The Color of Cheating

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, September 25, 2012

Pennsylvania cheating scandal follows a pattern.

A recent news story reported that standardized test scores dropped sharply in Pennsylvania after schools followed new measures to prevent cheating. The Philadelphia school district saw especially heavy declines. One school saw the percentage of students passing the math test fall by 71 points!

So far, no media reports have mentioned race at all, but the testing data—broken out by race and by school—are available here. An independent study by American Renaissance shows that the cheating problem is overwhelmingly black and Hispanic. The scores of whites—except for the small number who attend Philadelphia schools—have hardly changed since the new measures to control cheating were implemented.

In Philadelphia, standardized test scores climbed steadily from 2002 to 2012, but there were reasons to think the gains were phony. A spot check by the Pennsylvania Department of Education found a suspicious number of test papers in which incorrect multiple-choice answers had been erased and the right answer chosen instead. This was strong evidence that teachers were correcting the tests after students handed them in.

Last year, test procedures were changed in Philadelphia and Hazelton: Teachers were not allowed to give the test to their own students, and in 11 schools the test papers were locked up until test time.

With no chance for teachers to doctor the answers, scores at some schools crashed. At Philadelphia Military Academy, 96 percent of 11th graders passed the math test in 2011 with a score of “advanced” or “proficient.” In 2012 only 25 percent passed–a decline of 71 points. The school is 65 percent black, 28 percent Hispanic, and just 5 percent white.

F. S. Edmonds Elementary school in northwest Philadelphia saw its pass rates fall by nearly 50 points in both reading and math. At Emlen Elementary School, also in northeast Philadelphia, there were drops of about 40 points in reading and math. Edmonds is 99 percent black; Emlen is 96 percent black.

There were other schools that had drops in the 20 to 30 point range, all of them heavily non-white schools in Philadelphia. The people who run these schools have clearly been cheating, and if state and city authorities have any backbone, people will be fired.

Our state-wide analysis shows that tightening up the test-scoring rules had a substantial effect on the pass rates for blacks and Hispanics, but not for whites or Asians. In math, for example, the white pass rate dropped less than a half percent—a figure entirely within the range of natural yearly fluctuation—while the black pass rate dropped nearly five percent (see graphs below). The white decline was concentrated in the Philadelphia school district, which has few white students, whereas black and Hispanic declines were state wide. There were similar drops in reading. It is safe to say that were it not for the altered tests of black and Hispanic students there would essentially be no cheating scandal at all.

Even worse from the schools’ point of view, sharp declines in black and Hispanic scores mean that the racial test-score gaps increased—the very result school administrators most fear. State wide, the gap in black-white pass rates for math grew from 25.7 points to 29.8 points and in reading from 27.6 to 31 points.

The cheating is worse in the lower grades, perhaps because it is easier to hide what is going on from the students and because any teacher can figure out the right answers. Our analysis of state-wide third-grade results shows bigger test-score declines for all races, with black pass rates in math dropping nearly 10 points, and whites rates dropping by 1.5 points.

This also meant growing black-white test-score gaps: from 23 points to 31.7 points in reading and from 25.2 point to 32.5 points in math. The holy grail of American education is narrowing the racial gaps; every tenth of a percent is cause for celebration. For the state-wide gap to grow by seven or eight points in a single year makes a mockery of the very attempt to close the gap.

In the city of Philadelphia, the declines were worse, but not all schools showed the spectacular evidence of cheating that turned up at such places as Edmonds, Emlen, and the “military academy.” As the two graphs below show, test score declines for whites were also relatively high: about half the black rate rather than the fifth or tenth we saw state wide.


Whites account for only about 15 percent of the public school students in Philadelphia. Their scores and those of Asians did not need to be adjusted upwards as much as those of blacks and Hispanics, but appear to have been caught up in the general scramble to raise scores.

Philadelphia is not the only city where teachers doctor test papers. Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Atlanta have all been rocked by scandals. In Atlanta, 178 teachers and principals at 44 schools were formally accused of cheating. Eighty-eight of them confessed.  Ten people were fired outright and 100 more were forced to resign or take early retirement.

This destroyed the reputation of Beverly Hall, who had been superintendent of schools in Atlanta from 1999 to 2010, and who was named Superintendent of the Year in 2009 because black students were doing miraculously well in her schools. She swanned off into retirement just a few days before a report on the cheating was released.

If city and state authorities had guts enough to investigate, they might well find cheating on the same scale in every urban, majority-non-white school system. The reason is obvious. In 2001, a deluded Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act that required all students to become at least “proficient” in reading and math. Even more absurdly, it required that all racial groups perform at the same level. Administrators of schools that do not make “adequate yearly progress” towards these goals face serious consequences, such as having their schools taken from them. Many states are now evaluating teachers and even deciding how much to pay them according to how students do on tests.

