In Germany, Turkish Muslims Hope for Muslim Majority

Soeren Kern, Jewish Press, August 27, 2012

Nearly half of all Turks living in Germany say they hope there will be more Muslims than Christians in Germany in the future, according to a new survey of Turkish-German mores and attitudes.

The study also shows that Islam is becoming an increasingly important component of the value structure of Turks in Germany, especially among the younger generation of Turkish-Germans, who hold religious views more radical than their elders’ views are.

The findings have filled many Germans with a sense of foreboding and are certain to contribute to the ongoing debate (herehere and here) about Muslim integration (or, rather, lack of it) in Germany.

The 103-page study, “German-Turkish Life and Values“ (abridged version in German here), was jointly produced by the Berlin-based INFO polling institute and the Antalya, Turkey-based Liljeberg research firm, and was released to the public on August 17, as a follow-up to similar studies conducted in 2009 and 2010. It aims to determine just how satisfied the estimated 2.7 million Turks living in Germany are with their life there.

Of those Turks surveyed, 27% were born in Germany (77% of 15- to 29-year-olds were born in Germany) and 39% have lived in Germany for at least 30 years. Only 15% of Turks, however, consider Germany to be their home—compared to 21% in 2009, and 18% in 2010.

The survey also shows that labor migration is no longer the main reason why Turks immigrate to Germany; only one in five respondents said they had gone to Germany to look for work. Rather, the most important reason Turks gave for immigrating to Germany was to marry a partner who lived there. More than half of the Turkish women interviewed said they moved to Germany for that reason.


In the area of hypothetical voting patterns, the vast majority (80%) of Turks surveyed say they would vote for leftwing or far-leftwing parties if they were able to vote in Germany. {snip}

Almost all Turks surveyed (95%) said it is absolutely necessary for them to preserve their Turkish identity; in a sign indicating that efforts at integration have a long way to go, 62% said they would rather be around Turks than around Germans (in the 2010 survey, it was 40%). Only 39% of Turks said that Germans were trustworthy.


Of those Turks surveyed, 72% believe that Islam is the only true religion (in the 2010 survey, it was 69%); 18% say Jews are inferior people and 10% say Christians are inferior.

Arguably the most sobering finding of the study is that 46% of Turks say they hope that Germany will one day have more Muslims than Christians (in the 2010 survey, it was 33%). More than half of Turks (55%) believe that Germany should build more mosques.


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  • JustaWhiteMom

    Any government employee or citizen who in any way advocate for or abets further Turkish infiltration into Germany is a traitor who deserves to be hung.  Period. 

    It is long past the point where this can be considered a good faith idealistic social experiment.  This can only be seen as the deliberate destruction of Germany.

    • 1Forced_Registration

       Something has definitely changed in the values of Turks from 1994 through today. I realize a lot can happen in nearly 20 years, but this is not the experience I had with most of the Turks I knew there. I suppose I could see the writing on the wall with the changes that were happening to what was allowed in speech then. I ask the German’s that are here: What happened since 1995 to cause this change?

  • Oh look another Western country being flooded by non-Europeans.  It’s got to be because the indigenous French, Brits and Germans all asked for it and considered them equals as some are trying to claim here on AR repeatedly, hmm?  Yeah right !

  • Puggg

    There is a country where Turks are already in the majority.


    Considering the source of this article, I get the feeling the author considers this news a feature rather than a bug.  I’m sure the writers for and subscribers to this particular publication far more fear a mythical Hitler 2.0 than Turks spray painting swastikas on synagogues or burning them.

  • So if they don’t consider Germany their home, and if they want to preserve their Turkish heritage why not go back to Turkey?

    • bubo

      Probably because they want to make Muslim babies with German girls.   The main tenet of Islam is endless expansion.  

    • There are no white people paying taxes to support a welfare/dole lifestyle thats higher than is possible in Turkey for its productive citizens

  • 1proactive2

    This news is bad enough, but it’s also a near tragic comedy how western countries actually finance their destruction with tax dollars.  Where in the world did this cultural suicide trait among western leaders come from?  Is there anyone anywhere in the western world left, or at least alive, that can begin to put an end to this insanity?

    •  “Dollars” is the clue indeed.  Look behind the curtain if you wanna know who is really in charge of this charade…

    • ‘Where in the world did this cultural suicide trait among western leaders come from?”

      Well, they all have a certain sidekick in common, don’t they ?

  • This documents should make the white non Muslim majority shudder. I personally think that they should find a way to remove as many of the Turks as possible. They are not there for a better life as most immigrants who come to another are and have no interest in assimilation.

  • Northernfront

    Türken Raus!

