Those Unmentionable Asians!

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 26, 2012

Discrimination case against Fairfax County is the usual nuttiness.

The NAACP and something called the Coalition of The Silence [sic] have filed a formal complaint with the US Department of Education claiming that the public schools of Fairfax County, Virginia, discriminate against blacks and Hispanics. Their prime piece of evidence is that whites and Asians are far more likely to be admitted to the county’s most selective school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ).

That is true. Here are the racial percentages for all students in the county public schools and the percentages of the 480 students admitted to TJ’s class of 2016. All figures are from the complaint.

Percentage in School District

Percentage at TJ
















The complaint argues that problems for blacks and Hispanics begin long before they apply to TJ. Charisse Espy Glassman of the NAACP claims discrimination begins in kindergarten. She says the county needs to pour resources into the early grades, identify gifted blacks and Hispanics, and funnel them into TJ. Not to do so, she says, violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination in education.Thomas Jefferson is one of the most selective public schools in America. It has a rigorous entrance examination that weeds out most applicants, and those who pass are further winnowed on the basis of essays, grades, and recommendations. Most TJ students were in gifted programs at middle school.

Martina Hone of the Coalition of The Silence agrees: “Poor Latino kids are not being identified, and I worry part of that is language. African-American kids are not being identified. I’m worried that’s race.” Miss Hone may have special qualifications for detecting discrimination—“I’m a biracial American. I grew up dealing with race”—and she states the key assumption of the DOE complaint without reservation: “Look at any study of giftedness. It is equally distributed across humanity. God did not change that rule when he got to Fairfax County.”

Miss Hone is flat wrong about that. If there is even one serious study that reports students of all races are equally gifted we would like to see it. There is probably not one gifted program in any of America’s 16,000 school districts that is not top heavy with Asians and has to scrape for blacks and Hispanics. Gary Orfield, of the Civil Rights Project at the University of California-Los Angeles, says the problem is “ubiquitous.” Fairfax County is like everywhere else.

But let us examine the racial disparities that so distress Miss Hone and Miss Glassman. Given the figures they cite in their complaint, we can calculate that whites are 4.8 times more likely than Hispanics to be admitted to TJ, and are 4.2 times more likely than blacks. Asians, however, are 5.4 times more likely than whites to be admitted. If whites are the standard, the most striking problem at TJ appears to be discrimination in favor of Asians. The complaint runs to 16 single-spaced pages and alleges “institutional discrimination” against blacks and Hispanics, but says nothing about the fact that the incoming class at TJ is nearly two-thirds Asian.

I telephoned Charisse Glassman of the NAACP to ask about Asians. “I can’t really speak to that,” she said, adding that she hoped the Department of Education will dig up the “root causes,” of what is happening. I pointed out that she didn’t wait for the DOE to discover that black and Hispanic underrepresentation is caused by institutional discrimination, and that by that logic there must be discrimination in favor of Asians. “I’m not here to get into a back and forth about Asians,” she said, and hung up the phone.

Miss Hone did not reply to e-mail, so I called her about Asians, too. “We have been really reluctant to comment on that question,” she said, adding that she was “disappointed” that anyone should raise it. “I don’t want to blame the children for a flawed system,” she went on. “It doesn’t help black and Latino kids to blame the Asians.” I said I wasn’t blaming Asians; I just wanted to know why they are overrepresented. Miss Hone then said that she had been waiting for taxi, which had arrived, asked for my number, and promised to call me back. So far, she has broken that promise.

Well, of course, Miss Glassman doesn’t want to “speak to” the question of Asians, and of course, Miss Hone is “disappointed” if anyone asks about them. Asian success knocks a huge hole in their theory of “institutional discrimination.” It would be absurd to claim there is institutional discrimination in favor of Asians, so if they are getting into TJ it must be because they are smarter or work harder. But if that’s so, could whites be smarter or work harder than blacks and Hispanics? That is forbidden territory, so the enemies of “institutional discrimination” hope no one talks about Asians, and hang up on anyone who does. What else can they do?

The real question is what the people who run the Fairfax County schools will do. For the first 12 years after its founding in 1985, Thomas Jefferson High School lowered standards to let in blacks and Hispanics, but in response to several 1997 federal court decisions on “affirmative action,” it shut down preferences, and the number of blacks and Hispanics plummeted. After the Supreme Court’s University of Michigan decisions in 2003 permitting “holistic” racial preferences, TJ started taking race into consideration again, but the numbers did not change much. Since 2000, the county has run a Young Scholars program that tries to groom promising elementary-school students for TJ. More than half the “young scholars” who get special handling are black or Hispanic—sounds like institutional discrimination to us—but they still can’t make it into TJ.

Fairfax County Public Schools are not yet in real trouble because the Department of Education has just received the papers. A spokesman says the department got 7,800 complaints last fiscal year, and can’t investigate them all. But this would be a splashy case: raging discrimination at what US News and World Report calls the second best public school in the whole country! The Obama administration snorts like a race horse at the faintest whiff of “racism,” and Fairfax County is a handy target, just across the Potomac. The county can barely keep its elementary-school bands and foreign-language immersion programs going, but it would have to spend heaps of money to defend itself against this foolishness.

It takes smart people to teach smart children. The people at TJ, who run a veritable laboratory of applied race differences, have surely heard of Arthur Jensen, Charles Murray, Linda Gottfredson, Amy Wax, or Richard Lynn—they just don’t have the spine to say so. Do they even have the spine to talk about Asians? We’ll see when DOE comes calling.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • Sloppo

    “It takes smart people to teach smart children.”
    Maybe that’s the root of this institutional problem.  Perhaps the government needs to force smart people to raise the children of stupid people and vice versa.  Maybe African children should be transferred to Asian homes and Asian children transferred to African homes.  White people would logically be left out of this process of course because we’re in between the extremes of academic achievement.  

    • nettle

      So you are saying a dog can be more than a dog?  That is, humans can change the genetic make-up of individuals by changing the environment?  Then 50+ years of de-segregation of the schools and Head Start should have created more intelligent blacks by now but it’s the reverse.  Now these desperate people think that by forcing blacks to be admitted to top schools, their genetic make-up will somehow change.  But in reality, blacks have been forced into elite schools long ago.  It is just that a few are still left standing and in need of re-education to conform to lower standards.  What a joke!  Actually, it only has drawn more scrutiny into racial genetic differences.  But what an expensive experiment it has been not just in terms of money but its effect on people’s lives and neighborhoods.

      • HenryHolliday

        I believe that it was in this blog that some person who had considerable experience in sub-Saharan Africa stated that many black Africans believe that if they put on a white lab coat and hang a stethoscope around their neck, they become a doctor, or if they put on a suit and carry a briefcase, they become a lawyer. How far behind them are we if blacks and their white enablers believe -or a least pretend to believe-that sending an unqualified black to an elite school will transform them into a high achiever? It will do what sending blacks even to state colleges and community colleges without requiring even a modicum of aptitude does-churn out arrogant, ignorant  barely literate thugs, expecting, and all too often getting, employment that they don’t deserve and can’t  properly perform, and indeed are often reluctant to even attempt  to perform. And all at taxpayer expense.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Good one, Sloppo.  I just spewed my tea from laughing so hard.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Honey, we ALL grew up dealing with race.  On one hand whites are told race shouldn’t matter. Shouldn’t enter into the equation. Before we can turn around, we’re told that we must step aside specifically because of race. We must then acknowledge that we, due to our race are privileged simply by existing and that we must curb our behavior while allowing others, again based solely on race, to act freely and, once more based on race, we must never criticize any aspect of their behavior.

    We deal with race until we’re sick to death of it.

    • Detroit_WASP

      I agree with everything you said except the part about the Karate class.  
      Blacks would probably dominate that.  lol   A Biology class would be a better analogy. 

      • HenryHolliday

        I taught Karate for forty years, most of them in an urban area.  Blacks will try to dominate a class, especially if they are the largest/strongest/toughest in the class. It’s easy in the lower ranks. From about brown belt up, when skill and strategy come in to play as much as strength and speed, it’s common to see blacks drop out when they start getting bested by whites. Not always, but frequently. And if a black joins a school where there are already low ranking whites that can handle him, he (or she) will often quit immediately.

        • Anonymous

          A lot of reason why white males feel intimidated even when a black guy or two comes around is because we have been programmed to feel weaker than black guys.  Plus, the black guys nowadays aren’t afraid of white men like they used to be.  They know most white guys won’t retaliate if they act up or misbehave.

  • More sanctioned ANTI-WHITE RACISM. If white people want their kids to be successful in life, they teach them to do their homework, and to work hard for it. If a white person fails in life, well, it is because he is just a failure. If a black person or hispanic fail, it is the white man’s inherent racism. White people must taught fighting back, against this blatant ANTI-WHITE RACISM. If you are taught, never to take personal responsibility for your lives, you never will. That is why a whole lot of blacks and hispanics are going to slip, by the way side.

    Another thing, the ANTI-WHITE RACISTS refuse to admit, having babies you cannot afford, as a single poor mother breeds more poverty. Until, blacks and hispanics take personal responsibility for their birth canals, they will remain an impoverished eternal underclass.

    The ANTI-WHITE RACISTS, plus now I guess, it is ANTI-ASIAN RACISTS, want those who are successful to pay for the failures of “people of color”. Nope, Nope, Nope and No. We must demand of “people of color” and their children, the same thing we demand of our white and Asian people/children. Take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your lives. That includes your FAILURES.

  • From the article:
    “Miss Hone may have special qualifications for detecting discrimination—“I’m a biracial American. I grew up dealing with race”

    Looking at her picture, I’m GUESSING she’s half white and half Hispanic/Latino. But since the US Census has declared that H/L is not a race, but an ethnicity, that means she’s half white and half what??? If the Census and Latinos hide their numbers by declaring it an ethnicity rather than a race when it benefits them, we should force them to be consistent when it hurts them.

    If her non-white half “race” is Hispanic/Latino, we should inform her that she can’t be biracial because Hispanic/Latino is an ethnicity, not a race. She’s only “bi-ethnic”!

    • nettle

      Miss Hone should count herself lucky for being in this country instead of attacking it.  There is still the Asian question that needs to be answered within herself. 

    • Marcus Trajanus

       In other pictures she does look more mestiza than in this one. I would guess she’s half White and half Mestiza, so mostly White but with a significant Amerindian admixture.

    • Believe it or not she picked black! I’m not making this up. Read her bio.

  • Asians are a different race (with a history of discrimination in the US and oppressed by supposed white institutional racism), and often arrive not speaking the language, so they suffer from the disadvantages of both blacks and Latinos put together. They should be absolute failures! Yet they disproportionately *succeed*. Why?

    • Because they work harder than anyone else and value education more than blacks and hispanics.

  • razorrare

    So Charisse Glassman of the NAACP claims that not enough resources(White Taxpayers money)are pouring into the early grades,identify gifted blacks & hispanics,and funnel them into TJ…

    So 7.3 billion a year spent for HEAD START that goes to funding resources for 3 and 4 year old black children is not enough? …

    Simply put HEAD START in AMREN’S search engine…many informative articles on same…like this one…

    Making blacks your equal will only ensure that they devour you.They simply have no gratitude for all that the White race has done for them.

  • Asians, with their high IQ’s and focus on education, are going to do better than any other group in studies of math and science.  I remember 50 years ago, when I was a student at a local community college, it was the same.  The highest grades went to Asians.  At the time, we figured it must be culture — they just studied harder than anyone else.  Now I know that it was a result of a higher IQ.  God must be a racist.  Oh well.

    • The__Bobster

      I remember 50 years ago, the Asians in my town had huge families and their kids spent every waking hour studying. Despite this, they were only average students, so we never equated them with high intelligence. Instead, we thought of them as boring grinds.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    She says the county needs to pour resources into the early grades, identify gifted blacks and Hispanics, and funnel them into TJ. 

    The NAACP’s official platform on education policy fraudulently reads:  

    Quality public education for African American and Latino students is persistently threatened as a direct result of inequitable school funding.

    But, according to The Heritage Foundation, based on data from the U.S. Department of Education itself, the assumed funding disparities between racial and ethnic groups do not exist. (See attached image)…

    Heritage reports:

    Since unequal funding for minority students is largely a myth, it cannot be a valid explanation for racial and ethnic differences in school achievement, and there is little evidence that increasing public spending will close the gaps.

    To the extent that funding differences exist at all, they tend to slightly favor lower-performing groups, especially blacks.

    Also, black and Hispanic schools have been showered with money since 1965 when, as part of the the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, more than a billion dollars was dedicated to upgrade schools attended by children from low-income families.

    Charles Murray reports in Real Education:

    Title I has continued to grow ever since, disposing of $12.7 billion in 2007. The link between Title I, aimed at poor children, and the school achievement of children who are below average in academic ability is indirect but strong.

    Despite being conducted by people who wished the program well, no evaluation of Title I from the 1970s onward has found credible evidence of a significant positive impact on student achievement.


    A 2001 study by the Department of Education revealed that the achievement gap has widened.  There is little evidence that increasing public spending will close the gaps.


  • Coleman91444

         As a white American growing up in Japan, I learned a lot of very valuable lessons about responsibility, dedication, honor and commitment. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was that in order to have something one MUST EARN IT & BE WORTHY of it. Whining and blaming others for ones’ own failures is utterly laughable, childish and ridiculous in the extreme. Such behavior is deserving only of derision and contempt.
         In that regard, let me say that the way many black people act in America is all those things and more. Put simply, if life were a Karate class, they would make no effort, expend no energy in practice, whine about racism and then expect to be awarded a black belt when they only possessed the skills of a beginner.
         I have noticed that for many black Americans, it’s all about IMAGE instead of SUBSTANCE. Even though they do not earn the spot and are not worthy of it, they want to have it anyway for the sake of appearance- to stand in the winners circle and receive all that they are unworthy of and then pretend that they are worthy. Furthermore, they want the rest of the world to pretend with them and ignore the glaring reality of their incompetence and unworthiness. If it is not ignored, one is simply “disrespectin’ black folks, tryin’ to make dem look bad and havin’ an attitude against black people and keepin’ dem down!”
         If they are incompetent, they expect tests to be dumbed down so that they can pass with a C even though in reality that C is and F. They expect to be admitted to positions they are unworthy of simply because they exist and have black skin.
         The worse thing is that, even though they act like whiny, spoilt children crying their eyes out because they can’t win the foot race, stupid liberals and the p.c. crowd rush to comfort and soothe them as if they were retarded children that must be placated lest they act out and have massive, disruptive tantrums. Once soothed and pampered, they take their place beside their betters and do not care that they are unworthy as long as they get what they want and can put up a front and pretend they were worthy. The most heinous crime for them seems to be getting “outed” and shown up for what they really are.
          From my more asian perspective, blacks are clowns, buffoons and idiots. The liberals and p.c. crowd that support their nonsense are just as bad.

