The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a prestigious Alexandria, Va. high school, has been hit with a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The Coalition of The Silence, a local minority advocacy group, and the NAACP filed a complaint to the U.S. Department of Education Monday alleging that black and Latino students, as well as students with disabilities, are being shut out of the school because Fairfax County consistently fails to identify them for gifted programs.

“Poor Latino kids are not being identified, and I worry part of that is language,” Martina Hone of the Coalition of Silence told NBC Washington. “African-American kids are not being identified. I’m worried that’s race.”

The complaint alleges that the county “…essentially operates a network of separate and unequal schools,” and that “for decades, these students have been grossly and disproportionately underrepresented in admission to the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.”

According to the complaint, 476 students comprise Thomas Jefferson’s incoming class. Of those, 43 percent are white, 46 percent are Asian and just more than 8 percent are multiracial. Black students, however, comprise just 0.6 percent—or three students—while Latino students only comprise 2.1 percent of the class. By contrast, black and Latino students make up 32 percent of Fairfax County’s student population.

Fairfax County Public Schools officials declined requests for comment by several news agencies, but a spokesperson told MyFOX DC that the district does reach out to minority students interested in attending Thomas Jefferson. The district has also in the past tried to close the gap by trying new ways of identifying gifted children, but some minorities remained systematically underrepresented.


Thomas Jefferson regularly ranks among the nation’s top public high schools, snagging the No. 2 spot on this year’s U.S. News and World Report list of best U.S. high schools as well as the No. 2 spot for the magazine’s 2012 list of best high schools for science, technology, engineering and math.

Gary Orfield, a professor who directs the Civil Rights Project at the University of California-Los Angeles, tells the Washington Post that the underrepresentation of minority students in gifted programs is not unique to Fairfax.

“It’s ubiquitous,” he said. “And it really does tell us something about the poverty of our concept of giftedness, because it’s so related to the concept of family income and privilege.”


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  • Jocelyn

    The attack here is against talent and ability using race as the pretext, and the attackers are coming from a socialist-world perspective of leveling everybody off to the lowest common denominator. It is not racial improvement of blacks they want, but the undercutting of talent and ability. Instead of  instituting programs to lift blacks up, they want to bring down whites and Asians. The fact that there are almost no blacks amongst  the gifted is the perfect excuse for them to express concern, and of course, the administrators will fall all over themselves trying to  hide the superiority of Asians and whites. Much of the thrust of black organizations led by socialist intellectuals is not improvement of blacks, but destruction of others in the name of equality of results. This is the pathological altruism Jared Taylor talks about in his essay. 

    • Dr Al

      I think this school should IMMEDIATELY ask for a list of the African students who want in.  Let them in. Let them all in………………………………………………..then when they make “F”s on the tests, and they will ask the NAACP and ACLU what was racist in the Physics books and Calculus books.

      Oh, I know. Differential Equations are racists.  Yep, they sure are.  When I was in college I couldn’t help but notice that sine and cosine were code for “N” and “Sambo”.  Damn, those lawyers at the ACLU are smart to notice that too !!!!!

      • Joeblow100100

        The unfortunate reality of the situation is that if they were let in, they would not be allowed to fail. Furthermore, the curriculum would be dumbed down so that they could pass and/or they would take the same classes but in segregation and earn high marks on much less difficult material.

        • The use of affirmative action in admission to special schools will only ruin them. They would be forced to lower standards that would only hurt all students and benefit none. Schools like this prepare students for college to major in STEM. If students are admitted because of their race, and not their knowledge of science or math, they will not be prepared for this. What would happen is that these students, if they go to college at all. will major in Black studies,  basket weaving etc.

    • Yep, blacks need to dumb down whites and Asians to hide their intellectual inferiority and flat out laziness.

