Teaching Them to Hate US

Mary Morrison, American Renaissance, June 1, 2012

The new school text books.

In 2010, Los Angeles got a new school, the Robert F. Kennedy K-12 Learning Center. Built on the site of the old Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles where Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, the school’s website notes that “the school was built to relieve underperforming and overcrowded schools located in the historically underserved neighborhoods of Pico-Union and Koreatown.”

At the school’s dedication, Robert Kennedy’s son, Maxwell Kennedy, proclaimed that “this new K-12 learning center will educate and empower our young people and their parents to fight for economic and social justice.”

Today, almost the entire Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has been turned into a series of “schools of social justice” based on the premise that the United States is a racist, oppressive nation that benefits whites at the expense non-whites. Today’s textbooks make that very clear.

During the first half of the 20th century, public-school textbooks instilled such values as patriotism and honesty, and honored our laws and language. Children of immigrants assimilated by learning about America’s ethics, standards, and codes of behavior.

Selections from a seventh-grade reader of the 1940s, Readings in Literature, promoted pride in America and made sure the next generation shared the culture of its ancestors. Here are the first four selections:

America the Beautiful, by Katherine Lee Bates

What is it to be An American? by Henry Cabot Lodge

Stand by Your Country, by Edward Everett Hale

The Morning of the Revolution, by George William Curtis

The next selection is a hymn. I cannot imagine any of these readings in a modern-day anthology.

Another once-popular California state high-school textbook, Beacon Lights of Literature, offers “boys and girls reading experiences which they will enjoy thoroughly and remember long,” and promises “countless adventures and marvelous riches.”

Selections from the “This Land We Love” category in the collection include Paul Revere’s Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Grandmother’s Story of Bunker-Hill Battle by Oliver Wendell Holmes, and America for Me by Henry van Dyke. The “Heroes and Heroines of Yesterday and Today” category includes “On the Oregon Trail,” from Ox-Team Days on the Oregon Trail, “The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers,” by Felicia Dorothea Hemans, “Lindbergh,” from The Book of Courage andThe Hoodoo” from The Boy Scouts Year Book of Ghost and Mystery Stories.

Another popular California-state textbook from the first half of the 20th Century was Good Reading for High Schools –Adventure. The editors suggested that selections be read aloud, “for only when he so reads them will a pupil realize the beauty of these types of literature.”

I cannot fathom, in today’s oppressive PC climate, reading aloud Robert E. Lee’s, Farewell, found in the “Oration” section, but the editors suggest that this is how a student will “realize the full beauty of its well-rounded sentences.” They also call this a good passage to “commit to memory.”

In the mid ’60s, textbooks like these were exiled to the LAUSD book depository, located in a run-down industrial area near downtown. Thousands of old textbooks moldered there for decades, each one marked “discard,” but were available to teachers who wanted to use them to supplement lessons.

In the late ’70s, after years of white flight due to forced busing and massive immigration from Mexico and Central America, the LAUSD student body became predominantly Hispanic, with a drop-out rate of approximately 60 percent. When asked, Hispanics and other students “of color” said they didn’t like school because they didn’t see anyone in their school textbooks who looked like them or represented their culture.

The LAUSD then adopted “multicultural” textbooks full of lessons about “people of color,” and put the mostly white teaching staff though hours of “professional development” to raise their “sensitivity level and awareness.”

The new textbooks depict a white-dominant America that is inherently oppressive. Non-whites are noble victims, struggling against an “institutionally racist” system that tries to keep them ignorant and poor. Brutal whites cling to a world that has passed them by.

One of these new mandated textbooks, called Perspectives in Multicultural Literature, comes in two volumes. 

Here students can read Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom’s, If Decency Doesn’t, Law Should Make us Good Samaritans, which favors legal punishment for “turning our backs on someone in desperate need.” There is also a speech by former President Bill Clinton to a black congregation called “Remarks to the Convocation of the Church of Christ in God,” which argues for gun control, passage of the Brady Bill, and more spending in decrepit inner cities. Cesar Chavez is included with a speech called, “What the Future Holds for Farm Workers and Hispanics,” in which he says:

Today, thousands of farm workers live under savage conditions, beneath trees and amid garbage and human excrement, near tomato fields in San Diego County, tomato fields which use the most modern farm technology. Vicious rats gnaw on them as they sleep. They walk miles to buy food at inflated prices.

Other readings include: “Coming of Age, Latino Style,” “Interview with Nikki Giovanni,” and “Straw into Gold” by Sandra Cisneros. In case you never heard of her, the book says she is a “Chicana” writer “from a working-class Mexican American background who found little opportunity to read or hear about people like herself.”

Scholastic Scope is a monthly magazine published by Scholastic, Inc. and widely used in Language Arts classes. It consistently pushes the message of “persons of color” fighting for dignity against a “racist, sexist American culture.”

The main feature of the January, 2008, issue is American Pastime, a readers’ theater drama about the relocation of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War.

The play begins with a description of the setting:

An irrational fear of Japanese-Americans gripped the United States. In 1942, the U.S. government forced more than 120,000 Japanese-Americans to leave their homes and live in ‘relocation camps’ where they were treated like prisoners. Most lost their homes and jobs.

In one scene, whites beat an innocent Japanese-American as they yell, “Why don’t you go back where you came from!” In another scene, a vicious white wrenches the arm of an aspiring Japanese-American baseball player, dashing his hopes for a college sports scholarship.

There is, of course, a sub-plot about a forbidden inter-racial romance between a Japanese camp resident and the daughter of the racist white sergeant who runs the camp. The daughter defies her furious father and promises to go off to college with the Japanese boy after the war is over.

After they have read the play, students are invited to discuss why it is important to be reminded of historical events like the Japanese relocation.

The February 2012 issue of Scholastic Scope included an article about the integration of Little Rock High School in 1957 called “When School was Scary.” The article comes with the famous photograph of Elizabeth Eckford entering the school, followed by a crowd of angry whites.

This is the caption under the picture: “A crowd of people shouted, ‘We don’t want you here!’ ‘Don’t Let her In!’ One girl’s face twisted into pure hatred: ‘Go back to Africa!’ she screamed.”

You can imagine what the article is like.

The main feature of a 2008 issue of Scholastic Action (a dummy version of Scholastic Scope for “struggling” high-school age readers) is an excerpt from The Express, a biography of a black football player named Ernie Davis. The front cover of the magazine asks:  “Can a young football star win his fight against racism?” Inside, Ernie is described as “a star athlete who never gave up on the field—or in his fight against racism.”

