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Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 13, 2012

Paris conference attracts 700 nationalists.

On March 10, I gave a talk to an audience of more than 700 French nationalists in Paris. The meeting was called to oppose current proposals to let foreigners from non-European Union countries vote in local elections in France—and it certainly did that. But far more important, it was a ringing assertion of French identity in the face of massive Third-World immigration.

This was a meeting on a scale and of a quality not yet possible in the United States. The speakers were politicians, authors, academics, and corporate executives, many with national reputations, and all were united in what they want for France. Catherine Blein, president of Nationality, Identity, Citizenship (NCI) which sponsored the event, spoke for all when she declared, “French we are, and French we must remain, in a Europe that is once again European!” Nor did she shrink from explaining how this will happen: “The future of foreigners is not in France but in their native lands. That is where their loyalties lie and that is where they must return.”

Of course, there was opposition. Early in the week, vandals broke the windows of the Espace Charenten, the hall where the meeting was to take place. When Michele Blumenthal, the Socialist mayor of the 12th ward (Paris is divided into 20 wards, each with its own mayor), which includes the Espace Charenten, heard about the meeting she said: “This type of gathering is not just scandalous but, above all, intolerable, because it stigmatizes some of our fellow citizens . . . and contributes to a discourse that reeks of xenophobia.” She urged the police to “assign officers to attend the debates start to finish” in order to “monitor all speech that is racist, revisionist, or incites racial hatred, so that criminal charges may be brought as needed.” There was no need for that, of course, since all the talks were streamed live over the Internet.

Police were, indeed, present in force, but stayed outside. Dressed in bullet-proof vests and shin guards, armed with clubs and automatic pistols, they kept a small band of scruffy protesters well away from the Espace Charenton.

So, what sort of “incitement to hatred” took place at the conference?

Jean-Yves Le Gallou (who did an interview for American Renaissance a number of years ago), one of the founders of the prestigious intellectual circle knows as the Club de l’Horloge, listed a number of elements that define French nationality, of which this was the first:

“To be French is to be part of a lineage that stretches back into the mists of time, whose character—white and European—remained essentially unchanged until the beginning of the 1970s.”

He was one of several speakers who quoted General de Gaulle:

It is well that there be yellow Frenchmen, black Frenchmen, and brown Frenchmen, for this shows that France is open to all races and has a universal vocation—but only on condition that they remain a small minority. Otherwise France will cease to be France. We are, after all and above all, a European people of the white race with a culture that is Grecian and Latin and a religion that is Christianity.

Mr. Le Gallou also quoted Ernest Renan (1823—1892) on national identity: “We note that in order to create such a [national] spirit the following are [necessary but] not sufficient: race, language, common interests, a religious affinity, a territory, military preparedness. What else is necessary?”

Renan went on to answer:

To have shared past glories, to have a common will in the present, to have done wonderful things in the past and yearn to do yet more, these are the essential conditions to be a people. We love in proportion to the sacrifices we accept, the ills we have suffered. . . . The Spartan hymn “we are what you were and will become what you are” is, in its simplicity, the anthem of every fatherland.

Jean-Yves Le Gallou, Jared Taylor, Catherine Blein, Fabrice Robert

Popular radio personality Jean-Paul Bourre was unable to attend the conference itself, but in remarks prepared and distributed beforehand, he warned of the threat of invasion:

It is no longer an obvious enemy, identifiable by its uniform and its flags, that is massing its divisions on the frontiers of Europe. The era of straight-forward war, when men chose between honor and treason is now part of a romantic past. Today we face a new form of conquest, conquest by deceit and cynical exploitation of “human rights” sentimentalism.

Mr. Bourre quoted current French president Nicolas Sarkozy in a speech of Dec. 17, 2008: “We must face the 21st-century challenge of miscegenation. It is not a choice but an obligation, an imperative.” Mr. Bourre called this an outrage, adding that “in another era, such a declaration would have sent citizens by the tens of thousands into the streets, and the ministries and other seats of power would have been reduced to ruin and ashes.”