    • Miss Dove

      As a former educator, let me tell you precisely how this works – and how it works against us. Once, schools like Thomas Jefferson High were indeed repositories for the best and the brightest  pupils – “the gifted” as it were. But because blacks and Hispanics were habitually underperforming in scholastics (and thus under-represented in demanding STEM schools), the educational system foisted upon us the concept of Gifted AND TALENTED – and voila!!! – suddenly little Chartreusia (who could rap just like Lil Kim) and little Trayshique (and yes, I actually taught pupils with these names) – who could bounce a basketball with the best of ’em – were sitting in the cafeteria with students who had 150 IQ’s – and pummeling them for their lunch money. It invariably spelled the end of gifted programs, for too many monied parents proceeded to yank their hardworking progeny out of the public school system and into private academies, leaving behind empty classroom labs and stacks of calculus texts that would never again see the light of day. Teachers of Math, Chemistry and Physics quit in droves – creating the huge deficit in these areas that we currently suffer. Soon, even the best schools were wholly dysfunctional – at which point, the “advocates of color” moved on to other battle fronts.

      Just another hiccup in the fall of the American Empire.

      • Athling

        Don’t forget little Quintricious…

    • Marcus Trajanus

      “The attack here is against talent and ability using race as the pretext, and the attackers are coming from a socialist-world perspective of leveling everybody off to the lowest common denominator.” Or a cynical attempt to extort money from the school using the inevitable “under-representation” of blacks and mestizos as a pretext.

  • slimcat1

    Yep, just more of the same. The attack is awlays the same, no matter what form it takes. Against excellence. But when the school caves in, there will always be a part of that school devoted to excellence. Just like there’s always a part of a police force or fire dept. that stays excellent.

    I remember years ago when they pulled this same stunt against Brooklyn Tech. H.S. in Brooklyn. The school took the blacks in and continued their excellent trianing with the blacks going to separate classes within the school. What else can anyone do. Have the blacks sitting there in advanced calculus class’?

    It’ll be the same with the hispanics.

    • Dr Al

      That is exactly what will happen. See, the reason  (real reason) for this legal action is NOT to help blacks but the harass whites.  It is revenge. It is to make sure there is NO WHITE AREAS left.

      It is planned destruction. It is also a shake down for money and women.  Every time they get black men/boys in close proximity to white girls, they advance the probability of mating.  That creates MORE blacks and fewer whites.

      Don’t laugh. This is intentional.  This is the reason for the Civil Rights movement. This is the PLANNED destruction of the white race.  Get the white man’s money and use the white womb to create black children.

      Pure, clever, evil.  When somebody like me states it so clearly (and intelligently) they will point at mean and scream RACISSSSST.  Fine. But why am I correct?  If the goal is not to impregnate white women with black sperm, then why can’t we RACISSSSST whites debate that topic and show why it is anti-white.

      I am correct. I know it.

      For those of you who believe in religion, you speak and warn of evil.  This is YOUR EVIL that some of you don’t want to accept. You say there is an evil in this world. I point it out, but you then want to deny.  Sorry.

      •  I’m all for White Nationalism but the school in question has more Asians than Whites. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    Oh No!

    A Diversity is “worried,” which pretty much means we are all supposed to be “worried” about the same thing, just like White Gentile Christians are supposed to “worry” about whatever the MSM-CFR Khazar Jews tell us to “worry” about.And notice how they get that jab at “privilege” at the end. Blacks “worried” about something? Blame it on privilege and watch Whitey squirm and “do more to UnDo” his evil birthright.It’s the old cause and effect fallacy. If blacks don’t measure up to Whites, the ONLY cause is that White privilege perpetuates discrepancies and disparities that must be UnDone through more direct Affirmative Action and race targeted DOJ-White House remediation and restorative justice initiatives, i.e. hateful racial retribution against beautiful Whiteness.

  • Church_of_Jed

    We should feel sorry for the White teachers in the gifted program, but we don’t.

    They are usually liberal, so if the Diversity swarms their classrooms and makes them miserable and endangered, we’ll just credit to “a rare victory for social justice”.

  • HadEnough

    It’s amazing that the white bigots that have so very obviously rigged the system to keep out blacks and Lateeenos can’t figure out how to rig it to keep the Asians out. Amazing that!

  • dhs

    This is a great example of American insanity.  60 years ago the liberals complained about discrimination against blacks; today they complain about a lack of discrimination against whites.  What will probably happen is that Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology will become another liberal indoctrination center (possibly changing the name to George Washington Carver HS for Advanced Scientific Curriculums.

