Police Turned a Blind Eye to Sex Grooming Gangs for More Than a Decade, Confidential Files Reveal

Rob Preece and Jack Doyle, Daily Mail (London), September 25, 2012

Police turned a blind eye to  allegations of sexual abuse of white girls by gangs of largely Pakistani men for more than a decade, it was claimed yesterday.

Research, reports and case files also revealed that council officials were desperate to cover up any racial link to the abuse of young girls.

The research shows that a string of warnings dating back as far as 2000 were ignored by the authorities. In many cases, police action was taken only against the victims.

Among the alleged crimes for which no one was prosecuted were:

  • A 14-year-old girl being forced to perform sex acts on five men – four Pakistanis and an Iraqi Kurd asylum seeker;
  • A British Pakistani man was found in a car with a bottle of vodka and a 12-year-old. Both were arrested on suspicion of stealing the car. Police also found pornographic images of the girl on the 22-year-old’s phone;
  • A 14-year-old girl missing for a week was found under the influence of drugs in a car with a man 20 years older. They had had sex but he was arrested only for drug possession;
  • A 13-year-old girl was found drunk at 3am in a derelict house with a ‘large group of adult males’ who had plied her with vodka. She was arrested for a public order offence while the men walked away.

According to previously confidential documents seen by The Times, police in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, found evidence of thousands of similar crimes and described ‘networks of Asian males exploiting young white females’.

The groups were reported to have trafficked victims to cities including Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham.

Despite this, just two prosecutions of groups of men for sexual abuse have taken place in South Yorkshire since 1996.

In 2002, Home Office-funded research criticised officers for treating young victims as ‘deviant and promiscuous’ while ‘the men they were found with were never questioned or investigated’.

Revealing the fears over the racial element to the abuse, a 2010 report from the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board said the crimes had ‘cultural characteristics … which are locally sensitive in terms of diversity’, but warned of ‘sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships’.

Denis MacShane, MP for Rotherham, said: ‘There’s a culture here of denial and cover-up and a refusal to accept the reality that we have men living in the Rotherham community who treat young girls as objects for their sexual pleasure. It’s time to tell the truth. We must root out this evil.’

The revelations come only three months after it emerged that social services in Rotherham had known for six years that a teenage mother, murdered for bringing shame on the families of two men who had used her for sex, was at clear risk from predatory gangs.

Laura Wilson, 17, had been groomed by a string of men before she was stabbed and thrown into a canal to die for informing her abusers’ families of the sexual relationships.

Her killer Ashtiaq Asghar, who was 18 at the time, was given a life sentence and will serve a minimum of 17-and-a-half years after he pleaded guilty to murdering Laura in October 2010.

But it emerged in June that Rotherham Council’s social services were well aware she was at risk and had received information about certain adults suspected of targeting her from the age of 11.

A serious case review report confirmed that Laura had dealings with 15 agencies and identified ‘numerous missed opportunities’ to protect her.

It stated that she eventually became ‘almost invisible’ to care professional.

Rotherham Council’s Cabinet member for services for children, young people and families, Councillor Paul Lakin, said: ‘There is no question that we will do whatever we can to protect our young people from harm in whatever form that threat takes.

‘The Council has already acknowledged publicly that there have been lessons learnt from previous work, cases and investigations and that the support offered to a small number of vulnerable young people has not always reached the high standards we always look to provide.

‘From that learning, improvements have been made and new services introduced and those developments will continue.

‘Following the recommendations from a serious case review, inspections and our own learning on other cases, the sexual exploitation team has recently evolved from the original youth service
project into the new multi-agency service to improve preventative and support work along with boosting efforts to investigate cases and bring people to justice.

‘We are also maintaining our major investment in protecting children at a time when public sector budgets are under increasing pressure.

‘We have pledged our commitment by prioritising the amount of money being put into safeguarding services along with prevention and early help work with families to help ensure they get the support they need.

‘Sexual predators do come from different sections of the community and are criminals who need to be brought to justice regardless of their background.

‘We have worked closely with communities and community leaders across Rotherham in recent years to enlist their support in helping to tackle some of these issues and to educate people about sexual exploitation.

‘The response has been very positive and our commitment to continue to tackle this issue is shared by local agencies and our communities.’

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said any suggestion that it ‘and its partners have been reluctant to tackle child sexual abuse is wrong’. He added that safeguarding children was not just about prosecuting individuals.

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  • NorthernWind

    The BNP  has been talking about this for years and they were predictably vilified as racists. I’m glad that a mainstream news outlet has published a story which states the reality of the situation in no uncertain terms. White girls victimized by Arabs/Pakistanis/Muslims.