Here is how the excerpt begins. Note the simple-minded language, which is a far cry from the Robert E. Lee’s “well-rounded sentences”:

It’s 1949 in Uniontown Pennsylvania.  Ten-year-old Ernie Davis and his cousin walk along a set of train tracks. They laugh and sing as they collect empty bottles to earn money. Suddenly they see a gang of white boys who exclaim, ‘What are you doing here? This ain’t your side of town!

More white boys show up. Some have baseball bats. The white boys circle around Ernie. Ernie pushes through the white boys and outruns them.

Later, when he becomes a star college football player for Syracuse University, racist referees call him out of bounds unfairly, and bigoted hotel employees tell him to “stay off the elevators” and send him to a room down a dark hall in the basement.

This is the sort of thing children read every day in LAUSD classrooms. Gone are old fashioned notions of uniting students in a shared American heritage. Instead, students get an education that could not be better designed to make non-whites hate America and hate white people.

And has this massive effort to make sure non-whites see themselves in their textbooks narrowed the achievement gap? Here are the reading scores over the last 28 years on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP):

Whites and Asians still consistently outperform blacks and Hispanics. In fact, the average black or Hispanic 17-year-old performs at about the same level as the average white or Asian 13-year-old. The new-fangled methods are a great success at teaching just one thing: resentment.

Several years ago, we got orders to get rid of all pre-1980 textbooks. We also heard that the book depository had been shuttered, so the books were simply to be destroyed. Closing the depository was said to be a cost-saving measure, but a few teachers like me wondered if it wasn’t also an excuse to wipe out the hated past.

Of course, I kept my old textbooks and treasure them. They reflect an America that no longer exists, an America that is officially racist, sexist and homophobic, and that is being replaced with one devoted to victimhood and “social justice.”

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Mary Morrison
Mary Morrison has been teaching in Los Angeles schools for more than 20 years.
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  • The big contradictory element to what the LAUSD has done is this:  How do they expect Hispanics to get excited about the “civil right” struggles of blacks, when Hispanic gangs are ethnically cleansing blacks?

  • If you are white, please home school your children. Connect with other white families and pool resources. Its the only way your child will get a proper education, unless you can afford private school. 

    • Sheila Dinehart

      Home schooling may be a great thing if properly done.  Certainly I would consider the safety aspect of my children first…that is the easy test…if they are safe in their schools they are most likely being taught…but that is up to the parents.  Any parent can go to school and sit all day with his child observing the so called learning enviroment.  If it isn’t proper, then change it…sure it can happen.  I have a great distaste for people who whine and never actually do anything…if I can anyone can…I have done and said plenty of things others fear saying…I ain’t dead yet.  If your local schools are bad then you deserve them.

      • curri

        The US (including all public schools) is controlled by anti-white ruling elites:

        You can do anything anything you want with your local public schools as long as you agree with the ideology of the DC-Hollywood regime.

        • Bob

          hollywood, zionism, and the department of education(brainwashing)  are birds of a feather

      • ncpride

        You’re right. The only reason my children are still in public schools is because they are located in very rural areas are, between 90 to 95% White, and the regular curriculum has not been dumbed down to the special needs level. Now, that’s not to say I don’t pay very close attention to what my kids are taught, because I do. I’m very involved in what they learn, and it’s mostly due to the newer, younger teachers who have just graduated liberal brainwashing camp.. er.. I mean college, who leave me weary and watchful. I refuse to have my kids taught White guilt and all that other nonsense like my generation was.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       Please.  There are thousands of predominately white public schools in the US.  Move to the Midwest, for starters.

    • RockyBass

       Or education abroad. My stepdaughters upon arriving stateside were tested and found way ahead of where they needed to be for their ages. This is in an 87% White or Asian school district. My boy is 5 and doing great in an international school in Pattaya Thailand, when he returns, he will not have been filled with white hate, or self hate, but with knowledge instead (kinda the point one would think).

  • alastairabbacle

    Great article, this shows exactly what is happening.   A easily manipulatable, dependent new proletariat has been created in America’s cities.    
    It is so wonderful to see what used to be taught, before this obsession with race and class that permeated this country.  I absolutely love old textbooks.  They were so genuine, sparing, and direct.  Education has been assaulted by a confusing tangle of verbiage and political correctness, eminating from the Frankfurt School, the myth of the Noble Savage so loved by the hippies, and the genuine desire to create a new proletariat on the part of the Radical Left.

    PC and Herbert Marcuse:

    The Radical Left of Southern California in the 1960’s:

    “Of course, I kept my old textbooks and treasure them. They reflect an America that no longer exists, an America that is officially racist, sexist and homophobic, and that is being replaced with one devoted to victimhood and “social justice.”
    The three monkeys of PC have monkeyed around with our brain.  People no longer see reality, nor are exposed to it. 
    Racism – See no evil,  Sexism – Speak no evil,  homophobic – hear no evil    

    We need to attack this EVIL which has been allowed to grow under America’s nose,
    blinded by the three monkeys.

    • alastairabbacle

      By the way, I thought I would attach an image of the new “dependent” class.  With “depend&#xae”

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Is the writer of this article using her own name?  It just causes me some irritation when someone attempts to offer up information in secret.  After all many people do speak out about so many social ills so if they can risk ridicule and targeting then somone hiding has nothing to say of any import.  It’s cheap…so I hope this person really is Mary Morrison…I am who I say I am.

  •  Really?  As late as 2001, I could get two heads for a buck.  Now a buck won’t even get me one.

  • newscomments70

    After reading the excerpts of this anti-white screed, it’s obvious that they have declared war on us. 

    • Bob

      mexicans are different
      i know alot of 3rd and 2nd generation mexican americans who i would consider white under these guidlines
      hard working
      now the illegal alien is a different beast all on it’s own
      they are not always “mexican” in a racial sense or nationalistic sense
      alot of them are negroids, refugees from latin america, and the most undesirable garbage that came out of mexico
      mexico probably likes sending us their criminals
      and the liberals are happy to oblige

  • curri

    Believe it or not, the US (including all the public schools) is controlled by anti-white ruling elites:

  • WmarkW

    ” Several years ago, we got orders to get rid of all pre-1980 textbooks.”

    *Whew* missed that missile.
    WmarkW, XHS class of 1979

    • WmarkW

       BTW, do you know who was California’s governor in 1980? 
      Same guy who is now — Jerry Brown.

      He was a serious Presidential candidate before Bill Clinton was Arkansas’ attorney general.

  • My comment won’t be about literature-I’m not interested in trash (although, as a kid I read lots of trash)- but, about “visual minorities”.