    • alastairabbacle

      “Advanced Peanutbutter Studies”

  • Intellectually Honest

    I’m the Amren reader who submitted this article.  I live in Washington, DC, and this school is in the DC metro-area.  I’m also an attorney.  I’ve spent a good bit of today questioning whether I should take the time to submit an Amicus brief to the court on the school’s behalf.  Your comment has pushed me over the top, and I now intend to do just that.  I’m armed with both the legal knowledge and race-realist knowledge that should win any case, but we’re going up against intellectually dishonest people with an agenda.  Nonetheless, the more we make our voice heard, even in an unfairly determined losing battle, the more we wake people up to how much the deck is stacked against us.

    I’m starting the brief tonight.  Thank you for your support.

    The school is not the number two ranked American public school in spite of it’s lack of black and Hispanic students.  The school is the number two ranked American public school because of it’s lack of black and Hispanic students.  The truth must be told.

    • mikejones91

      If you need any help (with ANYTHING) get at me on here.

    • slimcat1

      Intellectually Honest. My compliments Sir. Keep up the good work.

      In my own case, I go to the Board of Ed meetings here and I’m making slow progess against their communist ways. It’s slow going, but I’m in it for the long run. No holds barred with these bums and no quarter. I mean to drive these commie bums from the board.

      Take care Sir and I wish you luck. 

    • The__Bobster

      Have at it. Lord knows we’re outgunned by the other side, which has virtually unlimited resources. I wish some billionaire would back us just once.

    • Thank you counselor!

    • Xanthippe2

      Congrats Intellectually Honest!  Even if your brief goes nowhere, you will be able to network with other  like-minded people!

    •  If you bring up IQ, you could probably state that the judiciary does use IQ data in death penalty cases.

    • Dr Al

      Here is how “we” go about doing it.

      Sue the NBA for racial discrimination.  Use the same language and “thought processes” that they use to claim academic performance is based on our racists society.

      I don’t want to get into the details since 99% of you know what I mean. They claim differences in outcome, or results, is due to racism. Well, if whites are 70% of the population but only 2% of NBA players (court time), then this MUST be due, and ONLY due to racism throughout the NBA system. It is system-wide and pervasive and institutional for the outcome to be so slanted against whites who are NOT ALLOWED to play in the NBA.

      A legal group must be formed, like the ACLU and SPLC.  They attack using the SAME past legal arguments used so far against white organizations, except we attack any and all organization where whites are not represented according to THEIR OWN formulas.

      I’m old but in theory not too old to go back to school and perhaps become a lawyer.  I’m very smart (top student in every college/university I attended and I have degrees from 3…..not Penn State…..ha ha) but since I am white, there is no law school that will have me, considering all the racisssssst comments I’ve left all over the internet…………………..

  • mikejones91

    No one buys this nonsense. Look at the comments on the page. The only comment the agreed was some “intellectual” black woman, who OBVIOUSLY felt it necessary to include her academic “acollades”. She said that the comm enters knew nothing about the U.S/Anthropology/Sociology/Psychology  and the science of cause and effect. What is with blacks and their interest in the social sciences? I agree that social science could be very intriguing without the taint of “PC”.

    • Klowens57

      It’s a required field to become a Sharptonist or  a Jacksonite. You have to have something to throw in front of your name to impress the socialist media, whilst you scream your injustices,however absurd they may be.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    “The Coalition Of The Silence?”



    • Xanthippe2

      I was thinking it would have been a good name for a “New Wave” band in the 80’s!

  • Rocky Mountain

    There are gifted black kids – If the group IQ is lower than Asians and whites that doesn’t mean that every single black has a low IQ.  But that doesn’t mean that an average or slightly above average student is gifted either.  I suspect that the all black schools don’t really have a proper benchmark for judging higher level academic abilities and when they see their better students rejected for admission they just don’t understand why they are not treated as gifted.

    • mikejones91

      That’s an interesting way to look it at..hmm,..

  • mikejones91

    Good School/OR high black student population. You can’t have both. Same thing goes for public spaces/parks/ect. 

  • Socrates

    I care not what race etc. a child might be. 

