Black Councilman: ‘Nobody . . . Looks Like Me’

John Bennett, WND, April 24, 2013

A member of the Birmingham, Ala., City Council has raised a surprising objection to supporting the popular Honda Indy Grand Prix.

The local Fox News affiliate reported, “Councilman Steven Hoyt questioned why a majority black city should continue to give money to the event run at the Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds.”

Leeds is a predominantly white suburb on the outskirts of Birmingham.

In a public meeting, Hoyt openly declared, “I’ve seen nobody, nobody who looks like me make any decisions with Barber sports. None. Zero.”

The city council also raised concerns about “diversity within the event’s promotion organization” among other issues such as marketing and the economic worth of the Grand Prix event.

In 2010, the Indy race brought in 80,000 fans and was widely regarded as having tremendous economic benefits. Despite these benefits, the status of city funding was placed in limbo by a city council fixated on the race-based benefits of that funding.


The Grand Prix took place, and the city council funded it, for this year. Yet, the uncertainty about funding the Indy race is the latest example of the city council’s impact on Birmingham’s business climate, an impact that is hotly debated within the city.

Racial preferences

By voicing explicitly race-based preferences, Hoyt reflects a leadership culture often found in troubled cities. For instance, Detroit Councilwoman JoAnn Watson proclaims on her website that “Detroit’s population is 85 percent African American and business, contract awards and investments should reflect same.”

Detroit’s leadership even floated the now-defunct idea of an ‘Africa Town,” which would have directed government funds exclusively towards black businesses.


Unlike its reaction to the Indy car race, the Birmingham City Council showed more support for a different objective, one of more interest to those who do “look like” the city council: The city will spend over a quarter of a million dollars commemorating the 50th anniversary of civil rights events.


Birmingham’s city attorney has warned the city council that statements like those made by Hoyt could place the city at risk of a lawsuit.

For instance, late last year, a World of Beer franchise appeared before the city council and asked for a tax incentive to encourage the construction of a new store in Birmingham. Hoyt pushed World of Beer to describe their level of minority ownership or use of minority contractors. In response to that line of inquiry, the city’s chief of operations delivered a memo warning the council that they could be placing the city in danger of a lawsuit.

City Attorney Thomas Bentley said “statements indicating illegal [racial] preference” made by council members were of serious legal concern.

Bentley stated, “It’s my sincere hope and belief that no councilor is seeking to unilaterally impose a personal policy in violation of the U.S. Constitution and also other federal, state and local law.”

Hoyt said, “I say what I want to say, when I want to say it and how I want to say it.”

Echoing that analysis, Councilwoman Lashunda Scales backed Hoyt, saying, “We’ll do what we want to do when we want to do it.”

Scales is known for her quest to rid the city of payday loan businesses, which she has called “the number one product the city offers to its citizens.”

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  • So CAL Snowman

    YT can have his own events, we are just too scared of being called racists by the non whites.

    • IanJMacDonald

      It’s not the non-whites we’re worried about. It’s our fellow whites who could actually cause trouble for us. We are essentially locked in a cold civil war with racially suicidal whites. If it were just the colored folks causing trouble, the racial problems in America would be solved already.

      • Bo_Sears

        Mr. MacDonald hit the nail on the head. What is happening is a white versus white conflict, especially if you allow a little diversity into who is a white American. This is a very important insight into the situation.

        • Erasmus

          I have never been so conscious of my white, Graeco-Roman, Western heritage as I have become these last few years. I have never been so proud of it until of late when I see how it has facilitated so much good in the world and how its decline is concomitant with a rise of tribalism and atavism.

          Taking my Graeco-Roman heritage for granted was a bit like taking oxygen for granted. One never really appreciates it until it’s no longer there.

      • Luis

        Yes, ESPECIALLY those whites whose ancestry is traced to the “Land of Milk and Honey”. Hint: A land that borders Egypt and Syria, and uses the shekel as its monetary unit.

      • Erasmus

        If councilman Hoyt wants to hang with people who mostly look like him, he needs to start hanging out in the local jails and state and federal pens, or joining in with some of the brothas’ flash mobs.

    • Ned

      Being called racist is having less effect with each passing year.

