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Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 26, 2013

Their struggle is our struggle.

I have just returned from an inspiring week-long trip to France and Britain, during which I gave four talks, two television interviews, and reestablished ties with overseas comrades. It was a rewarding week that again brought home to me that whites—throughout the West—face the same challenges, and that we in the English-speaking-world are far behind in the struggle.

I was invited to Paris by the Geopolitics and Populations Institute, which was holding a conference on the subject: “Elections and Immigration: Can the Right Still Win?” I was asked to give the American perspective on this question, and of course, discussed the deep racial chasm that characterized the last Presidential election.

I showed a set of PowerPoint slides that portrayed the changing population of the United States, along with polling results that highlight the differences in the way Americans of different races think about government. France does not keep official racial statistics, so my French audience was fascinated by such precise data. The American example is clear: As immigration expands the non-white vote, the prospects for “conservatives” dwindle.

Speaking in Paris

Speaking in Paris

My talk was followed by similar presentations on Belgian and French elections, and by groups that are fighting to control immigration. I received copies of some of the talks, which we plan to translate and publish, but one observation about France especially struck me: In the last Presidential election, Nicolas Sarkozy lost to the socialist candidate, Francois Hollande, by a margin that was accounted for by the immigrant vote. The best estimate was that immigrants voted about 85 percent for Mr. Hollande, and if they had voted like native Frenchmen, the election would have gone to Mr. Sarkozy. Demography is changing the political landscape of France, just as it is that of the United States.

The presentations were first rate, and a number of the speakers were interviewed by, which is similar to RT TV in the United States. Coverage of the conference and my interview (in French) are available here.

I was impressed by how “mainstream” the conference was. One of the speakers was a sitting member of the French legislature. There were academics, journalists, and former high-level members of French governments. The event was widely advertised, open to the public, and kept to impressively high standards. There was not even a hint of demonstrators.

It is impossible to imagine the Enterprise Institute, for example, hosting a public conference called “Can the Republican Party Survive Mass Immigration?” Nor is it possible to imagine such a conference coming off without some kind of opposition or at least very hostile press. But in France, there is now nothing “extreme” about asking questions that would terrify American “conservatives.”

By coincidence, the day I arrived in France, there were serious confrontations in Paris between police and demonstrators against homosexual marriage. Opposition to what the French call “marriage for everyone” is hardly the main issue for nationalists, but it was an encouraging jolt to see TV news clips of young white people pouring into the street to defend their views.

This spring, at least one demonstrations against “marriage for everyone” attracted as many as a million people. The latest incidents were a completely spontaneous reaction to a cowardly maneuver by “conservatives” in the French Senate, who had taken a voice vote on homosexual marriage, leaving no record of who actually opposed it. Like the Identitarians who occupied the construction site of a mosque near the site of the famous Battle of Tours, young white Parisians are venting their anger against “leaders” they see as traitors.

After the Paris conference, I spent some time in Brittany, where I had been asked to speak to a smaller group about white flight and its causes. I brought pictures of the ruins of Detroit, which shocked my audience. At the end of my presentation, I showed a picture of firemen trying to put out a huge blaze in a parking garage, and asked my French listeners if they could guess where it was taken. It sobered them to learn that it was a photo of the October 2005 race riots—in Paris.

Speaking to a small group in Brittany.

Speaking to a small group in Brittany

Later, I was interviewed for more than an hour by a startup nationalist broadcaster called Notre Antenne (Our Channel). It was a wide-ranging conversation about the racial problems common to all Western countries, and it was to be edited down to an hour-long program for broadcast next month.

I did not have much free time in Brittany but did manage to visit a church built before America was discovered, and eat strangely-shaped tomatoes. Unlike Paris, with its crowds of blacks and Arabs, Brittany is still overwhelmingly white. I had not realized just how accustomed I had become to homogeneity until I went to the station in Redon to catch the train to London. The sight of four young blacks lounging around the station was a shock.

In London I spoke to a group called the Bloomsbury Forum. It was an enjoyable experience with an intelligent, congenial audience, but I was struck by how different the meeting was from the one in Paris. The London gathering was private, with no advertising. Even so, the audience first met at a redirection point before learning the actual location of the meeting. Keeping it secret meant no one could pressure the venue to cancel. There was some discussion about why the English-speaking countries are so far behind our continental cousins, but no one had a satisfactory explanation.

Speaking at the London Forum

Speaking at the Bloomsbury Forum

There was no mistaking the new complexion of London: majority non-Briton. It is possible to walk for a block and see hardly any whites, and the subways are a mix from everywhere. Some things have not changed, though. The sales staff in the elegant Piccadilly department store, Fortnum and Mason, still wear tails, and are unfailingly polite. But just a few steps away, in the beautiful, Christopher Wren-designed Saint James Church, the first sound I heard in the sanctuary was snoring. There were bums sleeping in the pews!


St. James Church and current worshipers

I took the train to Manchester and met Andrew Brons for the first time. He is a veteran of many elections and political parties, and is now the member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and Humber. He was elected on the British National Party ticket, but has now left the BNP to help found the new British Democratic Party. He had much to say about the craziness that passes for government in the Euro-Parliament.

Jared Taylor and Andrew Brons

With Andrew Brons at the Stalybridge railway station

The night before my return to the US, I spoke at a dinner hosted by the great Richard Lynn. Professor Lynn is one of the iconic figures of race realism: brilliant, fearless, and astonishingly productive. Among the dinner guests were other distinguished researchers to whom I gave a talk about my view of the political implications of the study of race and genetics.

The dinner was a delightful conclusion to a very productive and enjoyable trip. Establishing ties across the Atlantic reinforces a sense of common cause and commitment. The fight in Europe is exactly the same as ours, and it is always inspiring to visit a country, such as France, that has made more headway than we have. It was a real privilege to have been able to make this trip.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • a multiracial individual

    France may be making more headway, but their greatest threat is more terrifying than ours.

    • Ella

      I think many Americans don’t see Latinos invasion as a big threat since many are Christian –Catholic– and family oriented. Many Latinos (not all) take the free carrots that dangle in front of them thanks to our useless, politicians who hunt for votes. I don’t mind a small amount of diversity if they adapt and assimilate to our dominate culture with respect to us, but multiculturalism is a failure at the end. Society will not survive at a 50-50 competition for resources–someone will want to dominate.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Continental Europe is awakening to the horror of their leader’s betrayal faster that England or America. Big change may be closer than we suspect.

        • sbuffalonative

          I hope so. But the EU seems like a formidable obstacle. Until the EU bureaucrats are left to panhandle in the streets (because they have no marketable skills) this is not going to be an easy fight.

          • “panhandle in the streets” ??
            Why would we leave this gang that works for the GENOCIDE of our race to continue their evil efforts in our streeets?

          • Morris LeChat

            Switzerland has started to ignore Brussels
            That is ultimately what will happen with all EU countries. We will win this not by trying to “take ” Brussels” but instead we will bypass it, make it irrelevant. It has no army to enforce it’s nonsense.

        • David Ashton

          Maybe the easily adopted “universal” English language is a factor in the slow Anglo-Saxon response.

          • frederickdixon

            I’m quite sure that that is the reason, or at least a large part of it. As Mr. Taylor pointed out in his address to the Bloomsbury forum in London (I was there), ideas which originate in the US penetrate the English speaking world most quickly, easily and completely, and those ideas include the ones which are bringing us to ruin.

          • David Ashton

            I also meant that other nations and races speak English (or a version of it), whereas other European nations have a distinctive language as part of their defensible identity. True, the French have had an assimilation policy but this is coming apart with “France Algerienne”, &c.

        • Michael Mason

          The only thing that scares me is how the bureaucratic EU superstate may try to preemptively put down any threats. There is already much talk of them trying to ban Golden Dawn in Greece. Nationalistic leaders must be elected rapidly and in sure measure to prevent legislation from stomping on peoples’ rights and continuing to force multiculturalism down our throats.

        • Ella

          Over half of the European people bought into multicultural ideas since they have less experience in living with and tolerating third worlders through mass immigration. Europe has more of a trickle effect of refugees and illegals. However, they may wake up sooner since they pay a higher TAX bill than Americans do. We’ll see.

        • Morris LeChat

          If Europe does shift to a pro white, kick out the turd worlders mentality, then I will be moving there. A country like Germany , if it took such a position, could have millions of young white’s move there from America and South Afrika. It could benefit greatly from such an influx.

      • evilsandmich

        Good point. I’ve mentioned before that some whites that I’ve conversed with in higher immigrant territory aren’t big fans of the Mexicans, but they are less fans of the Americans who would move to the area to do “jobs that Americans won’t do”, if you get my drift (all the more amusing that such low skilled Americans almost always vote for high-immigration candidates).

      • the people you are talking about wont be satified with a “small amount of diversity”. You are right, “society” wont survive. That is their goal!

      • I disagree. At one time I would have agree with your assessment. I was raised around many Mexicans. And to be fair, they treated me well. However I think there has been a shift in Latin attitudes concerning race. I believe that most Latinos have decided to side with the African against those of European heritage. Their culture, their philosophy of life, whom they inter-marry with, and whom they identify with seems to largley be on the side of the African.

        • Charlesz Martel

          40% of Argentines are from Italy. And Sapnish, from Spain, are much, much whiter than Mexicans. Northern Spanish are only 6,000 years apart from southern Englishmen, and southern Spanish are mixed, in varying degrees, with Arabs due to the Arab invasion (El Cid, etc.). They are Mediterranean White.I have lived in Spain, and Miami. I’ll take a Spaniard or an Argentine over a Mestizo any day.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Agreed. Spaniards have Visigothic blood. The so-called “latinos” in America are either mesoamericans or caribbeans; two groups of bloodthirsty, cannibalistic savages of no cultural value to whites whatsoever.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Agree. Seeing the Latinos in DC, I see shifts in their attitudes or how they present since Obummah has taken office. Alot more hostile. I used to like them, now I don’t. I get glares from Latinos at the 7-11 and other random places. Yeah, the ‘vibe’ has changed.

        • Luca

          The hispanics coming over the border these days are not the struggling migrants just looking to work. They are the mestizos who are looking for jobs with cash paid under the table and as many benefits as they can find. then their kids are not willing to do the tough jobs for low wages so they become a blight on society and will settle for the benefits and some street crime.

          The old time hispanics generally had a greater percentage of European DNA and therefore assimilated a lot better and their numbers were manageable.

          It’s a whole new world now where the dregs are counting on their overwhelming numbers and they are being organized, encouraged, enabled and led by traitorous elite liberals.

        • JohnEngelman

          Argentina and Chile have lower murder rates than the United States, even though the per capita gross domestic product is lower, because the percentage of the population that is European is higher.

    • Curious Citizen

      Imagine a nation composed entirely of multiracial individuals. Would that be a good thing?

      • Londoner

        He seems oddly out of place here. One of the main goals of any White racial unity organisations would be to prevent racial dissolution. Yet people seem to be playing along or just aren’t serious about racial preservation. Oh well.

        • Funruffian

          Are you talking about Mr. Taylor? If so, you definitely missed the thesis of his whole lecture. He is our foremost proponent of White racial unity, he just has a more scholarly approach to his audience.

        • JohnEngelman

          No one is forcing anyone to date and marry people of different races. It is happening more frequently because more people want to do it.

          • Luca

            Actually a major reason it is happening is because the main stream media is broadcasting the not-so-subliminal message of how “Cool” it is, (can you say Kardashian?). Blacks in particular are glorified in movies, TV shows and commercials. Oddly, blacks don’t fare so well on game shows. Inter-racial relationships on TV (black male, white female) are disproportionate to reality.

            It would be nice if someone would show these impressionable young people some statistics on interracial divorce and spousal abuse. But in the land of the PC liberals, showing the other side of the story would be considered hate-speech.

          • JohnEngelman

            Hollywood movies and television sitcoms are highly competitive. The clear majority fail to make a profit. They only make a profit if they reflect popular attitudes.

            No one ever told me I should prefer Oriental females. I just did, starting when I learned they existed at about the age of seven. Quite a few white women prefer black men for reasons I will not describe for fear of making Courtney from Alabama blush.

          • David Ashton


            As for your last sentence, readers could go straight to the horses’ mouths (or donkey jaws, as Carlyle put it) – in the writings of Eldridge Cleaver and Malcolm X.

          • Sun Wang

            No women prefer blacks unless they are emotionally propagandized programed by the entertainment industry. Zero.

          • Sun Wang

            Trying to un-brainwash them would not be necessary if the genocide propaganda would stop. The appeal would be lost almost immediately and things would quickly return to normal with non-Whites and mixed people being avoided and shunned or only litely tolerated.

          • Sun Wang

            Propaganda. Media manipulation influences people’s behavior. They engage in activities and make decisions they would normally not do.
            It is a form of brainwashing and is illegal as genocide under international law.

          • JohnEngelman

            Propaganda is only effective if it tells people what they want to believe, or what they know to be true from their lives’ experiences.

            During the 1960s liberal Democrats told white blue collar workers that the real problem was not crime in the streets but white racism. White blue collar workers were often the victims of black crime, as were their friends and relatives. They knew what the problem was. They rejected the liberal message, and began voting Republican.

          • Luca

            Propaganda is a tool and is not aimed at what a person likes or what they “want to believe.” Propaganda exaggerates the truth or fabricates an outright lie to promote an agenda.

            Did the German population prior to 1945 “want to believe or know it to be true” that Jews were sub-human vermin? They were told that repeatedly until they either believed it or accepted it.

            I would like to believe, that at the very least, the races could live on civilized terms the way it is portrayed in the media however, I know the truth is different than what is being projected.

            Even when a movie has a good plot that could stand on its own “they” almost always interject a small theme that is anti-White-Christian-heterosexual and/or male.

            Propaganda is a tool imposed upon a population and used to achieve an agenda which will eventually lead to that population losing its freedoms.

            Some people will believe what they are led to believe.

          • JohnEngelman

            One does not get places in politics by changing people’s minds. One gets places by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist.

            For the Nazis the Jews were a protean hate target. When appealing to German Gentile blue collar workers Jews could be portrayed as crooked businessmen and financial swindlers. When appealing to upper class Germans Jews could be portrayed as left wing agitators.

            After losing World War I, and suffering the inflation of the 1920s and the unemployment of the Great Depression the Germans were in a surly mood.