    • rightrightright

      Once the news was unstoppably out, the media immediately turned the story round, declaring that the BNP was exploiting the situation to stir up racial hatred.  No mention of the fact that the BNP were for about 10 years the only voices protesting the fate of these youngsters while the media blanked the tragedy.  Then, the reports came out that “Asian” men were the culprits and if there was a stray White man among the paedos, his was the picture used in the press.

      • PorcellioScaber

        “Exploiting the situation to stir up racial hatred” = revealing the facts in order to tell people the truth.

  • jedsrael

    Sadly, none of the elites’ White daughters are sexed by nasty Pakis, but even worse they probably all take up Diversity sex partners at Cambridge.

  • The__Bobster

    I saw Tony Bleah on TV yesterday. The traitor should be in hiding.

  • Defiant White

    As a white man, I appreciate the danger of speaking against fellow whites but it has to be said:  There is something fundamentally rotten in the English character.

    This is nothing new.  There is a tradition of them failing to protect themselves.  The jew Karl Marx, for example, was rightfully persecuted in every European country except one – England.  He lived in London for almost 40 years and is burried there.  Many of his mature works and most of his revolutionary activity took place there.

    The Brits have no true “Constitution” like thr US so they can pretty much pass whatever laws they want.  This is why I said that this death wish reflects a flaw in character.

    • curri

      Yes, there is something strange about the Brits who failed to emigrate. Another example is the worldwide reputation that British tourists have for drunken loutishness. Just do a google search for “loutish british tourists” to see what I mean. 

      • zimriel

         Worse are the English who did emigrate. The Dissenters, the Puritans. We call them “Yankees” now.

      • godzillabloggs

        Brits who failed to emigrate?  Are you suggesting that we should vacate our islands and leave a skeleton staff to look after the place?

    • rightrightright

      We can no longer pass whatever laws we want.  Law making is now predominantly a matter for the European Union.  Further, our representatives in Parliament ignore our wishes and continue to act in tandem with their colleagues across the West and the Anglosphere, furthering their agenda of destruction of our unique nations.  

      The USA is getting the same treatment.  Look how PC gags us all and indoctrinates our children.  

    • godzillabloggs

      You imply that whites in the US are protecting themselves, yet I keep seeing reports on Amren about the authorities failing even to recognise that there is an rash of violent crimes by blacks.-

    • loyalwhitebriton

      There is something fundamentally rotten in the English character

      LOL! I could throw that statement right back at you (simply by changing the word ‘English’ for ‘American’), considering that you have EXACTLY the same problems with immigration as we do, ie, uncontrolled and non white; yet you, like me, and everyone else, does little more than whinge about it on this, and similar, sites.

      You have a point about Britain not having a “true” (ie, formal) Constitution, but we do have the Magna Carta (1215) and the Bill of Rights (1689 (and which, interestingly, reaffirmed an Englishman’s right to bear arms)). Your Founding Father’s were familiar with both of these important documents, and incorporated many principles of both (like the right to bear arms, presumption of innocence, etc) into your Constitution.
      It’s high time we did the same thing.

      • KenelmDigby

        Consider the recent gang rape of an 11 year old girl in Cleveland, Texas.
         Granted, the girl was of Mexican descent, but the perpetrators were blacks. The story was covered by Amren – a very big effort was made by the American media and the American establishment to exonerate the perpetrators (lynching!, racism!, Jim Crow!), and to impugn the character of the 11 year old girl.

  • This does not surprize me because the police also turn a blind eye to honor killings that happen to Pakistani and Kurdish women who do not do what their families want them to do.

  • Ulick

    This ongoing story is the sickest of the sick when it comes to political correctness.  To think that some people would rather girls be raped and prostituted out against their will rather than potentially being called “racist” for blowing the whistle, shows just how powerful that word is to most people.  The brainwashing it took to get to the point where rape and sex slavery is the lesser sin than racism is mind-boggling. 

  • A couple of months ago I went fishing with a buddy of mine, we pulledhis boatinto the dock, I lifted up this big ‘ol stringer of bass this idiot onthe dockgoes, “Hey, yall catch all them fish?”Nope.”Talked ’em into giving up.””Here’s your sign.”
     — Bill Engvall

    Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t. — Mark Twain

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I want to know who these social workers are.  Are they Brits or are they Third World Aliens?  I have a hard time believing that a Brit would allow this to happen to their fellow Brit.  Any Brits out there who can tell me?

    • KenelmDigby

      They are most likely to be indigenous Britons.

