When Home is No Longer Home

Jack Krak, American Renaissance, February 22, 2013

Demography is destiny.

Everyone is familiar with the idea that every city has two malls: the one where white people shop and the one where white people used to shop. After a trip to my old home town in Florida over the Christmas holidays, I’m still trying to find that first mall.

For more than 20 years, until 1998, I lived in Brandon, a suburb of Tampa of about 100,000 people. When I was young, nearly all of those people were white, and the rest were black. Despite nearby strawberry fields and the remnants of the citrus industry, there was no noticeable presence of Hispanics. It was essentially the 90/10 white/black split that was the norm in much of the country until the 1970s but that endured in pockets until a bit later. Brandon was one of those pockets.

My high school yearbook from 1988 confirms that my memory is correct: a Hernandez here and a Rodriguez there, but they were very much the exception to an overwhelming white majority. That was just 25 years ago on the calendar, but it might as well be ancient history.

In 1998 I left Florida and moved to Poland, where I still live. At that time, the visible effects of immigration were just beginning to appear. A few more brown kids at the mall, a few more Asians where before there had been basically none; not huge numbers but just enough to notice. I had no way of knowing that these were the first signs of a transformation that would turn Brandon into a town that is now barely recognizable to me.

When I visited my parents over Christmas I spent quite a bit of time at the local mall and at the other malls in Tampa. I went to shop, but I work in marketing and have a keen interest in retailing trends. Poland isn’t exactly at the vanguard on this front, so I thought I could learn a few things. The time I spent observing the retail environment became a profound illustration of the effects of immigration on my home town.

And now a word and a minority face from our sponsor

I could tell the retail world had changed without even stepping into a store. All I needed to do was turn on the television. It didn’t matter what channel or what kind of program I watched, the highest priority in nearly every ad campaign was to appear to friendly to minorities, make a good impression on minorities, and generally convey the message “We love you, black or possibly brown person!”

I spent a lot of time using the remote in the opposite way I normally would, watching only commercials. It was as if during my time out of the country a law had been passed requiring every television advertisement to use a light-skinned black woman with short dreadlocks or a frizzed-out “natural” look to show how hip the product is. Dark-skinned black women with chemically straightened hair—like 95 percent of the black women I saw during my stay—apparently don’t exist in ad agencies. Why is there never a black woman darker than a brown paper bag in a commercial or ad?

Attractive blonde women now seem to be largely confined to shampoo commercials, which apparently is not a violation of the unspoken rule since black women don’t use those shampoos anyway. Advertisements for household products are more likely to feature a woman just dark enough to make you think that English may not be the first language in her home, but European enough to not stand out too much. You can watch commercials forever and never see a Hispanic or black woman that looks like the ones you actually see in daily life.

There are rules about men, too. When a geek, nerd, or slob is called for, we know what race he will be. It is the same for anyone rude, arrogant, or just plain stupid. The smart one who saves the day by recommending Product X is rarely white and never a white man. Black men are the cool, smooth, sexually charged heroes of commercials for deodorant and shaving cream, while white guys are the idiots who chose the wrong car insurance company. Black guys take a break from their tough job on a construction site to apply a muscle ache cream and get right back to work while white guys sit on a couch playing video games until it’s time to make a run for fast food. You will die of old age watching television before you see a commercial in which a black guy is laughed at by whites or is the source of any problem. Meanwhile, it’s the white guys who rob houses in ads for home security systems and who make pathetic passes at the ladies in beer commercials.

The lack of obviously Hispanic men in ads is striking given that there are more Hispanics than blacks in America. I suspect it’s because their comparatively low social status is inconsistent with aspirational marketing strategies, and because most white women don’t find them attractive. This will change in time as so many other things already have.

There is a massive over-representation of non-whites on television. During one stretch of about 45 minutes, I counted 27 consecutive commercials without one white person talking to another. Even beer advertisements now feature the same racial calculus and fake, forced multi-ethnic bonhomie. The use of blacks in advertising almost always comes across as contrived;  blacks are shoehorned into plots and scenes that don’t need them. Again, the message is: “We put one of you in the commercial—please like us!”

Am I not supposed to laugh at the idea of a black guy with a pickup truck joining his white buddies to build a cabin the woods? Or at the fact that every party and barbecue in TV land is fully integrated, with a healthy dose of those latte-toned ladies? And when there are Hispanics in ads, they are always with whites, never with blacks. Why wouldn’t a company want to feature only blacks and Hispanics in their ads?

Things get worse

After watching television, I had a good idea of what I could expect at the mall. I also found that as ridiculous as the make-believe world of commercials is, making fun of it from my couch is much more fun and less depressing than being in a modern American shopping center.

My lesson began in the mall parking lot. It was dotted with what I have come to learn are uniquely American curiosities: tricked-out Cadillac Escalades and low riders, and beat up El Caminos and late model Caprices with $5,000 tire rims or with paint jobs that make them look like glittery bowling balls. Far outnumbering all of those, however, were the cars with Mexican, Puerto Rican, or Cuban flags—all driven by people who apparently love those places so much that they left them to move to Brandon.

Inside the mall, blacks and Hispanics made up easily half and maybe two thirds of the people traffic. This in the same mall that opened in the mid ’90s as the “nice” alternative to driving to awful malls in Tampa. Add in various Asians and others too hard to identify, and it was hard to remember that this is an allegedly majority-white country.

About half of all the Hispanics seemed to be three generations out together—almost always a woman in her 60s or 70s, what appeared to be her daughter, and several children. Now I understand why Univision’s ratings are so strong—Spanish-speaking grandmothers imported from San Juan, Santo Domingo, and elsewhere are probably tuned in all day except for when they go to the mall.

Here and there I saw a solitary white man doing his Christmas shopping or a local office worker on lunch break, walking at a brisk pace from store to store on a strictly buy-it-and-go mission. None showed any sign that going to the mall was in any way pleasurable. This was in contrast to the parade of blacks and Hispanics who were simply moving in a slow loop around mall, seeing and being seen as they texted or chatted on the phone. Few of them carried any bags or gave any indication that they came to the mall for any purpose other than walking in wide circles. Now I understand why online shopping is taking off.

At the food court, every restaurant, without exception, had an all-Asian or all-Hispanic staff, visible in their open-kitchen layouts. Since when do Chinese cook “Cajun” cuisine? And when did Mexicans take over Italian food? Later, across the street at Toys R Us, the entire staff running six cash registers and the customer service desk was black. Do white teenagers not get Christmas-vacation jobs anymore? It seems that retail staffs reach a kind of tipping point or critical mass of one ethnicity that discourages people from other groups from even applying for jobs. Why would a white teenager want to work at these places? For the next three weeks I looked everywhere for an all-white workforce in any shop or restaurant and found only one: two people on the late shift at a donut shop.

Back at the mall, I noticed that the goods on offer, the variety of stores, and the general market positioning have been altered to accommodate immigrants. No store better represents this than JC Penney.

Since when do the signs for the most obvious things have to be in English and Spanish? Why do you need a sign that says “Shoes” or “Jewelry” in Spanish right above the shoes or jewelry? I’m confident that anyone could figure out what he was looking at without this bit of help; I think it’s more about JC Penney showing how “friendly” it is to Mr. and Mrs. Jimenez.

There are also changes in inventory. The shoe department no longer carries a reasonably wide selection of dress shoes, which I remember looking through years ago for a job interview. There are now no more than four or five basic styles, none costing more than about $40.  The space that used to be available for perhaps 20 kinds of leather dress shoes is now set aside for rows of Nike basketball shoes in their boxes. The most prominent display of non-athletic shoes was for work boots, most of which had a sign saying “Available from Size 7” attached to the display shoe. You can guess the ethnic background of someone who needs a size 7 work boot.

Men’s clothing has changed. Dress shirts now come in colors no white man over 18 has ever worn: neon lime green, popsicle purple, carrot-juice orange. This isn’t just a question of changing fashion; it’s about the preferences and habits of the people who walk through the store. Retailers are governed by a brutal math in deciding what gets floor space. If something sells it stays. JC Penny and every other retailer knows very well why rows of basketball shoes and size-7 work boots are in and penny loafers are out.

I will always consider Brandon my hometown, but I will now think of it in terms of the way it was in my highschool yearbook and try to forget what I saw at the mall at Christmas.

A final insult

During one of my visits to the mall with my wife, I took my laptop along to kill time while she shopped. I settled into a Panera Bread restaurant to have a drink, use the Wi-Fi, and catch up on some reading, including my daily visit to AmRen. This is the message I got after I agreed to their terms of service and typed in the address:


This domain is blocked.

Site blocked. amren.com is not allowed on this network.

This site was categorized in: Hate/Discrimination

Contact your network administrator

I checked the website for the Nation of Islam and it worked fine. Same for National Council of La Raza and World Star Hip Hop—they aren’t “catergorized” as anything. Angry and frustrated, I closed my laptop and watched the crowds pass by.

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Jack Krak
Jack Krak has lived and worked in Krakow, Poland, for nearly two decades, and invites AmRen readers to visit him there.
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  • saxonsun

    This is also the “America” I am forced to negotiate each day. You hit the nail on the head.

    • NM156

      Every mall serving the working-to-middle-class in every metropolitan are is like this. Whitey must be buying online and shopping at upscale malls only occasionally.

      • Birger_Skruddusvingen

        “Whitey must be buying online and shopping at upscale malls only occasionally.”

        What about Farmer’s markets? Or auctions?

        • http://countenance.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/soulard-in-the-summer/

          Notice the nearly Whitopian appearing base of patrons. Perhaps the sidewalk music is a deterrent.

          However, even that has its small share of black patrons…who avoid fresh fruits and vegetables like they’re poison, and run for the fatty meats. They keep talking about ghettos being “food deserts” for fresh fruits/vegs, but even when they are right there in front of their faces, they refuse.

        • NM156

          Can’t buy clothes, furniture, or appliances at farmer’s markets.

  • Extropico

    Hi Jack Krak. I currently reside in the Tampa metropolitan area. Your commentary is accurate and viscerally expatiates upon a transmogrification of America into an United Nations consumer zone. The advertisements in the malls are heavily stilted toward any person not a White; and that doesn’t happen without coordinated support from the federal government. The federal government has planned this. And they know that we know. That is why the Department of Homeland (LOL!) Security and West Point have started issuing public advisories about the danger of disaffected and disgruntled White people. I bet that mall wifi connection allowed access to La Raza or NAACP or SPLC… any racial organization, provided it wasn’t pro-White.

    • newscomments70

      My uncle tried to convince me to move to the Tampa area. The price sounded right, but I just could not do it. He talks about the place like it is paradise. I just don’t care for it. Maybe it isn’t too bad now, but imagine what it will be like in 20 or 30 years? Would you recommend that a white person or family moves to the Tampa area?

      • Non Humans

        I lived in an area just south of Brandon and Tampa (Sarasota) for about a year or so. I went for the geography (beaches being my favorite place in the world). I understood that “Diversity” was just something that had to be tolerated for the benefit of “Living on Vacation”.
        I never had any problems with any “Diversity” in the time that I lived down there, but there are definitely no shortage of areas where you know better than to let your guard down. The Brandon mall was definitely one of them.
        It’s sickening that alot of our entertainment and advertising are being geared towards “Diversity”, but the capitalist corporates only care about one color, Green, and they do not care what color or species that it comes from.

        • newscomments70

          I have driven through Sarasota. It looks peaceful enough on the outside, but I know you can be killed if you wander onto the wrong street. Some British men were killed by blacks recently while wandering into a housing project area. I’m sure that is just one of many incidents.

          • Birger_Skruddusvingen

            “Some British men were killed by blacks recently while wandering into a housing project area. I’m sure that is just one of many incidents.”

            But the plural of “incident” is “trend”…

    • jambi19

      I was born in raised in Brandon. It’s interesting someone else notices what has happened.

      • Florida

        I was raised in Clair-Mel city, things went to hell when Progress Village was built there back in the 70’s.

        • jambi19

          They built progress village in the middle of no where in the 1970s. Now all the “low income housing” developments stretch all the way to 301 and Bloomingdale. That’s a lot of “progress”.

        • Guest8687

          Hi Florida! I went to Clair-Mel Elementary School and attended first grade there in 1963. In those days, Clair-Mel was basically 100% white. I don’t recall seeing even one black person, and there were certainly no Mexicans in the area back then. It was a nice, beautiful middle class area of town (we lived on Dellwood Dr., by the way, not far from the school). The last time I was in the area about 10 years ago, it looked to my eyes like an older, run down semi-slum area. The town I grew up in is gone, vanished, just like the America I grew up in and loved. Now I have to watch “Leave it to Beaver” or “Bachelor Father” to remind myself such a country existed, and not so very long ago.

  • Peoplesjustice

    Send them all home. Yes, we can!

  • Peoplesjustice

    I mean send them all back to their own homes and out of ours.

  • [Guest]

    >>>I will always consider Brandon my hometown, but I will now think of it in terms of the way it was in my highschool yearbook and try to forget what I saw at the mall at Christmas.

    Yes, and I will always consider the U.S. my home country, but…

  • newscomments70

    “Meanwhile, it’s the white guys who rob houses in ads for home security systems and who make pathetic passes at the ladies in beer commercials.” There was a South Park episode that parodied this fallacy. Eric Cartman explained to his friends, “Haven’t you seen those ADT commercials? Women these days get raped by perfectly normal-looking white guys in broad daylight”

    • GerónimoAnónimo

      You are so right. I was watching Blue Bloods last evening and in the story line a refined Black man in his fifties comes to visit ADA Erin Reagan ( Bridget Moynahan) asking her to reopen the “cold case” of his daughter’s murder several years before. The father suspects that a certain wealthy and prominent young man (White) whom she was dating had murdered her. Erin, posing as someone else, goes to visit the man who works for his father. Half way through the program my wife said ” I guarantee you that the father will turn out to be the killer because he didn’t want his son to be with a Black girl.” She was spot on. The episode climaxes with the son holding a gun on his father and berating him because he didn’t approve of the girl because she was Black.

      I’m seriously thinking about a complete boycott of these programs; especially those that take place in NYC and never feature a Black ciminal. My all time annoyance is Law & Order SVU that NEVER portrays a Black rapist. The networks total disdain for our intelligence is absolutely incredible.

      • NeanderhalDNA

        Yeah…boycotting Quentin Tarentino pretty much these days, several others. It’s just a constant effing annoyance when programs I otherwise like slap me and reality like that in the face.

        I mean, it goes beyond inclusion or artistic license and enters the realm of ugly, semi-self inflicted…racism. It did long time ago, but seriously looks worse every day.

        And these constant, stern reminders that we whites are no longer a majority sound more and more like not-so-thinly veiled threats. The great black/brown shakedown. Keep the money flowing, whitey…or else.

        The problem with that threat, of course is that the destruction of whitey will entail the destruction of everything whitey built, including a humane welfare system that requires a critical mass of intelligent, responsible, people who produce.

        But they don’t get it, of course. A few points of IQ difference propped up by self flagellent whites who use their gifts to cleverly deceive themselves and others makes for a noxious brew.

        I noticed when teaching something I called the cult of stupidity. I think I know now where it comes from.

        Hate cultural Marxism. It’s genocide.

        • David Ashton

          How about poster parades and factual leaflets outside cinemas with films that vilify whites. No hoods or swastikas please.

          • newscomments70

            That could be dangerous and it’s quite limited. I suggest spreading awareness on internet comments sections and blogs. Lately, I have been trying to raise racial awareness on Netflix. They allow a comments section and don’t police it that much. When they delete my comments, I simply reword them a little and repost.

          • robinbishop34

            IMDB movie review and Amazon book review sections are great places to reach the civilians. Like you said though, you have to finesse the wording.

          • David Ashton

            Try both wherever and whenever.

      • Birger_Skruddusvingen

        “My all time annoyance is Law & Order SVU that NEVER portrays a Black rapist.”

        As different from other series?

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Here’s the video clip of the commercial on South Park


      • robinbishop34

        That is truly hilarious. “police are on their way with blankets and cocoa,” that is priceless.

    • Birger_Skruddusvingen

      “There was a South Park episode that parodied this fallacy.”

      Yes, South Park parodies almost everything. Certainly among the best series ever created. We ought to be terribly thankful to Mr Parker and Mr Stone.

      • James Flower

        Exactly, they are not left wing nor right wing, they mock and make fun of everybody, unlike preachy liberal Family Guy.

        • Jason

          Plus, on South Park, the Jew is always right!!!

  • These ridiculous “high rider” older cars with fancy chrome wheels get even more ridiculous than what you see in that picture. To wit:


    I figure there were at least 10 felony convictions in that car at the moment that picture was taken.

    Also, speaking of Univision:


    We have had stories in the recent past about Univision beating a mainstream OTA American net, but they have always involved the summer months and new Univision programming beating summer reruns from the American nets. Now Univision is starting to beat an American net (albeit one with a crummy lineup like NBC) in a sweeps rating period. It’s starting to get real.

    • Hilarious Picture.I’m sadly guessing that the McDonalds corporation did not pay for that paint job in anyway.Strange taste.
      Sagging pants, over sized shoes, dressed in garish colors, unable to wear a hat properly, tuck in a shirt, speak coherently surely makes them nature’s clowns.

      • But McDonalds has gone 365Black, which means social justice requires them to like it. Once you go 365Black, you can never go 365Back. No refunds.

        • Unperson

          That car has certainly gone 365Black. And it can never go 365Back either.

  • William Allingham

    I liked it, congratulations for your first article Jack Krak, great job!

    Did you know that mexican youth (in mexico) was sometime described by a social study (Yankelovich monitor) as “highly materialistic, who cared mostly about their economic status and personal gratification”?

    This are non-white mexicans that apparently don’t care too much about their country being corrupt or lacking freedom (those are boring subjects, i just want to get some easy money or take revenge from my ex-girlfriend or my foes). They don’t even realize a connection between poverty and corruption (whites are out there to invent, think and care, we non-whites are only to enjoy their fruits and demand more from them)

    All this reminds me of blacks wearing golden teeth, dressing in this gaudy fashions, hispanics driving horribly modified cars and both committing overwhelmingly more crimes almost for recreational reasons.

    To say that (white)Americans are materialistic is somehow misleading, materialism in America is the byproduct of her peoples sense of practicality and ingeniousness. mexicans embraced the bad things of America without remotely learning the good ones (a mute will not try to learn to sing), thus you take off from the equation the sense of order and ingeniousness and you have only a gross pursuit of self-gratification which makes mexico a narcissistic country.

    Quality and efficiency requires high ideals and discipline, if America had been only materialistic (as many want to depict her, although today with immigration, that picture its becoming more accurate) she would have never become the greatest nation in history.

  • nobody

    “Attractive blonde women now seem to be largely confined to shampoo
    commercials, which apparently is not a violation of the unspoken rule
    since black women don’t use those shampoos anyway.”

    LOL, I almost lost it.

  • Great article Mr Krak and is relatable to our situation in the Southern Hemisphere Anglo sphere too. I appreciate that some change in inevitable in life, but it’s the rate of change is what freaks me out, where over a ten period you go from having zero representatives of a certain ethnic group such as Iraqi’s where I was, to them later being virtually the only ethnic group you see when when you go out.
    We’ve all been sold down the river so multinationals can sell cheap Chinese junk to low IQ minorities en masse. We have Chinese people selling all other ethnicities foods everywhere now too, what is it with that? That wasn’t part of the cultural vibrancy contract was it?
    Lastly your comments on televison reminded me of this clip.

    • Dude

      The rate of change freaks you out, or the type of change?

      • “Nations can easily preserve their homogeneity if they choose to do so“.

        That’s just it though, lack of choice or a lack of a platform to voice any opinion contrary to the pro immigration status quo which all Western countries are currently subscribing to (like we all did back in the sixties with.changing immigration laws together and like we again doing now with homosexual marriage). To you I’m probably going to sound like a Hanoi Jane saying this, but I figure that I can tolerate about 5% diversity in my home town/country, beyond that I start to become very intolerant.But there’s never any talk of caps is there, or of limits, we just to be like a open sewer accepting whatever the world wants to dump on us.
        ‘The people’ in all of our majority White countries repeatedly say when asked, that we are anti immigration, but no where have I seen a solid political attempt to curb it beyond vote gathering lip service.
        Show me a first world White country that has done something tangible and I’ll move there.
        Hey I dream of a world where government subsidies are given to White woman for producing White babies, but you’d agree that our current reality is far removed from that ‘dream’.
        When I said that I appreciate that some change is inevitable in life, but it’s the rate of change is what freaks me out.
        I see change as simply being a part of life and you have to flexible to it or suffer.
        Strategically or tactically to win a fight, battle or a war you have to be flexible and adaptive, if you are rigid you are predictable and you will be taken down, even if you are the stronger force.

        So instead of talking tough and sounding uncompromising on what we want, let’s look at where we’re at, then work from there.
        Even the racial right wing has had to change, make compromises or evolve with the times, take a proponent from the same town from the years 1850,1900, 1950 and today and put them together in a room and I’m sure that even Jared Taylor would look left leaning compared to some of them.
        Dogmatic biases which are based on remaining ignorant will be bested, note it’s no longer the right wing who I see as being guilty of that practice.

        You’ve misinterpreted my general attitude towards change as me shrugging my shoulders and resigning myself to the demographic changes which is raping our collective culture, please I’m resigned to nothing when it comes to race and although I can be left wing in some of my thinking, I always draw the line at race.
        There’s something very unnatural about the rate of demographic change which is being forced upon us.

        Perhaps when waves of immigrants came to the States from places like Ireland and Italy I’m sure that there were similar fears of alien people not being to assimilate or dragging the collective culture down, but I feel those fears were proven wrong due to the genetic closeness of all Caucasians , I fear the same rational is being transferred to these new groups now.
        To think that we can simply be replaced by people from the jungles, deserts or barrios and expect life to remain the same is incredibly offensive.
        On the superficial, I don’t see how replacing a group of people who have red, yellow, brown and black hair with blue,green, grey and brown eyes etc.with masses of people who all 100% have black hair and brown eyes is touted as introducing diversity.
        Who we were, who we are and who we’re going to be is being poisoned, and I have two blue eyed children under eight years old who I worry about immensely, likewise I worry about my great grand children who I’ll probably never get to meet, although hopefully I will leave them a legacy of some sort (hopefully a free hold, self sufficient family castle).
        Regarding the rate of change, one of the most disturbing figures to me is of the world population going from one billion in the year 1900, to hitting seven billion a hundred years later, a seven fold increase in only 100 years! Astounding.

        Re the motivation for this destruction, I think this article hits the nail on the head when it alludes to it all being about money and fostering a large constantly hungry population to fuel economic growth.
        If White Nationalism was profitable and if immigration started to cost the private sector, we may be able to turn this around without bloodshed.
        But it’s all a ponzi scheme anyway and if you want to pin an ‘inevitable prediction’ on me, ponzi schemes always collapse when the bottom of the pyramid stops getting new blood…..(in case I have to spell it out, I am against…..the blood part not the collapse, sigh).

        • Dude

          I hope we’re at least on the same page in that the ultimate goal is to preserve our purity into eternity, at any cost.

          If you allow a country to be 5% other races, and miscegenation slowly takes place, that 5% will be absorbed and the nation will be considered homogenous again. That process can repeat indefinitely as the race becomes more and more mongrelized.

          The first and foremost problem is the presence of other races, not the lack of encouragement for White birth rates.

          • Where I am now is about 80% White compared to being 93% White back in the 1961 census,
            According to the 2010 US census you’re currently at 63.7% non-Hispanic White and were .75.5% non Hispanic White as recently as 1990.
            I think for either of us to obtain a population that was only 5% **’diverse’ would be a gain.
            Just don’t ask me in polite circles how I think we should get to that figure.
            **Of course we have all the diversity we’ll ever need within our own genome.

          • kjh64

            Actually,the US census counts anyone living in the country at the time of the census, regardless of whether they are a citizen or not, as “Americans”. Illegal migrants, and there are millions, are counted, so are legal foreign residents as well as other foreigners living here on temporary work or student visas are counted as “Americans” too. Some hispanics are fully “White” yet they are not counted as White but hispanic Surprisingly, American nationals living abroad are not counted in the census. The truth is, the racial demographics of actual American citizens is unknown. Getting rid of just the illegal aliens alone would up the percentage of Whites considerably.

          • I tried to differentiate between those identified as White Americans @ 72.4% of the 2010 census compared with non-Hispanic Whites @ 63.7% ( which includes people from the Middle East, or North Africa), just to add confusion to those who identified as Hispanic and Latino Americans @ 16.3%, 53% of this group identified as “White” (8.64%+63.7%= 72.34% White I suppose).
            Geez it feels like there is getting to be less European descended Whites than I originally thought.
            I yearn for simpler times.

          • Birger_Skruddusvingen

            “I yearn for simpler times.”

            “The huddled masses yearning to be free”…

          • Dude

            As long as an area is less than 100% White, there’s still a problem to be dealt with. If you truly got that, you wouldn’t be talking about the amounts of diversity you can tolerate.

            P.S. I’m Canadian, as I’m guessing you are.