Obviously, schools with many black and Hispanic students cannot hope to meet these requirements. Principals and teachers see their careers threatened by insane laws that put the heaviest burdens on precisely the people who teach the black and Hispanic children whom the laws are supposed to help.

It would be hard to imagine a set of national academic requirements that better set the stage for a frank discussion of the genetics of intelligence and the reality of racial differences. That even scandals on the scale we are now seeing have failed to start such a discussion shows how deliberately blind to reality our country has become.

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Henry Wolff
Henry Wolff is the assistant editor of American Renaissance.
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  • Puggg

    This mentions Hazelton, Pennsylvania.  As in Lou Barletta?  This means Hazelton must have a lot of Hispanics.  I heard Barletta’s critics say that Hazelton really didn’t have immigration issues.

    • convairXF92

       Hazleton schools had dishonesty problems long before the Hispanics turned up.  The cheating tagged along with sexual harassment (ex.:  male Teacher X had a crush on female Student Y, so  X gives Y a little illegal “help” on a test).   The fact that a very large proportion of teachers, administrators, and students came from an ethnic group (southern Italian) where both sexual harassment and corruption were deeply embedded customs was not helpful to say the least. 

      This was most prominent in the junior high schools.  The elementary schools with mostly pre-pubertal students kept themselves clean, at least as I can remember from when I attended there.

  • WmarkW

    I have nothing of consequence to add to this outstanding article. 

    But I want to emphasize the important of the penultimate sentence — the convergence of compromises necessary to maintain the spirit of No Child Left Behind, with the realities of budget constraints brought on by the current economic situation, will open the door to broader acceptance of factual basis of the AmRen philosophy.  We already see that in the Chicago teacher’s strike and the differential pass rates set up in the Washington DC school system. 

    IMO, it’s important to emphasize that beliefs in racial differences not be allowed to be perceived as “hate.”  Helping blacks requires acknowledging their differences.  We don’t help them by putting them into academic environments for which they’re not prepared.  We’ll help by creating dis-incentives to non-marital parenthood.

    • Indiana Guy

      well , you see, they can not get good jobs unless everyone pretends they are performing adequately. Their grades will be inflated in college as well, and they will get jobs that they can not perform, such as being a nurse in a kidney transplant unit. the important thing you see, is that they have high self esteem and can afford plenty of bling. It doesn’t matter that a fresh kidney gets thrown in the garbage when there is someone waiting for it in the next room. What really matters is that the black people are coddled and told they are wonderful.

  • Persephone Gray

    It boggles my mind to imagine the amount of doublethink involved in clinging to the dogma of the intellectual equality of races while simultaneously perpetrating a systematic deception to cover up clear evidence of inequality. I think my brain would explode.

    • bluffcreek1967

      This is just one of many reasons why I could NEVER be a teacher within an urban, public school setting. The level of manipulation and deception employed to bring Blacks and Hispanics to a place of parity with Whites and Asians is astounding! If I never said anything and just kept my mouth shut in the face of all that nonsense, I would probably get an ulcer. If I did say something and complain openly, I would be fired.  

    • Strider73

      That’s because you actually have a brain. These educrats, OTOH, have computer firmware chips embedded in their skulls in lieu of brains. Like the BIOS chips in our computers, the powers that be “flash” the educrats’ chips with new lies whenever the old lies become untenable. A literary analogy would be the mindless drones in Orwell’s 1984. In no time at all, the Party “flashed” their chips to change the eternal enemy from Eurasia to Eastasia.

    • Indiana Guy

      South Africa is replacing all of it’s white airline pilots with blacks. It won’t be any more successful than when they gave the first black command of a submarine- he drove it right into the seafloor. Now they have no submarines because all of the others are in drydock, for service that normally would have been completed already except that they replaced the white service crew with black workers. Retarded people can not maintain a modern society, but we are told that their feelings are more important than our survival. The average IQ of black africans is 70- retarded by our standards. Black americans are said to have an average of 85, but I have heard that in the inner cities it is 70. Yes, someday our airtraffic controllers will be composed of this lot, and every week another plane will fly into a building as happens in africa.But it will be woth it you see, because we will have “social justice”.—-BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    • Detroit_WASP

      Most people are too busy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians or Dancing with the Stars to even be aware of facts like these.

      Again, it is like an episode of The Twilight Zone.  Most everyone is living a lie, the few that see the truth are villians.

