Obama Frees 8 States from ‘No Child’ Education-Testing Rules

John Hechinger, Bloomberg, May 29, 2012

President Barack Obama freed eight states from provisions of the No Child Left Behind education- testing law after they pledged to turn around low-performing schools and tie teacher evaluations to student achievement.

Connecticut, DelawareLouisianaMaryland, New York, North CarolinaOhio and Rhode Island received waivers from the law, enacted under former President George W. Bush. In all, 19 states have now have been granted permission to sidestep the statute in exchange for agreeing to elements of the Obama administration’s education agenda.

Obama has pledged to change the 10-year-old No Child Left Behind Law, saying its focus on standardized-testing dumbs down teaching, narrows school curriculums and labels even high- achieving schools as failing.  {snip}

“States must show they are protecting children in order to get flexibility,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a statement. “These states met that bar.”

The states obtaining waivers would be exempt from the requirement that all students pass achievement tests by 2014—and make progress toward that goal each year—or risk losing federal funding. Under No Child Left Behind, each state establishes its own proficiency tests and determines what constitutes passing.


In a conference call with reporters, Duncan said he still prefers that Congress reach a bipartisan agreement to rewrite the law—something it has been unable to do for five years.


Almost half of U.S. public schools are considered failing under the No Child Left Behind law, according to a report in December by the Center on Education Policy, a Washington-based nonpartisan research group. The administration has cited the failure rate as a reason to offer states and local school authorities more flexibility.


Obama previously excused 11 other states from the law: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Tennessee.


Connecticut promised to increase the number of schools held accountable for the lagging performance of black and Hispanic students, as well as those with disabilities and those who speak English as a second language or come from low-income families. Fighting that “achievement gap” was a major focus of No Child Left Behind.

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  • WmarkW

     I’ll wait for Robert Weissberg to fill in the blanks.
    Was it the minority-gap requirements that weren’t met?

  • Church_of_Jed

    We admire his courageous move. NCLB made a fool of Bush, because he assumed the capacity of Diveristy to measure up to White standards. Diversity wins again.

    Obama knows Diversity better than Bush did, and he wasn’t about to let the real thing make a fool of him.

    • alastairabbacle

      “President Barack Obama freed eight states from provisions of the No Child Left Behind education- testing law after they pledged to turn around low-performing schools and tie teacher evaluations to student achievement.”Obama has pledged to change the 10-year-old No Child Left Behind Law, saying its focus on standardized-testing dumbs down teaching, narrows school curriculums and labels even high- achieving schools as failing. ”

      Obama knows, as a man who has dealt with many Blacks, that there are fewer smart Blacks, and more dumb Blacks.  Of course.   At some point there are going to be open liberal race realists as well.

      Wait:  Serious questions come up for us, if Obama DOES know Blacks are on average less smart at school.  Does this mean he figures Blacks make up for their intelligence deficit in other ways, and thus need to be helped along in a system that overvalues test results?

      • Church_of_Jed

        Yes, they make up for it by serving as racism auditors to the White community. They are agents of equality, because contact with them always pulls vulerable or weakened Whites down toward their level. They serve as racial Jesus, because by including them in White systems and institutions, White can feel they they aren’t racists anymore, and thus redeemed through black Diversity, which is voodoo.

        Whites rejected the Eurpean Christianity of their White ancestors, and needing something to worship, they chose the thing that gave them relief from the the worst sin society recognizes- racism.

  • sbuffalonative

    This is great news!

    For years, blacks have been telling us that NCLB (and teaching to the test) was the cause of black failure.

    Without NCLB, blacks are going to soar scholastically. Graduation rates will increase while drop out rates plummet!


    • What did they say was the cause of black failure before that?

      • vladdy1


  • Black and Hispanic majority schools FAIL to achieve what Europeans and Asians are doing by age 6  and of course it must be YT’s fault for not “holding the schools accountable” (you see we just DONT CARE, that’s the problem!)  Completely ignored, of course, is the fact that when these schools were predominantly American back when the U.S.  still existed (pre – 1965), these same schools were churning out the  engineers and scientists that would create NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, etc and routinely LEADING the world in academic success.