    These children are very visibly brown & could not pass for White in any circumstance. I Googled some Hispanic faces- among others- and found dating sites in Dallas & Houston (I excluded Whites & Blacks & biracials):

    Some are clearly non-White, many could pass for White & many are “exotoc” mix of Whites & Indians -not nearly as “brown” as those kids.

    So- which is the dominant type ? “Close to White” or “not nearly White” ?

    • alastairabbacle

      We should only designate White Hispanics as Latino.

      Isn’t that the connotation?  Latins?

  •  Even in my VERY WHITE  Private school in So CAL, I vividly remember reading “A House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros.  This repugnant piece of “literature” is all about the disadvantages of a chicana girl growing up in racially segregated Chicago, BARF!  NO WHERE is safe, this will only end when WE decide to MAKE IT END.

    • KingKenton

      I agree. Even if you live in a rural area that is 100% White your children may be exposed to this Cultural Marxist propaganda. The ONLY way to ensure your children receive a quality education is to home-school them. Homeschooling is not that difficult; anyone with a high-school education level can do it. However, it does require lots of time, and commitment. You don’t have to do much in terms of lesson planning as the publisher of the home-school curriculum has already done that. All you have to do is see that it is followed and be able to answer (or get answers) to your child’s questions. Some home-school organizations will even assign you an advisor to help you and your children as needed.

    • Petronius

      Yes, So CAL Snowman, even at our youngest daughter’s private college-prep school there was “Mango Street” –– but even worse “Beloved” and “Bless Me, Ultima,” not to mention “Mockingbird,” “A Confederacy of Dunces,” and many, many more.
      Her 10th grade textbook was probably representative of the poison that passes for US history these days.
      This was “Give Me Liberty!” by Eric Foner, Columbia University professor and red-diaper baby.  Interestingly, television news programs employ Foner as an analyst for historical issues and textbook controversies.
      Bernie Goldberg ranked Foner #75 among the “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America” (2005).  David Horowitz described Foner bluntly as “an anti-American sixties radical [who] as a historian is an apologist for American Communism.”  Liberal historian John Diggins described Foner as “an unabashed apologist for the Soviet system and an unforgiving historian of America.”  Theodore Draper described Foner’s books as attempts “to rehabilitate American Communism.”  (“The Professors,” 177-179.)
      In Foner’s text everything that was good and uplifting about America is ignored, minimized, belittled, or discredited.  All that arguably was not good is magnified and scrutinized.
      British America’s shortcomings are emphasized, while those of other peoples are ignored or forgiven.
      The only mention of the Mayflower Pilgrims is contained in a small sidebar that is devoted almost entirely to Squanto.
      George Washington is mentioned only twice, once as a slaveholder, and again briefly.  With the notable exception of the radical pamphleteer Thomas Paine, the American Revolution receives short shrift, as do the founders.
      The heroic age of the American frontier is completely ignored, as are our pioneer heroes such as Capt. John Smith, Dr. Thomas Walker, Sir William Johnson, Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, John Sevier, James Robertson, George Rogers Clark, Sam Houston, et al.
      Foner’s book allocates prodigious space to slavery, much of it pretty horrific, like reading a Toni Morrison novel.  Foner’s coverage of the Old South, the Civil War, the Confederacy, and Reconstruction is particularly venomous.  If memory serves, he devotes two chapters largely to Jim Crow and the KKK.
      Of course there are also the obligatory chapters on abuse of the Indians by evil white male settlers, the women’s struggle against evil white male oppressors, the workers’ struggle against evil white male capitalists, the struggle of immigrants against the usual suspects, yadda, yadda, yadda.  As Draper noted, “From [Foner’s] account it would be hard to understand why so many millions of immigrants should have come to the United States for more freedom.”
      Finally one chapter is devoted mainly to trashing Senator Joe McCarthy (who outed Foner’s parents) and whitewashing communism and the Rosenbergs.
      The purpose of such teaching is to turn the hearts and minds of our children against America and against their heritage.  Is it any wonder that our children don’t want to study history any more?
      Such teachings are part of an across-the-board struggle that impinges on every aspect of our existence.

    • alastairabbacle

      GOD, what sluts! Those girls on Mango street, really….

  • JackKrak

    Someone needs to remind the Mexifornians that there is a place where  all the wonderful accomplishments (both of them) of their fellow countrymen are constantly praised, where schoolchildren can see positive images of people who look like them to give them role models and encourage them to succeed. It’s a place where Mexico and Mexicans are put first, where pride in their heritage is cultivated and promoted and they don’t even need to protest at the state capital or the local schoolboard meeting to to ensure it for future generations.

    It’s a place just a few hours down the road from Los Angeles, in fact…..

    • NM156

      No Earned Income Tax Credits, food assistance, or free MRIs in Mexico. No need to elaborate a long list of free benefits. Free stuff, not freedom is why they’re here. Imagine that in a few decades, the majority of the population won’t know anything about WWII or Vietnam, the miracle of the interstate highway system or the moonshot. It doesn’t mean squat to them, not only because their ancestors had nothing to do with those events, but because they are too stupid to care about their role in the country that those events created. They will be like medieval peasants living among Roman ruins. Peter Brimelow said that the immigration problem will “end in tears”. I agree. At this point, damage control is all that can be done.

      • alastairabbacle

        I am certain that when the current Bieberphiliac/ Negrophiliac/Gagaphiliac generation grows up, THEY WILL JUST LET THE MEXICANS SECEED.  

        There is such a self-centered, “I care not” mentality prevalent, there is NO WAY most White Americans kids will even bother fighting for our lost territory.   

        Nihilism rampant has destroyed the ramparts.  Parts of America will fall, to the slaughter the degenerate lamb.   

  • Which are the texts (stories, novels, poems) these kids must read ? Mentioned books are some kind of  collections of imbecile PC propaganda, but not true literature.

  • Hirschibold

     “Several years ago, we got orders to get rid of all pre-1980 textbooks.
    We also heard that the book depository had been shuttered, so the books
    were simply to be destroyed. Closing the depository was said to be a
    cost-saving measure, but a few teachers like me wondered if it wasn’t
    also an excuse to wipe out the hated past.”

    I hate to invoke “Godwin’s law” (also known as Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies) but maybe these lefties could have just burned the books in one big pile to save themselves some time.

  • dukem1

    When I was a kid growing up in the Cleveland area, the Browns drafted Ernie Davis…there was no doubt in the known universe that he was the heir apparent to Jim Brown…I had a friend whose mom was a tech at the big hospital complex, and everyone in our neighborhood new he was dying long before it was ever mentioned in the news…It was a miserable tragedy on every level imaginable…one I can feel even today, over fifty years later.

