdalae hardly flicker.

If it were only a matter of underdeveloped brains, it might be possible to blame psychopathy on malnourishment, but some parts of psychopaths’ brains are larger than normal: the right hippocampus, the striatum, and the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is what links the left and right hemispheres, and psychopaths have larger, stronger links. This may be why they are so persuasive. Most of us use only our left brain for talking, but with better connections, psychopaths may be using both hemispheres.

Psychopathy does not necessarily make people violent, however, and plenty of violent people are not psychopaths. What causes violence?

It has long been theorized that many violent people are simply at a low state of arousal. They need more excitement than the rest of us, and crime, rape, violence, and cruelty excite them. Prof. Raine argues convincingly that a low resting heart rate is a very strong sign of the kind of low arousal that can lead to violent thrill-seeking. He says that as early as age three, an unusually low heart rate is a very accurate predictor of aggressiveness in little boys—even better than having a criminal parent, which is one of the best predictors.

Boys have lower heart rates than girls and are more aggressive, but girls with unusually slow pulses are also likely to be violent. Heat rate is lowest in adolescence, the age at which people are most antisocial and seek the wildest thrills. Children and adults with low heart rate are also less moved by the sufferings of others and may even enjoy inflicting pain. They are also fearless and less bothered by stress.

One key to their behavior may be that they shrug off punishment. When normal children are punished for being selfish or pushy, it changes both their behavior and the way they think about being pushy. Not so for children who may well become psychopaths. Those with a low heart rate are not afraid of punishment and it doesn’t change them. They do not develop a conscience.

Even among animals, a slow pulse is associated with dominance and aggression. The alpha rabbit in a herd is likely to have a slow pulse, and if a subordinate male rabbit’s status is artificially raised in an experiment, his pulse rate drops.

Prof. Raine notes that physical markers like this are usually associated with a variety of different mental conditions and various kinds of behavior. Low resting pulse, however, is linked only with antisocial, aggressive behavior, and predicts it with remarkable accuracy. Low heart rate and the behavior that often comes with it are also heritable.

Brain structure

The pre-frontal cortex plays an important part in controlling behavior, and when it is damaged, people may change completely. In 1848, Phineas Gage had an accident that destroyed part of his pre-frontal cortex, which controls many higher human functions. When he recovered, he was no longer a reliable working man; he became an impulsive, sexually promiscuous drunk and a drifter. There is also the famous case of a man who suddenly started watching kiddie porn and molesting his step daughter after years of being a perfect father. He had a tumor growing in his pre-frontal cortex, and cutting it out cured him. It reappeared, he went back to perversion, and surgery cured him again.


This large iron rod was driven through Phineas Gage’s head.

The opposite can happen. A 33 year old with a long history of aggression and cussedness shot himself in the head with a cross bow, knocking out a piece of his pre-frontal cortex. He became docile and cheerful.

The brains of many of the worst criminal offenders are noticeably different from ours. They have about 11 percent less gray matter in the pre-frontal cortex, and they tend to show distinct differences in such areas as the angular gyrus, the posterior cingulate, and the middle frontal gyrus.

The differences between male and female brains are in the same direction, with men having brains that are more criminal and psychopathic than those of women. As Prof. Raine explains, “More than half of the reason men and women differ in crime seems to be because their brains are physically different.”

The limbic system plays an important role in violence. This is a primitive part of the brain that is associated with rage and violent urges. Some criminals seem to have disordered limbic systems that make them subject to wild furies. If, at the same time, their pre-frontal cortex is not working well to restrain them, they are likely to be violently cruel. Successful serial killers, on the other hand, often have very good pre-frontal function. They can control themselves enough to plan their crimes and elude the police. Frequent, successful lying requires a good pre-frontal cortex, too, because liars have to tell consistent, plausible lies.

Prof. Raine says that brain scans are good at telling who is lying, and predicts that one day they will be used in court. Scans also reveal the signs of psychopathy and potential violence, but there are still false results, both positive and negative.

Humans can be accomplished liars by the age of four. Prof. Raine recounts a study in which children were told not peek at something while an experimenter left the room. Unbeknownst to the child, he was filmed, and he was also filmed when the experimenter asked if he had peeked. When adults or even customs inspectors—who are trained to catch liars—watched only the questions and answers on video, they distinguished the liars from the truth-tellers at no better rate than if they had guessed.


A tendency toward antisocial behavior and crime is, of course, heritable. Twin and adoption studies give us a figure of about 50 percent. There are two kinds of violence: unprovoked and reactive. Self-starting violence is more heritable than reacting violently to a provocation. Heritability rates are highest for the most spectacular, repeated, callous kinds of violence. If your father is a brutal career-criminal, there is a very good chance you’ll be a criminal, too.

Wife-beaters are usually reactive. They are hyper-sensitive and fly into violent rages—and not only at their wives. The feminist view—that wife-beating is a cold, calculated way to control women—is almost always wrong.

The volume of neurotransmitters in the brain has a lot to do with levels of violence. There are more than 100 neurotransmitters, and many of the genes that code for their production have been found. Low levels of serotonin make people more rash and potentially violent, and animal experiments show that high levels of dopamine fuel aggression while low levels reduce it.