  • razorrare

    Exellent article…

    In all fairness i think there should be a NO Presidential Candidate Left Behind program…there should be a national academic requirement that all future presidential candidates  have at least scored a 12 on their  SAT exams…It is of record  that G.W.B. got into Yale by scoring a 10.46 on his SAT. It is also known that Al Gore got into Harvard by scoring  a 10.41 on his SAT. John Kerry even scored lowered than G.W.B and Al Gore on his OCS Officer Candidacy School Entrance Exam…with Obama we now have no way of knowing for to avoid the embarrassment the powers that  be decided to lno longer allow the public to view such records…What we do know is that Obama went to Occidental College  where he gets a transfer to Columbia and then becomes editor in chief of the Harvard Law Review. James Edwards,Keith Alexander and Sam Dickson speak on this  subject at the latest COCC convention and you can listen to it here…

    Radio Show Hour 2–Posted Sun,23 Sep 2012…

  • Lady Val

    You may rest assured that the teachers did not cheat to help the students, but to cover up their incompetence and to prevent the sort of mindless hysteria that attends the discovery that white students – even in bad schools – out-perform every other race but the Asian kids. However, we will not know whether these inequities are due to race or simply to bad teachers until there are tests taken in GOOD schools where all children are afforded a good education. Let’s see how the percentiles play out under THOSE circumstances.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      The Authentic White is not interested in these schools  The AW isn’t even there.  The AW works for the day when his/her tax dollars will not be spent on such foolish notions as saving the black race or their schools or any other race for that matter.  The AW will no longer weep for the conditions of others.  It is a simple thing now. 

      • Lady Val

         Well, my comment was not about the issue you raise. Rather, it was about the fact that we will not know whether the differences in testing results among the races (and there are more than two) are the consequence of whites doing better than blacks in bad schools or whites simply doing better than blacks, period. That answer will only be obtained when children of all races in GOOD schools are tested. If we continue to see a tremendous gap between the races, then it can be supposed that (in general at least), the difference ARISES from race and not from circumstance.

        As for “saving” anybody: remember this, it costs people (whites included) a great deal of money to house an individual in a prison setting. Right now, we are housing a great many minorities in such a setting percentage-wise in comparison to whites. Caring about the “other fellow” (whatever his race) is not a matter of altruism alone. It is also a matter of self-interest. For instance, the chaos in the Middle East at present has very much to do with the fact that most of the young people there are unemployed. Indeed, the man who committed suicide and started the so-called “Arab Spring,” was trying to run a little produce store but corrupt “police” kept stealing his stock and preventing him from earning a living. In despair, he killed himself because he had no other recourse. People with nothing to do and nothing to lose tend to be fodder for demagogues.

        Of course, it is not possible for ANY people, however well intentioned, to end injustice and tyranny, but if Germany had not been driven into economic collapse by the international bankers, Hitler would not have risen up. If the short-sighted Tsar had not ignored the terrible needs of his subjects, communism would not have triumphed in Russia. And so it goes. White, black, red or yellow, we live on the same planet and must at least be aware of the situation extant among our fellow men. Furthermore, we must beware of thinking in categories. People are people. Every race, religion and ethnic group has good folks and bad. But when we view our fellow man – who is, like ourselves, created in the image of God – as nothing more than a cipher within a group, we open ourselves to monstrous acts. It is this kind of thinking that allows the New Black Panther Party to call for its members to go into hospitals and kill white babies in their nurseries. One has to doubt that the ordinary black American would EVER entertain such a thought.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          We have spend a trillion dollars since the late 50s specifically on improving black education, raising black test scores, and closing the so-called achievement gap between Blacks and Whites.  This trillion dollars is over and above any tax dollars spent on Whites.

          We have had five decades of focused, intensive educational efforts aimed at blacks specifically including early education (government sponsored pre school, Head Start) and Title I monies fire-hosed at blacks to improve their reading and math scores. We’ve had busing because education “experts” believed that black test scores would rise if blacks sat beside whites in classrooms.

          I have seen many fine, intelligent White and Jewish teachers in black schools whose very heart and souls were dedicated to improving black educational achievement (I worked in such a school for nine long years).  Some of the best, most hard working, dedicated teachers I have ever encountered were in such schools — they seemed to have made it their life’s mission to improve black achievement and really believed that THEY could do it.  They certainly had all the recourses they needed as in new books, labs, field trips, small classes, aides, para professionals, volunteers and special programs.

          I have also witnessed the tremendous amounts of money, resources and manpower dedicated specifically to black schools — science and home ec labs turned into reading labs, hard core, one-on-one specialists brought in, professionals from universities and corporations who volunteered their time, money and effort to work with black students.   These students received perks, attention and rewards that your White child can only dream of.

          I never saw these things at any of my White children’s schools — in fact the schools constantly BEGGED us parents to donate such items as paper, pencils, pens, notebooks.  The textbooks my kids brought home were all well used.

          Bottom line:  Until and unless the education establishment, the government, and media recognize, report and acknowledge that black average IQ is approximately 80 as compared to White IQ of 100 the lies will continue that blacks are able to achieve at the same level as Whites.

          The achievement gap is intractable because IQ is intractable.

          As for those highly educated, fully dedicated teachers who believed their goal in life was to help blacks achieve?  I saw each one of them in turn defeated by the reality of working in a black school; many becoming hard-core racists after being abused, taunted, assaulted and as victims of the abberant black behavior and malfeasance that goes on in these schools — both from adults and students.