Marc Rousset holds an MBA from Columbia and has had a 20-year career as an executive for major French companies, such as Aventis and Carrefour, with postings in Asia and Brazil. He warned that there is no guarantee that a people will survive:

In the second millennium before Christ, what is now Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan was not ruled by Asiatics but by an Aryan people, the Scythes. They spoke an Indo-European language and were described by Herodotus as “having blond and light-colored hair.” No doubt they succumbed to what the Slavs call “the white plague” of low birth rates and its corollary: the submersion by other ethnicities of greater fecundity.

Today, he said, the crisis of immigration “threatens to produce a catastrophe as serious as the fall of Byzantium and the capture by the Turks of Constantinople in 1453.”

Guillaume de Thieulloy, editor of a magazine called Les 4 Verités (The 4 Truths), spoke movingly of what a Frenchman feels for France:

We are not attached to France because it is the land of “human rights.” It is not even because it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a cultural heritage virtually without peer. It is for a reason far simpler and far more profound: It is because France is where we were born. It is because France nourished and reared us. Patriotism derives, as it should, from the Fifth Commandment that requires that we honor our fathers and mothers. France, like our parents, we accept and love, entirely aside from its qualities, for the sole fact that it is our fatherland.

Guillaume de Thieulloy

Yves-Marie Laulan, who served in government under President Charles de Gaulle and in high positions in the NATO command, cited evidence for systematic lying by the French authorities about the consequences of immigration:

The secret intent of the government is clearly to hide the current catastrophic reality regarding the demographic situation in France. The goal of these lies is to present the public with a fait accompli that will be justified with the usual refrain, “it’s too late; we must resign ourselves to the inevitable.”

One of the most impassioned talks was by Pierre Cassen, a militant trade unionist and former member of Revolutionary Communist League, who proved that nationalism is not the province only of the Right. He noted that immigration hurts workers because it lowers salaries, and that Islam is a threat to French identity. He is the founder of a group called Riposte Laïque (Lay Riposte), which rejects Islam root and branch. He pointed out that Marxism calls for international solidarity of labor, “but in no case is it an apology for any religion or immigration of any kind.” He called for an end to all immigration, legal or illegal because at stake “is nothing more nor less than the survival of the most beautiful country on earth: France.”

Pierre Cassen proves that nationalism is not a monopoly of the right.

Filip Dewinter is a leader of the Vlaams Belang and spoke at the most recent American Renaissance conference  (his latest book is reviewed here). He was one of the best received speakers at NCI, hammering home the need to defend the West:

If there is a challenge that Europe faces today it is none other than the combat to save our European identity. We Europeans must dare to rise up in the name of our identity. . . . As a European people, our identity can only be Occidental.

Just as AIDS destroys the human body’s resistance against disease, multiculturalism attacks our resistance against assaults on our identity, our civilization, our culture, and our existence as a people. Multiculturalism has brought us Islam: a cuckoo’s egg laid in the nest of Europe. We Europeans are warming this cuckoo’s egg, blind to the fact that we could be cast out of our own nest.

Filip Dewinter

The final speaker was Fabrice Robert, founder of the group Bloc Identitaire, which was the main organizing force behind the meeting. Mr. Robert is just 40 years old, a gifted speaker, a father of three children, and was a favorite of the crowd. Calling for “a reconquista of the mind,” he argued that “territorial imperative requires that one land belong to one people,” adding that “peoples are different, ethnicities are different, and civilizations are by their very nature psychic boundaries.”

Like many others, he spoke of the love of land and nation: “We love Europe because we were born here. Our parents and our entire lineage are rooted in this promontory that juts out into the Atlantic.”

His conclusion brought the audience to its feet:

Against this new age of slavery that has laid waste to the world for 30 years, against this crime against humanity that is the denial of identity, against this mentality that would transform humanity into a uniform mush, we call for a return to reason, a return to who we are.

I spoke near the end of the program—in French—and concluded a speech about the American cult of diversity with these words:

I now speak to you from the bottom of my heart: Do not make the terrible mistakes we have made in America. Avoid at all costs the cult of diversity.

I am American to the bone, but I have lived in France and believe I understand, at least a little, the spirit and genius of France. And part of the genius of France is its regions—an authentic diversity that deserves to be cherished.

The title of this meeting is “France in Danger.” France is in danger, for if France becomes diverse it will no longer be France. It is absolutely essential that France remain French—for its own sake and that of the whole world.

You are all gathered in this room because of the deep love you have for your country. The struggle for a France that is authentic, for regions that are authentic, for an authentic Europe is the fundamental struggle of our time.