  • dukem1

     “Connecticut promised to increase the number of schools held accountable
    for the lagging performance of black and Hispanic students,..”

    Good luck with that!

    • alastairabbacle

      Indeed, to actually make black and Hispanic students succeed at White levels would take a cross between a penal colony and the smartest teachers on the planet. 

      The 1st problem with many Black students, is that they are wiggly, talkative, egotistical, and unfocused.      This means, it is hard to even get them to sit down, be quiet, and listen to begin with.   The number 1 priority of those “educating” Black students is not actually to teach them, but to get them to be quiet.  In a typical Black classroom, most thought and energy is devoted to keeping students minimally quiet and nonviolent.  Academics is of secondary importance.

      The 2nd problem with many Black students is that they tend to make promises they don’t keep.  They will put on a puppy face act of promising not to ever misbehave again, grovel, and talk about problems with relatives at home  etc. etc.      They will be good for a time, but then go right back to being a thorn in the side.
      Hispanic students are less naughty, but they are worse in harder to detect ways.  Hispanics students are extremely passive aggressive.  They are not anywhere close to being as noisy, many are taciturn like Amerindians.  The problem is that they use this silence as a way of subtly being disobedient.  They will begin conversations in Spanish with other students in the corner, refuse (silently) to move where you want them to, spend class flirting, and generally keep a mediocre level of achievement.   Also, the gang problems with them can be more scary, as their gang attacks are less random than Blacks, and more calculated.  So sometimes, a Hispanic kid will subtly give signs or being gang affiliated, which will scare a teaching from disciplining them.

      I know all this from working in diverse, “inner city” schools, and attending them.

      Hispanics will be able to achieve at a mediocre level, just like in their own countries. They will work hard and keep their head down, with low level violence and infidelity a constant.

      Blacks will have a couple of good, smart students.  The majority, however, will join the “niggas” at some point.  A beautiful, good Black student in middle school can turn into a real “nigga” by High School.

      All the “no-limit niggas” you have walking around America were at one time relatively promising young Black males, so I do feel like this could be changed.  In that case, the first target, if you want to close the achievement gap must be rap music and culture.  
      That means federal attacks and raids on Jay-Z, Waka Flocka Flame, Young Jeezy, and Lil Wayne.

      Until the Black rappers don’t start being real and talking about getting and education or vocational training and getting a job, 

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Indeed, to actually make black and Hispanic students succeed at White levels would take a cross between a penal colony and the smartest teachers on the planet. 

        To actually make black and Hispanic students succeed at White levels would take the discovery of how to raise black and Hispanic IQs one or more standard deviations to White levels, something that has NEVER been achieved. 

        Charles Murray, co-author of the Bell Curve, writes in Real Education:

        “We have no evidence at all that we know how to produce lasting increases in IQ scores after children reach school. All the data about the trajectory of IQ scores over the lifespan indicate that they stabilize around ages six to 10 and typically remain unchanged until old age.”


        Until then, the achievement gap will remain despite the best efforts of teachers.


        • alastairabbacle


          Sage Basil, a poster here, had a particularly good comment on this idea, that the achievement gap will remain, and that that is fine with the original intent of the USA.

          I asked “What did Jefferson mean by the idea that all men are created equal?” and Sage Basil replied:

          “…and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights..

          “Jefferson meant that individuals should be treated the same by the law. Not that Blacks and whites are the same, but that if a black or a white should try to eat someone’s face, they should receive the same punishment.

          Fredrick Douglass said, “What shall we do with the Negro?” I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are wormeaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!”

          Martin Luther King said, “…that they may be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…”.

          None of these quotes contradict white nationalism. None of them contradict Jefferson’s point about equality before the law, which was made a mockery of in affirmative action and hate crimes legislation.”

