Happy Fourth of July

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  • Spartacus

    Happy 4th of July to all real (read:White) Americans, and don’t forget that you might have to actually re-live Independence day soon, so cling to your guns and get a punching bag.

    And that’s all I have to say about that….

  • WmarkW

    Let us remember the words of Thomas Jefferson that all men were created [politically] equal, but note from Egypt that voters don’t always know what’s right.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      How I do wish Jefferson had phrased that differently. Given the way it has been interpreted (see Pat Buchanan’s recent column on equality as an idol for a summary), that phrase, which I think was in part a throw away line meant to impress the French, has caused much injury and misery in this country.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    I’m surprised progressives still wave the red, white, and blue.

    Or celebrate anyone that came before MLK, for that matter.

    So, I propose that the U.S.A be changed to “Diversity Land” and have its flag design changed to something resembling a combination of South Africa’s, Mexico’s, and Zimbabwe’s flags.

    The old red, white, and blue is also offensive to some “minorities”.

    The blood-red color represents the genocide that our settler ancestors committed when they came to bring diversity and new culture to a boring, monolithic society. (by Siberian “immigrants”).

    The white obviously represents our unbearable Whiteness that has permeated this nation since its founding.

    And the blue represents the sea of tears that the Indians and Africans (and everyone else who wasn’t straight, White, male, meat eating, right-handed, or Christian, presumably) cried.

    Thought you guys could use some humor.

    • candide

      In the list of grievances vs. George III in the Declaration of Independence the Indians are called names like vicious AND VIOLENT. LIBERALS WILL SOON DEMAND THIS be CLEANED UP AND Made politically correct.

  • Jefferson

    I wonder if the Bantu rapper Lil Wayne will be stepping on the U.S flag today. He did it in his last rap video.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    From the descendent of a patriot colonist sick of a repressive government, happy Independence Day to my fellow real Americans.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!”

    –Thomas Jefferson

    • David Ashton

      Just a Dead White European Male, so four strikes against him.

  • jane johnson

    If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

    George Orwell

    • Jefferson

      Hussein Obama and Eric My People Holder are most likely not big fans of George Orwell.

      • jane johnson

        You’re probably right, but they sure seem to enjoy recreating his scenario.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Honestly that looks like a mistake from an inept government employee.

    “Founding founders” is something someone could type easily by mistake. I type words that are going to appear later in the sentence earlier than I should because I’m thinking about the end of the sentence.

    • jane johnson

      “Inept government employee” is the trifecta of redundancy. I was about to ask, sarcastically, if there was any other kind, but of course there is: the corrupt government employee. Fortunately for us, the two are often one and the same, or we’d never hear about either.

  • jane johnson

    Thanks. Needed a laugh. No doubt they would be confounded, and possibly dumbfounded, by what’s become of our country.

  • Erasmus

    Happy 4th. I will raise a glass in memory to the decent country and decent society that are no more, betrayed by our “best” and “brightest,” and dream of a day when we can be a free people again, with dignity and honor.

  • Harry

    In the American Revolutionary War, only one-third of the colonists supported the Patriot side for independence, on-third did all they could to remain neutral, and the other one-third were Loyalists. It often happened where you could be serving in the Continental Army to fight for the Patriot side and your own brother, father, or son could be serving in either a colonial Loyalist regiment, or even the British Army itself, to fight on the Loyalist side. The American Revolutionary War really a civil war among British subjects, over whether or not the American colonies should secede from the British Empire.

    Paul Revere did not shout “The British are coming!” Instead, Revere shouted “The Red Coats are coming!” on his famous ride. I just love the recent TV commercial that shows what Paul Revere would have done instead, if the18th Century had today’s communications technology!

    About the Loyalists, I am a very patriotic American. There is no doubt in my mind that the Patriot side was the right side in the Revolutionary War. However, I still respect and admire the Loyalists as the noble adversaries they really were, even they fought for the wrong side. The Loyalists were not evil traitors and villains. The Loyalists were colonists who had many complaints about how KIng George was running the American colonies, but were opposed to secession from the British Empire, because they still believed it was in the best interest of the American colonies to remain with Great Britain.

    General Anthony Wayne was such a gung-ho warrior for the Patriot side, that he earned the nickname “Mad Anthony Wayne.” And yet shortly after the war, while serving in the Pennsylvania Assembly, he advocated for fair treatment of Loyalist refugees. And this was someone who fought Loyalists on the battle field!

    I think that when we celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July, we should honor and salute the Loyalists as noble adversaries who bravely fought for what they believed in. I think it would be wonderful if a major Hollywood filmmaker like James Cameron, Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino, or Steven Spielberg, were to make a mainstream movie about the American Revolution from the Loyalist point of view. I wonder how the American public would react to a mainstream movie from the Loyalist point of view?

    If the Loyalists won, the American Revolution was defeated, and we were still in the United Kingdom as British subjects today, we would have all grown up being spoon-fed hogwash about what an evil traitor George Washington was. In fact, for all of you reading my comment who hate the French, if it were not for French foreign aid to the Patriot side in the Revolutionary War, we would all be British subjects today!

    Tragically, France today is under another invasion just like in WW2, but this time it is being carried out by an ever-increasing invasion, and high birth rate, by Muslim immigrants. Just as the Vichy puppet government collaborated with the Nazi invaders, political correctness in the French government is doing the same bad thing, that is a threat to all of the great European cultures.

    • jane johnson

      And just look at what’s happening to Marine Le Pen for making the same comparison that you did. She is a patriot.

