Census: PR Poverty Up, Income Down

Caribbean Business, September 23, 2012

The percentage of people living in poverty in Puerto Rico inched up last year as incomes fell, according to newly released U.S. Census Bureau figures.

Puerto Rico’s poverty rate was pegged at 45.6 percent in 2011, up slightly from the 45 percent mark in 2010, according to the Census Bureau data released Thursday.

The Census numbers show that nearly 1.673 million island residents were living below the federal poverty line last year, up from roughly 1.659 million in 2010.

The poverty rate in Puerto Rico remained far ahead of the poorest state, Mississippi, where 22.6 percent of the population was below the poverty line in 2011.

The current federal poverty line for a family of four with two minor children is $22,881 per year.

The median household income in Puerto Rico fell to $18,660 last year, dropping from $19,370 in 2010, the new Census data shows.


The percentage of Puerto Ricans on food stamps inched up from 36.7 percent in 2010 to 37.5 percent in 2011.


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  • The__Bobster

    Yet some idiotic Republicans wanted to make that money pit a state, a welfare state that would vote Democrat forever.

    • jedsrael

      GOP’s mantra is “Get As Many Dems Elected As Possible, especially Obama 2012. Nominate Romney!”

  • jedsrael

    Demographics is Destiny, and we are doomed.  You can feel it.

    •  I don’t know, ever seen the movie 300? 

      “Give them nothing, and take from them . . . . . . EVERYTHING!”

    • If it gets to the point when the food stamps cards go down, the demographics will change for those who will not work to eat.

  • They need to be their own country.  We have no interests there.

    • Or just handed back to Spain.  When you consider what we got from the Spanish American War–Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Cuba–I’m not really sure that we actually won.  Perhaps Guam was a plus for us though.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yes, that’s a good point. I haven’t found Puerto Ricans to be particularly intelligent. They have a strong bent toward crime and drug usage.

        • Northernfront

          All who can should check out the Puerto Rican neighborhood sometime, this is always the case.

          Puerto Ricans make Puerto Rico.

      • IstvanIN

         Might as well give ’em back to Spain.  Juan Carlos already reigns over a bunch of blacks and “Latin Americans” in Spain proper and probably wouldn’t notice a few more.

  • Puggg

    But Puerto Rico has a Republican Governor, they say.

    PRs are natural Republicans, they say.

    Stupid “they.”

  • “The poverty rate in Puerto Rico remained far ahead of the poorest state,
    Mississippi, where 22.6 percent of the population was below the poverty
    line in 2011. ”

    Even Puerto Ricans, on their tiny island, manage to live better than Blacks in America.  What a country!

    • APaige

      The strange thing about Mississippi is that it has a large black population, but the crime rate is lower than other states with a large number of black people. It is also the poorest state, yet it is one of states where the people donate the most to charity. Anyone know why?

  • APaige

    An island that is populated by black hispanics…what could go wrong? For the sake of space to those that would reply…what could go right?

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Puerto Rico is NOT America.

    I’m against having “territories”.  It has done nothing but force Americans to pay for a bunch of Third World Aliens.  If there’s an expert on Foreign Policy here who can tell me what America has gained from having our Flags planted in Third World Countries, please tell me what it is ’cause all I see is Trillions in Foreign Aide which has done nothing but build up other people’s military’s (SUICIDAL!) and that our Country has been flooded with them (aliens) and their cultures. 

  • And this is the proposed 51st state?

    God help us.

    • anmpr1

       Ummm…didn’t you get the memo?  The 51st state is somewhere in the Middle East.

    • Seek

      Newt Gingrich during the Nineties aggressively tried to persuade House colleagues to admit Puerto Rico as a state.  Jack Kemp also was outspoken in his support.  As is Karl Rove and George W. Bush.  Democrats may be sinister, but Republicans are simply clueless.  

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    It’s just like Mexico, except smaller and an island. Where I live our local latinos are all Puerto Ricans. At least Mexicans can potentially be deported, no such luck with these parasites.

  • I’m Puerto Rican and I don’t like Puerto Ricans very much.  My mother scolds me for not being a proud Puerto Rican/Latino to which I reply “proud over what exactly?”  I’m very ashamed to say I’m Puerto Rican and cling to my distant Spanish ancestors and well off and accomplished family as a source of pride.

     I don’t look or act like them.  Nobody believes I’m a Puerto Rican when I tell them.  Some days I want to change my last name (I just need to change one letter and it becomes an English name) and move to a lily white neighborhood.  Except I’d feel I would be denying my heritage and dishonoring my Spanish ancestors so I just say I grew up in Florida unless pressed for more info when asked.

    Anyway, sorry for my island homeland’s mestizo/mulatto/quadroon problems but there are too few of the productive white ones and too many of them.  My family complains about Puerto Ricans having too many welfare moochers among other things.

  • Well with REpublicans all you need is low taxes and regulation, PR fits the low taxes because corprations received a break and not certain of regulation in PR. 

    • Yes, another problem with us having Puerto Rico is that U.S. businesses leave the mainland and set up shop in the PR tax haven instead (http://www.vdare.com/posts/puerto-rican-tax-amnesty-for-microsoft ), costing America jobs and lost tax revenue in the process.  One wonders if we can re-fight the Spanish American War but this time have the loser get Puerto Rico.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     Ours at least. Theirs seem to flourish.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     If we are lucky, Puerto Rico will become part of the European Union and become Germany’s burden.

    • Puggg

      I don’t hate Germany that much!  (Or at all.)

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         Neither do I. I was just being sarcastic since Germany has to take care of all the other countries over there.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Axe me if I care if they’re poor. Just axe me.

    Now, axe me if I want to help them out and take them on as a burden. Just axe me.

  • Northernfront

    How can we reduce the breeding of these people?