          You see,  for a White teaching in a black school, it IS a NO win situation.


          • razorrare

            Well stated Bon…one of the best responses i have read on this thread…

            Its a no win situation for everyone…As a teenager in the 60’s i went to a high school whose racial make-up was 70% White and 30% black.In the early 90’s a lawsuit was brought against the school district in which this high school was located  by a black group of “concerned citizens” who believed black children at this high school were discriminated against because the teachers were somehow inferior and textbooks werent as “new” as other high schools in the district which had a higher percentage of White students attending those schools.They sued in court and won–the attorney who represented this group was a White attorney out of Chicago who actually won since he was awarded 14 million for his work in the trial…The judge presiding over the case said this district;” raised racism to a new art level ” and said the district was guilty and must pay…it came out later that this judge had also stated to the school boards district attorneys even before the trial began that he would find them guilty no matter what defense they put on…The local paper and its editorial writers were on the side of  this black concerned citizen group who went by the moniker “People Who Care”…The judge found the district guilty as he said he would…and the taxpayers saw their property bills skyrocket to pay for this travesty of injustice…This high school is the same one that Darnelli graduated from in the 60’s whom became ceo of Chrysler Corporation…it is the same high school in which a black student attended in the 60’s that became a lawyer and was later voted in as mayor of the city…many other blacks also did just as well that attended this high school in the 60’s…The point i am making is that no one during this whole time was claiming Whites were discriminated against…We had the same Teachers and the same Textbooks…just this fact should have had the case thrown out…Around the country other similiar lawsuits were brought against school districts for the same charges and the ones who made out were attorneys for the plaintiffs and those who were hired because of such lawsuits to be given jobs as assistants to assistants,as counselors and other like-minded positions…The losers as always was the property owners who watched their property tax bills rise to pay for it all… 

          • Bon, who did those idealistic teachers think they were, Pat Conroy?

        • Indiana Guy

          Uhhm, that answer is already here. Blacks in good schools underperform whites in those good schools, that data has been around for quite awhile. At the same time we also have the data about whites in the bad schools, and they outperform the blacks there too. The dat you say is not in yet is in, and has been for quite some time.

      • I feel the same way about higher education, Sheila. I’m closer to retirement, yet I still get donation solicitations from my old university, mostly to help  “disadvantaged” students attend college. I always tell them the same thing – the state of the economy precludes me from giving. Now for the coup de grace.

        I tell them I gave them money when I attended the school – it’s called “tuition”. 

    • ncpride

      My children go to GOOD schools in a rural setting where there are no gangs, violence is virtually nonexistent, 90 % White, and the curriculum is excellent. Most of the teachers have been teaching for 10 years or more, and no one could accuse them of being incompetent by any means. NC is a right to work state, so there is no elaborate union to protect the bad ones. At the end of every year, we get a school report card that breaks down the EOG testing scores by race and gender, and every year it’s the same result. Black students consistently score at least 20 points below Whites, and most of the time, much lower. Everything you would suggest to raise black scores has been tried and failed at least once.

      • Indiana Guy

        There is the overused axiom ” insanity is when you try the same thing over and over and expect a different result each time”. My problem with that statement is it is wrong. “STUPIDITY” is when you try the same thing over and over and expect a different result each time. “Insanity” is when you hold two opposite beliefs simultaneously, such as “killing is wrong and people should have the right to choose to abort their child” or “discrimination is wrong so the government should legislate discrimination with affirmative action laws”

      • Good for you, in that you make sure your kids receive a good education. That’s critical.

        No surprise, but there are 49 other states besides North Carolina, where Bantus trail whites in academic achievement. Not just in your rural setting school, but in liberal enclaves like San Francisco, New York and Chicago. It is true in places where the overwhelming majority of the teachers are Bantus themselves, like East St. Louis IL, Detroit, Gary IN and Camden NJ.

        Now, why is that? You mention the teachers have experience, and there are no gangs. That being the case, WHY TF aren’t the Bantus learning as much as the white children are? They don’t have to duck bullets fired by Crips or Bloods, they have the same books as all the other children in the school system, and use the same paper and pencil.

        So why aren’t Jamarcus Washington and Shiniqua Africanus learning as much as Kevin Shaughnessy and Mary Rochemont are? Something else must be at work here. But what?

    • Indiana Guy

      I’m not sure it is always “incompetence”. You can’t make a retarded person perform way above his or her abilities. To have the job of teaching a race  retarded people and to be told that you need to make them perform like people of average intelligence is an impossible task. You can not fault the teachers. This is the corner the left has worked itself into. Many of the teachers in Chicago are white liberals. Even THEY do not think they are underperforming. They do not want to admit it, but they know they are given a hopeless lot and are being judged by the same performance standards as those who are given a good lot. The real truth is that most people can educate themselves, teachers are just babysitters.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        “The real truth is that most people can educate themselves, teachers are just babysitters.”

