Philadelphia Standardized Test Scores Drop Significantly Following Improved Security Measures

Huffington Post, September 24, 2012

Following the implementation of unprecedented security measures to fight cheating, 2012 standardized test scores in Philadelphia dropped significantly across every grade level, KYW reports.

This decline on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) test scores reverses a nine-year upward trend. The tests are used in determining whether students in third through eighth grade and 11th grade are performing at grade level.

Overall, scores fell nine points in math—from 58 percent to 49 percent of students scoring at “advanced” or “proficient”—and seven points in reading—from 52 percent to 45 percent.

“This is the new level that we’re going to measure kids by. Because it’s very clear from the data that we’ve seen, that it’s been elevated—artificially elevated—for the last couple of years,” state education secretary Ron Tomalis told the station.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that all but two of the 53 city district schools and all three charters under investigation for extremely high rates of wrong-to-right erasures on test answer sheets showed declines in reading and math. In addition, 17 district schools and two charters saw their passing rates drop at least 30 points from the previous year.

Results show that only 33 schools made Adequate Yearly Progress under the federal No Child Left Behind law, down from 110 schools the previous year. Of those schools, almost half are special-admissions schools that enroll only academically talented students, reports the AP.

Policy changes put in place in Philadelphia and Hazelton school districts and three charter schools prohibited teachers from administering the exams to their own students.

At 11 district schools under a state probe, the tests were locked away prior to being administered.


Philadelphia isn’t the only city confronting far-reaching standardized testing improprieties. A widespread systematic cheating scandal across at least 44 Atlanta public schools uncovered last year led to 10 of the accused educators being terminated through the tribunal process, and over 100 more being forced into early retirement or resignation.


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  • Because it’s very clear from the data that we’ve seen, that it’s been elevated—artificially elevated—for the last couple of years,”

    Elevated by cheating.

    Whenever you read an article (especially in the New York Times) of a minority school that defies the minority trend, you know there’s cheating involved. You can also be sure that the New York Times won’t do a follow up article. 

  • IKantunderstand

    Clearly, Infirmative Action has not gone far enough. If firefighter tests are changed, and police tests are changed, and the civil service test was abolished… This is soooo simple: change the damn tests!  You know: Spell “cat”, all right you wrote “kat” ; shoot, close enough! You’re ready for college! We already know a college degree (Bachelors) is pretty much worthless. So is a Masters. Pretty soon a Phd will be worthless! We are going to have to have Super Phd.’s, or Super Duper Masters. I know this crap is going on so employers can avoid hiring stupid minorities.  You do realize, this is a never ending circle. We are all reduced to waiting for godot.

    • IstvanIN

       A college degree in African-American studies, Women’s studies, Social Work and Human Services are not worth what a HS diploma was 40 years ago.  I have to interview and hire these nit-wits who are incapable of putting together a coherent sentence, let alone speak something akin to standard English.

      • 5n4k33y3s

        All that crap ought to be eliminated from any respectable learning institution. Now we have to have White Studies and Men’s Studies, and White Men’s Studies to put these aggrieved racial studies and insolent Feminist studies professors in their place.

        Also, since there’s “Black History Month”, there ought to be “White History Decade”, because we have so much more to talk about. And when one “White History Decade” ends, the next one begins, with the Icelandic Sagas, all the way up to current events.

    • I think it depends a lot on the major. I’m majoring in Computer Science and Math with a minor in Russian. That will be much more valuable than  what the idiots cruising through college to get their liberal arts degrees receive. There are a lot of students at my University who have no business at an institution of higher learning. Come to think of it there are also a lot of professors who don’t belong as well…. 

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I hope that degree in CS will help you get a decent paying job.  I really do.  But, considering the number of H1Bs and L1s imported into the country to keep wages down, I am not optimistic for anyone you studies for the IT field.

        Now, that degree in Russian should help you snag a REALLY good looking Russian wife, assuming you have gotten that lucrative position. . .

        • That’s actually a bit of a myth. Most of the jobs taken up by the types you mention is IT work (not the same as programming jobs) and the programming jobs they do take are usually positions skilled programmers would see as beneath them.  

          About Russia: Their economy is booming and have huge upside in that department. They have a huge landmass, a ton of resources, and  very healthy technology sector. It will be interesting to see what they are able to do unconstrained by Marxism. (Also race realism is more widely accepted there than in the U.S.)

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Yeah, and these Russian beauties aren’t exactly clamoring to shack up with some American guy nowadays. We sure did mock them with our blue jeans and rock n’ roll, but they’re having the last laugh. 