          • I guess 5% figure is keeping indigenous peoples in mind as where would we deport them to if we had the power? And any solutions of the ‘final’ variety won’t win us any friends. Strangely we Whites are a powerful people and have the power to wipe out everyone else on earth several times over, yet somehow we’re divorced from our own united strength. Instead we get to feel powerless and get to listen to the taunts of those who’re overtaking us with a slow war of attrition by simply out breeding us (while we pick up the tab).
            Sort of like being physically paralyzed and watching ants slowly devour your body.

            I’m not Canadian my friend, think further south, way down south near Antarctica (google ANZAC for a clue). I think Canada and my current residence both suffer from that same sort of liberal diversity envy/White majority guilt that has affected other White countries in Scandinavia, where we desperately wanted to import diversity as to show the big boys like the US and the UK how to effectively deal with non Whites better, our arrogant lefties wanting to show the rest of the world how to do it.
            Shows what they knew.

          • Dude

            Let’s not pretend “first nations” in Canada are anything but Siberians who came here after the White man.

          • David Ashton

            A factor X is the “anti-racist” psychological paralysis near the top of the media, academe, politics, etc. We have a Pavlov dog situation continually reinforced subconsciously with images of Slavery, Apartheid and Holocaust.

        • Birger_Skruddusvingen

          “Regarding the rate of change, one of the most disturbing figures to me is of the world population going from one billion in the year 1900, to hitting seven billion a hundred years later, a seven fold increase in only 100 years! Astounding.”

          In 1804, actually. But still disturbing, to say the least.

  • Diversity is BAD

    Excellent article which hits home (or what’s left of it) for most of us here. We need more of these pertinent field reports on American Renaissance instead of the constant deluge of irrelevant personal stories and hung ups from the usual egomaniacs (you know who you are).

    Thank you Jack and keep them coming.

  • David Ashton

    In the UK television commercials and plays have a similarly abnormal black presence, but scarcely any sign of the hijabs and turbans of another “minority”. The black male and white female conjunction (all generations) is a big theme, the commercial excuse presumably being to sell to both races at once.

    • newscomments70

      I have seen that on UK TV, for years. In the new Dr. Who, there is almost always a black male, white female couple. British shows seem to fall into two categories…forced multiculturalism, or a delusion that it is still a white country.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Exactly. And there are plenty of vintage shows available for my kids to watch. I have to screen all the modern stuff for them, though.

        • Guest

          Netflix has many classics, but the rest of the garbage is pushed on you as well. The site kept pushing racist black comedians on me. To get rid of that, I kept giving them one star in the ratings. They also allow you to comment fairly freely.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Or rate as “not interested.” That helps keep the number of garbage recommendations to a minimum.

      • NM156

        The character Rose Tyler, the Dr.s voluptuous, young, blonde companion, the first of the 11th incarnation, had a black boyfriend. The choice was conspicuous, but the BBC just couldn’t contain themselves.

        • David Ashton

          The Doctors program is becoming a plot-incredible parody of PC “comedy of manners”. The one-legged lesbian schoolgirl “falls pregnant” after a night with the black computer specialist and wants a “termination” opposed by her bigoted Christians parents, etc.

      • David Ashton

        Trouble is – other people lap it up, and you and I have to live and work in the same society.

      • MikeofAges

        Heard a similar complaint about x-rated movies a few years. Ago. The author of the post complained that while the women could be of any race or nationality, the men were always either black or white. I thought about it for a minute (this is not brain surgery, it shouldn’t take longer than that) and concluded that the market for these films consisted of white and black men. Makes sense. Whites and blacks, especially on the urban scene, are relatively assimilated linguistically and culturally and often quite a lot socially as well. Not to mention, if you’re going to take a trip through a sewer in glass-bottomed boat, you might as well take it all in.

  • You could easily be describing some places here in England. Even down the non-choice of shoes.

    The advertising especially chimes with me, such as last years Christmas shopping and seeing most toys and such featuring that very same smiley black face or that unspecified and vague odd looking indeterminate that may or may not be quite the full ticket.

    The shoehorning is the same here, as is the “dopey white male” tendency for adverts. Athletic blacks are for example rubbing on the Gillette shaving foam in their bath towels, showing the other whites where they are going wrong in their alternative choice – whilst in other adverts, nerdy and spectacled wimp white husbands are struggling to wipe the crud off the stove and reaching for that “Mr Muscle” product to help.

    It cannot be either accidental or just coincidental that this same kind of crap is being pumped out everywhere in traditional white lands.

    • jay11

      There is a version of the dating show called “Take Me Out” in the UK. In the theme song at the beginning of the show they show the silhouette of a man dancing. Guess what race of man it is? Yep, a bald, black man. Check it out.

      • newscomments70

        Here is a simliar advert, with black man and white woman, touting an article: “”How to Conquer Your 10 Biggest Marriage Fears”
        Here is a comment from an angry black woman:

        “Advertising black men to leave black women for model white women. sick. What is PC to you may not be PC to someone else, so don’t force it on everyone! Black women aren’t good enough to keep black men? smh” –amen

        • jay11

          Looks like the libs got right to action! Now it shows an all white couple in the photo! That was fast!

          • newscomments70

            They would have had more luck with the PC crowd if the photo displayed a black man with a white man.

          • David Ashton

            Give it time.

        • concernedcollegekid

          Why didn’t any liberals comment back and inform her that since race doesn’t exist and is a social construct, there is no difference between a black man dating her and dating a white woman? Strange…

      • David Ashton

        “Watching” it this very minute (Feb 23, 8.53 GMT) – the male candidates are occasionally non-white and there are always a few black girls to choose from.

    • newscomments70

      Two cases of shoehorning that I found especially annoying: the intro to the new “Masterpiece Theatre” forces in a black face…even though blacks had no presence in Victorian England.
      My very favorite case of this though is the official promo video for the US swim team. It is a video with music of the team training and hanging out together. It is a great video until that certain moment..there is not one black person on the team, but you have to watch a portly black guy dance with the pretty white girls. Where the hell did that come from? Why does that have to be included in everything??

      • Cullen Jones, but he was hardly portly. I think he was the only black on the American swim team, and one of the scant few on any country’s swim team that made London.

        • newscomments70

          If that was him, I stand corrected…but they had to place him in a sexual way with white women.

      • anonymous

        Another anachronism that I’ve always found especially glaring is the black knight who appears at the beginning of Kingdom of Heaven. Luckily, he got killed off pretty quickly.

    • Birger_Skruddusvingen

      “It cannot be either accidental or just coincidental that this same kind of stuff is being pumped out everywhere in traditional white lands.”

      Perhaps we ought to take a positive look at it. Chances are the advertisers think that Blacks are stupid and easily (mis)led by advertising. While Whites tends to be more aware when they make purchases and want more “bang for the buck” – rather than falling for shallow commercials. (After all, both groups are largely spending White’s money.) Furtermore, Whites seem to be less prone to conspicious consumption..

      Personally, I’m scraping by: I’ve stopped watching television, listening to radio and reading newspapers on a daily basis. No more brain washing for this cracker, thank you very much. Highly recommended!

      • I very rarely watch TV any more either.

        15 years ago I was the usual habitual user, and I say that to link it to some kind of drug abuse, where I would be hooked on “soaps” and various left-wing comedy shows, including American imports like Roseanne and Friends. This was when I was your typical ignorant lefty puppet.

        When I became more aware of what was going on and what was taking place, the more I could not stand to watch them. In fact, I saw it as my duty to switch them off and reject them altogether. That is what I did.

        Now, I hardly watch TV. I watch the very occasional documentary – often to record and capture any propaganda, or just on things not relating to our issues – and I still watch some films, of which I try and be very selective.

        For example, I like the film ‘The Game’ with Michael Douglas in, and “The Jacket” from a couple of years back. To my knowledge there is no agenda or anti-white brainwashing present in them.

        I have to agree you tend to feel much better when unplugged from the matrix.

        • David Ashton

          Watch the TV movie “Hunt for the Unicorn Killer” if you get a repeat on Freeview. It is deliciously politically incorrect, and features our beautiful British actress Naomi Watts as the young student Holly Redux murdered in real life by a lefty poseur.

  • ncpride

    This is happening all across the country. Used to be, you could move out to rural areas to escape ‘diversity’, but they are, and by ‘they’ I mean mostly mexicans, are slowly creeping into these areas as well. We are running out of places to run to. Even the most rural mountain towns are seeing mexicans moving in. It’s infuriating, especially when you feel helpless to stop it. NOBODY is on our side, and no one cares how we feel about it. Our own government is complicit in this invasion, so I have a feeling this will not end well for anybody when Whites are finally pushed over the edge because of their refusal to even listen to our concerns.

    • gemjunior

      Sometimes though I wonder if it will ever happen, when whites come to the point we are finally pushed over. Because it seems that we read these sites like amren, (actually this and 2 others are the only ones I really read myself) and I just fume with fury at what is being done to us while the majority of our people either don’t notice it or are avidly cheerleading it and are multiultural coalburners and such. When are we going to do something about it? I wonder if the anger I see on these sites is a forewarning of our white brethren actually doing something about it? But what, exactly. We can boycott, etc. but will that make an impact? Seems this is happening to white countries all over the world. Time it was stopped.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        I only seems that way. Liberals have full control over the MSM and anyone who says anything “racist” is fired and discredited.

        People are waking up, every major news site is full of “racist” comments. New race-realist sites are being created everyday and current ones are seeing record traffic. You-tube and google have been going crazy trying to censor all the “hate speech” people are posting. They never had to do that before, something has changed.

        • tkayLA

          I’m seeing the same thing as you. When I read the comments on mainstream media news stories about immigration, crime, affirmative action, etc., they’re filled with commentary from people who are fed up with the PC bs we’re always being fed by the media. White people are tired of being told how terrible they are, and tired of being silenced by the fear of being labeled racist. I’ve got my own small, anti-media offensive underway. I’ve started saying things to my very PC journalist sister like, “Guns don’t kill people. Black people kill people.” Makes her so mad, and I love it.

          • Tucker

            The pressure cooker is continuing to build up pressure and, as history clearly shows, indefinite build up of pressure is not sustainable.

          • rebelcelt

            I fully agree, I too have noticed for a couple of years that the MSM sites are getting a lot of mail from whites who are not mincing words. I have also noticed here lately that Amren comments section has far more posts than in the past. It used to be the most posts we would
            see would be a little over a hundred now it is 2 -3 hundred posts in a shorter time.

          • WhiteFalcon1

            The “pressure cooker” analogy is right on! Whites clearly have and demonstrate, patience, while the blacks don’t even seem to know how to spell it let alone demonstrate it in their daily lives…it’ll tip, it has to!

      • ncpride

        I agree with Bad Mr. Frosty on this one. I believe there are more awakened Whites than we are aware of, and even more are fed up with the way we are treated and disregarded. I see it all over the net too, in comments sections. What we lack is organization, or a political party by us, for us. I have faith it’s coming though.

      • Birger_Skruddusvingen

        “Sometimes though I wonder if it will ever happen, when whites come to the point we are finally pushed over.”

        Well, I’ve read about increases in sales of (and prices on) guns and ammunition… Haven’t you?

      • Der Typ

        I used to get angry. Now I don’t. Honestly, I find it entertaining. I get mad for a few minutes after reading stories of hanging, 9 year old white boys because they were being bullied, but mostly I read it as a confirmation of what I know to be true. And I find it comforting to know that my ideas are closer to the truth than what we’re taught daily to think is. The truth is a very powerful thing.

        As far as what you can do now, I advocate that we are in an education stage.

        Educate yourself and through this knowledge educate the others around you. I find this is usually better done with a few insightful words than a sermon. The system is unsustainable. The end, just as sure as your end is, is coming. The question is will you have the right information to interpret the end correctly? Will you be a conduit for others to receive the proper ideas? READ! Read everything from Ron Paul to Adolf Hitler, from Paul Krugman to Von Mises. Learn about history. Learn about politics. Learn about economics. Learn about the relationship between economics and politics (hopefully without an marxist interpretation) through out history.

        I also advocate losing any affinity that you have for the symbols of the US government. You don’t have to burn them, but know by respecting the symbols you are respecting a lot of causes that I don’t think you want to be party to. My culture (western-European) and race are many more times important to me than my nation, particularly a proposition nation where the contents of your thoughts are more important the your blood. Just remember, you didn’t change the definition of American, they did. If you cheered during Zero Dark 30 or cried over Chris Kyle and you consider yourself a white nationalist then I can’t help buy find you simple at best and deluded at worst. A muslim in America is your enemy. A muslim on a mountain in Pakistan…well, you figure it out. But I can tell you that our soldiers on mountains in Pakistan are why they are showing up in our cities.

        The US Military is far more revolutionary in nature than the Red Army ever thought about being. I have a lot of military ancestry but that doesn’t make me blind to the obvious.

        So basically I advocate a retreat into an inner nation of the initiated. It being a very decentralized nation. But we should always be searching for new initiates, by challenging those around us subtly. Watch out for crazy or violent people who can cast a negative light upon the ideas though. The current mess, though, is going to take care of itself.

        • Defoe

          Excellent post. I agree with virtually all you have said. At some point we need to be able to identify each other. For now, education and recruitment is crucial.

      • furious and curious

        Just start dating black and tell your daughters to do the same.

      • 2craig22

        If whites keep not having kids we are getting pushed over……if you & I have kids like mexicans do we’ve got nothing to worry about.

      • Greg Deane

        I’m proud to say that my comments on a ‘discussion’ of the Holocaust were so fact based and disturbing that it was closed down entirely. Liberals and their Zionist allies have trouble dealing with historical reality.

    • Liberati

      With all due respect. Mexicans ARE indigenous to the North American continent. I dare say that they are even more indigenous to continental North America than you!

      • JohnEngelman

        The only Americans who have the right to complain about race displacement and genocide are American Indians. Orientals and Jews do not threaten white Gentiles by killing them off. They threaten white Gentiles by raising the grade curve.

        • anarchyst

          Most of today’s jews are NOT hebrew but, ashkenazi from russia . . . inventors and promoters of communism. jews were hated in the eastern european countries because they were the commissars and rulers of communism . . . the communist “holocausts” (stalinist and maoist “purges”)make the jewish “holocaust” look like “small potatoes” by numbers alone . . . for the jews, “there’s NO BUSINESS like “SHOAH BUSINESS”. Capitalizing on the jewish “holocaust” has made a lot of jews rich beyond dreams and has served to deflect honest criticism of any jewish position.

        • anarchyst

          “jewish IQ” is less a function of jews just being inherently “smart” and more to do with the cultural insularity and “pushy” attitude that they possess and guard so well. The sad part of this is they reserve this cultural insularity FOR THEMSELVES while pushing their “equality” and “diversity” crap on everyone else. It seems that (many) jews have a “death wish” for the white race (that they are a part of).

        • David Ashton

          Race displacement does not necessarily entail murder.
          Of course, you have stated your opposition to white Gentiles improving their birth-rate both absolutely and in comparison to Oriental immigrants in north America.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          If you spent as much time learning Chinese as you did trolling Amren, you could move to your beloved Asian paradise. I’ll put up money towards your 1-way plane ticket.

        • Tarczan

          I have always felt that the reason that blacks hate whites and why everyone seems to hate jews are the same; the IQ differences between the groups. The blacks see themselves outsmarted and outworked at every turn by the whites, and because of their IQ, hard work and strong group identity the Jews at times outperfrom most groups.

          • JohnEngelman

            Fortunately most people do not hate Jews. Those who do resent them because so many of them are intelligent, successful, and prosperous.

            Many lower income white Gentiles who are angry about their poverty find it difficult to direct this anger at rich white Gentiles. They find it easy to direct their anger at rich Jews. This anger then extends to all Jews, even if they are poor Jews.

          • Jefferson

            White nationalists hate Blacks and Mestizos because most of them are low I.Q underachievers who leech off of White taxpayers, but they also hate Asian Americans and Jews because they give WASP Gentiles a run for their money in the math, technology, and science department. Jews and Orientals destroy the myth that only blue eyed Germanic Nordic Northern Europeans can have a high I.Q. White nationalists hate the fact that on average they are not as dumb as a Bolivian Amerindian and a Bantu.

            So it is damn if you do and damn if you don’t.

          • Tucker

            I disagree. I am a White Nationalist and I don’t really ‘hate’ blacks or mestizos. I do see them as being largely parasitic and far more prone to criminal behavior, laziness,and low achievement and that makes them a drain on any White society – and due to a combination of all these factors, I think that Whites have every justified right to wish to live apart from these people.

            I also see blacks, mestizos, Asians – basically all non-European people as racial competitors, and since I am a firm proponent of all races being allowed to pursue Ethnic Nationalism – I can see only one way to ensure that Whites can secure their to right to self-determination, and that is through complete ethnic separation visi vi creation of an exclusively White Ethnostate.

            Naturally, the racial groups who have adopted the religion of parasitism view White Europeans as their primarily source of nourishment and are therefore not going to like the idea of Whites deciding to separate themselves from their leeches.

            That is why we are not going to ask non-whites for their permission to free ourselves of them.

            However, step number one for Whites will be to figure out how to deal with race traitors within our hostile and race treasonous ruling elite class.

          • ImTellinYa

            You hit several nails squarely on their heads buddy. I agree that what we are going through right now is an ideological civil war between two groups of Whites. The Leftist traitors and the Right-wing White nationalists. There are a lot of weird, self-contradictory wafflers in between, but that’s the basic conflict.

            What the Leftist traitors and their cowardly followers are doing is enlisting parasitic, nonWhite foot soldiers to swell their ranks. This is succeeding. ALL nonWhites vote overwhelmingly for Leftist tyranny.

            What the Leftist White traitors are missing in their arrogance and pathological denial of reality is that they are undermining their own position and committing self-destruction. Again, in their blind arrogance, the Leftist traitors will not or cannot see that if/when the U.S. and Europe are destroyed by hordes of nonWhites that the Leftists themselves will miss their old countries very much. There will be nowhere left for them to run. Another contradictory action that Leftist traitors seem to engage in is living in neighborhoods that are overwhelmingly White.

            But then self-appointed tyrants always feel just fine about living as well as it’s possible to live while the rest of the “masses” barely get by.

          • JohnEngelman

            The same AR posters who like to gloat about low IQs for Non Asian Minorities (NAM) get angry when I remind them about the fact that Orientals and Jews usually have higher IQs and lower rates of crime and illegitimacy than the race they belong to and think is entitled to the best of everything.

          • David Ashton

            We all need to remember (1) that average group IQs are different from individual IQs and (2) IQs are not the only thing that bind people and ethnic groups together.

          • JohnEngelman

            I prefer the company of intelligent people. I would rather spend my time with an intelligent, widely read, and well informed Jew or Oriental than with a stupid, ignorant white person.

          • David Ashton

            I haven’t come across a shortage of intelligent, well-read white people, though too many are susceptible to unscientific ideologies and some lack the healthy common-sense of less literary people. I have no generalized personal view of Chinese individuals since the only well-informed ones I have known were victims of Maoist persecution.

          • David Ashton

            Without wishing to get too deeply involved in a “discussion” about “antisemitism”, I would like to suggest that not everyone who has criticized certain Jewish activities or cultural characteristics is ignorant, stupid, or simply envious; for example, Immanuel Kant and Oscar Levy in the past, and Kevin MacDonald and James Petras today. The term “antisemitism” is too easily thrown around, notwithstanding the psychological scar left by Hitlerism – for instance, our outgoing Chief Rabbi in England, who has written some wise and interesting things about religion and morality, called Richard Dawkins “antisemitic” because of some atheistic remarks about the Deity of the Hebrew scriptures.

            No Jews need “self-hatred” but some need self-criticism, though one can see that this should be private since they do not wish to provide public ammunition to the usual cranks and criminals often found in anti-Jewish groups. As a famous Scottish freemason put it in his own fair dialect, if only we had the gift to see ourselves as other see us – all the more so if one really believes with Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbok that “the threat of Jewish extermination [is] as great as ever”. If Woody Allen can manage it, so can others.

            Personally I am against Jews who support multiracial mass-immigration into white Gentile homelands, and support those (like Melanie Phillips or the late Sir Alfred Sherman) who do not.

          • paul

            ‘Personally I am against Jews who support multiracial mass-immigration into white Gentile homelands’

            Please name one who isn’t

          • David Ashton

            Already have done – see above.

            Jews feel more comfortable in societies that are not strongly nationalist, and their immigration experience has inclined them to support other immigrants, but they have shot themselves in the foot with the massive immigration of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish Muslims and others, and with black violence and crime. This change of outlook is scarcely altruistic but it is a gift horse to balanced white nationalists.
            The problem on “our” side is generalized racial hatred of Jews (and others) plus a conspiratorial misreading of Jewish history that only reinforces their hostility to white Gentile nationalists arising from a precautionary fear of Nazi outlook and actions. I could say more on this after years of considerable thought and study, but enough for now.

          • tarczan

            Yeah, we’re mostly in agreement. I’m looking at your posts and trying to figure out why everyone or at least some people give you such a hard time. I can’t say I’ve read them all, but no objections here.

          • JohnEngelman

            Those flame who cannot refute.

          • David Ashton

            One of the reasons that JE irritates some people is his style: he reads as if he has an immense stock of absolutely identical sentences which are repeated ad nauseam if not yet ad infinitum, with no engagement or flexibility in response to effective disagreement.
            Basically, he thinks: (1) blacks are more stupid than white Gentiles, who are more stupid than east Asians, who are more stupid than Jews; (2) Chinese women are prettier than other women; (3) God gave the Jews exclusive entitlement to a large chunk of the Middle East, but white Gentiles have no special claim at all to North America; (4) race crossing is unstoppable but also highly desirable; (5) Obama for whom he voted is a bit disappointing; (6) Cultural Marxism is a myth; (7) the Israeli lobby is a canard; (8) he is a perfect debater who is always right.
            On top of that, he loves Chinese and Jewish kosher food, and would prefer to live in China or Israel if he had a good job there and no language problems.
            His ticket to a site that defends “white civilization” is solely that he was mugged by some blacks and then agreed with Jared Taylor’s account of the “color of crime”.

          • Der Typ

            I promised you myself that I would never reply to you again, but then I was reading the newspaper and saw your name. Are you the same John Engelman whose letter to the editor in Wilimington, DE newspaper was published on Monday? It seemed so, but you managed to write 3 paragraphs without praising Asians, denigrating lower income whites, or spinning your interesting theories on how to save things.

            PS… that has to be the most simplistic explanation of anti-semitism I’ve ever heard. Did you get it from your buddy Paul Krugman?

            PPS…I’m surrounded by Asians all the time. It’s my job. Some have even become close friends. I think they have a lot of positive qualities. But unlike you, I don’t feel the need to go to a white nationalist website and sing their praises. I’m sorry, unlike some others on here, you haven’t impressed me with your wit or knowledge.

        • Tucker

          Ice Age Columbus, Johnny boy.

          Whites were here first, got genocided by your noble & not so stalwart Indians, came back a few hundred years later and won the rematch.

          Take your anti-White hate elsewhere, pal.

        • rebelcelt

          Bull I have every right to complain about my country being overrun.

          • JohnEngelman

            Jewish and Oriental immigration to the United States is fairly minor. I agree that Hispanic immigration brings with it the crime, incompetence, and governmental corruption that is evident south of the border.

          • MikeofAges

            Asian immigration is not minor. Jewish immigration in the era 1870-1914 was not minor either. Jewish progeny have slowly been assimilated into the general Euro-American population. Others maintain their Jewish religion and ethnic identity, but are highly assimilated into mainstream white American culture otherwise. Some number of Jews have resisted assimilation and maintained separate communities operating under some version of traditional rules. Jews are not trying to take over the world, not demographically. Perhaps you cannot say the same for the Asian. Maoist China has aspirations of colonizing the Americas and Africa. Whether, in North America, persons of Chinese descents will be interested in being a tool of this impetus remains to be seen. Asians have (and so have others) proven their ability to grow large populations from small beginnings. With small family size and the emphasis on nurturing family assets, this seems unlikely here. But future immigration could push the Asian population to a critical mass wherein it becomes an autonomous entity. Foreign lands cannot really serve as a safety valve for metropolitan China’s excess population potential. But China is capable of sending abroad 20 million people a year in perpetuity for the purpose of jump starting foreign colonies. Remember that England did not send any large percentage of it population to North America. But by the time of the American revolution, the white population of the colonies was one-third that of the mother country and Philadelphia was the second largest city in the English-speaking world.

            No one here is disputing your contention that settled and gentrified whites, Hispanics and Asians can live together peacefully and to mutual advantage. But that is not quite the point. Most of the people here sign on to some form of the idea that America is providential country given over to the development of white European and, if for anyone else, then to those who willing to and capable of unconditionally embracing that ideal.

            At the beginning of the “affirmative action” and “diversity” era around 1970s, the white population itself was not fully developed. Yet we found our development truncated and our eventual replacements moved into our own country. Does this explain what we are concerned about?

          • David Ashton

            A sensible response to Engelmania.
            However, old John is right in noting the importance of genetics, and the attempt to acculturate more than small numbers of non-whites into an Anglo-Saxon civic culture will founder. To replace the white genotype with other racial genotypes will gradually undermine the character of the civilization that whites created.