            In 1932 if a pollster had asked the Germans, “Do you want to try to conquer Europe and kill all the Jews there?” most Germans, even many Nazi Party members would have been shocked at the question.

            If the pollster had asked, “Are you angry about your circumstances and the circumstances of Germany, and to you blame the Allies and the Jews for those circumstances?” most Germans would have answered, “Yes.” That was the attitude Adolf Hitler articulated and channeled to his purposes.

          • Morris LeChat

            well, in your case, they want to when you pay them

          • Sick of it

            Everything from the mass media to the schools to the government to peer pressure is pushing it along on a naive generation. People aren’t allowed to discover what they want on their own, but are convinced to live a certain way by major institutions.

      • a multiracial individual

        If everyone in such a place were mixes of: Jewish, White, and East Asian the place would probably be nice.

        • Funruffian

          Nice and pleasant with extreme professional competition.

          • convairXF92

            No problem if from childhood up we saw extreme professional competition as normal. (Just like basketball in the ghetto 🙂 )

        • JohnEngelman

          Immigrants from India seem to be fairly safe to be around. It is blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics who cause the problems.

          • What pleases the White-right up here in Cunuduh, is that the terror stuff makes Whites wary of ALL non-whites Makes the job easier in the long run !

          • a multiracial individual

            I have heard that Indian immigrants throughout the globe are a tiny sliver of the Brahman class. I have not looked into the matter though.

          • David Ashton

            Many are Caucasian (“Aryan”) and apart from their complexion look like Europeans. One old colleague in London, an Anglophile mathematician and excellent cricketer, expelled from Uganda, once said that if blacks get the upper hand in Britain, it will be “like the Planet of the Apes”. I make no comment on his observation, since I do not want a visit from the British police.

          • a multiracial individual

            Do the British police arrest Muslims who call for the decapitation of infidels?

          • David Ashton

            The selective arrest and prosecution process is a disgrace. It is a good example of how the “authorities” bypass what John Engelman thinks is “democracy” in Britain.

          • a multiracial individual

            If a society does not have freedom of speech, it is not truly free.

          • reveal1914

            Here In Britain we have hate speech laws which are ambiguous. whats is permissible to say and what is not is entirely at the discretion of the establishment.

          • David Ashton

            The expert demographer Professor Coleman has predicted that whites (not just the English) will be a minority in Britain (not just in England) in five decades. The “run-up” to this event would be pretty disturbing. Now, are we likely to be prosecuted if we express opposition to this process, or even deplore the final outcome?

            Is this “racism” and is it why Nigel Farage doesn’t want “racists” in his party?

          • Alexandra

            You should see my old hometown of Detroit. I’m an American, I’ll comment…it’s definitely the situation in our major cities.
            And I’ve heard some not-so-nice things about South Africa since apartheid was ended.

          • Alexandra

            I have no problem with Orientals (East Asians) but they’re better off in their own countries. They can improve their nations, and we can improve ours…the rest of them, they can screw up their nations as they see fit.
            I don’t believe in mixing.

          • convairXF92

            Be careful with Indians though if you’re in a STEM field and are female. Some of the Indian techies seem to be mean to everyone, though (maybe everyone not Indian–I see this when one Indian works in isolation surrounded by whites and East Asians).

        • Charlesz Martel

          Yes, it probably would. All races are not equally desireable or undesireable. But there is no question that races build different cultures. And people should not be forced to have their culture radically changed against their will, for no discernible benefit to anyone except a small sliver of their society.

          Look, East Asians can build and maintain a very high culture- in many ways, superior to White Western culture. But the fact that it may be better in some ways does not mean that it should replace White Western culture in white countries, any more than whites should force East Asian culture to change to white norms. As Jared Taylor once said,: “( Paraphrasing here):

          “You do not love your children more than your neighbor’s children because they are better, you love them because they are yours.”

          I am not a Christian, but prefer to live in a WASP world. Is this a bad thing? Not if I do not expect the rest of society to change to a non-WASP culture. I have lived as an expatriate for many years- and I did not ask that my host culture change for my benefit. If I had wanted to live in my native culture, I would have.

          One of the amusing idiocies about Multi-Culturalism is that the adoption of Multiculturalism will inevitably lead to a new, mixed culture, that will be monolithic, eventually, and not multicultural. So what happens, at that point, to our glorious diversity?

          • I have come to believe that race is the beginning of a new species. Race is one way that Nature creates new life forms. Each race MUST follow its own destiny in order to reach its greatest good, or fail, as the Neanderthal did. If all of the world’s human forms of life merge into one, then there is a good chance that all life will come to an end at the same time. We need TRUE diversity to ensure that an upward progression of life can continue.
            REASON – LOGIC – EUGENICS.

          • David Ashton

            A view worth developing on this site.

          • EggsBenediction

            I don’t know about including all east asians – some seem pretty barbaric at times and third worldy – I have a great love and respect for the japanese, after whites they are next on my list of great races. Maybe if we don’t make it at least they will. I have nothing but suspicion and worry regarding chinese and others, they seem corrupt, uncreative, cruel, and disorganized.

          • White Mom in WDC

            I don’t dig the Chinese either. Not my scene. Nor Koreans

          • reveal1914

            I have to admit I quite like the East Asians, and I could even go on to say that I admire them, but I don’t want them living in my house especially when they have one of their own.

          • David Ashton

            Jared Taylor’s quotation is excellent.
            I wonder how many pro-multicult posters actually have children of their own?
            I did know a fairly well-off Christian woman in London who agonized because she gave her own children more affection and better material conditions than the poor little black children she saw on television or in charity leaflets.

        • David Ashton

          We could name it the Republic of Engelmania.

        • White Mom in WDC

          I like my hometown to be all white

        • Luca

          It’s more complex than that. All the different ethnicities are comprised of various DNA haplogroups. It’s almost like a chemistry experiment or a recipe with many ingredients. It seems if you are lucky enough to get a good mix of northern European, Mediterranean, SouthWest Asian, North East Asian DNA, you were dealt some good cards. The rest is a crap shoot. I think race is a misnomer, it’s really more like breeds.

      • White Mom in WDC


      • JohnEngelman

        That would have to depend on the races that went into the mix. Hispanics are a hybrid race of whites, American Indians, and some blacks. In terms of average intelligence, and rates of crime and illegitimacy they are between whites and blacks.

        A hybrid race of whites and Orientals would behave and perform well.

        • David Ashton

          Can you give an example of a high-performing “hybrid race of Whites and orientals”?

          • JohnEngelman

            Not yet, but I am confident it would behave and perform well because whites and Orientals behave and perform well.

            Whites and Orientals have been called “the two civilized races.” The description is appropriate. We get along well together. It is third world peoples who attack each other and us.

          • David Ashton

            You and your “confidence”!
            Whites and East Asians have fought one another and among themselves quite often with huge casualties and cruelties.
            (Wouldn’t mixing with Whites spoil the supreme beauty of the oriental beauties in your eyes?)

    • Michael Mason

      They are soon to follow Greece. They do have a serious problem, but that’s all the more reason more of them are waking up and being passionate about the protection of their country and culture.

    • a white individual

      “ours” ? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re not one of us here or there.

      • JohnEngelman

        a multiracial individual belongs here and there as much as you do.

        • David Ashton

          Do people from other countries “belong” in the USA as much as you do?

          • JohnEngelman

            Everyone who is here legally belongs.

          • David Ashton

            So what do you think of Jared Taylor’s conversation with the Korean-descended citizen?

          • Alexandra

            John, do you know what a “nation” is?

          • JohnEngelman

            The first nations were groups of tribes speaking the same language, like the twelve tribes of Israel, or the German tribes written about by Julius Caesar and Tacitus during the first century B.C. and the first century A.D.

            In time these nations developed national governments, and the tribes dissolved.

            During the time the U.S. Constitution was signed the United States was a multi national country composed of three races: whites, blacks, and American Indians.

            The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution reads, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

            I have been told on this website that that the mention of “our Posterity” means that only whites belong here.

            What it means literally is that the only people who belong in the United States are those who are exclusively descended from ancestors who lived in the thirteen states at the time the Constitution was signed, which was 1787.

            I doubt that many who post on this website can claim that during the year 1787 all of their living ancestors lived in the United States. American blacks, who were granted full citizenship rights by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution, do have a much higher percentage of ancestors who if they were alive in 1787, lived in the United States.

          • David Ashton

            Jared Taylor, as you know, has dealt with the racial perceptions of the Founding Fathers in an essay at least as important as his less fully informed views on Chinese criminality.
            “In many countries people of different national cultures live side by side, but are so alien from one another in their language, race and religion that the formation of a single national cultural community is not to be conceived” (Alfred Cobban).
            “Multiculturalism should be understood as an attempt, undertaken in our schools, to tear down, discredit and destroy the shared story that has made us a people” (Lawrence Auster).

          • Morris LeChat

            academic drivel proves nothing

          • Morris LeChat

            once again, WRONG!

        • jackryanvb

          I thought this troll JohnEngelman had been banned.

        • Morris LeChat

          votes say NO!. In a white ethnic state, multiracial individuals would not belong, why should they be welcome here?

      • concernedcollegekid

        What are we supposed to do with all the “multiracial individuals” in white countries who were born there, have high IQs, work, and obey the law? They didn’t choose to be born, they didn’t do anything they deserve to be penalized for, and where would we repatriate them to? I don’t think historically white countries will ever be 100% white again, nor do I particularly want them to. I want them to be majority white – a substantial majority white – but I think “a multiracial individual” seems like he would be a good neighbor who would not rob your house and rape your daughters. My problem with too much diversity is that it increases crime and violence and generally makes it impossible for “white culture” to exist, but the fact of the matter is that “white culture” puts emphasis on individualism over collectivism and is therefore more conducive to including a bit of racial diversity than, say, Asian culture is. Asians create a more collectivist civilization where diversity would make no sense and other races can’t really do “civilization” on their own. I like the fact that white culture works with a little bit of diversity and I have no problem living around minorities who perform well. The problem is that our “diversity” right now doesn’t accept that whites will have to remain the significant majority of the population if we want Western countries to retain the qualities that make them good places to live in. If minorities want to live here I think they have to accept being permanent minorities and following a culture that isn’t theirs. Whites, too, have to wake up and understand that we need to stay a majority here if we want to keep having the kinds of lives that feel right for us.

        • Talltrees

          As long as it isn’t specified by law that it remains a White European country, who’s to say this same thing wouldn’t happen in the future and it could. They’d change the law. Who would have thought our legislators would pass an immigration law that works against us?

          As soon as you have any percentage of minorities, they want their own kind to immigrate and pressure for it.

          Including all Causasians means allowing Muslims in.

          Our Constitution should have explicitly stated, White indigenous Europeans only. If we ever get land of our own, that must be included.

          • concernedcollegekid

            I get that wanting to have only a “slightly” diverse country is a slippery slope. So many (decreasingly) white countries have already proved that. I also hope all the actual white nationalists on this site get their wish somehow and get to have their own 100% white countries, even though I personally like to live around some high-performing diversity in a majority-white context. Yes, I know high-performing diversity in a majority-white context might not prove to be sustainable and maybe I won’t always have the option of living in a place like that. If I had to choose between living in an all-white nation and living somewhere were whites were a minority, I would definitely live in the white nation and travel to visit non-white friends.

          • David Ashton

            Yes, look at the demographic fate of England’s green and pleasant land, its happy breed and island race, in just a few decades.

        • jackryanvb

          Just leave them alone. Focus on the millions of violent, criminal low IQ Blacks, Latrinos, throat cutting, mountain Muslim goat #&*$# Jihadists.

        • reveal1914

          Part of the definition for subspecies is they can interbreed producing live fertile young. So obviously if 2 3 or 4 subspecies occupy the same geographical territory they will eventually over time interbreed with each other resulting in the brown dog scenario. The brown dog scenario is based on observations in a Mexican village where the locals had dogs of various breeds but allowed them to interbreed randomly. The result was everybody owned a brown dog that looked exactly the same as every other dog in the village.

          • David Ashton

            The general point you are getting at is valid, except that random mixture in early generations would not produce a uniform type but a hodge-podge of types, probably with out-breeding depression. Eventually a more uniform retrograde population would result, losing the specialized characters of the original distinct phenotypes. Wide out-crossing is fatally irreversible, counter-selective and would eventually bring evolution on this planet to an end.

        • Morris LeChat

          Let the black countries take them

      • a multiracial individual

        You don’t find it ironic that given where we are, and who we are, that you are acting more like a troll than I?

    • Derelictus

      I admire you sticking it out on this site, but don’t you get tired of the nasty comments from WNs on here who seem to wish you would just go away/disappear b/c of your ethnic identity? I’m all for reduced immigration and an end to enforced “multiculturalism”, but I have no desire for an “exclusively white” homeland where nonwhites/multiracials are beaten in the streets. Majority white, sure, but not some nutty Neo-Nazi state obsessed with racial purity. Just my 2 cents. I’m not sure why I keep going on this site, clearly my views aren’t in line with most of the commenters.

      • Funruffian

        I think your vision of a Neo-Nazi state terrorizing non-Whites is perhaps paranoia, but maybe it’s due to the fact I have never seen Whites, in any social setting, to openly impose danger on non-Whites. Never in my lifetime. Whites have always been the peacemakers in ethnic conflict which is a munificence we can no longer afford. White altruism does not come cheap and will inevitably ruin us if we don’t withdraw from such craziness.

        • a multiracial individual

          I agree that it is statistically rare. However, I personally have seen plenty of Asian kids battered by White frat boys. Just last weekend, we took a party bus to a nightclub. We were denied entry because one of the intoxicated white gentlemen in our bus battered one of our Asian passengers. Some other white guys took him to the back of the night club to discuss the issue. He became more beligerent, at which point they gave him a thrashing and sent him on his way. Very strange.

          • Funruffian

            Did that really happen? Honestly? I don’t approve of that unless it was self-defense.

          • a multiracial individual

            Of course it happened. Do I feel safer around Whites and Asians? Yes I do. But I don’t delude myself into thinking there are no White and Asian hooligans.

          • David Ashton

            All initiated and unprovoked violence is deplorable. In Britain there have been some dreadful cases of South Asians attacking whites and of blacks attacking Asians, but the press does not give them the publicity it gives to white attacks on blacks or Asians.