          • Sherman_McCoy

            I hope you are correct, Mike.  But my experience at the largest Mutual Funds provider in the USA was that all programming tasks were being offshored to the Indian subsidiary, and any local programmers were either Indians (H1-B or bodyshopped in L1s) or very poorly paid recent graduates.  Now that I live in Germany and work for one of the largest banks in the country, I have seen all programming teams cut to onw person each, who manages a team of Indians in India, or that rotate in.  Those of us in infrastructure support have seen drastic cuts, as well, with most of us being replaced by cheaper labor in Prague.

            I like Russia, generally, though I wish Putin were a genuine Nationalist.  My Russian wife and I have considered moving there once I am no longer able to find employment here in Germany; a day which seems to be looming ever closer.

            I stand by my statement about marrying a “racist” Russian, who cannot stand blacks, Muslims, Gypsies (especially) or Jews, though I have explained to her that Jews are not all bad, and in fact, about 5% are probably conservative race-realists.  She usually retorts that it is also less than than 5% of blacks who are not Obama-voting parasites, and that you have to play the odds.  But I digress. . .

            14 years together, so far, with two beautiful blond-haired, blue-eyed children.  These have been the best years of my life.  

          • do these “conservative” jews seek to defend US against the jews who have done us sooo much harm? Listen to your wife. When a pack of wolves have a deer on the ground,do you ever hear a wolf try to defend the deer??

          • Ed_NY

            One advantage for Russia is they are not shackled by 39,000,ooo+ blacks.   

          • Amen for that. Ed, I can tell you the average Russian Ivan and Tatiana has less use for Bantus than Archie Bunker had for George Jefferson. My father, who was born in old Byelorussia, con-sidered voting for George Wallace in 1968.

            The only reason Bantus were allowed into the old USSR was because of all this Marxist claptrap about “universal brotherhood’, that the leaders spouted.

            On You Tube, there’s a video of Paul Robeson singing the praises of Stalin – absolutely hilarios, in MHO.  

  • Puggg

    Truism of life:  Blacks can’t really get ahead unless there’s cheating or affirmative action…same difference IMHO.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    Blacks can’t really get ahead unless there’s cheating or affirmative action

  • Defiant White

    John Adams stated that our Constitution could only work for a moral people and no other.  It’s no accident that the decline in morality has paralleled the decline of white dominance.

    I know many of you hate Christians.  Almost every (supposedly) pro-white or (so-called) WN forum attacks Christians as much if not more than they attack blacks, mexicans and jews.  In fact, one three-letter site makes it a habit.

    There’s no question Christianity has been compromised and now, for the most part, works against white interests.  That’s no different than any of our other social institutions.

    But it was Christianity that gave us our fundamental morality and I don’t see anything better coming from the likes of those whites who attack Christians.  In fact, despite their lofty rhetoric, I think those whites are more dangerous to our interests than negroes, mexicans and jews combined.

    I don’t care if you call him “Jesus” or  taunt him as “jeebus” or whether you’re an atheist.  We whites need MORALITY.  We need moral leaders.

    It wasn’t the kids who were cheating in Philadelphia . . . it’s the people we pay to teach our kids . . . and the rot goes all the way to the top.  That is disgusting.

    • morality comes out of sex. 

    • anonymous_amren

      Christians, black people, and mexicans (but not Jews) have a lot in common. They are all proven to have lower than average IQs, be underrepresented in science and technology, demand special priveliges, undermine our education systems, show the most extreme hatred and contempt for everyone else even when those people are bending over backwards for them, don’t see anything wrong with sadistically torturing others (although Christians have the decency to wait until after you’re dead), try to ban any understanding of human evolution that would inconvenience them, and the government and public service are dedicated to pleasing them ahead of common sense.

      And of course black people and mexicans are far more likely to be Christian than white people are.

      It wasn’t Christianity that gave white people morals. It was evolution. White people who didn’t cooperate, or didn’t show self-restraint, didn’t survive the winter, so their genes didn’t get passed on to the next generation. On the other hand, black people who had no morals survived anyway, then raped and impregnated everyone they could.

      Most of the people that helped black people cheat, would have been Christians.

      • schmenz


        List of stupid, lower than average IQ Christians:  Beethoven, Dante, Aquinas, Chesterton, Louis IX, Michaelangelo, Charlemagne, Pasteur, etc.

  • You have to feel sorry for teachers whose raises depend on student improvement, and they see more non asian minority students enter the classes.

    • Indeed, I don’t see the purpose of fretting over student improvement, as least as far as blaming the teachers when students don’t care to learn.  Schools should make full efforts to allow anybody who wants to learn the ability to do so, but while you can lead a horse to water…

      I wonder if one way of encouraging student improvement is to genuinely fail students who don’t get passing grades, forcing them to repeat years.  If you need to have 16 year olds in fourth grade as a result, so be it.  If a student can no longer be with his friends as they go on to the next grade without him, that might provide more incentive for the student to study.