    So I say…to whoever is producing these textbooks in California…

    Leave Ernie the h*ll out of it…You don’t have a clue.

    Shameless racial huckstering…there is no end to it…We are doomed.

  • KingKenton

    One thing I found interesting in this story is the graph that shows Whites out-performing Asians. This doesn’t surprise me, but it does go against a lot of what I read in White Nationalist articles wherein the author usually makes the claim that Asians and Jews outperform Whites.

    • NM156

      Southern California has a large, dysfunctional Polynesian population, whose students would fall under “Asian/Pacific Islander”. They must be dragging down the average for the E. Asian students.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        They’ve been separated out now.  I don’t know when the chart in the above article was complied but a few years ago E. Asians were separated from PIs.  I strongly suspect the Chinese and Japanese were tired of being lumped in with those from Guam, Hawaii, Samoa and other PIs who score significantly lower than E. Asians –IOW,  they got tired of having their scores pulled down.

        Whites, OTOH, are lumped in (at the moment) with N. Africa and the Middle East. 

        (officially): Having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.

        I understand there is a very strong movement to separate Arabs from the “White” category, I think to lobby for special favors and privileges –  That plus NO one wants to be included with a group that is hated, reviled and receives nothing.

        The former Asian/Pacific Islander category now looks like this:

        American Indian or Alaska native

        Asian Indian


         Native Hawaiian
        Other Asians  
        Other PIs 

        Declined to state option is no longer available

        Pacific Islanders, in my experience,  also have vastly more behavioral problems than E. Asians.


      • Bob

        yea a large number of the polynesian race are part negrito
        i am part filipino myself and my family considers mongrel filipinos “undesirables”

    • JohnEngelman

      In this chart of SAT scores you can see that beginning with the school year of 1990-91 Asians greatly outperformed whites in mathematics. Since then the race gap between them and whites has grown, while they are reducing the gap in reading scores.

      • Asians are simpler & perhaps more functional human beings in a rat-race environment than Whites. They have the ability to sit quietly on their bums, learn incessantly & process information quickly. Some are creative, yes.

        But- they are NO trailbrazers. They are strangers to uniquely White conflict of soul with itself, from Aeschylus to Melville. They adapt & organize- very well- but are not ready to push the life to the extremes and beyond- even if it explodes. Their personalities are, compared with White person’s- sketchy, not rich & passionate. They, as a rule, don’t build “cathedrals” of anything- “cathedral” being extremely complex rich structure of creatively organized monument of science or arts- for instance, Bach’s Mass in B-minor, Magellan’s voyage around the globe, Newton’s Principia, Gauss & Lobachevsky’s invention of non-Euclidean geometry, Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel, Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, Darwin’s Origin of Species, Heisenberg & Schroedinger & Dirac’s Quantum Mechanics,..

        Accept this trivia & live with that.

        • alastairabbacle

          Would a mix of East Asian and White produce a child less “creative” than the average White?

          Bardon, I am a smart, creative White young man.  I am a highly skilled artist (in some unnamed field). This is a personal decision, affecting me.  

          I should consider not getting with an Asian, correct?  I still have a chance, I can produce either mixed or pure children.    What say you?  This is important to the future of several VERY smart generations. 

          • Bob

            no as a whole a union of white dna and oriental dna usually creates  intelligent offspring but great-ens the chances of creating an offspring that receives the negative traits of both races
            which is the reason why i am against interracial marriage and offspring 
            there hasn’t been enough experimentation done yet
            the modern day liberal has decided to play eugenicist with all the races of man attempting to create a “blended humanity” without even considering  the potential of failure 

        • Bob

          yes i agree as a whole
          i was always trying to put my finger on what the the exact difference between whites and orientals really is
          they aren’t people of faith and action
          it’s the truth and as a whole they are usually less confident and more submissive.
          they are BIG self doubters aswell with high levels of anxiety

        • zWsA

          Have you ever been to Japan? It makes the US look like a third world country.

    • JohnEngelman

      I just looked at the chart. 13 year old Asians out performed whites. 17 year old Asians tied whites. 

  • JohnEngelman

    It is difficult to teach civics and history objectively, but it should be tried. My fourth grade history book described the introduction of slavery to the English settlement at Virginia as a positive development. It was not until I want to college that I learned about the crushing of the Philippine Insurrection, or Japanese internment during the Second World War.  
    The War in Vietnam was tragically futile. Vietnam was unimportant to our economy or security. President Eisenhower estimated that as many as 80 percent of the Vietnamese supported Ho Chi Minh. If the American people had learned a more objective history of the United States, one that included without over stating episodes we should not be proud of, opposition to the War in Vietnam would have begun earlier, and been more effective.  

    • DelmarJackson

      John, I am not going to disagree with you on how we went to too many wars we should have stayed out of, but I am tired of the hearing how bad we treated japanese Americans in world war two.
       There were more than 140,000 white prisoners in Japanese prisoner of war camps. Of these, one in three died from starvation, work, punishments or from diseases for which there were no medicines to treat. They were beaten,tortured,worked to death,starved and beheaded.
       if you do some research of the japanese POW camps, and how they treated POW and civilians,, and then look at how we treated japanese Americans in our internment camps, you will realize who the bad guys really were.
       We apologized and made payment to our Japanese Americans. Japan has NEVER apologized to ANYONE for their actions in WWII.

      • Memphomaniac

        Thank you, Delmar. I can recall someone bothering to tell American Blacks how fortunate they are to be here instead of some hell-hole in Afrika. Of course, they were not impressed…..but it does not take a big brain to see the difference between life in North America and live in Afrika.

      • Bob

        my grandma was in the camps
        she told us that she didn’t have too much memories of it because it was a pretty mellow experience
        they didn’t just put japanese into those camps
        they put alot of asian americans who were relatively new to this country(first second generation immigrants) 
        since she lived in hawaii and lived relatively close to pearl harbor it was manditory. 

    • Bob

      dude opposition of vietnam was enormous
      it’s just another case of the government not listening or caring about what the people even think
      my parent’s told me that opposition to the vietnam war was bigger than opposition to the current war on “terror”
      we live in a country that is full of dictators 
      they don’t respect our rights to live in peace
      the people in charge have declared war on muslims whites, culture, objective history, religion, and are spurring a societal revolution.
      they treat human’s like ant colonies
      just one experiment after another
      the notion that people might get hurt probably doesn’t bother them too much
      were talking about marxist democrats here
      human life is just another thing that needs to be abused in order to usher in the revolution

      •  There was a lot of opposition to the Vietnam War from the isolationist right.  It just never got covered in the media and Official America.  They stuck us with the overton window of anti-war left and pro-war left-right Republocratic establishment.