          • convairXF92

            Back when the Eastern Bloc countries had just thrown off communism, American students would travel to these countries to teach English. A group of MIT students, including one small skinny East Asian, went to Poland for such. They were on a Polish big-city bus, sitting across from some Polish youths sporting spiked black leather, mohawk hair, and piercings. The Americans got off the bus first, with the skinny Asian kid last. The skinheads jumped the Asian and beat him to a pulp. *No one* bothered to help, no one, no matter how much and how long the Americans yelled–no white Pole would help an Asiatic. Only when some US Mormons on their missionary trip walked by did the kid get help.

      • Your confusion may stem from the mix of anti-white ideas and propaganda that you have grown up with. The real issue is not political, social, cultural or national but rather genetic. We are, what we are, because of the DNA that sets our identity, everything comes from this. It is all right to have a FEW non-whites around as long as our genetic identity is not thwarted or confused. We have a unique psychophysical make-up that governs our own destiny, we do not yet know where this will take us but there are those that want to ensure that we fail. It’s the task and duty of the defenders of our race to guarantee that we succeed in reaching our greatest advancement. Political, social, or national structures are derived from the unique nature of our DNA.

      • Alexandra

        Somehow I don’t think that any such beatdowns would be solely due to heritage, but to content of character.
        However, it would be my preference that people suspected of wrongdoing are put on trial…THEN given the beatdown, so to speak.
        I have a tiny bit of Amerind ancestry. But I identify as white. I mean, we’re talking 96-97% white here. Yet some would want me to concentrate on that tiny little bit of non-white. I’m sure that little bit wouldn’t sit well with the staunchest WNs…but hey, you don’t choose your ancestors.
        That being said there’s nothing wrong with racial purity, as long as we’re not talking about genocide of other races. Whites should marry white. Blacks should marry black. I grew up in a fairly leftist home, yet no one had to tell me I should marry white.

      • Morris LeChat

        he doesn’t belong here, this is for white’s only, sorry that offends you.

  • a multiracial individual

    The easiest way for these energetic youth to get rid of gay marriage would be to allow more Muslims to immigrate to France (and institute Sharia Law).

    • Nancy Thomas

      Disaffected Muslim youth already have the french running for cover.

    • David Ashton

      The attack on both national identity and family life, by any convenient method, forms a double-prong of the Cultural Marxist attack on western civilization. Exploiting Muslim and homosexual groups is mainly a tactic of destruction, and any conflict between them just adds to the general disruption.

      • Jaego

        Two can play their game. And since the Elite as so wildly Pro-Gay, we do well to promote conflict between them and their Anti-Gay 3rd World Clients, be they Muslims or Mexicans.

        • David Ashton

          Muslim and black Christian opposition to “gay marriage” has not deterred the metropolitan elite, but there is some sense in your recommended strategy – if handled carefully in the short term.

          • Sam Spade

            Don’t forget a majority of Whites oppose Buck and John getting married too. We are not all deviants yet.

      • a multiracial individual

        Who would they side with?

    • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

      Wealthy male Muslims are notorious for cornholing 12 year old boys.

    • Skeptique

      No, the easiest way is for them to make a stand themselves. They don’t need anyone else to do that for them.

      • a multiracial individual

        I was being facetious. The more barbaric a society is the greater their animous toward gays.

        • David Ashton

          Opinion has changed, partly because people have realized that some “gays” are born that way. But the “homintern masonry” is very influential in the entertainment, arts and media world.

          • Morris LeChat

            Sorry, but you can stop peddling that fiction. It has been proven that homosexuality is not biological. It is a developmental flaw.

    • Morris LeChat

      awwwww, sour grapes or is it sour tea bags?

  • George White

    Mr. Taylor,
    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do. I think it won’t be long….we will see a similar willingness to openly discuss our problems here in the USA…because physcial danger has a way of waking people up!

  • Mrd2u2

    Would love to see the PPT presentation slides. In a crazy world where discussing racial realism in branded as “hate” and many are quickly intimidated by the other side of the debate, you Mr. Taylor are an inspiration.

    • I made them in French, but I am thinking of recycling them in English for an article on the same subject. Thanks and best regards.

      • Nathanwartooth

        This would be great, I would be interested as well.

        I always wondered if you read the comments, and now I have my answer. 🙂

        • Morris LeChat

          I wonder how close I get to being banned

          • Nathanwartooth

            Use common sense and you wont be.

          • Morris LeChat

            in a world that is dominated by liberalism, common sense is never rewarded. What I post is always common sense, and it get’s me banned so many other places I just expect it to happen here too.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Common sense = no cursing, no violence, no racial slurs and no unwarranted criticism of Whites. That is pretty much it.

  • fakeemail

    Thanks for the report Jared. You are truly a gentleman and a scholar. You couldn’t be further from being the “hatemonger” that your typical detractors would make you out as. You’re something of a Paul Revere of our time who is devoted to the simple truth and desire to keep his people & culture. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Two quibbles though. One, the loss of Sarkozy illustrates how whites/conservatives have NO options at the ballot box. Sure, Sarkozy is better than a full-fledged commie like Hollande. But he himself is simply a “free trade” open borders marketeer. That is just a slower death.

    Second, I find it deeply discouraging that young whites will only “pour into the streets” to froth at the mouth about “marriage equality.” That is the sign of a deeply debased and cowardly people. These are upper-middle class whites who can only feel good about themselves if they reign hatred and indignation down on whites who know that marriage is *only* between man and woman.

    • Veritas_lux_mea

      Sarkozy is worse than Hollande. While running for office, he is willing to use the language of the far-right, poaching the votes of millions of unwitting right-wingers. Then while in office, he governs from the far left on racial/immigration issues. Here he is advocating miscegenation for French people.

      • evilsandmich

        Good thing we don’t have anyone like that over here (sarc)

      • Michael Mason

        In this particular speech, I believe he was presenting miscegenation as a “solution” to what other European leaders have addressed to be the “current” failure of multiculturalism.

        Encouraging miscegenation is something you’ll find being done by most prominent Jewish people in Europe…. Just sayin’

      • NeuBismarckian

        Totally agree. While Taylor makes an important point in that Third World immigration increases the Left’s electoral chances because their newly imported “citizens” will vote for Big Government, it would be wrong to adulate “conservative” parties like Sarcozy’s because they are not explicitly pro-white. Taylor SHOULD be writing about Marine le Pen, leader of the National Front, which is France’s third largest political party and rising as nationalism washes over Europe again. Le Pen wants a moratorium on immigration, immediate deportation and stripping of citizenship of criminal immigrants (who fill the vast majority of French jails), and incentivized repatriation of immigrants. She is willing to say that France is for the French. And as you stated, Sarcozy just siphons off National Front voters with tough rhetoric but no real action.

      • Dude

        Never trust a non-European, such as Sarkozy.

    • The sign reads “One father, one mother for all children.” They are demonstrating AGAINST gay marriage. You got that part mixed up, but hey, we all do that fro m time to time!

      • fakeemail

        Oops, I misread that part! I guess I’m used to so white-liberal nitwits who feel so courageous and self-righteous when they browbeat other whites as “homophobic” for opposing the misdefinition of marriage that is being forced on us.

        • Hey, at least your mistake was an honest one! The lefties you speak of purposely dissemble 24/7!

  • Im glad Whites are waking up in Europe, etc however, I wish I could say the same thing about the US. with all their Noboma stickers and half breeds.

    • Funruffian

      Waking up they are, but not in the droves so it seems. I was hoping to hear and see more enthusiasm from the audience at the conference in London. I know Whites don’t express their solidarity as vehemently or as barbarically as Blacks do.
      Ironically, it is disturbing that when Blacks express hatred or solidarity it is often excused and even permitted. If Whites, even in their most dignified and respectable fashion, express group interest it is immediately pilloried as hate-speech and racism. Succumbing to these hideous double-standards must be abandoned at once.

      • DiversityIsDeath

        Yes, many of us whites are fed up with multiculturalism and anti-white propaganda. But we have careers, bank accounts, families to protect. We have too much to lose. We live in silent fear– just the way the liberals want us to. It’s disgusting, I know. I am a “self hating white” but not for the same reasons the white liberals are. I hate myself for my cowardice.

        • Anon

          Well said. And so true. Our affluence keeps us quiet. Soon, I think, we will have no such inhibition.

          Great report, Mr. Taylor.

        • It’s not just disgusting, it’s a strategic mistake on the personal level. Remember Tom Wolfe’s novel, the Bonfire of the Vanities.

      • “If Whites, even in their most dignified and respectable fashion, express
        group interest it is immediately pilloried as hate-speech and racism”
        Maybe it’s not what WE are saying but HOW we are saying it.
        In other words say what you mean and mean what you say. Stop asking – pretty please.

  • Puggg

    It is impossible to imagine the Enterprise Institute, for example,
    hosting a public conference called “Can the Republican Party Survive
    Mass Immigration?”

    They would be holding a conference called “Can the Republican Party Survive Without Mass Immigration?” They would ignore all the obvious and plain data that shows that mass immigration will kill the Republican Party, and spout every stupid and insane rationalization to “support” their argument as if those stupid arguments were the most intellectual thing anyone ever said. The conference of course would be funded with generous donations from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Sheldon Adelson, Microsoft, Tyson Foods, ConAgra, the Business Roundtable.

  • Thomas

    Jared Taylor and Andrew Brons. For me as a British nationalist, that’s a wonderful sight to see! We are truly blessed to have men like Mr. Taylor and Mr. Brons on our side. Both are an inspiration.

  • antiallanbloom

    How do Amren posters feel about gay marriage? In a white nationalist separatist state obviously excludes Jews and nonwhites, what about white homosexuals and gay marriage? IMO I think white nationalists are more likely to be French traditional marriage advocates who trend family values and the Right than French homosexual marriage activists, who trend Left.

    • David Ashton

      In Britain the legislation for “gay marriage” impacts directly and adversely on [heterosexual] marriage in several respects. Some white homosexuals are nationalists and race realists, though they mostly do not add babies to the white population; one British “gay” has made an especially good critique of multi-ethnic immigration which AmRen has noted. There is no need to police the bedroom of consenting adults and lifelong private partnerships between homosexuals can be tolerated.
      Some sexual practices have medical negatives and need to be discouraged in any society, and children and teenage boys especially protected against abuse, propaganda, pornography and recruitment. The debate between Christians and opponents over the morality of sodomy, felching and adultery can be left until after nationhood has been (re)established, and at any rate should not divide patriots who seek that primary objective. Incidentally, Jews should not be totally or automatically excluded just because they were “born” Jews.

      • Romulus

        I agree. Let’s not pretend why, however. As reported by the last global census, there are approx. 13 million people who claim Jewish ancestry. A disproportionate number of them are gay. As a collective group, they also control 2/3 rds of the entire planets wealth. All struggles require the power of wealth. Mr. Giovanni, im certain, is completely aware of their impact over the former Roman empire and todays Italy. Alas, a union with those that support our views can only be productive when we consider the enormous power they wield.

      • Funruffian

        I was talking with this guy about politics and somehow our conversation segued into the “Gay Marriage” topic. He said that “let the queers and Lesbians marry, they should suffer like the rest of us married folks.”
        He’s obviously just joking to avoid a controversial subject, but i know most married heterosexuals spurn the idea of same sex marriage.

      • guest

        I am not pro-gay marriage, but I think consenting adults should be left alone. Some kids, about 1-3%, actually are gay; they cannot be “recruited”. Teenage boys should be protected from sex predators…but so should teenage girls. Not all gay males are sex predators, but they should be watched more closely. Telling people to not harass gays is not propaganda. Telling gay kids that they should not commit suicide is not propaganda either.

        Lesbians have always had “Boston Marriages”. Many are lifelong relationships. I have no problem if they want to have shared bank accounts, hospital visitation rights, and inheritance. That’s not a marriage, but some kind of civil union. Gay males typically have hook-ups and serial relationships, lasting a year or so. Gay “marriage” would mean that a hapless gay men would have to pay alimony to several “ex-husbands”. I don’t see how that helps them in any way. Furthermore, gay marriage would be a bonanza for people trying to enter the country illegally. That would be a disaster. Heterosexual men would be “marrying” each other to for citizenship and welfare benefits. Millions brothers and cousins would be marrying each other fraudulently. Gay marriage would help destroy this country because it would create more chaos and lawlessness.

        • Skeptique

          One’s sexual behavior should be a private matter. Homosexualists insist on that not being the case. I applaud the French youth resisting them and taking a stand for traditional values.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          I agree with this. I don’t think gays can really get married, because I believe that marriage is inherently between a man and a woman, but I don’t really care if they get civil unions to share bank accounts and things.

          A white ethnostate would have to absolutely ban any gays from bringing over their foreign partners, though. The potential for fraud is just too high.

        • David Ashton

          Some boys with homosexual inclinations are regarded as “chickens” (easy prey) by prospective “daddies” and brought into a promiscuous and unhealthy lifestyle. Some heterosexual punks also make money from older men as rent-boys, and some young people without hormone/genetic predispositions can get accustomed to same-gender activity through isolation (e.g. boarding schools). The homosexual movement has always had its “Man-Boy Love Liberation” wing (discreetly hidden from the “homophobic” majority), a flourishing pederast “literature” (which I have noticed on open display in London), and support for lowering the age of consent.

          • Morris LeChat

            There was a notorious mobster in boston called Whitey Bulger. He was a male prostitute when he was younger, working the gay bars. Howie Carr, a talk show host in the Boston Area, has written several books about Bulger. He was a very vicious individual.

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    Jared’s talk in London. Simply amazing.

    • rightrightright

      Thanks for that. I did just wonder if the volume could be increased a little. Nothing wrong with my hearing yet it was faint enough to be rather drowned out by the sound of my dog grinding away at a bone in the same room.

    • Funruffian

      In the final 20 minutes Jared cites the Great Northwest Pacific Movement that has been surging for a few years. Essentially many Whites relocate in States like Idaho, Montana and Wyoming to escape Blacks and other troubling forms of multiculturalism. Although he cites that the demographics are ideal in this region of the US, he briefly mentioned violence in Idaho. What happened there? Does anybody know?