    If she/he has an IQ 130 or above they are in the top 2.5 percent of all students! 

    They are gifted students, gifts to society, and we should identify them as early as possible and give them every opportunity. 

    A decade ago, nationwide for every $11 we spent helping students with learning disabilities from the lowest 2.5% we spent 2 cents educating gifted students.

    Where does society expect to find scientists and mathematicians and other fields that depend upon science/math to lead us into the 22nd century?

    • I care not what race etc. a child might be. 

      If she/he has an IQ 130 or above they are in the top 2.5 percent of all students! 

      Yeahbut…if 130+ IQ is your noise floor, you’ll have almost all whites above it.

      A decade ago, nationwide for every $11 we spent helping students with
      learning disabilities from the lowest 2.5% we spent 2 cents educating
      gifted students.

      And it’s worse now.  Any inkling to why that is, Professor?  Hint:  Race.

      Where does society expect to find scientists and mathematicians and
      other fields that depend upon science/math to lead us into the 22nd

      At this rate, there really won’t be a “we” in the 22nd century, just a northern Brazil where America used to be.  As for STEM professions, I know where people are finding such professionals on the cheap:  Asia, using H-1B visas.  And we need H-1B visas to be unlimited, because Bill Gates said so, and we all know that Bill Gates would never lie, unless he does, and unless his involvement in the Federal anti-trust proceedings against MSFT was so full of perjury and obstruction of justice IMHO that the Feds could have put Gates in prison for the rest of his life.

      • IstvanIN

         Bill “Scholarships for everybody but whites” Gates lie?  Impossible.

  • JackKrak

    You know, I’ve noticed that blacks haven’t been awarded too many Nobels in chemistry, physics, medicine, literature or economics lately – where’s that number for the NAACP?

  • dd

    Yeah, but….  Oh never mind.  Any kind of racial sanity left the USA decades ago, when the eeoc  came into existence.  America seems more like the red guards lala land every year.  Keep your guns.

  • Sue

    This question is for all of you here. If it were not for the white development, just how far would the African have progressed? Would they have developed anything or still be in the stone age?

    • MekongDelta69

      “Stone age” for $400 Alex…

  • Seek

    The non-ironic use of the word “underrepresented” was all I needed to know that the author of this piece is opposed to race realism.  It is the essence of treating inequality of outcomes as though there were lurking injustices. 

    Quoting Gary Orfield is another classic touch.  His 1978 book, “Must We Bus?” was a call for complete racial integration of schools in the entire metropolis.  He opposed racially-motivated busing insofar as it represented only a partial measure to attack “segregation.”  

  • Content of character? I agree.

    But what about content of cranium?

  • “African-American kids are not being identified. I’m worried that’s race.”

    Oh, but they are being identified.

  • I completely agree with the comments here, but would like to add just one tiny bit of info: IQ is important, but not decisive.  If you consult “Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity and Talent”, ed. Barbara Kerr, 2009., you’ll find a detailed story beginning at page 890 on “Terman’s Studies of Genius”.  Quote:

    In 1921, Terman began his legendary longitudinal study of highly intelligent children. Terman
    organized the testing of more than 250,000 school children on the Stanford-Binet intelligence test, from which he identified a core group of 1,528 children who scored within the top 1 percent of the population (corresponding to an IQ of higher than 140) with the goal of tracking them as they developed into adults. Data was collected regarding their physical, academic, social, and familial characteristics. The results were initially published in 1922, and follow-up studies were conducted in 1929, 1950, 1955, 1960, and 1972. The volumes were called the Genetic Studies of Genius. Terman revealed that, on average, these highly intelligent
    children, nicknamed “Terman’s Termites,” lived slightly healthier, happier, and more successful lives then the average child. Although it is difficult to determine if these children were truly better off than their counterparts, the study did provide strong evidence that many precocious children do go on to lead perfectly normal lives. In addition, although constrained by the rigid sex roles of the time, Terman’s women went on to college and professional work in much greater numbers than average women did. The men went on to higher status positions and many accomplishments, and their success led most subsequent researchers to
    conclude that high intelligence was associated with greater success in school, college, and graduate and professional work.

    So- it’s good, but not great. These little “geniuses” were talents, not true geniuses.