One enzyme that metabolizes several neurotransmitters is known as MAOA. There is a variant of the MAOA gene that makes the body produce less of the enzyme, and leads to an intolerance of criticism and high aggression in both men and women. It has become known as “the warrior gene,” and is more common in Maoris (56 percent) than in whites (34 percent). Maoris have a tradition of ferociousness, and survived wars of extermination before whites came to New Zealand. Maoris may have been selected for violence, and today they have higher crime rates than whites. On the other hand, 77 percent of Chinese have the low-MAOA gene.


Genes and brain structure clearly contribute to crime. Some people are born botched. Prof. Raine recognizes this—and he thinks he’s very brave to do so—but what role does environment play? A surprisingly big one, according to him.

Prof. Raine notes that different environments can breed different personality types. The Kung Bushmen live in the harsh Kalahari desert, and men must cooperate on the hunt and share food in order to survive. Parents also must take good care of children or they die. There is little violence and a lot of cooperation in Kung society.

The Munducuru of the Amazon live in a different world. Food grows easily, and women do most of the work. Men spend their time fighting, head-hunting, and in elaborate ritual ceremonies. Women do not put much effort into child-rearing and men virtually none at all. Boys are taught the advantages of violence at a very early age. The entire society is basically psychopathic by our standards.

As Prof. Raine notes, that can be adaptive. The Yanomano of Venzuela are similar to the Munducuru and much better known. Among them, violence pays off. Forty-four percent of Yanomano men have killed someone, and killers have an average of five children while non-killers manage only 1.6. Munducuru women are attracted to killers, too. Over time, different environments cause different kinds of people to evolve. This has obvious relevance for other populations—blacks and whites, for example—but Prof. Raine is mute on that subject.

At the individual level, the most obvious environmental effect on the brain is physical damage, which, as we saw, can completely change personality. But the damage need not be as dramatic as a cross-bow bolt through the cortex. Prof. Raine writes that many of the worst criminals had head injuries when they were children, which probably damaged their brains.

Reckless mothers routinely damage their children’s brains while they are still in the womb. One study found that just one alcoholic drink a week raised the chances of antisocial behavior. Smoking during pregnancy reduces oxygen flow to the fetus, which harms brain development and can lead to violence.

There are slight physical defects—called anomalies—that are signs things did not go well in the womb: ears set low on the head, a wide gap between the big toe and the other toes, ear lobes that are connected to the neck, little fingers that are curved, a streak down the middle of the tongue. People with a lot of these anomalies are more likely to be aggressive or criminal.

"Attached" earlobe.

“Attached” earlobe.

Prof. Raine cites a number of studies that suggest a bad home life—especially one without a close attachment to Mom—can change how the brain develops. The early environment may actually affect the way genes are expressed. Prof. Raine claims that rats have more than 900 genes whose expression is known to be altered by whether a rat pup is licked regularly by its mother. Licking produces changes in the hippocampus that help rats deal better with stress. As a rule, says Prof. Raine, gene expression is thought to be most powerfully affected in the womb and immediately after birth.

It turns out that many criminal psychopaths were passed around as children and never developed a bond with their mothers. Others had mothers who abused or neglected them. A good mother-son bond seems to help develop a conscience. When groups of boys are matched for physical anomalies of the kind described above, those with bad attachments to mothers are even more likely to be criminals.

Lead damages a child’s brain. Prof. Raine writes that eliminating lead from paint and gasoline is probably what caused the drop in crime rates since the early 1990s. He also writes that when populations are otherwise similar but one eats fish and the other does not, the fish-eaters commit less crime. Omega-3 fatty acids may help the brain develop normally.

Traumatic experiences also affect the brain. Prof. Raine reports that sexual abuse at ages three to five shrinks the hippocampus. Abuse at ages 14 to 16 reduces pre-frontal cortex volume. Both areas of the brain are associated with criminal behavior.

Sometimes, however, even with the best of environments, a child may simply be born with a defective brain and a low level of arousal that make it likely he will be a criminal. So what do we do with this information?

Prof. Raine argues that we may have to rethink the concept of guilt. Some people have such damaged, crime-prone brains they can’t help themselves. We are tempted to forgive the man who molested his step daughter only when he had an actively growing brain tumor. But how is he different from people who are born with a similarly defective brain but don’t have a tumor?

The conclusion of this book is not that since crime is rooted in biology there is nothing we can do about it. Instead, Prof. Raine has astonishingly invasive proposals. He says that once the technology is a little better tuned, all boys should get mandatory brain scans and DNA tests. The ones with the worst readings, especially if they are in bad homes, should go into indefinite detention. “Just as we screen for cancer to prevent deaths,” he explains, “we should also screen for violence to prevent loss of life.” These institutions would not be punitive, but would set boys on the right track with anti-psychotic drugs, biofeedback, and lots of fish. Inmates would be released when they were thought no longer to be dangerous.

Prof. Raine imagines a day when screening techniques are so good it is possible to pick out future killers with essentially 100-percent accuracy, and says it makes sense to take them off the streets before they hurt someone. To shocked civil libertarians, he argues that “society over the years is also becoming more controlling.”

A more sensible idea is to prevent people with strong, heritable criminal traits from having children. Prof. Raine notes that to some degree we already do, because people are almost never able to reproduce once they are in prison. He muses about letting only licensed adults have children, but wonders, “How do we know that the bad old days of eugenics are really over?” As he should know, the “bad old days” were not that bad; nine-tenths of the charges against eugenics are either false or pure hysteria. Which is worse? Preventing bad specimens from reproducing or—as Prof. Raine prefers—locking up their children indefinitely before they even commit a crime?

Quarantining their children would be more humane.