  • alastairabbacle

    Dear Jewon Amren,

    Excellent metaphor. As you advertise your ethnicity, I hope you can be part of bringing your ethnicity around to supporting and identifying with White culture. I know you do, but many of your kinfolk are yet more deceived by social Marxist untruth than any other group. If you are religious, I hope you see the false Pharisees who have taken a hold of your people. The powerful are targeted yet more than any by negative forces.

    I see young Jews in Israel waking up to thr horror of African immigration, so I have great hope. We all need to bury old, divisive issues and he-said she-saids, and work to keep our civilized countries safe and prosperous.

    My question is: Are the young Jews coming around to the importance of halting the fall to morass of Western Civilization and Culture? I ask you only anecdotally, not as a spokesman of course.
    I get the feeling that more smart young people think alike than we know. And that we are going to have to do battle with our politically correct indoctrinated, cultural relativist parents grneration. How do you feel?

    •  I don’t totally agree with your hopes and dreams.

      We have to get away from this notion that Jews are somehow “special” or possess some sort of magical juju power.  In reality, they’re people, that bleed red and put their pants on one leg at a time.  We obviously shouldn’t reject them, but we shouldn’t go out of our way to attract them.  Many would be suspicious of us of we did the latter, for most of the same reasons why philo-Semitism is a turn-off to most Jewish scholars and thinkers.  And obviously, we shouldn’t assign special mythical powers to them such that we think one Jewish person converted to our cause is the equivalent of ten non-Jewish whites.

      It’s like I said to JewAmongYou in a comment on his blog, his being on our side brings us closer to our ultimate victory, NOT because he’s Jewish, or anything else for that matter, but because he’s one extra person in our camp.  Nothing more or less.

  • megabob

    There are very few teachers anymore. Most of them now are “indoctrinators” who only want to push a far left anti American agenda. Telling them, for instance, that the Civil War was all about slavery, when it was mostly about states rights. They are never told that there were a lot of slaves in the north. And a previous post about the Vietnam war was just flat out wrong. South Vietnam was an ally that we had a treaty with. When they were about to be over run by the Communist North, we went to help them, (with other countries). We did the right thing, but in the wrong way. If war is necessary, go in with everything you have, win, then leave. But we fought a “contained” war. And the left wing media told so many lies about it that they turned some Americans against it and we were forced to leave. I know, I was there.

  • ViktorNN

    Today’s public schools – especially in states like California – are actively hostile to white children.

    It’s one thing to talk about how this country has had a difficult, complicated history of racial relations, it’s another thing to present the simplistic point of view that all non-whites were uniformly persecuted by some monolithic group of whites who hated anyone not the same as them.

    The PC Thought Police from academia who have taken the jobs of designing curriculum and textbooks aren’t interested in creating a future where power is shared peacefully – they want to smash whites in this country completely. 

    The ones that argue otherwise are the ones who believe the feel good kumbaya nonsense pumped into their heads by those who suffer no illusions about how taking power for themselves means taking power from whites, period. Anti-racism is at its heart, anti-white.

  • curri

    “I vote for keeping this country, even if we have to hold it at bayonet point”
    The enemy controls the bayonets and they aren’t going to give them up. 

    •  I don’t believe he was speaking figuratively.  I’ll loan out an extra one, if the person asking is serious about wanting one.

      You are right, though…they aren’t going to give them up. We’ll have to take them.

  • curri

    You have to know what you’re up against:

    [I]n post-1945 America, the source of all new ideas is the university. Ideas check out of the university, but they hardly ever check in. Thence, they flow outward to the other arms of the educational system as a whole: the mainstream media and the public schools. Eventually they become our old friend, “public opinion.” This process is slow, happening on a generational scale, and thus the 45-year lag.

    Thus whatever coordinates the university system coordinates the state, through the transmission device of “public opinion.” Naturally, since this is 100% effective, the state does not have to wait for the transmission to complete. It can act in advance of a complete response, as in this case the Supreme Court did in 1967, and synchronize directly with the universities.

    This relationship, whose widespread practice in the United States dates to 1933, is known as public policy. Essentially, for everything your government does, there is a university department full of professors who can, and do, tell it what to do. Civil servants and Congressional staffers follow the technical lead of the universities. The residual democratic branch of Washington, the White House, can sometimes push back feebly, but only with great difficulty. …

    There are a few brief periods of true reaction in American history – the post-Reconstruction era or Redemption, the Return to Normalcy of Harding, and a couple of others. But they are unusual and feeble compared to the great leftward shift. Nor, most important for our hypothesis, did they come from the universities; in the 20th century, periods of reaction are always periods of anti-university activity. (McCarthyism is especially noticeable as such. And you’ll note that McCarthy didn’t exactly win.)</blockquote

    And we are starting to piece the puzzle together. The leftward direction is, itself, the principle of organization. In a two-party democratic system, with Whigs and Tories, Democrats and Republicans, etc, the intelligentsia is always Whig. Their party is simply the party of those who want to get ahead. It is the party of celebrities, the ultra-rich, the great and good, the flexible of conscience. Tories are always misfits, losers, or just plain stupid – sometimes all three.

    And the left is the party of the educational organs, at whose head is the press and universities. This is our 20th-century version of the established church. Here at UR, we sometimes call it the Cathedral – although it is essential to note that, unlike an ordinary organization, it has no central administrator. No, this will not make it easier to deal with. …

    Whatever you make of the left-right axis, you have to admit that there exists some force which has been pulling the Anglo-American political system leftward for at least the last three centuries. Whatever this unfathomable stellar emanation may be, it has gotten us from the Stuarts to Barack Obama. Personally, I would like a refund. But that’s just me. …

  •  We have a long way to go before we can attain an ethnostate, because we will need most whites to be white nationalists qua white nationalists as a prerequisite.

    That’s a question I thought about earlier this week, thanks to something ATBOTL said.  So I’ll cut to the chase:

    As of now, there are exceedingly few “white nationalists,” properly understanding the term.

    What seems to be white nationalism is really nothing more than the visceral reaction of whites against the antics of blacks and/or Hispanics and/or Muslims and/or some Jews, depending on the time, place and circumstance.  In Mississippi, “white nationalism” will be anti-black.  In The Netherlands, “white nationalism” will be anti-Muslim.  In Arizona, it will be anti-Hispanic.  In New York City, it will be anti-Jewish.

    And this is nothing special, nor a great crime.

    If you were the only person on Earth, would you think of yourself as narcissistic?  Obviously not, because that would be redundant.