        Alas, a giant industry sustained by compulsory attendance laws and child labor laws, is built on the opposite premise.

      • chuck_2012

         Some are talented in math and abstract thought and others simply are not there in terms of intellect. The problem is they have been built up to think their abilities are equal and this is not true. Once reality takes hold for them then they can gravitate towards jobs that require no thinking. When will this happen…who knows!

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Solid commentary and reporting.  Wolff’s final paragraph deserves re-reading:

    “It would be hard to imagine a set of national academic requirements that better set the stage for a frank discussion of the genetics of intelligence and the reality of racial differences. That even scandals on the scale we are now seeing have failed to start such a discussion shows how deliberately blind to reality our country has become. ”


    Now let us examine the moral imperatives at work in American society that have produced this travesty/tragedy and ensure many more of like nature.

    Let’s let the late scientific icon Stephen J. Gould — and his worshipful supporters of the academic left and of the mainstream media — symbolize those forces.

    Below is an excerpt from “The Bright Future of Post-Partisan Social Psychology,” an address by Jonathan Haidt to the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, San Antonio, Texas, January 27, 2011) (excerpt from 42m into Haidt’s speech)Stephen J. Gould spent his life studying evolution in other animals, but he was bitterly hostile to sociobiology because he feared that it opened up a space for differences among human groups.  Liberal politics demands that there be no innate differences between groups.  So liberal politics demands that there has been nothing more than trivial genetic evolution during the 50,000 years humans have spread out of Africa.  As Gould put it:“There’s been no biological change in humans in 40,000 to 50,000 years.  Everything we call civilization we’ve built with the same body and brain.”  (Gould, 2000) But this view, so widely held in psychology and anthropology, was never based on any evidence.  Darwin didn’t think evolution was so slow.  He wrote extensively about the effects obtained in a few generations by animal breeders.  In a spectacular experiment in the Soviet Union, Dmitri Belyaev chose the tamest pups in each generation to become the parents of the next generation.  By ten generations, new features began to appear such as the white patch and curled tail that dogs have.  By 20 generations he’d created what was essentially a new species of domesticated animal.  So genetic evolution doesn’t require thousands of generations.  It can happen in dozens, at least under special circumstances. What about the actual conditions of human history?  How fast is human evolution?  That’s an empirical question.  And thanks to the Human Genome Project we now have empirical answers.  Several studies in the last five years has examined genomes from hundreds of people around the world.  Those studies focus on bits the genome called SNPs (pronounced “snips”) or Single Nucleotide Polymorphism.  The studies rely on a method of distinguishing SNPs that drifted through populations randomly and those that had been pulled along by natural selection.  Here are the astonishing findings of one such study [A graph is displayed: vertical axis: Ascertained Selected Variants; horizontal axis: Age (80,000 years ago to the present in 20,000 year increments).  The curves formed by the dots rise sharply upward beginning about 40,000 years ago from ten selected variants to 35 selected variants by 10,000 years ago.]Each dot represents the number of SNPs that seemed to be pulled along by natural selection within each 200-year block of time from 80,000 years ago to the present . . . There’s just one feature of the graphs that matter.  And that’s the gigantic increase in genetic change due to natural selection in the last 20,000 years. So Gould got it exactly backwards.  Evolution isn’t slow and it didn’t stop 50,000 years ago.  In fact, it sped up, between ten and a hundred times faster.  Sure, the Pleistocene Era [1.8 million years ago to 11,000 years ago] was important.  But I predict that in the next ten years the Holocene [11,000 years ago to the present] is where the action will be.  That’s the last 10,000 years since the Ice Ages ended.  There’s a vast new frontier opening up for scientists interest in gene-culture co-evolution.  The Holocene is a guaranteed scientific growth stock for the next decades.  But we social psychologists can’t take part in the rally because of our paralyzing fear of race differences.So we’ll be stuck with 20th century evolutionary psychology for another generation or two. [Now comes some obligatory nonsense from Haidt — required of any public figure hoping to participate in public discourse — minimizing the importance of  race differences.] The irony, in my mind, is that if evolution really is this fast, then race is no longer a very useful construct for genetics . . . Genes and cultural innovations interact, in small groups, not in continent-wide races.If we can shut off our [moral] magnet, then we can participate in these exciting new cross-disciplinary discussions.  * * *In closing, I hope I’ve convinced you that we are in fact a tribal moral community, and that our science will improve if we can shut off our moral electromagnet . . . 

  • Sheila Dinehart

    It would be hard to imagine a set of national academic requirements that better set the stage for a frank discussion of the genetics of intelligence and the reality of racial differences.

    Yes, a rational person would agree with this statement. I think it important to note that American blacks, unlike many immigrants and children of emigrants, are born into a society around them speaking a mother tongue of English therefore blacks are in this way at an advantage, or should be considered as having an advantage in the beginning over the immigrants,who come from homes where English is not their primary language.  With this in mind it is obvious that more than race is involved here.  The once generally sub-culture of blacks seems to have evolved into more of a counter-culture.