    • MrGJG

       Excellent post! You nailed it.

  • It takes smart people to teach smart children.

    I have some second-hand experience with this sort of thing.  I don’t think a room full of smart students necessarily needs a teacher as smart as the students.  But the teacher needs to be innately intelligent enough, and also one more thing, and this is the most important thing:  The teacher needs to be significantly older than the typical HS teacher.

    With a classroom of students with IQs of 150, I would rather have the teacher be 50 years old and 120 IQ than be 25 years old and 150 IQ. Of course, a 50-year old 150 IQ teacher would be the best, but 50-year olds with 150 IQs won’t be wasting time teaching when they could be making a lot more money doing something else.

    • Jake

       Fortunately, a classroom full of 150 level IQ students is statistically impossible outside of the most difficult PHD programs in STEM subjects. And even then, probably not… 130-145 yes, but fifteen 150 IQ students isn’t realistically  possible… As I before stated, small IQ differences provide greater functional differences than are commonly perceived. A 135 IQ student can achieve everything academically that a 150 student can, and so it wouldn’t make sense that any University would have some type of magic filter that could easily determine who the 150 IQ students were. Aside from that, those individuals are very rare in the population.

  • anmpr1

     This is not the first time Ms. Hone has worked to deny racial characteristics that discriminate against blacks/Hispanics in favor of whites and Asians.  From the article below, she is more concerned about appearances, and “negative stereotypes” than confronting reality.

    From the on line publication “Diverse: Issues in Higher Education,” April 2008:

    In suburban Washington, D.C., the Fairfax County School Board (VA.),
    one of the nation’s largest school systems, was scheduled to vote
    Thursday night on whether to accept a staff report that concludes that
    Black and Hispanic students received lower marks than White and Asian
    American students because they demonstrate a lack of “sound moral
    character and ethical judgment…,”

    The report on student behavior… measured the moral-ethical gap by computing the number of
    third-grade students who received “good” or “outstanding” marks on
    report cards in areas such as “accepts responsibility,” “listens to and
    follows directions,” “respects personal and school property,” “complies
    with established rules,” and “follows through on assignments…” .

    For older students, the report’s findings were based on the number of
    state-reported disciplinary infractions, a category where Black and
    Hispanic students fared worse than their White counterparts. The report
    also revealed other gaps among Black and Hispanic students when compared
    to White and Asian students. In skills such as being able to
    “contribute effectively within a group dynamic,” “resolve conflicts” and
    “make healthy life choices,” Whites and Asians outpaced Blacks and
    Hispanics, The Post reported.

    “I really worry about the impact this type of data could have on the
    spirits of Black and Hispanic children in our school system,” said
    Martina Hone, the school board’s only Black member. “It’s damaging and
    feeds into the negative stereotypes about African-Americans and
    Hispanics that some in the mainstream have [and] the defeatist attitudes
    some of our young people have about themselves.”

    • Robert Scott

      Ha! As if Black and “Hispanic” children will ever read this data on their own! Their lower intelligence gives them an immunity to reality. And television, liberal schools, and lawyers will ensure this data will not come within a million miles of their collective consciousness. Their minds are so inured to fallibility that they cannot see anything but scapegoats on their horizons.

  • nettle

    It must really be hurtful to admit one’s own race is inferior.  But unfortunately, the Western countries have allowed themselves to go along with this craziness to the point of destroying itself.   Pure insanity to go to such extremes just so that another race can feel good about itself.  Humans cannot undo the genes that were given to blacks and Hispanics by so called social justice.  Matter of fact, just by dumbing down the work place and schools will not make blacks and Hispanics any smarter but instead just create more nonsense.  The only way this nonsense will stop is for enough people to say no more let’s just face reality.

    • They can always win at short distance runs, and those with sickle cell can survive malaria without white mans medicine.

  • AA

    Can we have their emails so that we can also question the high Asian numbers?  A little pressure for them to explain this away would be entertaining….

  • LinuxLewis

    True Equality is Racist!  

    We must create an illusion of anti-racist equality!

    Don’t you dare notice it’s an illusion either!

    • Marcus Trajanus

       Of course! Meritocracy is also racist, as is colour blindness. Anything that doesn’t result in equal outcomes for the less intelligent races is automatically some form or racism (meaning “White racism”, but that’s redundant).  I guess the only options now are to blend the races into a homogenous “Cosmic Race” or hobble the more intelligent races as in Harrison Bergeron.

  • Marcus Trajanus

     “Look at any study of giftedness. It is equally distributed across
    humanity.” I too would like to see those studies, I’m sure that if they exist they are at least of the same high caliber as all those studies proving the existence of ESP, the efficacy of homeopathy, and the truth of creationism.  “God did not change that rule when he got to Fairfax County.” Are we talking science or religion now?

  • Neanderthaldna

    Yeah – it would be great if there were not such a stigma hanging over this.  I basically accept the standard IQ numbers, but would love to see a totally above board scientific evaluation of worldwide IQ’s.  Again – still think the numbers we have are basically accurate, but…

    As a believer in the scientific method and honest scientific inquiry, wish it could be studied with more rigor and more funding.

    But such would require an admission of wrong on the part of ideologues if the results are what we here think they are.  Problem is – the duckspeakers think the same thing beneath all their obfuscating sophistry.  They know what the results will be as well as we do…

    Perhaps a surprise here or there, sure, the nature of scientific discovery, but by and large confirmation of most of the ugly old conventional wisdoms regarding race and IQ leading to the conclusion that REALITY is far more racist than most whites.  

    • mikejones91

      It will NEVER be accepted. Look at it for what it is. To say (on average) a group of human beings is just naturally LESS intelligent is probably the WORST thing one could do.  Even if it is the truth. 

    • JohnEngelman

      The best study to date is, “Q and the Wealth of Nations, a 2002 book by Dr. Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Tampere,Tampere, Finland.”  
      Here are findings of the study:   
      Notice how well Oriental nations do on IQ tests. Children in these countries also perform well in school.
      The defenders of political correctness reject Dr. Richard Lynn as a racist. They cannot reject findings of the Organisation for Economic Co Operation and Development (OECD).

      • alastairabbacle


        “You awaken tomorrow to the following headline : “100% of Scientists Accept HBD as ‘Incontrovertible Truth.’ Politicians Baffled.”

        How should policy change? In education, employment, criminal justice, immigration, foreign policy? 

        People of good will who have crossed the mental fence to HBD belief–help shape the future that is barreling towards us faster than we know.”
        My favorite quote regarding the modern willing blindness is this:

        “Like so many policy domains, international economic policy in the West has fallen victim to the Late Twentieth Century Delusion: ‘People are people.’ ”

        Would not the world be a better place for all honest people, if races were to acknowledge that we all have our own advantages and disadvantages?  And to see the struggle for a good life as a race-uplifting individual, not just as the current “race to the bottom”?

        Everybody says there is a RACE problem, the problem is that we don’t understand the CARS.

      • The__Bobster

        I knew that the title of this thread would attract your Asian-loving tuchus like crap attracts flies.

  • chuck_2012

    Black kids simply cannot compete academically with whites and asians and no amount of lawsuits, gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands will change this fact. Its too bad but most of them, the blacks, do not study hard enough or don’t try at all and now expect the rewards to be handed to them. To the credit of the school, standards are being maintained and I am sure if more blacks had better grades then they would be considered for admission but is now, illiteracy  and a bad attitude are not requisites for this school.

    • freespeechzone

      Meanwhile, countries like China, that don’t subscribe to affirmative action, will bury the United States economically.

      The Chinese don’t lower standards to ‘feel good’.

  • Giftedness is equally distributed across humanity?? Ha ha ha! What a laugh! That’s why there are so many brilliant black astronauts and physicists and nobel prize winners. Not all have equal aptitude.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

       Slightly OT but worth posting. Been seeing a new line of “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste” billboards around the DC area. All feature images of little black kids fixed against images of books/scientific achievements/things usually associated with intelligence.

      It’s laughable for two reasons.

      1) The obvious. Blacks are rare among the ranks of hard scientists, and literacy is rare among blacks.

      2) The picture of the little black boy with the space shuttle launching out of his head looks like his head is exploding, ala the Garbage Pail Kids.

      • That is hall of fame! Indeed their heads would explode if they ever tried to achieve higher thought.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        If they are black then a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but if they are white then their mind is terrible and should be wasted.

  • SarahConnor

    I just emailed [email protected] or call Tina at202-368-0328 which I found on the Coalition of Silence web page and asked her to provide me with the studies that Hone said stated that giftedness was equally distributed across humanity.

    I am sure the woman would love to hear from any other of my AR friends!

    • Dear Tina
      The local school has a large achievement gap and if you could link the studies that Ms Hone said stated that giftedness was equally distributed across humanity I would appreciate that. I could use these to show the school board that they are deliberately favoring asians.

      Thank you for your time.

      • SarahConnor

        Interesting–I heard back and the name in the email was Tina Hone. Her reply was “So you think some races are more gifted then others?” I wrote back and stated “You did not answer my question. Please provide the studies.”

        I will let you all know if I hear anything more. This is outrageous. She is suing and stating lies thinking no one has the guts to inquire. Who will pay–us in more ways than just money..I wonder if O’Reilly would take this up–he just got results on some pedofile that was to do only 2 years in prison–well even less with time served. 

        • I didnt hear back from her yet she might have caught on. I tryed to play as disengenous as I could. That Cato study on Kansas city proves no amount of money thrown at non asian minorities can make a difference

          Maybe I should link the study and say dem der racists be using da Kansas study to say its natural.

          • SarahConnor

            Thanks for letting me know. That is why I asked her just the one question and stuck to it. Looked like she would love to get off on some other tangent. I thought of also sending her the twins study but thought after her replys it was wasted energy.

      • SarahConnor

        Here is the latest email from Tina Hone 

        “No, I won’t be engaging with you on this issue.  You clearly believe that some races are superior to others.  That’s called eugenics.  Or worse. “My reply:”I see. As I suspected you have nothing to back up your claims. You are a fraud.”  

  • JohnEngelman

    Even if, as few people genuinely believe, differing average performance levels for different races are not largely genetically determined, they exist. Advancing a person from a low performing race to a position where the person is unable to perform adequately does the person no favor. It harms a person from a high performing race who could perform well in that position. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Discrimination on the basis of race alone is unjust. Discrimination on the basis of what correlates with race is appropriate. 

    • Sloppo

      If there were no racial preferences/discrimination, there would eventually be no racial separations and ultimately no races.  I prefer my own race, but I want my own and the others to continue to exist and control their own destinies.  

      • JohnEngelman

        I want non whites to succeed in the United States, but I want them to succeed on the basis of merit, rather than affirmative action. 
        In an increasingly interconnected world diversity can be a strength. Chinese Americans can specialize in our relations with China, Hispanic Americans can specialize in our relations with Latin America, African Americans can specialize in our relations with Africa, and so on.  

        Nevertheless, there must be no diversity when it comes to performance and test scores. In demanding fields these must be high. 

        • Sloppo

          A foreign ethnicity population of much less than one tenth of one percent could more than fulfill the diplomatic relations needs for any large nation.  If we had that kind of demographic structure in the US, there would be no flash-mob race war violence by Africans, no La Raza movement take over our southwestern states, and our major cities would have little or no ghettos.  We would be much healthier as a nation and we could still provide charitable assistance to foreigners in their own lands.  We could enjoy many freedoms which are not possible with the perpetual multicultural violence we have today so we could be a positive example for other nations.  Instead, we have become a hypocritical police state that claims to be “spreading freedom”.

        • The__Bobster

          Of course you do, Yuan. You’ve already admitted to sleeping with them.

  • SarahConnor

    Umm… with a name like Martina I thought she was one of those smarter than thou Latina women.

    She stated she “understood” since she was biracial. She sure doesn’t look Black. I’d say she was a biracial cross of Liberalism and Marxism. She was raised at Berkley law school.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Law School at Berkley, is one of the most exclusive law schools in the United States. Berkley is one of the most exclusive campuses in the country. 
      During the 1960s and 1970s one did not need a genius level IQ to realize that the War in Vietnam was tragically futile. It did seem to help. That is why the most prestigious universities had the most anti-war activism. 
      Unfortunately, many who were radicalized by the War in Vietnam extended their radicalism to other issues where truth was less obvious. 

    • Dr. X

      Bingo. Her defining characteristic is not blackness, but fatness and ugliness. Therefore, she is a left-wing troublemaker. I noticed a long time ago that ugly, overweight women (and homosexuals) tend to become busybodies and stir up grief that is none of their business. It’s a pre-emptive  psychological defense mechanism. They know that others will invariably be commenting on their own less-than-desirable characteristics, so they become ultra-sensitive to perceived slights, and make it their life’s work to go on a crusade to uncover every imagined injustice out there. These types of people are the high priestesses of P.C., which is a tool of power wielded by the weak, the ugly, and the resentful.