    If the only people on Earth were Norwegians living in the territory we now call Norway, would anyone be calling for a Norwegian ethnostate or advocate for Norwegian nationalism?  Again, redundant.

    If the only black people on Earth were in the rain forests of central Africa, and they never had any contact with any other people on Earth, and vice versa, would there ever be any black nationalism?  You know the drill by now.

    Nationalism cannot exist with ingroup-outgroup conflict.  And to the extent that the conflict creates nationalist tendencies in the society, culture and politics of the ingroup, they go away if and when the outgroup is out of sight and out of mind.  Even during the golden age of nationalism within the ingroup, almost everyone who is a nationalist is merely reacting to the outgroup, very few nationalists take it as a cerebral pursuit.

    Then again, it’s like I have often said, the most people do most things they do for motivations that are depressingly simple, and none too cerebral.

    If we develop the genuine white nationalism necessary for an ethnostate, then we  will very likely be able to jettison the non-whites among us.

    • Kurt Plummer


      If we develop the genuine white nationalism necessary for an ethnostate, then we will very likely be able to jettison the non-whites among us.

      ‘Jettison’ as a euphemism for…?

      If you mean forcibly deport, back to Mexico, Africa or Asia, you have suddenly declared war on 1/2-2/3rds of the world’s population, none of whom will want their own back if it doesn’t come with a ticket for free international welfare.

      The result, given their numbers and the softness that American living breeds into people would be no less than Hitler’s ‘To The East’ plans for Muscovy and the like as second generation descendants would be eaten alive by the environments their parents escaped.

      And the world would judge us for it.

      OTOH, if you simply mean forcibly separate ourselves from within our own national borders then you have created a condition whereby:

      1.  Those dumb, selfabsorbed, deep-rural ‘hicks’ (What the term ‘Nazi’meant in 1930s Germany btw. a nickname for common folk) are going to be the ones we depend on to feed us while we remission literally tens of millions of lives away from enabler roles in a society which we are no longer a part of and can no longer pay for, for ourselves.  Doctors: Good.  Plastic Surgeons?  Chiropractors?  Imagine doing this to -every- named profession:  Plumbers: Good.  Home Depot Salesmen?  Electricians: Good.  Electical Engineers?

      2.  You are now arguing with a nuclear equipped superpower with the worlds most effective, recently trained, combat troops.  Imagine Ukraine and Russia.  The one wanted desperately to join NATO and join the West.  The other would not yield up it’s breadbasket state for any reason.  And has chosen to poison leading separatist candidates and invade border states as saber-rattling proof of what will happen if the Ukrainians try it.

      3.  Those ethnies within our ranks will have to be got rid of without any monetary concessions (we will be starting up a new currency to avoid the debts of the old) and without rivers of blood which will give the rump U.S. -and- the ROW an excuse to declare crusade upon us.

      The way I see it, the average NASCAR watching don’t-wanna-know innocent is not going to know how bad things are until it’s too late for us to come live with him because ‘they’ are already there.

      The only way to leave the U.S. proper without a massive tactical battle (which will ruin our farmlands, even if we win, which we won’t) is to take the Ukrainian lesson to heart and REFUSE to give away a set of missile fields by which the threat of ‘razed earth’ is made well and truly certain.

      And the only way to displace the Mexicans (who are going rural, in a great hurry) and the asians (who are buying up anything not nailed down) is to start moving in and buying up ourselves.  So that we can start dealing in some form of independent ‘credit’ system which is effective only locally and thus have the legal means to simple deny services to any and all whom we don’t wish to deal with.  Giving them a choice between ruinous exchanges rates (including tariffs for across-border runs to a grocery store) and simply picking up an leaving.

      IF we are going to do this.  We _must_ do it smarter than every other would be ethnic cleansers from Hitler to Milosevic.

      Part of that is the physical strength to brush our chins at their outrage.  Part of that is a cleaner/commercialist/legal philosophy by which protecting our interests can be argued directly to whomever without resort to ‘our race is better or more endangered’.  The one will breed envy as contempt.  The other, desire as a scent of weakness.

  • newscomments70

    I only meant to say that not all Hispanic people are evil. I don’t know how you assumed that I thought that the U.S. “would be ok”. It obviously will not be ok. My message was that the children non-hostile Mexicans (and others) will become hostile after  indoctrination. It is always healthy to think of solutions, but a break up of the United States would receive very little support at this time. Ask a a sample number of whites what they think. Very few will want to barricade themselves into a small parcel of land in the Pacific Northwest. 

    • KingKenton

      White ethno-state in the Pacific Northwest ?!?!? Bwaaa-haaaa, ROFL. Ain’t going to happen, ever! Those people are so devoid of racial awareness it’s unreal. If there is any future ethno-state it will be somewhere in the central part of the country.

      • What’s the name of the organization working to make that happen?

        • KingKenton

          There is no single organization that is going to make it happen. However, if it does happen it will be in the Central United States. I have lived and traveled all over the United States for many years and based on my experiences it seems to be the only part of the country which still has a number of key elements necessary to support the establishment of a White ethno-state. Namely, demographics, landmass, agriculture, sociopolitical culture, and racial consciousness (1). It is the most conservative part of the country and the more conservative a location the more likely it will be accepting of the White Nationalist message / program.

          The following parts of the country are not suitable for establishment of a White ethno-state:

          West coast
          East coast
          Deep South (2) (approx. south of a line connecting Dallas / Little-Rock / Memphis / Middle Tennessee)

          These areas are already gone and they are not coming back, ever! So everyone might as well face reality and get use to it. By process of elimination (considering all criteria), you are really on left with the Central United States.

          In addition to the Central U.S. I would like to be able to include the North-Central U.S. (Dakotas, Iowa, Minnesota) as another possible area for a future White ethno-state. They have lots of land, good agriculture, and very good demographics. However, my experience has been that these people are very devoid of any racial consciousness and tend to be very Liberal. Therefore, I would consider this part of the country very tentative.

          Sadly, it is hard for me to imagine at this point in time of a White ethno-state being established anywhere in the United States for a multitude of reasons. I suppose however, we must at least try. We really don’t have any alternative other than surrender / capitulation
          (1) Racial consciousness in the Central U.S. Can be weak in some areas but is very strong in other areas. On the whole however, it is better than other parts of the United States.
          (2) There are large numbers of blacks in the Deep South and many of them are scattered throughout rural areas unlike in the Central United States where most blacks are concentrated in large cities.

    • Kurt Plummer


      I only meant to say that not all Hispanic people are evil.