Because it is not only France that is in danger. When you fight for France and for Europe you are fighting for all the children of Europe who live overseas. You are fighting for me. You are fighting for our comrades in Canada, in Australia, and in South Africa. We are all brothers in arms.

Thanks to the efforts of people like you in this room France will be saved. Long live France! Long live France as it has always been!

Jared Taylor addresses the meeting.

This brought most of the crowd roaring to its feet. Afterwards I was warmly congratulated by men and women who said they never thought they would hear an American say Vive la France. Some said they had never before applauded an American.

These are people who see the world exactly as we do, who know what is at stake, and are prepared to fight for the nation and culture they love.

NCI can be justly proud of a wonderfully successful conference.

[Editor’s note: Here and here are examples (in French) of some of the early news coverage of the conference.]

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • JohnEngelman

    In his writings Jared Taylor has emphasized the tangible costs of diversity: the increased crime, and the additional risks of terrorism. There should have been more of an emphasis on that at this conference, because many people are attracted, rather than repelled, by what is exotic. 

    • Carney3

      Different things appeal to different people.  The irony I find is that the leftists who lovingly document Appalachian folk tunes and deeply respect “authenticity” in cultural traditions in contrast to corporate pop culture, who buy antiques and like covered bridges etc  are via diversity and multiculturalism destroying what they most cherish – the flavor, texture, and locally rooted way of life of living, organic communities.

      • JohnEngelman

        What matters is that “the leftists” do document Appalachian folk tunes before they are forgotten as Appalachian people gain more exposure to “corporate pop culture.” 
        During the New Deal the Federal Writers’ Project recorded oral accounts of elderly Negroes who remembered living under slavery. 

  • Alexandra1973

    All I have to say is:  France pour les francaise!

  • jeffaral

    Michelle BLUMENTHAL,  socialist mayor of the 12th ward.   Tipical French name I guess !

    • JohnEngelman

      One of the Nazi Party members Adolf Hitler dedicated Mein Kampf to was named Karl LaForce. Another was named Lorenz Stransky. 

      • jeffaral

        Germans with a French name, like La force,  are descendent from french Huguenot immigrants.   Blumenthal is clearly of yiddish origin, in this case.

    • freik0rps

      You can thank idiotic Prussian customs officials for handing out Germanic names to non-Germans in an attempt to ‘Germanise’ them in the wake of the westward flight of Jews caused by Catherine The Great’s attack and breakup of the Poland-Lithuanian empire.
      It’s much the same here in the U.S., where anybody, for a few bucks to a governmental bureaucrat, can buy my family name. This is a far worse case of ‘identity theft’ than what gets talked about in the news. It is the height of disrespect to an ethnic group to steal their family heritage. Only a utopian alcoholic degenerate like Karl ‘Marx’ could conceive that it would be rational and fitting that an arctic Inuit hunter, a Tongan native, or an Amazonian spearman could and should have the last name ‘Blumenthal’. A lie is always a lie. They would have been more honest if they had stuck with their more utilitarian method of ‘identifying’ us. Hello, my name is THX-1138. Glad to ‘know’ you.

  • JohnEngelman

    One of the most impassioned talks was by Pierre Cassen, a militant trade unionist and former member of Revolutionary Communist League, who proved that nationalism is not the province only of the Right. He noted that immigration hurts workers because it lowers salaries.                              
    –  Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 13, 2012                             

     Those on the left often pretend this is not true. Most labor union members know that it is true. They are reminded of the truth when they look at their eroded pay checks.

  • Hirschibold

    I’m glad the meeting went over well, and I’m also frankly tired of the American cliche about the French being prone to surrender and capitulation. They’ve been through some trying times, and with Marine La Pen their prospects for survival would definitely be stronger than Britain’s, despite the  tenacity of John Bull.

  • VikingManx

    Chills. I wish I could have been there. Vive le France! Home of the chevaliers! Birthplace of Chivalry.

  • It was a remarkable occasion. Imagine an AR conference with 750 people! These people are with us all the way. Their fight is our fight.

    • Jerrybear

      I’d attend an AR conference if they weren’t so far away. I reside on the west coast. It also doesn’t help that the diversity thugs intimidate people with threats of violence and the fear of losing their jobs. Anyway, I’m glad to here the convention in France was a success.