Sign in Raleigh, North Carolina:  Quarantining their children would be more humane?

Aside from his brief mention of the MAOA “warrior” gene, Prof. Raine says nothing at all about race differences in genes or brains structure. And yet, there are sure to be such differences. Richard Lynn argues persuasively that blacks have unusually high rates of psychopathy, and the high levels of callous brutality common in Africa and among black populations everywhere surely reflect biological differences. These will come to light eventually, though researchers will no doubt make every effort to hide them.

I noted earlier that this is an annoying book. Part of the problem is that Prof. Raine thinks he is fascinating, and writes about himself all the time. He also repeats himself, gossips about other researchers, and tries to divert us with chatty stories about the lives of serial killers, whom he refers to by first name: “Randy” Kraft, “Jimmy” Filiaggi, etc. It is surprising that Pantheon published such amateurish writing; a good editor would have got rid of at least 150 pages.

There is good information here, but you have to wade through muck to get it.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • Puggg

    Instead, Prof. Raine has astonishingly invasive proposals. He says that once the technology is a little better tuned, all boys should get mandatory brain scans and DNA tests. The ones with the worst readings, especially if they are in bad homes, should go into indefinite detention.

    Sure, and what happens when that is found to have a “disparate impact’ on blacks and Hispanics?

    Lead was taken out of paint in 1978, and I haven’t seen leaded gas at a gas station since I was in junior high school. Yet racial differences in intelligence still exist.

    • Spartacus

      “Sure, and what happens when that is found to have a “disparate impact’ on blacks and Hispanics?”


      Then they’ll say that the brain is just a social construct… Which may very well be true for blacks and mestizos.

      • David Ashton

        There are racial differences in brain structure and function, though not necessarily large or important, and there a multiple and varied interactions with the cultural environment. Professor Tsunoda showed, for example, that Japanese process sounds in areas of the brain differently from others, and regard them differently, though individuals of different race brought up from birth with the Japanese language alone can present brain development in a similar direction. Research into brain areas responsible for empathy and self-control have significant implications for penology.

        • Nathanwartooth

          This is why we have twin and adoption studies which all pretty much say the same thing.

          Your biological parents matter a lot more than your adopted parents.

          In other words, DNA is a lot more important than culture.

      • Erasmus

        Or that genes (and God?) be rayciss.

        • Brutus

          “The Lord makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel” (Exodus 11:7).

  • Spartacus

    “Most psychopaths are eventually exposed as heartless bloodsuckers, but they just move on to the next scam.”


    Why does this sound so familiar ? They remind me of a certain tribe, but I can’t remember which one…

  • MawellAxel

    just a few paragraphs in and all I can think is that the “tribe” is psychopathic. Their amoral drive to success, their willingness to twist laws and this country upside down, their unrelenting drive which is never satisfied by how much they gain nor how much they destroy. Some claim they are just smarter, I see them as more driven and less held back by inhibitions other people’s have. I think this is why they have been at the vanguard in the movement to criminalize any and all distinctions, because only then can they forge ahead unimpeded by the threat of a recognition of their vicious nature. It is they who dominate the law professions which cripple the country with civil lawsuits. It is they who will even sue a person who tries to aid an accident victim, charging them with malpractice. IT is because of them that no one can do what is right in the moment because of all of the machinations that they may face. SO we now have a society where you are better off to let someone bleed to death rather than help them. We now have a society where a white person will be automatically guilty if they defend themselves against black aggression- because it is automatically assumed they made a distinction about race. The insanity we live under today is due to the psychopathic nature of a people that have infected the courts, schools, and media and turned everything upside down.

  • jmaie

    People I dislike…must be psychopaths!

    • MawellAxel

      the people who do things that others are prevented from doing by inner inhibitions are psychopaths. Not all psychopaths commit murder, many twist and pervert normal society, cheat, and steal and then tell everyone they are gods for their great ability to “achieve”. Only those steeped in the culture of achievement are blind to the fact that those who are amoral rise to the top. It is the same as the fact that those who are steeped in the culture of the murderous indians are blind to the fact that only the amoral amongst them, the ones that kill at least four people, rise to the top.s

    • Sick of it

      We’re actually taught in business school that such people are often sociopaths. It’s too obvious from case studies.

  • MawellAxel

    Concerning violence by men towards women : “..Wife beaters…They are hyper-sensitive and fly into violent rages—and not only at their wives. The feminist view—that wife-beating is a cold, calculated way to control women—is almost always wrong.”
    I have known this for a long time. There is a whole dynamic going on. The women are always the aggressors- in a psychological way. They nit pick, deride, degrade, purposefully confuse, sabotage, and lie to a man until he explodes. Then they actually enjoy the fact that they made the male fail to control himself and they enjoy their judgement of him. This has been evident even in some of the posts that women have made on this site. IN other words, ‘wife beating” is a women’s way of controlling men. When they can’t get what they want they become difficult and they push it to the point where the man gets violent, then they use the guilt to get what they want.

    • Spartacus

      I agree with everything you wrote but… Use paragraphs, will you ? 🙂

    • kjh64

      “I have known this for a long time. There is a whole dynamic going on. The women are always the aggressors- in a psychological way. They nit pick, deride, degrade, purposefully confuse, sabotage, and lie to a man until he explodes. Then they actually enjoy the fact that they made the male fail to control himself and they enjoy their judgement of him. This has been evident even in some of the posts that women have made on this site. IN other words, ‘wife beating” is a woman’s way of controlling men. When they can’t get what they want they become difficult and they push it to the point where the man gets violent, then they use the guilt to get what they want.”