  • fakeemail

    I agree with the Councilman. His urban-american city shouldn’t have to give money to the white nascar event or whatever it is. And I shouldn’t have to give money to public schools, food stamps, Section 8 housing. . .Those people don’t look like me.

    • dukem1

      The councilman is myopic
      . I’m sure that if he went to the venue the day after the event, and observed the people sweeping the stands, picking up the garbage, emptying the porta-potties, etc., he’d see plenty of people that looked like him.
      A veritable windfall for the dusky entrepreneurial class!

      • josh

        Is he Mexican?

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Good one, Josh!

      • libertarian 1234

        And if the councilman had to rely on his own abilities he wouldn’t be a councilman and would more likely than not have a broom in his hand as part of the clean-up crew.

        That is if he can keep his ignorant mouth shut so as not to draw attention to his rabid hate.

        • Erasmus

          A magnum of malt liquor says that few neurosurgeons look like him but I doubt he wants a graduate from the University of Botswana Med School to do brain surgery on him. And those people who designed the 747, I’m sure brothas were few and far between, but I doubt that ever stops him from flying.

      • Howard W. Campbell

        It is more likely that a bunch of illegal aliens who were rounded up from the local Home Depot would be the clean up crew. Jamaal and Shanaquia would be in their section 8 apartment eating cheetos for lunch.

        • Ned

          And smoking reefers with that tax payer’s money.

          • Erasmus

            I guess we weren’t clear enough when we urged them to pursue higher education.

  • bigone4u

    “We’ll do what we want to do when we want to do it.”–Lashunda Scales. She forgot the clause, “with white people’s money.” The arrogance and ignorance of these “public servants.”

  • libertarian 1234

    “I’ve seen nobody, nobody who looks like me make any decisions with Barber sports. None. Zero.”

    He’s hoping his lamentations will be intimidating enough to force the racing people to include a black, which, of course, will have nothing to do with merit and everything to do with oiling a squeaky wheel.

    If they cave, I’m hoping white fans will punish them with boycotts.

    If he wants to get into racing himself, he needs to start his own organization. He won’t do that because he doesn’t have the ability. Blacks are awarded positions. They don’t earn them.

    • evilsandmich

      Given his ineptitude, one would hope that black pols like him would see that lack of people that look like him making decisions as a good thing.

    • Luis

      He could start a racing organization and call it LASCAR – Liberian Association ofr Stock Car Automobile Racing, or BASCAR, Black Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing.

      • henry

        They could keep it as NASCAR, only the “n” would stand for something other than National.

  • brengunn

    Can you imagine if all funding was allocated in the way this guy proposes? I’m sure there are many black towns and cities in majority white states, I’m sure they get their proportion of state funds without questions about race.

  • thurlow

    As part of a compromise, participants agreed to appear with a bone in their nose and wearing a grass skirt or with a giant, faux gold dollar sound around their neck, baggy pants, gold caps on their teeth and jamming about hos.

  • Robert Binion

    Antics observed at meetings of our Board of Education and City Council have put professional wrestling out of business. The hoodied, yes, hacks in hoods are fighting a Texas death match to squeeze every last dime from Jefferson County pockets–no time limit, no disqualification. As for large swaths of “the Ham,” consider me the original nowhere man.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “In a public meeting, Hoyt openly declared, “I’ve seen nobody, nobody who
    looks like me make any decisions with Barber sports. None. Zero.””

    But I thought race was just a social construct.

    • dukem1

      I think it’s a political construct now, according to Ms. Walsh of Salon.

  • Alexandra

    I can imagine a few bongo parties erupting.

    • LibGubmintSlave

      Awww, HAIIIILLL NAW! HAILLL NAW! Dem White Debbils dun did it again!

      “I’ve seen nobody, nobody who looks like me make any decisions with Barber sports. None. Zero.”

      Dude, if you want to make decisions based on “who looks like you”,go back to Africa, they do that all the time over there. Here in America, we allocate money based on what the public wants, with a special emphasis on catering to those who DON’T “look like me”,because when 85% of the people around you “look like you”, you can have all the stuff for those who “look like you” that you want. It’s the people who DON’T “look like you” who are up ye old shyte creek without a paddle, as you AMPLY demonstrate here.