          I would add though, that Blacks must NOT be fully left alone. That would be a libertarian view.
          I say, that we need to take their ability to dominate their own cultural programming away from them. When we let Blacks program themselves, they create savage monsters like Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka Flame, and Yo Gotti.

          Otherwise there will be “Trouble”. http://youtu.be/-Uq8cmqt7QI

  •  Dr. Raymond Coppinger, a biologist who has developed the “trash dump” theory of accidental dog domestication, compares dog breeding to Nazi eugenics.

    • Are you serious? A biologist who compares dog breeding to eugenics?! What TF, does this man not know that dogs were bred around the world, for different purposes, like guarding, herding livestock, hunting and pulling sleds? That is no accident. Does he not know, that in the distant past, mankind domesticated the dog first, among all other animals?

      Coppinger probably studied under Lysenko.


        Don’t have a coniption fit.  “Eugenics” refers to selective breeding for desirable traits in humans — for example, not allowing people with harmful genetic diseases to pass those horrible diseases on to offspring.

        A similar process has been very successful in the selective breeding of dogs — producing all the amazing traits of the different dog breeds.  

        Although “eugenics” is usually applied to humans, it’s basically breeding, selective breeding, artificial selection, etc, and is the process by which we have selected crops, domesticated animals, roses, etc.

  • Obamao’s WAR on education is the final battle of Liberal dumbing-down of schoolchildren.

    He NOW uses bribes to allow the stupid to evade testing – then PAYBACK state VOTES FOR him.

  • sbuffalonative

    Here we go again.  Every decade these educational experts have to come up with a new program to close the gap.  Really.

    Yes, theory after theory to replace previous failed theories.

    I’ve given up trying to figure out if these people actually believe their theories or they’re just using them to stall for time when whites become a minority and they can just do and take what they want.

  • mikejones91

    I’m gonna guess those states have at least a 15% black population.

    • alastairabbacle

      Obama knows Blacks have a lower IQ.  He may be more in line with us than we think, with one key difference.  He believes that we still need to use left-wing social engineering to make up for the Black’s lower IQ.  This is what is scary.  

      • mikejones91

        Interesting point. Scary to think about that. Very sinister at it’s core.

      • mikejones91

        Is obama even really that black? He’s more Arabic correct? 

  • qpwoeir

    Ah, yes.  Waive the requirement that Negroes perform as well as Asians, sure.  But more importantly, I expect they will waive the requirement that Negroes even be tested.  That is the critical problem.  

    If Negroes are still NCLB tested and the NCLB tests continue to show the teachers are having absolutely no effect, then the overwhelming evidence of failure will continue into the future.  

    I expect they will allow the eight states to do some sort of BS “alternative testing” instead of the NCLB tests to  show  they can make Negroes equal to Whites and Asians.

    When that happens, the other states, still suffering under the NCLB tests which show Negroes to be incompetent will insist that THEIR Negroes ALSO get the eight-state special tests and special programs. The result: no state will have to give the NCLB tests anymore.   The whole NCLB testing regime will be scrapped.

    Of course they will not SAY their whole goal is to get out of testing. That would be an admission of failure and an admission that no teacher in the entire country knows how to raise  Negro performance.  

    That, of course, would make everyone admit that Negroes were genetically incapable of education.

    Follow the sneaky little laws they will be passing in the coming years, like abandoning testing and destroying old test scores.  

    They need to get rid of the old test data as soon as possible so no one can mine it for embarrassing facts.   Consider this, in no school district anywhere in the nation did Negroes equal whites or asians.  

    Imagine that!  If the testing evidence cannot be eliminated, it would prove either:

    (1) A nationwide racist conspiracy of every teacher in every single school district in the entire nation!  All the teachers secretly banded together to hurt the poor little Negro children!  


    (2) Negroes are genetically dumb, no matter where they are from, what school the attend, and what culture they grew up in, how much the teachers help them, what their curriculum is, or how many federal dollars they consume.