      This is the biggest bunch of nonsense I have ever read. Men who beat their wives are bullies who use physical violence against someone weaker and do so because they are mean. These men never commit acts of violence towards a large man who could whip their you-know-what, do they?

      “They nit pick, deride, degrade, purposefully confuse, sabotage, and lie to a man until he explodes.”

      Men do this to their wives all the time, far MORE so than the reverse. So if the wife “explodes” and shoots him, I guess it’s justified. By this logic, their should be a huge amount of injured and dead husbands and rightfully so!

      “Traditional all male environs such as the work place, gyms, sports, men’s clubs, etc, have been either invaded by women or they are demonized and ridiculed. The white race will only bounce back when the white male once again has a strong world of his own, where women are not allowed.”
      More nonsense. Boo hoo, all these GIRLS around, how awful. Go build yourself a clubhouse and tack “no girls allowed”. Seriously, don’t get married, EVER.

      • MawellAxel

        like I said, evidence of this can be seen in some of the females that post here. Thanks for more evidence. Funny thing about some of those shows about wife beaters. It seems some women go from one wife beater to another, and that none of the men that beat her ever had a history of that before they met her. Gee, why is that? These men go through their whole lives without such incidences, yet when they cross paths with certain toxic women, those that are susceptible become wife beaters. The fact is, these women are only interested in the ones that are susceptible. You seem to CLEARLY be one of these women since you take umbrage at the thought of any male ever having a refuge from you.

  • Spartacus

    I had posted about how “The Tribe” fits the psychopathic part of the article, but the post is no more…

  • Luca

    This scientific evidence is Dead on Arrival. The minute they go looking for defective frontal cortex’s or those lacking a particular hormone that makes a person more criminally inclined, the end result will be that the science is flawed and racist.

    Any piece of evidence that indicates something negative about any protected class, especially the revered racial class of blacks, will at once be vilified and condemned. Any scientist advocating the truth of this matter will immediately be ostracized, discredited and unemployed.

    Facts are no longer stubborn things, they are now hidden things.

    • JohnEngelman

      This cannot continue indefinitely. The white liberal guilt complex evolved under conditions that no longer prevail.

      During the Second World War the Nazis discredited the idea that racial differences are significant. In the United States blacks contributed loyally to the war effort.

      During the civil rights movement segregationist violence against non violent civil rights demonstrators convinced whites with little contact with blacks that blacks are unoffending victims of irrational race prejudice.

      The War in Vietnam pushed white liberals further to the left and prevented them from making the right conclusions from the black ghetto riots that happened from 1964 to 1968.

      Those factors are fading as living memories. Black crime is as current as this morning’s newspaper and the six o’clock news.

      • Luca

        Blacks are the quintessential useful idiots of the left, they will always be coddled and protected. They are a natural resource of the left and the gift that keeps on giving as long as they are getting some of other peoples’ money.

        Liberals in power have no guilt or conscience. They lust after power and they achieve it by appealing to the ignorant, uninformed, misinformed masses. What group better fits that description and will vote the Democratic ticket at a 95% rate?

        Liberals couldn’t care less about the black crime.

        • JohnEngelman


          What makes you think you have so much insight into liberal motives?

          One could just as easily say: “Conservatives in power have no guilt or conscience. All they want to do is make the rich richer at the expense of everyone else.”

          • Nathanwartooth

            They both lust after power, but they both go about it in different ways.

            The Democrats go about it by harnessing the vote of the poor and “victims”. The more people they can make victims the more votes they can have. This is part of the reason why there is a new victim group every week.

            The Republicans are going about it the old fashioned way, with money. They support donors in exchange for a ton of money to win votes. At this point they can’t even come close to winning on ideology so they just attempt to use their money to spread propaganda. The other thing that is working for them is that Whites see the Dems as the party of minorities.

            The Democrat’s strategy is clearly superior. One party state here we come.

          • vladdy1

            “They support donors in exchange for a ton of money to win votes.”
            Again, it might have once been accurate or it might not, but it is not a defining quality today as both parties follow that line.

          • Luca

            I express what I see from observation and personal experience combined with what I read and choose to believe. I had to work with Liberals for close to 20 years, their ability to put agenda over logic is both breathtaking and mind boggling.. Their ability to deny, deflect and avoid the obvious is monumental.

            They want absolute control at any cost. Oh and BTW.. they have big business in their pockets too. Big business plays both ends against the middle, the GOP does not have a monopoly on siding with big business.

            When I speak of Liberals i generally mean Liberal politicians. All politicians are whores, some are just worse than others. I find the Repubs to be opportunistic whores and the Liberals to be malicious, destructive, unconscionable whores.

          • JohnEngelman

            Ideological thinking is a characteristic of political partisans on either side of the political spectrum. Ideological thinking causes one’s likes and dislikes to influence one’s perception of what is true and false.

            By acknowledging that you believe what you choose to believe you reveal your susceptibility to ideological thinking.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            Everyone is thinking “ideologically” (if I understand what you mean). When discussing “intuitive sciences” (Pascal’s term) like history, religion, society, arts, philosophy … even the most honest thinkers are guided or determined by their temperamental inclinations (classic example being Plato-Aristotle “polarity”). Essentially, one should try to be honest in dealing with facts, but when push comes to shove, subjectivity is unavoidable. I’d say Luca is, generally, right.