  • anarchyst

    “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” would be good advice for ANY foreigner that comes to MY country.  If they don’t like it here, LEAVE. . .I used to put up with the diatribes of foreigners . . . I was able to “put them in their place” by stating to them” If life is so good in your country, WHY did you come here??”  “Go back to where you came from”.  The look of shock on their faces and the dead silence was priceless.That being said, BOTH zionism and islam are political systems masquerading as religions . . . I would require all zionists and muslims to register with the U S State department as “agents of a foreign government”.  Any subversive acts (which HAVE already happened and should have been prosecuted) would be punishable under federal law and would subject these (and other like organizations such as the $PLC, ADL, etc.) to sanction, indictment of their officers, confiscation of all property and assets and a one-way trip OUT of MY country. . .Fellow travelers would also be eligible for the same treatment. . . .
    For organizations such as CAIR, ADL, $PLC and others, assets should be frozen, their officers indicted and arrested. Mass deportations should take place. I don’t care what others think. Islam and muslims are incompatible with the United States of America and have no business here . . .WE ARE AT WAR . . . the islamists and their fellow travelers are using our own Constitution against us. . . THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “MODERATE” MUSLIM. This is evidenced by the lack of criticism (and outcry) from the so-called “moderate” muslim community.

  • whiteyyyyy

    It’s really that simple. Every tribe looks out for it’s own. Fairness, justice, equality and all the rest are just hollow words that politicians spout and fools believe.

  • So what we have learned from this article is the following:

    – Immigrant communities DO NOT assimilate as the generations go on. In fact, this article suggests that the younger generations have become increasingly radicalized.

    – Immigrants do indeed largely favor left-wing parties – because they can reap benefits from their traitorous positions.

    – Immigrants do not care at all about the host country, they simply want to enjoy the benefits.

    To any rational person, all of this would be more than enough to completely reverse the past several decades of suicidal mass immigration. But of course, reason is something the West has lost long ago.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    The great global integration experiment did not work. The traditional result of such “integration” is war. So, logically, I’m concluding that there will be armed conflicts throughout the West when the world economy collapses. Yet, if I try to prepare my friends and family for this catastrophe, they look at me like I’m crazy.

    • .

       It wasn’t supposed to work. It was supposed to provide cheap labor for agriculture, meatpacking, construction and hospitality industries and votes for politicians. They didn’t care about the long term consequences as long as they made short term profits.

  • RisingReich

     Any organized response by Germans or God forbid the German government itself  is bound to be deemed Hitler 2.0, and the world will have to rise up against the concept of “Germany for Germans” – for fear of another Holocaust on the way to ‘global conquest’.

    German history is already repeating itself.  The people of Germany don’t want to support the debtor nations in the EU, but the government doesn’t give a crap and is caving to the globalists, while allowing all kids of misery to continue domestically there.  The newspapers are already scheming about how to blame the breakup on ‘greedy Germans’.

    All the upcoming chaos in Europe is going to be blamed on the devil Germans, again.  I don’t know that, but have this terrible feeling about it.

  • KenelmDigby

    The Turks were brought into Germany as cheap labor – nothing more, nothing less.
    This story just illustrates the inevitable folly of importing cheap labor.
    Labor shortages come and go (they’ve been absent from Europe for 40 years now), but aliens last forever and eventually take over your nation into the bargain.

  • Vil

    This is some kind of old joke in Germany:

    Turk: “Turkey is the best country in the world!”
    *Turk moves to Germany*

  • newscomments70

    I remember, as a child, I read an article in National Geographic about East and West Berlin. East Berlin was obviously drab and depressing. West Berlin however was full of vice and Muslim immigrants. Even National Geographic admitted that many Muslims, often Turks, come to Germany for their generous welfare programs. They give them a monthly income based on the number of children that they have…paradise for these breeding thirld world immigrants. At that time I thought that communism in East Berlin was an awful reality, but at least the German girls were protected from the Muslim rapists. 

  • mobilebay

    How about NO Muslims anywhere in the civilized world.

  • TeutonicKnight67

     As the NYC suburbs (Long Island in particular) become more and more economically unfeasible for whites, the moslem population will continue to grow. I too have watched them convert the oddest structures into temples for their death cult all over Long Island. White areas are quickly being surrounded and turned into enclaves. It reminds me of Conan the Barbarian when the snake temples of Thulsa Doom began to appear all across the land.

  • RisingReich

     Already happened at least twice by conservative count, and it appears it’s time for round three.

  • RisingReich

    World history is also repeating itself, with the world’s newspapers gently smearing Germany in the financial media, as you stated.

    Your titbit is indeed annoying and one which I have trouble believing and no interest in exploring.

  • RisingReich

     That will never happen, it will be viewed as the beginnings of another mass extermination effort, and Germany will have to be de-Nazified all over again.

  • RisingReich

     I’m confident they will rise again, my friend.  The rustlings have already begun. 

  • After East and West Germany were reunited following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Germans should have expelled the Turkish workers and replaced them with East Germans. They could have given the East Germans incentives to take over the Turkish workers’ jobs. and kept it in the “German family’ so to speak. Instead, it gets this potential nightmare.

    Anyone have any idea WHY TF Germany imported Turks to work in Germany, and whose brilliant idea was it? Was it because Germany and Turkey fought alongside in World War I, and the Germans felt some sense of obligation?

    • American occupiers forced the Turkish laborers on the section of Germany they and the Allies occupied, because Germany “needed the workers” (for some strange reason, it was suffering for a dearth of able-bodied men), and to flood them with non-whites to punish them for having a nationalist regime.