  • giovanni

    thanks for everything you do. Here in Italy it would be like in France, people are free to talk, for instance on my websites I routinely publish content similar to AMREN and hardly anybody is surprised if I talk about IQ differerence. However, I have to say that you do not seem to want to admit another simple truth: the reason why the US is so hostile to white identity discussion is the jewish control of media, academia and campaign financing… In Italy and France jews are less dominant… One day maybe you will decide to break this taboo also…

    • Funruffian

      I agree with you, but Jared doesn’t want to follow the ill-fated path David Duke has.

  • JohnEngelman

    I would love to visit Europe. Nevertheless, the empty churches would be depressing to me.

    • Funruffian

      I visited Europe 4 times from 78′, 83′, 87′ and in 98′. Believe me, it’s not what it used to be. Each country had their own distinctive culture, vibe and atmosphere.

    • MikeofAges

      Better see it while it’s still there, if it is still there. Woody Allen recently wrote and produced a film called “Midnight In Paris”. I am sure the irony went right over his head and right over the heads of most of his audience. Right now, it is midnight in Paris.

      Frankly, I am not even sure you can still walk around Paris at midnight.

      • JohnEngelman

        In the United States the rate of violent crime has declined since 1991. It has not declined because we have eliminated poverty and racial inequality. It has declined because the prison population has tripled since 1980 and because millions of potential violent street criminals have been aborted.

        If the influx of blacks and Muslims into Europe has caused increases in the crime rate, white nationalists should be drawing attention to this, rather than expressing their dislike for racial and ethnic diversity.

        Many whites in Europe and the United States like racial and ethnic diversity. Unless this diversity can be associated with something they do not like, racial and ethnic immigration will continue.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          “If the influx of blacks and Muslims into Europe has caused increases in the crime rate, white nationalists should be drawing attention to this, rather than expressing their dislike for racial and ethnic diversity. ”

          John, that is EXACTLY what they do here. The end result is EXACTLY the same, however. They are called racists and bigots, simply for stating facts.

          • David Ashton

            They like some ethnic foods and (unfortunately) black rap “music”, but they do not welcome the Islamic sky-line and multicultural classrooms. Hostility to immigration is widespread in Britain in addition to mugging, sex-trafficking and terrorism.

          • HKwills

            And hostility to immigration is an excellent basis for a movement to reverse it, for it taps into the hard wired “in group/out group” dynamic well documented in evolutionary psychology. Emotive arguments usually trump bloodless abstractions such as “diversity”. Marxist lovers of economic parasitism – such as Engelman -get a great deal of mileage from calls for “fairness” and “economic justice”.

        • MikeofAges

          The “Midnight In Paris” metaphor is not about the crime rate, not primarily. It represents an allusion to the demographic crisis in historic Western Civilization, a crisis which in time may go as far as threatening Western Civilization’s existence.

        • ….”If the influx of blacks and Muslims into Europe has caused increases in
          the crime rate, white nationalists should be drawing attention to this,
          rather than expressing their dislike for racial and ethnic diversity.”……

          Has it never occurred to you that 1) We are already doing this; and 2) they are part and parcel of the same thing!

          (Maybe people crow about their “dislike for racial and ethnic diversity” because society is changing in many ways).

          I have now twice seen you comment that whites in Europe “like” racial diversity. Would you care to find me the polls which indicate this?

          Many are just ambivalent over it, or plain indifferent, but from what I have seen, the majority of immigration polls in Britain (ever since the 1950’s) have pointed to the expression that they are not “liking” diversity.

          The Conservatives and other fakes and failures have been doing the “dog whistle” politics for decades, before capitulating altogether. I do not recommend we go down the same route by shimmying around the edges any longer.

          We can do that shimmying AND state our dislike for ethnic diversity – particularly on the valid and principled grounds that we are INDIGENOUS peoples of Europe, inside our OWN homelands and that we do not accept that we should be wiped out from them.

          If they cannot come to appreciate what happens when the balance tips, and why it is in their own racial interests to maintain a majority, then there is no helping these people.

          I do not see why we should shy away from stating our discomfort and dissatisfaction with what is going on.

          That a demographic tsunami is under way is more than enough reason to have diversity seen as a bad thing. Pointing out the crime statistics, the drug dealing, the rapes, is just extra filling.

          That Jared Taylor might deplore what is happening to Europe and condemn racial diversity is a point of strength, not weakness. When you visit Paris, you are supposed to find white French people, not think you have been given the wrong plane ticked and ended up in the Sudan or Middle East.

          Why that is supposed to be a good thing and seen by people to be a good thing, I cannot fathom.

          • JohnEngelman

            That a demographic tsunami is under way is more than enough reason to have diversity seen as a bad thing. Pointing out the crime statistics, the drug dealing, the rapes, is just extra filling.

            – British Activism

            You ought to understand that what you dislike others like, and that likes and dislikes are not really debatable. What you see as “a demographic tsunami” others see as a fascinating influx of interesting cultures.

            Unless you are able to convince them that this influx has effects they dislike you cannot make them agree with you.

            If one feels something strongly it is easy to overestimate the number of people who feel the same way, and it easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.

            Like the United States, the United Kingdom is a very free and democratic country. The majority wins. The majority is swayed by effective political appeals. One gets places by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist.

            Margaret Thatcher was able to change the British economy because previous changes achieved by the British Labour Party did not seem to be working.

            As I have already pointed out, in the United States the overall crime rate has declined since 1980. This has deprived white nationalists in the United States of what had been a powerful argument from 1960 to 1980 when the crime rate tripled.

            In the United States the murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants grew from 5.1 in 1960 to 10.2 in 1980. By 2011 it had declined to 4.7.


            In the UK the murder rate is still quite a bit lower at 1.2.


            Unless it was much lower fairly recently white nationalists in the UK do not have a compelling argument against the growing diversity that many Britons, including white Britons enjoy.

            It is probably satisfying for you and others who post on this website to blame political changes you dislike on a clandestine conspiracy by a powerful and strategically placed but nevertheless small minority. As long as you think that way these changes will continue. They are likely to continue anyway, but you should try to understand why.

          • Racial self preservation is one argument John. One of many. All the other things which tinker around the edges have tended to fail and will continue to do so.

            You speak as though we have not considered what you are suggesting, but it has been tried and it is not enough, not least because of factors brought into being by what you mock as being this “clandestine conspiracy” from your fellow kind.

            To ignore or marginalise this “strategically placed” influence is to do a disservice to the understanding of how we have even arrived at this junction today, and who is often behind the elements that now prevent any actual action or discussion being taken. However, with the knowledge of that orchestration in mind, nationalists have to come some form of action.

            If you think we should be talking about things like overcrowding, depletion of jobs, lowering of wages, costs of diversity management, disproportionate crime statistics, and all else that “negatively” affects Britain, then where have you been for the last 60 years?

            People have shown their dissatisfaction in poll after poll, but in this “democracy” you speak of, their viewpoints have counted for nothing, often because of those aforementioned vested interests.

            Now we are living in a different country, and inside of a situation where people have come to know no different. Unsurprisingly, they are more pliable and adaptive to their own demise.

            In this kind of society, what you are essentially saying John, is that all hope is lost and there is no future for the survival of indigenous Britons in Britain because there are no solid arguments to be had (which have not just led to failure for the last 60 years).

            Well, thanks for that. That is really reassuring and helpful.

            But I already know that you do not ultimately care for the future survival of whites, other than for your own immediate interests.

            You favour non-white immigration as long as they are “productive”. You favour miscegenation, particularly with Orientals, and so on and so forth. Like others of your kind, you seem to enjoy the societies that Whites tend to build, but wash away the capacity and arguments for them to be self sustained.

            We have been through this before and I shall not waste my time bothering to go through it again. I know it is like talking to a brick wall. Your comment is partially valid, but it gives us nothing new.

          • David Ashton

            Excellent answer to the cuckoo in the nest.
            Engelman doesn’t believe in or desire “racial self preservation”. He has made that explicitly clear several times. You and I, and Jared Taylor, might “like” the idea, but he doesn’t (except perhaps for Mongoloid “beauty” and Ashkenazi “brains” during his own lifetime).

          • David, I had made another comment exposing this guy for what he is and what he is up to……….but the moderation on this site is unbelievably restrictive, deleted my comment, and therefore must be complicit in this anti-white agenda he pushes.

            I am lost for words as to how this can happen on a site like this, with the goals it has. Nowhere at any point did I engage in overt discourse which would be deemed unacceptable in society. I may have sailed a bit close to the wind, but I think we are all big boys here and Mr Engleman could have defended himself.

            I simply challenged what this guy is, and what he is up to, what his comments are indicative of, and that I did not find it all that surprising given the nature of the individual.

            This extent of moderation is a new low for American Renaissance in my opinion. I can only start to conclude that they are happy with this subversive individual that undermines the goal of this very site; and that they will remove any criticism of him, no matter how much effort is made to remain in the realms of acceptable discourse.

            Yes, it might be seen as an ‘attack’ on an individual, but sometimes people need to be challenged and pointed to. Nanny should not need to brush it under the carpet.

          • David Ashton

            “A fascinating influx of interesting cultures”!
            Not, I can assure you, a widely held view among the ordinary white folk of England, nor even that widely held among some of our longer-established citizens of immigrant ancestry who probably equal in number the hacks of the liberal media that recite the “rich, vibrant diversity” mantra ad nauseam.

          • JohnEngelman

            You are overestimating the prevalence of your point of view. If there was a widespread aversion to immigration in the UK the democratic political system there would be responding to it.

          • David Ashton

            Some controls were reluctantly introduced decades ago, ostensibly to stop “primary immigration”, but the process has been undermined on the ground in various ways. There followed an agreement between the Conservative and Labour Party leaders to keep immigration out of party politics (i.e. as an election issue: it was “racist”), during a period when chain migration, illegal immigration (e.g. unchecked overstayers) and refugee admissions escalated. During Labour rule at a later stage immigration was discreetly increased for political reasons (as now admitted). Very difficult for “democratic aversion” to check, because of multiple election issues (economics mainly, not just immigration); legal, financial and TV restrictions on anti-immigration campaigning; and EU regulations promoting immigration and preventing deportations.

            At the last general election, candidates admitted that immigration was the foremost live doorstep issue, both Conservative and Labour spokesmen promising to deal with it in vague terms. But Conservatives in coalition with Liberal Democrats have not delivered. Nothing new in British politics about parties breaking pledges or making U-turns when in office, on many issues as well as immigration.

            Currently there is a challenge from UKIP candidates on this issue, which gets more difficult to resolve as time goes on (as the multiculturalists want). We shall have to watch this space.

            There was no election mandate, support or demand for “gay marriage” either, but it is to be pushed through as a top priority by the political class.

          • David Ashton

            (1) In April 2006 a YOUGOV poll showed that 76% of the UK population backed an annual immigration limit; only 10%% said the government was listening on this issue.
            (2) In July 2009 81%% were worried about a 70 million population by 2028 and 76% wanted immigration drastically reduced, with 22% wanting no more immigration at all.
            (3) PROSPECT recently published an opinion poll which found that the “number of immigrants” topped the list of the “worst things about Britain today (53%) while “diversity/multiracialism” came ninth among 15 good things with only 15%.
            These polls included ethnic minority voters.

          • Morris LeChat

            the democratic political system is corrupted, it is not responding to a widespread aversion to immigration. There are other forces at work.

          • JohnEngelman

            According to the most recent Gallup survey 63 percent want immigration to remain at the present level or increased. 35 percent want it to be reduced.


            If immigration remains at its present level whites in the United States will eventually become a minority race in the U.S. If immigration increases, whites will more quickly become a minority race.

            According to a survey released April 13, 2013 4 percent of Americans think that immigration and illegal aliens is the most important issue.


            Under the circumstances it cannot be said that there is “a widespread aversion to Immigration,” or that “the democratic political system is corrupted.”

          • Talltrees

            I’ll repeat this here for you John.

            The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states the

            Article 6:

            Every indigenous individual has a right to a

            Article 8.1:

            Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be
            subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.

            Article 8.2:

            States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and
            redress for:


            Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their
            integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic


            Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of
            their lands, territories or resources;


            Any form of forced assimilation or integration;


            Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or
            ethnic discrimination directed against them.

            UN definition of genocide:

            Article 2:

            In the present convention genocide means any of the acts
            committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical,
            racial or religious group, as such:


            Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life,
            calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part…

          • JohnEngelman

            Whites in the United States are not being physically destroyed.

          • Talltrees

            You don’t think massive immigration of non-Whites is not only lowering our percentage, but, also miscegenation, which always occurs when races and ethnicities live closely together, will eventually destroy the White European race?

            That was one of the reasons why legislators mandated an immigration policy preferring Europeans before 1965.

            Europeans here are just that, Europeans. They are no longer British, German, Italian, Irish, etc. Yes, they are still White, but most are now mixed Europeans. Not to mention the tan people walking around, Black/White mixes. Over 50% of the Jews are marrying other races and ethnicities. Mexicans are mixed. 85% of American Blacks have at least 25% European ancestry, some much more.

            Also, add to that, displacing us in jobs, legislative seats, changing our culture to something we will not be able to tolerate, forcing us to move because we want to live with our own kind, using land and resources we reserve for future generations, discriminating against us, not to mention the treatment we will receive from hostile minorities, will not contribute to the end? Then history must be lying.

            If you review the U.N.’s definition of genocide and Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which evidently AmRen doesn’t like mentioned since it was removed, you will see it is happening, although, slowly.

            This doesn’t place blame on minorities. Our government is responsible.

            There are very few pro-Whites who don’t agree with this.

          • JohnEngelman

            This doesn’t place blame on minorities. Our government is responsible.

            – Talltrees

            Changes in popular attitudes are responsible. Miscegenation is increasing because fewer Americans care about race. It is a matter of personal freedom. If you don’t want to marry someone of another race, don’t. No one is pressuring you to do so. Nevertheless, a growing percentage of Americans want to. Don’t try to stop them. It is none of your business. Besides, there is nothing you can do about it.

          • Talltrees

            Students are taught in our schools that it is acceptable. Should liberals have total control over our kids’ minds? A growing percentage of Americans have also been brainwashed when they were in school and by the leftist media. You don’t get it or are you AmRen’s assigned antagonist? We don’t want our culture changed. We prefer the traditional moral, family oriented, patriotic, European culture that had always been America. That does not mean we want to relive everything from the past. We don’t want to turn our seats in government to Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, Indians, and Blacks. This is just common sense. They wouldn’t want that either if their ancestors had been the founders of the country.