    • Intellectual dishonesty has all sorts of unfortunate bi-products. 

    • The__Bobster

      I don’t. They refuse to speak up and tell the truth, that they can ‘t teach idiots. Instead they ask for more money to throw at the problem.

  • APaige

    Only Blacks can cheat on exams AND still have low scores.

    • Oil Can Harry

      That’s because they copy off of other blacks.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I rather believe that it is because they are:

        A) unable to memorize the answers, or
        B) cannot read/write their own crib sheets.  Or, it is because
        C) they got the answers from black “teachers,” many of whom are nearly as illiterate as their “students.” Or perhaps
        D) a combination of all of the above.

      • The__Bobster

        Which is why they want White kids in the classrooms.

  • Who knew?

  • Fashion Avenger

     We must repeat the anti-white Christian mantra of the Marxist , leftist demo-rats; it the White man’s fault, repeat.

    • Sloppo

      I am Christian, but for some reason I feel no obligation to start chanting lies.  Lying is a sin.  Instead of attacking Christianity, I wonder if it would not be a better idea to attack the idea that Christianity is supposed to promote this thing called “political correctness” which is actually pure dishonesty.  Christianity should not be anti-white or anti-any race, but instead it should be for ethnic preservation.  The PC multicultural marxists are promoting the interests of the globalists who seek to destroy all nationalities and enslave the world under a global government.  Christians who understand and believe Biblical prophesy should not want to be on the side of the globalists because they would then be aligned with an entity which will be opposed and destroyed by God.

      • anonymous_amren

         I think you misunderstood. I think he was complaining about attacks on white Christians. I don’t think he was criticising Christians.

        … but I will. Lying isn’t a sin in Christianity. Telling the truth is a sin. Not as bad as in Islam, where they cut off your head for telling the truth, but still pretty bad.

        Left wingers aren’t the only people to have invented a kind of Political Correctness. Almost anyone who can get away with it will try to censor what people are allowed to think, religion is especially fond of that. For example, you use the made-up, meaningless word “sin” to describe things you don’t like, to prevent people from being able to argue with you about it.

        People who understand Biblical prophesy don’t believe in it. Biblical prophesy is a complete laughing stock. It’s nothing but the dreams of crazy people, and should never have been included in the Bible. That people in the USA base political policy on biblical prophesy is truely frightening and mind-boggling.

        Secularism is a uniquely Western, Jewish, and NE Asian concept, probably because it is proportional to inteligence. Christianity is much stronger in black people, hispanics, and other third-worlders.

        Once the United States is completely overrun with third-worlders, secularism will be dead, and Christians will be able to rejoice about how much more Christian and religious their country has become.

        • Sloppo

          I believe you are right about my having misunderstood the other post.  Oops.  Obvious mistake.  Regarding your expressed viewpoints regarding Christianity, I disagree with most of it but I think I can understand how you might have reached some of your conclusions.  Perhaps you knew that many different groups of people who self identify as Christian have substantial differences in their beliefs.  I agree with your apparent belief that the Christians who welcome third-world immigration are foolish to do so.  Many secularists do that too and I disagree with them also.

          • schmenz

             Sloppo:  You must be a Christian, to be so charitable in your reply to such breathtaking ignorance.

  • JohnEngelman

    Public school systems and local governments are under considerable pressure to improve school performance. Unfortunately, despite spending more money on public schools, and trying various new learning methods, there has been little if any improvement.
    Nevertheless, schools that outperform the United States are always schools in countries where nearly everyone is white or Oriental. 
    Rather than worry about the fact that students in Finland, Japan, Korea, and Canada outperform American students in mathematical, reading, and scientific literacy, we should take pride in the fact that by some miracle American students manage to outperform students in quite a few countries with higher white populations than exist in the United States. 
    Public school teachers in the United States deserve our gratitude and respect. They are doing an excellent job with what they have to work with. 

    • I assume you except the teachers in Hotlanta who instituted Answer-Changing parties to get together and change the test answers?

  • anonymous_amren

    If you’re using TOR, that’s normal. Otherwise, I don’t know.
    Maybe you have a dynamic IP address?

  • anonymous_amren

     While I prefer the exam system, I’m not sure that it is actually fairer. Exams are more susceptible to random chance than a semester of course work.

    But there’s no doubt that boys benefit more from the exam system. I don’t think it’s just about corruption though, there’s a psychological difference in the kind of assesments each gender likes, even if they were marked completely fairly.

  • The__Bobster

    Have you ever seen one written in Ebonics?

  • Whirlwinder

    Hum, sounds like the Superentendant for the Atlanta school system has been up there in Philadelphia torquing the numbers for their school system. What a disaster for the kids and the nation.