  • I ussually put it that at least creastionalists and intellectually more honest in saying an invisible man waved his hand and made everthing,    than those who say all plants and animals evolved but an invisible man waved his hands so that all humans where equal in IQ and speed.

  •  Currently the CA public school system is ranked 49th out of 50 States and D.C.  (Alabama was 50th and D.C  came in dead last despite the MOST spending per pupil in the nation).  The CA public school system in MAJORITY Hispanic/Mexican.  I think you are being a little too generous with that AVERAGE 87 IQ.  I would say it is more like 75-80.

    • Diamond_Lil

      The CA public school system today is merely a facilitator for the drug trade, a singles bar for rampantly sexually-active teens and preteens having one or more children already,  and a swap meet for various stolen goods from Best Buy during the school term and easy pickings for thieves to steal copper piping from the roofs, and audio/video equipment from locked cabinets during the summer.  Not so big on academics.

  • Joshua50

    They just need to lower the bar a couple more notches so these schools with substandard teachers and students can meet the minimum requirements.

    • mikejones91

      I doubt the bar can get any lower/

      • Joshua50

         Now all you’ll have to do is step over it.


          You mean “stumble” over it.

      •  You’re right. An ant couldn’t do the Limbo under it, right now.

  • APaige

    There is not one state…one school district….one school where gap is near being closed. There is  also the IQ gap…grade gap…graduation gap…STEM major gaps…behavior/punishment gap-those are just ‘gaps’ related to education. The list of other gaps is just sooo long, just the ‘health gap’ would take pages to mention. There is one gap…the ‘gene gap’ that would explain the foundation of black/white difference-but it is just easier to waste trillions on failing programs. I read that the U.S has spent more on Head Start than the Apollo Space Program. We can put men on the moon and bring them back safely, using forty-year old technology, but still cannot figure out have to prepare black kids for kindergarten compared to whites?

    • alastairabbacle

      Putting men on the moon is easier than making Blacks achieve at White levels.   

      To make Blacks achieve at White levels, would require sending Blacks to a penal colony on the moon, where academic performance is tied to food, and reductions in whipping.  

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        To make Blacks achieve at White levels, would require finding a way to raise black IQs an average of one or two standard deviations in IQ.

        Thus far, no one has been able to do this or prove that it can be done.


    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Because there is NO way to close the intractable IQ gap of black ≈ 80 and White ≈ 100.

      Black students start school two years behind Whites and never catch up.  This is a reflection of inherent, intractable, low black IQ, NOT that “we” cannot figure out how to prepare blacks for kindergarten.


  •  That begs a question I’ve had since I watched Waiting for Superman for the first time a few weeks ago.

    It is perfectly obvious that the goal of Official America is to bust the teachers unions because they “protect bad teachers,” i.e. good white experienced teachers who are stuck with a classroom full of low IQ blacks and Hispanics.  We also know that they will be replaced by a perpetual conga line of Can’t Teach for America social justice dingbats who will flame out in a school year or two to be replaced by more dingbats, lather, rinse, repeat. 

    We also know that replacing older experienced teachers with younger teachers will mean less outlays on the part of school districts for salaries and benefits.

    Question:  Cui Bono?  Someone is going to make the money that won’t be spent on experienced teachers’ salaries and benefits.  And don’t you dare get the notion that they would reduce taxes…it’s for the children, don’t you know.

    I just don’t know precisely who will benefit.  But whoever it is, I think they’re behind the scenes funding screeds like Waiting for Superman and similar agit-prop.

  • Next, he should free all the former Confederate states from the ridiculous law that allows the feds to go meddling in any change they make in voting laws. The law was unwarranted when it was passed; it’s completely nonsensical now. But the hard Left and the civil rights professionals will hold onto it for dear life, as a handy club with which to beat the most conservative part of the U.S.