      Why don’t you shock us all by demonstrating that you care about people who don’t “look like you” for a change? It requires more work than race-based narcissism, but some of the people who look like ME find it satisfying and conducive to public order and happiness.

  • Luca

    Gosh Mr. Councilman. Can’t you just judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin?

    • Jane Johnson

      Or at least by the contents of their wallets or the color of their money, but no, race even trumps financial benefit to a struggling city. Go figure.

      • Freya

        I actually think the poorer these cities are, the more tyrannical power the black pols ruling them get. The inhabitants remain dumb and uneducated and lacking in the most basic resources to figure out who’s screwing them, and it ain’t YT. But their poverty keeps them thinking it is.

  • HadEnough

    The Negro — too stupid even to take the white man’s money when it’s offered.

    • mike

      The Negro, too stupid to know he is stupid.

      • MikeS


      • Ned

        The negro IS stupid.

  • Bull Connor

    Sadly, Mr. Hoyt, I don’t look you either. Thank goodness!

  • MikeS

    “I say what I want to say, when I want to say it and how I want to say it.”

    “We’ll do what we want to do when we want to do it.”


    Those two statements should be the dictionary definition of the word “negro.”

    • dd121

      Who dat who say who dat.

    • dukem1

      Not exactly a picture-post card of impulse control.

    • Xerxes22

      It’s called “keeping it real in da hood” It usually leads to a lot of dead and maimed Black people.

    • evilsandmich

      The law and civil society truly are urinals to these people.

    • Luis

      Yet, if Jared Taylor, Paul Kersey or Steve Sailer uttered those same words, they’d be raked over the coals.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    “The city will spend over a quarter of a million dollars commemorating the 50th anniversary of civil rights events.”

    That’s right white people, come spend your money to learn why and how to hate your grandparents.

  • mike

    Souns like Mayor Coleman Young in Detroit when he told whites if they didn’t like the way he was running things they could leave. They did.

    • Erasmus

      Maybe that’s black America’s excuse for not studying and for goofing off in school. Those smart kids, they don’t look African American. They’re whites and Asians. The other black kids, goofing off, they look like them.

  • Jefferson

    [QUOTE]By voicing explicitly race-based preferences, Hoyt reflects a leadership culture often found in troubled cities.[/QUOTE]

    How can these “racially diverse” cities be troubled ? I thought “diversity” was our strength.

    • LibGubmintSlave

      No,no,no,you’ve got it wrong.

      Ignorance is our Strength,Freedom is our Slavery, and War is our Peace.

      Now say it a billion times and you’ll be duckspeaking like a doubleplusgood liberal in no time at all.

      Jeez,oldthinkers unbellyfeeling AmeriSoc, what can you do?

  • MekongDelta69

    I’m ALL FOR this. Kick ALL the Whites out of the Indy race.

    Substitute ALL black drivers, pit crews, pit bosses, crew chiefs, managers, track spotters, emergency fire and rescue crews, maintenance people, track cleaners, pace car driver, the ticket takers, the vendors, the ushers, you name it. In fact, only allow black people in to the audience.

    I’m gonna give it until the 2nd or 3rd turn before there’s EITHER a 33 car pile-up and everybody explodes in a giant ball of flame, OR there’s a massive drive-by on the track and an all-out shootout in the audience.

    I’d buy the DVD of that…

    Btw, isn’t “Africa Town” in “DIE-Troit” an oxymororon?

    • IanJMacDonald

      You could issue it on DVD under the title “Negroes Gone Wild.”

      • dukem1

        You could call it “Negroes Gone Mild.” Same difference.

    • Brian

      They should allow Blacks in for free or for a donation, and forgo any security, metal detector checks etc. Advertise the event in the worst places in the city, and especially with all the competing gangs. In fact, they should hire gang members as security.

      Then sit back and watch the fun.

  • MikeS

    Black Councilman: “Nobody…Looks Like Me.”
    There’s a reason for that Mr. Councilman and you’ll live much longer if you just put that thought out of your mind.

