British Voters Sour on Immigration

Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute, September 26, 2012

“In the coming 15 years we will have to build, just for new immigrants and their families, the equivalent of eight of the largest cities outside London . . .  together with all their associated infrastructure, of schools, roads, hospitals, railways, and all the rest.”—Nicholas Soames, MP

Three new opinion surveys show that British voters are increasingly skeptical about immigration and multiculturalism. Taken together, the reports highlight the widening gulf between the views of the British people and those of the governing elite who run the country.

Although Britain’s coalition government has repeatedly promised to reduce immigration, in practice the government has found it difficult to take meaningful steps to address the problem. While the Conservative half of the coalition government is solidly in favor of reducing immigration, the Liberal Democrat half is not. As a result, the government has been effectively paralyzed on taking forceful action on the issue.

The British Social Attitudes Survey, an official survey conducted annually which polls Britons on their attitudes about a number of social issues, shows that Britons are far more strongly opposed to immigration, particularly from Muslim countries, than they have been at any time in recent memory.

The 2012 edition of the survey, published on September 17, found that 75% of Britons would like to see a reduction in immigration and 51% would like to see a large reduction. Moreover, 52% of respondents believe that immigration has a negative economic impact and 48% believe that it has a negative cultural impact.


The survey also shows that negative sentiment about immigration is not limited to the white British majority population; over one quarter of first and second generation migrants believe that mass immigration has had a negative impact on British society.

A second poll commissioned by MigrationWatch UK, an independent think tank that focuses on immigration and asylum issues, came up with similarly negative results. The poll, also published on September 17, found that 70% of those polled believe there should be a limit on the number of foreign students admitted to Britain.


On September 13, the British government announced that the Office of National Statistics (ONS) will begin counting non-EU students as immigrants as part of an effort to keep closer tabs foreigners entering and leaving the country.

The coalition government has said it wants to cut net migration, which stood at 216,000 in 2011, to the “tens of thousands” a year by 2015. But critics have warned that this can only be achieved by keeping official statistics on foreign students.

On September 6, MPs at the House of Commons passed a motion calling for the coalition government to take “all necessary steps” to keep the population of the United Kingdom below 70 million. It currently stands at 63 million but is expected to exceed 70 million within the next 15 years. This is equivalent to seven cities the size of Birmingham or fourteen times Bristol or Manchester.

Five million of that increase will be future immigrants and their children, and immigration opponents say that if immigration is allowed to continue at the present rate, the UK population will exceed 80 million.


A third survey, published on September 15 by the Extremis Project, a group that monitors populist politics, found that more than half (66%) of British voters would be willing to back a party that promised to “prioritize traditional British values over other cultures.”

The poll found that 41% of people would vote for a party that promised to curb all immigration and more than one-third (37%) would support political parties that promised to reduce the number of Muslims in Britain and the presence of Islam in society.

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    The British are under the misconception that they live in a democracy, whereby the government follows the will of the people.

    They don’t.  The elites who run the British government have thier own plans, and they do not involve the wishes of the Britich people.

    • Northernfront

      “The Rise of New-Variant Liberal Totalitarianism and the War against England”

      Indeed, a degenerate, suicidal, masochistic, and Cuckoldry-fetish having elite (  rules the country.  Desiring your sons and daughters to be married into foreign tribes is nothing but cuckoldry and SEXUAL MASOCHISM. 

      The elite Men desire conquest in their “anal hole”, THE SLUMS, by foreign men, and like seeing their women cuckolded by foreign men. 

      By feigning pitifulness, southern foreign men have won the hearts of vulnerable women.  It is like “Cosi fan Tutti” by Mozart all over again.  Here, the husbands decide to test soon-to-be wives fidelity.  They pretend to leave for war, but really don’t.  They dress like Albanian Muslim men, and pretend to be suitors for the wife of the other.  The wives of the men repel their oddly dressed, but oddly suave Albanian suitors for a while.