      • HenryHolliday

        It’s true. Fat and/or ugly women are overrepresented far beyond the limits of probability in leftist organizations. It makes sense, in many ways, , because they are not in demand socially except within groups of other fat/ugly women, or groups who will take just anybody to fill out the ranks. I meet a lot of left-leaning women, and not all are overweight or unattrative. But in my experience, the most likely by far to be angry, radically feminist, anti-male, pro-nanny state and arguing on emotion rather than fact are the heavy/uglies. But having an “excuse” for being shrewish and irrational is not a valid reason.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve had the same experience too.  These fat liberal women or whimpy liberal men are generally outcasts and feel inferior themselves, so it makes them feel good to champion for blacks or illegal mexicans.  The women who are in favor the most of ‘women’s rights’ are generally ugly, unnattractive women.  The pretty women know their looks get them what they want, at least for awhile.

    • Marcus Trajanus

       If there was still such a thing as “White privilege” Martina Hone and those like her would be doing everything they could to pass as White. The fact is that they would rather grasp at any straw of possible non-White ancestry and loudly proclaim it as their  racial identity because that non-White status comes with non-White Privilege, and offers them all kinds of opportunities to advance their careers that they would not have otherwise.

  • NYB

    Today while shopping I noticed something about the black family beside me.   The mother and father allowed their child to open a box of cookies and eat them in the store, before they had paid for them at the cash.   The only people I’ve ever witnessed doing this are blacks.

    Obedience to rules and proper form are requirements for doing well in school.   I can make an educated guess that the child will grow up having problems with conformity and self-control.

    •  I’ve seen whites do that in grocery stores.  The big difference is that whites will keep the outside packaging with the UPC code so that the checker can scan it so they can pay for it.  Blacks…no pay.

      Some grocery carts actually encourage you to get a bottle of soda, drink it while you shop, then pay for the soda along with everything else you buy.

      • HenryHolliday

        I do it all the time. I also put stuff in my pockets and take it out and pay for at checkout. The food because of the munchies: the stuff because it’s small and I don’t want it falling out of my cart. But I confess, I also do it to break the hearts of store security. I’ve seen them near tears when I pay for the M&M’s that I ate, or the phone card I stuffed in my pocket.

  • And yet they can make these claims with a straight, yet smiling face. Dear gawd…liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  • Jared Pierce

    It is a crazy world we live in.   The difference is between the equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes.   Many folk, including myself, have nothing against equality of opportunity.  But we see as ridiculous the equality of outcomes.  Not everyone is equal in ability.  If we were, it would be a very monotonous world.  It will be interesting to see what comes from this lawsuit.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Thanks for outing  the anti White privilege hysteria.

    Asian success doesn’t help the hate Whitey narrative, because it condemns the rest of Diversity for its failures.

  • Something’s not right.  White Children are not second to asians and I don’t care what anyone says.

    The West was the Best (when she was mostly White that is) because of how?  Because the asians made it that way?  No.

    I have a sneakin’ suspicion this “school” actively recruits/grooms asians for entrance.

    • asians can memorize things better but not understand them.

      • EXACTLY!  And why I say they’re not as smart as everyone says they are.

      • The__Bobster

        Some schools in mainland China actually have classes where they teach their students to memorize all the answers to our college entrance exams. The students can ace the math and English sections without knowing or understanding anything on them. They’re having a slightly harder time with the new essay part, but they’re working on it.

    • anarchyst

      It is WHITES that came up with the concept of individual liberty, freedom and a Constitution that limits government, NOT the individual.
      Blacks thrive best under a “strong man” (dictatorship) type of government while asians subsist under a corrupt feudal lord type of government, enduring abuses “for the good of the community”.  Jews thrive under a kibbutz (socialist) type of government that borders on marxism (from each according to his abilities, to each according to their needs).  We know how that worked out, don’t we??However, their social and cultural insularity are to be praised.  It’s a shame that they do not afford whites the same consideration.
      It is whites that came up with rights, NOT from government, but “natural rights” endowed by our Creator . . .
      This projects itself on to behavior.  Blacks are big on celebration, but left to their own designs, live in a culture that is thousands of years old, never inventing anything . . .
      Asians thrive on consensus.  Individual achievement and invention is frowned upon.  The “group” is what counts.
      Jews are expert manipulators and businessmen that have “victimhood” in their DNA.  If they did not have enemies (with good reason) they would have to invent some . . . jews, like blacks like to pull out the victim” card when they are “caught” pulling some shenanigans or losing an argument.
      It is white individuals that have come up with most of the world’s inventions, simply because that individualistic streak is ingrained in white DNA . . . the natural mistrust of “authority” and desire to live for one’s own sake is the driving force  behind white success (despite being pushed into “multiculturalism” and “diversity”.  There are still many of us that resist such damaging attitudes . . .

      • Wow!  You put that very well Sir and needless to say but I will anyway, I agree.

        • anarchyst

          Thank you!

          Best regards . . .

      • All non-whites have the “victimhood” in their DNA and all non-whites blame White People for literally, everything.

      • mikejones91

        Our blessing, is also our curse.

  • The first mistake was slavery. The second mistake was miscegenation. The third mistake was citizenship. The fourth mistake was foregoing repatriation. The fifth, final and worst mistake was Lyndon Johnson.

    The real discrimination begins before kindergarten. It begins in the home when infants are born to mothers out of wedlock and are exposed to drugs, alcohol, violence and indoctrination into victimhood.

    We all have equal opportunity but you can not expect equal results with unequal effort or ability. Any semi-intelligent person knows this.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I still can’t get over the name!

    “Coalition Of The Silence?”

    It’s grammatically incorrect and painfully stupid.

    Jack Kirby and Stan Lee would have scoffed at it 50 years ago had anyone proposed it as the name of a team of comic book super-villains.

    When they had their return address stamp and letterhead made, I bet the clerk at the print shop called to double-check the accuracy of the order. He then shook his head sadly as he hung up the phone.

    •  Really enjoyed that post.  Thanks!

  • I’d like to address some issues here (but, as usual, I’m afraid of writing long posts). Let’s see.

    1. Asians. Forget about IQ, what you have here are -mostly- selected best Asian parents & kids. That’s one point. Second- they have retained that zombie-like trait of studying unto suicide. They truly are much, much more devoted to study, because that’s their venue of success in life. Whites, on the other hand, are more “diffuse”- and I’m not talking about wiggers. Gifted White kids may choose- go to some top science schools, try a military career, try showbiz (most of Hollywood’s “stars” are White & without college degree), try sports, try art, try music, try journalism, try politics, .. ….everything. Energy of White children is dispersed along the entire spectrum of vast vistas of life. Asians are, expectedly, more represented in academia- and not in the military or Hollywood or among bestseller writers (Clancy, sci fi writers) or top scientists like late Dennis Ritchie.

    Asians know they cannot be Leonardo Di Caprio, Clooney, Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, Nicole Kidman, Brangelina, … so they focus on the tangibles.

    2. Jews. Ludwig Wittgenstein, one of the greatest 20th century philosophers-partly of Jewish extraction- complained about what he (wrongly) perceived as his creative sterility as having something to do with Jewishness: “Amongs Jews, “genius” is found only in the holy man. Even the greatest of Jewish thinkers is no more than talented. (Myself, for instance). I think there is some truth to the idea I only think reproductively. I don’t think I have ever invented a single line of thinking. I have always taken one from someone else ..”

    Now, that’s too harsh, but has an element of truth. Judaism is imaginatively refurbishing of other Near Eastern religions; it does not possess its own mythology. Or, in more recent times: enormously influential & erudite Marx was a sort of Talmudist (he was not technically Jewish, but..), reworking other people’s ideas (Ricardo, Hegel, Hess, Guizot, …) into one big synthesis; Freud was a mixture of Janet, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Shakespeare; Einstein’s SR was almost completely done in works of Lorentz, Poincare and others, and his GR was actually devised parallel with Hilbert; Feynman’s graph approach was invented by Dirac (Feynman said so himself).

    I don’t want to denigrate Jewish creativity in past 150 years in various fields, just- it could flourish only in the broader context of Gentile creativity & frequently- not always- after it.

    • Mr. Kaldian,

      I’m not saying ALL Asians are dumb, I’m saying, White People are better.  Asians benefit from the same programs all non-whites/women benefit from so for me, if they’re smarter, they shouldn’t be getting extra points for not being White.  Treat them the same way White Men are treated.

      As for the Jew you quoted, I’m the same.  I’ve never come up with any new way of doing anything neither.  All I know comes from other people both dead and alive but no one from The East.  Except Ali Sina, my favorite Iranian.

      • From Huff post:

        1. Actually there is a lawsuit brewing because white kids are no longer more than half the school.

        2. The lawsuit in the article is to have the system prepare all students
        from grade school level, because currently if a child is not enrolled
        in the right school by kindergarten, the chance is that no matter how
        smart they are, they will not have the rigorous curriculum of other
        schools in the same district.

        The same schools send children to TJ every year.

        Parents from other schools don’t learn how far their children are behind until they try to apply.

        Coincidentally, most of the clueless parents happen to not be white or Asian.

        So the lawsuit is about the lower schools, not against TJ itself. 

        • anmpr1

           The lawsuit in the article is to have the system prepare all students…

          The “system” cannot rearrange nature.  At best, this is an argument for segregated schools, where justice is done by giving to each what they deserve. 

          In reality, what this will mean in practical terms, is that TJ ( whose namesake did not think free blacks and whites could ever live together) will have to start taking black and Hispanic kids, who will either be set up for even greater failure, or they will be shuffled into phony-baloney “made up” “advanced placement” classes such as  “The sociological relevance of rap music”; “The early black Egyptian Renaissance and its influence on Greek Civilization”; “Our famous black Presidents: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Morgan Freeman”; and “Black inventions and recipes from the Super Soaker to Peanut Butter.”

          But more likely this is just another plan to funnel even more white taxpayer money into the coffers of failing black schools, and their black administrator’s back pockets.

      • How do Asians benefit from affirmative action? I have never heard of an affirmative action program for Asians but white women benefit from programs designated for minorities. Most Affirmative action programs are specifically for blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans.

        • asians are non-white and ALL non-whites and women qualify.  This is a fact and you know it so stop pretending.

          If you want to post a Law that specifies that only blacks and hispanics and women except asian women qualify, I’ll read it and verify it but until then, I’m right.

          • So you admit that white women are recipients of  affirmative action programs as racial minorities are?

          • I’ve ALWAYS said that because it’s a fact.  You’ve not read my posts if you don’t know that.

          • The__Bobster


            How Asian immigrants get preferential treatment when starting a business
            Partaking or Taking Over
            by Stephanie Galonska

            I’ve known about the Asian ownership of our gas stations, hotels and dunkin’ donuts for quite some time but I had no idea just how prevalent the ‘Asian ownership’ was until I drove from Des Moines, Iowa to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania some few years ago.

            The Mississippi River had flooded again so I had to take a long detour around I-80 and it was there where I saw it. Imagine my surprise when I walked into an Antique store to ask for directions and saw, to my great dismay, an Indian from India.

            Now these weren’t Antiques from India, they were American and European Antiques. Needless to say, I didn’t ask for any directions. The next Town I stopped in only had one gas station and guess what? It was owned by a Chinese person.

            Throughout my trip, a pattern was emerging. Everywhere I stopped, no matter how small the Town, an Asian could be found owning something. How did this come to be?

            Well, we all know it came slow and long ago but as far as I’m concerned, it came mostly in 1990 when our “Leaders” enacted IMMACT which gives us this: “under the new provisions; increases in the proportion of immigrants coming from Asia, with a corresponding decrease in the numbers from northern and western Europe” [1] All one needs to do is look around to see that that’s true.

    • anarchyst

      The number one reason for Jewish “success” is that Jews look out for each other.
      It is much easier to get into any field of study or profession if “your own kind” is already there to “grease the skids” and make it easier for you to excel.
      Whites would do well to emulate Jewish cohesiveness and cultural insularity.
      It is a shame that many Jews fight against us whites when we attempt to emulate their cohesiveness and cultural insularity, the reasons for their (and potentially our) success.

      • I would add two observations:

        1. truly creative Jews are not insular, on the contrary. We should not denigrate their contribution to the world civilization.

        2. just, though it may seem unbelievable what I will say- past 40-50 years have been not too fertile re creativity. Sure, the one field that has seen enormous strides is technology. But, fresh, great, gigantic steps & ideas had been exhausted, mostly, with WW2.

        In past 40 or so years one cannot find scientists, artists, philosophers, … who could compete with greatest creative minds in 1880-1920 period.


        • anarchyst

          No denigration of jews is intended. . .that being said, jews DO look out for each other to a much greater degree than others, an admirable trait that would benefit ALL races.
          As to inventions, one builds on what others have done beforehand.  Even James Watt, Thomas Edison and others improved products that were invented by others.  One notable exception was Nikola Tesla, who came up the ideas and design for electrical power transmission systems that is the basis for  polyphase power,  what we use today. Medical science has benefited greatly as well as the space program, which made much of out technology of today possible.
          Best regards . . .

  • ricpic

    Actually, under the condition called freedom racial differences in mean IQ would not be a no-win situation for all. All would find their level. A black employed at a repetitive rote level position would be happy, that’s right, happy in that position at that level since it would fit him and he would fit it. Likewise a white mechanic of average white IQ, 100 – 110, would be able to handle both the initiative such a job required and the fairly complex problems being a mechanic presented him with and would be fulfilled in that position. Professional whites and asians would kick in at IQ 125 – 135. As would most entrepreneurs. It would be a highly productive, wealth creating world. So much so that the blacks and hispanics filling the repetitive rote level positions in the manufacturing, service and agricultural sectors would receive  pay commensurate with a decent standard of living. Only the Martina Hones would lose their sinecures and actually have to hustle for a living as government in the condition called freedom would shrink to what? a quarter of its present size? a sixth? The smaller the better and the greater the freedom.

  • Ernest

    “Miss Hone may have special qualifications for detecting discrimination”

    Of course she does just as the Black Caucus, Hispanic caucus, Jesse Jackson et al have special powers qualifications.

  • Roger Williams

    It’s kind of funny.  They cobble disabled students in with Hispanics and Blacks.  So are we to assume that Blacks and Hispanics are somehow disabled as well?

  • JohnEngelman

    Even if, as few people really believe, racial differences in average academic performance are due exclusively to different environments and cultures, they exist. Anyone who is not prepared for a demanding academic environment does not benefit from being place in one. Those who are prepared, and who are excluded because of affirmative action, are harmed. 