          • Luca

            Everyone on the planet believes what they choose to believe. You are presented with evidence and you decide what the truth really is (in your own mind). Unless of course you are being intellectually dishonest as so many liberals are when they see the ravages caused by the racial underclass and turn around and blame guns.

            Or when they say homosexual marriage is normal. Or when they say you can keep your healthcare and your doctor and costs will go down. Or when they call late term abortions “A woman’s right to choose” rather than the taking of a life. Or when they say blacks fail due to under funding, disadvantaged neighborhoods, racism and poverty. Or when they say all races have equal intelligence.

            Imagine the outcome of the Zimmerman trial with an all black jury. You could give them mountains of empirical evidence and they would still find him guilty. People believe what they want to believe.

            I could go on for hours but I have work to do.

          • JohnEngelman

            Everyone on the planet believes what they choose to believe.

            – Luca

            Over the years I have learned that much of what I want to believe is not true. Believing falsehoods that are enjoyable to think are true increases one’s chances of making avoidable mistakes.

          • vladdy1

            Both parties are guilty of massive crony capitalism. There’s an old myth that the left is different, but it is only a myth. The political difference we’re fighting today is in Constitutionalists vs Non-Constitutionalists.

        • AllSeeingEyeSpy

          it pleases them as long as the victims are the right people. In fact, the more ‘mayhem’ they commit, the more they can somehow blame it on us. Like those who ‘rail’ against the holocaust when the railing part is what pleases them, if in truth, the legacy itself does not truly please them? This is something that could reverse, however. The great fear is that white men will act up, refuse to pay up, or revolt. And that’s what all the social effort is really about. But even such conditioning can’t withstand anything. When white men do act up, why not blame it the status quo? The more whites act up the more it could be blamed, not on the whites acting up, but on rampant double standards arrayed against them. Sort of an ‘anarcho-tyranny’ that favors us (and is very well-deserved). If white men act up, the more ‘sympathy’ will be shown to them, giving them ‘freedom’ permission – this will break the damn, the more sympathy they receive, the more they will act up. It will be a vicious cycle with seemingly no end. All on cue and staged. This is not the real reason. The real ‘lesson’ we will all learn is that real reason Blacks have ‘acted up’ all this time in the West is because of the sympathy and attention that’s been shown them. A total fraud, a total hoax. But blacks will (supposedly) feel less bad about all the terrible ‘oppression’ they’ve faced (and probably quite secretly pleased at white disfunction). So in truth, everything, will always and forever be about blacks, whether they are a minority or even as they become the majority. At least, if you ever let them in your country.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am enough of a liberal myself to be able to claim more insight into the liberal mentality than posters here who seem to think that liberals are knowingly and deliberately evil, and that they take pride in their wickedness.

            Liberals prefer not to think about black crime. Nevertheless, the more intelligent of them are uncomfortably aware that the persistence of high black crime rates has discredited the hopes of the civil rights movement, and turned the United States into a Republican country.

            In my case I view blacks with disappointment and a feeling of personal betrayal. They have verified the arguments of the segregationists I argued with as a child and teenager.

            I like individual blacks, but not the Negro race.

          • Bossman

            Wherever a large group of Blacks congregate, there will be more noise, more disorder, more violence, more filth, more chaos. They seem to have a high tolerance for these things in their lives.

          • JohnEngelman

            When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

          • Jefferson

            Blacks are a small minority of San Francisco’s population, yet they are responsible for an extremely high amount of crime in my my city for a demographic group that makes up only 6 percent of the population.

            So that blows your theory right out the water that Bantus behave like upstanding citizens when they are in the minority.

          • vladdy1

            But in their own neighborhoods and in the schools, they are the majority, and that is where the majority (certainly not all) of the violence takes place,

          • vladdy1

            Many of us understand the mindset because we are former leftists ourselves.

        • 1proactive2

          Your post is laser-accurate, and with respect I would add that people on the left also have a desperate need to be adored and accepted in some pathological living sainthood sense. Their personal inadequacy level is enormous, and to them, it must be satisfied. Using blacks, and soon, browns, will help them falsely achieve their narcissistic goal of self-gratification via destructive social engineering.

          Keep up the good work and commentary, Luca. Your observations are very helpful for sober, adult minds interested in saving the country.

    • Bossman

      What exactly are you trying to say? You do not accept scientific facts? There are opinions and scientific facts. I’ll take scientific facts.

      • AllSeeingEyeSpy

        Which facts should I believe?

        The Earth is getting warmer every year, no matter what my senses might say?

        Homosexuality is caused by a gene. One that, only mothers transfer to their children

        Alcoholism is a disease.

        Mental illness is caused genetics, and biological processes, not by people being treated poorly and neglected and abused.

        Women are unfairly disadvantaged and have been throughout history.

        Black men are the ultimate victims in our society.

        The United State of America, the major anti-colonial force in world history, is an imperialist power.

        People of color are greatly disadvantaged because of world colonialism.

        Diversity is a strength.

        Loaning money to the third world is oppressing them.

        Not loaning money to the third world is oppressing them.

        Government is the cause of all evil

        Corporations, not private business, is the cause of all evil.

        Organized religion. . the greatest source of mischief in all of history

        The 20th century, the most depraved century up till now yet.