          • Der Typ

            Great reply, Mike. Do yourself a favor and just ignore him. If you’ve read 10 of his post you’ve read them all. I’ll give you a round up and you’ll see it’s pointless. Jews = Good and historically innocent. Poor whites = just a little better than poor blacks and poor Hispanics; they are probably responsible for persecuting Jews. Paul Krugman and Keynesian economics are Gods in the field of economics (funny I’ve never heard John mention the good thing the other John did. He tried to convince the British not to be so hard on the Germans in 1919; I wouldn’t be surprised if our John considers this a moral failure considering his disdain for lower class whites). Asians… can’t get enough of them. They are flawless as a race and a people. Then you get into some weird views which promote miscegenation amongst those with high IQs to create some sort of Jewish, White, and Asian super race. Like I said, you seem like an articulate person. Don’t waste it on this weirdo. I’ve still yet to read anything that he has written that is profound or that couldn’t be found in the Main Stream Media. I’m just glad he’s not libertarian leaning, because I think he lives in the next town over and I’m glad I won’t bump into him at any Libertarian or 2nd amendment rallies, because it wouldn’t take me too long to put two and two together. I’m sure that much like on here, it wouldn’t take him to long to mention his loving concoction of Jews, Asians, disdain for lower class whites and Paul Krugman. I

          • MikeofAges

            Thank you for your ideas. The thing is, Mr. Engleman is a homie even though I no longer live in California. Once, in defending gentrification of inner city neighborhoods, he talked about living in downtown San Jose (CA) in the late 1970s and complained about the “scary” people he saw all around. I had to point out that in the day I lived there myself and was one of those scary people. Well not exactly at the same time he was there, but a couple of years earlier. But you get the idea. By the way, the gentrification he talked about has barely touched the area of east of downtown San Jose and the San Jose State campus anyway.

            On another occasion, I went back and forth with him about some unfortunate events at the McDonalds at 4th and San Carlos streets following a free concert.

            Maybe I just think the man is salvageable. After all, he is tendentious and not afraid of being a lightning rod. And considerably aware of the crisis in our historic culture. BTW, I am of partial Jewish descent. If you dropped a line due south through Oslo, the birthplaces of all of my European ancestors would be to the east of it. But the Anglo Saxon concept is the basic principle of North America. Anyone with a shred of sense should realize that. Those who seek to overturn that principle are not oblivious, believe me.

        • paul

          ‘The only Americans who have the right to complain about race displacement and genocide are American Indians’??

          please let’s get a petition together to have this halfwit banned. Half the space on this comments list is people replying to his idiocy.

          • Defoe

            Perhaps he is here to do precisely that…generate responses. After all, stirring the pot brings all kinds of stuff to the surface.

            Ignore him. As a poster said above, after reading several of his posts, it’s just a repeat. Maybe he’s just a cyber-bot.

        • I thought that vinyl died a long time ago. I see not…broken record, repeating, repeating, repeating….

          • JohnEngelman

            What is repeated are pointless alarums over the imaginary bogeys of genocide and race displacement, as well as conspiracies of cultural Marxists.

          • David Ashton

            People defined by our government as “white British” have effectively been displaced in many areas of British towns and cities, and legislation has been put in place to prevent them complaining or doing anything effective about it.

            I have watched, for instance, the methodical south Asian take-over of newsagent/sweetshops one by one along a major street running from the south of a large London borough to the north over a period of a few months; the method of purchase by pooling resources was an ethnic action. When the local folk display foreign costumes, built foreign places of worship and their wives refuse to speak English, “white British” get out, if they can.

            A now difficult to obtain “Milner Holland” Report showed how earlier black immigrants made life so intolerable for white neighbors that they had to sell up and move on, and the vacated premises occupied by newcomers en bloc.

            Government legislation prevented estate agents using racial or cultural criteria in selling homes to preserve white neighborhoods.

      • IstvanIN

        They are not indigenous to the US and Canada. Most are indigenous to southern Mexico. Also keep in mind that the nation that is here now, the current US, was founded and built largely by people of British decent, or if you prefer European decent, not Mexicans in any way, shape or form. They have no claim on the US, and wherever they settle society devolves. You may not be indigenous to the US, but I certainly am.

        • ncpride

          And the idea that they were indigenous to the mountains of NC is utterly absurd, not to mention an out-right lie. The Scots-Irish settled and built those towns, period……. and as you put it, mexicans didn’t have a hand in it, in any shape , form or fashion. I get sick of hearing such nonsense from these loony liberal, anti-White haters.

    • sandy truthtree
    • Der Typ

      Ten years ago that was already happening out in the backwoods of Wyoming. It doesn’t get more ‘out in the country’ than Wyoming in the USA or for that matter in this world.

  • jay11

    Thank you for this article. You have voiced perfectly what I see and feel every single day of the week. Every single paragraph you wrote caused me to shake my head in agreement, and when I realized I could tell a story to match every part of yours, I realized I would be typing all day with my own mirror experiences.

    Where I’m at it used to be mostly white just 15-20 years ago, now you HARDLY see any white people save for the lone old white man or woman or an odd hipster here or there marching through. I feel like a foreigner in my homeland. Most advertisements are now fully in Spanish, all advertisements are now ‘balanced’ for diversity, even though you don’t see it in real life. The real life latinos are not represented in the advertisements, only the comely ‘white’ latinos so as not to alarm us. All is as you have described.

    If wrote a book about this, I would buy it. My greatest sorrow to date is that the tiny, all white small town I grew up in, and that I always asusmed would be an oasis of America, is also now being swamped with ‘diversity’ and I don’t like to go back to visit anymore either.

  • Mike

    The photo of the shoes at the end of the article reminds me that black and brown loafers are no longer on the shelves at these stores – they are the employees!

    • Asterion


    • Sherman_McCoy

      Pretty quick on the draw there, Mike. Thumbs up.

    • ImTellinYa

      A simple, priceless, perfect witticism. I’d “like” it twice if I could.

  • Joe

    Basically if you’re going to a mall these days you must must must avoid Applebee’s at all costs, as well as IHOP. Ditto for Penney’s or any place that sells sneakers. Stick to Orvis or Nordstrom. And go preferably in the mornings towards the end of the month, before their EBT cards get recharged. Don’t eat in the mall or linger at all. Get in, get your stuff and get out.

    • Viv Jasper

      And don’t even bother with the outlet mall. A couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be nice to go buy some workout clothes from the Nike store. I went to an outlet center where my mom and I used to shop but quickly decided it wasn’t worth the bother.
      I buy almost everything online now. I still shop on the few nice places that haven’t yet been overrun, but those places are becoming fewer.

      • Non Humans

        So True. I negotiated free oil changes with the dealer when I purchased my car last year. I usually head to a mall within walking distance that I used to spend time at as a teenager while I wait. It didn’t even occur to me that it was the first weekend of the month.
        I usually enter through one of the breezeways between the large dept stores. I opened the door and the only thing I could see was nonhumans, far and wide, and I do mean wiiiide. I had to step around a nearly 400lb flatface teenager, and she gave me that look of “Wuchtu doin here whitey?!”.
        I had to get my mother a gift for Valentine’s, so had to press through the rest of the putrid biomass. I was just thankful for the Beretta on my side, my CCP, and the fact that those together are as nonhuman repelling as books are.

    • jay11

      All the latinos I know love IHOP. (Well – all the wrokers in every IHOP I’ve seen in the last 10 years are latino too!) I have not been to an IHOP in over 4 years. Mexican cooks just can’t make American diner food very well.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Good recipe for the Harvest Grain ‘n Nut pancakes online. I cook them myself.

    • pcmustgo

      What? More like Red Lobster. Red Lobster is totally a black thing now…

      • IstvanIN

        Red Lobster has been all black in NJ since easily 1990.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I do none of that, thanks to Amazon. It isn’t only price that is killing the brick and mortars.

    • whiteuncleruckus

      I went to Applebee’s for diner and drinks tonight. I noticed an hispanic male wearing a hat that said “U.S. Border Patrol Agent”. I was absolutely disgusted. He was clearly taunting our laws and culture. That they can come into our country and make a mockery of us without anybody saying or doing anything about it shows just how much the great nation our ancestors built has truely fallen. I would have taken the hat from him but I would have subjected myselft to being arrested by White police officers. What a shame.

      • Don’t kid yourself. He might have actually been Border Patrol. Much of the US CBP is Hispanic.

        • whiteuncleruckus

          Although I hadnt thought about that, I suppose it’s possible. I omitted the location in my original post. It happened in northwest Illinois so it seems unlikely.

      • mobilebay

        Since the inception of this country, we’ve had leaders who defended us against all enemies. We now have an administration, along with several previous ones, who are intent on selling us out to every third world nation on this planet. They don’t even care about those they encourage to break our laws. It’s all politics – give business cheap labor and it, in turn, will deliver the votes that will keep the pols bellying up to the public trough for the rest of their lives.

    • Nate Miller

      Thats funny, here in Indianapolis whenever I want to avoid diversity, my wife and I go to the all white Applebee’s or IHOP. Never seen many blacks in Denny’s either! If you really want to avoid diversity, do not go to McDonalds/ KFC/ Burger Kings or Taco Bells.

      • Birger_Skruddusvingen

        “If you really want to avoid diversity, do not go to McDonalds/ KFC/ Burger Kings or Taco Bells.”

        Yesterday I had a great experience. I went to my local Burger King. I almost never eat at fast food joints, seeing as I find it being too expensive, not to mention unhealthy and inconvenient. But I had a tasty Crispy Chicken burger I got at a substantional discount. And the best part? I saw no non-Whites! Not even among the staff. And it wasn’t early in the day either. Some twenty years ago, that wouldn’t have been shocking. Back then we had very few “enrichers”. But since then we’ve had a terrible development, even in my municipality.

  • Jefferson

    “Meanwhile, it’s the white guys who rob houses in ads for home security systems ..”

    A home security commercial could be filmed in 97 percent Black East St. Louis, and they would still cast a White guy to play the burglar. To make it look like East St. Louis miniscule almost non existent White minority commits most of the crimes there.

    That is how extremely politically correct America has become these days.

    • Why would anyone want to “break into” a ramshackle shack…er…house, in ESL? Even with a good security system, you could break into one of those crummy joints just by sneezing hard and waiting a few seconds for the door to detach from the frame. Then go in and grab the Air Jordans, bling, dime bags, the (already stolen) handguns, and maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll find some expensive laundry detergent and fabric softener. BTW, that’s the new stealing rage, Tide/Downy and any other expensive laundry liquids.

    • We have the same kind of thing here.

      Take for an example the fake-right newspaper The Daily Mail. Articles on fake marriages for residency usually show an accompanying picture of a white bride and groom in full attire. Articles about stabbings or knife crime in general gets a white hand holding a knife. I think there was also a TV commercial for warning about burglars too, and I recall the perps being whites, robbing blacks.

      It is slanted at all times not to show blacks in a negative light, and is typical reversal of normality.

      • David Ashton

        Not always. There are often mugshots of muggers and muzzies that make a point of a pictorial nature, but the paper has to “live down” its prewar support for fascism and live “up” to the predilection of a later Rothermere for race crossing. An irritating feature of the “Daily Mail” is its constant sniping at the Royal Family, especially Prince Charles – not always without reason, but definitely with a blatant agenda.

  • Jefferson

    Some big cities in South Africa are Whiter than most big cities in the U.S. How sad is that ?

    Oscar Pistorius the South African sprint runner who killed his girlfriend, lives in a South African city called Pretoria. 67 percent of the population of Pretoria is White.

    How many big cities in the U.S are 67 percent White or higher ? Not many, that’s for damn sure. Most big cities in the U.S are under 50 percent White and in many cases under 30 percent White.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Best I could find was Portland at 76%. However if one looks at metro areas (including all the suburbs) there are many comfortably white majority metros. Of course we all know how quickly things can change…

      • newscomments70

        Portland is pretty shady. Like liberal LA, they love homeless, public transportation is free, and marijuana is basically legal. The place is disgusting and full of homeless and freaks. Black on white crime is common there as well. I recall recently, blacks attacking whites on the train, and black flash mobs attacking elderly whites in the park.

        • Jefferson

          Blacks make up only 6 percent of Portland’s population and yet you still see a lot of Black on White crimes there. Which is evidence that even in small numbers Blacks still cause a lot of trouble and are a cancer to the community, whether they are 6 percent of the population or 66 percent of the population.

        • pcmustgo

          Portland is also a hub of child sex trafficking and is full of prostitution. It’s the gay/ liberal thing out there… I wouldn’t say Portland is “shady” though…. compared to what?

          • newscomments70

            …compared to the image I had of it in my mind. I thought it might be nicer than average. Everything is shady now.

          • ViktorNN

            The problem with whites in Portland and in the Northwest in general is just that they’re poor – there aren’t a lot of good jobs in the Northwest, especially in the rural areas.

            But despite this fact, as someone from a modest, far-from-wealthy background, I will always be able to identify with, communicate, and get along better with poor white people than with non-whites of any kind.

      • NM156

        Who wants to keep running? The exurbs are horrible. Unlike in the post-war suburban exodus and expansion, business and industry isn’t booming in exurbia. It’s a giant void. Peak oil may bring this immigration disaster to full boil.

        • newscomments70

          I used to live in LA. It was unbearable at times, but it was somewhat interesting. There were beaches, artistic energy, film, night life, history, good-looking people. The suburbs and exburbs of LA have the same stress, violence, gangs, police helicopters, taxes, anti-white everything, expense, traffic…but there is nothing interesting there. They are wastelands.

          • Ted

            The best way to see LA is on the freeway in your own car. Once you step out, the diversity nightmare begins.

          • newscomments70

            That is if your car isn’t totaled first. I have been in more accidents than I can count. I feel safer on the trains and on foot, even being a minority there…although the place is infested with white liberals. You should see them…they are very entertaining if you don’t take them seriously.

          • George White

            Yup. An illegal totaled my car.

          • jay11

            An illegal without a license, without insurance AND too young to drive crashed into my sister’s car, leaving her with permanent injury to her spine. Did he get arrested? Nope.

          • pcmustgo

            Or just avoid the freeway and stay put in all white Santa Monica and Venice like most white LA people do.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Yeah, but just don’t go to Venice Beach and Santa Monica Boardwalks with its roving gangs and freaks.

        • pcmustgo

          Whites AREN’T running. Whites are returning to cities- and pushing out Blacks and Latinos, in droves (I’m not saying that in a bad way, but it’s true)…. Whites are so bold in this, they’ve even turned Bedford-Stuyesant, one of the most large and famous Black ghettoes in Brooklyn and America (NYC) into a 50% white neighborhood within 10 years. Whites have gentrified almost all of western Brooklyn within about 20 years. Totally white now… and they push further east each year, block by block, hood by hood. Harlem, the most famous Black neighborhood on earth, will be 50% white within another 10 years. There’s plenty of “urban revitilization” going on. WHITES AREN’T FLEEING ANYMORE… and Blacks and Latinos barely put up a fight. What’s funny is these are all politically correct white liberal types too.

          • Alex

            I noticed the same thing happening in Chicago, but it doesn’t have the same force that it did before the last 5 years. The White liberals haven’t been as daring in Chicago, but imo it seems that there are no other options for affordable housing in NYC, so they have to go and clear the jungle. In Chicago, they take the path of least resistance and it involves displacing White working-class people, and to a lesser extent going into some of the inner-city Hispanic neighborhoods.
            I cannot wait until the cities are predominantly White again (God-willing), but then it brings up the problem that we will have of marauders outside the borders. In my head it is possible to see the potential need for walled cities in the future.

          • NM156

            The geto natives in Chicago have found some political tactics to use in fending off the white hipster and professional, but gentrification rolls on, with the bearded hipster doing recon into new territory. As you can see by the photo, the natives are restless about surrendering, taking the money, and moving to suburbia. Photo was taken in a porta potty at Pitchfork, Union Park, 2010. I found the message entertaining. What’s the point of porta potty propaganda?

          • Kblankenship7

            Pilsen was Czech or German originally?

          • NM156

            Czech. It’s now Mexican.

          • Alex

            I didn’t know the gentrifiers had pushed into Union Park, but good for them. I hope they take Pilsen too. My mom grew up there in the 50s and early 60s when it was in transition to a Mexican neighborhood and it would be a shame to let it stay the way it is. The family moved to Austin, but as I’m sure you know they weren’t able to stay for too long.

            I remember seeing the new condos when I was driving up Westerm Avenue where Rockwell Gardens used to be and seeing that the natives had overtaken them. Which is really too bad because they were pretty nice, but no sane White man would move his family there now. I think building a lot of that mixed income housing was a bit too optimistic, but it does seem to have worked at the buildings by Racine and Taylor/Roosevelt.

          • Nate Miller

            Just curious but are you a lawyer by any chance?

          • Alex

            No sir. I’m in a different profession.

          • Banner day in AR. Someone is accusing someone else of being a lawyer, and I’m not the one being accused.

          • bluffcreek1967

            That’s interesting. I hope it proves to be true in every major U.S. city. Although, I work in an inner city and I’m not inclined to live in one also.

          • MikeofAges

            They leave because they, too, have a North American homeland. Under pressure, they know their home by right is not in the north, not really. I’ve been at political and social observation and analysis for decades. Ultimately, I have come to the conclusion that if the Euro-American declared the area north of the boundary of Pennsylvania and from there to the Golden Gate or perhaps somewhere to the south of that point his North American homeland and the place where his type and culture must prevail, others would have a hard time arguing with the idea. If they tried, they would appear as the aspiring conquerers or enablers thereof that they are.

            No one who will not or cannot ultimately conform to Anglo Saxon culture and the Anglo Saxon concept of civil life does not belong in this territory.

          • Defoe

            So, let’s declare it so with the clarification that we’re talking about the southern boundary of Pa. Also, I would include West Virginia to be within the White Homeland since it is already very, very White.

          • NM156

            The fleeing continues from the older suburbs and from the established white working class and middle class neighborhoods in response to immigration. Chicago has ongoing gentrification as well, like most venerable old cities, but those neighborhoods, in general, tend not to be for the aforementioned classes. The renters in Bed-Stuy etc. will head for the suburbs when the time to start a family arrives. The transformation of these cities is impressive, however, for those who can remember what they were like in the 1970s and 1980s. Minorities that move out don’t put up a fight because they cart away wheelbarrows of cash for their properties,

          • jay11

            The hipsters have their own problems though. They are anti-religious, anti-tradition and very leftist in everything. They use and abuse drugs, rarely get married and rarely use their brains for anything more than concocting a new flavor of vegan pie or rice-based edible shirts. They are not the place holders of the Western tradition. They also have fewer kids than we need to maintain a white population. Yes they are bold hypocrites, but they are not really friends to real americans. Just useful cannon fodder.

          • Alex

            The hipsters really are dirtbags. A friend of mine lives in Wicker Park in Chicago (you can’t throw a rock there without hitting a hipster) and every time I go visit I’m disgusted a little bit more by the hipsters’ lack of manliness. They don’t even realize that if the police weren’t doing patrols they would be eaten alive by the blacks. All that college money that their parents spent and they didn’t even learn anything useful.

          • Jefferson

            Not only do hipster White men lack masculinity, but many of them do not care about maintaining clean hygienes.

            That is why many of the White hipsters at Occupy Wall Street rallies smelled like urine.

          • Birger_Skruddusvingen

            “What’s funny is these are all politically correct white liberal types too.”

            So? That doesn’t imply they’re stupid.

        • Defoe

          Don’t hold your breath for “peal oil”. Peak oil, imho, will never happen. Currently the Western US has enough coal for the next 300 + years. That does not include oil shale. The list goes on.

          • NM156

            Unless we’re driving around like Fred Flintstone, coal doesn’t mean a thing. Conversion to fuel is not economical. Oil shale is far from economical as well, and shale oil isn’t forestalling retail gas price increases right now, in the dead of winter. Peak oil is a hard reality. I’ll be holding my breath.

          • Defoe

            Non-economical today does not mean non-economical tomorrow. The world is awash in oil, certainly enough to get us to the next “cheap fuel”. Technological advances continue apace. Go ahead, breathe easily.

            Peak oil is in the same dust bin as global warming and “AIDS breaking into the general population”. Oh, and the “New Ice Age” of the ’70s.

          • NM156

            Peak Oil is reality already. No new technology has prevented the price of oil from quadrupling since the late ’90s, and any technology to convert kerogen into crude or to recover crude from the Antarctic will produce oil at a radically higher price than light sweet crude. Today, price per gallon on my corner for mid-grade gas is $4.50; in the late ’90s, it was $1.65. The new ice age has arrived, and the glaciers are creeping down my street.

          • Defoe

            The price for gasoline is tied directly to the value of the dollar. As the dollar falls in value (more quantitative easing please), the price of gas/crude goes up. Let’s not forget that crude worldwide is traded in dollars. For now.

          • Defoe

            I am also reminded of the author and “expert”, Dr. Paul Erlich, who, in the late ’60s published a book entitled THE POPULATION BOMB, in which he predicted that millions of people would die of starvation in the ’70s due to lack of food, and that civilization would collapse. He was lauded worldwide.

            ” Perhaps Ehrlich’s best known blunder is a 1980 bet he made with University of Maryland economist Julian Simon. Dr. Simon, who believes that human ingenuity holds the answers to population growth problems, asserted that if Ehrlich were correct and the world truly was heading toward an era of scarcity, then the price of various commodities would rise over time. Simon predicted that prices would fall instead and challenged Ehrlich to pick any commodity and any future date to illustrate his point. Ehrlich accepted the challenge: In October 1980, he purchased $1,000 worth of five metals ($200 each) — tin, tungsten, copper, nickel and chrome. Ehrlich bet that if the combined value of all five metals he purchased was higher in 1990, Simon would have to pay him the difference. If the prices turned out to be lower, Ehrlich would pay Simon the difference. Ten years later, Ehrlich sent Simon a check for $576 — all five metals had fallen in price.”

            I take the writings of these self-appointed “experts” with very large grains of salt. In my experience, they are always wrong. Their “predictions” get them lots of attention, though.

          • Maybe Ehrlich will be right, only in a much longer run. Maybe that Simon-Ehrlich bet should have been made in 1980 but held until 2013 rather than 1990.

          • Defoe

            Without doubt. It’s ludicrous to think that the human population can continue to grow exponentially. However, something will stop that growth; the “J” curve of population growth will happen to humans as with all other biological systems.

          • NM156

            The experts are right about oil. America’s peak of oil production occurred in 1972, and the world’s has yet to be determined. Population scares of the ’70s and peak oil forecasts are not comparable. I have no question that oil production will peak, but I don’t think production will reach a sharp pinnacle followed by a precipitous decline. The peak will most likely be a plateau.

          • Defoe

            I am not comparing population scares with peak oil forecasts. I am denigrating the predictions of “experts”. If you keep up with the writings of the Petroleum Institute’s writings as I do, you will see that there is no panic whatsoever within their ranks about the world’s supply of oil. On the contrary, they say that current levels of crude supply are more than adequate to cover demand. New fields are opening all the time. Just recently, a huge field was discovered in Western Australia which estimates of capacity dwarf Saudi Arabia. It continues.

            My contention is that there is more than enough carbon based energy to carry civilization to the next “cheap energy” source which will probably be hydrogen based. The current rise in gas prices is not based on scarcity but on the weakening value of the dollar.

            For an interesting read, see Gold’s book THE DEEP HOT BIOSPHERE.

          • When you consider that the real physical money supply (M0) has been quantitatively eased from $800 billion in September 2008 just before the heart of the financial crash to $2700 billion today, it puts that in perspective. QE is mainly done for the benefit of Wall Street and the DJIA, and that is also why the DJIA is back to near record levels. More than tripling the physical money supply gets the DJIA back to pre-crash par…that’s actually depressing, not heartening.

          • NM156

            Here’s a two-year-old story, the impact of its facts being felt this winter: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/feb/08/saudi-oil-reserves-overstated-wikileaks

      • tkayLA

        I visited Portland for the first time a few years ago, and after living for a decade in the awful melting pot of LA, I was shocked at how wonderfully lacking in diversity Portland was. I took a cab while I was there, and the driver was a white American (!?!). I was absolutely astonished.

      • Nate Miller

        Actually most American cities are STILL majority white. Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Manhattan, Seattle, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Cincinnati, the cities in all the New England area etc are still predominantly white.

        The only cities where blacks & hispanics/ Asians form a majority are cities in California, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Philly, and Maryland.

        • Ulick

          Your post is factually incorrect regarding New England cities.  I’m from New England and can cite the following cities (and many more New England cities if I had the time) based on 2010 census figures:

          Boston, MA: 47% non-Hispanic white

          New Haven, CT:  31% non-Hispanic whites

          Springfield, MA:  37% non-Hispanic white

          Lawrence, MA: 20% non-Hispanic white

        • MikeofAges

          The list looks incomplete. Is California still part of the United States?

          • Who Me?

            Not so’s anybody’d notice….

    • pcmustgo

      But US cities have plenty of self-segregation. NYC is 80% non-white, but most whites are oblivious to this as they live in white bubble worlds.

      • shmo123

        ” NYC is 80% non-white…”

        Not according to the US Census Bureau. The 2010 Census of NYC says whites make up 44% of the population (they also state whites, not hispanic are 33% which I assume means European descent); blacks and hispanics make up 54.1% and the rest fall into groups like Asians, Pacific Islanders, etc. You can extrapolate from those numbers however you like, but I’d say they’re fairly accurate. Prices, particularly in Manhattan, keep most of the island white. I was struck by this one Sunday morning staying in Greenwich village with friends who lived there. On Saturday night, the bridge and tunnel crowd comes in along with blacks and browns from Brooklyn, Queens, wherever. But they’re all gone on Sunday morning, leaving the neighborhoods with only the residents, who are a majority white. It’s bizarre, and I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it for myself. I thought to myself, this is what NYC looked like before 1965.