    • Anan7

      I was very much surprised to see that a European country would allow a meeting like that.  After the British treatment of Emma West, I’m happy to see that the French are more tolerant of free speech than the UK.

      It would be great if the conferences were more frequent and more geographically dispersed, but I realize there are definitely financial limits to what AmRen can accomplish. Maybe western NY state? Maybe I’m being selfish there.

      and thanks for all that you do Mr. Taylor!

    • geraldmartin

      Marvelous report. What a moment it must have been, when you finished with, “Vive la France!”  I don’t suppose the New York Times will take notice of this event, but a followup on European media reaction (beyond the links provided in the article) would be interesting. 

      Americans like me are sometimes puzzled by the relationships, or lack of relationships, between  the various European nationalist & identitarian groups, and especially the lack of coordination or any attempts at alliances between them, especially in France. I know there is a move to form an identitarian bloc between nationalist parties in the European Parliament, but other than that, little has been done for decades.

      In particular, I think GRECE missed an opportunity to become a kind of Fabian Society to the Front National years ago. Such a combination could have developed considerable synergy and produced positive effects over time in both popular culture and politics at all levels and won more support for racialist and traditionalist ideas from the French people in general and their elites in particular.

      Or so I would like to think.

      Guillame Faye mentions the difficulties between the FN and GRECE in ARCHEOFUTURISM, but perhaps he will elaborate a bit when he talks to us at the AR conference on Saturday.

      Speaking of which…there is a petition, from and the usual suspects, demanding that the state of Tennessee deny its facilities to the conference. Last time I checked it had about 150 signatures. (It’s posted several places, i/c the Facebook page for Tenn. state parks.) Not exactly a firestorm of protest, but let us hope Tennessee does its duty, including physical security on-site this week before the conference begins. (Once it does, we can take care of ourselves!)   

    • CyprianKorzeniowski

      Mr. Taylor – Any thoughts on why this gathering was such a success?  Are the French just more aware of the perils of diversity?

    • Carney3

      I’m all the more impressed by this success given that European “antifa” thugs are much more aggressive and numerous than ours, and that European states have laws banning “hate speech”.

  • Ernest

    Vive la France !

  • jackellis

    Vive la France (I need to put in something like blanc or some French word for White).

    • La France pour les blancs à tout jamais!
      (France for the whites forever!)

  • Anan7

    I only wish that the AmRen gatherings were easier to get to.  If they were more frequent and more widely dispersed I think they would get a lot more attention.  Western NY would be a great idea haha.  Maybe quarterly meetings instead of annual meetings?  I think it would help spread American Renaissance’s message.

  • curri

    The neo-Bolshevist US Government is actively engaged in subversion against France: 

    The Joy of Curmudgeonry’s Deogolwulf has a simply amazing post on the agenda of the United States government to promote diversity, that is the promotion of minority groups at the expense of the majority, along with extensive propagandizing of the latter, in… France. Deogolwulf’s source is Wikileaks, and the cited words are all from the American Embassy in Paris, the “Minority Engagement Strategy”. Here’s a sample, see the link for the rest:“[W]e will continue and intensify our work with French museums and educators to reform the history curriculum taught in French schools, so that it takes into account the role and perspectives of minorities in French history.” [2]

    We will create or support training and exchange programs that teach the enduring value of broad inclusion to schools, civil society groups, bloggers, political advisors, and local politicians.

    “Finally, a Minority Working Group will integrate the discourse, actions, and analysis of relevant sections and agencies in the Embassy. This group, working in tandem with the Youth Outreach Initiative, will identify and target influential leaders and groups among our primary audiences. It will also evaluate our impact over the course of the year, by examining both tangible and intangible indicators of success. Tangible changes include a measurable increase in the number of minorities leading and participating in public and private organizations, including elite educational institutions; growth in the number of constructive efforts by minority leaders to organize political support both within and beyond their own minority communities; new, proactive policies to enhance social inclusion adopted by non-minority political leaders; expansion of inter-communal and inter-faith exchanges at the local level; decrease in popular support for xenophobic political parties and platforms.State Department apparatchiks will now not only teach the French about the proper understanding of their own history, but also look like they’re actively promoting the Islamisation and Africanisation of France. That’s pretty close to what the government and its media enablers already promote here, so why not let France have the best America has to offer?”