  • For instance, late last year, a World of Beer franchise appeared before the city council and asked for a tax incentive to encourage the construction of a new store in Birmingham.

    If it is in Birmingham, shouldn’t it be called “World of 40s”?

  • MikeS

    So intense is their envy of anything and everything White that they have no problem with destroying themselves and everything around them so long as they can’t take a few Whites down with them. Such is the pathology of the creature known as the “negro.”

    • dukem1

      Envy is a topic rarely mentioned, tho’ regularly displayed when blacks get on a soapbox.

    • MikeS

      Sorry, it should read “can take” instead of “can’t take.”

  • Bill

    He’s too stupid to figure out it is exactly like welfare. White people, engaging in something white, but the money they give over goes to an entirely black population who’ve done NOTHING to warrant it, and in fact oppose everything white while taking white money.

    • Bill

      To clarify: in other words, whites would have NO reason to come to Birmingham and spend money if it wasn’t for this ONE event. And the money spent benefits blacks, not whites. kinda like welfare. Blacks really are the most stupid, venile, penile, useless race on the face of the planet.

  • sbuffalonative

    Blacks will destroy anything they can’t control. And when they control it, they’ll destroy it.

    • Erasmus

      Who cares if you turn where you live into a dung heap so long as you get to be king of the dung heap?

      • sbuffalonative

        I often wonder if John Milton was describing the black mindset when he wrote, “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.”

        Blacks could live in paradise but they demand self-rule.

        I also like to say that the best way to destroy blacks is to give them what they want and then stand back.

        • Erasmus

          Or Dr. Seuss in “Yertle the Turtle”. Who cares if you live in a mudhole so long as you get to be top turtle?

    • Luis

      See “Shopping Mall, Urban”- as a reference.

  • prettycelticwarrior

    why is anyone surprised? Our brothers and sisters in S Africa are the example of what happens when black people take ove white countries…GENOCIDE of the white people! Many blacks are angry about slavery and a history of racism. The majority of Black people will not treat whites the way we have treated them with generosity. Most blacks want to get even with whites and want special rights not equal rights.
    Wake up!
    RIP to all the white S African brothers and sisters who have lost their lives. Let us not forget the whites who suffer today in poverty and under constant threat of attack by hateful blacks.
    Is this this future for we whites in America?

    • libertarian 1234

      “Is this this future for we whites in America?”

      It could well be just that.

      Right now we’re getting a sample of a black run government that is constrained somewhat.

      Anti-white hatred is rife within every black community in America just ready to explode into anti-white, murderous rage at the first nod from their leaders.

      All of them represent an enemy within.

      • Freya

        The anti-white hatred has been exploding in these communities for years, you may not have noticed, even in our nation’s black-run capitol where blacks have been terrorizing white women especially and whites in general for at least 20-25 years.

        • Josey Wales

          However, with the coming(soon, i think) economic collapse, it’s going to be massive cowboys vs. negros as soon as blacks think they can win an all out assault on YT. But that will only happen in a few places in the country. I think the massive azz-whoopin that will occur will leave the few blacks left wondering what the hell happened when the dust settles. They need to be knocked down a few notches on the “it’s all about me” scale, and it will happen when those of us left to make it happen have had our fill of the “in yo face-ness” that blacks exude.

          • LHathaway

            what the ‘H’ is YT?

          • LibGubmintSlave

            Sound it out.

          • TY-D-YT is code for underpants

          • Whitey

          • The__Bobster

            Spell it out.

          • drdeeselixir

            I believe it might mean ‘yours truly’, i.e., Whites, my friend. Just ignore the ignoramuses with their smart-ass answers. I bet these are the very same people who are not so clever when it comes to talking back to Blacks.

          • Its short for Whitie

    • Freya

      I’ve wanted to point out how impossible existence is for whites in the lower working class. Blacks are violent and lawless towards white women in particular; the system designs it so that we never escape. This is a hell I’ve lived and more americans need to be aware is where we will all wind up.

      • LibGubmintSlave

        It’s not white women in particular they’re violent towards. It’s just that white women are the ones usually left alive to tell the tale. 80% of violent crime happens to men,according to the FBI.

        • Ned

          Bantus want to rape the White wimmenz.