    • SarahConnor

      At Stanford this last year, my freshman son stated the only kid in his dorm at Alondra to leave, drop out, was a black female who wasn’t prepared even though she had come 3 weeks early to school too take pre class help and she was also being mentored. My son who was very well prepared worked his tail off. I can’t imagine putting someone into that environment just to say they have a quota, seems like it would do more harm than good. You don’t grow into that level of competiton you have to go ready to hit the ground running.

      There were no Blacks in his advanced differential equations class nor his physics E & M class.

  • JohnEngelman

    Discrimination on the basis of race alone is unjust. Discrimination on the basis of what correlates with race is appropriate. 

    • anmpr1

       Problem is, John, in day to day life, one does not have the luxury of being so discriminating of individuals, and so liberal.  One must instead categorize based upon past group behavior. 

      If I am in Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, and encounter a group of “youth” with gold teeth swinging their arms in every which way, and making funny gestures with their fingers, I’m not going to give each one of them the benefit of the doubt, hoping that they are fine young men.  It is more likely that they are “fine young cannibals” (apologies to Natalie Wood), and I don’t want to be around when they invite me to dinner, so to speak.

      And with regard to the above referenced movie, the change in scenery did not change the character’s basic outlook on life.  The same way that taking blacks and putting them in TJ, is not going to magically turn them into White electrical engineers or Asian rocket scientists.  The only thing it will do is to just make life miserable for the existing students.

      • JohnEngelman

        I try to avoid young black men I do not know, especially if they look like ghetto thugs. At the same time I am glad that blacks are not discriminated against across the board the way they used to be. I have known blacks who were just as decent as any whites I have known.
        Three days ago I had an interesting conversation in a bar with a black man who remembered when the bar did not admit blacks. Now he owns the bar. I welcome the changes that have made that possible. 

        • Jake

           Even if his ownership of the bar was possibly predicated on non-meritocratic affirmative action jobs, at the expense of poor white families (who could’ve bought the bar), that enabled him to gain the money to buy the bar?

          I’m not saying that’s what happened, but in this political environment you should be conservative with your astonishment.

  • bubo

    That silly white woman is no more biracial than my dog.   She is just another con artist.  

  • Brown-Eyed Devil

    Testify, Achean!

      You are spot-on about this being a typical Neocon argument . The blather about IQ and academic achievement does not address the fact that Whites and Asians, whatever their scholastic aptitude-are profoundly different from each other and cannot share a nation and it’s resources without one or the other being absorbed, i.e., exterminated. This “lesser of two (or greater) evils” approach to our problem can only end up in disaster.  the White Man’s altruism is a gift that keeps on taking, in our present situation.  We must recognize that our innate qualities are the very thing being used to destroy us, and put a stop to it.  And that isn’t going to be encouraged in the second-best school in the country-or any other institution under the countrol of the present mob of criminal elites.


  • Thank You.  asians are taking-over and that’s all there is to their “intelligence”.  They’re taking over what The White Men Built and Created and why no one can see it truly befuddles me.

    Did you know that immigrants own a fifth of all businesses in America?  It’s on Center for Immigration Studies and it’s disgusting.  You and “We” are being swallowed up.  asians are buying up our land left and right and land that has our Natural Resources too. – 

    •  People make a big deal about all the Asian small businesses.  I think most of those are a result of SBA loans/scams.  One of which cost me a really good job that I had for almost all of 2010.

      • It is.  The SBA is the biggest Traitor of them all except for Congress who actually funds it.

        Let me guess, your business was sold to an asian and now an asian has your job.

        •  I managed a chain of five gas stations/quickie marts and supervised their aggregate of 41 employees.  The stations weren’t all in one place, two were in Edwardsville, Illinois, one in Springfield, Illinois, one in Rolla, Missouri and one in Columbia, Missouri.  But it was a family-owned concern, and the family sold out to the Patels whom I’m sure were slinging a big SBA loan. 

          On my business trip last week, which was to Columbia, the hotel where we stayed was within walking distance of the station I managed.  I walked over to see what was going on, and it was all dot Indians working behind the counter.  When I was the GM, all but one of those 41 were white, and most of those were real adults (as in families with children) working gas station jobs because nothing else was available in this “economy.”  Those kinds of employees are far easier to supervise than teenagers who just want pocket money and have no real concerns or cares.  The owner told me that if I had this job about a dozen years ago, I would have had that problem.

          • I didn’t want to write this but you’ve forced my hand.

            It’s not the Government all its Minority First Programs, it’s us.  The Government cannot force us to sell our homes and businesses to non-whites.  If only White People would come together, stand together and only deal with White People, we’d be fine.  Non-whites can’t move anywhere or own anything unless someone sells it to them and who does that?  We do.

            As for dealing with teenagers, that’s a Blessing ’cause that would mean that White Men have good jobs and are able to provide for their family.  Gas station pay doesn’t support a family so Men in those positions are probably not happy, stressed out to the max and their family is probably stressed too.

          •  SG:

            Ordinarily, you’re right.  You can hardly sustain a household on quickie mart clerk wages.  But I paid the employees who were marred with children a little more  and told them to keep quiet about  it.  Though like I said, married with children was most of my supervisees.  Also, almost all of them had spouses that had real jobs, and the only reason they worked at the station is because they lost their own “real” job and needed to replace their household’s second income stream, even if it was a narrower stream.

          • You gave me hope.  It’s very nice, great to know there are White Men like you who do take of their own.  I for one would like to Thank You.

          •  Stephanie, it’s over for you.  Really over.

            How do I know?  You said I give you hope.  If you knew me, you’d know how laughable is that concept.

            Me giving someone hope is like being intellectually edified by listening to Shiela Jackson Lee.

    • Here’s a novel idea – why don’t you stop complaining and start your OWN business?

      I really get tired of posters on this forum bleating like helpless sheep.

      -There’s nothing preventing you from taking some initiative and becoming an entrepreneur & creating jobs for fellow Whites.

      -There’s nothing preventing white kids from being as academically successful as Asian kids.

      If there is one reason why Western civilization is declining and Asian countries are rising it’s this: people of European heritage have become a mass of whiny, self-pitying, impotent puss*es. You don’t hear this type of blathering from Asians – they only think & talk of building the future and becoming successful.

      Grow up!

  • BernieGoetzFan

     She’s an African American like Elizabeth Warren is an Indian and like I am a Chinaman.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    I used to live in Fairfax. The white suburban lefties who live there need a dose of racial reality. These are exactly the type of white buffoons who support affirmative action yet don’t want their precious kids to be impacted by quotas.

  • brew730

    I’d love to see this half white / half black wannabee stroll down the middle of the street in the ghetto and see how quickly she identifies with the struggle!

  • anarchyst

    It’s not IQ, but cultural and social insularity that makes the jews so successful.  The number one reason for Jewish “success” is that Jews look out for each other.
    It is much easier to get into any field of study or profession if “your own kind” is already there to “grease the skids” and make it easier for you to gain admission and to excel.  When you know the correct answers to the “test” and impart them to your offspring and social peers, success is just about guaranteed. 
    Whites would do well to emulate Jewish cohesiveness and cultural insularity.
    It is a shame that many Jews fight against us whites when we attempt to emulate their cohesiveness and cultural insularity, the reasons for their (and potentially our) success.

    • HenryHolliday

      Those are very valid points. I’ve personally oberved this to be true. They take average, or high-average intelligence, and support it with ideal environment. And it works. It obviously works even better with the gifted.

  •  I’ve been thinking about the school in this article.  They tell us the racial admission stats, but they don’t tell us the graduation stats.  If the graduation stats are more white and less Asian than the admissions stats, then this high school is actually a college like environment that that teaches students how to think and demands original thinking from them.  If the graduation stats are about the same as the admissions stats, then it’s basically akin to a better than average white suburban high school where success is almost entirely based on rote memorization and spouting.

    • Laika, The Space Dog

      If the graduation stats are about the same as the admissions stats, then it’s basically akin to a better than average white suburban high school where success is almost entirely based on rote memorization and spouting.

      Congratulations.  You have written the most clueless, boneheaded comment on the entire board.
      Anyone else here think success in a white suburban high schools is based on rote memorization and spouting (whatever “spouting” is)?

      Your comment reminds of the black and Latino retards I work with who believe that white students get ahead of NAMs by memorizing answers and Asians do it by cheating.

      Tell me:  How exactly do the white suburban high school kids you sneer at memorize chemistry problems, algebra II applications, answers to comparative lit questions or the answers to the SAT test?

      •  Rote memorization is not the same thing as cheating.  But by the same token, it’s hardly the same as original thinking.

  •  A good IQ test is supposed to be resistant to cramming and studying.  If Asians are scoring higher than whites, it must be because of one or two reasons if not a little of both:  One, what passes for an IQ test isn’t really testing IQ, it’s testing raw knowledge and not innate intelligence, and/or two, only a small sample of Asians are taking the test, the self-selecting sample problem.

    • I took IQ test 4 times in my life. When I was about 11, my IQ was 115. Then three consecutive tests in the 24-26 yrs period. First, IQ 145. Second, after I read Eysenck’s book on intelligence with numerous solved and unsolved tests- IQ 160. Then, I forgot many of the examples, plus I was bored & somehow irritated- my IQ dropped to 130.

      That’s why I’m not too enthusiastic about IQ. As I said, great physicist Richard Feynman had IQ measured 125. So what ?

      • Jake

        3 consecutive tests?? Legit tests generally cost money, and the very few (2 that I can think of) legitimately correlated tests on the internet weren’t around until relatively recently. What tests did you take? Just curious.

        Your brain was still forming into your early twenties. I would discount the early score. Also discount the score after you studied. You were likely learning to memorize patterns within patterns (pattern solving theoretically can’t/shouldn’t be learned insofar as testing your IQ goes) – you should test yourself cold.

        Obviously, don’t take tests when you don’t have the stamina to take them. Stamina is part of it. In addition, that eliminates excuses for lower scores. I’m just saying.

        It’s true that successfully applied problem solving always trumps inherent IQ. Feynman’s contributions do outweigh his supposed IQ. The rest can probably be attributed to a true love of Physics. IQ is absolutely meaningless, in the larger scheme,  without contribution.

    • The__Bobster

      If you know a few simple tricks, you can easily add at least 10 points to your IQ score. You can bet your bippy that the Asians know all of them.

      •  And now we’re back to square one.  If it’s a test whose score you can raise with tricks, then it’s by definition not truly an IQ test.

  • The complaint regarding low intelligence among blacks vanishes when blacks are arrested and held accountable for their actions in court. 

    How often have were heard the low IQ argument used to defend black murderers?

  • AmRem

    I laughed while reading this on the bus. Jared Taylor has a really good sense of humor in an academic sort of way. It isn’t an understatement that this article kicked off my day.

    •  >>I laughed while reading this on the bus. Jared Taylor has a really good sense of humor in an academic sort of way.

      Yes he does indeed.  Someone more humorless would not have taken this movement as far.

  • SarahConnor

    For those who may not have seen my earlier posts on emailing Martina ([email protected]:disqus  
    .com) Hone1) I just emailed [email protected] or call Tina at202-368-0328 which I found on the Coalition of Silence web page and asked her to provide me with the studies that Hone said stated that giftedness was equally distributed across humanity.I am sure the woman would love to hear from any other of my AR friends!Interesting–I heard back and the name in the email was Tina Hone. Her reply was “So you think some races are more gifted then others?” I wrote back and stated “You did not answer my question. Please provide the studies.” 2) Interesting–I heard back and the name in the email was Tina Hone. Her reply was “So you think some races are more gifted then others?” I wrote back and stated “You did not answer my question. Please provide the studies.”3) Here is the latest email from Tina Hone “No, I won’t be engaging with you on this issue.  You clearly believe that some races are superior to others.  That’s called eugenics.  Or worse.” My reply:”I see. As I suspected you have nothing to back up your claims. You are a fraud.”Maybe I could send these emails to the principal of the school.Any other ideas anyone?

    •  Thanks Sarah. This is what I wrote:

      “Dear Miss Hone,

      Regarding your concern for Hispanic kids, according to your own figures,
      white kids are also underrepresented in TJ. In fact, it’s quite obvious
      that Asians are vastly overrepresented. In fact Asians are
      overrepresented in ALL gifted programs in the U.S.

      I am not Asian, but I don’t see this as a problem. If you expect all
      races and ethnic groups to perform equally, then your feud is with
      nature, not the school system.”

    • JohnEngelman

      That is the way conversations like that usually go. If you provide facts, and if you ask for facts you are called a racist, and deemed unworthy of further conversation. 

      • SarahConnor

        I am new to trying to deal with these people. I was so surprised that she didn’t even attempt to throw back some sort of “study” to back up her statement.

  • QD looks into his crystal ball and sees this a week from now:

    “Coalition of the Silence” and Miss Hone, the whitest black woman in the world, have a press release or press conference complaining about “harassment” from “white supremacists.”

  • SarahConnor

    Well I just forwarded my emails to Hone and her responses to Evan Glazer the principal of  Thomas Jefferson 

  • Imagine a Black or Latino student that has excelled on every single test they have ever been given. I’m sure race would hardly be a factor in their inability to be “identified.” The fact that they claim this points directly to the fact those alleging discrimination at TJ cannot produce one single qualified Black/Latino applicant that has been denied enrollment. 

    Imagine the Judge that will hear this case:

    (Judge) Can I see the list of qualified student who were denied entry.

    (Horn) Hmmm, Well, Um, Your honor, We haven’t been able to identify them as of yet!

    (Judge) So who exactly is it that has been discriminated by TJ?

    (Horn) We believe there are many out there but I cannot give you their names.

    (Judge) CASE DISMISSED. Ms Horn, Please feel free to come back when your victims have been identified.

    • “identified”.  Yes but also Time, Date and Detail of alleged assault.  Proof is what “We” count on here in this Country of ours.

    • SarahConnor

      Unless that judge believes like Hone.