  •  A friend of mine who is familiar with the Bible much more so than I, told me that there are passages in the Old Testament where God orders the Children of Israel to kill other groups they encountered, rather than intermarry with them or allow themselves to be conquered by them.

    • joewest666

      The israeli god was a twisted little fella.

      I prefer the concept that Aliens found and farmed this sphere as an outpost for resources and cheap slave labor.

      Makes more sense than magical deities.


      You mean like what is happening at this very moment in Palestine?

  • Johnny Reb

    Testing is a standard.  Maybe not the best, but a standard nonetheless. 

    Only in an insane bureaucracy would the educational system resort to “teaching the test” because their students were too dumb to learn . . . and would the administration then throw away the standards because teachers were “teaching the test.”

    Let’s translate what that really all means.  It means the educational bureaucracy has finally accepted that the coloreds  are so dumb that they are unteachable. 

    It also means this:  Even when teachers “teach the test” the coloreds still can’t pass it.

    Let’s just progress to a system of no standards.

    “What?  No standards?  Why that would be insane! 

    Heck, if you don’t hold kids to any standards, you’re going to produce a generation who does nothing but sit around and get high, collect welfare checks and vote for the Democratic Party . . . ”

    Hmmmm . . .

    • alastairabbacle

      “Let’s translate what that really all means.  It means the educational bureaucracy has finally accepted that the coloreds  are so dumb that they are unteachable. ”

      I agree.  I think Obama KNOWS this.  There is no way that the POTUS will not find out verified information that Blacks have inherant, genetic disadvantages in schooling.

      The thing is, Obama knows that Blacks have lower IQ, but wishes to use social engineering to somehow still make them achieve the same level in civilizational pursuits. This is where Leftist Racism comes in.    

      As the Black test results started rolling in to Obama, somewhere in his wrinkled mulatto brain, he has to have thanked Muhammed for his White heritage.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        And may God damn his coal burning mother to the nether regions of hell for gifting a mulatto with an IQ transfusion.

  • xthred

    You make some good points.

  • xthred

    Improved test scores? Easy! Just cheat like the Atlanta School District.

    • Diamond_Lil

      As much as they can, they already do.  Few white children are left in public schools and for good reason.

  • ageofknowledge

    Public education in the U.S. fell from first in the world to 27th place overall despite spending more than twice as much in real dollars (after adjusting for inflation) today than we were in first place. We have a systemic problem with the way public education is done that no amount of money can fix. We need to fix the way it’s done.


    • ncpride

      I read somewhere a while back, I’m pretty sure it was an article here on AmRen, that said if we don’t count black and mexican scores on testing, the US actually ranks 3rd in the world as far as math and science. I can believe that.

  • alastairabbacle

    Oh my God!!!

    How has this happened!!!

    We need to investigate and bring to public investigation all of the Liberals complicit in this.
    This is a crime of treasonous nature.  
    For a state to go from the top ten to the bottom ten, demands that we begin to FIND THE PEOPLE WHO CAUSED THIS AND MAKE THEM TALK.

    A book to be written:  
    Find old Liberals, and find out what they think of their actions now.
    Are they repentant, or are they not?   Most likely, they deny any responsibility.
    However, it would be great to find repentant Liberals/Communists, and use them to get the others to break down and join the repentant.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      David Horowitz, one of the leaders of Berkeley’s Free Speech movement and a true Red Diaper Baby is one.  His book Radical Son outlines his transformation.

      The price he’s paid?  Physical attack, his speeches on college campuses shut down or broken up by leftist radicals — actions that he himself used to promote — his newspapers gathered up and burned.

      Life experience off of a radical campus, paying taxes and being passed over for jobs or promotions tend to do that to people.