        AIDS, caused by a monkey’s, in Africa

        600,000 Americans died from AIDS, but mysteriously this is the only malady or condition that we do not know the racial breakdown of those afflicted, spedically of those who have died. ‘profected cases’ and ‘new cases’ is all we’ve learned.

        Communism, completely discredited in the 20th Century.

        No doubt I’ve just touched the surface, although we’re forced to touch everything, aren’t we? So, which scientific facts am I supposed to believe?

        I think Mr Taylor does a good job casting doubt on the information presented in this book, or putting it into perspective (in this perhaps his worst book review). As I mentioned, in my opinion, he doesn’t go far enough, and I do understand he takes positions, himself, in favor of biological determinism from time to time. Most of the time.

        They’re not just facts, their nonsense. But it can’t just be nonsense. Everything we apparently must believe must not just be not true, but must the diametrically opposite of the truth. But hey, yer the one who said he knows the liberal mind.

      • Luca

        What I am saying is, all the indisputable scientific evidence and proof in the world can not overcome political correctness.

        • JohnEngelman

          I doubt many liberals genuinely believe that the races are equal in native ability and behavior. That is why they get so angry when one says that the fact that some races obviously behave and perform better than others is genetic. People do not get angry when opinions they are confident in are challenged.

          • Jefferson

            If most Liberals believed that on average all races are equal in intelligence, Liberals would not favor lowering the bar in academia for Squat Monsters and Blacks so that they have a better chance of making it into a University.

  • JohnEngelman

    Skeletal remains of prehistoric people often shows evidence of violent trauma. That plus written accounts of pre literate peoples indicate that during most of human evolution warfare between hunting bands and tribes was more lethal than warfare between civilized countries in historical times.

    Among paleolithic and neolithic peoples the best warriors had the most wives, and consequently the most sons who inherited their lethal abilities and inclinations.

    With civilization the military becomes a specialty that attracts the more physically aggressive males. Most men do not fight in the wars. Those who do are less prolific than those who do not.

    Physically aggressive men with less integrity than military men are attracted to lives of violent crime. These are even less likely than military men to have descendants.

    This can explain why races that have experienced civilization for thousands of years have lower rates of violent crime than races that have not.

    • David Ashton

      So now you know, folks.

      • MawellAxel

        he should start his own site… that will have few visitors

  • SlyDeNiro

    Well, I at least agree that Zuckerberg and Gates were rewarded for betrayal. After Steve Jobs died Gates said that the two had made amends. Were there any witnesses? Gates strikes again!

    • MawellAxel

      Steve Jobs was no saint. He pitted teams of engineers against each other and had a corporate culture where his workers were so brainwashed to serve him they spent all their waking hours doing so. Then he would declare the work of one team a dead end, a failure, and this would lead to several suicides. Yet he maintained all of the rights to the works, and ended up using the very things he made people kill themselves over. From the very start he was ruthless. He had his friend redesign an ATARI chip, for which he was given 5000 dollars for, he told his friend that they only got 500 and split that with him.

      • SlyDeNiro

        My comment wasn’t really meant to be a Steve Jobs endorsement. Zuckerbird betrayed his college collaborators to create Facebook.

        Gates betrayed Jobs to create Microsoft. Gates lived with that betrayal until Jobs’ death–then claimed they had made amends later in life. I tend to doubt that. And I don’t know of any witnesses. I think Gates may have betrayed Jobs twice. Once in life and once in death.

        But, having said that, Jobs could have been an absolute turd of a human being as well.

        • anarchyst

          Steve Jobs was born of Arabic parents. As such, he had the semitic trait of taking advantage of others and having no scruples. . .

        • MawellAxel

          My aim was not to contradict you, my aim was just to set the record straight about Jobs. I tend to agree with you on Gates.

        • sbuffalonative

          Good heavens. Here I thought I was the only living person who saw the deceit and treachery of Mr. Zuckerburg. I don’t know how anyone could watch ‘The Social Network’ and not see Mr. Zuckerburg as a conniving thief.

          The movie tries to make the people who challenged him as to their contributions as the bad guys.

          • SlyDeNiro

            His college collaborators ended up suing him and settling for something like $50 million when Facebook was only worth an estimated $200 million (I think). Dot-Coms were very dicey in those days.

    • Jacobite2

      Yep, Bob Woodward was there and wrote it all down. After interviewing the comatose Bill Casey it was easy.

  • David Ashton

    Is that sixth person from the left with long hair in the photo actually a Maori?

    • MawellAxel

      no, it’s a Mary

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    You are what you are, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  • Remnant

    Minority Report, here we come.

  • gemjunior

    The last paragraph is why I wouldn’t bother with it. The subject matter is probably boring enough anyway, but to have read boring stories by an author that is boring but thinks he’s funny is annoying too.

  • JohnEngelman

    That is the result of the modern welfare system. In the past criminals were often executed, forced to work on galley ships, or endure other forms of virtual slavery. With no one to care for their illegitimate children those children usually died.

  • JohnEngelman

    Some CEO’s take liberal stands on social issues. All of them benefit from Republican economic policies.

    • Erasmus

      That’s because doing so personally costs them nothing.

    • Jefferson

      The majority of millionaires and billionaires are liberal on social issues like abortion and same sex marriage. And that is because the majority of wealthy people on the planet are not very religious, so they do not see same sex marriage and abortion as morally wrong.

      Being very religious is for the poor masses, it is for the peasants. Most of the elites who run the world are very secular.

      The majority of very religious people on the planet are living in 3rd world poverty.

