Posted on June 28, 2021

Critical Race Theory Is Just Anti-White Racism

Scott Greer, American Greatness, June 27, 2021

Critical race theory is the cultural battle of our time. State legislatures across the country are seeking to ban it, parents battle with school boards over it, and several Republican politicians look to make a name for themselves as the ultimate opponent of CRT.

Much of the attention to this previously obscure topic is due to journalist Christopher Rufo. Rufo has done a tremendous job of exposing racial indoctrination in corporations, schools, and government agencies over the last year. He’s even responsible for informing Donald Trump about this topic through a Tucker Carlson segment.

The battle against CRT is a positive development for the American Right and Rufo deserves credit for revealing these insidious practices to the public. But the mainstream anti-CRT movement has serious limitations, the most damaging of which is the hesitancy of its members to stress the primary target of CRT, which, of course, is white people.

Rufo does occasionally acknowledge that CRT is anti-white, but always with unnecessary qualifiers. “Critical race theory is explicitly anti-white,” he replied to Revolver News’ Darren Beattie on the topic. “But it is also anti-Asian, anti-rational, and anti-democratic. I think it is [a] much deeper problem—‘anti-whiteness’ is merely one element.”

Yet based on Rufo’s own reporting, anti-whiteness appears to be the predominant element. School children are not taught to check their “democratic” privilege. These lesson plans don’t say that all “rational” people are racist from birth. We are not told to repeat that our nation was founded on “Asian supremacy.” All of these efforts are directed against whites.


Many conservatives share this strange sentiment, with some claiming that CRT is “anti-human” or even anti-black. It’s unclear how CRT harms nonwhites. Nonwhites are placed at the top of the moral hierarchy while whites are placed at the bottom. CRT teaches that whites owe reparations to nonwhites and that nonwhites are free from the sins carried by all whites. If the races were reversed in this hierarchy, we would all acknowledge that nonwhites are the ones harmed while whites are the beneficiaries. But some CRT critics prefer to think that both groups are equally harmed.


Asians also benefit from the CRT mindset. The Biden Administration’s small business relief plan included Asians in its “disadvantaged” groups prioritized for loans. The one group not prioritized: white males. This is in spite of Asians being, on average, wealthier than whites. Some conservative commentators may say that the people prioritized for loans and those excluded are equally victimized by the plan. But those with common sense would know that getting a loan due to your race is much better than not getting one due to your race. This is CRT as public policy—it harms whites and benefits nonwhites.

To his credit, Rufo will at least say “anti-white.” Others refuse to do so. Karlyn Borysenko, another prominent figure in the anti-CRT movement, declares it racist to claim CRT is “anti-white.” She has warned about the dangers in daring to mention “anti-white” and how it encourages “white identitarianism.” {snip}

Rufo agrees with some of Borysenko’s views. He recently agreed with her about the alleged threat of “white identitarianism,” saying it and CRT are “two sides of the same coin.” This is disingenuous. CRT is promoted by our federal government, our military, our schools, our corporations, and our entertainment institutions.

“White identitarianism” is seen as the great villain of all these institutions yet has no power within our society. You can fantasize about murdering whites and be applauded at Yale University, but can find yourself jailed and forever unemployable if you place an “It’s OK to Be White” sticker anywhere on Yale’s campus. {snip} You don’t have to like white identitarianism to understand it’s far worse to teach white guilt than to acknowledge it’s okay to be white. {snip}


The fight against CRT is going to draw all different types of people. We don’t necessarily need to see eye-to-eye on every political issue to oppose racial indoctrination. But we all should acknowledge what CRT is: it’s anti-white racism. Period.