        • jay11

          Arabs, Turks and other groups are counted as ‘white’ in most of those surveys. Be careful of government statistics.

  • alas

    Made a depressing subject enjoyable to read.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    During my time in the school-prison complex from grades 1-12, there were generally a large number of blacks, but the number of hispanics could be counted on one hand. We had 2 half Asian kids in my high school, but since they acted like whites (were in high achieving classes, didn’t cause trouble, etc.) they were treated like fellow whites. I never heard anyone using Asian derogatory terms period. But for the most part, I went to a school within a school. We may have been on the same campus, but rarely in the same classes as most of the blacks. My elementary school was 60/40 W/B in the 1970’s, but is now 90+% black and the “whites” are probably hispanics. However, I no longer live anywhere near the town where I grew up.

    “Meanwhile, it’s the white guys who rob houses in ads for home security systems ..”

    I’m sure this happens occasionally, but in the bigger picture, it is rare. At the beginning of my Senior year, I made the mistake of giving a ride across town to one of the few whites who was known by the local police. (I suspect this individual had some Ethiopians in the fuel supply, though.) He showed up at my place of work near closing time and sounded like he was in distress and needed a ride badly. A couple of days later he shows up again driving an early 70’s LTD. It turns out that he had stolen this vehicle and I was scared to death that I would be charged as an accessory. Fortunately, nothing ever came of this, but it was a good lesson. One black guy I went to high school with pulled a stunt similar to John Travolta’s character in “Pulp Fiction”. A couple of others had similar types of felonies. I even heard of one person who was fired from their job as a correctional officer for having sex with the inmates. I would rather deal with a stolen car from a (possible) octoroon than a home invasion burglary.

    I have gotten the same message when I tried to pull up Amren on my laptop at more than a few locations. As for the size seven shoes, I haven’t worn that size since I was 10 years old. (Depending on the make of the shoe, I wear a 9 1/2 to 10). My kids are fast approaching that size and they will be in middle school in the near future. We still live in a really white area (for now), but I’m sure that the powers that be will begin jamming the undertow or 3rd world deadbeats in there soon.

    In my household, we have pretty much sworn off of watching TV. We will get DVD’s from the library of TV shows from a much earlier period. I am trying to get my kids to understand that the “richness of diversity” is a load of crap. This will be reinforced as soon as I can relocate to the middle of nowhere. I can’t totally avoid retailers who make fun of whites, but I subscribe to the idea of 12 ways of going Galt without quitting your job.


    • newscomments70

      I grew up in a white area, and I must say that drugs were a problem. Also, “beer and brawl” was an issue as well. I don’t recall that much serious crime, unless it was blacks coming in from other areas to steal and rape. (and they did).

      When I was younger, I moved to LA to “find myself”. I started going to this big name gym in Hollywood. I was open-minded and conversed with many people. Some were very interesting. It wasn’t always a freak show. I started talking with this black guy. He was young and clean-cut. He had a job, went to church, and wanted to find a steady girlfriend. That sounded normal and respectable enough. He came from a mostly black city in the midwest. We started talking about vice, and he claimed that he rarely drank, and he NEVER smokes marjiuana. He stated, as if I knew, “you know what happens whe you start smoking weed with a group of guys…” “you know, right?!” I honestly didn’t, other than watch TV and fall asleep. I quietly asked, “what then?”. He replied, “before you know it, you are in a car full of (n-word) on the way to rob a liquor store, then your life is over”. I admire him for staying out of trouble, but his associations were shocking.

  • Viv Jasper

    Advertisers are pressured to use diversity, but if they portray blacks as anything less that the smartest guy in the room, they’ll be accused of racism. As a result, we get the dopey white men alongside the vastly superior black man. It’s about as realistic as using unicorns and centaurs to sell products.
    Anyway, I loved the article. My friends and I were just talking about this same thing over lunch today, as we have all been in this area for some time now and have been noticing many of the same changes.

  • Embrace your inner racist

    This isn’t just Brandon, FL, its virtually everywhere now. Eastern Europe appears to be the only white bastion left on the planet.

    • newscomments70

      They have diversity problems as well. Poland is anxious to increase third world immigration so that they can enter the EU. They even have a black mayor in one of their cities. Russia has a demographic crisis because of illegal immigration. Russia is taking steps to fight this though…Poland wants to be another Germany, unfortunately.

      • IstvanIN

        Sad about Poland, one would think that after years of communist slavery they would want to spend at least a century free and Polish. As for Russia, Putin is now encouraging non-Russian/non-white immigration.

        • MikeofAges

          Putin has learned from the leftist parties West in that case. If your voters won’t pick you, start picking your voters.

      • NM156

        Poland’s been in the EU since 2004. Poland has no immigration program. The few blacks in the country are mulattos left behind by African college students studying in Poland.

  • George White

    Reminds me of Los Angeles. I was in a large clothing store the other day…getting pushed and shoved by brown brats…so I moved to another aisle and got the same thing….children screaming and running unattended….after about 20 minutes of torture I looked up and looked all around the store….and I was the single and ONLY white person in the entire store. They’ve stolen my country. And the government wonders why we are buying guns?

    • newscomments70

      This happened to Los Angeles in the early 80s. South Orange County has more whites and it is quieter, but you will still be the only white person in the malls.

    • sbuffalonative

      I was in a clothing store this week and everyone was quietly shopping. Except there was an Hispanic woman who all too often YELLED across the store and the silence to her children. Because the store was quiet, her YELLS were jarring to everyone who turned to look at her. She either didn’t notice our looks or didn’t care.

      Everywhere I go, I find Hispanics to be outrageously LOUD.

      • purestocles

        You think they’re loud here? You should try getting a decent night’s sleep in a typical Mexican town (not the Mega-Resort on the coast, but the old downtown).

        Sheesh! Terrible Brass Bands blaring from all-night bars filled with drunken Mexican Macho Males, barking mad packs of feral dogs, racing cars and motortcycles with no mufflers. Mexicans cannot live without the stimulation of incessant racket. It keeps their existential terror at bay. Above all things they fear solitude and will do anything to avoid it. It brings to mind a child afraid of the dark.

        I think their fear of solitude comes from an inability to engage in reflection about their Selves and the Cosmos. They simply cannot stand apart from family and friends. This is why they can’t do science or any mental activity that involves independent thinking and also why they don’t comprehend us–we of European origin–and further, regard us as sick and mentally aberrant, which is why they are so eager to change or destroy White Man’s Culture.

        • Kblankenship7

          This is an interesting point regarding a fear of solitude. Any theories?

          • purestocles

            On one (1) of my seven trips to Mexico I went by myself. I took my bicycle and paints and easel. I would sit in the square, sip coffee and look about me, content with the warmth, sound of the tropical birds and just general sunny feeling. A religious person interrupted my reverie by pressing a pamphlet into my hand. It warned of the dangers of suicide due to loneliness. But I wasn’t lonely, I’d barely had time to catch my breath and adjust to these new sensations.

            I would find a likely spot, set up my easel and paint. People would gather to watch and could not leave me alone. Once, three very attractive teenaged girls/women gathered around me like a flock of birds. Now I love women, I love painting and I love painting women–but they’re not all the same thing. Not only did they flutter about chirping and squawking but one giggler actually put her finger on the picture and smeared paint with her inch long acrylic nail. Then she acted all put out that oil paint had spoiled her perfect manicure. Another time I drew the attention of three teenaged guys who must have assumed that because I paint, I’m gay, because they crowded in on me and started taunting me. We were alone on this side street and I felt threatened so I walked to my bike and took the heavy chain from my rack, held it in my hands with my bike between us, looking them in the eyes, saying nothing. One said something I couldn’t understand and they left. And so it went. Every time I tried to do something that required concentrated solitude such as reading a book on a public bench, painting etc. someone would approach and engage me. It’s as though they assume that because you’re alone, you’re lonely. I think that they think that they’re actually being helpful–that you need help because you’re friendless. And so it occurred to me that they associate solitude with anxiety because they are forever trying to keep silence at bay with their incessant racket and compulsive search for companionship.

            Now I know that this is a sweeping generalization, but there is some truth to it. Because how can an individual accomplish anything in life if they cannot stand to be in the center of a self-created quiet space? And Mexicans will not permit that to happen–not in public anyway.

            Sorry this is so personally anecdotal, but that’s what I know from experience so that’s all I can speak of.

          • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

            Mexicans’ interpretation of your desire for “concentrated solitude” as loneliness probably has something to do with that country’s cultural aversion to reading. Excerpt from a Steve Sailer blog post form VDARE.com:

            From the Los Angeles Times “Jacket Copy” column on publishing, May 12, 2012, about a Spanish-language book fair in Los Angeles that is an offshoot of the big annual trade show for Spanish language publishers in Guadalajara:

            “Finally, LéaLA attempts to help make amends for a bizarre L.A. cultural phenomenon: the city’s near-absence of Spanish-language bookstores. Apart from public libraries, university bookstores (which stock course-related titles) and a handful of small shops . . . the United States’ largest Spanish-speaking population — has virtually no place to find and buy Spanish-language books.”

            SOURCE: Dogs That Don’t Bark: Latinos And Literacy, By Steve Sailer on December 7, 2012

          • Kblankenship7

            Quite an interesting post. It does not bother me at all that it is a personal anecdote. Are you familiar with the Meyers-Briggs personality typing? I think there is a correlation that has been found between nationality and personality profiles. Certain countries have higher prevalence of certain personailty traits. Examples include Germans having a higher percentage of introverts (specifically ISTJ). I don’t know if anything has been done on Mexicans.

          • Birger_Skruddusvingen

            “This is an interesting point regarding a fear of solitude. Any theories?”

            My $0.02: A different culture (and religion) resulting in a mentality where people are less self-reliant, independent, sturdy and brave. Not to mention honest.

        • jay11

          Same thing with Dominicans (and I work around a LOT of them). They are ADDICTED to music, noise in general, childish behavior and constant dancing.

        • MikeofAges

          Do you have something against vibrancy? Interesting, too, isn’t it, that Jews (my nationality) and Asians fall seriously short in the vibrancy department. Exotic food and dress sometimes. And exotic women. But serious vibrancy? The kind that keeps you up all night and might even kill you, literally? Sorry. Just don’t stack up.

          • purestocles

            Vibrancy? you ask me. The walls floor and ceiling of any dwelling within three block vibrated to the toneless, dead thumping drums accompanying badly tuned brass ensembles played at temple splitting volumes to the wee hours. What amazed me was how the patrons could rise up and function the next morning. They looked dazed until noon and maybe that’s why Mexican workmanship often looks as though it was done by a guy with a serious hangover. Come to think of it, that’s how I spent my twenties. Guess I’m getting old.

        • Greg Thomas

          Yes….mexicans need noise all the time, whether it’s “music” or their own loud and obnoxious voices.

      • Europhile

        The Chinese are extremely loud, too. Get too close to two FOB Chinese ladies conversing and you can burst an eardrum. And they’re only two feet apart.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      The thing that scares me the most is this sudden lack of available ammunition. I’m convinced that the ultimate goal rather then total confiscation, is the rendering of firearms useless due to the lack of access to ammo.

      To kick it up a notch I’ve recently stopped laughing at a cousin who is certain that thlese White mass shooters are somehow being manipulated by some govt. agency whose agenda is to create chaos and panic that will eventually lead to the total disarmament of the White population thereby facilitating the total domination of America. I haven’t fully bought into what she’s claiming but I HAVE stopped laughing and have started to listen to her.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty
        • Birger_Skruddusvingen
          • The irony of that is that David Keene is the polar opposite of a polarizing fanatic. His big cause celebre other than temporarily and partially leading the NRA is finding more job opportunities for ex-convicts.

        • MikeofAges

          Interesting yarn. But not very plausible. The lead character lacks the skills to cover up his activities for long. Maybe there are people like him, and maybe they just disappear with appropriate cover created — retirement or change of career, reports of relocation to a distant place, reports of sudden death or terminal illness occurring elsewhere. Whatever is needed. Would the government really want these people to go on public trial?

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            It just gives you an idea of how easy it is to push an already mentally unstable person over the edge. With the massive surveillance capabilities of the US government, it would be easy to figure out who is a good candidate for a false flag. Once a good target is chosen, a psy-ops agent manipulates them into an act of violence and the government has another excuse for gun control.

          • MikeofAges

            I have to agree. that’s doesn’t mean it has happened. But it is possible. Many have a motive, internally or externally.

          • Defoe

            Read the case of the supposed killer of MLK. He was “managed” for about two years before the kill. Total set-up. Regarding the manipulation of these mass killers, there exist very powerful “psycho-suggestive” drugs.

      • nobody

        There’s no doubt that the government uses these mass shootings to push its gun-control agenda and increase its police powers. That’s a given, but it’s a completely different thing to say that they’re actually staging some or all of these massacres as a kind of psychological operation. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that’s what’s been happening–they’re certainly capable of it–but I think it’s more likely that these teenage killers went crazy as a result of the extremely powerful psychotropic drugs that are being given to so many children these days. Apparently, a lot of them were taking these drugs, which can cause psychotic breakdowns and hallucinations, among other things, in a small percentage of the people who take them. Whatever the case, though, the government/media complex is definitely manipulating the aftermath of these events. The rule is “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

  • Dave4088

    The scenes and demographic trends described by Jack Krak is also the case where I live although whites are still 63% of the general population. In fact, at the mall where white people shop there was a gang fight involving a half dozen blacks and mestizos on “Black Friday”, so I give the place five years before it goes to hell like the other mall that was white, then mostly non-white, and is now boarded up since all the shoppers got scared away.

    White faces are still prominent in mall bookstores and bookstores everywhere and I don’t expect this to ever change. This is about the only public place remaining that still looks and feels like America. The few blacks I have seen usually hang out in the black history section. It’s almost like the majority blacks and browns keep a five mile distance between themselves and bookstores, so perhaps we should build bookstores on every corner instead of Walgreens.

    • IstvanIN

      In NJ it seems whites and assorted asiatics are in bookstores, with the occasional black standing out like a sore thumb.

    • jay11

      But the bookstores are now starting to close. First Borders, and now Barnes & Noble is starting to downsize. White friendly places are shrinking in number.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Yes, sadly, book stores are closing all over. Not one mall that I know of in So Cal has a bookstore in it any longer. I think most if not all of the Borders have closed and Barnes & Noble is on life support:

        Barnes & Noble

        Forecast store closings: 190 to 240, per company comments



      • Birger_Skruddusvingen

        “White friendly places are shrinking in number.”

        What about antique stores? Or museums?

  • Jefferson

    [QUOTE]The lack of obviously Hispanic men in ads is striking given that there
    are more Hispanics than blacks in America. I suspect it’s because their
    comparatively low social status is inconsistent with aspirational
    marketing strategies, and because most white women don’t find them
    attractive. This will change in time as so many other things already

    It is true that very few White women are physically attracted to Mestizo men.

    I have never heard of a White woman refer to Cheech Marin and George Lopez for example, as being sexy or handsome.

    • Funruffian

      Perhaps, but Latin women can be the most beautiful women in the world. I see many Mexican girls in Caifornia and they are pretty hot. But for every hot teenage Hispanic girl, there are 3 others that are overweight with a brood of kids.

      • Viv Jasper

        And once they reach a certain age, they balloon out. At least that’s been my observation here in Texas.

        • George White

          I was going to say the same thing. The mexican beauty at age 19 will turn into the typical 55 gallon drum by age 28. They change so much from the weight gain that they don’t even look like the same person. And it happens to 99% of them. They all turn into fat monsters.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            Ford Maddox Ford made this observation in his novel THE GOOD SOLDIER (1915) with prostitute La Dolciquita commenting—”We Spanish women are horrors at thirty.” Hence the Quinceañera ceremony when Spanish girls turn 15.

          • jay11

            The same thing is said of Arab women. When they’re young, they can be very pretty, especially the more caucasian ones, but after 25 an old hag starts to come out! I have heard this from a number of places, and can confirm it from firsthand knowledge.

      • Unperson

        In California I’ve heard it referred to as “the 10-pounds-a-year rule”, i.e. upon reaching adulthood a mestiza will gain 10 lbs/year, until she eventually achieves a shape that is close to completely spherical.
        …Which, it’s worth pointing out, the men of her tribe don’t seem to mind.

        • Or, maybe they do mind. Probably once they’re in the process of becoming spherical, “those” days are over because older men always have barely pubescent and teenage girls available.

        • Funruffian

          My eyes don’t decieve me and I like to recognize female beauty when I see it. My interests are to uphold European Caucasian interests as well as being faithful to our women. It’s okay to see notice and appreciate a pretty Latina girl, Asian girl or Indian girl if you want. It’s just superficial anyway and has nothing to do with what we discuss here at amren.

          • jay11

            The ‘white’ latinas are usually no more exotic than Italian or some Greek women, both groups are mixed with arab/turk/mediteranean bloodlines. There are some south american women where I work who are as white as you or I, they just happen to speak spanish.

          • Birger_Skruddusvingen

            “My interests are to uphold European Caucasian interests”

            How can you do that in a meaningful way without upholding the White race?

        • MikeofAges

          I’ve been treated as a peer in interracial and interethnic street society during my lifetime. The guys do notice and often it is disturbing to them A friend of mine once said that Mexican women have “time bomb in them that goes off at age 25.” This my dismal view of the human condition coming out, but actually they all have a time bomb in them. Just that in a diverse society you have a choice of which one, perhaps. White women, well they may get haggard and bitter as time goes on. Or perpetually critical and dissatisfied. Or disturbingly materialistic. Asian women — shrewish and money hungry. Black women — no comment. I’m not going to add to their misery

    • NoName

      “It is true that very few White women are physically attracted to Mestizo men.”

      No, it’s not. One again the fact that white-Hispanic marriages are the most common amongst interracial pairings is ignored. Mestizo men are much more popular with white women than black men are…and why wouldn’t they be? One would think AmReners would know better than to view media portrayals as reality.

      Your examples of two unattractive mestizo men are pointless. You can find unattractive individuals among every race.

  • pcmustgo

    1. Can you blame JC Penney, a near dead (and I heard more bad news about it today) for altering their image to cater to immigrants? I noticed that ghetto immigrant types seem to think it’s cool too… It’s business after all.

    ” Advertisements for household products are more likely to feature a woman just dark enough to make you think that English may not be the first language in her home, but European enough to not stand out too much”… YEAH, THIS ONE CREEPS ME OUT TOO… I’ve absolutely noticed the “darker whites”/”could be Latino or could be like Jewish or Italian type White” “Kill two birds with one stone by appealing to both Latinos and whites” cross-over families in mainsteam tv ads, mostly for food products. Or lately it will show an Asian or White mother with some kind of mixedish looking kid… mixed, but on the whiter side.

    3. I don’t agree with you that TV ads only feature non-whites, and they are not over-represented at all. This is America now. If anything, Asians and Latinos are under-represented. Interracial couples barely exist in TV ads. True, they do show white males as the butt of the joke, but they’d be hit with endless lawsuits if they showed Blacks as dumb. Or endless complaints.

    4. I’m shocked PC Hollywood hasn’t picked up that Black Women don’t like the light skinned black woman/darker black male couple only getting used in ads, but maybe this is what appeals to Blacks on some kind of sub-conscious level.

    • IstvanIN

      I beg to disagree about mixed race couples in TV commercials, I see them at every commercial break. Way too common.

      • jay11

        Nearly all latinos I know or whom I see are the darker, very Indian type. I don’t see too many ‘white’ latinos. Do you wonder why they don’t feature the amerindians in commercials, even though they are the majority of latinos? They know we will get alarmed.

  • Funruffian

    This hometown featured in his article sounds like a carbon coby of the town I live in where the european White population is only 22%. As the White population narrows, crime rates rise, welfare rates rise and schools degenerate into prison-like daycare centers for Blacks, Browns and lower caste Asians.

  • JD

    Good article. I am 40 year old male from Birmingham Alabama and I cannot think of a worse place in America to live. I have had to move 4 times, just in my lifetime, to get away from the blacks, and I will be moving again soon, because it seems they have found the quiet neighborhood I live in. The neighborhoods that I grew up in are all black now, and when I take a trip down memory lane all I see open are liquor stores, pawn shops, and cash for title stores, even the fast food joints are closed down. One mall is completely empty and the nice mall that opened later on is now the hood. I don’t go there but some of the brainwashed whites still go there thinking everything is ok and nothing will happen to them. Really, we do not have a white mall to go to anymore. Since the blacks have destroyed everything my father and his father built, they now just drive 20 minutes into our neighborhoods to shop and steal.

    • newscomments70

      Speaking of that, one day, my liberal friends brought me to a mall in a mostly black part of Los Angeles. I just had to “experience” the IMAX theater. I have to admit, it was fine. No one bothered me, people were polite, the place was clean, and the IMAX sound system was great. That warm liberal feeling did not last though. A few weeks later, I saw a headline from that same mall:
      Victims Stabbed, Sexually Assaulted During Mall Hostage Situation


    • jay11

      There are three big malls within reach where I’m at. Two of them are literally latino/asian malls now with a few blacks thrown in. It’s like whites hardly exist anymore. The other one you have to drive to (no easy public transportation) and it is still about 50% white. The rest are latinos, asians and blacks. I think the tipping point will come soon. I remember visiting a mall two years ago in my old home state that was lively and fun 20 years ago. It was now surrounded by ghetto and hardly 20% of the stores were still open. Whole wings were dark with no open stores. It was strange, and I booked out of there.

  • pcmustgo

    I once read a long, long time ago randomnly that Tampa Florida was a hotbed of “white rage” or white flight or something.

    I also knew a white girl from there that boasted it was a really tough place to grow up.

  • sbuffalonative

    I rarely ever visit at work AR for fear of being called out but I did take a quick peak once in a while when the coast was clear.

    About six months ago we got new computers at work. The new computers block AR.

    • MikeofAges

      Interesting, because AR is a pretty innocuous site when you think about. Most of the people who post at AR have IQs at or close to the “gifted” range, or higher. Rarely does anyone in the AR comments advocate doing anything by other than legal means. People who post at “mainstream” website often post infinitely fouler comments. I think they’re just afraid of people who think things out, how to stay on message and now to be persuasive.

  • Quanga

    Regarding Amren and access, I have noticed something odd. Several places which block Amren allow access to Nicholas Stix and sbpdl, which are far more “in your face.”. comments?

    • MikeofAges

      The people who post here have high IQs and know how to be persuasive. Can’t speak for other sites because I haven’t seen them.

  • Roger Lee

    Fascinating and troubling article, well-written. I know exactly how you feel. I watched the same thing happen to New York City in the 1960’s. Before I left, I often played basketball in the playgrounds. Greenwich Village was not noted as a black area, and yet the games at the playground on 6th Avenue were mostly black. I went to a City Department of Parks recreation center on East 54th Street – hardly a black area – and found all the boys playing basketball in the gym were black. Did they bus them in? The almost exclusively Irish-American middle-aged staff – probably just waiting to collect their pensions – were shocked when I asked them, “Why aren’t there any white kids here? Is this Harlem?” Forget about the YMCA on 34th Street – featured in the video of the song “YMCA” – full of homosexuals, not a pleasant environment for a 16 year-old boy. I ended up at the 92nd Street Y. Now I am retired and live in Thailand, and I have not seen a black person in years. If I return to America, are there any white communities left?

    • jay11

      No black people live within ten blocks of my house, but the local playground and basketball court is literally inundated with blacks playing basketball every weekend. In some very, very white areas around here, the local schools are like 70% black kids. I always ask how that can be, especially since the local black areas have schools that are 100% black. Do they have so many excess kids that they can overwhelm schools in white areas too? Same thing with latinos. There are neighborhoods with nary a mexican or dominican face on the street, but the schools are bursting with’em!

    • John

      No, there are not. Stay in Thailand.

  • George White

    I have to share a diversity story. My lady friend has a big avocado tree in her yard. Fat mexicans are always running all over her property to get to the avocados. They come in vans and trucks, entire families, with bags and sacks. She yells at them and they give her stupid looks and continue to steal avocados. She put up a fence, didn’t help. No trespassing signs, didn’t help.No stopping the fat mexicans armies of avocado thieves. They wake her up at 8 AM on Sunday mornings, peering into her windows. She will probably have to cut down the tree to get rid of the vermin. That is what it is like to live in Los Angeles.

    • Dude

      She should have a firearm, if only to scare them off.

    • Viv Jasper

      Ugh. The exact same thing happened to us when I was a kid, only it was a beautiful pecan tree attracting the Mexican trespassers. And they didn’t even seem to think they were doing anything wrong. My dad scared them off eventually.
      These are the same types of Mexicans who pack themselves into cars on Halloween and invade nice neighborhoods like ours to trick or treat. They all carry huge pillow cases to pack as much free candy as possible, and even the adults join in. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

      • Antwan

        We used to show these people the business end of a shotgun and they’d get the message, with no harm done to anyone. We can’t expect them to understand or respect anything else. It’s just a matter of mutually understandable communication. Fantasize all you want, but this will NEVER change.