  • NM156

    No biochemical correlation exists between any leftist’s definition of racism and any neurochemical function of the brain other than universal cognition of patterns. Also, leftists would have to take corrective measures with the majority of the black population if a correlation were contrived. Avoiding these contradictions would require an Orwellian takeover of the state. No need to worry about racism screening.

  • Nathanwartooth

    So what’s the racial differences in resting heart rate?

    EDIT Thanks to the CDC: “After controlling for age effects, non-Hispanic
    black males have a significantly (p<0.001) lower mean RPR (74 beats/min) than
    non-Hispanic white males (77 beats/min) and Mexican-American males (76 beats/min).
    Among females, non-Hispanic black females (79 beats/min) and Mexican-American
    females (79 beats/min) had statistically and significantly (p<0.01) lower mean RPRs
    compared with non-Hispanic white females (80 beats/min)."

    I'm guessing that Asian males would have about a 80 resting and Asian females 83.

    I love how the US government gathers statistical data for weird things that just ends up being useful.

  • KenelmDigby

    I haven’t read the book, but methinks it is rather a harsh review.
    – I wonder what annoyed Jared Taylor so much?

  • Erasmus

    Throw in George W. “Clean and sober since 1990” Bush and Bill “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” Clinton into the mix along with Karl Rove and you have a deal breaker.

    A lot of psychopaths believe they’re special, chosen by fate or history, and regard the desires and feelings of others as less important than their own.

    • Gislia Jackson

      I agree with you to a certain extent about Bush. However, I don’t think he was a psychopath. He has been far too low profile since leaving office for a self respecting psychopath along the order of Bill Clinton. I personally think that he was/is an intellectually dull person with a daddy complex. I’m not saying he’s stupid, I’m just saying that his intellectual curiosity probably extended about as far as “are they going to put mayo on that burger, Laura, if I don’t ask them to?”

      Obama, however, seems to be a true psychopath. He has a distorted view of the world, and he is attempting to bend it to fit his vision of it. Unfortunately, he is about as intelligent as Bush, or even less so, and about the best he can do is to bray into a microphone and hope his minions do his bidding for him.

  • haroldcrews

    Looks like there is a reasonable chance that I’m a psychopath. Although I’m not an athlete my resting heart rate is generally in the mid fifties.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    “The alpha rabbit in a herd is likely to have a slow pulse, and if a subordinate male rabbit’s status is artificially raised in an experiment, his pulse rate drops”.

    Is this somehow genetic? The mass media push this stuff even more than does Jared Taylor. Everything is ‘genetic’ now, at least if it in any way befalls the majority, or whites. The more society degenerates, the more leftists blame it, not on their own policies but on a nebulos biological causes, but on the people they’ve disaffected. In truth, they rarely have to explain the failures, they’ve been defined out of existence, but if some knowledge seeps out, they in fact, can still blame it on us paleocons even if there is only even one of us left. We all must be genetic defects, for around 50% of the population are on mood altering drugs.

    Mr Taylor raises some good points, very good ones, but as often, these dissenting views mr taylor has, such as where he might appear to disagree with the author of this report, his views are understated.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      Yeah. This whole stuff is undeniably true, but…. it’s just a part of a picture (physiologically, psychologically & sociologically). We know it’s the nature vs. nurture ideological war (liberals dogmatically asserting that nature virtually doesn’t exist), yet rational & scientific inquiry cannot dismiss the “nurture” part altogether, which is a reductionist idea race realists frequently espouse.

      I suppose there is more both to “biology”, “psychiatry” and “sociology” in explaining this kind of behavior, so to speak.

  • SlyDeNiro

    Easy on the censorship DISQUS. You aren’t God. Leave your opinion out of mine.

  • Bossman

    Very interesting and informative article. I already believe most of that stuff. I’ll be on the lookout for men with attached ear lobes.

  • Bossman

    I believe you to be correct in your observations. Blacks appear to be more impulsive when committing crimes and whites more cold and calculating when committing crimes.

    • Jefferson

      Many Bantus will kill you over $10 dollars or a piece of fried chicken. Whites rarely kill someone for something that stupid/trivial.

  • puffdaddy

    Dear Mr. Taylor, Thank you for such a comprehensive review – you did an excellent job of providing the important issues in the book so that we can skip the self-indulgence of the book itself.

  • tech

    It might possibly be more linked to naturally low HR; instead of those manipulated by physical activity.

    • Nathanwartooth

      This right here. It’s not really the resting heart beat, it’s the brain functions that cause a naturally low resting heart rate.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The last 20 years have seen a huge expansion in our understanding of the biological basis of crime.

    And from what I have heard, this understanding is increasing steadily. The resolution of 3D brain scanning is growing exponentially and in the near future we will unlock secrets of the brain that will completely transform our understanding of brain physiology. The federal government even wants to commit $100 million to brain research. I hope they do not try to control whatever findings are uncovered, but of course that would be nothing new.

  • IstvanIN

    Just from my personal observations through out life, many of our talents and proclivities are inborn. Any adult who has spent time with children can see that from infancy on. The differences between boys and girls is the most obvious, but so are many others, such as shyness or friendliness, the rough and tumble versus the quiet and introspective, and so many other traits. We are not blank slates, that is for sure.

  • Lots of those attributes apply to me, except I don’t hurt women or children. I never start fights, but I feel no responsibility for what happens to those who do. Sometimes it feels wonderful, as I have just been injected with the best drug in the world, and then I must be very careful not to quarrel with the other fellow any farther, so I don’t.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    Thousands of AmRen readers check their ear lob in the mirror. .