      Germans did the to the Jews in openness what Europeans did to the Native Americans only in conceit (usually after viral diseases had all but wiped out up to 90% of the local population: _The Ten Thousand Year Explosion_).

      It’s time Americans stopped pretending that morality as an absolute of good or evil operates in a vacuum.  Mexicans can be perfectly ‘good people’ on the surface of not being outright murderers or rapists but if they replace us in our own lands because they have ruined their own, _we are still just as extinct as a culture_.

      I don’t know how you assumed that I thought that the U.S. “would be ok”. It obviously will not be ok. My message was that the children of non-hostile Mexicans (and others) will become hostile after indoctrination.

      They are bred to hostility by parents who come here to vamp our society, a society in which they are unwanted aliens living on welfare they do not contribute to and must be ‘stubbornly proud’ in demanding access to all benefits regardless.  That they -get it- is what transforms arrogance into hostility.  As the presumptuousness now has successful precedence.

      It is always healthy to think of solutions, but a break up of the United States would receive very little support at this time. Ask a a sample number of whites what they think.

      We don’t want every white.  We want those with specific technical skills and the intelligence to see what’s coming, rather than stand on the railroad crossing and wonder what it could mean.

      This may be the hardest truth for whites to accept: that of the 150 million or so of us, we may only be able to save a third.  The eldest, the most criminally idealistic, the dumbest who just don’t pay attention.  And those who don’t have a lot of -good trade skills- will have to be left behind.

      Very few will want to barricade themselves into a small parcel of land in the Pacific Northwest.

      Why should we be content with so little?  We will need to have access to -some- waterway to assure import:export without duty or tariff but that could as easily be The Great Lakes and Hudson Bay as Seattle.

      The key will be to isolate a large segment of the formerly U.S. nuclear stockpile to our use which means Montana, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas and the Dakotas are all eligible.

      I would also add that if you are in the middle of a divided land, provided you can hold it, you can tax all trade from either coast.

      And of course the cereal/soy/corn/dairy/meat sectors of an agrarian center will mean much to a world which is hell bent on seeing the far side of 10 billion population without any way to feed itself.

      Stop pretending that it is up to hispanics or other minorities to dictate to whites what element of a homeland we retire to when we leave you the likes of LA, New York, Dallas and Miami as the ruins of what you could never create on your own.

  • Jerrybear

    Some Christians believe that nonsense. I suppose you would have to blame the watered down churches that don’t stand for anything anymore. I was raised Catholic and the priests were such weenies that just wanted to preach neutral sermons and put everyone to sleep. Unfortunately churches that have white congregations are not racially aware. Certainly European Christians were racially aware for over a thousand years. This is a new phenomenon that has infected all parts of white society and I don’t think the blame can be solely placed on Christianity.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Code Hate Whitey:

    “historically underserved” = Whites hoarding all the money so they can protect their unearned White privilege instead of taxing themselves high enough to close the Achievement Gap by fostering Diversity and helping minorities.

    The crowd should have booed him off the stage with demands that he do more personally to hold himself accountable to people of color for his own unearned White privileges, such as opening up the Kennedy Compound to all comers:

    At the school’s dedication, Robert Kennedy’s son, Maxwell Kennedy, proclaimed that “this new K-12 learning center will educate and empower our young people and their parents to fight for economic and social justice.”

    We like comments like this:

    “An irrational fear of Japanese-Americans gripped the United States.”

    It raises the question about what fears are rational, and we can obligate the author to give an opinion on the difference between irrational and rational fears. For instance, on the morning of the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor, should the U.S. sailors have been harboring irrational or rational fears of the Japs?

    We don’t mind the colored races hating us- that’s only natural in a world of wickedness and ingratitude. What we hate are the Whiteys who tell them to hate us, and then tell us that if we notice that they hate us, we are just giving in out our worst prejudices, biases, bigotry, racism and hate.

    “When they told me that I was a racist for even mentioning Channon Christian’s name, I told them that she could have been my daughter. They told me I was vile and disgusting and unwelcome on the premises. It told them to send their daughters on an outreach mission trip to Chipman Street to get a lesson in inclusive tolerance and Darwinism.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Channon Christian’s screams justify our deeper investments in defensive White privilege,” 2004

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This article exposes the unspeakable evil of what is being taught to children in American schools about Whites.  Whites are being systematically vilified and dehumanized to non-Whites, setting up Whites as targets of “justified” attacks, rapes, vicious assaults and murders at the hands of non-Whites, all of which is ignored by the media and condoned by the government.

    Trayvon Martin, a worthless thug AFAIC, is depicted and photo-shopped by the media as a sweet, innocent child stalked and hunted down like an animal by a murderous, racist White.  Yet attacks by blacks on White children, elderly and young women — burned, beaten to death, raped, tortured in the most vile, vicious manner imaginable?  …crickets…

    Our precious White children are the targets of racist assaults, no thanks to how Whites are being portrayed by textbooks used in public schools.  

    Here are a few recent black-on-White incidents that the media chose to ignore:

    *Police arrest black in sexual assault of 13-year old girl.

    *Black charged with child porn – sex with 12-year old girl.

    *Burlington black accused of sexually abusing child

    *14-year old Spencer High School student raped outside school by black man.


    Thirteen year old Allen Goin, who was doused with gasoline and set afire by murderous blacks had endured endless racial harassment by blacks and mexicans at the Kansas City high school he attended:

    His mother, Melissa Coon, relates:

    ‘After the first week, he was nothing but racially harassed. He was called every racial slur you can imagine such as ‘honkey,’ ‘cracker,’ ‘whitey,’ and ‘guero.’  He was pushed into lockers and was jumped in the bathroom.  

    Mrs. Coon related an incident in which a teacher she identified as Ms. Carla Kinder called Allen ‘Casper’ then ‘got all the students to get involved.’  Other times, the students would initiate the harassment and the teachers would pick up the baton.  ‘They would tease him, people would make fun of him and they’d chime in,’ said Coon.

    A few weeks prior to the burning of Allen, his mother had complained on no fewer than five occasions to the schools’s administrators about the harassment of her son by both teachers and students, only to be stonewalled and ignored.

    ‘He has flashbacks,’ Mrs. Coon said of Allen, ‘He was in a ball crying…he said that no one believes him.’

    I cannot imagine the daily torture and abuse this White child endured from blacks, the psychological damage he received while the blacks and mexicans who did this to him, including his teachers and the administrators of the high school, received NO punishment!!

    I can only hope there will be a day of reckoning where those responsible for this abomination, for setting 
    Whites up as inhuman monsters who deserve to be tortured, raped and killed are tried and hanged, they deserve nothing less for what they’ve done to White children, White elderly — the entire White community.