    This counter-culture is in opposition to what was once considered the Traditional American Mainstream Culture.  As this particular African American counter-culture gains more and more power in the political arena, the less likely it will be to have any honest discussion regarding race on any level, unless it is a discussion of how school sand students are forced to take inherently racist tests.  The reasons are obvious.

    I can speak with actual first hand knowledge only regarding the state public schools in my own state (Though the conditions I suspect are in place in many schools and systems across the U.S.). I have taught students and teachers, I have designed many tests, and admistered many state mandated ones.  I have seen and experienced the various ways in which test scores are manipulated. When IQ is eliminated it is still the culture that is the problem.  Certain value systems insist that wrong is right.  It is right to cheat, lie, and cover-up those lies.  It is a righteous thing to cheat the SYSTEM that is cheating you.  The SYSTEM is to blame because you were born into a land with a history of oppression against your people of bondage.  This is the philosophy at work.  There is no cure.

    The state threated to take over the schools of my city for decades. The state did not due to fear of reprisal.  Now that it has been taken over by the state, it will mean nothing.  Nothing will or can be changed.  Certainly IQs will not be raised. We will never see the days of good schooling again. in these kinds of cities.  It is not possible.  The schools are broken because society is damaged.  Federally forced integration has been a serious failure.  There are poorly fuctioning white schools, but the critically failing schools are always black.  It appears to have reached a law of nature.  Perhaps it always was.

    The Authentic White knows this and accepts it for what it is and will be.  The Authentic White knows that he/she is now outside this reality.  This reality The Authentic White is beyound.  With this knowledge the AW continues to move ahead as s/he creates a new reality.  The AW is intelligent and resourceful and never fights a losing battle.

  • KenelmDigby

    Teachers are held directly and personally accountable for the examination performance of their students, to the extent that their careers depend on it.
    Therefore teachers have a very real motivation to falsify test scores.

  • Every year, the media finds an individual who or a program which seems to defy everything we know about failing schools and failing students. This magic bullet is tauted as the answer to all our school problems if only the system and racist white folk would give it a chance.
    I believe most people can benefit to some degree from highly intense and one-on-one learning but in most cases the gains would be negligible. Even with the best teachers and the best programs, you can’t make a moron a genius which is what blacks would have us believe.   

    • Indiana Guy

      Once people are taught to read and to do basic math, they will be able, if motivated, to educate themselves to the limit of their abilities. Even with intensive teaching methods, blacks do not do well with those first two necessary building blocks. They are retarded. Many are waved on through universities and then put in jobs they can’t perform. A huge percentage who gain admission to universities can’t even earn a degree even with all of the manipulations in their favor.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The movie “Stand and Deliver” was factual, however the students Jaime Escalante taught at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles were hand picked from a population of about 4,000 students.

    I wish I could hand select MY students.”Stand and Deliver” is disingenuous in that it gives the impression that the students were RANDOMLY chosen to study calculus and that what these cherry-picked students accomplished could be achieved by any given student at the school, given enough “tough love” — when the truth of THAT is profoundly different.

    I wish the movie had pointed this out — instead we teachers are hit with this garbage all the time:  “See!!  Look what Mr. Escalante did with poor, underachieving Hispanic students!!  Look what they are capable of doing — 5’s on the calculus AP exam!!”  This is what ALL of our students are capable of doing!!

    This is why we teachers are ever blamed when most Hispanic high school test scores come back as either FBB (Far Below Basic) or BB (below basic).  The students are never ever held accountable for their dismal performance (you see, they’re ALL capable of mastering advanced calculus).  

    And, don’t even think  about mentioning that pesky Hispanic average 89 IQ…


    • JohnEngelman

      No one but a huckster for Charles Atlas pretends that it is possible to take a sickly, fifteen year old “ninety-seven pound weakling,” and turn him into an award winning athlete. Nevertheless, we continue to pretend that every public school student is capable of becoming a brilliant scholar, and a successful professional. 
      Because this is obviously not true, the delusion is protected by coercion. 

  • John Boggs

    I travel to Hazleton every week for work. The city is overrun with Puerto Ricans, not Mexicans. The population of Puerto Ricans has risen from 3% in 1990 to over 30% today. They come over from NYC and up from Philly. Lured by easily obtained government assistance. The local government went as far as to purchase billboard advertising in NYC specifically lurin PRs to Hasleton. Apparently it was an attempt to gain federal grants.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    I am coming to the conclusion that in order to recognize the truth about blacks one probably needs to feel a certain amount of hostility toward the race. In order to feel that way one probably needs to be the victim of at least one black criminal.
    As long as one only knows a few blacks, and as long as these are fairly decent, one will continue to believe in innate racial equality, regardless of the overwhelming body of contrary evidence.  