    •  >although constrained by the rigid sex roles of the time, Terman’s women
      went on
      > to college and professional work in much greater numbers than
      average women did

      Any reason you had to throw in that politically correct thing about rigid sex roles being relaxed by social progress?

    • Dr Al

      How many were black?

  • “Poor Latino kids are not being identified, and I worry part of that is language,” Martina Hone of the Coalition of Silence told NBC Washington.”

    Why isn’t the language barrier a problem for the Asian students?

    • If language is the barrier, why can’t they be geniuses in Mexico?

  • They’re “underrepresented” because they don’t apply themselves to their studies. Of course none of that matters to the race-baiters. They want hispanics and blacks enrolled in these schools regardless and then they will start the squealing about how “racist” the subject matter is or the teachers are and they will start the agitation process to bring in more hispanic and black teachers and the dumbing down will begin.

    • Ingsoc

      They are underrepresented because they lack the IQ points. 

  • Why are whites so underrepresented at this school???

    That’s a better and wiser way to look at this.


    • Because:

      1) Asians who emigrate in the US, at least in past 20 years, tend to be the best of the best in their native countries. They know (Chinese, Indians, Koreans,..)  they cannot expect as much in the field of law, politics, sports, music, business, ….as in the fields of science & academia, so they concentrate their energies to studying & learning. Besides- there are 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.2 billion Indians. Out of 320 million Americans- you can easily find very gifted White children & if you could persuade their parents to relocate to Germany (learning the language in the process)- I bet that 50% of high schools for gifted in Germany would be populated by White American children.

      2) popular culture indoctrination in the US has dumbed down White Americans who devote more energies to aping Negroes & experimenting with sex than experimenting in the lab.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    I’ll bet Chairman Obama is behind this lawsuit. He wants to destroy everything that is white and successful. 

    • Church_of_Jed

      He IS DESTROYING everything that is White and successful.  A better America is an America transformed into anti White privilege.

      We wouldn’t mind the “change” if the afrovoodoos would emancipate themselves from our language, schools, hospitals, churches, and government.

  • Ni123

    ““… I worry part of that is language,” Martina Hone”


    “Stephen Trejo and Jeffrey Groger studied the intergenerational progress of Mexican-American immigrants in their scholarly work, “Falling Behind or Moving Up?” They
    discovered that third-generation Mexican-Americans were no more likely
    to finish high school than second-generation Mexican-Americans.
    Fourth-generation Mexican-Americans did no better than third.”

    I guess 3rd and 4th generation Mexican-Americans did not read Ron Unz, otherwise they would know that the Flynn effect is in full swing among them.

  • jj astor

    Speaking of  Thomas Jefferson, he suspected that blacks were “inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind.”  

  • APaige

    I am going to guess that being ‘gifted’ for entrance into this school is based on a math/science test, grades and a recommendation or two from a math or science teacher. I also bet that not all of the white and asian kids come from families with high “income and privilege.” (If only they could be the coalition of silence.)
     The rare black/hispanic with abilities in math/science can not compete on the same level as whites/asians. It is a ‘relative mismatch”, for example blacks at MIT are in the top ten percent for math in the country, but in the bottom ten percent at MIT. (Sowell)

  • You cannot “groom” exceptional individual. Trailbrazers- whichever discipline- thrive on conflict, challenging unsolved problems, deep commitment to the ideas & goals, sometimes unexpected circumstances. More, intellectual fertility is an early phenomenon in mathematics & physics- most great physicists are finished after 35-38 years (Maxwell, Dirac, Heisenberg, Einstein,..), unlike mathematicians who tend to be creative well into middle ages and beyond. Philosophers & literary people (novelists, serious psychologists) are just beginning their creative life after 35-40- perhaps it takes wisdom. Inventors do not exist in classical sense of the world, they are more something like applied scientists.

    In short- the most important is happy childhood. Everything else is secondary.

  • MekongDelta69

    The Coalition of The Silence should be renamed, The Coalition of The Silent.

    • Church_of_Jed

      MLK, the Saint of Anti White Privilege, called black riots “the desperate voice of the unheard”.