            It is my business. It’s our business. My ancestors arrived in 1644. Some of them participated in all of America’s wars. Some died.

            Our European founders created the country for “free White men.” They warned about bringing outsiders in who would change the culture and government. Surely, you know that.

            Immigrants don’t have a right to come here and claim our land as Eric Holder says. According to the U.N., indigenous people have that claim. Our President’s and legislators’ first responsibility is to protect the indigenous people, not only from outside and inside physical harm, but also to see that they prosper. Foreigners’ welfare is not at the top of their list of responsibilities.

            Our legislators have taken the train for places unknown leaving us at the station. We should be on that train. It is “We the People,” not “We the president, legislators and lobbyists.”

            This website is about saving the White Race. What you said does not apply to our goal.

          • JohnEngelman

            Nobody is “brainwashed.” They are persuaded by those who are more persuasive than you are.

          • Talltrees


          • Talltrees

            How are they persuasive? There has been no debate, no sales contest. There aren’t two sides. Only theirs. They aren’t even taught there is another side. Absolutely nothing is mentioned in the media.

            We are not in charge of school curricula nor are we in control of the media. We are not permitted a platform.

            Brainwashing – mind control. Techniques that break down the psychic integrity of the individual with regard to information processing, information retained in the mind and individual values.

            Used in times of war; however, it can be accomplished via repetition, media, subliminal advertising, teaching, etc. on the public.
            An example is a TV ad showing a Black male with White female appearing married. The ad is subliminally saying it’s OK to intermarry. The more we see something, it eventually becomes normal.

            By the way, not attempting to persuade you. Not everyone is a candidate for our cause and I do know when to quit, which is now.

          • JohnEngelman

            The UK And the US are free and democratic countries. If you can’t get your message out that is your fault and your problem. There is no conspiracy. There is no brainwashing. You are on the losing end of a political struggle.

          • David Ashton

            Why ARE you cheering on what you consider “the losing end of a political struggle”? You remind me if the video nasty horror title “I Spit on Your Grave”.

          • rollo clevich

            Whether the US is “free and democratic” is a debatable issue, but the the :UK is a totalitarian police state.

            Just one example(of many) from the UK:


            “Jared Taylor has kindly pointed out that non-British readers may not understand the legal background to these events. This is perhaps not surprising, considering that many people in Britain are still under the illusion that free speech exists in this country.

            Following complaints by Jews I was raided in 2005, 2006 and 2007, each time with large amounts of book stock and equipment being taken away by police. Initially the subject of the action was the revisionist comic book Tales of the Holohoax (which had been sold in Britain for around two decades). Later, with authorisation from a Jewish Attorney General, the opportunity was taken to set a precedent using several pages on this site to extend the repression of opposing views to the internet. This despite the distribution being from California, where the site was, and still is, hosted. This too had been regarded up to this time as being completely legal.

            In 2008 Steven W. (writing as Luke O’Farrell) and I were prosecuted. The relevant law was the Public Order Act 1986: for the background to this iniquitous and vague law search for “Longest Hatred Race Laws.” When Lady Jane Birdwood was similarly prosecuted, the judge told her “The truth is no defence.” In other words, it is only necessary for someone to say they are offended, or for a prosecutor to convince a jury (easy in a dry courtroom) that there is a “likelihood that racial hatred will be stirred up.” It is not possible to argue that what you said or published was true – that is legally irrelevant.”


          • rollo clevich
          • JohnEngelman

            By the way, not attempting to persuade you. Not everyone is a candidate for our cause and I do know when to quit, which is now.

            – Talltrees

            What matters in a democracy like the UK or the US is persuading the majority. If you cannot persuade me you cannot persuade the majority.

            Your “cause” has been losing for at least a generation. Don’t you want to understand why? Don’t blame your enemies for your defeats. They are doing everything right.

          • David Ashton

            Why ARE you on this site? American RENAISSANCE.

          • I think it needs to be understood by all people here that John Engleman is, on the whole, a subversive plant within Amren and somebody who has no interest for the continuation of the White race or homogeneous nation states within which they can survive. His positions and comments are testament to this.

            The last name is a bit of a give-away as to why this might be the case, but he appears to come here to promote race mixing, Asian/Oriental immigration, to try and undermine the acknowledgement of the very real ‘conspiracy’ from his fellow travellers, obfuscate these matters with glib commentary like how “there is no brainwashing” or any nefarious influences at play whatsoever – which anybody in their right mind or with any experience or insight under their belt will know to be ridiculously naive or outright deception.

            From what I can see He just comes here to undermine and demoralise the cause at every turn. Spreading defeatism, pessimism, the “enevitability” and “powerless to stop it” attitudes. I have no idea why Amren puts up with this character and his messages, yet see the need to delete other’s comments which are less harmful to our message than his.

            Like others of his kind, he likes living in the societies and nations that Whites tend to build, but does not uphold any values or principles which can allow those societies and nations to continue. Some would call such a situation ‘being a parasite’, but perhaps that would be going a little too far.

            It is my strong opinion John Engleman is a dangerous subversive element and to engage with this person is detrimental. I wish I had never bothered rising to the bait he lays out. If everybody did the same, maybe we would see the back of him.

          • David Ashton

            The racial demography of our descendants’ nation is our business.

          • TeutonicKnight67


          • JohnEngelman

            I know people in the UK and elsewhere who think people like Jared Taylor and J. Philippe Rushton should be put in prison for hate speech. I argue with them about it, and am more civil about expressing my opinions than they are. Nevertheless, people like them exist. There seem to be more people like them than people like you.

            They do not win the argument with me, but they are winning the political dispute. One should not assume that those who win cheat.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            With respect, sir I think you are reading my comment: “really?” out of context.
            It was in response to your broad statement that:
            “Whites in the United States are not being physically destroyed.”

            I was not referring to your comment on the US and UK. and I stand by my question. Just because we are not experiencing a full fledged assault i.e. mass liquidation does not mean that we aren’t in it’s early stages. The people whom you refer to as being more numerous than myself are a perfect example of the “useful idiots” who aid in their own demise. To deny the obvious governmental suppression of Whiteness,(Euro-centric culture and values),and governmental denial of our basic rights (freedom of association being the first and foremost), is to display a gross detachment from reality. If the leftists that you spar with are not brainwashed by years of political indoctrination then they are willful race traitors of the lowest order.

          • xearther

            Ditto. There is “no brainwashing” (aka mind control) in the UK and US?

            And Edward Bernays was the Easter Bunny.

          • David Ashton

            Your view of the workings of “democracy” in the UK is so naive, simplistic and misleading that it beggars belief. Powerful and strategically placed “minorities” ( I do not refer here to “the Jews”) among sections of our civil service, border control, judiciary, broadcasting media, state education, policy wonks, party fundraisers, quangos, banks and EU regulators, have “conspired” to frustrate majority public opinion on e.g. immigration, deportation of terrorists and capital punishment, and then consolidate their hold through mass communication to emulate Brecht’s comment, “If the people don’t like the government, change the people”, i.e. corrupt public morals, taste and determination.

            The rise and defenestration of Thatcher illustrate my point, including e.g. the way that cunning parliamentary management pushed through the Single European Act, how she was sold the unpopular “poll tax” by a small set of “advisers”, treachery in MI5, the last-minute naval defense of the Falklands, or how the education establishment turned her homely recommendation of classroom tests of pupil ability in literacy and numeracy into a nightmare time-wasting scholarly aptitude exam system.

            I could recommend a dozen books to substantiate and document my reply but you are daft enough to claim that this would only prove you right and me wrong, so I shan’t bother (unless invited).

          • JohnEngelman

            In the United States the most prominent conservative commentator of the post World War II era was William Buckley. In addition to being a syndicated columnist and the editor of “National Review” he had a weekly television program called “Firing Line.” He would invite someone who was politically prominent to appear with him on the show, and they would talk, and frequently disagree.

            Once he had Ian Smith when Smith was the prime minister of Rhodesia when Rhodesia was an independent and white minority regime. Because Smith did not need to campaign for the black vote he was rather candid in explaining why there was no black vote. Blacks, he explained, were too stupid to be trusted with the franchise.

            Buckley cut him short with, “Democracy is not an intelligence test. It is a means of saying, ‘No’.”

            That is the way representative democracy works. Most people have little interest in politics unless things go terribly wrong. Policies are designed and implemented by various elites. If the policies are reasonably effective the policies remain in effect. If they do not work the electorate says, “No,” the opposing political party is given a chance, and a different set of elites devises and implements a different set of policies.

            In the United States public opinion surveys indicate ambivalence about immigration. One majority wants better border security. An overlapping majority wants it to be possible for illegal immigrants to become citizens.


            Other surveys indicate that most Americans are more concerned with other issues than immigration.


            In the present political environment intensity of opinion matters more than majority opinion. Leaders of the Democratic Party feel a genuine concern for poor immigrants (while realizing that most will vote Democrat if they become citizens). Leaders of the Republican Party feel a genuine concern for rich employers who will benefit from downward pressure on wages.

          • David Ashton

            UK “elites” are agreed on “anti-racism” and continued inward migration, and their parliamentary puppets (especially New Labour and the Liberal Democrats) on bypassing the white majority to haggle for minority votes in the “marginals”. I could develop all this, but it is becoming more wearisome than worthwhile. You could consult the website Migrationwatch.UK.

          • Talltrees

            You are absolutely correct; however, no one listens, specifically, our legislators. Speaking up could mean losing a job, a career ruined. This topic cannot be discussed in the media. There is fear.

            But, we do have the right. Not to mention the U.N. definition of genocide, see the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples. There’s more on their website.

            The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states the

            Article 6:

            Every indigenous individual has a right to a

            Article 8.1:

            Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be
            subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.

            Article 8.2:

            States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and
            redress for:


            Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their
            integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic


            Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of
            their lands, territories or resources;


            Any form of forced assimilation or integration;


            Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or
            ethnic discrimination directed against

          • Talltrees

            Couldn’t find your reply, but, yes, you are right. Suppose most of us fall into these traps.

  • Garrett Brown

    Amazing article as always JT. I asked this in “Unruly Europe” but it had already run it’s course and most had read it so I supposed that no one saw it. But in that article Mark mentioned the BNP(British Nationalist Party) had been pretty much destroyed. Why? What happened? Does anyone know?

    • John

      The BNP were ruthlessly destroyed by the media in collusion with both main parties in the UK essentially using race laws to criminalize them into bankruptcy.

      • Garrett Brown

        That’s very saddening, they were making some serious progress, oh well.. Hopefully the new Democratic party will take it’s place.

        • David Ashton

          The fate of the BNP and its predecessors holds important lessons for us all, but the story is too long to tell in detail here.

          However, a few points in addition to John’s:

          (1) The history of anti-immigration parties and organisations from the 1950s to the present is one of poaching one another’s members, changing leaders and putting them back, continual splits, internecine warfare, the usual collection of cranks and crooks, doctrinal disputes (usually over “the Jews”), multiple lost deposits through election-time competition, media exclusion or vilification, Strasserites v Tories, leftist violence, the neo-nazi “albatross”, etc. The (typical) disagreement between old hands and old rivals like Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons is just one illustration.
          All very annoying when most Conservative and Labour voters always oppose multiracial mass-immigration.

          (2) Nick Griffin’s national MP election bid was deliberately crushed by a well-funded and well-organized campaign, with the direct assistance of Obama’s technicians.

          (3) Thanks partly to the unpleasant and ridiculous post-WW2 anti-Jewish propaganda of Colin Jordan and John Tyndall, the Board of Deputies of British Jews was encouraged to push,with almost complete success, for restrictive legislation against free speech and assembly, including prohibition of the storage of “racist” material. – See e.g. Aurel Braun & Stephen Scheinberg (eds) “The Extreme Right” (1997) pp.92-97. A notorious left-wing ex-criminal was invited officially to advise and assist the British police.

          (4) The UN, EU and NGOs have led with institutions and actions to suppress “racist or xenophobic” (i.e. nationalist or anti-immigration) opinions and associations. “Both the New York-based Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Congress (AJC) are also keeping an eye on the situation in Europe.” Smaller NGOs confront the extreme right’s rank and file on the street, “blocking its meetings,” etc. “It is the international community’s responsibility to direct and mobilize these efforts in the launching of a broad, consistent and persistent assault on the extreme right.” Aurel & Scheinberg, pp.238-247.

          (5) “In 2009, the Board [of Deputies of British Jews] ran a national campaign in an attempt to stop the BNP winning seats after the party fielded 450 candidates in county council polls…. Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate said…’It’s not looking good for the BNP. We are not taking them lightly but UKIP will hoover up everything, including support for other parties such as the English Democrats’.” – The Jewish Chronicle, April 26, 2013, p.4.

          • What always missed is “personality”. Throughout history it is an on-the-spot PERSONALITY that stirs the sheep. First the personality must be out there, then the political machine can build. With the BNP you had the machine BUT no personality.

          • David Ashton

            Powell, Farage and even Griffin have a “symbolic” resonance with a less well-informed general public, irrespective of personality and policy. A widespread vote for UKIP (the safety-valve) will nevertheless have welcome repercussions.

          • Garrett Brown

            Thank you for the info David.

          • ATBOTL

            Jews would have attacked nationalists in the UK just as viciously had they never mentioned Jews.

          • David Ashton

            Possibly, though not so “viciously”, but this would not have gained much purchase in that case with the non-Jewish majority. Jordan’s cartoons and Tyndall’s swastikas not only provoked Jewish fears and opposition, but enabled them to get Gentile support – after “the Holocaust”. Some right-wing Jews like Gerald Nabarro MP and Harold Soref were anti-immigrant – and anti-black.

          • ATBOTL

            You have to distinguish between Nazi imagery and factual observation of Jewish behavior.

          • David Ashton

            I agree completely with this in principle.

            We disagree to some extent on our observation not so much perhaps of the behavior but on its variety and its motivations; also, what best to do about it.

            Re the Nazis themselves I recognize, for example, both the purpose and implications of their propaganda imagery comparing the Jews to rats (a biological pest that requiring extermination) and the exaggeration and distortions in post-WW2 propaganda about the “holocaust machinery”.

