Muslim Woman Appointed Norway’s Culture Minister

Al Arabiya News, September 23, 2012

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has appointed a Muslim woman as part of his government during a Cabinet reshufle this week.

Hadia Tajik, 29, from Pakistani decent, was appointed on Friday as Norway’s minister of culture.

Hadia has become the first ever Muslim cabinet member and youngest ever government minister in the Scandinavian country.

The newly appointed minister of culture has already publicized her program for the upcoming months and highlighted that cultural diversity should become an undisputable part of Norway’s everyday life.

In 2009 she was elected as MP for the Norwegian Labour Party that represented Oslo.

Tajik had worked as journalist before she was made advisor to Minister of Justice, Knut Storberget between 2008 and 1009. During her service under Storberget the ministry of justice decided to allow police women to wear the hijab in the service, but the decision was quickly withdrawn after intense criticism from conservative parties and members of the government coalition.

Hadia Tajik

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  • jedsrael

    White Norway, RIP.

    • The__Bobster

      Melinda was born in the town of Mauna in Botswana in southern Africa . Her father is Norwegian, while her mother is Botswana. She moved to Larvik in 1998 and has for several years dancing at Studio Nille. Rivers has completed a bachelor’s degree in development theory, while she works as a model and waitress. Rivers is the first woman of African origin who have won the Miss Norway competition.

      • Diamond_Lil

        Yikes.  Whites need to terraform and colonize Mars ASAP.  We are great at white flight.

    • newscomments70

      White Norway, wake up

  • I wonder if Ms. Tajik’s embrace of cultural diversity extends to Indians?  How would she feel about MILLIONS of Indians living in Pakistan?

  • At least she does not wear a hijab. Which is one positive thing.

    • Defiant White

      Yes.  She doesn’t appear to have tunerculosis.  She appears to bathe frequently.  Looks like she has most of her teethes.  Speaks the language.  Heck, she’s one of us . . .

  • Diamond_Lil

    Stoltenberg is a traitor to the Norwegian people.  I truly hope that there is a white nationalist movement in Norway to push back.

    • NorthernWind

       The idiot Brevik did damage to that movement in Norway after his stupid massacre. It will likely return but he certainly did short term damage.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Maybe Norway can appoint a Haitian as drug addict and rapist minister.

    What a great way to commit suicide: Sadomasochistic style.

  • Northernfront

    “Cultural diversity should become an undisputable part of Norway’s everyday life.”

    If people diverge more from eachother, then it will be harder to have a socialist state.  What nonsense is this?

  • We all know what Anders Breitvik did was wrong, killing 77 socialist / marxist activists of the Norwegian Labour party on that little island, blah blah blah.

    But consider this, in 100 years time when Norway is 99% Muslim and black and white Norwegians are living on some  remote reservation somewhere , they will say ” My God , now I get it, now I understand what Anders Breitvik was trying to prevent.”

    • Do I have to remind you that all “prophets” have failed ? From Jeremiah and Isaiah to Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jeane Dixon, Rasputin and … 

      • So has diversity….

      • Ulick

        Since we’re discussing Norway, how about the Norwegian prophet, Anders Breivik?  It’s up to Norwegians whether his prophecy comes true.

        • No, I doubt it up to the Norwegians. Chinese Daoists call it “reversal of the Dao”. With Hitler, racial politics has come to the extremist crescendo; after Nazi defeat, democratic & liberal countries have been pushing the opposite policy of racial egalitarianism- to the point of absurdity.

          Now, Dao is reversing- this policy, exposed in all its lunacy, will be replaced with race realism. Pendulum, after it has reached the extreme point, is swinging back …

          • Northernfront

            Are we the like the first White Zionists, like the Jewish Zionists of the 1880’s?

      • Mr Bardon Kaldian ” Do I have to remind you ”

        Hmm, thanks for your input.

    • Red

      Politics, unfortunately, always begins and ends with people getting killed. Revolution is rarely successful at the voting booth,  although it’s true that the quasi-nationalist Progress Party that Breivik was formerly a member of appears to be gaining support. Whether he was right or wrong will be contingent on who gets to write the history books.

  • The Vikings must be turning in their graves.  How did the mighty Scandinavians become such feminized appeasers?

    • Well look at America, 50 years ago blacks sat at the back of the bus, now the U.S has a mulatto, muslim, marxist in the White House.

      • Interestingly that video was posted by a “TheDrRJP”, not me.