    • Jake

       That would be a great outcome. Unfortunately, it would probably only be realized in a world without  the disparate impact experiment.

  • JohnEngelman

    Ending affirmative action is one issue where race realists can be effective.
    Repealing the civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s is not such an issue. Deporting blacks, or restricting them to bantustans certainly is not.
    A political movement advances by getting in front of popular issues. 

    • Yeah, but voluntary segregation in residence and schooling- is.

      • JohnEngelman

        Voluntary segregation persists because of de facto segregation. It is not possible to repeal the Open Housing Act of 1968. 

        • nettle

          Anything is possible.  It is necessary to reverse what is destroying this country.  This will be done once enough people wake up and take action.  It will be a hard battle because it had gone so out of balance.

  • Warren is lying about her low percentage Indian “heritage”, but it’s not an obvious lie. Heck, one can have 1/32 American Indian “blood” & look completely White.
    But- people like this Martina leave me speechless. It’s impossible to be partly AA & to look White 100%. And, more, she “self-identifies” as AA (or mixed race).

    Well, I’m a Masai, you can count me as one, never mind the phenotype, it’s how I “feel”. OMG ..

  • I find people like Marina Hone to be mind boggling. Where on earth does she come up with her views, opinions, and ‘facts’?

    “Look at any study of giftedness. It is equally distributed across humanity. God did not change that rule when he got to Fairfax County.”

    Where  is ‘giftedness’ equally distributed across humanity?

    As for language being a barrier, why aren’t Spanish speaking natives living in Mexico setting the world on fire with their technological breakthroughs and innovations?

    These people don’t see reality, they live by the fantasies they create in their own minds

    Creating policies based on personal opinions and fantasies is a recipe for success.

  • Try living in our shoes. This is our lives written by David Hill of the Times.

    “Consider that South Africa is the only country in the world whose affirmative action policy favours a majority who also happens to have complete political control. In the rest of the world affirmative action is designed to favour the politically un-represented minority, not the politically strong majority.South Africa now appears to have a system of government whereby the ruling party is elected by the non- contributing majority, who in turn are then rewarded with subsidies, goods and services paid for from the earnings of the contributing minority.”

    In South Africa we are facing challenges like this every hour.  We have massive theft by the members of government who are paid by a few Whites. I beg God to help us.

    • SarahConnor

      After reading about what happened to that white family recently–just one of many gruesome murders– I am afraid I would just move it sounds so horrible.

    • The future of all White countries. They want us to be serfs that do all the work while they lead lives of sloth and luxury.

    • HenryHolliday

      My advice-help yourselves.  Get out of there, at any cost. What future do you think awaits you? If you argue that white Europe and America sold you out, you’ll get no argument from me. But that doesn’t really change anything. You’re doomed if you stay there, as I understand the situation.  I see you as a French or Belgian soldier at Dunkirk.
      Go someplace, anyplace, if only with the clothes on your back. where white people rule and make a new start. It’s preferable to being boiled alive.
       Hopefully, you will be among the most enlightened and motivated race realists in that country, and will be a key player in the fight that we all know must be fought.

  • I just wrote the following email to her. Let’s see if she responds and how…
    “If minorities are discriminated against, why are Asians being admitted at such a high rate? Culture has more to do with it than skin color. Thanks to Asians, guilt-ridden self-hating half-breed White liberals like you cannot simply blame it all on Whitey. You’re a disgusting human being. Btw, if you have kids, bet they go to VERY White schools. Typical liberal HYPOCRITE!”

  •  Using that logic, blacks should have been on their way to being demonstrably better and far less criminally oriented since January 20, 2009.

    Using that logic, there should hardly be any black crime in cities with black politicians and black police chiefs and cops.  How’d that work out for Detroit?

    You can’t force people to have certain role models and not to have certain role models.

  • Snowhitey

    I don’t care what background she claims.  Real black women should run her out of town for the con artist she is.

  • KCovina

    Sure, I understand that, and I wholeheartedly agree with using those statistics to expose the idiocy of the conventional/leftist racial agenda. But to the extent that AmRen consists of conversations and articles for and among like-minded people who, by and large, subscribe to similar ideas about the importance of cultural/racial identity, it seems odd that East Asians are so often held out as a group that Westerners ought to envy.

    • HenryHolliday

      I don’t think it’s a question of envying them. It’s a question of recognizing how they outperform us in some areas, how that impacts us, and what to do about it. But it starts by admitting that the situation exists. The same for the problem with blacks.  All AmRenners know what the problems are, we’ve been talking about it from every conceivable angle for years. The challenge that faces us is when are we going to coalesce as a race and figure out a viable solution, and implement that solution? We all know that it’s going to take more than talking and thinking. It’s going to take more than voting, because the politicians who put us all in this situation-black as well as white-are more than happy with the status quo, and are in fact working toward making things worse-for us. WE have asian numerical growth and financial ascendancy, and the hispanic gain in political power due to sheer invasion.
       The ultimate solution will not be easy or pleasant, will not take place quickly, and will no doubt have many immediate and future consequences that will shake America to its very foundation like nothing since 1861.

  • Leopard cannot change its spots.

  • Caldwell

    Below, I have posted links to the Cal Tech faculty pages for the departments of physics, mathematics, and astronomy. Please visit the pages and count the African-American and Hispanic faces that the faculty includes. To be sure, there are abundance of  White, Asian, and Indian faces represented, but there are no blacks or hispanics. This tells me what a farce this lawsuit is, and if it is not a farce, the U.S. Department of Justice needs to follow a lawsuit against CalTech Monday morning for discrimination. Incidentally, I selected CalTech quite randomly. I encourage my fellow AR readers to repeat the exercise at all the natural science departments (math,  computer science, electrical engineering, chemistry, physics, architecture etc. etc.) at any prestigious university (MIT, Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Cal-Berkely, Stanford, University of Michigan, UVa, University of Maryland etc.. etc.) and count the black faces. Really, who are they trying to kid with this lawsuit?

  • Depends. Croats in the North are mostly true “Slavs” like Czechs & Slovenians; in the South, mostly Dinaric types (plus assimilated numerous Hungarians, Germans, Italians, Czechs, .. in the North).

    I don’t think Serbs have much African genes, but they have definitely more Turkish “blood”. Those in the South are mostly Dinarics & others are a mixed bag. Actually, the most complicating factor are Vlachs & history still doesn’t know what to do with that people:

    Serbs I used to go to school with were not visually different from us. The only peculiarity I can think of is that Serbs, now & before, adore “exotic” looks, so their pop stars are excessively tanned & have had Asiatic -looks plastic surgeries. Weird, but they think it’s “sexy”.

    •  I would be suspiscious of this “EtruriansPicenesCeltsUmbrians” guy. I read his only other comment that he posted on Amren and it was a rant about how white women love non-white men and are having tons of inter-racial babies. I think this dude is a troll of the 1st order.I have never ever met a Serbian (and I have known many) that looked anything even remotely close to a sub-saharan African. Turkish? Possibly. Not black Sub- Saharan African. Black Africans look at their history and see a zero. Therefor they are quick to try and claim they conquered this or conquered that. They do the same with Sicily. Sicily was conquered by North African Arabs. (They were also conquered by the  Vikings years later) To this day African Americans love to bang on about how “They” conquered Sicily. Again, many Sicilians do exhibit some minor Arabic features. However black African negro features are completely absent from the gene pool. Modern day Sicilians  like Al Pacino do have some Middle Eastern features, but I see no negro in him.

  • nettle

    The blacks’ latest scam is to demand money from states on the pretense that their schools are not up to par in comparison to whites.  For example, the lawsuit in Maryland is demanding at least 2 billion.  The blacks there are complaining that whites are not applying to black schools (taking business away from them) because it is not on par with white schools therefore under Federal Law they must be granted the $2 billion.  They must be kidding!  Pathetic and what a joke.

    • edie

       blacks and minorities have thoroughly explored how to exploit white weatlth and guilt.   There might be some variations left here and there but for the most part we have been very grifted to the ……nth degree…….

  • Because of Confucianism , which is the main philosophy of most Asian countries and the practice of Islam in others such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • Maybe I should add a few thoughts:

    1. US is the world’s wealthiest country

    2. the language is English, unofficial lingua franca & not a very complex language to learn

    3. Asians are invading English-speaking countries (USA, Australia, Canada, ..). Learning German or Russian would be too complicated

    4. if you look at most math competitions, the best achievers are overwhelmingly White- US, Russia, Germany, UK, France…
    From Olympiads for youths to Fields, Abel and Wolf prizes.

    So much for uncritical Asiaphiles :

    Of course, there are Asian brilliant mathematicians, but they lag far behind various Whites. Young native people in Russia or parts of Europe are not as dumbed with mind & soul  destroying Voodoo- culture indoctrination as in the US.

    • Albert Schaaf

      That is so because most Asians from nations like China, India, Korea and Japan generally do not participate in these events. The Math or Science Olympiad winners are overwhelmingly white because almost all the participants are overwhelmingly white too!

      To an Asian, these competitions are a classic waste of time. And very  true, these competitions prove nothing, except for a brief confidence building measure. Most of these Olympiad “winners” are not very successful in later life, most end up in mediocre jobs or as teachers. Asians on the other hand use their time to study, excel and aim for an employment in a profession, industry or career which will make them quick big bucks! 

      Go to any Olympiad held at a school or university and you will see what I mean.  Whites like to explore and try out different things, but Asiatics have a goal oriented approach. However, based on my observation, Asians in general have a far superior intellect in the fields of Science & Mathematics as compared to whites. I specifically mean the present generation.         

  • I think that this issue is going to be resolved by doing the same thing that Lowell High School in San Francisco, another high achieving school with large white and Asian American student populations. At Lowell 80% of the incoming 9th graders are admitted on the basis of middle school grades and achievement test scores. The other 20% is admitted based on factors such as having lived in public housing, having parents who never finished school, being eligible for the Federal School Lunch program and participating in extracurricular activities. These students are required to attend a summer ‘bridging program” and a strategies for success class during the school year. 

    • nettle

      And the 20% is allowed to stay even though non or low performing just to satisfy and appease nonsense?  That = lowering cultural standards and not standing your ground.

  • The reason for Asian study habits is that in most Asian countries, students have to take a test to attend best universities in the country. Their grades do not matter, just the scores on this one test will determine their future. In Japan, students looking to attend high school have to take a test as well to determine whether they go to high school or not since compulsory education in Japan ends at the completion of the ninth grade. Those who do not go to high school go to trade schools or to work, if they can find a job.

  • potato78

    generally speaking, blacks are good at doing something except of  studying and inventing like asians and true whites (because now everyone wants to be called as whites).
    I would like to give you as example and hopefully you all can give some comments. Thanks.

    Robbers accused of torturing, killing South African family plead guilty

    three men who admitted guilt in the horrific torturing and killing of
    the Viana family last fall in Walkerville, South Africa are notable for
    extent they made the family suffer before they were killed.
    Read more:
    High IQ people really indeed don’t have much time to discriminate blacks. because we are really having no time to think about them. but until blacks have done something unspeakable. all those sorts of things occurred. t hen people will have some opinions about them. this is not discrimination. these are facts.

  • Yea about 50,000 years ago when whites and asians had to plan/store/farm/build to survive winter instead of having year round plant growth and getting chased by panthers and lions

  • SHe should have said Eugenics are what China is practicing with its one child policy. With 20% more males than femals the loser males wont get women.

  • SarahConnor

    Being a white traditional female I believe that as well as the  illegal and legal immigrants, it is what is being done to the white male. Not only the self-hating multicultural ideology but the destruction of the traditional family from the homosexual agenda, feminists, affirmative action… the list goes on and on.

    I have tried to prepare my two sons for all of this but I’m afraid they will never find a white wife that will even be willing to raise a family.

    After being divorced I worked so hard not to have to work outside of the home and to be there for the kids. I must just be an old relic.

  • Marcus Trajanus

    I’m not sure what you think homeopathy is. There is a widespread misunderstanding that it’s “herbal medicine”, but it’s no such thing. A herb might have been the original active ingredient (chosen because it allegedly causes the same symptoms as whatever it is intended to treat), but it is then diluted so far that there isn’t a single molecule left in the solution. There’s nothing in homeopathy, so it can’t work even in principle, and the evidence does show that it does not work (it’s identical to placebo control).
    Gods are indeed not testable, but Creationism is not just the claim that a god exist and created the universe, it is the claim that this happened just as described in a sacred text (there are various degrees of literal and metaphorical interpretations). A god might exist and have used the laws of science to create the universe and everything in it, that position does not contradict the available evidence or current scientific understanding, so disproving Creationist claims does not disprove a god, nor is this intended or even possible.
    Racial egalitarianism is a doctrine that is also without any evidence  and that contradicts everything we observe in the real world. There not only is no evidence that all races are “equally gifted”, there is no possible evolutionary mechanism that could have made this so. Evolution leads to divergence and adaptation to different environmental conditions. It is obvious that races have diverged physically, but they all kept pace intellectually? It’s a harebrained idea, an yet it is universally accepted on the Right and the Left, by Liberals and Conservatives, Atheists and Fundamentalists, Evolutionist and Creationists, Christians and Wiccans, Socialists and Free Market libertarians, Gay activists and the Westboro Baptist Church. I can’t think of any other idea with that level of universal acceptance, and it’s obviously, laughably wrong. I have no explanation for this.

    • Pandemonium

      I doubt that the idea of racial egalitarianism is “universally accepted”. 

      Our institutions “play along” because people in these institutions realize that their individual success depends on “playing along”. 

      These people know, as you know, that the idea of racial egalitarianism is “laughably wrong”.

      They are laughing all the way to the bank!!

  • SarahConnor

    Here is the “great role model’s” plan. Obama Issues Executive Order Establishing Race-Based Discipline System for Public Schools 

    Obama and the rest of the liberals continue to let them play the victim card and give them handouts to keep them from rioting which seems to be working less and less now that they have social media and can form mobs.So far the best plan has been the war on drugs and prison-I guess but then we pay for that also.

    So then what do we do? Try to live in all white areas and either home school or private schooling?