    • anarchyst

      White genocide is coming . . . every other race can have their own organizations
      that EXCLUDE OTHERS except whites. One-hundred years from now, those of other
      races will bemoan the fact that they destroyed humanity’s greatest achievers.
      Every other race has its good and bad, but white altruism, giving other races
      not only a “chance” but a “step up” with racial preferences and “affirmative
      action” will be the undoing of the white race. NO OTHER RACE has this altruistic
      “gene”. Every other race is in it for themselves . . .

  • a multiracial individual

    In school nobody has ever looked like me. What is the big deal?

  • Funruffian

    I wish there was a way to Blast email this article, because it is in desperate need to be read by fellow Whites, Hispanics and Asians. Blacks are always bellyaching about intolerance and bigotry even when they shamelessly display it themselves.

    “Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic
    form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of
    thinking.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

    • David Ashton

      Well, most of us can surely agree with the old girl about that.

    • Jane Johnson

      “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken, or cease to be honest.”- Abraham Lincoln

      • Mr Plankton

        “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. Unless that government is controlled by me.” – Abraham Lincoln

        I added that last part : )

        • Luis

          Lincoln also said something to the effect that, “If I could preserve the Union by freeing all the slaves, I would do it. If I could preserve the Union by freeing some of the slaves I would do that also. If I could preserve the Union by freeing none of the slaves I would do that too.”

          Ulysses S. Grant said that if the Civil War were solely about freeing the slaves, he would NEVER have fought in it.

          And yet to hear Bantus tell it, the American Civil War was all about slavery, and nothing BUT slavery.

          Kinda like Jews, who think World War II was all about their Holocaust, and nothing else. I have news for them: More Chinese died in World War ii (7 million) as opposed to the Jews in the camps (6 million).

          • anarchyst

            It wasn’t (6 million) . . . approximately 731,000 non-combatants perished in the European theater of operations (WW2). These are official International Red Cross figures . . .

  • Thousands of years from now white liberals will still be excusing such blatant racial bias on “the legacy of slavery” or jim crow. I wish people would forgive my shortcomings by pinning them on my people’s slavery in Egypt 3,000 years ago.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Nasty racist ancient Egyptians! They had lots of black slaves, too. The slaves were, actually, the only blacks in Egypt.

      • LibGubmintSlave

        This is true,but blacks desperately need to believe that they were the Ancient Egyptians so they can pretend that YT “dun stoal dey koh-cha”,don’t you know.

        Otherwise they spent thousands of years on the most resource-rich continent on earth building houses out of sticks and feces and throwing spears at each other like cavemen, which they did.

        They’re in a double-bind, but rather than tell them they’re stupid,which they already know, I like to play along and tell them they were slavemasters. It’s funnier that way.

      • Nah, Blacks were pharaohs who drove in their UFOs.

    • LibGubmintSlave

      I’ve actually said that to a black Christian couple once when they got on a slavery tirade. They looked like I’d slapped them. I’m not a Jew, but it’s hilarious to watch people who admit a literal belief in the words of the bible twisting themselves into knots trying to claim blacks aren’t guilty of the same things they accuse whites of.

      Truth be told, if you guys decided to start speaking about “the legacy of slavery” and “the scar of slavery” on Jews it’d probably play well with the libbies. I wouldn’t suggest it right now,though. They kind of want you guys dead,it seems.

    • Actually, ancient Hebrews were more like the 5 years plan “volunteers” during Stalin. On second thought- not much different from slaves.

    • ed

      my ancestors (and probably most whites on this board) had all kinds of poverty and survival issues for the last 1000 years plus either fighting or avoiding the elites who wanted to abuse and take their crops/possessions…………. where’s my reparations?

      we spent the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries trying to stay ahead of the government but they still caught up with us…………e.g. pioneers etc

  • Mrfinoni

    sounds like Birmingham is already Africa town.

  • IstvanIN

    We pay for stuff for them all the time.