    • curri

      “A “Festival of the Cultures of Islam” is now (September 7-17) in full swing in Paris. You’re paying for it. Why?

      This bit of multiculti showbiz was ginned up by the City of Paris and the U.S. Embassy—which has gone so far as to lend the Stars And Stripes (see right) to the islamopropaganda—along with (what a surprise) Harvard University.
      The Institut’s website  says the Festival has been “organized through a partnership (réalisé en partenariat )between the City of Paris, the United States Embassy in France and Harvard University.” Such réalisations always cost you money.
      Since Barack Hussein Obama sent former Muppets CEO Charles Rivkin to be the U.S. Ambassador to France (what did his bijou post cost him, I wonder?), Rivkin has pursued a “Minority Engagement Strategy ” designed  to endear himself to, while increasing the political power of, those residents of France who are not, well, French.  [In Smart-Power Shift, U.S. Now Actively Cultivating Muslim Minorities In The EU, By Garret Martin,European Affairs, April 2011]”

      • Carney3

        All part of a desperate effort, akin to Black History Month and affirmative action astronauts, to tell blacks and Muslims they are brilliant and peaceful in hopes they’ll act that way.  Of course, reducing their numbers in our midst via deportation of aliens, de-funding welfare reproduction, etc. never dawns on our rulers.

  • How tragic to think that 50,000 years of European culture is being destroyed in our lifetimes, before our very eyes. More tragic is that so few seem to care, or even be aware of the dilemma we face. 

    How encouraging to know there are those willing to stand against the torrents of opposition to defend Western culture. 

    My family came from the Gévaudan region of France about 312 years ago. Within the first generation the clan was fully emersed in America’s English colonial culture. 

    Just curious: Did Jared speak English with a translator? Or French? 
    Are videos available?

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Taylor is fluent in French and attended college there.

      • Carney3

        I see even the slightly silly can see the nonsense of our modern egalitarian myths…

    • The muslims/moors where turned back at the gates of vienna before, all that is needed is some blood and iron.

  • This systematic destruction of the foundations of Western Civilization (the product of “dead white men”), over the past 150 years, but esp since WW II, really makes me think that friends who are Birchers (i.e., members of the John Birch Society (, may be on to something. Seems like our leaders are against their own people and their own nations.

    This imposed multiculturalism destroys the concept that one nation is comprised of one people. Perhaps WW II made the world’s “ruling elite” (academic, financial, industrial, media, and political), decide that when one nation is comprised of one people they are more likely to be unified in a war of aggression against other nations. Thus, dividing a nation’s people makes them less likely to be unified against another people in another nation.

    But there are other effects: the various peoples in that nation are now more likely to “war” against each other within that nation (i.e., racial/ethnic gangs or civil war). This reduction in peace/increase in disharmony and violence will reduce the productivity and standard of living in that nation, as well as make it more vulnerable to being conquered by a people who are united. Violence will justify the reduction of liberty and increase in police powers for internal “peace keeping” to maintain law and order.

    Eventually the state will increase its power even more, to the point of becoming a police state, since the divided populace will be unlikely to unite against the ever encroaching state. We will be oppressed by our “diverse” neighbors and oppressed by the overarching state. Our power hungry “leaders” will have “divided and conquered” us and become our rulers!

    • … really makes me think that friends who are Birchers (i.e., members of the John Birch Society (, may be on to something.

      Almost get it.  Their long time Achilles Heel is race, and their fundamental belief in racial equality.  Though I should say, most Birchers at the dues paying level are probably far more AR and far less MLK on race, and there was a very good almost AR-quality article about the Kansadishu City necklacing incident in their magazine recently.  But among JBS leadership is the constant strain of race denial, and the attempt to genuflect racial differences on the machinations of a hostile elite.  Or they sometimes say worrying about black crime when we have Rockefeller treachery aplenty is like worrying about draining the swamp when we’re up to our necks in gators.  Fortunately, I have enough frontal lobe space to worry about both black crime AND Rockefellers, (one should note, most elected Rockefellers were/are big into “civil rights.”)

  • fireeater

     Yeah? Tell that to Faurisson.