    • [Guest]

      I just wish it was limited to avocados, pecans, and Halloween candy. They’re also gobbling down tons of tax dollars extracted from white citizens.

    • jay11

      Chinese people come into my yard sometimes to dig up these weird funguses that seem to grow only on my property. It’s so odd. One minute there’s a fungus pod, the next morning I see a hole where it was perfectly dug out. Local Koreans go to the city park and squat down like they are inthe rice fields and literally pick the open meadow clean of all manner of weeds and other greens they sell on the street corners from little backets. One day I saw at least 20 old korean women doing this methodical picking. I want my America back!

      • David Ashton

        Engelman’s beloved “diversity” at work.

      • convairXF92

        Koreans sometimes pick mushrooms that way in the Pacific Northwest. Problem is, what looks like an Asian rice-straw mushroom is actually the Amanita death angel.

      • Europhile

        In SF I kept seeing a little Chinese man harvesting plants next to a parkway. When my dog ate grass from that area, she immediately started foaming at the mouth. Then one day I saw him carrying big sacks of greens into the back entrance of an Asian market! Yum!

    • George

      Avocado theft is a felony in California. Seriously, avocado farmers here lobbied to get the law changed. I’m not sure what she could do to motivated LAPD to care, given how diverse and culturally-sensitive their officers are, however.

  • BannedandProud

    Site blocked. amren.com is not allowed on this network.

    This site was categorized in: Hate/Discrimination

    Contact your network administrator

    I checked the website for the Nation of Islam and it worked fine.
    Same for National Council of La Raza and World Star Hip Hop—they aren’t
    “catergorized” as anything. Angry and frustrated, I closed my laptop and
    watched the crowds pass by.

    well cry me a river…try writing an article on Jewish Power & Influence and see if it gets published by Amren…a banned reader & poster

  • D. H. Andrews

    A beautifully written article and reflects my sentiments exactly. I live in Lake Charles, LA, just a few miles from the Texas border. Strangely, we have very few VISABLE Mexicans compared to Texas, which has nearly reached the saturation point. No kidding, cross the border into Texas and you’d think you were in El Paso or San Antonio, even in the small towns. They’re EVERYWHERE! Apparently, they no longer fear coming “out of the shadows”, a term the liberals love to use i.e. those in favor of amnesty(Immigration Reform). If this passes(which is sure to do), we will be FLOODED with them. We will almost instantly be deluged with the new citizens, but also their relatives; as many as Obongo can bring in via “family reunification”. Great way to fatten the already fat numbers of democratic voters. Some say as many as 90 million! I don’t have to say that this foolish piece of legislation will transform our country – almost overnight – into a Brazil of he north. They will not only appear in TV commercials, but overwhelm our cities and their streets, causing an EXPLOSION in crime. Nowhere will be safe.

    The Republicans(our only hope, however lately, have been a dismal failure), will be a fading memory and this “demographic shift” will be the death knell of this country.

    The only reason TX remains a “red” state is that nearly 100% of the White vote – which still remain the majority, but not for long – are conservative, realizing what is happening to their state, and vote Republican. It’s a given that Mexicans – who reproduce at an alarming rate – shortly will overwhelm the Whites and turn THEIR state “blue”, a phenomenon which we have seen recently to the formerly “red” states of CO an NV, handing the election to Obongo. I said that election night as me, my sister and brother-in-law watched the election returns. It was a sad night for all of us – and most of the White people(who keep the wheels of this country running, but not for long, at this rate). How much longer does Obongo think he can redistribute wealth – which he promised to do – and not destroy us?

    I know I’m preaching to the choir, but our days of Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet are gone. We are headed downhill – fast. We can’t remain the country we once were with this tsunami of taco benders bleeding our coffers dry – and changing our culture from a predominantly European(White) one to a parasitic and backward Mexican one.

    • Viv Jasper

      What you say about Texas is sadly true. It used to be possible to just move into a white neighborhood and ignore the problem, which was exactly what I was trying to do when I moved out here to the suburbs 15 years ago.
      But they just keep closing in. Our neighborhood elementary school, which used to be 90% white is now down to about 50% and continually getting worse. My teenagers were fine there, but I have a preschooler who will have to attend private school.
      I have aging relatives living in formerly nice small towns in various parts of the state, and even those places are filling up with Mexicans, which causes me great concern. They’re just everywhere. Sad.

  • LHathaway

    Very nice article. I found the same block of AmRen at the public library. . . So a website where mostly people complain about being discriminated against is blocked because of ‘discrimination’.

  • bigone4u

    The loss of white America is not necessarily something to accept. If you loved your wife or husband and they left you, you could still fight to get them back or get a new better companion. A good start for Amren readers would be to put together a giant anti-amnesty rally in Washington in cooperation with other groups. The majority oppose amnesty so why should it be legalized.
    Regarding malls and the influx of blacks and browns, you have to wonder how much money they spend vs. whites. Whites have more wealth. Exercise your discretion when spending that wealth. J. C. Penney’s is a store that whites could put out of business overnight. When it goes under, whites should take credit for it. Finally, complaining about anti-male, anti-white actions by anyone should be the norm. Speak up. Blacks do and they don’t sound half as intelligent as you.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      J. C. Penney’s is a store that whites could put out of business overnight. When it goes under, whites should take credit for it.

      Well, we may not have to wait for long!!

      J.C. Penney

      Forecast store closings: 300 to 350

      Also Sears and KMart:

      Forecast store closings: Kmart 175 to 225, Sears 100 to 125

      Even Walmart is hurting:

      In case you haven’t seen a sales report these days, February MTD sales are a total disaster, Jerry Murray, Wal- Mart’s vice president of finance and logistics, said in a Feb. 12 e-mail to other executives, referring to month-to-date sales. The worst start to a month I have seen in my ~7 years with the company




      • jay11

        I was in a JC Penny’s about 6 months ago by chance. It had been years since I had been in one. What is the first thing I noticed? The customers in the store were darn near 90% latinos! I am not joking. I was like, “What the…” I also thought the goods were more inferior than I remember from just a decade ago.

      • IstvanIN

        That would be a shame, Penney’s is an American institution and quite frankly the quality of goods sold is quite good for the prices charged. To think we would end up having no choices between Walmart and Nordstroms is sad. Especially for people who don’t wear standard sizes.

      • MikeofAges

        Maybe when “diversity” starts to hurt big business where it counts, big business will stop promoting diversity.

  • JohnEngelman

    I grew up in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC. Growing up if I wanted to dine at a Chinese restaurant I had to travel down to Washington, DC’s all to small Chinatown.

    When I go back for a visit there are several Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants that I enjoy patronizing, and Chinese grocery stores I enjoy shopping at. There are also Hispanic and East Indian restaurants and grocery stores, as well as a Kosher delicateness, a Kosher grocery store, and a Jewish book and gift store, each of which I patronize.

    None of that existed when I was growing up. I appreciate the difference.

    • sbuffalonative

      Perhaps you would be happier living in China or Vietnam.

      • BannedandProud

        One must ask the question…how is it that Engleman is given permission to post on this site while as of yesterday i am not? Perhaps Amren is not so much a home away from home that many White racialist think….I am 100 % against miscegenation and 100% for my race while this scoundrel wants Whites to be genocided out of existence.

      • JohnEngelman

        I would enjoy living in either of those countries, but I am not good at learning foreign languages.

        • AmrenLovesEngelman

          The lanquague you speak (anti-White speak) is foreign to me!!!

        • David Ashton

          Why “foreign”? Languages of your own preferred “compatriots” surely?
          Why should your individual preferences, private history and personal pleasures repeated verbatim and ad nauseam in thread after thread be of persuasive interest to the hundreds of thousands of “white Gentiles” who do not share them?

          • JohnEngelman

            I only mention my personal life if it is relevant to the topic. Quite a few posters in this thread discussed how diversity effected their lives, so I did too.

            What I most enjoy are substantiating my assertions by quoting articles that have appeared on American Renaissance. I like arguments where facts matter.

          • David Ashton

            Yes, but it is still the same old, same old, and it all comes across with a mechanical relentlessness that seems impervious to any qualification or criticism from readers.

          • JohnEngelman

            What is mechanical is the criticism from readers. Most of them simply do not like anyone who is not a white Gentile of European descent. They are not able to explain why the immigration of Orientals and Jews is harmful to the United States. They are not able to explain why interracial marriage is harmful. All they can do is repeat, “I don’t like it.”

          • John, you are really showing yourself up here.

            Are you really suggesting that the people who come on sites like Amren really have no argument to make about how things are going other than “they don’t like it”?

            Do you even understand white advocacy, “white nationalism” and why most people are here?

            You spend enough time here so it is absolutely astonishing that you can come out with such nonsense – unless you are so fond of your own voice you never actually pick up or listen to what other people are saying.

            It has nothing, nothing at all, with “not liking” individuals of other races. I cannot even believe you can come out with such red herrings after all that has been said and done on this site and during the conferences it holds.

            Nor do the vast majority of comments here say how they dislike individuals for their race, on a one to one basis or interaction.

            Of course mass immigration of Orientals and Jews are detrimental to ‘white America’ and its continuance. Particularly Orientals, seeing as they are more numerous on this planet than Jews.

            If you care only for material goods and money, then of course, you would be quite happy to let the Oriental demographic surge along with all the other minorities you may see as beneficial to the United States.

            How about Indians for example? They are regarded as being more highly educated and having a better work-ethic than some other groups. Would you welcome their numbers into America and likewise claim that such actions would not be a detriment to the future of a White America?

            Similarly, you obviously do not give a damn about the continuance of the White race.

            Anybody who advocates and excuses the genocide of the white race by promoting and otherwise saying that interracial relationships are “not harmful” is in my definition an “Anti-white”.

            I do not know why the Amren moderators allow you to pour out your anti-white poison on this site. It would not surprise me at all if you were being paid by the opposition to do what you are doing here.

            As in your world, you would welcome general multiculturalism and diversity so that you can be ‘entertained’, welcome Orientals and Jews (and no doubt other ethnic groups you feel safe around), you’d say interracial relationships are fine within this developing situation, and you’d quite happily sit back and watch America transform into a majority non-white demographic through sheer demographic displacement and intermixing until there are hardly any genuine Whites left in the land.

            That is why you do not belong on this site. You are seemingly against everything it stands for. You seem to only be here to try and ensure the worst elements of ‘enrichment’ dont bite YOU personally on the arse, by hiding behind some aspects of the White Nationalist movement you find favourable to your interests. Just like your other counterparts from the same heritage.

          • JohnEngelman

            If you want your prejudices to be enforced ignore my comments. If you want to understand why most people in the UK and the US do not feel the way you do about things, read my comments. I am closer to the consensus in both countries than you are.

          • What “prejudices” may they be, John?

            I am fighting for a cause in my country, and I support white advocacy and the cause of the white American people. There is no “prejudice” about such a cause, John.

            Of course I know full well what “most people” in the UK and US tend to think about things.

            Seeing as it saturates all the media outlets, and has been the dominant socio-cultural hegemony of the ‘established order’ for well over 60 years (manufactured in large part by people who you associate with), it is hardly surprising why they are conditioned that way – and it would be astonishing if I did NOT know what they thought.

            Yet here you are again – reinforcing those kinds of ‘seemingly reasonable and tolerant’ positions which are detrimental to the collective future of Whites and their nations.

            That is why I think you are bad news here John, because you reinforce the very kinds of positions and attitudes which are wrong and against white interests. I do not know whether you see yourself as being on our side or against us.

            You seem to try to position yourself on our side, but you are like some kind of wolf in sheep’s clothing, slowly emitting the antithesis of why most people are here.

            If you think you are helping white Americans to secure a future for themselves by reinforcing the same narrative as the opposition, blithering on about Oriental immigration being a benefit to the United States or how you no longer need to travel to visit ethnic-restaurants, or how a “little salt in the soup” won’t spoil the broth, then you are either misguided or delusional, or here to wind us all up.

            We need to stand firm and separate in our ground, not crumble away at the edges.

            It is our job to state our case and win the argument – and you do not do that by giving in to the opposition and saying “ohh, I like China town, Jewish books stores, the Afro American carnivals are fun, a fair bit of race mixing is fine, I love how I can now buy spices at the local store!” and generally water down and reframe our values and virtues.

          • JohnEngelman

            It is our job to state our case and win the argument

            – British Activism

            How can you win the argument if you won’t engage in a civil debate?

            I am not in favor of unlimited immigration. I am not unconditionally in favor of diversity. I believe that certain kinds of immigrants are beneficial to a country and I explain why. I believe that other kinds of immigrants are harmful. Again I explain why.

          • I have engaged in a civil debate.

            Most people here, especially the authors at Amren, engage in a civilised debate.

            What we do, or what I do,is put forward the reasons and rationale as to why opponents are wrong and why they are detrimental to the continuation of whites and white interests, including periphery details like safety, happiness, productivity, less burdensome regulation and whatever else comes with more homogeneous nation states.

            What you apparently do, is concede ground to the opponents of these things by setting your stall out on their turf.

            What you do, is try and present yourself as “respectable and balanced” by turning tail on the core virtues and values of the cause most are here for.

            That is not engaging in civil debate, it is expecting others to concede and ‘relativise’ their positions away in attempt at scraping together some kind of ‘respectability’ from the ideologues and ideology of our opponents.

            That is the position of a losing argument.

            Those who want to win, need to keep true to the core aspects of all we stand for, try and maintain civility, and actively counter those who seek to wash our core values and virtues away.

            Being able to argue a case, such as being against mixed marriages or Oriental immigration, is important. So is not resorting into the gutter or crudity in order to make a point.

            I feel capable and able to do that, without having to give ground or engage in so-called debate which expects me to concede ground in order to sound reasonable.

            If you do not follow your own logic to the conclusions it will come to, or ultimately result in, then you cannot be helped.

            You are blind to the fact that you are being played like a fiddle, or are perhaps the conductor that wishes other fiddlers to play to your tune.

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not know why the Amren moderators allow you to pour out your anti-white poison on this site…

            I have engaged in a civil debate.

            – British Activism

            You do not engage in a civil debate by suggesting that I be banned from American Renaissance. That reminds me of David Suzuki suggesting that Phil Rushton be fired from his teaching position at the University of Western Ontario during their debate there in February 8, 1980.

            If you have not watched that debate you will find a video here:


            Professor Suzuki did not even try to refute Professor Rushton’s arguments factually. Instead he directed ad hominem attacks on Phil Rushton for telling the truth about the biological reasons for racial differences. I am used to ad hominem attacks. They are directed against me when I quote Phil Rushton on this website.

            Then you wrote, “Being able to argue a case, such as being against mixed marriages or Oriental immigration, is important.”

            If it is, you are not doing it. Interracial marriage is one area where you are very definitely losing the debate. From 1958 to 2011 approval in the United States for interracial marriage grew from 4 percent to 86 percent.


            “there has been a major jump in interracial marriage rates from 1980 — the first year from which rich Census data on interracial marriage are publicly available — when just 3 percent of married couples were mixed-race (the last U.S. anti-miscegenation laws were lifted in 1967). In 2010, 1 in 12 married couples in the U.S. were interracial couples, reports the Pew Center.”

            If you cannot convince me why a significant minority of Americans should not marry people they love, how can you convince them? How can you convince the 86 percent of Americans who approve of what they are doing?

            If you have presented a civil, rational argument against Oriental immigration I apologize for missing it. Present it again.

            On several occasions I have presented a civil, rational argument in favor of Oriental immigration quoting Professor Rushton and other articles I have found on this website. On the average they have higher IQs than white Gentiles. They are less likely to have felony convictions and illegitimate children.

            Finally, when have I said anything anti white? I am not anti white. I am pro Oriental for reasons I have been able to explain using articles I have found here.

          • I suspect that when you’re defending inter racial marriage that you’re visualizing Asian/White or perhaps Hispanic/White. Although from reading your comments in the past Mr Engleman I can see that your eyes are open to the realities of black violence and I credit you with not coming up with excuses for their ongoing failures.

            On black/White marriages according to this study.

            White females married to black males are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their husbands than white females married to white males.
            The same study shows that white men married to black women are 21.4 times more likely to be murdered by their wife than white men married to white women. The study shows that white women married to black men have the single highest risk of death by femicide of any married women in the US.
            Granted these results are from the years 1976-85 and the rate of spousal homicide for this 10-year period was at only 1.6 per 100,000 married persons, but still there is increased risk.

            I care about White peoples positioning in terms of global racial demographics, I don’t expect us to ever beat Asian or African growth, but I’d be happy if we at least retained our numbers but evenly replacing ourselves.
            Every time I hear about an interracial marriage, or someone who’s proudly out of the closet, see a pretty breeding age lesbian or see someone who is childless for selfish reasons my heart sinks.
            Interracial marriage I think is the worst because, especially in the case of a *White woman, we have someone who is producing a ‘solider’ for the other team, as when do mixed racial children ever become advocates for White interests?
            *Sounds like a sexiest double standard, (aside from using IVF) only a White woman with a White man can produce and ought to raise a White baby.

          • JohnEngelman

            Thank you for that website. I did not read the entire article. However the report did not seem to give date on spousal abuse in interracial marriages. When I did a search for 12.4 this was all I found: “The effects of high control with separation (adjusted OR=4.07; 95% CI=1.33, 12.4) and access to guns (adjusted OR=5.44; 95% CI=2.89, 10.22), although substantially reduced, remained strong.”


            If I missed something, please quote the entire sentence.

          • You’ve caught me being guilty of quoting another blogs figures without investigating deeply enough myself, as I can’t find how they came to those calculations.
            The study does not clearly show data for White victims with black perpetrators (unless I missed it)
            Although the studies abstract (found here)
            States “the risk of victimization was greater for spouses in interracial than in intraracial marriages and increased as age differences between spouses increased”. My data mining skills need work, lesson heeded.

          • My earlier response has been bugging me all day and from going back, I can see that I originally linked the wrong AJPH article to match the quotes I presented, sorry John.
            It should have been…
            “Fatal Violence among Spouses in the United States, 1976-85” (as opposed to the “Risk Factors for Femicide in Abusive Relationships” article that I did link to you earlier).
            For the figures…
            – White men married to black women are 21.4 times more likely to be murdered by their wife than white men married to white women.
            -White females married to black males are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their husbands than white females married to white males.

            Go to Table 3 “Racial Composition of Marriage” risk factors.
            Incidentally black men who’re married to White woman decrease their risk of spousal homicide to 0.7 of their normal Intraracial murder victim rates, win-win for them.
            There’s still egg on my face though.

          • JohnEngelman

            Blacks are a problem. I’ve always acknowledged that. I doubt it is more dangerous for a white person to marry a Oriental than a white person.

          • MikeofAges

            Is there in your mind an circumstance where continued immigration can be harmful to the existing population even if the immigrants are capable and productive people? Just want to know.

          • David Ashton

            Good question: he needs to be pressed hard on this.

          • JohnEngelman

            On several occasions on this website I have pointed out that population growth from any source including a high birth rate among white Gentiles has an inflationary effect on prices, a deflationary effect on wages, and raises profits.

            The growing income gap in the United States is caused partly by population growth. Population growth in turn is caused mainly by immigration, because birth rates for native born Americans are declining.

          • David Ashton

            I can assure you that most people in the UK do not welcome the end of their British heritage or mass-immigration of foreigners.

          • JohnEngelman

            If that was true the British Conservative Party would have made a winning political issue of it.

            In the United States 42 percent of Americans think immigration should remain at its present level. 21 percent want immigration to increase. 35 percent – including me, by the way – think immigration should decrease.


            35 percent is not enough to win elections, except in small parts of the country.

          • David Ashton

            You need to examine carefully the Conservative election promises and their failure to uphold them after election (under pressure from employers, the anti-racist paralysis of their elite advisers, and more recently EU regulations). Elections from the 1960s to the present time, and the story of limited immigration controls and anti-racist legislation, are too complex to discuss here. The growth of immigrant votes has reached a stage now where the white majority can be bypassed by the three main parties who compete for votes from the minorities in key marginals. For opinion polls, see the Migrationwatch.UK website and its comments.

          • JohnEngelman

            You should also consider that employers benefit from a high degree of immigration. It exerts a deflationary effect on wages and an inflationary effect on goods and services. Consequently, it raises profits.

            The Conservative Party in the UK, and the Republican Party in the US are more concerned with advancing the economic interests of employers, investors, and the rich in general than with anything else.

          • David Ashton

            How carefully do you read what others post?
            I mentioned “pressure from employers” and you then said I should “also” consider that employers benefit from immigration!

          • MikeofAges

            Two party politics may be a crude measure, but are you aware that Romney-Ryan polled more than 50 percent of the white vote in such “blue state” bastions as Illinois, New York and California? Lie, damn lies and statistics. I don’t think any report of public opinion in America which fails to break it down by group is very useful.

          • JohnEngelman

            What is useful is what wins elections. Because the United States is becoming increasingly multi ethnic, and because a significant minority of whites, including me, vote Democratic, Republican appeals that won in 1980 do not win any more.

            Another factor to consider when anticipating the demise of the GOP is the growing income gap. Lower income white Republicans have had three decades to figure out that tax cuts for the rich do not benefit them.

          • MikeofAges

            The problem with your thesis is that the Democratic share of the white vote actually is decreasing. The idea that some critical element of socially conservative whites have deserted the Republicans is an enduring the deceit. So is the idea there is a white “youth” vote which swims wildly against the stream of the rest of the white vote. Recent election results are better explained by recourse to the idea that whites remain split at least somewhat evenly while the minority vote goes overwhelmingly for one party. You could try to explain that fact by recourse to the idea that minorities are responding to the hostility of the other party toward them. But mass politics does not work that way. Politics works on a primitive level, at best on the “help you friends, punish your enemies” level described in The Republic of Plato. Often on a lower level than that. In politics people promote ideas because there is mileage in doing so, not because of their inherent absolute validity.

            Regarding the youth vote, nationally, 54 percent of youthful white voters voted Republican.

          • JohnEngelman

            It is probably true that as white Gentiles become a smaller percentage of the electorate a larger percentage of them will vote Republican.

            Nevertheless, it is conceivable that a growing percentage of lower income whites will come to recognize that they do not benefit from Republican economic policies, and are in fact jeopardized.

            In the past when wealth and incomes became more unequal most Americans advanced somewhat. Since 2000, and to an extent since 1980 the rich have gotten richer while most pay checks have bought less. This is a Democratic issue. It cannot be solved by the Republican panaceas of “lower taxes, less government.”

            According to a Pew Research study released February 23, 2013 there is little support for specific budget cuts.


            For several years polls have indicated much support for raising taxes on the rich and little support for cuts in Social Security and Medicare.


            These are issues where the Republican Party is vulnerable.

            It would make sense for the GOP to appeal to Jews and Orientals on economic issues because these usually make more money than white Gentiles. Nevertheless, in the last election the vast majority of both groups voted Democrat.

            Immigration is an issue that cuts the Republican Party both ways. If the GOP takes a firm stance against immigration it will anger non whites and employers. It it softens its stance it will anger white employees who accurately attribute their shrinking paychecks in part to competition from immigrants.

          • I bumped into this Pro White UK site last night.

            I like their approach.

          • Defoe

            ” unless you are so fond of your own voice you never actually pick up or listen to what other people are saying.”

            I think you hit the nail on the head; it has occurred to me also that he is working for the other side. In fact, it seems quite obvious.

          • Birger_Skruddusvingen

            “They are not able to explain why the immigration of Orientals and Jews is harmful to the United States.”

            Well, I can. The reason is that it leads to racial/ethnic and cultural/religious diversity. That reduces community cohesion and may totally destroy communities.

            “They are not able to explain why interracial marriage is harmful.”

            It’s actually ridiculously easy: Because it may lead to miscegenation.

          • JohnEngelman

            Why is miscegenation harmful? It actually began about 60,000 years ago when modern humans immigrated out of Africa. Several had children with Neanderthals. Because whites and Orientals have some Neanderthal genes some of those genes were worth having.

            Since the beginning of the Age of Discovery that began with Columbus’s discovery of the New World miscegenation has been accelerating. It does not seem to have harmful results. That is why the approval and practice of inter racial marriage is increasing.

          • David Ashton

            They don’t like it, but you do.
            Now let us take a closer look at your response.
            1. You agree that you would like the USA to become an Asian nation because you like Asian food and cannot learn Asian languages, but you add more:
            2. “Most readers dislike anyone not a white Gentile of European descent.” This might be true of a small proportion who have thus expressed themselves, but others (including myself) have stated that there are individual Jews or non-whites whom they have personally liked. It is a question of huge numbers of Chinese, Indians, Mexicans and others -occupying territory or exerting an undesirable influence on Euro-Americans (or indeed one another, given the universality of ethnic friction).
            3. As for the “immigration” of Jews, this raises somewhat different questions.
            According to you, God granted the Jews a territory of their own in the Middle East from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates River, and this hold goods for the Jews today, but it is not clear whether you think that is where they should all go, or whether they should stay in the USA (providing you with kosher restaurants &c), or
            4. whether they too should engage in “interracial marriage” to provide the evolutionary mix you desire for the far future, or
            5. remain as your “splendid biologically superior race” unmixed and presumably supervising the rest.
            6. I do not recall you replying to my posts against race crossing (but will try again later).