    • SarahConnor

      Oh and I forgot the latest–some liberal wants to take the babies away from their mother at at least 6 mos. and keep them for 12 hrs. so as they don’t get behind.

      I will try to find the link.

  • nettle

    Let me guess, the Asian was from India?

  • I am not surprised by this at all, Many Asian immigrants come from countries such as China, Japan and South Korea where in order to go to the best universities, students have to pass one entrance exam. Children in these countries go to regular school and then go to cram school on nights and weekends to prepare for the exam. So students from Asian countries emerge as robots who are good at taking tests, but not always learn what they need to learn.

    • Simply living in Japan can be a depressing experience. I don’t now how Jared has survived that & retained a sense of humor. OK, I can understand survival, but, sense of humor …

  • Red

    That we have to co-exist with the ones already in the country may well be true, at least until somebody figures out a practical way out of the dilemma. But at the very least, we can quit importing more of them into the country!

  • Detroit_WASP

    Discrimination against Whites and Asians is the only explanation for the under-representation of these groups in basketball and football.

    Gifted White and Asian athletes need to be identified in kindergarten and funneled into athletic programs so that they too can earn 20 million per year chasing after a ball on a court or field.


    • Sheila Dinehart

      ha ha…i love the way the word funneled was used in the taxonomy of the Silence group and education now instead of *tracking*…so now Tracking is a good thing if it can be used to bring equality to the under class victims of oppression /translated: DESTROY THE WHITE RACE.

      • Detroit_WASP

        I used the word “funneled” because they used it the original story.

  • Ni123

    Obama claims that Blacks are being subjects to more disciplinary actions at schools than Whites and Asians because of racial prejudice, therefore he calls for regulations of “schools’ disciplinary actions so that members of major racial and ethnic groups are penalized at equal rates, regardless of individuals’ behavior.”

    Read more:

    • Sheila Dinehart

      How sad it is that oftentimes black children come to schools to begin with with such poor social skills…wonder whose fault that is…

      • Sheila Dinehart

        naturally the social skills of whites are much poorer now

        • Sheila Dinehart

          competition on steriods, yes

        • edie

           that’s the 40+% of whites that have bought into segregation and the “american idol”, “kardashian” culture.  Hopefully they will die out or fade away.

    • potato78

      not true definitely. Genes determine them more violent and unpredictable.

    • edie

       I do not buy into that theory at all.  Blacks ‘act out’ much more in school than other ethnicities and they, as a culture, are more apt to NOT embrace education. 

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     Not trying to be argumentative, but it is you who are missing the point. You can depict black kids being interested in intellectual pursuits all you want, but that does not mean they are actually interested. The ads are fiction.

    To the overwhelming majority, notions such as limitless possibilities, self improvement and actualization of imagination are as alien and incomprehensible as reading is to a golden retriever.

    As such, these things holds no interest for them, no matter how many cutesy graphics white people cook up to convince them that they should.

  • mikejones91

    I think your overstating miscegenation. I’m in the northeast in the 3rd most populated metro area in the U.S. The best looking white girls are with good looking white men. The only attractive white girls you see with others are with Asians (rarely). Sure, the ugly/trashy/lowclass white girls go for the black man but your exaggerating. Good looking white women want white men (9 times out of 10). Just like good looking black women want black men (8 times out of 10).  

  • Sheila Dinehart

    It would be interesting (althought not that interesting to the Authentic White)  to know what % of whites, blacks, or others are Jewish?  If *all* the whites are Jewish I wonder if there would be the same reaction by The Silence group?  Many half black and half  Jewish  identify themselves as *black*.  What if all the blacks in TJ were really half Jewish, or even Jewish?  Some half white half Jewish identify as white, many Jews reluctantly identify themselves as white.

    Not that it would make much, if any, difference.  The outcome will be the same as it has always been since before the Civil War and especially after it, then again after the Russian Revolution… sadly more Federal and State money spent on programs to bring equity to the victims of America’s racist and evil whiteskinprivelege society until whites become the absolute lowest rung in the NWO of modern communism vis the Altruistic philosophy of the left’s marxist/socialist communistic tactics.

    Through the philosophy of *victimization* Israel got its nation, and using this ideology and tactics to  use the Negro and victimology for revolutionary ends the games seems over.

    Every thing Ayn Rand, a writer and philosopher, a non religious Russian Jew who loved America and its then under attack notions of the greatness of the concept of elevation of mankind through INDIVIDUALISM and not so-called *democracy*, because she understood that people are not *equal* and didn’t have to be to be as useful in society as the wealthiest in society, and etc…WARNED America against has already come true.

    Where is John Gault?

  • chuck_2012

     yes and its the african americans who have forgotten their reason to be in america..certainly not engaged in higher thought processes.

  • Wrong. Asians do compete, but are not such achievers. Do you think something like this is a waste of time:

    • Than explain why this 
      year’s top scientific award in the Intel Science Contest – The Most Reputed Science-Math competition worldwide which brings out the most creative & intelligent geniuses nationwide ( even beating the Olympiads in reputation) is an Asian Indian – Nithin Tumma – 2012, Intel Science Award Winner? Looks like 
      you have the inferiority complex!  The work of this lad is far more priceless than a worthless Math Olympiad certificate which will only collect dust in a few years & amount to NOTHING later on! Albert is correct!

      Besides, Asians seem to be beating whites in such competitions and especially in Math & Science. !A14B9347-47AF-4CC0-B399-287F72CE6CA1 

      • Yawn…. Abel, Fields, Cole, Wolf…
        Actually, I like Asian Indians. But, you’re irresistible as a punch- bag.

      • In reply to Bardon:

        A punching bag? HAHAHA Grow up!

        Zzzzz….and without the Hindus to invent numerals, zero, decimals, algebra, trigonometry and even the earliest works on Calculus (which predates Newton/ Leibnitz)  where would ur Abel, Newton, Fields & Wolf be????   

        ” We owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”Albert Einstein.

      • In reply to Question Diversity:

        Ideas are no one’s monopoly! Every race has great people with original & great ideas. I do respect the gargantuan contributions of Europeans in the past 750 years to human progress and civilization ushering in the modern age. But, know this, without the priceless gargantuan contributions of Asiatic cultures from the Bronze-Copper-Iron age to the medieval age, and considering the transmission of knowledge from the east into Europe ( during the dark ages) via Arab & Jewish merchants….the scientific achievement of the west would not have been completely possible, despite the Greek legacy.

        Post colonial Euro-centric mindset & bias has obfuscated Asian contributions to the west. It is after all said that the victors rewrite history based on their vested agenda.  The fact is even the Greeks are an Iron age culture, the earlier Bronze age Indian, Chinese, Mesopotamian and Nilotian cultures – all either Asiatic or North African, predate the Greeks, but their enormous contributions to human progress is obfuscated. From the earliest concepts of irrigation, cities, water drainage, sewers, complex agriculture, medicine, surgeries, science, mathematics, trade, navigation, concept of universities, music, spiritual life etc which originated in Asia & North Africa ( Nile area) to the recent resurgence of the Asian giants to take over the world in recent times. 


      • The__Bobster

        Jugdesh, are you back? Your spam looks familiar.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      This is from a recent article in Business Insider — not known for being conservative.  Keynesian economist Paul Kruger is a regular columnist.

      The article begins:    “No other field of study has played a bigger role in changing the course of history as mathematics.”

      “Unfortunately, mathematicians often get little recognition for their contributions to history.”

      20 Mathematicians who Changed the Modern World

      1. William Playfair, Scottish.  

      2. James Maxwell, Scottish.  Einstein kept a framed photo of Maxwell on his desk.

      3. Alan Turing, British.   

      4. Pierre-Simon Laplace, French.

      5. Charles Babbage, English.

      6. Ada Lovelace, English.

      7. David Hilbert, German. 

      8. Euclid, ancient Greek.  

      9. Isaac Newton, English.

      10. Leibniz, German.  

      11. Lagrange, French. 

      12. Pascal, French. 

       13. von Neumann, Hungarian-American. 

      14. Euler, Swiss.

      15. Bernoulli, Swiss.

      16. Gauss, German.

      17. Fourier, French.

      18. von Karman, Jewish-Hungarian

      19.  Ulam,  Jewish-Polish.

      20.  Thomas Bayes, American.

      Hmmm.  Don’t see an Asian or East Indians name in the bunch.   Wonder Why?

      Photos and bios here:


      Gauss, Babbage and Newton

      • Hmmm…I know a lot about history of mathematics & would agree with most of the list, with a few corrections:

        1. 20 is too round a figure, it could be 17 or 28. Kruger’s list is also economics-oriented

        2. IMO, Playfair is not to be here, only because of economics- he is far from being great mathematician; Bernoulli, Von Karman, Bayes hardly belong in the top 20

        3. the very greatest would include, indisputably: Archimedes (Greek), Fibonacci (Italian), Viete (French), Descartes (French), Boole (English), Hamilton (Scotch-Irish), Riemann (German), Cantor (German), Weierstrass (German), Poincare (French), Galois (French), Napier (Scot), Abel (Norwegian), Cauchy (French), ..and maybe 5-10 others.

        And Von Neumann was originally Hungarian Jew who became American & Catholic convert.

      •  Many on that list are just as well known or better known for other scientific disciplines.  A great scientist will be known for one discipline but be great or at least very good in many.

        Einstein called Maxwell a “genius.”  That coming from Einstein, who turned Newtonian physics on its head, is saying something.  Then again, it was an insightful and breakthrough think to take two forces that nobody would have thought related, electricity and magnetism, and prove that they’re the same thing.  That started the process that will eventually end with a unified particle theory, which I think is a solution waiting for lots of problems,and could be the keystone to the next great wave of human progress and the increases in the standard of living.

      • Nonsense! The Asian Chinese & Indians were explorers much before the Europeans. I will talk about Indians here.

        In 985 BC the  Indian Tamil Cholas mastered the art of navigation and ship building, they sailed accross the Andaman Seas and Indian ocean to civilize and create their foreign territories outside India, this included modern day Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 
        The very word “Singapore” is derived from the Tamil word “Singa-Pura” which means Lion’s City! The Tiger & Lion, native fauna of India are the national symbols of the nation.In fact, one of the oldest temples built outside India is the Hindu temple at Ankorwat, Cambodia!   

        Also, the very word “navigation” is derived from the Hindu Sanskrit word “navigatri”. This must be the generic Eurocentricism in play when you so conveniently deny the significant contributions of the east!  Besides, most of these books are written by westerners, so expect at least a fair amount of Eurocentric bias!    

        Also, I wonder if you realize that without the earliest works of medicine, surgery, town building, irrigation and waterways, sewage disposal, mathematics, etc which came from ancient India, China, Mesopotamia and Egypt played an important role in human civilization. Before Pasteur came “Sashurtha” – The Father of Surgery, an Indian sage of medicine. 

        Or, that the world’s oldest university was “Nalanda” in ancient India which included students not just from India but also from all over the known world (international students) in 859 AD predating th 2nd oldest Univ – Al Azhar (975 AD) much before the Europeans even grasped the idea of a place for higher learning! The Oldest European univ. is the one at Bologna (1088 AD). 

        This is just the tip of the ice berg! The truth is out there….

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble


          1. When did you first start hating Whites?

          2. Why do Indians fall all over themselves to live in White-created countries?

          3. Why can’t Indians create socities for themselves like what we Whites have created for ourselves? Why can’t “brilliant” Indians clean up the raw sewage in India?

          Anti-Whites like you love to come on this forum — using a device and language created by Whites — to tell us how superior you are to us, how much smarter, more educated and brilliant you are –yet you have nothing to back it up!!

          The empirical evidence speaks for itself: India is one of THE most polluted, corrupt countries in the world known for massive overpopulation, grinding poverty, filth and human misery.

          From CNN:

          India’s Rivers are Drowning in Pollution!

          The Indian government has spent half-a-billion dollars trying to clean up Delhi’s Yamuna River. It’s only gotten worse.

          From the Chinese Internet:

          As for Indian’s “superior” abilities, over and above those of Whites:
          Indian visa holders are consistently associated with high fraud rates that often result in corporate failure. This pattern dates back for years.

          In truth, these are not the best and brightest workers. In many cases involving Indian H-1B holders, they have fake degrees and some have only taken a two-week computer class.

          Government officials in the Indian town of Bihar recently found 100,000 fake Indian degree certificates. Worse, even legitimate diplomas are useless since the typical Indian degree is from a three-year institution, not four years as required by H-1B standards. 

          The list of failed companies and projects associated with these frauds is huge.

          *Quark Inc. was almost destroyed by con man Alluka Kamar until the Board of Directors canned him.

          *The Indian outsourcing firm Satyam Computer Services inflated its earnings and assets for years before being caught. The result was a collapse on the Indian stock market similar to Enron’s. [Satyam Chief Admits Huge Fraud, by Heather Timmons, New York Times, January 9, 2009]

          *In April 2006, Computer Associates CEO Sanjay Kumar was sent to prison for 12 years after he pled guilty to charges including conspiracy, securities fraud and obstruction of justice back. He has been sentenced to 12 years and fined $8 million.

          *Windows Vista, produced by Microsoft’s 30,000 Indian workers and an utter flop for the company.

          *Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit led the company while it lost nearly $19 billion in 2008 and fired 73,000 employees.

          Obama made Vivek Kundra, a past shoplifter who claimed a biology degree that he did not earn, Federal Chief Investment Officer.

          But what should you care about bashing Whites?

          Your people and culture aren’t under threat of extinction, only ours.

          I hope more like you come on here. We need MORE “movements” like you jumping up and down in public places saying things like …
”… I’m anti-White because ….” It helps to wake up White people and see the true motives of our White-hating enemies.


      • Bon da Babble: It seems all you have is pointless conspiracy theories and deceptive rantings without any evidence. At least, I provided authentic well reputed evidence to back up my views. The only link you provide is some nonsense from V-dare, as if, that is an authentic source of information. Seriously, you gotta do better than that man!