    What a bunch of milquetoasts. Meetings like this have been held for sixty years, to no avail. Where’s the damn rope?

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Well, unless its against Germany…

    • Carney3

      A bit of a cheap shot there.  They were bled white in Word War One with literally millions dead.   Up against the blitzkrieg many units fought bravely and well but Manstein’s massing of tanks at a single decisive spot and the “sickle cut” race to the sea afterwards was brilliant and cut off the majority of the French Army.  After that the situation was hopeless.  Surrender was no more dishonorable than it was at Appomattox.  Recall that we rightly despised the Japanese as barbarians for adding greatly to their and our death toll with fanatical resistance to the last man when doing so was pointless and did not affect the outcome.

  • Let us not forget that if it had not been for Napoleon, the british would have won and they would be speaking english in NYC.

  • If france gets ride of blacks they wont be able to sneek in through the chunnel.

  • Hopefully, in time, European-Americans will also discover that it is not a crime or a character flaw to have a sense of idenity and to have unique interests that they can work for.  The day may actually come when we can have an event withouth the antifa protesting outside our doors. A day when it would be silly to assume we didn’t have our own interests or our own sense of identity.


  • jackellis

    Consider the option of new White nations breaking away from the corrupt USA.

    There’s a real movement to form a a new White nation in the Pacific Northwest.

    Check out www dot NorthWestfront

    Just let the editors, organizers know the same thoughts you posted here.

  • WillieLynch

     why is that fat jew sow even allowed to speak?

  • saris1

    Again, we find another Jew.

    Let me guess Amren, France is run by Blacks? Sarkozy isn’t a Jew, he’s a half-black?

    Come on Amren, tell me!

    BNP-Paribas is Jewish.
    Veolia is Jewish.

    Or, are they African? I forget!

  • Wayne Lo

    Interestingly I read a few years ago that Mr Taylor was quite the cassanova around the Japanese ladies.

    He was actually questioned by a journalist over this during his visit to Halifax, Canada, and Mr Taylor lost his composure.

    There was also a rumoured infidelity with a Japanese lady surnamed Akisada, if I remember rightly.

    It seems hypocrisy abounds in the WN movement. I would hardly imagine
    the WN crowd being so forgiving of a white women who slept round with
    black men.

  • What astounded me, was that former French president Valery Giscard – De’Estaing was actually born in Germany, not France. I say it astounded me because of the past historical animosity bwtween those two nations. Why would the French elect as their president, a man who was born in Germany?

    While on the subject of politics, who here knew that George Romney, the father of Mitt, was actually born in MEXICO – and NOT the United States, as required by the U.S. Constitution? That’s right, he was born in Mexico, but for some reason this was NEVER brought up, during his (short-lived) presidential campaign in 1968.

    Jeffaral, you are correct, paisan. Michele Blumenthal is a Jewess, through and through. As we know, Jews are the most vociferous when it comes to wanting multiculturalism in every nation on planet Earth, whether it’s the U.S., Russia, Turkey, China, South Sudan, or Brazil.

    Except when it comes to Israel, of course. They don’t want THEIR ox to be gored.

    Besides, Blumenthal doesn’t look Bulgarian or Icelander; but instead, looks like a fat Carol Channing, to me.

  • Logos, of the total U.S. war deaths in World War II, only 708 were Bantu. Yes, that’s right only 708 were from south of Algeria, ancestrywise. My source is Wikipedia – kinda questionable to be sure, but that’s what it said.

    And yet, to hear Bantu people tell it, the Tuskegee Airmen singlehandedly won the war.

    This is one of those truths which Thomas Jefferson would not want unknown to the world, that appears at the top of this web page.

    Logos, did you also know that Emmett Till’s father was executed by the U.S. Army, for raping and killing three Italian women during WWII? The father of the boy whom Bantus consider a martyr on the order of Joan of Arc, or even Christ? 

  • Jared, why don’t you allow Jews to be criticized on your site? Are you an ADL agent?

  • The French have really no history of this kind of war, where they’ve imported the invaders. In fact, this is a first in the history of Europe, where the natives, failing to reproduce themselves, became complacent and are faced with the reality that they can be exterminated. It is good to see the French standing up for their country. It’s loss would be catastrophic. 

  • patriotdad76

    A jewish socialist mayor?