  • SirKevin1231

    50 + years and Billions upon Billions of dollars wasted and they still can not see that niggers are not genetically equipped to meet the standards that humans have attained.
    When will they quit lying to themselves and just admit that it is a hereditary problem that can not be fixed by throwing money at it. Lowering the scores will end up putting more children at a disadvantage than those it will benefit.
    Segregate the schools. Let those who can learn, learn. The others can sit in their own schools disrupting class and acting like clowns.
    This whole thing of lowering everything so the niggers can participate is making this country a bad joke. Keep it up and the US WILL be a third world country in a few years.

  • alastairabbacle

    I remember my time in a 90% White School with great fondness.  The 10% non-white were good Hispanics and Blacks, but even they caused problems.

    These days, take a look at most American schools.  They all have these token minorities, who lower the bar for behavior.  Now White kids are starting to imitate and act just as bad as the bad blacks and browns.    So it is even worse:  the pollution spreads to the White kids too.

    • El_Magyar

      Parents can put a stop to that. When proper behavior is the norm and is what is expected at home, the child will follow suit.

  • SirKevin1231

    No mr. president we don’t have an educational problem in the US, what we do have is a negro problem.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    SirKevin, they are going to either pull or edit your posting to delete the n word.  Be careful, because your posts are great!

    • What word do you never want to call a black which begins with N and ends in R ?

      Answer, Neighbor.

  • JohnEngelman

    No Child Left Behind has not helped blacks at all on SAT scores. Since the school year of 1990-91 the gap between whites and blacks has increased. The gap in mathematics scores between whites and Orientals has increased. Orientals are catching up to whites in reading.

  •  About 20 years ago, when my twins went to grade school, the Outcome Based Education was all the craze…mainly because crazy people were behind the insane scheme to equalize all the grades with dumbed down equivalents.  All Equalization means is that everyone will be equally stupid, stultified, mediocre, and anyone who stands head and shoulders above the rest will be punished.

    • Dan

      The program should be renamed “no child out front.”

  • joewest666

    Forget a standardize test to test performance.   We will agree to pledge ourselves to attempt to achieve the directives put forth by the Obungo Administration.


    Don’t bother trying Johnny you’re already a winner in our progressive eyes.

  • When the US had seperate schools for blacks and whites, those problems did not exist.


    Actually, there are ~ 400 dog breeds, all of them created in just 12,000 yrs, and over half produced in the last 400 yrs.   Compare that with the various human sub-species, which have been separated for as long as 200,000 yrs, with some 1 & 2 million old archaic humans interbreeding with certain populations of humans.   Hence, some human sub-species contain contain genetic material that separated 2 million yrs ago vrom other human sub-species. 

    Also, the genetic diversity among dog breeds is about the same as the genetic diversity among human sub-species. 

    Everyone agrees that dog breeds are genetically distinct (they breed true, and each tends to have stereotypic behavior).  Yet, P.C. thought would have you believe that all human sub-species are identical.  

    •  I remember watching one of those “what if the all the world’s people suddenly disappeared” shows a few years back.  It speculated that all toy dogs would be gone within two weeks, and dog breeds would disappear in 60 years.

  • Joshua50

    To be politically correct, you must deny the fact that all men are “not” created equal. Some men are stronger, some men are smarter, some are more artistic, some men are more aggressive, etc.

    It’s strange how we can readily acknowledge that there are measurable differences in the intelligence and temperament of different breeds of animals, but are unable to apply the same objectivity to humans.

    The first step in solving a problem, is to admit that you have one..

  • John Maddox

    A commercial lamenting the fact that US students rank seventeenth in the world in math and  science was aired last night during the History channel broadcast of the Hatfield and McCoy mini series. Even that show was a montage of sex and violence and anyone not familiar with the history of the famous feud and the region it took place in would still be left with nothing but eye candy.
    I don’t think those Government Bureaucrats will ever wake up to the fact that the huddled masses of diversities, that make up the majority of inner city public school admissions these days, don’t have a genetic  predisposition for the hard sciences and intellectual achievement.