  • Jussi

    As a resident of the greater Birmingham area, I have seen it transition from a predominantly white (60+ per cent) community to the 78% black city it now is. Over 22 members of the city/county council have been either indicted or convicted of various crimes; some are now serving jail sentences. The county is bankrupt (4.3 billion dollars) as well as the sewer system. There are more than one thousand houses/homes abandoned within the city; many are slated for demolition. The city school system has been taken over by the state and many schools will soon be closed. Since 1978 all mayors have been black (one is now serving time in a West Virginia facility); there are constant demands for minority participation in any construction project even though this is federally outlawed. The city has assumed massive debt in constructing a new baseball stadium (AA level); an “entertainment” center is now in the works with few prospective tenants. There is no sense of a carefully managed long-term plan of development.” Build it and they will come” seems financially irresponsible given the current crisis of massive debt. The local TV stations are mandated to act as cheerleaders for all black activities. White flight (and now black flight) is still in progress. Stay tuned for the next episode and draw your own conclusions.

    • Tim

      As a resident of a major Southwestern city , I would not call 60% “predomiantly” White….I would call it a stop on the way to somewhere else!!! Funny that.

  • Mrfinoni

    NASCAR could have an Bling Race. The pimps with the best rides could be chased by a cop car around the track with obstacles and the winning prize would be a Kilo of coke.

    • He’s only going about 50 mph around the track but man, listen to that stereo!

  • PesachPatriot

    I’ve never seen a guy with a yarmulke and a nose for free air at the Daytona 500 but I still enjoy watching it on TV. Asian americans rarely see themselves playing pro football or basketball (except for Jeremy Lin) but they still are in the stands at every game. How many hispanics play ice hockey? What about amerindian rappers? The very nature of being a minority means there’s less of you so you can’t really be everywhere at once.

    This councilman is a fool for turning down this event when it would provide much needed jobs and money to the city. If he wants to see a motor sports event where the drivers and fans look like him perhaps he could petition nascar into starting a Detroit 500 zombie apocalypse death race where drivers from different gangs could drive along 8 mile while shooting at each other.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      “This councilman is a fool . . .”

      Black? Check.

    • ed

      The Steelers WR, now retired but some HOF

      has a Korean mother but I can’t think of his name
      help me out Jim.

      • Seek

        Heinz Ward. One of the greats.

    • Luis

      Actually, there IS a Jewish driver in NASCAR – Mike Bliss. He’s what they call a backmarker, in racing lexicon.

      You can count on one hand, the number of Jewish racers in motorsports. I think the dearth of them started when (Jewish) driver Eddie Sachs was killed in the 1964 Indy 500. The thick black smoke billowing up over the Speedway after his crash actually resembles the aftermath of an American bombing raid on a Vietnamese hamlet, during the Vietnam War.

  • carole smith

    I am not surprised by anything these racist city councilmen do. Last year, Hoyt and the others wore hoodies to a council meeting in support of Trayvon Martin. They looked ridiculous–and thuggish. Then they made Trayvon an honorary citizen of Birmingham. LaShunda is under an ethics violation for using her office for personal gain. She is an event promoter, who used her name as the free give away carnival and parade lady to her into her present office. I am glad I no longer live in Birmingham. It’s just too far gone for me.

  • Calling these people “racist” doesn’t have any effect. Instead, try calling them “anti-White”.

    • LibGubmintSlave

      That doesn’t have any effect either. Call them a word that rhymes with “figures” instead. That gets their attention real quick.

      • use ‘gingers’

        clever folks can figure out the anagram.

        • OBSERVER


          Same thing

          • OBSERVER

            Oh, sorry. I spelled Nigerians wrong. So sorry.

  • generalquagmyer

    Newsflash: Diversify the event, and the “tremendous economic benefits” will magically disappear in a gaggle of flash mobbing and Ebonic chatter.

  • Don Reynolds

    I am very certain there are plenty of events in Birmingham that are all-black……probably a blues festival, basketball game, track meet, spear chucking competition. Why is it automatically forbidden when the function is more popular with whites?

    • Ned

      Blues festivals always have a majority White audience since about 1960.

      • StillModerated

        Knee grows did not invent the blues. They aped it from sad Scottish ballads. That’s why White people like that music. I prefer bluegrass.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Blacks don’t want Whites to bring in money to their communities by bringing in business. They just want Whitey to GIVE THEM FREE MONEY.