          • JohnEngelman

            I will deal with each of your arguments.

            1. I have never advocated that the Untied States become an Asian nation. I do think Asian immigration has been beneficial to the United States, for reasons I have clearly expressed, quoting articles I have found on this website.

            2. I distinguish between desirable and undesirable immigrant groups and racial minorities. Orientals and East Indians do not raise crime rates in the neighborhoods they inhabitant. They do not riot. They do not fight whites. Hispanics, Muslims, and Negroes do. Those other groups should be evaluated differently.

            3. Israel is a very small country. I think it is legitimate for the Israelis to view Muslim inhabitants the same way I think it is legitimate for those in the UK to view Muslim inhabitants: as people who are prone to terrorism.

            4, 5. If Ashkenazi Jews as individuals wish to share their good genes with others in producing legitimate children in matrimony that is up to them.

            6. The only posts you or anyone else have posted here against race crossing amount to saying, “I don’t like it.” You have not presented any obvious disadvantages that would even begin to convince the 86 percent of Americans who approve of interracial marriage, or the one in twelve who married a person of another race last year. You have not even presented disadvantages that might persuade those who are undecided on the matter.

            In the long run race missing is genetically beneficial because the good genes are perpetuated. It is through race mixing that resistances to various diseases and the ability to digest fresh milk all of one’s life have been spread.

          • MikeofAges

            The obvious reason for opposing increased diversity is that it interferes with and obviates the necessity of developing the people who already are here, even blacks. During the era from the end of World War I till 1970, white Americans experienced tremendous upward mobility and proved their ability to excel in STEM subjects, liberal art scholarship, skilled crafts and industrial work, engineering, research and development, media, arts and letters and just about everything you can imagine. Even so, the development of the white population was far from complete. During the same period of time, blacks made progress in assimilating into the industrial economy and middle class society beginning from a much lower starting point. Tell me this process has unambiguously continued since 1970.

          • JohnEngelman

            Tell me this process has unambiguously continued since 1970.

            – MikeofAges

            The rich have gotten quite a bit richer since 1970 while paying lower taxes.

            A rising population exerts an inflationary effect on goods and services and a deflationary effect on wages whether it is caused by immigration, a high birth rate of native born Americans, or both.

          • MikeofAges

            That’s not the issue. The issue is what has happened to the native born population that existed here as of 1970 and its descendants. I think you conceding that the trend halted but are disputing the reason.

          • JohnEngelman

            Says who?

          • David Ashton

            1. Your reply above to “shuffalonative” agreed with his assertion that you would like the US to become an Asian nation, and added other points.

            2,3. There is cultural conflict and competition for resources in an ethnically heterogeneous society. We have conflicts in the UK between Sikhs and Muslims.

            4,5. How do you reconcile your Bible-based Christian Zionism, and presumably the return of the Messiah Jesus, with your ideas about a mixed evolutionary elite combined with the death of stupid black populations?

            6. The case against certain types of race crossing may not be appreciated in the current climate of opinion any more than the value of stable marriage and heterosexual parenting. I did more than send posts against crossing on the grounds that I personally disliked it. After being cut off temporarily from AmRen I am writing this after well midnight GMT on Monday, February 25, and will add a PS on miscegenation later.

        • sbuffalonative

          So let’s put this all together.
          You would be happy to transform the US into an Asian nation because you like Asian food and you’re not smart enough to learn a foreign language.

          • JohnEngelman

            That is part of it. I have always had good relations with Orientals and usually with Jews. Indeed the Jews I did not like were not observant, so I did not consider them to be authentically Jewish.

            The two best friends I had in high school were Chinese Americans. They introduced me to Chinese food and Washington, DC’s Chinatown. It was very exotic, and very appealing to me. In addition, I took karate lessons. That furthered my appreciation of Orientals and Oriental culture.

            I am not an ideologue for diversity. I am opposed to affirmative action. At the risk of making myself unemployable I will say that I see problems with a large Hispanic population and more problems with a large black population.

            The only problem I would see with a large influx of Jews and Orientals is the same problem I would see with a high birth rate among white Gentiles. Population growth has an inflationary effect on goods and services, a deflationary effect on wages, and it stresses the environment.

            Because of the success of Oriental countries the United States is not going to be transformed into an Oriental country. The danger is that we will be transformed into a semi Latin America country with the crime, the inefficiency, and the corruption that is so evident south of the border. That, and not the presence of well behavingm high achieving Jews and Orientals, is the problem presented by diversity.

          • Birger_Skruddusvingen

            “That furthered my appreciation of Orientals and Oriental culture.”

            Then I’d like to recommend this song to you:



          • MikeofAges

            The way to keep North American from turning into a Latin American-like civilization is allow in only people who unreservedly accept the predominance of Anglo-Saxon culture and the Anglo-Saxon concept of civic life. Just keep that in mind.

          • JohnEngelman

            Many whites need to learn from Oriental culture. They need to stop committing so many crimes, and having so many divorces and illegitimate children.

          • David Ashton

            The modern tendency among whites towards sexual promiscuity is like the same tendency towards racial promiscuity; a function of hedonism, aggravated by political correctness. Both trends need reversal. The Whites do not need to learn Mandarin, join the Triads or eat birds nest soup; they just have to learn from their own white recent ancestors. Bring back the 1950s (gosh, did I really say that?) – not bring in the PLA.

          • JohnEngelman

            I agree with you here.

            In Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler blamed “the Jews” for the sex industry in Vienna before the First World War.

            In the United States Hugh Hefner and Helen Gurley Brown did far more to promote the sexual revolution than any Jews.

          • David Ashton

            I thought twice about falling into the trap of being described as antisemitic by pointing out again that the Jewish “instinct” for business has not neglected the profitable “sex” industry either. I have already given you scholarly references to Jewish embarrassment at previous “white slavery” among sections of the Ashkenazim, and I note that Richard Lynn says that in Argentina enterprising Jewish immigrants “secured control of more than half of the prostitution trade” (“The Chosen People”, p.193). I leave you to consult current “antisemitic” websites for relevant information on porn trade promoters in the US and UK in recent years, and in pre-Nazi Germany and Austria .
            However, I did not bring any Jewish issue into my previous comment about the “sexual revolution” and its conjunction with the “racial revolution” of the 1960s+. You brought the Jews up yourself here for some reason (ADL, please note).

          • MikeofAges

            And Kinsey and his ilk.

          • MikeofAges

            I think you just jumped the shark.

          • JohnEngelman

            Why? Because I told the truth about race realism?

          • MikeofAges

            No. Because you refuse to acknowledge that there should be a commitment to the development of the whites in America. You have a problem with that idea, you know.

        • MikeofAges

          Try, dude.

    • What on Earth are you doing on a website like Amren John?

      You seem to be Jewish and not even Caucasian – and have no problem at all with multiculturalism and “diversity”, and were you not the one going on about marrying Chinese women etc the other week?

      I am glad you find the wonders and benefits of the eradication of the Caucasian America convenient. Hell, there is no need for you to drive to get to a China Town or a Jewish book store! Thank heavens for that!

      I don’t even live in America but I seem to have more affiliation with the American struggle being expressed at Amren than you do.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am a Nordic Gentile. Ashkenazi Jews are Caucasians.

        • AmrenLovesEngelman

          johny boy..your slippin…you forgot the part where you claim to be a Christian Zionist!!! hahahahaha

        • The essence of the article here is surely that the transformation is occurring.

          If the ‘non Hispanic white’ population is just 46% then how can you state that the erasure of Caucasian America is not present? Was it always 46%?

          Again, I ask you what your purpose is here.

          You semi-affiliate yourself with your Jewish heritage (such as your Kosher comments), you seem to promote miscegenation and support ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ by welcoming and patronizing those establishments you mention.

          Are you another one these types who likes to live a better life in the societies which whites tend to build, but hold on to fantasies that it can exist without them and their exclusivity?

          Like other Jewish societies, like here in Britain, where they push for everybody else to do things against their interests, whilst they seclude and shield themselves away from the horrors they instigate.

          They too like to live in respectable and safe white neighbourhoods, waffle on about diversity of shopping experiences, cuisine, and seem to want to live the high life that was founded by whites and have the rotting stages setting in of their multiculturalism and multi-racialism, because they are paranoid and feel safer as not being the only distinct alien group.

          This is why I think you must only be here to either wind people up, or out of some kind of sadistic pleasure at pushing forward your views whilst racial nationalists describe their displeasure about what is transpiring.

          From what you say about certain subjects, you do not seem to be an advocate for the future survival of whites or even against the very kinds of things that undermine them along the way.

          Either that, or you are extremely sad and lonely and need to push people’s buttons to elicit responses.

          If you are no advocate of what the rest of us seem to be here for, why do you spend time here?

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            Some have suggested that he’s autistic. It’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.

          • JohnEngelman

            If you are no advocate of what the rest of us seem to be here for, why do you spend time here?

            – British Activism

            The short answer is that I enjoy investigating different points of view, I enjoy expressing my opinions, and I enjoy political arguments.

            The longer answer is that I agree with Jared Taylor’s “The Color of Crime,” which attracted me to this website in the first place.


            I agree with most of the original articles that are presented on this website, and wish they had broader circulation. I particularly recommend Marry Morrison’s articles on what is going on in public schools.



            My attitude toward diversity is somewhat more nuanced than that of Jack Krak, Jared Taylor, or Tim Wise. I am fascinated by different cultures, but I do not think they are of equal value. When expressing my admiration of Orientals and Jews I have an easy time quoting articles that I have found on this website, as well as writings by Jared Taylor and interviews of him.

            This is an example of a book review that appeared on American Renaissance that attempts to answer the question: Why are Jews so successful?


            The answer given is that Jews tend to be more intelligent than individuals in other racial groups.

            I was pleased to find a negative response to this book review and to Jared Taylor on Stormfront.


            I have a personal animosity toward Stormfront. I was banned from that website for praising the Jews and for criticizing Hitler.

          • anarchyst

            Go ahead and delete this, moderator . . .
            “jewish IQ” is less a function of jews just being inherently “smart” and more to do with the cultural insularity and “pushy” attitude that they possess and guard so well. The sad part of this is they reserve this cultural insularity FOR THEMSELVES while pushing their “equality” and “diversity” crap on everyone else. It seems that (many) jews have a “death wish” for the white race (that they are a part of).
            Most of today’s jews are NOT hebrew but, ashkenazi from russia . . . inventors and promoters of communism. jews were hated in the eastern european countries because they were the commissars and rulers of communism . . . the communist “holocausts” (stalinist and maoist “purges”)make the jewish “holocaust” look like “small potatoes” by numbers alone . . . for the jews, “there’s NO BUSINESS like “SHOAH BUSINESS”. Capitalizing on the jewish “holocaust” has made a lot of jews rich beyond dreams and has served to deflect honest criticism of any jewish position.

          • MobyWhite

            Look at the websites for Jewish Academies. What’s missing? D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y.

            Multicult for thee, not for me.

    • BannedandProud

      Dont you have better things to do like lick morris dee’s testicles?

    • JackKrak

      John – you seem to post variations of this same theme from time to time, so I will post a variation of my response from last time (and the time before that…..). You seem to be a bright guy so I don’t know why this is so hard to grasp –

      You don’t need to import half of Mexico or China or wherever in order for you or anyone else to enjoy a bit of variety in your grocery shopping or restaurant dining.

      Your thinking seems to go something like this –

      Yes, on the one hand the fundamental racial character of a formerly great country has been changed beyond recognition from what it was not too long ago with the importation of what we used to be allowed to publicly call the Third World. This comes with irreversible consequences for the native born white population, which has to come up with staggering sums of tax revenue to pay for the many direct costs associated with it as well as other costs in crime, lowered standards in health and education and a general degredation of our culture and standard of living.

      On the other hand, we can get great chicken lo mein anytime we want and some nice spices that our local chain supermarket doesn’t carry so, you know, it seems like a fair trade.

    • Barrack Osama

      How about moving to China?

    • AmrenLovesEngelman

      Hey john,dont you have something better else to do like lick morris dees testicles.

    • kjh64

      John, you can have ethnic restaurants without massive immigration or changing the demographics of your country. I too like Mexican, Chinese and Indian food but I can have these without flooding the country with people from these nations.

      • JohnEngelman

        Because Hispanics have a higher crime rate than whites I can see legitimate reasons for restricting Hispanic immigration. Chinese and East Indians have lower crime rates, so I welcome their presence, although I acknowledge that population growth for from any cause has an inflationary effect on prices, a deflationary effect on wages, and stresses the environment. This is true if the population growth is caused by a high birth rate among Nordic Gentiles.

        • Birger_Skruddusvingen

          “This is true if the population growth is caused by a high birth rate among Nordic Gentiles.”

          I reckon you meant “even if”.

        • purestocles

          John, modesty must compel you to acknowledge that neither you or nor anyone else fully understands the complex dynamic feedback loops involving genes, individual and family relations and social organization. You are obviously very intelligent and well informed, but you must acknowledge that you really don’t know the ultimate effects of “diversifying” a relatively homogenous culture. Animals living in highly organized communities e.g. bees, do not tolerate diversity because alien patterns of behavior disrupt their finely tuned social signals. Ruin follows.

          Europeans have made most of the great advances in science, technology, music, logic etc. We did not need help from Indians, Orientals, Jews or Blacks however intelligent they may be, have been or shall become. Europe is a marvelously beautiful place and in spite of its gory past, unlike any other place on Earth. You have no compelling argument for altering it, just a general sentiment that other people are okay too, so there’s really no harm in….and after all, they’re really smart etc.

          What if we descendants of Europe simply prefer the smell, skin color and texture, hair color, facial expression and body language of our European cousins? Are we to be denied the right to choose those whom we deem pleasant company? Don’t our preferences count for anything? Leaving IQ and crime statistics aside and allowing that biases may be based on nothing more than scent, they are nevertheless a person’s tastes and no one has the right to dictate another person’s preference in fellow citizens any more than they do another’s choice of spouse, favorite color or dog.

          • JohnEngelman

            Europeans have made most of the great advances in science, technology, music, logic etc. We did not need help from Indians, Orientals, Jews or Blacks however intelligent they may be.

            – purestocles

            The alphabet was probably invented by an Egyptian scribe. The Phoenicians were certainly the first people who developed it. The Greeks developed their alphabet from the Phoenicians. The Romans and the Slavs developed their alphabet from the Greeks.

            The use of copper and bronze was originated in the Near East. The use of iron originated in what is now Turkey.

            Geometry was originated by the Egyptians and the Babylonians.

            Arabic numerals were actually invented in India. They passed to Europe through the Arabs. The Arabs did invent algebra.

            The Chinese invented paper, gunpowder, the compass, and the cross bow.

            The Chinese and the American Indians transmitted to Europe valuable crops like corn, potatoes, tomatoes, soy beans, and many species of beans form the New World.

            Since discrimination against them lifted in the nineteenth century Jews have been prominent in every field requiring superior intelligence. One out of five Nobel Prizes has been won by a Jew, although Jews are about one percent of the world’s population.

          • David Ashton

            Except for the Chinese, the other inventors were Caucasians.
            On the Chinese inventions, see the critique by Ricardo Duchesne in “The Uniqueness of Western Civilization” (Leiden:Brill, 2011).

          • JohnEngelman

            Western perhaps, but not European. Agriculture and civilization began in the Mid East and only gradually spread into Europe. When the Egyptians were building pyramids some whites in Europe were still stone age hunters and gatherers.

          • David Ashton

            When whites in the USA were building spaceships other whites in south eastern Europe were still travelling by horse and cart. Don’t underestimate the achievements of the early Indo-Europeans which are being disclosed by archaeology.

          • purestocles

            Not relevant. There are two worlds. The world before the steam engine and that since. Since you cite nothing since, I can only assume that, like many social scientists, you are unfamiliar with the unique set of mental skills required by precision machining, engineering, chemistry and physics that separates first world countries from second and third. It is this mental capital and the accompanying infrastructure that we are sharing with and giving away to our international rivals when we educate them in our Universities and which we allow them to gobble up when they buy our companies including their government/university-research-subsidized patents. We are giving away our intellectual inheritance along with our competitive advantage.

            And stop dragging in the Jews. They too benefitted from the generosity of the Germans who allowed them access to their Universities in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries (though this has gotten lost in the smoke that accompanied the flames that followed). What separates a Jew from a Palestinian is not his genes, but his history of having benefitted from and contributed to European culture.

            When two hydrogen atoms fuse to form a helium atom they lose weight and that weight is given off as energy. The helium atom is a more “efficient” configuration of mass and energy than the sum of its parts. The same principle rules in societies. Like an orchestra, they are not simply the sum of their individual components. When you tinker with the balance of components in societies as in the communist revolution post 1917, integrity is lost. When the People don’t conform to the blueprint, they must be coerced. Displacement, mass starvation and murder are all justified by the refusal of a recalcitrant humanity to follow the Ideal dreamed up by ruling intellectual elites.

            I repeat. Neither you, I nor Thomas Friedmann nor any current social biologist or geneticist is knowledgeable enough to understand the ramifications of experiments in mass immigration. But from what we do witness in existing, actual human interactions, the prospects of integration of critical masses of different peoples from different cultures is not good.

            And, as in the bees, it is not necessarily the genetic differences that upsets this balance, but the differences in social patterns of communication–the very thing that shallow-thinking social scientists believed to be the most plastic and therefore least important of factors. THIS is the fundamental mistake made by our professors of the 1960-70’s and which still lies behind the wrongheadedness of much liberal thinking.

          • JohnEngelman

            I repeat. Neither you, I nor Thomas Friedmann nor any current social biologist or geneticist is knowledgeable enough to un derstand the ramifications of experiments in mass immigration. But from what we do witness in existing, actual human interactions, the prospects of integration of critical masses of different peoples from different cultures is not good.

            – purestocles


            I think that the different racial groups are different biologically, and they differ on average in their intelligence, and that’s, of course, why we never have this problem with Asians. Wherever you look, Asians outperform whites academically and financially…

            At the same time, we have a considerably less than one standard deviation difference between Asian IQ — North Asian IQ — and white IQ. I think that, too, is a result of genetics, and I think that that is what explains the dominance of Asians in certain fields, and their lower rates of illegitimacy compared to whites, their lower crime rates, their better achievement in school, their higher average incomes…

            Asians have by and large done very well in contact with whites…

            I think Asians are objectively superior to whites by just about any measure that you can come up…

            I think European Jews are Europeans, sure…

            I think if they — if European Jews wish to assimilate — I think many of them have and do. I don’t see any particular problem there. I think it’s unquestionably the fact that, by and large, Jews tend to be more liberal on the kinds of questions that we’ve been talking about. I think there are all sorts of historical reasons for that, but I don’t think Jews, simply because they are Jews, are necessarily going to be not part of a European nation.

            – Jared Taylor Interview, From Carol M. Swain, Editor, Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America, (Cambridge University Press, 2002); December 21, 1999


            In this interview Jared Taylor also said, “This doesn’t mean that I want America to become Asian…even if Asians build societies superior to those built by white people, I think white people are perfectly legitimate in preferring the kinds of societies that they build.”

            This is where Jared Taylor and I may disagree. I would like for the United States to retain what whites are good at – which is to say creativity and innovation – while emulating Oriental obedience to the law, academic dilligence, and sexual responsibility

    • MobyWhite

      Will you appreciate your mongrel grandchildren who look nothing like you or your ancestors?

      • JohnEngelman

        Sixty thousand years ago our ancestors probably resembled the Bushmen of Southern Africa. Sixty thousand years from now those of us who have descendants will have decedents who look like extremely intelligent Hispanics.

        Why Hispanics? They are a hybrid race. Miscegenation is irreversible, accelerating, and will result in one hybrid race on this planet. Why extremely intelligent? Human evolution has always selected for more intelligence.

        • MobyWhite

          60,000 years ago, my ancestors will still on the Snow Planet.

        • MikeofAges

          One hybrid race? No it won’t. Even the Eastern and Western mountain lions in the United States are not exactly the same. And you know about cats.

          • JohnEngelman

            Mountain lions never developed cars, ships, trains, and air planes.

          • MikeofAges

            They sometimes walk very far. There is intercourse (pun intended) between east and west and the breeds still remain somewhat different. The eastern population is quite limited and there is dispute about this idea in any case. But the point is, the interbreeding process you imagine is something that could never occur. Not unless some mad worldwide dictatorship was transporting people and genetic material all over the world with that objective in mind. Even then, the process would take long than the lifetime of the civilization that undertook it. We already have vast “crossover” zones in the world and the types which inhabit them are considerably different.

          • JohnEngelman

            When i consider the consolidation of the human species into one hybrid race I am looking hundreds and even several thousand years into the future. We are clearly moving in that direction. 86 percent of the American people approve of interracial marriage, up form 4 percent in 1957. Last year one out of twelve people getting married practiced it. It may only take a few hundred years. It will certainly have happened within several thousand years.

          • MikeofAges

            Everywhere? All over the world? Are you sure?

        • David Ashton

          I said I would comment – again – on your support for miscegenation after another contributor’s post, which has now been shifted or removed. I will only quote now the words of the geneticist Luigi Gedda that global panmixia itself is counter-selective, but will return to this subject in much greater documented detail at another opportunity. It is not just a matter of “likes” and “dislikes” – February 25, 9.15 AM GMT.

  • LabMan

    Hazelton Pa.is 40% Hispanic!,not long ago Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Madden appeared on the major league baseball channel,he was immediately asked to tell of his proud accomplishment,”well,said Joe,I bought a hall to bring Hispanic and Anglo children together,because the “Anglo” parents were not happy as to how their population was shifting”!

    • convairXF92

      Keep in mind that if one is “Anglo” in/near Hazleton (well, not actually Anglo, but Polish or other non-British ethnic) and wants to accomplish anything, one has to get out of town. There are few resources there for personal advancement. The atmosphere is depressing and authoritarian. The “Anglo” kids who would benefit from Madden’s community center–the ones Madden is referring to–are mostly in the lowest quartile of the white ability range and may actually be inferior to the Hispanics as for future potential. The parents with smart genes to pass on have already left, or know how to look for intelligent activities for their kids outside of Hazleton.

      I’m aware of Hazleton’s status in the vanguard of the “local power” movement on immigration; however at this point it is tempting to write it off. What Hazleton could use is a large influx of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants, plus new manufacturing sites. The Russians would have traditions compatible with the Hazleton old-timers but wtihout the prejudice against education and smart people.

  • IstvanIN

    To put it simply: we have been ethnically cleansed. When it happens to non-whites it is genocide, we then intervene to protect the ” so-called victims”, the Kosovo, but when it happens to us it is either naturally occurring phenomenon or a good thing.

    • AmrenLovesEngelman

      Amren is cleansing its board of 100% ethnically Pro-Whites–it has started with me..you may be next.

      • IstvanIN

        No, no, no, I meant that we are being ethnically cleansed from the nations we built, not from this board.

        • AmrenSucks

          I know what you meant…i hope you understand what i meant.Anyone who questions jewish power & influence is likely to be thrown under the bus by a Tim Wise think alike moderator…if you want to know who controls you simply ask who it is your not permitted to critizise–Voltaire

        • AmrenSucks

          Amren thinks it is a good thing they have banned me from posting–that they shut down Amren Conferance thread with 400+ replys…if they had been 400+ John Engelman posts the comment section would still be open!!! Understand?

  • kjh64

    This man hit the nail on the head. Almost every White man I see on TV is an idiot, buffoon or fat slob. On one commercial where there is an advertisement for a whistle to scare off muggers, rapists etc., an attractive Black woman in professional business attire is walking to her car in a parking garage while the young White thug is lurking nearby, waiting to attack.

    • jay11

      That’s really funny, given that all recent FBI rape statistics show white male on black female rape is statistically near zero.

    • Nate Miller

      Looks like stupidity has no bounds! I hate watching TV shows, they are so full of it – evil white man, angelic black! Even Law and Order, Detroit 187 etc – white Christian male gang-bangers, druggies, mobs, thugs, rapists,muggers, psychotics, serial killers , terrorists vs angelic heroic and victimized blacks, hispanics, arabs, homosexuals and women.

      I even saw a really stupid movie recently which was based on the “Epic Beard Man” white Vietnam war vet. who successfully defended himself and beat up a black thug on a bus back in 2010, which went on to become a viral video on you tube. Guess what, predictably Hollyweird remade that incident into a movie…only this time in this PC movie, the hero in a Los Angeles bus is a hispanic bearded Vietnam veteran (played by Danny Trejo) and the thugs who get beat up in the bus are white skinheads. Like we’ve never noticed the white skinhead menace in LA in recent times. I’m sure all the hispanic and black gangs in LA are victimized by skinheads on a daily basis! Gosh, gimme a break.

      • MobyWhite

        TV is Church of the Sacred N’gro.

  • Mike Lane

    Things are kind of like this in the Midwest, though not as heavily Hispanic. I, too, remember the time when I would go to the mall as a kid and enjoy all the toy stores and comic book stores.
    Now you walk in and you either see Jamile with his tubby white lady friend (I wonder why they’re always tubby?), some degenerate white who wishes he were black, or another strange breed of whites who look as if they fell face first into a tackle box.