    Our downfall has been the insistence that the Bell Curve was a viscous lie and all these little black kids from the ghettos and the little brown kids from the barrios would achieve if given the same opportunity as the little white kids. The idea that Asians are smarter than we are or capable of greater achievement is a grandiose lie perpetrated to drag little Johnnie into the quagmire of ignorance and intellectual impotency. Asian immigrants (Hindus included) discovered the inadequacies of our failed educational systems long ago.

    Maybe they have seen it and knew what was coming which is why they decided to third world immigrate us out of existence and dumb our kids down with The Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, idiotic,  superfluous,  prurient network series, and addictive video games. Outside of a few really bright kids living in rural areas and who isolate themselves from the Wigger movement. Our future generation is a brain washed confusion of moral and ethical values and racial and sexual identity. God help us all!

  • Dan

     Great post Dr. Al! The concept of universal man is so preposterous that only an over educated fool could buy into it.

  • Theres a tempest in a teapot today with Poles crying out on fear because Obama referred to “Polish concentration camps”. They are quick to blubber how they tried soooo hard to save the precious jews,and the camps were ALL the Nazi’s fault. What they dont seem anxious to say is that the Poles were not only killed by Nazis,but by communists. Recall the Katyn Forest massacre where thousands of Poles were slaughtered by the “Communists”.some of whom,shockingly were Polish jews. Go figure!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Equality of outcome is a new concept and it is unnatural.

    To the lefties, life is unfair so we need government programs and studies to deal with it.  Those who claim that people are not equal in every way possible must be silenced and have their careers and lives destroyed. (James Watson for example).

    In the natural world, there has never been equality; those who were smarter and stronger, able to plan for the future and protect themselves and the labor of their work survived, thrived and passed on their DNA to the next generation, unlike now where the government has created an artificial situation by paying the most unintelligent and unfit to outbreed the fit.  This is a recipe for a looming disaster…

    Mother Nature certainly doesn’t believe in equality of outcome.

    From Science Daily:

    Inequality Dates Back to Stone Age

    (May, 2012) — “Hereditary inequality began over 7,000 years ago in the early Neolithic era, with new evidence showing that farmers buried with tools had access to better land than those buried without.”

    “It seems the Neolithic era introduced heritable property (land and livestock) into Europe and that wealth inequality got underway when this happened. After that, of course, there was no looking back: through the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Industrial era wealth inequality increased but the ‘seeds’ of inequality were sown way back in the Neolithic.”


    • JohnEngelman

      What matters is that by every objective measurable criteria Orientals and Jews perform and behave well. They certainly are obvious at America’s best universities.  

  • I saw this comment on Amazon, reviewing Carleton Putnam’s book ” Race and Reason.”

    ” I went to school where it was 90 percent black, and learning in those conditions were impossible. I grew up in a white working class area and watched the blacks move in, take over and turn it into a murdering drug haven full of prostitution you can not and should not be forced to live or try to be schooled with these types of people.They just want a free ride I have seen it with my own eyes.”

    So what else is new ?

    • Church_of_Jed

      They should have named the zip code so that Avoid The Ghetto App folks can be sure it’s not left out.

  • The__Bobster

    Peter Rodino, Teddy Kennedy and LBJ also played large roles in passing that monstrosity.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Anti White, Pro Diversity Education News-

    Look for the new buzzword “intersectionality” to join “systemic bias and institutional racism” in the dictionary of hate Whitey.When Whites resist being told that they have the sin of White privilege, just intersect it with the oppression of blacks, and like voodoo magic, the Whites will all feel the burden of their sin and “do more” to foster Diversity and help minorities get their entitlements.


    The matrix framework emphasizes that forms of privilege and oppression interact and intersect at multiple levels, and in everyone’s lives. No one has just a racial identity. Interectionality leads to an examination of diversity within racial groups, emphasizing that no raical group is homogenous group. The experiences of African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latinas, Native Americans and Whites vary depending upon other social identities such as gender, class and sexual orientation. Employing an intersectional theoretical foundation is key to minimizing resistance.


  •  I hear ya, Brother Luke.