          • I agree. That is what they do. Everywhere.

            Even the safety valve party called UKIP is getting some rough treatment prior to the elections here.

            With this being the case, I am starting to come to the conclusion that no amount of “boxing clever” or “sanitisation” would make any difference, and that we might as well go the whole hog on stating our principles and objectives.

            If they are going to denounce Nigel Faker Farrage and his candidates as being some sort of loony closet Fascist and Nazis, we might as well give the opposition something to really worry about, which justifies their fear, rather than their manufactured ones they pump out for effect.

      • rollo clevich

        Sean Gabb on SOME aspects of the state campaign against the BNP:

    • The British National Party was destroyed at the hands of many reasons.

      First, there was the ‘glass ceiling’ which seems in operation to keep Mr Griffin as some sort of figurehead, despite his “Marmite” public taste. Nor would he properly delegate and give others a chance to get practice and be seen as representatives.

      This meant that those with suitable capability to progress the party were internally drummed out because they were a threat to this position, or they left through disgust of some pretty disgusting and inexcusable matters. Therefore, the inability to ride on a support wave and escape the “used car salesman” nature of the party was stymied.

      The kinds of things I am talking about include: Activist people being photographed with replica firearms prior to an election run, which went into the national media. The same people being pictured with their backsides out and pants around their ankles. A drunk looking picture of a youth leader who had been talked into giving a comedy Nazi salute. Idiots – standing for election – making jokes about “drowning Pakis” on their facebook pages in the week before the election, and so on.

      Then there were damaging mainstream media articles on “granny porn” movie makers and porn pedallers, fraudsters of elderly people, alleged drug pushers, not to mention some truly incomprehensible internal matters relating to Richard Barnbrook (then GLA member) and him being conned into carrying the can for things he was not responsible for.

      Then there was the issue over fund-raising, accounts which did not add up, suspicions and allegations over fraud and the leadership trousered the cash, and of course the bitter case of Romac Press, the company that went bankrupt because the BNP refused to pay them the money they were rightly due for printing their election material. (So much for backing small British businesses).

      Bankruptcy loomed, the bailiffs were apparently even around at Mr Griffins house trying to cease assets. All the while he lied and lied that the finances were fine, despite it clearly not adding up. A donation from a deceased individuals’ will provided the lifeline for it to carry on. Now a “new clientèle” of members have soaked into the party, who know little of what drove most people away.

      Most decent minded people could not put up with this nonsense any longer, and that is why they called for a leadership challenge and change in the constitution a few years ago. The latter was fiddled the night before the meeting, showing the contempt for internal democracy. The leadership challenge was defeated by a mere 9 votes – but there are suspicions again of rules not being obeyed and it being a stitch up.

      In the same space of time, a few years back, the BNP were wiped out in their stronghold of Barking and Dagenham, in London. This was a major blow for the party, which had a score of councillors there. They lost every single seat. The whole party was demoralised and many left because of the shambles it had become internally and because they were no longer expecting “politics” to save this country anyway.

      This is because London was going to be declared majority “Black/Ethnic minority”, Birmingham, Leicester, and many other places are soon to be the same, if not already. We now had no councillors, or perhaps one or two in the whole country.

      Many people have come to loathe Mr Griffin for what he has done to the party. I was once a “Griffinite” myself, but now, I can hardly bear to see the man’s chubby face and his cliché arguments.

      That he almost collapsed a major Pakistani Grooming/Rape case by tweeting the results of the jury’s deliberations before it was even announced, just shows what kind of egomaniac he apparently is. He could not bide being “the first” – even at the expense of nearly destroying the case.

      It is that kind of idiocy we could do well without. This is why the British Democratic Party was founded. Somewhere where it seems decent and capable people can put forward a higher standard of material and argumentation – without the silly antics normally associated with the BNP. Well, hopefully.

      Regarding the collapse in Barking and Dagenham though – which the “left” still bleat about as some sort of victory – it has since come to light through the Census documents that the Labour party flooded Barking and Dagenham with that many Blacks and Asians that the white percentage demographic dropped something like 30% in a DECADE.

      Remove 30% of the white vote from the area, and it is not all that hard to understand why the BNP were swept away so severely.

      Of course, the media were deplorably biased and nasty. They have never been friends of nationalism.

      The collapse of the BNP was both external and internal. Where we all go from here, nobody really knows.

      • Garrett Brown

        Thank you for the reply. i hope the new Democratic Party can prevail.

        • David Ashton

          Sadly most of “British Activism”‘s account is correct. Revolutionary outsiders will always attract the “non-respectable” almost by definition. Look at the Chartists who were forerunners to the Labour Party. But once you have principled leaders they need to apply the Leninist principle of the “purge” even if it initially keeps membership low. Now it is perhaps best to use UKIP as the Kerensky stage, so to speak.

  • ricpic

    Mr. Taylor asked his hosts at a British race realist meeting why Britain and the United States are behind France in terms of the mainstreaming of white consciousness, or at least the ability to hold a large public gathering to discuss the white dilemma — and got no answer. Does anyone here know why this is the case? It can’t be because French socialists are any less ferocious than our homegrown variety. So why are the French less cowed?

    • Martel

      The French are less individualistic, and are known to enjoy protesting and defying the state. They are endowed with a revolutionary spirit, and cultural marxism is getting stale. Just look at Generation identitaire, its appealing to the youth for a reason.

    • Funruffian

      He suspected that English speaking countries are more prone to all the propoganda being peddled by the USA. Perhaps the language is what makes the difference.

    • Because the French are more emotional, & the mussies blocking main drags to “pray” affects traffic heading to wherever. Always takes a personal hit to stir.

    • French reader

      “So why are the French less cowed?”

      We do not have a single, old and large community that can call to boycott, such as Blacks can form one in the USA. Also, our Marxists are often still “old-school” so they usually pay more attention to labor issues rather than diversity problems or matters of sexual orientation, despite the demonstrations we had lately.

      My understanding is that the American hostel business is much more susceptible to the slightest signs of a possible bad publicity. This is a business culture problem.

      • ATBOTL

        The people who run large businesses in America overwhelming hold anti-white beliefs. They no longer need to be pressured by boycotts, they choose to support open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens and anti-white discrimination with great enthusiasm. It’s all part of the “greed is good” mentality that infected the American right during the Reagan years. Furthermore, most executives at large US corporations don’t really see themselves as Americans, but as “members of the global community.”

        One of the biggest mistakes that US conservatives made was to try to use economic arguments to fight racial battles. During the 70’s, in response to black and leftist militancy, conservatives began advocating a retreat from public institutions — because blacks had ruined them. Whites couldn’t use public schools, parks, downtown shopping areas etc. in big cities because violent blacks were robbing, raping and killing whites in these environments. Also, blacks were using a disproportionate amount of government welfare resources. So conservatives began advocating less money for social welfare, public institutions etc. White voters flocked to the Republican party, ending 50 years of Democratic dominance that started with FDR. Most of the main issues that lead to this shift were racial in nature: (black) crime, (black) welfare usage, “affirmative action”(discriminating against whites) etc. At the time, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, it was acknowledged by everyone that the shift right among voters was motivated by race, it was called “the white backlash.”

        But there was a problem. Most conservative voters were motivated to support these policies because they didn’t want their money going to blacks. Why give money for social programs and institutions that are mostly used by people who are attacking you? The same logic was largely behind support for lower taxes and numerous other right wing policies. But the leaders in the Republican party included a lot of capitalist types who wanted the same things for a different reason. They wanted to take America back to the 19th Century when workers were impoverished and exploited. Because of the taboo on talking about race, the arguments deployed to support this retreat from public institutions were primarily aracial, focusing on capitalist anti-worker ideology, with the racial aspects alluded to sparingly, mainly at election time. What ended up happening was that conservative whites, who were largely motivated by racial concerns, voted into office politicians who only wanted to make the rich richer.

        It appears that over time, more and more conservatives began to really buy into the 18th Century economic theories and to forget about racial issues. This was especially easy for older, wealthier whites had long since moved to suburbs far away from blacks. Mainstream conservative writers and GOP politicians continued to drift left on racial issues under constant pressure from the media. There were periodic uprisings against plutocratic, globalist conservatism, but they never went anywhere because grass roots conservatives were unwilling to put their foot down and demand change. They would just complain but still vote for the people they were complaining about. There were also repeated purges inside the conservative movement and Republican party where people suspected of having pro-white sympathies were expelled. Jewish neocons and their puppets lead these purges. Over time though, many whites, especially younger, poorer AND highly educated folks began to drop out of the political process. Seeing that the Democratic party was openly hostile to them and the GOP cared only about the rich, they stopped voting.

        Right now, the GOP is in crisis because so many conservative minded whites have stopped supporting it, for many reasons. White voting rates are now lower than black, for the first time ever. We appear to be at a breaking point where the current situation cannot go on any longer. The GOP leadership and some of the conservatives pundits are now panicking and have decided they need to move far to the left on every issue except policies that benefit the rich and Zionist foreign policy/police state at home. Ironically, these are precisely the GOP polices that are most unpopular. There is no chance that the GOP will recover by perusing this approach Many, many conservative and GOP voters have finally reached the point where they will not take it anymore and are leaving the party or embracing anti-establishment factions.

        This should be a golden opportunity for nationalists in the US, but because there are no real national organizations, mass media or well know people who support nationalism in the US, not much is happening.

    • One thing I should have thought of is the first-past-the-post electoral system the Anglo-Saxon countries inherited from Britain. Arthur Kemp makes this point persuasively. If we had a proportional representation system, I can imagine 15 percent of Congress representing white interests. That would produce a huge change in the way our ideas are received.

      • David Ashton

        An excellent point. The first-past-the-post system in Britain is a formidable barrier to new movements with little income. Also, in England the parties lie about doing something about immigration at election after election, but still command enough support on other issues to retain sufficient power, after breaking their vague assurances on this question, despite skepticism and anger among the electorate that produce low poll turn-outs.

      • Puggg

        I understand that countries in Europe except for Britain have cultures that lend themselves to having multiple political parties, not just two. But then that begs a chicken-or-egg paradox: Did those societies’ multi-partisan cultures cause those countries to adapt proportional representation as opposed to winner take all, or did proportional representation spark those countries’ multi-party political cultures? To ask it another way, which is the cause and which is the effect?

    • David Ashton

      The English are more phlegmatic, pragmatic and deferential, qualities valuable in normal times, less so now. However, the anti-racist left gangs show no inhibitions about public demonstrations because, paradoxically, the dominant “liberal” establishment and media, and increasingly our politically corrected police chiefs, are ideologically on their side.

    • “So why are the French less cowed?”

      Because a superior French culture encourages a greater liberty of political differentiation. The people are more intelligent and can change theories faster. And, in spite of the intimidation from a more centralized state, the greater intellectual tolerance moderates the force of the liberal consensus.

  • Romulus

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr. Taylor for your tireless efforts to stand up for the people of the west. For a long time ive seen my beloved country tailspin into decay. Seen our heroes,history, and culture trampled byt the leftist fools that cost us all so many lives last century.Your efforts are helping renew my faith and restore my spirits. Additional thanks to the regulars who post herein. The pithy and intelligent dialogue cheers me up.Keep up the good work!

  • Funruffian

    Mr. Taylor’s energy and determination never cease to enamor me. I am so thankful for his tireless and boundless perceverance. Mr. Taylor, are you looking for any apprentices to assist you? I could be a great advocate and henchman. I’m eager to fight for our cause.

    • Martel

      I would like to second this statement, I’m always humbled by the perseverance and fortitude of Jared Taylor. He would have made the Founding Fathers proud.,

  • K.

    Jared is the Rick Steves of race realism.

  • antiallanbloom

    When it comes to France’s opposition to gay marriage, it’s worth noting that the Frankford school sees destruction of traditional mores and values as essential to ensuring a classless libertine society.

    According to Paula Ettelbrick, former director of Lambda Legal Fund Legal Defense and Education and now executive director of the International Human Rights Gays and Lesbians: “Being gay is much more than just making a cozy home, sleeping with a person of the same gender, and seeking government approval to have these rights. Being gay/lez means modifying the parameters of sex, sexuality and family and, in the process, transforming the very fabric of society … We must keep our eyes on the goal of radically reorder the way society sees reality.” So, this process of ‘modifying’ the parameters of what is normal, is dialectical energized by cultural marxism.

    • David Ashton

      Exactly. One quote from several available. The Cultural Marxists have aimed to use various minorities (ethnic, sexual, migrant) to batter the “fabric of society”, i.e. white western civilization. Some thoughtful homosexuals have realized this.

      • antiallanbloom

        may have realized this to better destroy. allan bloom himself was a homosexual pedophile.

        • David Ashton

          A few homosexuals in the public eye (e.g. David Starkey) have made helpful comments against immigration and black culture. Have a look at Bruce Bawer’s “The Victims’ Revolution” (NY 2012) for one homosexual’s devastating critique of Cultural Marxism, including “Queer Studies”.

          My personal concern is how to protect the family, the nation and the race. I have no doubt whatever about the damaging impact of sexual mania and paraphilias on our society, including very young children. There is reason to believe that homosexual practices have spread to heterosexual partners of school age. “We have mixed music, sex, drugs, revolt and treason together,” explained Jerry Rubin at the outset of self-destruction. “We need…a new generation of bizarre, unbalanced, irrational people, obsessed with sex, angry, irreligious, infantile and crazy.”

          The virtual “normalization” of addictive pornography of all imaginable kinds on a colossal scale, especially through the internet, is a major threat to our survival as a civilization along with mass-immigration.

          • antiallanbloom

            after gay marriage, gay activists will ask preteens, even children, to experiment with homosexuality. it’s already happening now. they dream of a world where girls are all bisexual and lesbian and radicalized

            here’s a link


            pril 26, 2013

            Middle school girls told to ‘ask for a lesbian kiss’ in anti-bullying workshop

            Rick Moran

            girls in a New York state middle school were told to stand in front of
            class and “pretend they were on a lesbian date,” and ask another girl
            for a kiss. The “exercise” was part of an anti-bullying workshop.

            Parents were not informed that such an exercise would take place nor were they given a chance for their children to opt out.