  • HamletsGhost

    I wonder what the judge would’ve said about Biehl’s father, who actually shook the hands of the murderers in court! He later sets up a school in the township so that future ghetto rats wouldn’t feel the need to murder white people due to their poverty.

    It’s hard to say which side of that handshake was more morally obtuse.

  • Funruffian

    My lobes are connected and I have a cravasse down the middle of my tongue. By those two traits I have a propensity to violence, yet most people think I’m the gentlest and most easy going guy.

  • This reminds me of Stephen Pinker’s “The Blank Slate.” The dominant ideology of our time is the liberal dogma that we’re all equal. A moderate look into science shows us that not only is that not true, but a dangerous illusion.

    This is by the way WITHIN ethnic groups as well as between them, which is why our ancestors created an aristocracy to put the best people in power, and a caste system to keep everyone else from making decisions above their brains’ power ratings.

    • MBlanc46

      You’re one of the aristocrats, no doubt.

  • Funruffian

    Nice. Real nice.

  • Mike Lane

    My primary concern with eugenics is when do we draw the line? Just criminals? Just intellectual morons? If so, how low of an IQ do they need to be qualified for sterilization? People with physical illness such as MS, etc. ? What about people like Stephen Hawking, who, though they may be physically inferior in nearly every way, have made great achievements with their minds?

    Instead of wiping out a future bloodline because it has the potential to carry inferior phenotypes, I think it would be much wiser to find technology that wipes out just the defective gene (or aspect of the gene).

  • Gislia Jackson

    “Bush was totally lacking in the ability to use the English language and in wisdom, judgment and decision making ability. He is arguably one of the worst presidents in American history.”

    Agreed. One of the worst. Obama is the worst.

  • ImTellinYa

    Raine is a highly intelligent, functional idiot who sees himself as some sort of promethean hero. I really hate these Leftist utopians who see their fellows as just another form of lab rat to be manipulated, altered and caged. Given his character defects and obvious bias, I doubt if we can trust his findings.

  • DailyKenn

    We often fail to recognize the cultural Marxist desire a psychopathic culture. A nation of rational, passive citizens has little need for strong central government. And that, as we know, is anathema to Marxists. There are two elements necessary for Marxism to maintain a stronghold: It requires a population that is divisive and dependent. Hence Marxists press for diversity knowing that a strong central government will be needed to keep the colors of the rainbow from killing each other and economic dependence through social programs.

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    Well said, I believe that the moment we begin large scale correlations must be the moment we acknowledge that there are severe retardants in play that are _specifically designed_ to effect normal male instinctive behaviors and that these ‘inhibitions’ as a result of say growth hormones in beef, fluoride in water, needless vaccinations that begin immediately after birth and plasticizers in food containers that degrade to synthetic variations of estrogen (not to mention the real thing in soy products also fed to human consumption animals) are all pointed directly at behavioral modification on the sly.

    I further believe that we use social media from films to the internet to convey subliminal meanings which further drive brain function towards conditions of submission and non-competition in ways that are specifically designed to lower threat-response curves to an obvious replacement agenda in the workplace, social dominance and the gene pool.

    Looking at the psychoactive relevance of rising rates of ADHD and Autism along with obesity (high testosterone as high activity rates would take care of this) among young white males I cannot help but believe there is a definite link here.

    And so I tend to look at books touting genetic and developmental links between ‘psychopathic’ behaviors and specific male-oriented defects as being subject to bias which cannot be accidental because the signs are too wide spread.

    A century ago, what is happening now with replacement of our people as our cultural soul would have never been tolerated because it would have been SEEN for the hostile outside influence that it must be in elective replacement advancing certain racial and gender driven setasides and privileges rather than normalizing access to all.

    The problem is that if it is truly a…I hesitate to say it but ‘conspiracy’ is the only word that is applicable here, the only way out may be back. Literally destroying the scientific and social disseminative mechanisms by which we can be manipulated by an elite cognoscente. As the means by which their own incomplete understanding of what drives us to be what we are gives them the sense of needing to change us ‘for our own good’.
    Through our metabolics, our psychological development. And our genes.
    It used to be understood that men of genius walked a fine line between irrationality and brilliance. Be that in art, philosophy, law, the sciences or engineering. Using active intervention to destroy that pathway to potential achievement, is beneath contempt. Particularly in a world which judges the viciousness of other cultures far less harshly then our own.

  • Lead removal led to 90s crime reductions?Um, how about 3 strikes laws and prison building expansions physically removing masses of criminals off the streets? Which is more plausible?

    Also, this liberal, no one is morally culpable nonsense is ludicrous. Even very young children and persons with low IQs know certain behaviors are cruel and wrong. Psychos simply don’t care. Hang em all.

  • I always finish them, if that helps.

  • SlyDeNiro

    “We welcome comments that add information or perspective, and we encourage polite debate. If you log in with a social media account, your comment should appear immediately. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may comment as a guest, using a name and an e-mail address of convenience. Your comment will be moderated.”

    Moderated by whom? “Censored”, you mean?

  • knuckledragger

    So is it more psychopathic to smash someone’s head with a hammer or to lie and scheme and dwindle an entire population under the guise of “equality” and “diversity”? Maybe the most violent among us are those that work to appear the most altruistic…jew know who I mean.