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        That’s hard for me to believe.  That means they are turning Brits into sacrificial lambs.  There has to be a reason for this.  Did Britain sell his Soul to the Devil?

        • PorcellioScaber

          No, it sold its soul to Cultural Marxism. The upper echelons of the police, the judiciary, national and local government, the print and broadcast media, the so-called education system from nursery schools to universities, the NHS, etc., are riddled with it. These days this is manifested mainly by the elites’ membership (in all of these spheres) of an organisation (nominally an educational charity) called Common Purpose. Most British people don’t even know this is happening. How else do you imagine that Political Correctness, which stands the traditional values of British society on their head, has made such rapid headway in the space of less than a generation?

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            “Cultural Marxism”, the Devil, what’s the difference?  Both are Evil.

            What you describe there is EXACTLY what’s been going on here.  Who did this?  I want names.

          • PorcellioScaber

            Give the Devil a break. He could take lessons in evil from these people.

          • PorcellioScaber

            One name that I can give you – it crops up repeatedly in connection with Common Purpose – is Julia Middleton. 

            On our side is the courageous Brian Gerrish – his videos (exposing Common Purpose) are widely available on YouTube.

        • KenelmDigby

          I’ve lived here for my years than I care to remember, and believe me it doesn’t surprise me one iota.

    • blindsticks

      Are they Brits or are they Third World Aliens?


      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        Sickening.  I can’t write anything more ’cause if I did, I know it’d be deleted.

  • IstvanIN

    A society that will not protect its own children is a society that probably deserves to die.

  • bubo

    Infuriating but predictable.  Make no mistake about it.  Politically correct bureaucrats  and leftists are the enemy.   They will need to be dealt with in the harshest possible terms if Western Civilization is to survive this century.  

  • KenelmDigby

    The British poltical class will back up, protect and defend these Pakistanis to the hilt.
     – Rest assured, if any White English attempted vigilante attacks in revenge, the British police, authorities etc would treat them with the uttmost severity and mercilessness.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      I can’t help but wonder, will The White Peoples really let it happen?  Will we really allow ourselves to become enslaved?  We will really just give up everything our People built, created, fought and died for?

      • Pandemonium

        We  have already. The question is whether there is still time for us to save ourselves.

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          Since I’m one who Believes in God, I believe The White Peoples will Win.

          Yes, we can save ourselves.  That thing they call “White Flight” is much more powerful than what we write.  That’s action and that is all that is needed.  Well, not all.  Enlightening People to what the real deal is certainly  important too.

      • KenelmDigby

        As another commenter put it, Britain is the nation that will sling in you jail, forthwith, for the temerity of uttering a ‘racist tweet’

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          There will be an uprising.  It’s just inevitable.  I never could have children (could never even get pregnant) and now I know why.  I’d be in Prison for Life for sure.  If my child was abused and then ignored while the criminal was ‘politically correct protected’, I’d be murderous.

          My favorite parent is that dad who acted like he was on the phone at the airport and when the F.B.I. was walking down the aisle with the child molesting murderer, he turned and killed him good.  Perfect shot.  It was beautiful.  A good clean shot right to the side of his child raping and child murdering head.

    • godzillabloggs

      At the end of a very brief report about the conviction of some muslim child-rapists earlier this year, the BBC mentioned that there had been demonstrations outside a shop  linked to the crimes, and windows had been broken. True to form, the BBC stressed the fear felt by muslims in the area.

      I have heard nothing about any demonstrators being prosecuted, so perhaps the police are taking the line that the least said the better.  If severe sentences had followed,  the Daily Mail would have been sure to ask why the police had not acted so resolutely against the rapists..

  • godzillabloggs

    The Murdoch-owned (London) Times has been gnawing away at this story for years, unlike most of the rest of the media.  For the third day in a row, the paper has given the scandal  the full front-page treatment, and  it is now too big for even the BBC to ignore completely.  Even Parliament has been forced to do something, although no doubt damage-control will be the main aim.

    • blindsticks

      Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal

      … Files expose hidden
      child sex scandal … chiefs vow to bring child
      grooming offenders to ‘justice’ From the Daily Mail: Asian
      sex … That was 15 years
      – Cached

  • blindsticks

    I’d say more like thirty  years . Ten years ago was when it was first starting to come to the public’s attention. Political correctness started of in Britain as early as 1968 when Ted  Heath undemocratically  sacked EnochPowell for daring to broach the coming disaster.  Now, nearly fifty years on the whole system  is rotten with political correctness and with it this inherent fear of upseting the racial   minorities. They even teach our   kids about American Civil Rights History and  southern slavery (what has plantations and southern slavery and   American Civil Rights got to do with Britain? But this is the garbage our kids get lumbered with in modern schools , and making heroes out of phonies like Rosa Parks) much  to the detriment  of our own history with its  immense contributions to the world and humankind. Much of it took a turn for the worse when Tony Blair got elected and alowed in another three and a half million immigrants. Then  the Stephen Lawrence  incident  followed  by the ‘McPherson Enquiry’. 