  • Indiana Guy

    maff be hard n sheet

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    For what’s it worth, Tom, I think we are currently living in a period hyper-rapid evolutionary change in the human species due to novel technological, social and political conditions.

    This change in gene frequencies is for the worse.  IQ researcher Richard Lynn, for example, sees a decline due to a “negative association of intelligence and fertility” and “dysgenic immigration.” 

    Lynn concludes that it is likely politically impossible to reverse dysgenic trends in the democratic West, but “to conclude [a talk to the 2011 American Renaissance conference in Tennessee] on a note of qualified optimism, I think it probable that the torch of civilization will pass from the [democratic/human rights-oriented] European peoples to the [oligarchic/authoritarian] Chinese. 

  • Sheila Dinehart

    btw…I love your charting/graphs.  Any fool can make something difficult, but it takes a special type of intelligence to make a difficult concept easy(the charts cause me to think of a number of issues with regard to IQ, culture and in this case especially race that you don’t mention but I am sure  you see them  as well)  …another thing I meant to say is that just glancing at the graphs you supply causes me to realize that when comparing African Americans to say the Asian student testing results there really is even more IQ significance here as well as culture.  Experts in the area of language implications to IQ realize, as I understand it, that math for instance, is seen differently by the brain depending upon the language spoken/Asians/Asian languages actually *see* math differently than English speakers, or Italian.  Brains of Asians studied through imaging resources react phyically differently to concepts proposed in the abstract than do brains of English speakers, in that it has been noted when the brain is tracked via Imaging the Asian looking at a picture focuses upon the background images first seeing more of a whole and the English/Western speaking brain will immediately focus upon the foreground before it sees the background hence a more first interest in that data  suggesting a convergent tendency rather then a divergent tendency of recognition/interest/and a way of looking at the world…(this means I am not finished only bored with myself for now…)I was also trying to say that blacks should be natrually testing much higher than other non English speaking groups especially since the tests are given in English within the over all American  culture for that matter so should white Americans…culture  again…It is astoundingly awful…the test scores of blacks are so frightening…mooving to Scotland soon.

    • I’ve read that article in Sci Am, maybe 2 yrs ago, but I’m still not convinced.  Sure, they perceive differently, but I’d say it has something to do with their language structures (no phonetic script) & very limited abstract vocabulary. I recall reading their philosophical texts, full of evident logical mistakes (they didn’t develop logic).

      An example from Zen, I guess that even those not acquainted with the metaphysics will easily comprehend the stuff. There is a concept of Buddha nature- this is essential self, spiritual self that is at one with the Absolute. In Sanskrit, translated into Chinese, Buddha nature is Western Nous, indwelling God, Higher Self (not empirical psyche). Absolute is Dharmakaya or “Body of Dharma”- a bit weird, but never mind. In this variant of monism, Higher Self = Absolute.

      And, there is this conversation with Zen master from 10th century, when inquiring pupil asks: “When man, after death, goes to Hell, does Buddha nature go with him ? Where is it ? “.

      Master is confused & starts explaining, which leads to even higher levels of confusion.

      And the answer is, for any logically trained mind, simple: Buddha nature contains Hell- since it’s essentially Dharmakaya/Absolute- so it cannot “go” anywhere, because it is All & everything is, metaphorically, “within” it.

      Needless to say, most East Asian stuff is like that- lack of logical categories, poor analytical skills …

  • The tragedy is that black students who require special attention are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness so we can pretend race is nothing more than a social construct. 

  • zWsA

    The title is a bit of a misnomer, since the article is about cheating teachers (whose race is not mentioned), not students. In this case, the numbers are to be expected. Black students get the lowers scores and therefore would benefit the most from having their tests “corrected” by the teachers. All this data is just further proof of the performance gap between the races and has nothing to do with student cheating, which would be an interesting topic in and of itself.

  • IKantunderstand

    Liberals are between a rock and a hard place.On the one hand, we got your “race is a social construct” crowd. On the other hand we got your teacher type person who belongs to a  union, who despite what they do, they can’t educate the Blacks and Hispanics. All of a sudden, they are being judged on their students accomplishments. Or lack thereof. What to do? What to do? CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What other choice do they have?  I’ll tell you: 1). My students are too stupid to learn anything. 2) I’m a really crappy teacher. No wonder they cheat. By the way, I think it’s great that we keep holding teachers’ feet to the fire. Maybe when push comes to shove, they will finally admit there are differences between the races.