            Apparently, school authorities didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

            CBN News:

            workshop for 13 and 14-year-old girls focused on homosexuality and
            gender identity. They were also taught words such as “pansexual” and

            say their daughters were told to ask one another for a kiss and they
            say two girls were told to stand in front of the class and pretend they
            were lesbians on a date.

            told me, ‘Mom we all get teased and picked on enough. Now I’m going to
            be called a lesbian because I had to ask another girl if I could kiss
            her,'” parent, Mandy Coon, told reporters.

            says parents were given no warning about the presentation and there
            was no opportunity to opt-out. Both the school principal and the
            district superintendent are defending the workshops and advising they
            will schedule more.

            school is overstepping its bounds in not notifying parents first and
            giving us the choice,” another parent said. “I thought it was very
            inappropriate. That kind of instruction is best left up to the

            was absolutely furious — really furious,” a parent who asked to
            remain anonymous told reporter Todd Starnes, “These are just kids. I’m
            dumbfounded that they found this class was appropriate.”

            Superintendent Paul Finch told The Poughkeepsie Journal the presentation was “focused on improving culture, relationships, communication and self-perceptions.”

            “We may require more notification to parents in the future,” Finch said.

            He claimed
            the sessions are required under the state Dignity for All Students
            Act, which prohibits harassment and bullying in the classroom.

            Principal Katie Zahedi and guidance counselors at the middle school worked with Bard students to organize the workshops.

            is wrong on so many levels it hard to know where to begin. The fact is,
            this kind of stuff happens all the time, all over the nation. School
            authorities are unable to discern age-appropriate subject matter and end
            up trying to impart lessons to students too young to grasp the
            significance of what they are trying to teach. Asking 13 year old girls
            to role play lesbians is stupid. Even if kids that age have been exposed
            to shows like “The L Factor,” they don’t have a clue about the
            emotional and psychic makeup of homosexuals and aren’t going to learn by
            kissing someone of the same sex.

            Read more:

            Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

          • David Ashton

            Thank you for that reference. May I squeeze into this thread a little item from London’s “Sunday Times”, April 28, 2013: “The radical feminist author Susie Orbach admits she is puzzled by heterosexuality…before suggesting that women were actually ‘programmed’ to be lesbians…and is in a relationship with Jeanette Winterson, whose famous novel is Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit.” No doubt Ms Orbach got where she was solely because of what John Engelman calls “above average intelligence”.

          • antiallanbloom

            im not a woman. but women who are not committed christians have told me that they are bisexual or that they understand bisexuality and attracted to other women. many though wanted to marry a man and start a family and live according to society’s expectations.

          • White Mom in WDC

            So true. Internet pornography is the sexual abuse of children. It is a major undermining factor to our white race s d it must go. Iceland banned it, good for them

        • Blaak Obongo

          The correct term is “pederast.” I point this out because there seems to be a media campaign to identify boy-bangers as “pedophiles,” in order to keep the masses from noticing that they are homosexuals who are attracted exclusively to boys. Remember the so-called “pedophile priests” scandals? Even though they were overwhelmingly homosexual priests.

          They’re pederasts, folks.

          • antiallanbloom

            i know, Saul Bellow called Allan Bloom a pedarast. i do not know what it meant and the dictionary defines it as a homosexual pedophile. i’ve wondered if there’s a term for women attracted to girls.

            allan bloom call michael jackson and rock music as weird and harangue against what he called immoralities. i think homosexual pedophile is worse

  • Seb

    God bless you Jared! Stay safe in the field!

  • JohnEngelman

    Unlike Paris, with its crowds of blacks and Arabs, Brittany is still overwhelmingly white.

    – Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 26, 2013

    I do not have polls on these subjects, but I suspect that most Europeans do not share Jared Taylor’s dislike for ethnic and racial diversity. I also suspect that the issue that concerns most Europeans is the bad economy, and the possibility that things may get worse.

    If those who wish to maintain the white character of Europe want to reach a larger audience they should demonstrate how immigration harms the standard of living of most Europeans. They should also draw attention to higher crime rates of specific immigrant groups, especially blacks and Muslims.

    Political debates are frequently shouting matches between deaf people. Each side appeals to values and concerns the other side does not have. If I like a policy, and someone else dislikes that policy the only way to advance the discussion is to talk about how that policy influences a second policy that we both like or dislike.

    A high rate of immigration conflicts with nearly everything else liberals want to achieve. This is particularly true when the immigrants have obviously non liberal values, as is the case with Muslims. Even the fact that immigrants are likely to vote for political parties on the left should be weighed against the fact that immigration causes white blue collar workers to abandon parties of the left, and to switch their allegiance to parties on the right.

    • David Ashton

      In Britain there is little opportunity to “advance the discussion” at all, because of “legal” restrictions and limited media outlets.
      Powell once had a 90 percent poll for “stop immigration, start repatriation” without raising any cheap-labor issue.
      UKIP is gaining support, and opposition, primarily because of the “ethnic and racial
      diversity” issue, though it also reflects disenchantment with the political class, especially for this election-hot issue.

  • Bearson

    Sure is refreshing to see people supporting untwisted and unperverted traditional marriage. The whole article was refreshing, actually. Thank you.

  • steve7789

    The exception here in Britain to race blindness is Northern Ireland, inhabited by the descendants of those who settled Dixie. Sadly, too many of its inhabitants see religious differences as their main priority, as the country is still 99 percent white. But it won’t remain so for long.

  • William Allingham

    The original tomatoes as found in America were very small, had a very tough skin and were yellow in color (“Pomodoro” which is the name for tomato in Italian literally means golden apple) so nobody wanted to eat them, the modern variations that we see with their characteristic shapes and red, bright color are the product of European Ingeniousness (genetic modification by breeding) so we see that Creative people make good use of what they have while primitive ones even when they have been given everything, remain the same.


    Anglo-Saxon individualism is the root cause of why there is less resistance to demographic replacement in English speaking countries compared to other white countries It all relates to that. Anglo-Saxon culture is essentially short sighted and materialistic. The highest value is money. There is little loyalty to anything else. English speaking people are blind to this because we never here what others think of us or if we do, dismiss it as jealously.

  • ProWhite son of Jacob

    Mr. Taylor, it is unfortunate you aren’t president of this nation.
    I am impressed by all your endeavors.

    • David Ashton

      Yes, he looks and sounds the part. Integrity, patriotism, fluency and knowledge.

      • ProWhite son of Jacob

        The spoken word and rhetoric and the ability to use them well is the most powerful gift a man has.

  • I’ve just clocked the French video, with Jared being interviewed. I don’t understand a word of it, but Mr Taylor is pretty impressive with the grasp of the French language! Maybe the French people could pick up some tell tale traits, but as an Englishman, I would not have known Jared was American from those clips. Very good, and I am sure the French people would be very pleased and impressed that a speech can be given in their native language.

  • Athling

    Jared, I must say that having heard most of your speeches, this one in Britain was among your very best.

    I was also very encouraged to see large numbers of ethnically French youth demonstrating in the streets. This concerns the prophetic visions I see for turning the tide against the Equality Cult as it now exists throughout the Western world.

    However, it also ties in with something you mentioned in your presentation. The “worse is better” argument of which you said you were at least emotionally against.

    I must say that our situation must necessarily get worse before it can get better. Before we ever see massive numbers of white American youth demonstrating in the streets for the racial interests of whites. This must be so. There will have to come a time when the government becomes so racially oppressive to whites, so blatantly obvious to the average racially unaware white that the government is specifically targeting whites for abusive treatment that large numbers of our white young people will take to the streets in protest. This then will be the large scale racial awakening that will bring about major and lasting change for our people.

    We are not unified now precisely because we do not perceive ourselves to be a racially oppressed people.

    If the governments of the West continue at the current rate of trajectory of replacing their native white populations with non-white aliens then this will happen at some relatively near future date.

    Information plays a crucial role here with regard to how quickly these things come about. Those who control the organs of mass communication are doing everything within their power to keep the white masses uninformed and asleep. Our voices currently have no large-scale outlet such that ordinary, racially unaware whites, can be made aware and so progress is slow.

    Anyway, it will have to get worse before it can get better. The government will need to be the sponsor of this. Not our people through any acts of violence.

    • What about Jared’s argument? What’s to prevent the wannabee Lenins from using the next catastrophe for their advantage?

      • David Ashton

        There is a danger of a neo-communist resurgence in the coming economic crisis.
        “What if – one day – race war and class war combine to finish off the white world. It matters not if the voice of Moscow ceases to dictate. The work goes on by itself” (Oswald Spengler, 80 years ago).

  • lol

    i am Korean and I find it disheartening to be witnessing the destruction of the White race.

    • And if the west of today has lost its racial self-confidence, so too might the Asia of tomorrow. Just look at China’s “chocolate city.”

      • ProWhite son of Jacob

        As long as the elite, including the elite in the Communist Party, rule China unhindered… They don’t care if the serfs mix and become less homogenous or racially compromised.

    • There is a common misconception (that is usually pushed forward by our opposition) that we all somehow “hate” other races etc.

      In reality, quite the opposite is true. Those who uphold a nationalistic and self preservationalist viewpoint are the sole protectors of racial diversity in the true sense of the word.

      We prefer China to be Chinese, Korea to be Korean, Russia to be Russian, Germany to be German and Britain to British. The white race, inparticular, has been earmarked for destruction – and a set of conditions has been applied where we cannot survive within our once-homogeneous homelands and outposts.

      The process is so convoluted, it makes taking action seem impossible, not least because of the social conditioning that has been applied.

      I would find it disheartening for the Korean people, or any other people, to be washed aside with Arabs and Africans, and would recognise the eradication as a catastrophe which should have been avoided.

      Not everybody in your situtuation would care or appreciate the dilemma we have been put in and in which we find ourselves, so thanks for that. If only we could reach out to others of other races, no matter where they are in the world, and fight this “global melting pot” together, it would probably steal some of the wind from the sails of our opponents.

      I am not sure where you currently reside, but if it is in Korea, if you have not already done so, please study who has been disproportionately involved in plotting our downfall, study the actions and propaganda which have stemmed from it, watch out for these people and these things, and defend your own people from the same fate.

      • David Ashton

        A productive multi-nation alliance against a destructive inter-nation mix-up. A good idea.

    • jackryanvb

      Thanks lol.

      Maybe some Koreans will come fight for White Americans like so many American GIs who died in the Korean War.

  • IKantunderstand

    Mr. Taylor, no one has more respect for you than I. Did you hear the “but” coming? Someone in the advocacy of White rights needs to start kicking some butt.You sir, apparently lack balls, or are too genteel to take up the fight. Fancy speech makin’ works for awhile. I think the plight of every White, not only in America but in (I can’t believe I have to add this caveat) every historically White nation is dire. We will not win the right to be White. As it stands, we will have to fight for our right to exist. Perhaps our right to read Shakespeare, listening to Mozart. You know of which I speak. Our very cultural icons will be minimalized, or banned outright. Man up, Mr. Taylor. I understand your tax exempt tax status is important to you. My job is important to me. I didn’t attend the AmRen conference because I was scared. Scared to be outed, etc. I’m done with being scared. No one has the national attention as much as you. DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Oh, I will be in attendance at the 2014 conference. I am now willing to be known as an advocate of Whites. If I could throw my hat into the ring, with the background you have, I would gladly do so.

    • Skeptique

      What would you have him do?

      • Friend of AmRen

        Imagine a network television station with national coverage. Further imagine that this network broadcast news and information specifically for whites 24/7. Imagine they told the truth about black-on-white crime. Imagine that this network is motivated by white racial interests and they expose all things done in the government that harm white interests. On weekends there are special documentaries about white history and the contributions whites alone have made to Western civilization. People like Jared would have their own programs on various topics.

        Can you imagine how quickly this would have an impact on millions of whites?
        This would begin to turn things around in a fairly short amount of time. We need access to mass communication via televised media.

        • Athling

          Those with a Leftist world-view and decidedly anti-white perspective have a virtual monopoly on network television. This has had a major impact on the white psyche in my view.

          What you suggest would be an excellent non-violent approach to winning the hearts and minds of our people. I believe the French are moving in this direction.

          • David Ashton

            In the USA you have private broadcasters who can take a line similar to AmRen.
            In free and “democratic” [Engleman] Britain, this is illegal.

        • David Ashton

          May I repeat my suggestion that the New Century Foundation leaders comb all the previous contributions for good ideas and suggestions for action?

        • WR_the_realist

          It would be an excellent thing to have a pro-white mass media channel.
          But the realities are daunting. Mass media in this country is supported
          by advertising. Advertisers will buy ads on Black Entertainment
          Television and Univision but they won’t buy ads on any pro-white
          station. Any advertiser who did would be boycotted — by “antifa”
          whites. But most wouldn’t even try, as the bulk of advertising comes
          from giant stateless corporations that would be scared to death to
          advertize on an explicitly pro-white outlet.

          • Get Real

            Ever heard of TBN, the Trinity Broadcasting Network? It is a massive, world-wide broadcasting network. Not a single corporate sponsor. No advertising. It is run completely by donations from the viewers.

          • jackryanvb

            What’s your point? Are you arguing that the Trinity Broadcast Network is such a pro White network. Are Mike Huckebee, Pat Robertson and the new Black leader of the Southern Baptist Church to be our leaders?

    • You sir, are too genteel to take up the fight.

      Why do we presume that genteel countenance and erudition is the antithesis of fighting and combativeness?

      • IKantunderstand

        Moderator, is this a trick question? Are you trying to establish on this website that in fact, genteel countenance and erudition is in fact the antithesis of fighting and combativeness? In which case, why not come out and say it? Oh, and did you really have to remove my comment about being testes challenged?

      • Tinfoil A22hat

        It was Mr. Taylor’s intellectual approach to this issue of race and racial differences that first appealed to me. I don’t think I would have become more racially aware and realistic about race relations if not for his ability to be reasonable and rational about this crucial subject.

        His most impactful argument for me has always been that it’s not necessary to focus upon arguing about which race is superior; it is more important to look at this ridiculous construct of forced diversity and how unnatural that is. You don’t see a lot of diverse populations in nature that involve equality, now do you? Diverse populations in nature are all about inequality and position in the food chain, and there you have your natural diversity: who is eating whom. Trying to equalize that which is inherently in-equal is unnatural and foolish.

    • David Ashton

      Just like the communist attack on us we need resistance at all levels. Chacun a son gout.