    • jay11

      Yeah, I have seen SO MANY overweight white women lately with black guys. I thought modern women wanted ‘evolved’ men who were sensitive, responsible and into equality. The thuggy guys these rotund women are with hardly seem evolved to me. Truth be told, the black guys get resources and the overweight white girls get a dominant male who is not afraid to be as masculine as he wants to be.

      • Mike Lane

        Also note that the fat white women probably can’t find a white man who is willing to spend the rest of his life with them. Tyron, however, just wants one more to add to his trophy case.

    • MobyWhite

      Whites are now dysgenic, completely. I see preppy rich parents, and know they must be terrified that Sissy will be breeding Kunte, Jr.

  • JohnEngelman

    According to Neighborhood Scout, Brandon, Florida has a crime index of 36, with 0 being most dangerous and 100 being safest.


    By contrast, Chevy Chase, Maryland, which is an affluent suburb of Washington, DC, has a crime index of 26.


    Last December the unemployment rate in Brandon was 7.6 percent. That was slightly lower than the average for Florida and the United States.


    I can see legitimate concerns about diversity when it raises levels of crime and unemployment. This does not seem to be happening in Branden.

    • AmrenLovesEngelman

      As a White racialist i have legitimate concerns why Amren gives your anti-White self permission to post but denies that to other posters like me who are 100% Pro-White.

      • AmrenSucks

        AmrenSucks agrees!!

    • ItsStillMe

      Right back at ya…if telling the truth is anti-semitic &
      intolerable—call me an anti-semite to my face and that goes for the
      Moderators and Taylor—lets see what happens…gee,i thought
      name-calling was proof that the person who is doing the name-calling is
      losing the argument…better brush up on Taylors videos…so i guess
      telling the truth about Blacks makes you & others RACIST!!!!

    • MobyWhite

      Crime stats will never show the true Diversity Crime Index. Most Diversity crimes go underreported.

  • haroldcrews

    Part of the reason that I cut the cord nearly a year ago. The networks simply do not want my viewership. I also do nearly all my shopping online as well.

    • MobyWhite

      Same reason that Whites are not going to church. They just don’t feel welcome there, unless they are gay or married to a Diversity, or better, just sleeping with a Diversity and breeding mongrel babies.

      Marriage is so White privilege… or gay, then it’s ok.

  • Gerjen

    I’ve been wanting to write an article similar to this regarding a phenomenon that I have noticed in modern movies; particularly horror movies. The one black character is always inserted into the plot to act as the reasonable, level-headed person to keep the white barbarians from fighting each other; or they are the morally-superior character who points the finger at the amoral and greedy whites. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • [Guest]

      I rarely watch movies released after around 1960, but I’ve noticed that black characters are almost invariably among the wisest, most noble, and most trustworthy in the script. Even in the most “racist” old movies, they usually possess magical powers.

      Generally, as a movie’s plot develops, the viewer attempts to sort out who’re the good guys and who’re the bad guys. But if there’s a black in the cast, just notice which side he’s on. Befuddled white characters get themselves into all sorts of problems because they have no discernment, but the black character has supernatural insight. Somehow, the black just KNOWS who are the bad guys.

      If, ten minutes into a Hollywood murder mystery, the black maid says something such as, “Honey-chil’, you bess watch out fur dat man!,” you can bet that he’s the killer.

      • jay11

        Thor, Prometheous, 2012 and other recent movies could have been good, but for the injection of magical black geniuses in key roles whose decisions saved the clueless white people.

      • MobyWhite

        Magical Blacks are common- the plot always turns on their wise sayings and unique observations- see Batchelor Party and Captain America.

    • MikeofAges

      This actually started in the late 1960s with “Night of the Living Dead. Interestingly, the Duane Jones character (Ben) was not written as a black part but a part for an uncouth blue collar white man. A sidelight to the story is that the Jones character, while a realistic and not panic prone man, was dead wrong about how to deal with the zombie invasion. The seemingly inept, powerless middle aged white man (Karl Hardman as Harry Cooper) was the one who had the right idea.

    • MobyWhite

      And he always says the right thing at the right time just when the beautiful blond Nordic girl is at a loss for answers.

      Diversity Rescues White Girl from making Mistake of Wanting Answers from White Man with White Privilege.

      Promote Diversity into positions of power so they will be irresistably attractive to White woman who will breed mongrel babies and rid the world of racism.

  • AmrenSucks

    Site blocked. amren.com is not allowed on this network.

    This site was categorized in: Hate/Discrimination

    Contact your network administrator

    I checked the website for the Nation of Islam and it worked fine.
    Same for National Council of La Raza and World Star Hip Hop—they aren’t
    “catergorized” as anything. Angry and frustrated, I closed my laptop and
    watched the crowds pass by.

    well cry me a river…try having Amren post a article of yours of the deleterious affects on White humanity that Jewish Power & Influence has had on our Western Culture…BannedfromAmren

  • Bossman

    Why all the anti-Mexican and anti-Hispanic comments?. This to me is an extreme form of racism. Mexicans are North Americans. The dark ones are the descendants of the first Americans. They have a right to be in North America. What all you concerned white men should worry about is China and India. There are almost 1.5 billion Chinese and every one of them want to come to the United States and Canada. There are almost 1.5 billion East Indians and every one of them want to come to the U.S. and Canada. If that were to happen all white people in North America would quickly wish for the good old days when all they had to worry about was so-called Hispanics. Did I mention Filipinos? They are now flooding every advanced country in the world. Filipinos are so desperate to leave their shithole country that they are willing to sell their daughters to any decrepit old American who would marry them. Everything will be alright as long as we can keep the hordes of Asia out of the Americas.

    • Funruffian

      I have nothing against Mexicans and Hispanics per se. Mexicans are very nice hard working people. But you have to undersatnd the overall context of the comments to be able to relate it to the article. It’s the Anti-White movements that concern us here which happens to originate from certain tenets of La Raza. We don’t want to be enemies, we just don’t want any animosity directed toward White Americans.

      • Birger_Skruddusvingen

        “Mexicans are very nice hard working people.”

        Really? Since when?

  • JohnEngelman

    I just listened to an hour and a half long debate between Jared Taylor and Tim Wise on “The Merits of Racial Diversity.”


    Most political debates are equivalent to discussions between deaf people. Each side appeals to values and concerns the other side does not have, and preaches to the choir. Perhaps because I am a boxing fan I like knockout blows and decisive victories.

    Jared Taylor had Tim Wise on the ropes when Tim Wise made the preposterous claim that after four years of college the IQs of black students rise to the level of white college students.

    Unfortunately, while I waited for a right uppercut to end the fight Jared Taylor jabbed with his left, and Tim Wise danced to the center of the ring.

    • StillHereLoser

      Kevin McDonald or Keith Alexander or David Duke would knockout both with a single punch…Dont mess with the truth…

      • JohnEngelman

        I don’t know the first two. A fourteen year old Bar Mitzvah student could refute David Duke’s assertion that “the Jews” control the federal government.

        • StillHereLoser

          In your dreams…

        • David Ashton

          I don’t see why you can’t add ethnic inter-co-operation to high intelligence as a reason for Jewish “prominence” and therefore influence. There is no need to adopt a Nazi view to see some sense in this analysis.

          • Defoe

            It seems to me that Mr. Engelman is imprisoned totally by his prejudices. Ignore him.

      • JohnEngelman

        David Duke has no truth, only delusions to provoke hatred for Jews. Like others of his kind he exaggerates their power and attributes what prominence Jews have achieved to trickery rather than talent.

  • StillHereLoser
    • Enticer

      comments for that thread is now closed

  • StillHereLoser

    Well,one thing i am sure of…Honorable Sam Francis would have never approved of me being banned from posting on Amren…he must be turning over in his grave seeing what has happened to Amren…Sam was fired from the Washington Times for merely quoting a verse in Leviticus concerning slavery…

    • Enticer

      They can remove your post but they cant remove the truth…keep the Faith

  • SmithandSmith

    You’ve been gone a long time.

    I’ve seen a variety of asians (they always “own” some business be it gas, grocery and even antiques stores filled with western antiques) in Towns with populations no bigger than a few hundred. They’re being planted in every Town we have and it’s on purpose of course. I mean really, how does an asian find their way to Towns that aren’t even on the map? And always as a “business owner” too? The Government and Banks are very much involved with our race replacement.

    • anarchyst

      Small Business Administration loans are not available to white males.

      • SmithandSmith

        Oh, I know. I searched the SBA when I wrote that paper for COFCC looking for the set-asides for White Men like they do for virtually, every group of people you can name. No Bank has any set-asides for White Men like they do for the blacks, women, asians and hispanics neither. Nor does Corporate. Nor do the other Federal, State and Local Programs.

        White Men, at least from my little research, have nothing. I could always be wrong but I don’t think I am. Most of the privileges are going to the asians (five billion in loan monies for only the asians and that’s just from one bank, wells fargo (only several million for the others)) and school loans/grants galore and then there’s all the special asian consideration for employment from companies like the below:


        I know a lot of people here love asians but I know what they’re about and I can tell ya, it ain’t us.

    • Jefferson

      Towns that only have a few hundred people are rural towns. I have never seen an Oriental face in rural America. Asians in the U.S prefer to live in major metropolitan areas, especially major metropolitan areas in the Western region of the country like The Bay Area, Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Diego metro areas.

      • SmithandSmith

        Where do you live? I ask because I REALLY NEED TO KNOW!

        I found out that dirty little secret (small town asian invasion) when I drove to Des Moines for a funeral. Iowa had another flood and I had to take the back roads back and that’s when I saw what was REALLY going on.

        And then I decided to research a little and what I found was more than I could bear. I’m American so you can imagine how I took to it….

        Also, My Family in Alabama, they’ll all tell ya the exact same thing. Damn asians own everything over here and they say it ’cause it’s True. Is Belle Forest (surrounding communities), Alabama a “metropolitan” or not?

      • Defoe

        I live in a very rural part of Pa; there are three “Chinese” restuarants within a 25 mile radius of my house. Those restaurants are owned/run by Orientals.

  • [Guest]

    I enjoyed Mr. Krak’s observations but particularly appreciate the following:

    >>>There are rules about men, too. When a geek, nerd, or slob is called for, we know what race he will be. It is the same for anyone rude, arrogant, or just plain stupid. The smart one who saves the day by recommending Product X is rarely white and never a white man. Black men are the cool, smooth, sexually charged heroes of commercials for deodorant and shaving cream, while white guys are the idiots who chose the wrong car insurance company. Black guys take a break from their tough job on a construction site to apply a muscle ache cream and get right back to work while white guys sit on a couch playing video games until it’s time to make a run for fast food. You will die of old age watching television before you see a commercial in which a black guy is laughed at by whites or is the source of any problem. Meanwhile, it’s the white guys who rob houses in ads for home security systems and who make pathetic passes at the ladies in beer commercials.

    It would be a great thing if several million more white Americans would notice this repulsive trend (or ADMIT that they’ve already noticed it).

  • PGC301

    This article is word for word my exact experience in growing up in Bowie, Maryland (DC suburb in Prince George’s County)….For years it was a white oasis in an ever changing county….my kindergarten class was nearly 100% white if you didn’t count the handful of kids bused-in from inside the beltway, (1995) fast forward to my senior year in high school and my school was fell to only about 20% white….our mall, always dangerous after the sun went down. The only place you would see a white person was the bookstore. Bowie was a Levitt community that was full of white government worker’s families and it was a tight-knit community with little crime, and overnight the ghetto elements spilled. My childhood home was sold off to a Section 8 family, many long time owner’s homes were converted to group homes when sold. It all seemed by design to push the long time white residents out. You can easily tell where a white family lives by the manicured yard, American flag proudly flying (minorities rarely display the American flag) and all shutters are intact, roof in good shape, etc. I feel almost like a South African refugee as all my family and friends have been displaced from our once wonderful, homogeneous community. Now I live 1200 miles away, and it pains me to go back to Maryland.

  • tkayLA

    Fantastic piece. Thanks for writing it. I grew up in a nearly all-white suburb of Detroit in the 70s and 80s. My hometown was often cited as one of the safest places in the country–crime was virtually nonexistent. My parents had both grown up in Detroit, but had left the city in the late ’60s when they were driven out by the riots, crime, and rampant black hostility and violence. They moved to the suburbs to escape and were successful for decades, but things have begun to change. There’s been a huge influx of different groups moving in; mainly blacks from the city and Arabs from god knows where. Crime is way up. Nearby chain hotels are used as prostitution dens by pimps from the city. There are murders reported in the papers. On one of the major north-south roads that goes down to the city, shady blacks wander up and down, going who knows where, but obviously up to nothing good. It’s sad to see. My parents love their home, and all their friends are all still in the neighborhood–the influx hasn’t yet had a huge visible impact in their immediate area–but I want to urge them to move sooner rather than later. I think the degree of change would have been lessened had it not been for the housing boom and the rampant development of all the rural areas north of the suburbs. They bulldozed all the beautiful countryside and old farms and put up McMansions everywhere. Younger people moved out of the existing suburbs to the hideous new suburbs, and their departure softened up the real estate market in the old suburbs, allowing the undesirable elements to move it. When we’re assigning responsibility for the destruction of our communities, we’ve got to remember to point a big finger at greedy developers and their accomplices in local and state governments. They sold out their communities to make a quick buck.

    • anarchyst

      I also grew up in Detroit in the 1960’s.
      Let’s not forget the “blockbusting” by real estate agents. Since the so-called “civil rights (for some)” and “fair housing” laws were already in place, real estate agents would send post cards to all the white residents in the neighborhood stating “A new family is moving into your neighborhood. If you wish to sell your home please contact me at XXX-XXXX. A “new family” was a euphemism for “black family”.
      In addition, the federal agency HUD (Housing and Urban Development) was instrumental in depressing property values by razing the best houses in a neighborhood while leaving the “shacks” standing. This was done in collusion with real estate developers that wanted to depress property values so they could buy them “on the cheap”.
      The 1967 riots were the death knell for a once-great city. It was the beginning of the end for Detroit as we knew it.
      To add to the fire, Detroit’s first black mayor, a true racist demagogue of the first order, Coleman Young was instrumental in driving out whites with his racial rhetoric. A succession of black mayors did absolutely NOTHING to endear whites to Detroit.
      The religious organizations (Focus HOPE among others) pushed the racial equality crap pretty much for their own benefit as there were federal (tax) dollars available to them (that they made “good use of” to marginalize and demonize all whites.
      As we have a “black foreigner” as “president”, what has occurred in Detroit is a blueprint for the rest of the nation.

      • tkayLA

        I wasn’t aware of the blockbusting in Detroit. Thanks for the info and perspective on that. Whenever I hear Coleman Young lionized as a civil rights leader, I throw up a little bit in my mouth. More than any other single person, he was responsible for the death of Detroit. I can’t say my historical knowledge of black politicians is all that comprehensive, but surely Coleman Young has to have been one of the most racially divisive and caustically anti-white black “leaders” ever. My childhood memories of him blur together from hundreds of different local TV newscasts over the years–belligerent, spiteful, smug, and a liar of the first order. I remember my parents and grandparents watching the TV news on Sunday nights, marveling at the fact that the people of Detroit were too stupid to see that this opportunistic crook was manipulating and using them for his own gain, stirring up their hatred of whites, all the while these clueless denizens of Detroit slipped deeper and deeper into poverty, crime, and squalor. Young’s legacy lives on. One day back in the mid-2000s, my parents were leaving the Fox Theater downtown after seeing a musical. At the theater next door, a concert that had attracted a primarily middle-aged black audience was letting out at the same time. A well-dressed, 40-something woman in the small group of black people walking in front of my parents yelled out at a white couple a little farther ahead, who had attended the same show as my parents, “Get the hell out of Detroit, whitey! This is our city!” That made my parents sick to their stomachs and angry. (I’d had something similar happen to me and some friend several years before–only it involved a younger more violent group of blacks.) Generations of my mom’s family had lived, worked and raised their families in Detroit since the 1840s until she and all of her relatives were driven out of the city by officially sanctioned, racially based hatred and violence. All the blacks in Detroit have down is spend 50 years tearing down the once proud city and blaming whites for all their failures. In their eyes, destroying something that others built gives them sole ownership. My ancestors on my mother’s side have been in North America since earliest colonial times. They’ve included everyone from humble farmers to prominent statesmen. It makes all of us angry and sick at heart that a dozen generations of our family worked to build this country and we’ve seen many parts of it destroyed in less than two–and we’re also angry about being called racist for expressing our feelings about that tragedy.

        • purestocles

          tkayLA, you’re a fine writer.

          • jtkayLA

            Thanks, purestocles. I appreciate that.

    • MobyWhite

      Imagine the middle aged White bureacrats and academics whose parent still live in neighborhoods that are transforming. They preach Diversity while planning how to move their parents away from it.

      • jtkayLA

        I thought about that for a minute, and another possibility occurred to me: those bureaucrats and academics might take a blame the victim stance. I doubt those types spend much time visiting their aging parents. In many cases, they’ve moved far away from their hometowns and don’t see firsthand the alarming transformations underway. (I know that’s a big generalization, but I think there’s probably a good amount of truth to it.) When their parents express alarm at the deterioration of their neighborhoods, those bureaucrats and academics might be much more inclined to call their own parents racists than to take them seriously. They probably tell their moms and dads to celebrate and enjoy the wonderful diversity flowering around them–e.g., pawn shops opening up where the local butcher used to ply his trade, signs at local grocery stores that say, “We accept EBT cards,” and an exploding crime rate, including home invasions perpetrated against vulnerable seniors.

  • Guest8687

    I grew up in the Tampa/St. Pete area and have visited Town Center Mall many times, and have observed the same thing as Jack. It’s much worse where I live now (Southern CA), however. In any case, I was recently visiting my mom in Zephyrhills (just north of Tampa) and due to the lack of internet access at her trailer, I got lucky and managed to use a high-power ALFA USB wireless adapter and connect to the hospital WiFi from across the street.

    The hospital is “non-profit” (yea, right) run by the 7th Day Adventists, and I quickly found the exact same problem as Jack encountered…Amren was blocked, Vdare was blocked, and even when I tried to use a proxy site like hma.com I was blocked from even getting to the proxy page! Apparently Amren is considered a “hate” site in spite of all comments being well moderated. Go figure…I have to wonder how many other “open” WiFi access points are blocked across the country, most likely by the same block list. If I was any good at hacking (I’m not) I would have hacked the hospital home page and left some “interesting” comments.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Fine essay and beautifully written, Jack. Should go viral and I will link this wherever I come across idiot discussions about multiculturalism and diversity being a strength and something we Whites should “celebrate” and “welcome.”

    Yeah, welcome our displacement by blacks and other non-Whites.

    This displacement of Whites is playing out all over the US with Florida, Texas and California on the front lines. Los Angeles used to be the Whitest city in America. Now? Third World and bankrupt, shrinking tax base, increasing non-White parasite population, led by a socialist, low IQd Mexican mayor and city council; taxpaying Whites having mostly fled.

    This mall in Brandon will soon join the ranks of “Dead Malls of America” as many have in my home state of California. Malls cannot remain open with massive black/brown shoplifting and hoards of non-White teenagers “walking aimlessly in circles” intimidating and driving off White customers.


    I would only tweak the following:

    “We put one of you in the commercial—please like us!”


    “We put one of you in the commercial — please don’t boycott.

    I will look forward to future essays from you.


    • The Last White Man Standing

      Speaking of malls, check out this nonsense in Chicago:


      I avoid the Gallery Mall here in Philly like the plague. I haven’t been there in years, but the last time I visited, it looked like and African bazaar more than a mall. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Easter, they had a display featuring the Easter jungle bunny instead of the traditional White Easter bunny.

      • To Bon and Last man.
        “Dead malls”… and hoards of non-White teenagers “walking aimlessly in circles”.

        I think I’m beginning to understand more so the popular cultures current obsession with all things regarding the zombie apocalypse fantasy.

        Art must originate in the subconscious.

        • MobyWhite

          I went into a huge mall in a rich part of a New South city that was once reliably White. It was swarming with blacks, mongrels, and overall hideous and toxic Diversity.

          The very few Whites there, and the few preppies looked shell shocked, thankfully.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          There is an aspect of the Zombie Apocalypse I’ve just recently become aware of. A large percentage of the population is on SSRIs (anti-depressants). Should there be a major economic or social collapse, people will not be able to get their meds. When someone is suddenly cut off from these drugs it can cause homicidal/suicidal tendencies.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            A very conservative financial newsletter that I subscribe to has mentioned this as well: The massive number of people on psychotropic drugs who won’t be able to get their meds when the economy collapses and food riots start. During the recent weather disasters on the East Coast, some of the FIRST businesses looted were drug stores with ALL prescription drugs cleared out.

            Let’s hope the tendencies are “suicidal” rather than “homicidal” — otherwise, be prepared for a zombie apocalypse.


          • Defoe

            The suicidal part is ok by me.

    • MobyWhite

      What you call displacement the DWL sociologists call “abandoning your responsibility to the public space,” i.e. White flight. They blame black chaos on White flight as an excuse to extend taxing authority out to the White suburbs and to outlaw privitization and to force HUD Section 8 into “too White” neighborhoods.
      The government can do all those things, does do them, and will make doing them priority One, because Whites shouldn’t be allowed to segregate themselves away from Oneness with Diversity.
      In one more generation, White kids won’t even know that White neighborhoods existed, except for hearing about these racism factories in textbooks.
      Whiteness Is Doomed.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        DIEversity already has its evil hands on every lever of government and American culture.

        This is the world that will be left to our White children, thanks to lefties like 0bama and Tim Wise:

        From the UK:

        Aaron, 9, bullied to death for being white

        THE devastated family of a nine-year-old boy who hanged himself say he took his life after racist taunts by Asian bullies.

        But despite complaints to the school, where 75 per cent of pupils come from ethnic backgrounds, they claim nothing was done to stop the bullying.

        Eventually he told us that he was being bullied by a group of Asian children at school and had to hide from them in the playground at lunchtime. He said one kid even said to him, ‘My dad says all the white people should be dead’.”


        Anyone who thinks Whites aren’t facing extermination and a “final solution” isn’t paying attention.


        • MikeofAges

          Remember, Asian in a British context means South Asian, i.e. Muslim, not east Asian as it does here.

  • LHathaway

    The liberal answer to this. . with the exception of our own John Engelman. . . will be to punish whites who would speak up, and to reward anything immigrants of color have to say. I could be dangerous if Whites start discussing it. So there will be speech codes and censorship. It never occurs to them, that to avoid all this danger, they could just keep immigrants out in the first place. And now they can’t speak up about it.

    • MobyWhite

      The analogy is that when black crime gets worse, the shrill hysteria about White racism will get even louder.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        It already has.

        There are also coordinated attacks being conducted against ANYTHING pro-White:

        I tried to call up NewNation News and got this:

        Due to terrorist criminal attacks and threats to myself, my family, friends and others I am shutting down this forum.

        New Nation News reported black-on-White crime. These are almost the exact same words South African bloggers used after they too were forced to shut down — after death threats to themselves, their children and other loved ones.

        They too were trying to spread the word about torture/rape/murders of Whites in SA. The Western media, as we already know, don’t give a damn.

        This is what it’s come to for us Whites.


  • Birger_Skruddusvingen

    A truly well written piece.

    My thoughts? Fantastic diversity! Amazingbly enriching!

    Think about it – feeling as a stranger in your home town, city, village, county, state, country… No need for going on a holiday to become a kind of tourist.

    Think about it – seeing your people becoming a minority in your native country – possibly facing extinction. No need to worry about protecting the environment for future generations.

    Lots of crime and noise – and less community cohesion. You can read and hear foreign languages just around the corner. Very exciting!

    Doesn’t that sound marvellous? Can it get any better?

    All hail Socialism. All hail Islam. All hail humanism. All hail anti-racism. All hail ignorance and evil.

    • MobyWhite

      Again, the message is: “We put one of you in the commercial—please like us!”

      Wrong. The messageis: “See Whitey, this is your future. Demographic change is here to stay and will only get bigger. Get used to it or get crushed by it. Never complain, becuz dat be rayciss en sheeeet all up en heeah, and we’s goona takes yo job en daughter en sheeeeet.”

  • American Patriot

    Study the South African Broederbund among the Boer Whites. In the 1930’s it was the tool which ovecame the Cape English and which today is the focal of White resistance to the globalist imposed ANC (mis)government.

  • cecilhenry

    Here’s a key point.

    How do we get these opinions heard and printed in the major media?

    How do we get the right for these basic opinions of millions to be heard so that people can understand they are not alone, and reflect on the implications and what they want changed.

    That’s the key.

    Imagine reading this article in TIME, Newsweek or whatever…..


    • MobyWhite

      “Now I understand why online shopping is taking off.”

      Imagine how many White girls have not been kidnapped from retail parking lots, raped and murdered, thanks to online shopping.

      Al Gore is finally good for something.