  • Greg

    I wouldn’t blame the black kids themselves, it is the teachers who are doing the cheating. I blame the moronic idea of NCLB and the related junk, which encourages cheating on the part of the teachers, this is most intense in low performing black schools. I think standardized testing does have some value, getting kids prepared for the SATs and in testing intelligence (without actually saying the word). But it has gone way too far in many poor black schools, where teachers, many of them white, are challenged to create “progress” in student test scores without any “progress” in things like the rate of out of wedlock births or criminality, if you try to create progress in those things, you’re a racist. My cousin’s wife taught for a time in a black school, the kids almost never worked, they almost never payed attention in class, and there was always three or four kids who caused trouble, with encouragement from the rest of the class. The kids never did their homework, when she would call the parents about it, they were dismissive, their attitude was essentially “how is that my problem.” The only time a parent was even remotely helpful was the parent said “he gonna get a beating for this.” Yet, the right and increasingly the left says that it’s the fault of my cousin’s wife, a good liberal who actually believed the liberal tripe about race.(She is, luckily, teaching at a white school now) It is saddening to see many free-market supporters embrace what is essentially a leftist position. This cheating is the natural result of a corrupt system that is based on a rejection of facts. If we continue down the road we are going we will see much more of this, we will achieve great “progress” in education, and great “growth” from printed money, while we will see suspiciously less innovators and higher prices. Like the African leaders with there abundant supply or the Greek leaders who lie about their debt rate, our government will show itself more than willing to lie to us. A society based on fantasy will end up with fantasy.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Thanks. I only wish I could say — scream — these things out loud instead of anonymously on the Internet.

    It’s important for the public to know what goes on behind schoolhouse doors.

    All the Best!!




    FACT: “People CHEAT when they can’t COMPETE!” (TRAINAISM)

    NBC Philadelphia – Three teachers and two principals in a New Jersey school district have been suspended, accused of helping their young students cheat on statewide standardized exams in 2010.
    Investigators say an unusually high number of students erased the wrong answers and filled in the correect answers on the NJ ASK exam in 2010. Their probe into the exams in Woodbridge concluded that teachers helped students cheat at the Ross Street School and the Avenel Street School.
    Officials say third-graders at the Avenel Street School were coached by teachers who were given the statewide exam in advance.
    “The kids are just way too young for this,” remarked parent Emily Pereire. “They should be learning their elementary skills and not worrying about having so much pressure on them.”
    Anita Isaacs, a grandmother of a student at the Ross Street School, said, “The example that is setting is that corruption and cheating is OK, and I’m not proud of that. I don’t accept that.”

    The Brightest American Students come for India,Islam and Asia. The Dullest American Students come from Africa!

    AVERAGE INDIA IQ 119 (Driven to be the very-best Students on Planet Earth!)

    AVERAGE ASIAN AND MUSLIM IQ 115 (Extremely well-behaved, hard-working and focused on success!)

    AVERAGE WHITE IQ 108 (Some are hard-working, some are confused, however the majority are successful.)

    AVERAGE HISPANIC IQ 91 (Hard-working, well behaved, motivated and making adequate progress!)

    AVERAGE BLACK IQ 83 FACT: (General undisciplined, struggling academically, this group of Students as a whole generally need lots of one on one attention, individualized instruction and the vast majority of them are not Graduating from High School, going off to College or becoming gainfully Employed!)
    These were the National Averages back in the 1970’s and they still whole true in 2013.

    FACT: Based on these IQ Scores Integration was not a good idea back in the 1960’s and it’s an even worse idea in the year 2013.

    FACT: White Students across America struggle to keep up with their Indian and Asian Counterparts. Sadly, too many Black Students have fallen sooOOOO FAR BEHIND THAT THEY’LL NEVER CLOSE THE GAP!

    FACT: Instead of raising Educational Standards across America, “FORCED INTEGRATION” has led to a “DUMBING DOWN” of our entire Educational Programming.

    fatuous1 is MARK TRAINA an outspoken Civil Rights Activist from South Louisiana. Some describe him as a Racist; however, he describes himself as a Realist. Mr. Traina worked as a School Psychologist for the Jefferson Parish Public School System for nearly 30-years. He is currently retired and spends his days reading articles on-line and writing about current events from his personal perspective. Mr. Traina has is the Author of “THE REALIST”, a book published in 2012, shortly after his retirement from the JPPSS. He is also famous for his so-called TRAINAISMS, for example,“Good parents know that structure, discipline and respect for authority must start in the home or it will never end up in the School!”
    FACTS: Mr. Traina grew up in New Orleans attending only Publicly Funded Schools. Mark graduated from Marion Abramson Senior High School in May of 1975 and obtained his B.A. in Economic (1979). Mr. Traina also obtained an M.A. in Counseling Psychology (1983) from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. The fatuous1 can be reached at [email protected] or by cell at (504) 231-3056. His personal website is ( )

  • MBlanc46

    Perhaps this is a cautionary tale about the recent trend of rewarding teachers based on the outcomes of the students. Many of these children are probably uneducable. It’s irrational and unfair to expect teachers to educate them. That doesn’t excuse the cheating and the miscreants should be fired if they can be identified (as should the administrators who supervise them). The real issue to be addressed though, is what to do with minority children who won’t or can’t be educated.