        Also, apart from the lies spouted against Indians, you select the worst parts of India and generalize it…Bihar is considered the Detroit of India – u cannot equate Bihar with the whole of India!
        To make my point clear: Just imagine if I describe America to a foreigner and tell him that America is a huge backward dump of a place based on what I saw in the Hillybillies-Appalachians, dumb rednecks, filthy Detroit, South Central L.A, Harlem, or South Side Chicago. Comprendez-Vous?

        India is also THIS:   

        For some odd reason you have some nutty conspiracy filled websites which ostracize and even compose blatant lies about non white groups without any actual evidence or if not that, they ignore ALL the good things and contributions of a particular non white group and instead exaggerate the most awful aspects of that society! We could do the same about whites too…there are many awful things inherent in the white race, BUT, I guess, we are bigger than that…we cannot stoop to such levels. I have posted links to PROVE that Asian Indians ARE an asset to America – whether you like it or not! If you hate us so much, maybe you should tell your lazy white kids to quit with their TVs, video games, crummy American music, drinking, dating, fooling around, drugs and partying hard…and maybe try and study harder & act like grown ups for a change. My impressions on white, black & hispanic Americans were formed during my university years at UCLA. 

        When I was the head Teacher’s Assistant in my university Engineering school at UCLA, I was appalled by the poor knowledge & performance of white kids ( the blacks/ hispanics were much worse) as compared to Asian kids in the engineering school. The Americans did not even know some of the basics and it was the Chinese & Indians international students who had to explain to them all over again! Back in our nations, these white kids would never survive the rigorous standards & discipline needed for the sciences. Also, the professors were to liberal in grading their performance just to pass them. Needless to say, we were either shocked at their ignorance or amused! Its Asian Indians and Orientals who dominate the Science, math and creative competitions. And here is a REAL REPUTABLE link to prove that and NO it’s NOT from some wacky racist website, but from an authoritative one instead:  

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          The truth hurts so much that Rajesh is reduced to ad hominem sputtering.

          Nothing unusual here.


      • Rajesh:
        1. “When did you first start hating Whites?”I don’t hate whites or anyone for that matter! Do you hate Asians and Indians??? All I report is from  empirical FACTS & experiences. 
        2. Why do Indians fall all over themselves to live in White-created countries?Actually the Indians ARE returning back to India and improving it! Why did the white British fall all over themselves to come to India…so desperate were these vandals that they stole trillions & trillions of an empire (India) which was historically one of the wealthiest ever in history, that was until the Islamic invaders ripped it for 800 years & later the Protestant white British!

        Ref: Stein, B. (16 June 1998), A History ofIndia 1st ed, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, ISBN 978-0-631-20546-3Oh and with the booming technological innovative economy in India, top white American & European graduates from Ivy league schools are heading to India for a better life…this trend will catch on as time flies! Blimey, looks like the cat caught your tongue mate! 
        3. Why can’t Indians create socities for themselves like what we Whites have created for ourselves? Why can’t “brilliant” Indians clean up the raw sewage in India?Hmmm….ok, check this out lad:India 2012: we’re on our path to progress! We  created a world record launching 10 satellites in one shot on an Indian rocket to space! We built our own ICBM nuke missile ( an Indian woman engineer designed it), we built the world’s fastest nuke supersonic cruise missiles – Brahmos and we built the world’s most accurate nuke missile with a CER probe < 40 mts ( Agni 3)! Well look who is importing who and for what reason! There is the empirical evidence!!! Anti-Whites like you love to come on this forum — using a device and language created by Whites — to tell us how superior you are to us, how much smarter, more educated and brilliant you are –yet you have nothing to back it up!!Back it up??? I just did!!Btw, if not for an Indian American Vinod Dham ( Father of the Pentium!) to design the Pentium Chip which runs ALL modern computers & laptops, you would'nt be able to use the internet to send me your anti Indian messages! 
         Get a clue!!!

      • Bon da Babble:

        “The truth hurts so much that Rajesh is reduced to ad hominem sputtering.

        you lose the argument & THIS is the best comeback 
        you have???  That is right Bon, the truth does hurt you!
        Nothing unusual here.

  • As for “Joos” & Asians (mainly slanted, not dot ones), here is a good article about their intermarriage patterns a knowledgeable person knows about already:

    I’d add just a few rarely said things:

    1. it’s almost exclusively Jewish males- Asian females phenomenon, not the other way around
    2. children are raised as Jewish or not religious, and almost never Christian, Buddhist, Confucian or some other religious culture
    3. however- they are, generally, not socially accepted as Jews, even if they have all the rituals & religious/ethnic education. Phenotype erases it all.

    At the end, a good comment from other article almost all commentators disagreed with -expectedly:

    a caucausian female and interracial marriage is just plain wrong.
    Everyone loses. An interracial child is a hiccup on the space time
    continuum….they don’t relate fully to either parent, and then they
    won’t relate to their children because the children will be majority
    something. They won’t relate to past history or a definite culture. No
    one should be pushing interracial marriage unless they want everyone in
    the world to be confused, miserable and most importantly Alone. Trust
    me, I’m 100% white and I’m alone because my dad’s brother married an
    asian and I don’t have any contact with my half-asian cousins (who btw
    had no children—I wonder why? Hmm….), and my mom’s side felt the
    need to marry blacks, so I have no relatives on that side.

    You have deeper, more honest friendships with relatives and members
    of your own race. Why would you rob people of that deep human
    connection? Some people want more than just friends to go out to the
    club with.

  •  Hmmm…. no, things are more complicated. I’ve lived among Serbs all my life & some people of Serbian ancestry-not identity- are among my best friends. When I ponder on phenotype, all I can say: more Vlach-type “darkies” among Serbs, but not significantly so. You’re right about Dinarics who are haplotypically not Slavs nor Celts but something different (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ca.70% Croats have this haplotype I can’t remember the acronym for, as compared with 40% of Bosnian Muslims and 30% Serbs).

    Original Serbs in the medieval period and some time later were much more blond & lighter & their 14th century law forbids intermarriage between Serbs and Vlachs mostly on racial, not social ground. But, after Ottoman conquest completed in 1465., many Vlachs assimilated & interbred with “true Serbs” due to Eastern Orthodox common heritage. Visually, characteristic Vlach type is Radovan Karadzic (now in the Hague). Other Serbs like Slobodan Milosevic, or assassinated prime minister Zoran Djindjic- a blond guy- were not Vlach types.

    Divac is a typical Vlach type, that’s for sure; Tesla, probably.

    As I said, I don’t understand Serbian fascination with tanned, Oriental-looking women. Numerous Serbian folk music females singers had plastic surgeries in order to add a flavor of “exoticness”. Here are some examples:

  • Sheila Dinehart

    JT…sounds like you might have higher expectations of the DOE than you should!  They might do something, sure…under President Obama’s Administration the DOE’s new Education Department for African Americans may well declare testing to be oppressive and racist for blacks. and simply exempt them from testing at all.  I can assure you it has been done before and will be again…this time it will be a Federal Mandate…ha that should square things right on up, as it always does, at least on paper.

    Living in interesting times…

  • Of course they don’t want to talk about Asians, they are afterall, “people of color” too. This is, as usual, about whites and how to decrease their numbers and participation and how to discriminate against them under the guise of “diversity”.

  • I’m not a fortune teller. These are old, very old civilizations. But, they didn’t show explosions of genius in past 200 years, and the English have opened schooling for them long since.

    All I can say is try to deduce something from recent-past 300 yrs, post Enlightenment- history.

    Germans are great in abstract thinking & music, less so in visual arts, and their literature is actually philosophy in fiction form, frequently deep & mostly boring. Also, they’re big in technology.

    British are great in science, also technology- but have an aversion to abstraction. Not systematic. Great in literature, but almost absent in visual arts & serious music.

    French are evenly distributed in all fields, but rarely have “giants” in selected fields, or are among top 5 in any discipline.

    I wouldn’t go about others (Americans, Italians, Spanish, Russians, ..)

    So, there are definitely national characteristics & national cultures. What about Asians in the US ? They are not Americans – let’s be frank- until they lose Asian identity & “go White”. Some great minds have been Asian Indians, like Chandrasekhar, but he’s something of an exception. IMO, people of some Asian ancestry can be strongly present in creative fields, but only almost completely assimilated ones. Those who retain Asian identity will be good zombies & frustrated paranoiacs.

  • sick of TT

    I found a youtube video in which is Tina Hone is interviewed.
    Her name appears as Tomasevic-Hone. I’m not sure what the language is and what she discusses in the interview — it appears to be about Democrat candidates.
    Is this video in Slovakian? I wonder if that is her father’s ancestry?…

    • It’s Serbian. She answers as a “person of Serbian ancestry”  (in English).

  • I have never been to Montana. I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. That being said, I suppose  the differences between how we see things come in regards to how we define race.

    In your post you alluded to “white girls being indoctrinated  to like Blacks, Greeks, and Persians”. I think the misunderstanding that we had is summed up by that quote of yours. If you are considering a Greek/Irish marriage to be inter-racial, then I suppose from your point of view you are correct.

    I on the other hand would consider a Greek/Anglo marriage to simply be two white people getting together.  I myself am married to a white Arab of Lebanese heritage. She, nor I consider ourselves to be in any “inter-racial” relationship.

    So in a nutshell, I think our respective views on the matter stem from the fact that we have very different definitions of what is “white”.

    In regards to Sicily. It is a very small Island, however the notion that Sub-Saharan Africans somehow contributed in any significant way to the Sicilian gene pool seems more hype than reality. The Sub-Saharan African genes are very domininant. We can look at places like Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic and see what people who have a significant Afro admixture look like. They look nothing like Sicilians.

    Now keep in mind I am not saying that there  has never ever been a Sub-Saharan African that has reproduced in Sicily. That would be foolish. Sicily, being an Island in the Med has seen many different groups come her way. However saying they are part negro is beyond ridiculous.

  • rentslave

    The Jew has always used the moulinyan to disrupt society.

  • What about athletics in which blacks dominate?  Isn’t that “racist”?

  • The current World Chess Grand Master Champion (2012) is an Indian ( Tamil) – Vishwanathan Anand! He has beaten the best in his successful career…from Gary Kasparov to Kramnik! Anand is unbeatable, he has successfully beaten the best of the best in World Chess Competitions and has also defended his World Championship Title for > 3 consecutive years!  


    By the way, the high IQ abstract cerebral game of Chess ( which so many whites swoon on) was NOT a western invention! Chess is an invention of Ancient Hindu India during the Gupta Dynasty! Just another fact that is completely obfuscated by the Eurocentric mindset. 

  • potato78

    In europe, there are some rich countries and some poor countries.  In Asia, same thing. “white asians” never try to claim themself so gifted. Only some senseless hybrid whites (dark white) do. Pure asians think pure whites are talent and  gifted. but unfortunately, they imported so many muslims, blacks, and dark hybrid  whites. These people more than anything like to be called as whites. Pure whites society has been already decayed.

  • potato78

     Senseless story.  If it was true.  This kind of chinese should be very small percentage.  Unfurtunately, you met a crazy chinese. But if a black or hispanic got into your property for stealing, you most likely have been already dead.

  • Role models ? It’s in their genes.

  • FACT: This year 2011-2012, Asian Indian have beaten whites hollow & have secured the top spot awards in the most prestigious Science technology competitions for creativity & innovation in America! From the nation’s most prestigious 2012 Intel Science-tech to National Science Bowl to the World’s Biggest Science-Tech Competition (Toshiba America) – ALL Indian winners & east Asians! The new generation Asians are outclassing the whites and that my friend is what we call Evolution, a new crop arrives & eats away the withered ones! The score board declares it all!

    Oh and deleting my comments won’t change the obvious truth except expose the deep sense of insecurity to the truth! 

  • Nonsense. Although some loony Chinaman may think that way, the very essence of Chinese civilization is Confucian teaching on “jen” (humanity), mutual help and moral rectitude. It’s an exalted moral stance, similar to our Stoicism & all can read fundamental Confucian texts which are short for our standards (Analects, Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean; Mencius’ teachings).

    I just don’t know how many of you guys swallow such stuff. 

  • Too much harping on race, IQ etc. So, for the umpteenth time:

    * the only true Americans are white Europeans (or similar phenotype located somewhere else- Armenians, white Christian Arabs, white Hispanics in Argentina and Costa Rica, South Africa,..). They have to be Christians or assimilated Jews (some will cringe at that) or any other religious group who has become atheist & is willing to be absorbed in the dominant cultural pattern: English language & Western civilization. Spanish is a great European tongue, but American nation cannot afford to be torn apart by linguistic dichotomy (cf. Belgium case).

    * Blacks are a part of population that may be acculturated in two ways: a) give them 2-3 states & ensure that they all go there (black separatism- Stokely Carmichael), b) softly segregate across the country- the situation in Singapore and Malaysia, where different ethnicities coexist, but not socially mix (much). Just- these are civilized peoples.

    * Native Americans I’m irrationally fond of. But, these peoples are hopeless. Even indigenous peoples in Siberia (Evenks, Chukchee, Samoyeds, ..) show more initiative. Perhaps, due to low numbers, they will eventually have been swallowed by White majority (high interracial marriages rates )

    * Muslims- no way. Only Iranians who are “Aryans” & many of them atheists. As a group, they are, due to their religious culture, unassimilable. Imagine Haredi/Hasidic
    Jews on gigantic scale. The only Muslims who are assimilable & with whom I grew up are Bosnian Muslims. They are white & completely secular (booze, rock, sex). But, they’re on the way to re-islamization, most of them. It may sound vulgar, but when I was discussing the issue of Islamic modernization with a Muslim friend of mine, I said to him: “There is one litmus of your acculturation. Can a get a p*ssy of a Muslim girl without converting ? I’m not talking about the past, but now.” EOD.

    * Asians, both South (Hindus-dot) and East (slanted). They are “permanent foreigners”, as wikipedia states. They could be assimilated-dots, light dots to be more precise- in small numbers; also, small numbers of East Asians with whites suffering from yellow fever. But- these small numbers should go hand in hand with primarily American patriotism & essentially cutting ties with ancestral lands. I’m grateful to John Malkovich for some stuff he did for Croatian independence in 1991., but would consider him a national renegade if he pursued this ethnic stuff & renounce all- American ethno-cultural identity & national feeling.