  • Orion_Blue

    This was reported by The Daily Mail, an MSM Newspaper, but one that is all too frequently disparaged by the bien peasant ‘good-thinkers’ in such outlets as the BBC or most other media organisations. I wait to see if this reaches any other media outlet and if so, how it is spun to regurgitate all the usual twaddle about community cohesion and diversity.

    It really does seem to be the case that a hostile invasion is evidenced by this sort of behaviour.

    Perhaps one of the reasons why the statutory authorities charged with the duty of juvenile protection failed so spectacularly is that they are rifled through and through with the cultural Marxism baggage that made this hostile reverse colonisation possible in the first place. Also, ‘affirmative’ action (anti-White) hiring practices probably helped matters no end.

    I can still remember all the mouth-frothing from the usual suspects in the gutless press when news of these events were first mooted from the margins.

  • godzillabloggs

    “…..sex trafficking of white women by a certain middle eastern group that is not allowed to be mentioned here……”

    The US State Department and the UN have had no qualms about mentioning it in reports about trafficking.  However, I can understand the caution of the amren moderators.

  • godzillabloggs

    So now we know.

    Social services and police “missed opportunities” to stop
    the sexual abuse of young girls in Rochdale, a report into a grooming scandal
    has revealed.

    “Deficiencies” and “patchy” training of front-line
    staff were behind the failings, the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children
    Board said in its review of child sexual exploitation.

    It comes after nine men were jailed in May for grooming girls as young
    as 13.

    Lawyers say the findings could support
    “legal action against social services”.



  • godzillabloggs

    The most extensive MSM coverage of the scandal appears in the London Times.   No link can be provided because  it’s website has a pay-barrier,  but FrontPage Magazine has published some very telling quotes.

    ” Another confidential 2010 report. for the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board, noted that such crimes had “cultural characteristics . . . which are locally sensitive in terms of diversity”.

    It said: “There are sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships.
    Great care will be taken in drafting . . . this report to ensure that its findings embrace Rotherham’s qualities of diversity. It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided.”



    They also reveal that one young white
    girl, known by social services to have been sexually abused by Asian men from
    the age of 12, was offered language lessons in Urdu and Punjabi by Rotherham



  • PorcellioScaber

    I’ve no love of Arabs, but I can say, as an Englishman living in London (but often travelling the country), that this is true.

  • godzillabloggs

    It was reported yesterday that victims of one of  child sex grooming gangs plan to sue the  police, social workers and prosecutors. 

  • godzillabloggs

    Surprisingly,  the Sun – a tabloid with a wide circultion – has broken the taboo on mentioning that the BNP tried  to draw attention to the scandalous situation about 10 years ago.  To cap it all, the journalist in question has attacked the BNP in the past.


  • South Korean kid

    A 13-year-old girl was found drunk at 3am in a derelict house with a ‘large group of adult males’ who had plied her with vodka. She was arrested for a public order offence while the men walked away. 

    That one angers most.  The police officers in England are well-known for their gentle demeanor even in South Korea and Canada, but that is ridiculous and unacceptable.  There can never be any excuses for sexual violence against children.  This is a perfect “blame-the-victim” case here.  

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      What’s also sickening is the level of poverty in Asia that brings a parent(s) to sell their tiny little boys and girls into the sex trade.  And all so they can eat.  Me, I’d starve first and if I couldn’t make a way to feed my child, I’d kill him/her before I’d watch him/her starve to death.  I know that sounds “cruel” but for me, a slow and painful death is what’s cruel.  I can’t handle watching people or animals suffer and especially my own.

      I take part of that back.  I take the time to watch stink bugs die.  Soapy water works very well and you can watch them suffocate to death.  They destroy crops and drop their gross crap everywhere and they stink like nothing else so they deserve to suffer as much as possible.  And jap beetles.  They destroyed my flowers so they had to die too.  And, those bugs arrived in my Town with the arrival of asians.  Jap beetles have been here in America for a long time but not in my area until this past summer.  I’d never seen nor heard of a stink bug ’til just a short five years ago.  This isn’t fair to me.  I shouldn’t have to pay for spray or have to deal with them at all.  They belong in Asia dammit!