  • jay11

    “Men’s clothing has changed. Dress shirts now come in colors no white man over 18 has ever worn: neon lime green, popsicle purple, carrot-juice orange. This isn’t just a question of changing fashion; it’s about the preferences and habits of the people who walk through the store.”
    Isn’t that the truth! Every other latino I see is wearing some gaudy color of pants or shoes or whatever. The other day I saw a Dominican man wearing a pant/suit.shoe arrangement in – get this – teal! I’ve also seen all bright orange, neon yellow, etc. I see this stuff all the time. Especially from Dominicans and sometimes from puerto ricans. Mexicans don’t dress as brightly on average, thank God (as there’s far more of them around here where I’m at).
    I was in a clothing store the other day at the mall. The ‘men’s’ section had rows and rows of pants in every color of the rainbow. Who will go out wearing a bright red pair of jeans (or neon blue or lime green…?)
    This new fashion ‘sense’ (nonsense?) we see is another break away from traditional America. You expected rock stars to dress like nuts in the 80s amd 90s because it was the wackiness that made them a show, but the modern ‘hip’ expressions of color are just plain awful.
    It is a blending of urban hip hop, white hipsterism, latin showy fashion, feminist fantasy and metro vapidness. All these trends have come together to make males look like utter buffoons. Look at how that twit Justin Bieber transformed from his beginning (normal white boy) to now: caricature. To really get a handle on the vision of the future that all those Obama voters really want, I dare all Amreners to look for the “Party Rock” video on Youtube. Turn off the sound, of course, as the song is terrible, but just look at the clothing, mannerisms and ‘diversity’ that is the future leftists want. Try it and be amazed and astounded at what we’re up against.

    • anon

      There were some pretty good dancers on that video (you had to watch to the end).

  • thewaythingsare

    I was born in 1960, in rural America, south of Kansas City, MO.

    The Old Man worked as a tool and die maker at a Defense Contractor , and we had a farm.

    By all accounts a normal, middle-class childhood. The outskirts of KC were 30 miles north, so as a kid I did not get there very often.

    My pop would tell me stories about how the Defense Contractor where he worked was being required to hire more “diversity” (he had much more colorful names for it). The company was also located on the south side, so the diverse workforce mainly lived there. At that time our teachers in school were starting to indoctrinate us with the DWL agenda of diversity. Living out in the country in a small town this and TV were as close as I came to “Diversity” and the portrayals were all overwhelming positive. I watched Flip Wilson and Good Times and they all seemed swell. Being an ignorant “yute” I of course thought the Old Man was crazy.

    In the late 1970s Bannister Mall was built on the south side of KC. It was a monument to capitalism. Beautiful stores, clean and safe. Immaculate landscaping (maintained mostly by white teenagers under the direction of white supervisors). At it’s heyday it boasted many restaurants, several movie theaters, a GINORMOUS Wal-Mart HyperMart. All of the big anchor stores were there – Macy’s JC Penney’s. Sears.

    As I grew older and could drive I started to spend free time there. It was a country boys idea of what the “big” city was. Girls, movies, McDonald’s. I hung out there a lot.

    I went away to college, got several jobs moved around. Like most I ended up back in the area I grew up in. I worked, married, bought a house on the far north side of Kansas City, Lived my life. I heard stories about Bannister Mall, but I never paid that much attention. I was too busy Friends at work who lived closer had kids and wives that worked at the mall, they told me how it had become an island in a sea of diversity. Their kids and wives were having to be escorted to their cars after work. Big anchors were closing down whole floors of stores while fighting to stay open. Restaurants and theaters were closing. At first it was not too bad, this was a huge place with lots of places to go. I lived 40 miles away from there and there were lots of malls around me, so I never needed to go there. I really did not pay that much attention. My wife discovered the Internet, so there was not really a need for us to go to any mall. We could not have kids (looking at the country now I think that was a blessing in disguise) so we kept our house and I worked. We lived a pretty simple life, not a lot of real contact with the outside world. I work in IT, does not appear that our African gravitate to IT, except as tokens. I notice when they are in smaller numbers they are not nearly so vocal or so black, so I am not exposed a great deal.

    Recently I was working at our companies off-site data center. It is close to where Bannister Mall was located. After finishing up my work I took a drive through the old stomping grounds. What had once been an edifice of White Upper Middle Class consumerism now was a totally alien landscape. The mall has been torn down, all that remains is a weedy parking lot. There are no businesses or restaurants. All of the surrounding infrastructure is gone. It resembles Beirut. My early adult life is gone, vanished. This place was acres and acres of businesses, jobs and commerce. All gone in less than a generation. It now stands as a monument to diversity.

    Bottom line – The old man was right. I wish I could tell him how smart he has gotten in my eyes in the last 40 years.

    My Old Man and Mom have gone to a better place now. I don’t have any kids, when I pass on that will be it. My time here will be over and I will move on. For those of you with kids it is time for us to do something. Think about the world they will inherit. It’s not the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max. At least that life had a point, it will be the pointless, aimless tyranny of multiculturalism, diversity and low expectations.

    • MobyWhite

      “use of blacks in advertising almost always comes across as contrived”

      And what about the black news anchors and reporters? They all speak so articulately, and look so clean cut in suits and ties.

      They report on black crime stories in perfect immitation English so that you will thing blacks are safe and authoritative and that black crime is an anomaly.

      • [Guest]

        Yes, but those articulate, respectable black reporters can revert in an instant, as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch??v=m1gUdxOxsKg

        (Language warning.)

        • [Guest]

          I know both how to attach images and how to link URLs using TinyURL.com, but for some reason the system has not been working correctly lately when I attempt to do those things.

          In any case, above I linked a You Tube video titled “Reporter Goes Ghetto.” It’s worth viewing as an illustration of how the black-reporter act sometimes goes wrong.

    • MikeofAges

      The world they will inherit? It’s called anarcho-tyranny. Perhaps not as the person who coined the term, Samuel Francis, meant it. But it’s a descriptive enough term. The idea implies a large barbarous population which has to be controlled or sequestered by means other than the rule of law, and a heavy-handed tyranny lording over everyone else, taking their money and their freedom and coercing them in every aspect of their life.

  • Enticer

    Site blocked. amren.com is not allowed on this network.

    This site was categorized in: Hate/Discrimination

    Jack Krak—so what? Cry me a river…Amren blocks posters who dont kiss his arrogant Bossy ass…mix hypocrisy in and you get a Tyrant….try writing an article on the role of jewish power and influence has on America…your permission to post would be denied!!

    If Sam Francis could he would give Jared a good kick in the nuts.

  • Jefferson

    In the state of Florida, only the northern part is still predominantly made up of pre-1965 traditional Americans. The rest of the state might as well be a Latin American country.

    • MobyWhite

      “The lack of obviously Hispanic men in ads is striking given that there are more Hispanics than blacks in America.”

      White kids are definitely minoritized to hispanic and mongrel, mixed breed n’groes. And the White girls surrounded by this hideous biohazard called Diversity are usually very cute.

      Now starting to see semi-mulatto girls- they could pass for olive skinned Whites, but their kinky hair gives away the 1% blood taint.

      • MikeofAges

        Lack of Hispanic men? Hispanics form a separate market to a considerable extent. Black do not, not in the same way.

  • carls

    great article! Thanks

    • MobyWhite

      “Attractive blonde women now seem to be largely confined to shampoo commercials…”

      I saw an episode of Workaholics on Comedy Central in which there was a pornographic threesome- the good looking naked white guy was standing behind the beautiful naked White girl and holding her long, slender, tender, White arms up in the air while a huge black buck beast was giving it to her from the front.

      This is what passes for normal in our entertainment culture.

      Worse part is that she was smiling.

      The demographics for this show are young, White stoners who are watching their sisters breed the next generation of the Sons of Obama Civilian Army.

      We’re done.

      • David Ashton

        One swallow makes not a summer. But I recently asked a bright white teenage girl brought up in an “anti-racist” educational and entertainment culture: “What would life be like if most white people had disappeared and were replaced by black people?” She thought for a bit and said: “Horrible to say it, but it wouldn’t be very nice at all.”

        • MobyWhite

          Ask her if all Whites disappeared but her, does she think her future will be better or worse.

          • David Ashton

            A bit “theoretical” but I shall ask her when I see her again. She lives on the edge of one of our towns that have been plagued by Pakistani teenage sex traffickers, but the Afro-Caribbeans who speak “English” are a separate problem.

  • I got into a fight when Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner came out on TV. Back then I knew what they were doing and I didn’t like it and was labeled a racist. I really prefer to associate with my own people, if that’s racist then so be it. Inter racial marriage and all the integrated social events are forced. People notice but are afraid of being labeled a racist if they act like I did and do.
    The foreman asked the farm owner…”Didn’t you sow the field with good seed?” The owner, (Jesus) said, “An enemy has done this! We’ll wait for the harvest and separate the wheat from the tares at that time.”

    • MobyWhite

      Your preference is White privilege, which is Evil. They will crush it by swarming all White areas with Diversity. You simply won’t be ABLE to be around just your own kind.

      Drive through rural South where the Klan used to be active. What do you see? The local Grand Wizards’ granddaugthers are now gang squaws and carrying a brood of mongrel Diversity babies in tow.

      We’ve been insaturated into oblivion.

      Hate isn’t big enough for what’s been done to us…

  • MobyWhite

    “It was as if during my time out of the country a law had been passed…”

    The law is called UnDoing White Privilege. It mandates that the White Community be made isolated, alone, anxious, and fearful of saying anything that the World Community, the Asian Community, the Gay Community, the Muslim Community, and the Black Community of our AfroFuture Color doesn’t allow. Worse than that, Whites must speak about race only with approved words, and leaving out the mandated “repugnant” when speaking about slavery is grounds for termination.

    The White liberal president of Emory is suffering the Diversity Curse for mentioning the 3/5 clause without including an apology for slavery. This even after he institutede the Presidential Commision on Race that gives systemically institutionalizes Black Privilege.

    No matter what we do for blacks, one clumsy mistake, and they want blood.

    It’s the law.

  • Garrett Brown

    This is a very sad and depressing but very well written article. Kind of reminds me of my hometown, I appreciate it but at the same time it angers me. Hopefully we will get our sovereign nation for whites soon.

    • MobyWhite

      Whites are too small of a global minority to get anything ever again. It’s over. Suffer.

      • Garrett Brown

        Are you telling me to suffer? Lol.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Defeatist. You can get on your knees and willingly lay your neck on the chopping block. I have other intentions

        • MobyWhite

          Even if you succeed, who will be left for you to love? The rest of us will be gone. You’ll have to embrace Diversity, fo’ real.

          • David Ashton

            Yes, easier if there were more of us. But backs to the wall – that makes a difference. It took only a few Brits to control India and much of Africa, and quality can make up for quantity. All that is lacking is organized will.

      • Brutus

        I have to disagree. A White minority, even a small one can do a lot, if we choose to.

        Besides, remember that the large non-white populations exist largely because we fill full the mouth of famine, and bid the sickness cease. When their numbers become too high, and ours too small, we won’t be able to feed them anymore, and our share of the world population, as a percentage, will increase.

        • MobyWhite

          The White minority wouldn’t be small enough, because it would still have Whites who say we must “do more” for the blacks.

          Whites are worse enemies of our future than Diversity is.

  • Nothing without war. Nothing is got for nothing.

  • ViktorNN

    One of the central points in the “anti-racist” (that is, anti-white) theory of “white privilege” is that as a majority, being white is the “norm,” and that white people have the privilege of living their whole lives blissfully unaware of their own race.

    Well, thanks to articles like this, we see yet another example of how, to the extent that the idea was ever valid (I don’t think it was, but that’s another story…) the anti-racist notion of “white privilege” is outdated.

    In many, many parts of this country, white kids go out in public and see very few white faces. Sadly, I see the consequences in the faces of white children here in Southern California. It’s a sort of resignation that they share their home with hordes of people who don’t look like them, don’t speak English, don’t share their culture, don’t live the same way, that crowd in on all sides surrounding tiny white enclaves of private schools and households of white acquaintances and friends.

    For many in this upcoming generation of white kids, they will be acutely conscious of being white in this country. They will grow up being minorities in a nation of minorities. Not feeling at home in their own country.

    Happy now, anti-racists?

    “White privilege” is a myth.

  • They are doing the same thing to Minnesota. It’s becoming foreign and no longer feels American. We have deceitful leaders in the West. It sad. These other types sometimes get it in how to live here I guess, but soon, most Americans will have no memory of the real America. I suspect we’ll have a war one day.

    • Northernfront

      Yes, Minnesota is becoming AFRICAN!!!! THIS IS SCARY!

    • Northernfront

      “African Development Center”: Shows a picture of Africa filling up Minnesota. I hope they all move to Edina.

  • Dienstag

    Just happened to watch a WW II documentary which saw the US troops, flocks of young white people, fighting two simultaneous wars successfully against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Who would think that only two generations later, with some of the veterans still alive, the Americans would be fighting a losing war on their own home soil? For me as a German, this is mystifying, saddening, depressing (not that immigration affairs in Germany are so much better though).

    • David Ashton

      WW2 – the second Bruderkrieg in a century (well, third if you include the Boer War). The dysgenic attrition exactly the opposite of what Hitler said he wanted. But he alone was not to blame. Read Pat Buchanan’s recent book on this.

      • Defoe

        Speaking of dysgenic attrition, consider the The War for Southern Independence and what it did to the White gene pool in the US.

  • JoePatriot12345

    Omg this is cracking me up. This writer is funny.

    I wish the topic wasn’t so sad of course.

  • nclinksandthinks.wordpress.com

    bright side, at least they are working instead of sitting around on welfare.

  • Johnny99

    Anytime I see a commercial that features Africans or mestizos, or even implies the support of that demographic, the sponsor is automatically added to my “Do Not Patronize” list. Jackson Hewitt, Allstate, Volkswagon with their ” Midwest Jamaican” commercial, Toyota, I think it was where the 2 racially ambiguous kids washed the car with the windows open. Too many to list.

  • Greg Thomas

    Sounds as if Jack Krack has been to my hometown mall in Southern California.
    What a miserable experience it is to go there. I drive 20 miles in the other
    direction, just to have the experience of shopping where I do not feel like a
    foreigner in my own country.

  • jay11

    Hey, I just saw a Home Depot commercial with the ‘natural,’ frizzed out hair, light skinned black woman!

  • About a year ago I drove to my old neighborhood and walked around. The whitopia of the 1960s is long gone, transformed into an Hispanic-heterogeneous hodgepodge. Surreal.

  • SouthernReality

    Brandon is my home. After leaving another city just up Interstate 4 where my long time neighborhood had been overrun with Mexican gangs, Brandon reminded me of the “Old South” with a sense of community, manners, and decent people. Now it is nothing more than a Section 8 dumping ground thanks to the housing bubble collapse with attendant crime, discomfort, and rudeness. If I could get more than half the value of the home I own we would migrate once again.
    Jack Krak is correct on all points. Brandon is America in a microcosm with little hope for a return to decency.

  • da troof

    Anyone else think that this author’s description ” American ex-pat living in Poland” is a little suspicious?

    • da troof

      C I A ……………D H S……….

  • YodaPride14/88

    “In 1998 I left Florida and moved to Poland, where I still live. At that time, the visible effects of immigration were just beginning to appear. A few more brown kids at the mall, a few more Asians where before there had been basically none; not huge numbers but just enough to notice.”

    How would you know about “Brandon, Fl” if you live in Poland? Keep your concerns in Poland, you punk. You’re too scary to fight for the cause here in America so keep your mouth shut, “Jack Krak”.

  • Bantu_Education

    Firstly I want to thank Jack Krak for his excellent and very perceptive insights. Its always somehow more fascinating to read the opinions of foreigners and long-term expats.

    470 comments, and no doubt more to come..!! Wow..!! In the “old days” it was only rarely that any Amren article would draw more than 100 comments, and thus it was quite easy to read (and occasionally respond to) every single comment of any thread of interest. So I have mixed feelings about the recent spectacular increase in volume of comments – on the positive side it shows that more and more whites are being “converted” to race-realism – on the negative side the much greater volume means that the formerly very high quality of the comments has somewhat declined. But more importantly it has become increasingly difficult (even for someone like myself with a lot of spare time) to read more than one or two threads a day, especially if one enjoys the comments more than the article.

    It saddens me to say this because I know I should be lauding the success of Amren but this is how I feel and I wonder how may others feel the same way as I do?

  • dj2

    Things have declined even in the rich parts of the middle class suburb north of Dallas where I grew up. The public spaces and malls are overrun. It’s quite surprising. You just don’t see too many young, healthy, normal whites around. Wherever they are, it’s certainly not out and about.

    I cannot begin to tell you how different things were, even in the 80s and 90s. My feeling is that it’s mostly due to mexicans and blacks. We can talk about other races all we want, but let’s not ignore the big picture. Blacks ruin everything they touch and breed with no compunction. Mexicans come over here in a giant, unrelenting wave of migration, and they too breed. They are of course enabled by the jews and white liberals, but the proximate cause is always the types of people that are around.

    All of the other groups are small (in comparison).

    Still, I think this is a larger pattern of a nation in sure decline. There is no way, no way in hell, that this thing can be pulled together. The hour is late not just for whites but for America in general.

    BTW American whites are not guiltless. The built environment of America is largely a paved over wasteland, completely different from the amazing towns and cities in Europe. It was not merely white flight from the ghetto which caused this. White Americans have always shown an affection for sprawl, space, and automobiles above what is needed for a genteel life.

  • Lisa Kimble

    The new White mall is being built off of big bend road near I-75. I’m only counting on that being the white mall for a few moments. The white people have fled Brandon for a lovely community called Fish Hawk. I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

  • Ella

    I see this at our mall which had the highest sales volume and also the most White-affluent neighbourhoods. The ethno-malls closed or consumed by their hip-hop shops ; now they flee to our suburban anchor-stores. We went from 93% White to 10% White in our mall. Libs I know AVOID the mall and claim to shop from home mostly. They hide like cowards. If you get to the mall before noon, you’ll see White Moms with their babies and seniors, and then we vacate. Yes it hurts their profits. Just in 30 years we’re the minority here.

  • ImTellinYa

    Your article is a brilliant series of perceptions and analyses. Just to start off, I work at a major daily newspaper, and American Renaissance is blocked there too. My employer also has an extremely low tolerance for comments on their stories. They way people talk in the newsroom, you can tell that they would prefer to have no comments at all.

    Your analysis of our TV commercials is right on the money. The point is to essentially send a contradictory, dishonest and at the same time a reassuring, message. White men of course are shown as being the worst of the worst; here is something we shouldn’t be.

    The minorities are shown as being only slightly nonWhite however, as if White is just great and soon we’ll all be White so don’t worry about it. And by the way maybe it would be great to be just a little bit Brown or Black.

    The weirdest TV commercials though are the ones that show nonWhite families of indeterminate race/ethnicity. These are stand-ins for Hispanics by the look of them.

    What they are doing with Hispanics in the entertainment industry and mainstream news media (redundancy alert) is trying to convince us that Hispanics really are, or will be any day now, Whites. You see it all the time in commercials especially. There will be a family where the husband and wife look like Amerindian Hispanics, but their kids look like Wally and the Beav. Conversely I’ve seen the husband and wife look like Whites while the kids look like Los Angeles barrio rats. We’re all the same you see. Pay no attention to color or any other physical features. Contrary to your experience, they mean nothing. Ha ha.

    Another ploy is to show a Hispanic kid in elementary school who looks like a half-indian Mexican. The kid uses the advertised product to learn or eat healthy or dress cool, and at the end of the commercial we see the kid several years later graduating from high school/college all because of the miraculous product and suddenly, magically the kid is now a fully-grown, good looking White with her/his proud Amerindian parents looking on happily. “Our child is now a White American! Yay!” This is NOT to convince Hispanics to assimilate. They can’t do that in any case. The purpose is to lie to Whites and make the subliminal suggestion that the flood of hostile, third-world savages is no big deal. They are all really just Whites.

  • Charles W.

    Bravo!! Fantastic piece, mirrored my thoughts about the last time I visited a mall more eloquently than I ever could.

    • JackKrak

      Thanks a lot – nice to hear

  • puffdaddy

    well at least now you know why JC Penney is on its last bankrupt money losing legs in the brick and mortar retail space.

  • WhiteFalcon1

    As for AmRen (I, personally absolutely, love this site, along with Nicholas Stix and Unamusement Park) being blocked, the truth is a hard pill for some to swallow, yet HipHopAllStar, NOI’s Final Call (pretty much the joke of the blogosphere), Black Panthers, National Black Foot Soldiers Network (which reads as though it were written by a cave man on crack), Ghetto Bragging Rights, LaRaza and many, many other anti-white sites are clearly different…somehow!

    Brother, its not even subtle anymore, when asked a few weeks ago by a couple “unpleasant looking” black boys in Cleveland why I carried my .40 Smith & Wesson and twp spare mags, open, I just smiled and walked away…I think they got it clearly enough!
    It has to tip, when it does, we’ll be blamed for starting it, watch!

  • odious liberal

    The negroization of the US.I don’t by products endorsed by negroes and I don’t use minority owned businesses.

  • In the Tri-State Area (lower New York, New Jersey, Lower Connecticut); we’ve been pushed into a tiny minority. But now, even in the upper regions are affected. I’ve visited Danbury, Connecticut; and The Dutchess County fair. These places are now becoming overrun with 3rd worlders. And, we walk amongst an endless sea of foreigners. Let me clarify: I’m not the least bit bothered attending an event where 40% of the crowd is black. Let’s make that distinction. I’m specifically referring to foreigners. Culturally alien, and not assimilated. The Zionists realized that millions of immigrants entering NYC can quickly overrun small communities. With millions more appearing annually. Wake up, people. The Zionists are at war with us.

  • Dave6034

    Aliens picking up TV signals on Alpha Centauri would think that America is a black country and Mexico is a white country. White skin is highly admired there; someone posted a photo of a blonde light-skinned little girl with dark-skinned parents begging in the streets of Mexico City, and the police were there the next day with DNA test kits to make sure she hadn’t been kidnapped.

  • 2craig22

    Oh man I live by the New York metro area and this story is so true. Sometimes I have to visit the Scranton PA area & what a difference, no mexicans very few blacks & every menial job that I’ve seen is staffed by whites, what a breath of fresh air. I’m thinking about moving there cause it reminds me of paradise being around my own. I used to always hear on the news, well the whites just won’t do those jobs but I can tell you they will & are proud of it. So it’s Scranton for me!

  • kerryo

    Unfortunately white folk that are politically conscience only comprise a small minority.Most are not aware of the brainwashing they recieve from day 1 courteous of public schooling. Most are not remotely competent to understand there is a conspiracy against their race through miscengenation and illegal or legal non-european immigration.And why would they,they are void of any real leadership from elected officials,who pander to whatever flavor of the month is screaming the loudest about their rights,regardless of ethnic or legal status. If there was an uprising from pissed off whites it would be suppressed by the kosher media or played off as some isolated incidents of misguided white racists if reported.I honestly believe the only thing that will light a fire under the asses of aging pissed off white bloggers and move them from their laptops and into the streets is an event similar to that of the jews 911. Void of anything of that magnitude will only find us venting to eachother as we’ve been doing since the appearence of the internet.There’s an old adage that goes “talk is cheap”,and absolutely ineffective ,especially when no one is listening.

  • TMSmatt

    Jack, I feel your anger. I am also a native of that area and spent many weekends at the Plitt or Regency Square. Thanks for sharing that story, I have seen what you encountered and had to move farther north. Now my new town is under siege by the same ethnic groups, and it’s maddening as hell.

  • Whitewillprevail

    That mall image is sad. It’s funny how they make us fool. They dont work as they state”Oh, we the immigrants started from zero and build everything in this city so is ours” it’s false. 100% false. People who say that mostly does not botter other people like most do. They are not a issue when they respect the Country’s law which they are living, they produce and generate (create) jobs for everyone, specially the people who let them enter in THEIR country and make money. Like most does not do 1% of it, they then scream like a giant child who dropped the ice cream. They won’t grow up and the ice cream for them will always be dropped by someone else’s fault, not theirs.

  • jay11

    I just got the new Lands End catalog. It has a biracial (blk/wht, favoring blk) 8-10 yr old boy (I think, maybe a girl) with blond, frizzed out afro hair. Now that’s trendy!

  • king

    Merchant class is ruling class in U.S and it always been like that. The difference is at
    the turn of the century the labor and knowledge came from Europe, because of the
    high birth rate and innovations in Europe. But now technology and labor is increasingly moving and have moved to South America and Asia and thus the current immigration reflects that.

    If tomorrow it is determined that one hundred thousand zulu tribe’s men are needed for some thing, the system will simply import them and that is all there is to it.

  • politically incorrect

    You do realize that not only colored people you see in Brandon,Fla could be immigrants or residents, they could actually be tourists.

    brandon is a suburb of Tampa Bay which is a hot tourist destination, people from all over the world and even from emerging markets like to go to Florida on vacation, cause Florida has nice beaches,weather,Disney World and Universal Studios.

    Tourism is a big industry in Florida, it employs a lot of people, and is a big part of the economy.

    You should actually welcome tourism.
    In the future most tourists are gonna be coming from Asia,Latin America and the Middle east because people are getting richer there.

    I have never seen an Arab complain about White tourists in Dubai and Qatar.

  • The slow deterioration of this country has become virtually inescapable. I live in Connecticut and even here you can see how cities and towns have either entirely succumbed to these waves of minorities, or are slowly beginning to transform because of it. I’m rather young, and I distinctly remember seeing changes in my school classrooms from elementary to high school and even college.

    I’ve read books about how supposedly the city in which I live looked thirty years ago. Sometimes I don’t even really believe it. It seems like ancient history…..