    * Hispanics ? Too complicated.


    • Ni123

       “Muslims- no way. Only Iranians who are “Aryans” & many of them atheists.”

      HBD Chick has interesting thoughts on why it’s highly unlikely for Muslims to assimilate into democratic/western society: left column all the way down “Mating patterns in Muslim population series”

  • s shadow

    Rajesh Kumar’s posts remind me of the Chinese posts after the Alexandra Wallace library video controversey.  He presented a sudden avalanche of glittering generalizations sprinkled with a few facts and threw it all out there in rapid fire fashion.  Same modus operandi.  The hope was to overwhelm.  The reality was a withering superior return of fire.  Good.
    It’s possible to win a battle but lose a war though.  The low profile and clever tacticians such as Tim Wise and Morris Dees who are overwhelming us with anything but white, have a real chance at accomplishing our genocide.  Vengeance attempted.  Their intense hatred of whites and Tim Wise’s apparent glee at our death (genocide) is almost too much for an antiquated ideology adherence to explain, but more suggestive of a deep and unreasoning vengeance.  The rationale: an eye for an eye, and a genocide for a genocide.  The scientific method postulates a theory, and then determines whether it explains observed phenomena.  Sure seems to.  At this rate the job should be completed in  a few decades.  short of nuclear weapons this is the most feasible way to exterminate a billion or so people.  So far they are winning.

    • I believe in Nuclear.  I’ve never written My True Feelings before but since you wrote this, I will and they are:

      I have no problem in wiping out entire areas.  For me, My Country comes First and to hell with everyone else excluding Europe.

      • s shadow

        Steph,  I think you misunderstood what I meant.  They are imposing genocide upon us.  I don’t think they would be able to nuke us, but they can import replacements because we have made such a desireable nation.  You certainly don’t lack for zeal.  Stay cool.

    • I’ve seen these links, but don’t pay much attention to hysterics behind it.

      1. various technical & scientific competitions have, as I’ve seen, ca. 60% Asian (South & East) winners & the rest are Caucasians. As I’ve said- it’s mostly because White kids have more life opportunities & interests , while still patriarchal structure of Asian societies channels energies of Asian immigrant children almost exclusively to study & academia- and not the military, sports, acting, social & humanist sciences etc.
      Besides- it reflects the state of mind of white America. These are not international, but American competitions, virtually all of them. Truly international competition like Math Olympiad has given entirely different results.

      2. I’m glad for current Indian World Chess champion, but- chess has lost most of its appeal after Kasparov was twice beaten by Deep Blue. In past 20 years I always knew who was the Champ. After Deep Blue, I lost interest & hear for this gifted Indian master for the 1st time.

      3. I would disagree about Wise et al. These are fanatics of liberal-multiculturalist dogma, but not out of some genocidal intent, but because they believe their way leads to heaven. Be as it may- they are not half as influential you seem to think: resurgence of normal mindset, due to economic & social troubles, will erase them as if they had never existed. People are aware of this, long time:

      • s shadow

        ” These are fanatics of liberal-multiculturalist dogma, but not out of some genocidal intent, but because they believe their way leads to heaven”
        The fact that he is so happy about our demise suggests he is genocidal.   Just remember that ” an eye for an eye” emanated from the middle east and is part of the old testament.  It has become cultural, but only because of genetic traits.  Many of the tribe endlessly ruminate about the holocaust as noted by various authors on these very pages.  Their genotype promotes a phenotype that does this.  Being theistic or atheistic is irrelevant.   To suspect that Tim Wise fancies himself a holocaust avenger is not a stretch.  His office is in a Holocaust Museum.  The facts support the theory.  Holding a grudge for a thousand years is commonplace there.  A certain proportion want to get all whites back for their holocaust.  We are paying an unreasonable price for something we didn’t do.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Well stated.  Wise is a sophist who has openly stated and written that he desires the end of the White race.

          This is not to be taken lightly as he speaks at colleges all over the U.S. and publishes anti-White screeds.  It’s beyond imagination to advocate the genocide of a race of people — one that is already endangered as it is, ≈ 7% of the world’s population.  Yet we are asked to “care for” genocide in places like Rwanda — and it receives UN recognition and world-wide attention!

          Whites genocided in South Africa?  Well, that’s DIFFERENT!!  (and OK according to the Western Press and the UN).

          What would happen if one of us were stand up and screech out anti-black or anti-Jewish diatribes promoting the genocide of the black or Jewish people?


      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        “I would disagree about Wise et al. These are fanatics of liberal-multiculturalist dogma, but not out of some genocidal intent.”

        Tim Wise is an anti-White genocidal maniac.  He speaks all over the U.S. on college campuses preaching and celebrating the end of the White race.
        Remember this screed?

        “So party while you can, but mind the increasingly loud clock ticking away in the corners of your consciousness.

        The clock that reminds you how little time you and yours have left.

        Not much more now.

        Tick, tock.
        Tick, tock.

        – Tim Wise, An Open Letter to White people.

        To Tim, we “Whites” are a social construct, and hence to him we do not exist and because we don’t exist then we can be wiped out (he desires this and has said this) for all the bad things we have done. Yes you read that correctly, whites don’t exist, but everything bad in this world is because of Whites. And all I can ask is what kind of sick environment did Tim Wise grow up in, what kind of  sick religion or tradition can create such a man? 

        For promoting and advocating a genocide against Whites, Tim receives lucartive speaking engagements, book deals including book tours, accolades and awards.

        Imagine that.  Receiving praise for advocating the eradication of an entire race of people.

        It’s psychopathic; there no other word for it.


        • I didn’t know about that. Well then, he’s a sick SOB.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    There’s also this about Murry’s Human Achievement;

    Despite Murray reserving eight of his 21 categories (including Arabic literature, Indian philosophy, and Chinese visual art) for non-Western arts. Murray, who was a Peace Corp volunteer in Thailand and has half-Asian children, began this project wanting to devote even more attention to Asian accomplishments but found he couldn’t justify his predisposition.

    In the sciences, 97 percent of the significant figures and events turned out to be Western. Of the 36 science reference books he drew upon, 28 were published after 1980, by which time historians were desperately searching for non-Westerners to praise.

    His methods and lists should become the standards for future research.

    Astronomy: Galileo

    Biology: Darwin

    Physics: Newton and Einstein

    Medicine: Pasteur

    Music: Beethoven and Mozart

    Literature: Shakespeare

    Technology: Edison and Watt

    France is tied with Britain and Germany as the leading nation, with Italy fourth.

    As a White, I take great pride in what we’ve accomplished over the past 2,000 years. Everything the White-haters have, they have because of us. Democracy? That was our invention. Theory of evolution? That was ours too. Computers? Yup, us. Internet? Medicine ? Cars? Space flight? Radio? Television? Classical music? Satellite communication? They only exist because of us.

    Maybe these non-Whites should thank us for all that we’ve given them instead of attacking us like the spoiled children that they are. Without Europeans the world would be a cruel and barbarous place. We’ve given them everything, and they give us nothing in return but impudence and resentment. They need to do us a favor and just STFU.


  • edie

     she an elizabeth warren in another area of griftedness

  • edie

     we might be a bit more resilient than you think.  As disappointed as I am with 40+% of whites who have bought in to the stupid culture, I still have hope for many.  We are going through a very transformative period and our world will probably be very different in a 10-15 years due to economics, politics, strife, reality etc

  • Your figures are wrong. 34% is non-European Whites , non- all Whites (including white Hispanics)- 22%.

  • currahee1911

    Okay, American Asians  are high achievers.  But….don’t think for a minute that they will ever be allies.  They will pull a racial grievance rant at the drop of a hat and they always, always side with our enemies.

  • HenryHolliday

    I hope you don’t mind. I copied that and put on my priority board. Nice succinct list of Rules to Live By.

  • HenryHolliday

    Good post. I’ve had suspicions along those lines for a long times, but no hard evidence to back it up.

  • The__Bobster

    I call bovine excrement. Congoid armies marching all over Europe? Give me a break.

  • Confucianism is to the Chinese what Catholicism is to the Italians. As for Chinese cheating- I know about such stuff, because a colleague of mine, women who worked at New York University told me about their collective efforts in exchange of information during schooling.
    But, this is overstatement: although some Chinese cheat, literally, most work in the gray zone which is not legally forbidden & they help each other as much as they can. It’s this nationalist-collective spirit similar to Jewish. So- cheating, sometimes-yes. Most of the time- no. Collectivism- yes.

  • More myths. Dowry & prostitution are simply not related:

  • The__Bobster

    Far too many. Enough to doom it as a White nation.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Actually it is whites who suffer discrimination. Blacks get into Ivy schools ahead of us because they can’t do the work, and Asians get in ahead of us because they can, so we get sqwoze out from above and below. I feel very sorry for us, send money.

  • HenryHolliday

    Ummmmmm….are you attempting to provide comedic relief?

  • Detroit_WASP

    you forgot your medication again.

  • mikejones91

    I agree with everything but the part about music. Do NOT insult OUR culture by giving blacks some pre-school ego booster. Sure, there are A LOT of blacks who can sing but singing is NOT music. Music is made with instruments. Guitar—Obviously we take that crown. Even OUR rock singers take it. Then look at European symphony’s

  • bbshaw

    Two Wongs don’t make a White.

  •  He’s anti- Israel, too. Go to his site & read this sh**.

  • NAACP are intellectual cowards.  This “white” woman with the NAACP who apparently has some minority blood in her filed the complaint, not lawsuit. The NAACP is Self serving and wont say anything that might damage their complaint. For example how do you file a racial complaint against an in organization when most of the people attending TJ are minority  (Asian).  That is why didnt actually file a lawsuit because they wouldnt even be able to present their case. It would be dismissed by any judge.  Martina Horne is one “homely” looking woman. Want to file a complaint against me? 

  • ObligeNobility

    No more cutthroat and real experiment exists regarding the racial variability of intelligence and work ethic. Nothing new about TJ’s haters in Fairfax and surrounding counties. Their attack on an elite institution may take varying forms, but they usually stem from the dissonance arising from the fact that their own precious snowflake didn’t have the raw intelligence in the 7th and 8th grades to make the cut on the rigorous series of standardized testing.

  • christopher mahoney

    How can an academic test discriminate against blacks but not Asians? That must be one clever test!

  • Krpt

    I think all these rules , with the exception of a few, have been tried out in the past by various cults, religions and tribes. These rules can be enforced for about a period of time but knowing the history of humans, every now and then, there comes an individual who will question the need for such rules, regardless of his/her indoctrination. It starts from there and it only takes one to start a revolution. Yes, this so called individual can be eliminated if he/she doesn’t comply with the rules but then there will be those who’ll start to question the death of this particular individual. It’ll be history repeating itself again and again.

    The one thing that I’ve learned from human history is that, we’re not meant to be ruled over by other fellow human beings. It has never worked successfully. We can be tamed to some degree but we can also lose the human (sane) side very quickly. Now to enforce the above set of rules efficiently, will be to take away connectivity lines (all modes of transport to non-white nations of course), trade & commerce, no more single preferred communication medium, no sharing/transferring of knowledge, no outside investments, no missionary or philanthropic activities. If we can necessarily execute all that, then yes, I believe we can all be successfully isolated and pursue our own interests but along with it will come a much reduced progress rate. We’ll be back to medieval times where human strides happened every 60 to 100 years. Oh well, maybe that’s the future or maybe nature disagrees with these principles and it has something better for us. Lets wait and see.

  • Krpt

    Uh.. they were all in good shapes prior to Islamic tyrants and colonials showing up there. To a degree, they defended themselves without being wiped out by invading savages. The amount of wealth and resources amassed from these countries are still not clearly known. Every regime has their own numbers. But the point is, they’re not asking for reparation instead they’re moving on. Yes the current state in some of these countries are still deplorable, but it will gradually improve in the next 50 years. So you’re basically mocking the countries that were once rich in wealth and culture.

  • Krpt

    I don’t think complaining should be the priority, instead focus on raising awareness and then act upon it. Wasn’t it the corporate interests to import more skilled workers from other nations to further the profits, the main reason for relaxing the immigration laws. I doubt it was for cultural enrichment. Giants like Apple, Google don’t care about the importance of race or country, they just want to make profits. They’re an entity of their own. The only way to beat this is with your money. Invest in things that interest your race and culture. When did you have a temporary decline in your population? Now I know that the life expectancy rates increased in your nations because of better medical treatments. Is that the decline you’re talking about? I think the decline started from the 80s, but it only started showing in the 90s.

  • Krpt

    Were there any Asian empires that invaded and conquered lands in other continents? The Mongolians are the only ones that come to my minds. Now I have not included the Middle-East. There were internal conquests, but that doesn’t count when comparing to the settlements in America and Australia.

  • Krpt

    You still believe in the Aryan myth? This baffles me. No archaeological proofs of any kind, whatsoever, from the excavation or from the Vedic scripts, which existed during that time, mention anything regarding a mysterious race of people coming to India.

  • Krpt

    Yeah, like your made-up story is so believable. You say and twist anything to promote your narrative and I get your frustration, but to say their culture values things like stealing, cheating to be the main motto’s of life is absurd. Who in here has never tried to cheat, lie or deceive? To me, it’s all part of human development. By default, we have both good and evil sides in us. As we grow up, we try to understand which side to go with.

  • AsianAmericanMan

    I would just like to point out that Asians include South Asians (predominantly Indian Americans) as well. Some (or all) Amren readers are under the impression that the lighter someone’s skin color is, the more intelligent and hardworking they are. This is not true. Indian Americans make up 1.5% of the American Population (4.3 million people) and have the lowest proportional rate of welfare, highest educational levels, and highest median incomes of all races in America. Indian Americans are heavily overrepresented in all elite and gifted academic programs throughout the country. India has had high economic growth for the past 20 years and India’s GDP is scheduled to overtake the US within the next 30 years. To group Indian Americans with Hispanics and Blacks is a serious mistake that will only make the people doing so look foolish.