    Parasites. Time to organize, whitey. Those people hate you.

  • LHathaway

    They’ve taken over whichever neighborhood they wanted, and the city no doubt called those whites driven out, or killed, racists. They’ve taken over sections of the city, and no doubt anyone who might have raised any objections whatsoever was label bigoted or racist. They’ve taken over the entire city, there are entire job-sites nearly 100% black – and whites still apologize while blacks pass laws saying one must reside inside city limits to do any kind of business whatsoever with the government. Now they want to take over every region outside the city, with those not enthusiastic enough about fostering ‘diversity’ labeled as hate. Why is there no diversity in Birmingham. Or rather there is fevorish diversity program inside of Birmingham, which means a call for even more blacks in offices that are nearly all black, and a call for more ‘sensitivity’ by which they mean more sensitivity toward people of color and especially blacks.

  • bubo

    Just as well. No one that goes to a race at Barber Motorsports Park would be interested in spending money at a black barbershop or some ghetto car detailing tent, which seem to be the only two businesses that blacks manage to operate.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      According to Wikipedia, Birmingham is 73% black. I’ve never been to Birmingham, but I imagine a very large number of hotel and restaurant wait staff in that city must therefore be black, and would probably benefit from the extra paid work hours, tips, and so-on. The last one of these held in Birmingham – also according to Wiki – brought in 100,000 spectators, who spent a total of 30 million dollars in the local economy. Since the Birmingham greater metropolitan area has a population of 1.1 million, this is a reasonable bit of money for a three-day event.

  • 80,000 white “rednecks” want to come to Birmingham and give them money, and they don’t want it because it’s too white.

    Boy, don’t you EVER ask me for reparations again.

    • Jane Johnson

      Don’t say “boy”; it’s racially insensitive. (Sarcasm – ON)

    • ed

      they get enough money from yt…………. getting money for them isn’t a problem…….

      wondering why it doesn’t work out so well, it the problem

  • David Ashton

    Have the Americans elected a President who “looks like” them?

    • LibGubmintSlave

      No. And he’s even said that if he had a son,that son would not look like us either. I don’t think he’d look like the guy he said,though, because that guy doesn’t look like a skinny homosexual Arab at all.

  • cecilhenry

    This equality and justice thing is only good when he’s

    a) getting something for nothing
    b) benefiting his racial interests at the expense of others
    c) parasitizing the system


  • Mark

    I don’t either. I simply refuse to watch any NBA games. That also applies to Football and Baseball.

    • Luis

      Me neither.

    • Erasmus

      Time to start boycotting the NBA, AFL and NFL until we see more east Asian males out there. If we can force Medical Schools and Engineering schools to take blacks, why can’t we force those professional sports associations to take Chinese, Japanese and Korean men to play football? If integration is so good, shouldn’t we put more people in the cockpits of commercial airlines? Or even the military?

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    More proof that what is Black belongs to Blacks but what belongs to Whites is for everybody.

    Blacks are merely tools, the problem is a federal government that steals White wealth to redistribute to Blacks and a judicial system that vigorously defends Blacks on the grounds of “legacy of slavery” when they fail miserably or viciously assault and murder Whites.

    100% Black neighborhoods, churches, businesses, towns = government goals met, i.e., ethnic cleansing of Whites.

    100% White neighborhoods, churches, businesses, towns = White racism and suppression, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia and target of federal destruction before a Fourth Reich emerges.

    Know thy enemy.

    They want nothing less than the genocide of Whites and will not stop until every single one of us is wiped off the planet. Worse, they are achieving their goal.


      Know thy enemy? It is not the Black tribe.

  • Blacks….and motors. Hmmm….The twain shall never meet.

  • MBlanc46

    This knucklehead’s ruminations aside, I do think that there is good reason for questioning the use of government money to promote sporting events. Let the bums in the seats pay for them. Or not.


      That is not the point. The point is anti-White racism. It is HATE speech and anti-White actions from the representatives of the people.

      But some groups can not grasp the White man’s way of life. When I look at pictures of the city council of Birmingham, I see the banana eating scene from Birth of a Nation.