      • IKantunderstand


        • David Ashton

          Let each of us do what we can each do best but in a shared cause.

  • Thank you Mr. Taylor.

  • Only a white civilization could have evolved such tomatoes.

  • rollo clevich

    Truly an inspiring moment when the young anti-gay marriage and adoption protestors called the press a variety of colorful names and chased them behind the police lines. From what I understand, all this has little to with with what the Anglo-Americans call “homophobia,” but with the French retention of traditional Christian attitudes about marriage and family despite nearly all of them being no more than cultural Catholics.

  • PDK/Kelto-Scandic Secessionist

    Thanks Jared, for all you do:

    I am a realist, first, foremost and last. To be a realist,
    one must necessarily mature, those who fail to embrace their personal
    responsibility to mature remain the immature, and in our world the immature
    gravitate to liberalism. Liberals, the immature, deny reality, and substitute a
    preferred illusion in said reality`s stead.

    Being a realist I am necessarily a racist, one who accepts
    the reality of separate races and the different type of human produced by the
    mutually exclusive gene pools. It is science itself that has made clear the
    truth of this phenomenon, it has made manifest what my own eyes tell me I see,
    that the difference between the organisms produced by the mutually exclusive
    gene pools are more than skin color deep, and in fact are cerebrum deep.

    Science has shown the black gene pool produces an organism
    that is more “r” selective, where reproductive energy favors higher output
    numbers coupled with less nurturing by parents, and further favors, a less
    neotenous development of and by the individual organism.

    Neotenous development refers to the slowing down of
    development, allowing the human cerebrum to become bigger and therefore more

    The white gene pool is more “k” selective, where fewer
    output numbers are couple with more parental tutelage, and an organism that has
    a longer neotenous development strategy, therefore creating a larger, more
    intelligent cerebrum.

    This is further borne out by science as the brains of blacks
    on average are physically smaller than whites, and further IQ tests have
    consistently, over decade’s, demonstrated higher IQs for whites, or lower for
    blacks, by 15 points.

    Clearly to my eye, the white cerebrum is capable of higher
    culture creation, and higher culture maintenance, while the black cerebrum demonstrates,
    quite clearly, incapability in either higher culture creation or higher culture
    maintenance. For example look at Detroit, a once thriving white metropolis, now
    virtually destroyed by a 90% black population.

    As a realist, and as a racist, I would not move to Detroit.
    White liberals may besmirch me for my position here; however they will not put
    their money where their mouth is and move to Detroit. In fact, you will find
    most white liberals that preach from their false moral high ground, living in
    whiteyville, an exclusively white area with the occasional, token black.

    Our Founding Fathers gave us, their posterity a Republic, a
    free enterprise, capitalist nation-state. Our liberals and their minority
    allies are destroying our Republic, usurping it with their socialist democracy,
    and further ultimately intend the death of nation-states and the birth of the
    new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, which further
    produces a world of tyranny, poverty and misery.

    I see secession as the only hope for our Founding Father`s
    culture and its subsequent liberty, wealth and happiness. I see further the
    need to reduce our new nation-state Republics democratic process, by limiting
    enfranchisement to white males only.

    I sense white liberals are cowardly afraid of living their
    illusion without we non-liberal realist carrying their self- created burden for
    them, but I no longer care about them. They have made their house and they
    alone should have to live in it.

    Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

    If blacks are equal to whites, let them support themselves.
    Thank you.

  • eiszeit

    Immigration and multiculturalism are England and France’s punishments for declaring war on the Reich in 1939. Enjoy your “victory,” morons.

    • So all those indigenous white folk in such nations born well after that date and who had no involvement whatsoever, deserve to perish now? You sir, are the moron.

      • Funruffian

        Don’t forget those who opposed the war on the Reich as well.

    • Hitler was idiot & we suffer consequences of his lunacy.

    • Slav

      Hitler took over Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland… They had already agreed with the USSR to divvy up Europe and this wasn’t secret. Look into “Fall Grün.” It was abandoned because England and France would not go to war for Czech people. The first country the Nazis occupied was Germany. And the sweet and loving people also declared war on America. But the nazis were kind people who liked whites of course. That’s why they massacred white Czech in Lidice. So forgive us compassionate one for not loving Hitler.
      “all Poles will disappear from this world. It is imperative that the
      great German nation considers the elimination of all Polish people as
      its chief task.” Himmler.
      Yes, my ancestors must be morons for resisting Lebensraum. Please find it in your heart to forgive them, kind sir. And to forgive the evil English and French for fighting as over 2 million (non-Jewish) Poles died.

      • eiszeit

        That’s because Poland had land that rightfully belonged to Germany. “Rightfully belonged” as in, occupied by 90% ethnic Germans.

        ” And the sweet and loving people also declared war on America”

        How many American-made tanks and weapons did German troops confiscate from captured Soviets during Barbarossa? Anyway, “America” was already dead at this point, and controlled by the same group of people who ran the blood-drenched USSR. “America” was an illegitimate country then, as it is today.

        “That’s why they massacred white Czech in Lidice.”

        They massacred Czechs because Czechs massacred Heydrich in a terrorist attack. Nasty things happen in war.

        • Well then, don’t expect much sympathy when it comes to rapes in East Prussia & booting from Sudetenland. “They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind”.

        • Runciman

          How many American made weapons did the Germans confiscate from the Soviets in Barbarossa? None. Zero. Zilch. The US had provided NO support to Russia prior to Pearl Harbor when Nazi Germany declared war on the US for its own bizarre and peculiar reasons, probably related to the syphilitic brain degeneration and drug addiction of Adolph Hitler. The Nazis besides for being evil and degenerates were idiots.

        • Slav

          Heydrich died because proud and patriotic and God loving Czech killed him in defense of their country. Or should my forefathers lay down for national feudalism to make us slaves and serfs to weird satanic invaders?

          What kind, loving, and wonderful nazi did the Poles “massacre” when Warsaw was depopulated of 800.000 people?

          Poland was occupied by “90% ethnic Germans”? Why should I still take you seriously now? That isn’t true. Are you meaning Prussia? Nobody was taking Prussia from Germany. Nobody was complaining about Stettin. Poland was and is Slavic. East Poland was also in what is Ukraine now. The Communists in Moscow decided to shift everything west. Which they would not be able to do if Hitler hadn’t began. I blame Nazis for years of Communism as well.

          And please, Hitler was an ally with “blood-drenched USSR.” The Nazi scum and the Communist scum decided to make split of Europe for themselves. They were just so similar they didn’t like each other. Communism and Nazism were always enemies to nationalism and true independence of people who just wanted to be free and fight for their motherlands. There is not a difference between a hammer and sickle and swastika.

          Why excuse mass killings of whites, just because an enemy of proud patriotic Czech, Polish, and Slovak people was put to death? Your talk is proof neonazis are anti white like their degenerate leader. And how the White movement is still split by these lebensborn and lebensraum thugs.

  • Liberation will come from the East. I just don’t trust Western Europeans and American Whites. Nothing but talk, talk, talk…. White race MUST survive. Personally, I’d rather see ca.12,000 ICMBs spread over the planet earth & total annihilation of life, than disappearance of Whites.

    Now I said it.

    • David Ashton

      A disappointing comment from you.
      Whatever “eiszeit” and “engelman” also think, some of us will try to save our grandchildren and our civilization as best we can

      • I am neither delusional nor depressed (and don’t have Freudian death wish at all). I believe we will prevail at the end. Just want to say: only if we are ready to ponder utterly extreme solutions, in fact total annihilation, and live with that without blinking- we can possess enough courage to live and fight. Until victory.

  • Bobby

    Interesting report by Mr. Taylor which I thank him greatly for. He is doing the hard work, that is required in todays political climate, if one is genuinely interested in what is actually occuring politically in the west. There is no use, in relying on NPR, KPFK, A.P., U.P.I.or ANY, ANY, of the so called international news sources. They are all ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS, AND SUPPORT LITERALLY ALL, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, THE ISSUES THE LEFT IS PUSHING.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    When debating some fools about immigration which I’m sure we all do, please bring up this point when they say “Illegals do the jobs Americans won’t! We need them!”…ask them how the dirty work ever got done before the illegal hispanic invasion. Who did the work then? Hmm…let’s think real hard now. (Jeopardy music)…HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS! And they were (gasp) actual CITIZENS too! So there goes their theory right out the window that Americans won’t do those jobs. Go a few generations back and we DID do those jobs. I’m a grad student with 7 years of higher education under my belt and I can’t even get a job at Lowe’s in the stock room because they can pay an illegal Mexican pennies.

  • Morris LeChat

    Marriage has always been and will always really be, about the biological reality of the human race. That reality is that a man and a woman are required to create and raise children. The most important person in the life of a male child is the father. Gay families are a fiction, they are a creation that is nothing more than an exercise in pretending. One parent is intentionally removed from the household and daily life of the child. This is criminal.

  • Andy

    I think the difference between England & America and the other countries is part of a cycle – they went left sooner, so they’re swinging back sooner. The shocking things Europeans were up to years ago are what we’re getting into now.

  • jackryanvb

    Mr. Taylor writes:

    “The London gathering was private, with no advertising. Even so, the audience first met at a redirection point before learning the actual location of the meeting. Keeping it secret meant no one could pressure the venue to cancel. ”

    Jack Ryan responds:

    Can anyone here give us specifics on how the Brits do the “redirection” ? We’re behind enemy lines and risk real dangers of Reds, MUDs storming our events as happened in an Indiana restaurant near Chicago.

    • I am not sure about this exact event, but what usually happens is that you restrict notification primarily to those who you know you can trust, people who have some kind of proven track record, or can be generally vouched for if they are fairly new. You do not advertise it online or to anonymous people who could be “reds”.

      You then organise a rendevouz point for them to come to, usually somewhere random or slightly obscure. Some poor soul then gets the job of standing there for an hour or so, with a flag or some other subtly obvious trait, passing on the real location to those who turn up at the obscure rendevous point.

      No doubt they are also given the visual ‘once over’ at the same time, or if they are members of an organisation, they may have to show their cards before they are told the true location.

      You do not otherwise name the venue, so that it prevents the enemy making plans ahead of time, or trying to lobby or threaten the place holding the event on their premises.

      You may even want to book the venue under a different name, such as the American Historical Society, or the American Plastics Confederation, etc if you have an obvious group name or are otherwise paranoid that word will get around.

      This way, with a bit of luck, nobody knows where it is, and if they ring around trying to find it, the hosts will just say “No, sorry, we have the American History Society tonight, not xxxxxx you are calling about”.

      Without having pre-planning, it can take the opposition some time to mobilise, even if you get infiltrated by a rogue at the rendevous point. It is a bit of a pain in the arse, and not great for new people, but if you regularly organise events ahead of time and get ambushed, I suppose it is something that might be looked into.

      • Jackryanvb

        Thanks BA.

        I was thinking we had to have a shuttle bus from the rendezvous meeting point, confiscate cell phones that sort of thing.

  • ozzy

    Jared Taylor for President 2016!!! Or pick a congressional district and lets all move there. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

    • Morris LeChat

      he was born overseas…oh wait, that doesn’t matter anymore

  • ozzy

    Sorry, fat fingered the wrong button there. Anyways, if a presidential run is not in the cards how about a run for Congress? Jared what do you say? Others? How many of you are willing to move and establish residency? Imagine cSpan, CNNC and the rest trying to dismiss Jared Taylor’s ideas. Anyways, just an idea.

  • Morris LeChat

    The most important thing whites can do is to establish white homelands. White ethnostates. States where the population of nonwhites is strictly controlled, where reproduction of minorities is only allowed when granted permission by the government of the white ethnostate. Whites really should not lose faith, nor hope. Territory that is lost can be regained, the most important factor in the struggle between nations is, and always has been, technology. One could argue that propaganda and mind control is just as important, or more so, and the defeat that whites have recently suffered is due to this. Now that we are aware of the importance of controlling the media and culture, we can guard against that mistake happening again. Still, whites are ahead in the technological race and will likely remain ahead. Let us not forget that the control of outer space is more important in the long run than the control of territory. There are weapons on the drawing boards that can easily and quickly depopulate large areas by bathing them in microwaves. As long as whites remain on top technologically, they will have a future.

    • tabsa

      I personally think that in order to appeal to the more moderate white people, racially conscious people should change their stance a bit. A lot of intelligent people do not want to associate themselves with ‘white supremacist’, neo nazi groups. Unfortunately most people think that if you are pro-white, you are automatically a racist, new nazi fanatic.

      I do not think that race is the problem. I think we need to shift our focus towards ‘one (superior) culture’ as opposed to ‘one race’.

      I read a letter in an Australian newspaper that made a big impression. The heading of the letter was: “multiracial Australia – no problem; multicultural Australia – no way.”

      In the end, very few people of other races accept ‘western culture’ as their own. But I think these people would support us in our quest to preserve ‘western culture’ if we included them instead of casting them aside because of their skin color.

      The reality of creating a country with only a ‘western culture’ would be a lot more difficult than creating a ‘whites only’ country. But I personally think this would appeal to a much wider range of people who can see the problems of multiculturalism, but who do not feel comfortable with being white supremacists.

      I live in South Africa and I have to deal with a lot of blacks on a day to day basis. If I hated them all because they were black, I’d spend all my energy on hate. Some (very few) black people in South Africa are honestly intelligent, hard working, good mannered people. These people have however realized that ‘western culture’ is much more advanced than their own cultures and have accepted western culture as their own. They mostly look down on their own people who still live in the dark ages and prefer to associate with whites and white culture.

      In South Africa, these blacks are mocked by other blacks and called ‘coconuts’ – black on the outside and white on the inside. The best example I can think of is Lindiwe Mazibuko, the DA’s parliamentary leader. She is pretty much a white person with a black skin. Her arguments always make sense and she is obviously an intelligent person.

      See how she gives our idiot of a president hell here:

      This is what Julius Malema as to say about her:

      That’s just my opinion. The idea that ‘all whites are good’ and ‘all blacks are bad’ is a very narrow-minded and immature view. I’ve met loads of white people who I hated on sight.

      It’s however quite an accurate assumption that somebody with ‘traditional Zulu culture’ will be an unintelligent, narrow-minded idiot.

  • I present a South African example of a white homeland:

    A humble white only town that draws on the resources of the wider white community.