      Then, one of the Albanian suitors tries a cunning trick, taqiyya, where he pretends to have drunk a fatal poison, because the to-be-wife he was trying to court away would not love him.  He pretends to drink the poison, pretends to be in great writhing pain, lies on the floor, and gets the to-be-wife to “kiss him out of pity “

      It is this “pity trick” by the foreign men, which causes the women to fall for the men.  In the end, the to-be-wives are tricked into marrying the “Albanian” suitors. 

      In the end, it is declared “Cosi fan tutti”, meaning “ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT.”

      “Opera, describing the eternal human condition.”

  • loyalwhitebriton

    66% of Britons would vote for a traditionalist pro-British party, but 37% (much less) would vote for a party that promised to reduce the influence of Islam in British society?! How does that work, statistically? One wonders just how the pollsters conduct these surveys.

    I live in a city with a large ethnic minority (or is it ‘minority ethnic’? – I can never remember), but all of my friends are white, and I’m lucky to work in an all white work-place (which is great!), and just about everybody I know would support a party which supported traditional British values – and everybody I know knows that this includes ‘whiteness’. If you invert the 66% you get 99%, which is closer to the mark.

    We are the 99%! 

    • newscomments70

      I’m suprised how little support the BNP has. I love their website and message. I comment there sometimes to give support. Why don’t more British vote BNP? I would think that is a no-brainer. 

      • loyalwhitebriton

        A major problem that the BNP have is the constant negative pulicity thrown at the party by the MSM, even the Daily Mail often refers to the BNP as “the Loathesome BNP.”[sic] This negative publicity has the intended effect of de-legitimizing the BNP as a viable alternative to the mainstream parties, and, sadly, dissuades the electorate from exploring BNP ideas for themselves. This is a great shame, as the British people are hungry for a real and viable alternative to the current bunch of traitors embedded in Whitehall.
        I suspect that if even one MSM outlet started to give the BNP a little more coverage, and explored BNP ideas in an un-biassed way, the BNP would become a serious political contender. Not going to happen though, as any media outlet that wasn’t actively condemning the BNP would be crucified by the rest of the media and political establishment. A real pity, that.

  • Britain will cease to be a white country by 2066, very disturbing and frightening news.

    • Northernfront

       Islam will be the new Third Reich!

      Islam means SUBMIT.

  • Defiant White

    Oh, they’re “sour” are they?

    I would think that by NOW, they would be mad as hell, can’t take it anymore furious and ready to frog march every non-white off the island.

    I think we’ve lost Airstrip 1.

  • All of this and yet, British voters continue to vote for mainstream parties that do absolutely nothing to resolve the immigration crisis.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Given the media propaganda and the Stalinist multi-cult police state, I’m sure the actual figures are much higher.

  • Britian is already a muslim country, it’s too late for them.

  • Epiminondas

    The British penchant for “freedom fighting” and sloganeering has led to this.  They’ve cornered themselves in their own propaganda.  

  • PorcellioScaber

    Most of the indigenous people of Britain would have been opposed to mass immigration if it had been openly presented to us as a prospective policy, but it wasn’t. It was introduced stealthily at first, and then incrementally once it couldn’t be ignored, together with legal and social penalties for those who opposed it. Enoch Powell, an enormously gifted politician who at one time was tipped as a future prime minister, was cast into the outer wilderness by his own party, the Conservative Party, for publicly condemning it in 1968 (he was only 55 at the time, remember).

    British voters sour on immigration? After years of propaganda, denial and suppression, many among those who didn’t already understand the nature of the problem are slowly beginning to wake up. However, given the nature of our electoral system (pointed out by Bantu Education) and the low turnout (referred to by David Ashton) this powerful (and growing) strand of public opinion has yet to percolate upwards to our political classes, most of whom – starstruck by the globalist elites, and falling in line with the Westminster groupthink – hold the electorate in utter contempt.