Posted on July 7, 2021

A Declaration of Dependence

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, July 7, 2021

Five years ago, I wrote a book called Waking Up From The American Dream. One of my assumptions was that America was uniquely destructive because the egalitarian virus was implicit in its founding. America wasn’t really a “proposition nation”; no nation is. However, it was at least plausible to believe that it was, that it had a universal mission to spread freedom. Many people in the European New Right shared my view during the Obama years. There was a trendy “anti-Americanism” that I shared.

Waking Up from the American Dream by Gregory Hood

In the years since, I’ve come to think I was wrong. America is not uniquely corrupted and corrupting. All Western nations face the same problems and foes, and believe the same false arguments. There were three reasons why I was wrong about America’s unique vulnerability and the danger it presented to the Western world.

First, both conservatives and liberals say America is defined by “ideas” and not blood, and claim that this makes America unique. I, and anyone with any knowledge of American history, know this isn’t true. However, I recognized the power of this myth and thought it was purely an American problem. Unfortunately, today, practically every Western country is defined in legalistic terms defined by ill-defined “values.” These “values,” which supposedly specify our societies but migrate leftward every year, include mass immigration, social liberalism, and special protections for non-whites.

Leaders of the European Union recently threatened to kick out Hungary for not adequately celebrating homosexuality, even though homosexual activism was a fringe oddity in every Western nation just a few years ago. Even President Obama claimed to oppose gay marriage “as a Christian.” Now, apparently, it defines the West.

I’ve never cared about this issue. However, in retrospect, the warnings of the “religious right” about what would happen if homosexual marriage were recognized didn’t go far enough. Homosexual rights gave rise to a new “victim” category that can expand infinitely as new sexual and gender identities appear. I suspect many of these are ways for white people to avoid being called “white” if they can’t otherwise become a victim by faking it as a member of another race.

We can only wonder what “values” will define the West tomorrow. The slippery slope may be a logical fallacy in a debate, but not in politics. Social liberalism has come to define the West. Some well-meaning conservatives defend it as a barrier to Islam, but it has done nothing to combat Islam. White liberals are also naïve to think values-shifting will end once their own “rights” are secure. White homosexuals are finding that they are no longer part of the “Coalition of the Oppressed,” but just another part of what we could call the “reparations-paying white community.”

A real nation isn’t defined by abstract, ever-changing values, but by the common experience of a self-aware people. Within this people, different beliefs, faiths, and traditions can be tolerated. However, if the nation is defined purely by “values,” and those “values” are whatever a cosmopolitan elite say they are, millions of conservatives will find themselves symbolically stripped of citizenship.

The universal, “values-based” system is a secular, repressive theocracy. Europeans who believe in traditional Christian values are now apparently not part of Europe. In contrast, a progressive from anywhere in the world becomes more authentically “European,” at least in the eyes of the EU, than someone whose family has lived on the Continent for 2,000 years. It’s not just America that is a proposition nation; the West is a “proposition civilization,” with the propositions defined by leftists with media and academic power.

Second, I thought America’s past was uniquely vulnerable to cultural hijacking. The phrase “all men are created equal” — something Thomas Jefferson obviously didn’t mean to be a statement of universal egalitarianism — still gave the wreckers a powerful weapon. They could claim that America was founded on “equality,” but that every generation, including the Founders themselves, had fallen short of this ideal. Germany, France, or even Canada or Australia couldn’t be hijacked this way. Germany is defined by the Germans, France by the French, and Canada, Australia and other European settler states by their founders. Or so I thought.

Now we are seeing the American racial program imposed throughout the West. In Canada, once a progressive, non-offensive nation that left-wing Americans fantasized about moving to every time Republicans won an election, we hear the same arguments the Left makes about our Founders. Rioters have torn down a statue of founder John A. MacDonald. “Canada Day” has suddenly become controversial, just like the Fourth of July. Leftists claim Canada is indigenous land, so the country itself is illegitimate. If white leftists really believe this, they should move to Europe.