    • Persephone Gray

      The Vikings travelled far and wide, sowing their seed and leaving descendants wherever they went, spreading their genes — and their courage, self-reliance and love of freedom — from Ireland to Russia. Modern Scandinavians are the descendants of those who stayed behind: the serfs, the infirm, the weak and the cowardly. The results are obvious.

  •  ”My God , now I get it, now I understand what Anders Breitvik was trying to prevent.”

    I think it will happen way before that.  I’m not convinced Eurabia or Swedenstan are destined to happen.

    • I have to disagree, Norway has only 4 million people in it so it can easily be destroyed in a few short years. The Norwegian Labour party has brought in 400,000 Africans and muslims into the country. The white birth rates are collapsing while the black and islamic birth rates are exploding. Norway will cease to be a white country by about 2040.

      • A lot can happen by 2040.  The lefties have their heads up their rear end but eventually even they have to see Muslims for what they are.  Eventually there will be no ignoring of what’s going on, they won’t be able to look away at the inconvenient truth and they’ll make their choice, Norway or Norwaystan.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        The Euro will collapse in a few years, that’s a game changer from a lot of different angles.

  • Defiant White

    UPDATE FROM VALHALLA:  Odin is scratching his head in bewilderment.

  • anarchyst

    “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” would be good advice for ANY foreigner that comes to MY country.  If they don’t like it here, LEAVE. . .I used to put up with the diatribes of foreigners . . . I was able to “put them in their place” by stating to them” If life is so good in your country, WHY did you come here??”  “Go back to where you came from”.  The look of shock on their faces and the dead silence was priceless.That being said, BOTH zionism and islam are political systems masquerading as religions . . . I would require all zionists and muslims to register with the U S State department as “agents of a foreign government”.  Any subversive acts (which HAVE already happened and should have been prosecuted) would be punishable under federal law and would subject these (and other like organizations such as the $PLC, ADL, etc.) to sanction, indictment of their officers, confiscation of all property and assets and a one-way trip OUT of MY country. . .Fellow travelers would also be eligible for the same treatment. . . .
    For organizations such as CAIR, ADL, $PLC and others, assets should be frozen, their officers indicted and arrested. Mass deportations should take place. I don’t care what others think. Islam and muslims are incompatible with the United States of America and have no business here . . .WE ARE AT WAR . . . the islamists and their fellow travelers are using our own Constitution against us. . . THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “MODERATE” MUSLIM. This is evidenced by the lack of criticism (and outcry) from the so-called “moderate” muslim community.

  • From journalist to Minister of Culture all before age 30.

    Sound somewhat familiar?  …. A rather simple job with no managing of anything, then on the fast track to government leadership.

  • What does a brown Paki know about White Nordic culture? This is criminal.

    • Sloppo

      That’s not so relevant because White Nordic culture is being replaced.  

  • Jon_the_I

    France’s socialist party also elected a north African as it’s chairman. It has actually been criticized in the French press as an ignorant attempt of appeasement towards impoverished immigrants in their ghettos. It’s obvious the Wegees are doing the same thing. Most of the colored darlings in leftist political circles are completely assimilated, nothing distinguishes them from the white cultural marxists who treat them as dolled up miniature dogs to show off in public. The “real” third-worlder’s, on the other hand, simply consider them to be race traitors. This is nothing but traitorous white people patting themselves on the back for a meaningless gesture.

  • rightrightright

    Very twisted.  Islam forbids art, sculpture, music, opera, ballet, dance, poetry, fiction,  kuffar history, so what “culture” is this alien to administer and promote in Norway?

    In England, the unelected Pakistani Muslim woman, bounced up into the House of Lords as Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, is now Minister for Faiths, a concoction of a job and which in reality means she is now Minister for Muslims.  Even before this promotion, she hectored the British public not to talk about Islam in a derogatory way over the dinner table.

    Now she has the job of her dreams, it will probably become blasphemy to do so, in private, at home even.

    The Head of Religious Programming at the BBC is also a Muslim.

    This pattern is being repeated throughout the West.

  • Let the rapes, looting, riots and murders begin, welcome to the rich mosaic and colorful tapestry of diversity.

  • Esmithton91

     I believe it said she was from Southern Africa——-botswana

  • Liberalssuck

    Whites were also told affirmative action would be only used for a few years. We were also told the nonwhite immigrants would assimilate.  We were also told blacks would stop pandering and attacking us after they were given more goodies.  Whites are told a lot of lies by their governments and none of us ever question anything.