      In the end, the Blacks will starve since they need the White Man to feed them.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      See my post above. Those “bumbs in the seats” would spend lots of money in Birmingham.

  • Pete

    These blacks are 13 % of the population and I for one am sick of seeing them represented as 50% in ads and on tv.

    • vON

      This councilman is a RACIST — A H–E

    • ed

      how about 90% of the ads? that’s what I’m seein’

    • libertarian 1234

      Forget the ads. Just look at the number of t.v. news anchors and reporters that are black.
      I think the 50% might apply there.
      Mark Lloyd, FCC czar, said he thinks whites should give up their positions so blacks can be represented. He has threatened lawsuits against t.v. stations if they don’t hire numerous blacks.
      Rather than spend millions in legal fees to fight a suit by the EEOC, they’re relenting and hiring blacks.
      And qualifications? They don’t have to be full-fledged journalists. All they have to do is learn to pronounce their words clearly and read a teleprompter.
      Sound familiar?
      We are living UNDER a black run government, just like South Africa.

  • Dean Buvia

    Like most blacks, being b l a c k is his religion.
    It’s the center of his black universe.

  • Mariner33

    I have more sympathy now for the segregationists of the South before the
    1960s then I did then. They saw what was going to happen when the
    Negro gained power over government. I do not support the KKK and those
    methods but Buh-lacks do not even see the supreme irony of favoring only
    Blacks, excluding Whites, and touting segregation and Negro
    homogeneity. The only-est thing is…they want Whites to pay for all of
    it. Without any return. Time to revisit the Bell Curve and the
    Jensen-Shockley hypothesis

  • Aaaa

    And people who don’t look like me are always holding up the line at the supermarket, paying for dozens of gallons of colored sugar water with those Access cards they all seem to have.

    • StillModerated

      Knee grows don’t trust expensive, complicated municipal water treatment plants. Somebody has convinced them that they are drinking urine and excrement. Hence the pre-made sugar water — made from municipal water in another town.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    If this malignantly stupid Councilman would stop and think a minute – if he could think – he would realize the usefulness of race-related tourism to the local economy. Hotel staff, restaurant staff and the like would earn more money while the spectators were there. Some visitors would stay longer and go sightseeing and thus spend even more money. There’s the Birmingham Museum of Art, the largest municipal art museum in Dixie. There’s also the Barber Vintage Motor Sports Museum, with the largest collection of motorcycles in the world, (Surely folks who like watching car races would go see a ginormous motorcycle collection), the Southern Museum of Flight (ditto for an airplane collection), and the McWayne Science Center (with the sort of hands-on exhibits kids – and childish adults – love).

    What this brainless Mr. Hoyt is saying is that he doesn’t want you to take your family to Birmingham to watch a car race and then go sightseeing, not only because you don’t look like him, but because your money isn’t as green as his.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Sneakers with a white suit and a pink vest. Classy.

    • Secret Tribunal

      Stop offending Classy by applying it to Nros.

  • Dom

    This is a real problem. The fact that you don’t have a politician who would say this. And it says a lot about white people.

  • Drew

    ““Councilman Steven Hoyt questioned why a majority black city should
    continue to give money to the event run at the Barber Motorsports Park
    in Leeds.””

    In a white majority city, whites aren’t allowed to ignore the wishes of minorities.

  • Publius Scipio

    He would be the disgraced former white councilman and have multiple papers written about him by mark potok and the splc showing that “this is a prime example of white bigotry which has clearly manifested itself through white privilege.” Tim wise would then begin a speaking tour raking in thousands of dollars for his appearances. Legislation would then begin to further integrate the area where said former white council member is from. Violent “Flash mobs” would sprout out of thin air in any region within earshot of the news report along with violent criminals targeting whites increasing from their already alarming rate. The EU takes note of the “white racism” in the US and calls for stricter hate speech laws (which they do already without cause) etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

  • Moe

    Noi Body [email protected]@ks like you because you are a Reptilian (at best)

  • Moe

    How do negroes figure they are entitlesd to 50% Or More when they are only 13% of the population?

    Looking at TV and other medica if I just got here from Mars I would guess America was about 80% black.