      • Romulus

        She is one helluva woman! Charles the great,Charlemagne, and Clovis would be proud!.

    • Romulus

      Your forgetting something about france. Only the gauls and the celtic tribes are the indigenous people. The jury is still out on the franks. If they were in fact gaelic (barbarians), why would the romans use them to police the western empires border? Diodorus siculus, tacitus, vergil, seutonius and julius ceaser give an exact descripyion of what the celtic gauls looked like and they dont at all resemble francis holland or sarkozy type people. Granted, they have givenuch to the west( the statue, champagne, art,etc,etc) I just cant stand edited history is all.

      • Sakorzy is Czech.

        • Romulus

          Thank you Michael! He has the typical eastern Mediterranean features of a “white haji/Arab” ( my word) Maureen O’Hara, Cecily tynan, and people of the ancient visigoths occupied much of France before all the invasion/migration. In my personal investigations about the origins of the French, I keep finding conflicting material. Some read that they are indigenous to what is now Belgium and other sources say they migrated from the Mediterranean. I’ve read Carlton coons ” the races of Europe” but am in need of more sources.

    • watling

      What would the world be like today if the USA were still a British colony?

      Well, let’s assume the population of the British USA would have been similar in 1939 to what it actually was. Would Hitler have dared invade Poland knowing that the conjoined GB/USA would then have declared war on Germany?

      Perhaps WWII would never have happened. Then Britain would not have been decimated and bankrupted by a war that never happened so would not have allegedly needed workers from the third world to help rebuild it, or have needed loans. The age of mass immigration into Britain might never have happened.

      Going back a little, perhaps the slave trade into the USA would have been phased out much sooner, as anti-slavery law in GB at the time could have been applied to the USA. The USA’s black population would therefore have been much lower. Perhaps British workers could have been enticed to emigrate to help pick cotton with the promise of some land? Without slavery the American Civil War would not have happened.

  • Rhialto

    Factoid: In my middle economic level, semi-rural area, less than 25% of the homes are displaying the American flag. In demographically similar local black areas 0.0% of the homes are displaying the American flag. Also, in many the flag displaying homes, a woman is the sole head of household.

    Say hello to Obama-America.

  • Romulus

    As I look over the fields here at this hallowed ground in Pennsylvania, I’m reminded of the terrible loss of life the befell our nation 150 yrs ago. The tragedy was enormous and yeti feel both sides of the conflict, like a minute humming in my bones. I see their descendants embrace each other as brothers after the rehearsals and wish it could have been that way before without all the blood and bullets. I carry both flags while I walk the midway chatting with people in period dress. I feel connected to our past here in the present. It’s a hot day, but I feel alive with the history of our great nation. I think of our independence and great Britain and what she’s going thru. Im sharing a beer with an Englishman who now swears allegiance to old glory. People are smiling and happy. Most are here to remember our honored fallen and our past. Many pray we don’t have to witness another round of fratricide . Remember your history,your culture your past. Let us not forget who we are and what we went thru to get here.
    God bless America!!!

  • Evette Coutier

    This year I put up two flags, the original old glory with 13 stars and stripes and a confederate flag. This was to respect the real America we all loved, and the greatness of our founding principles. What are we really loyal too? To me we are loyal to the principles, the people, our heratige, and the beautiful and majestic land we as Americans own. I am not loyal to our government, to Obama’s brave New world, nor to hordes of illegals. I am deeply loyal to our constitution, the brave Europeans who built the nation from nothing to the greatest nation in world history, and to my fellow patriots who still share those values.

    • We put up the Stars and Bars; it’s an “American” flag. The only other flags we have are the Welsh “red dragon” flag, and the Irish and Scottish flags. We don’t even have a Stars & Stripes, though we do have an IJN “Hinomaru”. Our HOA rules forbid non-American flags, but the Confederate battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia was an American one. The Mexican national flag is not. The HOA rules say that only an American flag is allowed, and the one we flew is one.

  • Korean guy

    Happy 4th of July to everyone who loves USA from a Korean punk in Canada!! It is my sincere desire that each and every culture respects every culture else and thrives forever!

  • Dibblah

    The glorious 4th! Let the fireworks fly and damn the naysyaers

  • David Ashton

    Nice to read some friendly and complimentary reflections on Britain past and present.
    Whatever happened for good or ill in the past in America, or Europe, white people must seek solidarity and co-operate in defense of their common civilization, and their children’s future.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yet just last weekend, San Francisco had a massive, blow out Gay Festival and parade. I didn’t see a thing advertised for the 4th.

    • newscomments70

      San Francisco, and all of California celebrate “Enema Day” on July 5th. That is the big holiday in the golden state. Independence Day is pretty obsolete for the progessive folks.

  • candide


  • jane johnson

    I had never heard of Mr. Roberts or Oliver Wiswell, but looked them up after reading your post, and the reviews are exemplary, so I will be looking for a copy. Thank you! I don’t imagine that Hollywood would be capable of simply retelling the story, as written, without attempting to spin it somehow, like Stone did with JFK. The “creative” types just can’t help themselves. The old saying about not letting the truth get in the way of a good story definitely applies – even when the truth IS a good story. I realize, of course, that we are discussing a work of historical fiction here, but I just think Hollywood types would feel somehow obligated to “make a statement” or to “send a message” that the author never intended, especially now, when bashing America is so fashionable. That being said, the Revolution, from the Loyalist standpoint, would make a great documentary. Ken Burns immediately comes to mind as someone who is a genius at combining historical facts with the human emotions that drove so much of American history.