Posted on August 9, 2018

Justin Trudeau: Canada’s First (And Last) Postnational President?

Rémi Tremblay, American Renaissance, August 9, 2018

According to the polls, Justin Trudeau stands a good chance of losing Canada’s federal elections in October 2019.

Besides his well-documented financial mismanagement, more and more Canadians look forward to replacing him because of the social “achievements” about which he so often boasts. Justin Trudeau has outpaced other world leaders when it comes to being a shameless champion of multiculturalism. But it is only in this field that he has excelled.

Mr. Trudeau’s multiculturalist agenda is to make Canada the “first postnational state.” He claims that “there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.” The first step he took toward eliminating Canadian identity was to increase immigration. For a country of only 36 million, the demographic impact will be immense. It is estimated that French Canadians under age 35 will become a minority in their own province by 2035, and a similar fate no doubt awaits Anglo-Canadians. Mr. Trudeau’s government has welcomed tens of thousands of refugees, despite the public-safety risks they may pose.

Illegal immigrants have also been pouring into Canada thanks to Mr. Trudeau. On January 28, 2017, in an apparent PR move to distinguish himself from Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban,” Mr. Trudeau tweeted, “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.” Many took him seriously, and thousands of illegal immigrants who faced deportation in the States crossed — illegally — into Canada. Mr. Trudeau’s government welcomed them as “asylum seekers.” Never mind the Safe Third Country Agreement that Canada signed; those crossing the border illegally deserved the support of Canadian taxpayers, who gave them shelter, food, and welfare checks. So far it is estimated that more than 20,000 have entered illegally.

Mr. Trudeau’s government is tyranny by the minority. The concept is simple: The minorities are always right and the majority is always wrong. It is Marxist Manichaeism, in which there is always a dominant and dominated. Unlike the traditional Marxists, Mr. Trudeau thinks in ethnic rather than economic terms. The intolerable domination of the bourgeoisie over the worker has been replaced by the equally intolerable domination of the white majority over non-white minorities. It is now only fair that these minorities forever break free. There is no originality in Mr. Trudeau’s vision, as he merely parrots what Cultural Marxists have been chanting since the 1960s.

On Islam, Mr. Trudeau favors the 3.2 percent of Canadians who are Muslim over the majority. After actual Islamic terror attacks, he rushes to a mosque to denounce “Islamophobia.” But when a lunatic mass shooter targeted a mosque in January 2017, he said it was “a terrorist attack on Muslims.” Our prime minister was also recently duped by a hate-crime hoax when a young Muslim girl pretended to have been attacked.

Mr. Trudeau’s government of the minorities can be seen best in his apologies on Canada’s behalf to minorities for what he considers past wrongdoing. He is not the first prime minister to apologize to those who for the most part have never suffered a crime at the majority’s hands, but the frequency of his apologies and the flow of tears that accompany them put him in a class of his own.

In May 2016, Mr. Trudeau officially apologized to Indians for having refused entry to a few hundred Sikhs who arrived aboard the Komagata Maru in 1914. The fact that many Sikh militants who represented a risk to public safety were on the boat is now considered irrelevant.

In July 2017, he apologized to the terrorist Omar Khadr and attached 10 million dollars to the apology, as we had let Mr. Khadr rot in Guantanamo after American authorities arrested him. The fact that he had killed an American soldier didn’t matter. According to Mr. Trudeau, Canada had to protect him from the American state.

The prime minister next apologized to the Natives who attended Indian residential schools in Newfoundland. These schools taught Native children English, mathematics, science, and Christianity, but in 2018, it is considered a crime to have tried to Occidentalize them. Following those apologies, a crying Mr. Trudeau publicly expressed regret for the lack of respect the Canadian administration showed in the past toward homosexuals and the transgendered.

More recently, Trudeau pledged to offer official apologies for having refused asylum to a thousand Jews in May 1939 before the Second World War had started. In this case, as in the Komagata Maru apologies, he regretted that we once had different border policies and that we enforced them.

Justin Trudeau judges everything our forefathers did according to his ideology. We must feel sorry for having had restrictive immigration policies, a common British or French culture, and traditional values. If we had done the right thing and elected Justin Trudeau in 1867, we wouldn’t have to keep making all these apologies.

Like Stalin, who would retouch photos to erase former comrades who had lost his favor, Mr. Trudeau has also been on a mission to purge the past of the heroes who do not seem liberal enough and whose ideas were insufficiently inclusive. His father, Pierre Eliot Trudeau, who called Mao “one of the great men of the century,” must be proud of his son.

Justin Trudeau’s social agenda belongs on society’s fringes. Unfortunately, lunatic propaganda, especially in the education system, has been effective, and in October 2015, 39 percent of Canadians voted for him. It is not surprising that minorities voted for him, but it’s shocking that many Euro-Canadians did. But after four years, the diminishing white majority will probably look for an alternative.

Mr. Trudeau’s re-election seems less and less probable, especially after a populist whom many compare to Donald Trump won Ontario’s recent elections. Conservative Doug Ford defeated Mr. Trudeau’s good friend Kathleen Wynne, who fell to third place. Miss Wynne’s program was very similar to Mr. Trudeau’s. Ontarians preferred Mr. Ford, who is now vehemently attacking Mr. Trudeau on many issues, particularly illegal immigration.

This fall’s elections in Quebec will probably have similar results. Recent polls are unanimous: The soft-populist Coalition Avenir Quebec led by François Legault will defeat the Liberals, who has so far been able to stay in office due to the division of the French-Canadian vote between the Coalition Avenir Quebec and the separatist Parti Quebecois. The only question is whether the Coalition will be able to form a majority government.

The defeat of the provincial Liberal governments might serve as a warning for the prime minister, but he is not likely to change course before the federal election. To win, the Conservatives merely need to let Mr. Trudeau self-destruct. Nothing he can say and no number of selfies with celebrities will make white Canadians forget all that he has done. Unfortunately, Andrew Sheer’s Conservatives are not likely to reverse the trends Trudeau set in motion. Even if they can slow the pace, they will certainly not save European Canada. The answer lies elsewhere, but stopping Mr. Trudeau will be a step toward that answer.