But they can’t, because apparently even the Continent isn’t our indigenous land. There have been Black Lives Matter protests in England, France, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. What guarantees racial unrest is not a legacy of slavery or even colonialism, but the presence of blacks. Enoch Powell was right not just about Britain but all Europe: “European” leaders have imported unsolvable problems either by neglect or malice.

It is considered vicious racism to tell blacks to “go back to Africa,” but it wouldn’t be racist to tell whites to “go back to Europe” because it doesn’t even belong to us. Besides, if we left, non-whites would follow, as they did after the empires ended. One wonders if anti-whiteness will also become a European “value,” with dissident individuals and countries told they are no longer part of the West.

Finally, I thought America was uniquely flawed and doomed to self-destruction because our founding symbols and American power were inextricably linked to destructive ideas. American power is part of the reason even the craziest cultural, academic, and media trends become worldwide news and globally influential. I thought our rulers would be smart enough to maintain American power and at least the basics of civic identity to keep the “Globalist American Empire” going, so it could uphold these destructive trends. Traditional American patriotism was destructive in some ways because it kept white conservatives supporting a system that no longer upheld their interests. That was why I thought we needed to take a “post-American” or even “anti-American” stance to secure a future for our people.

However, BLM and related movements seem to be a monster that elites can’t control. Athletes don’t bother to respect the national flag, even when it is cloaked in the mythology of “the Good War” that was World War II, the foundational myth that underlies modern morality. Critical race theory, now taught in government institutions, defines America as inherently racist. The military, the bedrock of America, also studies CRT. This could help explain why despite countless billions spent and thousands of lives squandered, the United States government has lost its longest war. Can leftist hegemony be sustained without the “hard power” of American military supremacy? Can the American military win wars when the government tells patriots they aren’t wanted as soldiers?

America is not a free country. The government promotes censorship, spies on citizens, and prosecutes people for some crimes while ignoring or failing to stop violent crime. If the Biden Administration has a plan to control crime, it seems to be to crack down on mostly white gun owners. The best thing that we can say about America is that it is better off than many other Western countries because we have explicit Constitutional protections they don’t. Those protections will last only if critical legal theory doesn’t take over the Supreme Court.

Paradoxically, when the Left scorns our heritage, it tells us what matters and who we are. This is how it has given us back the flag, traditional American heroes, the national anthem, and the Constitution. It scorns traditional heroes and symbols even when there is no possible racial complaint. If something makes Western Man feel proud, the Left highlights it. For example, the Swedish National Museum is putting labels on 19th century paintings, warning against nationalism, sexism, patriarchy, and racism.

Let us rethink our national myths. By “we,” I mean all whites. What does it mean to celebrate because “we” won independence from the British? The rule of King George III would be far preferable to what we have today. Both the winners and the losers of World War II are being treated like the conquered National Socialists, with their histories and identities refashioned as shame and sinfulness. The only exception is Russia, which celebrates “the Great Patriotic War” as a national triumph, rather than the beginning of a never-ending struggle against “white racism,” which is how we are supposed to see the war.

When protesters tear down the statues of Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth II, that is not just an attack on Canada. It is an attack on all whites, in Europe, Australia, South Africa, North America, everywhere.

Rather than glorying in our independence from each other, we should recognize our dependence on each other. Rather than bragging about “winning” or “losing” wars against each other, we should vow that next time, we will fight together. We share a common fate and a common destiny. Whites have no choice; our opponents are more powerful than we. They use state power and wealthy media, activist, and legal groups to attack us as whites, not as members of any particular nation. Regardless of whether a white nation had an empire (like Britain), was originally an anti-colonialist power (like the United States), or never had any history of conquest (like Ireland or Iceland), we get the same treatment.

The Declaration of Independence is important because it is an expression of the American genius and of how Anglo-Saxons understood liberty and self-government. However, it is just a footnote to Western identity. Western Civilization is white civilization. Our foes understand this. That is why they destroy its symbols, its institutions, and want to replace its people. Whites must understand this and unite before it is too late. A slogan that applied to the separate American colonies now applies to separate nations: Join or Die. We need a Declaration of Dependence, a resolve to pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the shared cause of Western unity.