  • SLCain

    “Several years ago, we got orders to get rid of all pre-1980 textbooks.
    We also heard that the book depository had been shuttered, so the books
    were simply to be destroyed. ”

    Just to complete the tableaux, they should have ordered the books thrown into a pile and burned, while the staff sang the “Horst Wessel Lied”…………in Spanish, no doubt.

  • SLCain

    “When asked, Hispanics and other students “of color” said they didn’t
    like school because they didn’t see anyone in their school textbooks who
    looked like them or represented their culture.”

    That’s fair enough.  They don’t consider themselves part of my culture.  I don’t consider them as such either.   As a tax-payer, when I look at schools today, I don’t see a lot of people who “don’t look like me”.  Consequently, I don’t want to pay for their education.  Does that seem fair to them?  I no longer vote for ANY school bonds.  Public education has outlived it’s usefulness…………for whites, that is – and that is the only group I care about.  Let the public schools die, I say.  They no longer serve our interests.

  • SLCain

     Correction – that should have read: As a tax-payer, when I look at schools today, I don’t see a lot of people who “look like me”.

  • technodan

    Well, if the people in the textbooks didn’t “look like them”, there’s always one thing to do…go home.

  • holyflower

    A superb article, Ms. Morrison.

    For details on the transformation of history and literature into “white guilt” history and literature  into “victim lit,” read Losing our Language by Sandra Stotsky and The Language Police by Diane Ravitch

  • 1proactive2

    I live in a part of a midwest state that is predominantly white and blue collar.  The vast majority of these people are wonderful to live around with their patriotic attitudes, respect for each other, and very low crime — if any at all.  The problem is that they believe in the rhetoric of the Democratic party and take that message as gospel without reading or looking behind the Democrat curtain.  They truly believe “the Democrats are for the working man”, and that “the Democrats are for the poor people” whereas “Republicans are for rich people”. 

    They see no problem of having someone better off than them paying more taxes.  In other words, they are hooked on the Democrat’s class warfare mantra — hook, line, and sinker. They can’t grasp they support a party that supports the moral corruption so well written about in the article.  And I don’t think they would believe it.  That is truly sad.

    The politics of resentment was used by the late Detroit (Michigan) mayor, Coleman Young, who was also the first black mayor of that city.  That process, hate and resentment politics, bound blacks together and killed Detroit.  Now it looks like an entire state, California, will be the next wasteland. 

  • libertarian1234

    Common sense,  real world knowledge and experience tells me that, if whites were no longer a part of this nation,  all these “people of color”  would be fighting each other tooth and nail, because multicultural societies don’t work and they’ve failed throughout global history.

    If such a situation ever evolved,  the second amendment would have to be declared null and void, because the noble, loving people of color would be literally killing each other non-stop,  just as they’re presently doing on a smaller scale, and blacks would be fighting with everybody as they do right now.

    Normally,  it takes quite awhile to reach a point where various factions in a population are ready to fight in open warfare in any great numbers,  or seriously work for secession to set up a homogeneous homeland, unless an event or situation acts as an accelerating  catalyst like a national financial collapse or a natural catastrophe  like Katrina times ten.

    And with the dominoes beginning to fall in Europe,  heading this way,  and  the US GDP to debt ratio  getting further out of balance here,  I’m wondering if we just might be on the precipice of such a calamity that will split this empire apart. 

    If that occurs, all bets are off regarding a non-white majority in this country  no matter what the final geo-political/racial landscape might look like.


  • Gus

    I am all for seperation.  I say put them all in Mississippi, build a wall around it and call it their homeland.  Then don’t let em out and don’t help em out. In 10 or twenty years, all of the libs and other assorted dirtbags will have died out.

  • RockyBass

     I totally agree, these folks think we are so weak, and are going to end up, pushing things too far, too soon, the reaping of their whirlwind may be soon at hand. They read only their own propaganda, and to forget whom they are dealing with. Generally when whites have had their fill, Globes require amendment. These people have a tiger by the tail, and think the fight all but won, it never seems to dawn on them that the tiger, might awaken at any time. 

  • alastairabbacle

    You are right. The most hair-brained ideas on race and society come from upper class, inner ring suburb people. That is where most non-orthodox Jews live.

    Thr irony here, is this: In the end, living in the city, and going to “Diverse” schools DOES lead to better understanding of race and achievement
    Just not the understanding that was thought……

    Due to their strange humility/arrogance concept over intelligence and diligence, many Jews likely have a hard time understanding that other ethnic groups are not at all as hard working as them.
    The sob stories about being completely innocent victims of everything in the past centuries does not help.
    So Jews come running out the barrell to begin with ready go accept the “Victimhood” narrative about Minorities.

  • WR the elder

    Home schooling is the only practical solution, especially at a time when the vast majority of whites are still asleep to what is going on, and a “conservative” is simply a Democrat who likes war and prefers to fund an over large government with debt rather than taxes, but will do nothing about immigration, affirmative action, or the anti-white hate taught in our schools.

  • Bob

    we don’t need to scorch the earth our enemy will do that for us
    it’s called “urban decay”

  • Bob

    yes we might as well act like they do
    if we are going to let liberals call us racist we should start acting the part
    give em something to whine about
    modern racism is reactionary
    reactionary to the hordes of non whites who wish to see evil done upon us
    reactionary to the racism evident in leftist politicians and black “philosophers”
    reactionary to the anti white stance found in academia
    reactionary to the destruction and genocide of the white race
    i am not white
    im actually a filipino/germanic person
    but i will not stand for the destruction of my european brethren
    especially destruction that is rampantly sweeping THEIR OWN LANDS

  • Bob

    that’s why im a protestant
    we protest lol

  • Bob

    that is actually what the country used to be like when it still functioned
    now it just slowly dieing of a cancer that liberals feed with the carcinogens called “diversity” “multiculturalism” “tolerance” “welfare” “socialism” “equality” and “immigration reform”
    coming soon “white genocide”

  • MBlanc46

    Absolutely. It will be a hard slog, and victory isn’t guaranteed, but there’s no alternative to taking back the schools.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    How about the ultimate atrocity that these sons of bitches are getting a new trial?

    The original judge in the first trial was addicted to Rx drugs; as if that changed any of the horrors committed against those kids whose only offense was going out to meet friends while White.

    I can’t even imagine those poor parents having to sit and listen all over again to the recounting of the unspeakable things done to their innocent kids.

    This was only one of the hundreds of incidents being perpetrated against Whites every day and at an increasing rate.