      We call them examples of Typical Diversity Behaviour.

  • MekongDelta69

    I just saw this comment on the HuffPo site (where the original article came from). I gladly profess to plagiarism b/c this is so good. This is about the above subject (obviously):

    “Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Alexandria, VA) Presents the Gifted Student Program.

    “They are all as gifted as Thomas Jefferson” – President Barack H. Obama.

    Meet Esperanza Ines Gomez – a gifted student at the Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria VA.

    Esperanza has fought against discrimination all her life and to be recognized as gifted. With the landmark civil rights lawsuit finally coming to a conclusion, she has finally been recognized as a gifted student, along with 470 of her fellow students of the 476 member student body.

    Apart from maintaining her excellent academic record, a requirement of the program, she says she likes to do things that any normal teenager would like to do – hang out with her friends behind the library, home, or at the Forum (the school gym).

    She is also contemplating to be a part of President Obama’s newly drafted program for environmentally conscious students. [Of course.]

    With the help of her mother, she struggles everyday to raise her first child, now 2 years old, as another is on the way. Being 7 months pregnant has taken a hit on her academic career as her GPA has now dropped 0.5 credits to 1.83.

    She clings onto her hope in God, and prays everyday that she will still continue with the gifted students program until she graduates.”

    •  She clings onto her hope in God, and prays everyday that she will still
      continue with the gifted students program until she graduates.”

      I suspect the majority of her prayers began “oh dear god please don’t let me be pregnant”

      For one so gifted you would think they would have figured out how to avoid getting pregnant the second time around

    • Ni123

       ” she struggles everyday to raise her first child, now 2 years old, as another is on the way. Being 7 months pregnant has taken a hit on her academic career as her GPA has now dropped 0.5 credits to 1.83.”

      “Esperanza” means “hope”. What a joke. This “gifted” child producing incubator took a spot that belongs to a really gifted white child who could’ve become the real hope of American nation.

      I cannot believe idiots who’re being fed with this nonsense don’t see that high GPA and 2 teeenage pregnancies just do not compute.

  • Damn, there’s that pesky Asian control group again, with their different skin color and eyes and straight black hair,  and all those different languages and all. I think Asians should sue the NAACP,  LA RAZA and LULAC for never including Asians in any of their discrimination suits

  • Nevertheless, aren’t you supposed to be “gifted” in order to be identified? Given whom we are dealing with, I suppose the lack of black and brow faces in the classroom was enough to inspire a “civil rights violation” claim.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Racial issues aside, I’ve read somewhere (maybe “Bad Students, not Bad Schools” by Robert Weissberg) that only about 1% of all non-traditional educational spending goes to gifted students, with the clear majority of funds going toward attempting to achieve the Sisyphean task of pulling up the duller students among us to normal cognitive levels.

    A society which overlooks its gifted is a society which will fall behind.  Of course the worsening racial demographics ensure that the dull will continue to increase while the gifted become rarer and rarer.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      1%?  I wish it WERE one percent!!   I taught ‘gifted and talented’ for several years and received nothing.  It was a joke because of the type of students who were identified for the program.  You see, it had to be racially balanced, although in California there are not enough White kids to go around — but that’s OK because according to government calculations, 100% black or hispanic = Diverse.

      Meanwhile, the lowest, least intelligent students are fawned over, showered with money, sit in super-small small classes, sometimes with one-on-one aides, given new computers, field trips, extra personnel like visiting nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists, have individual educational programs hammered out for them, given special accommodations, picked up and delivered to their doorstep every day by special buses and more.

      ALL of this was brought about by litigation, including large payouts, BTW.

      Meanwhile, my son’s Physics II AP class was almost canceled — Physics I AP was on the chopping block too, both considered expendable.  Fortunately, both were saved but combined into one classroom.  The teacher told me it was very difficult having both levels in one room at the same time, he couldn’t teach two classes at once and the Physics II class paid the price — he also told me he hadn’t been able to get any supplies to conduct physics OR chemistry experiments for years, he had to work with old textbooks and missing or outdated equipment.  When he asked for things he needed for his classes, he was told NO repeatedly.

      You can be sure this would NEVER happen to special Ed classrooms.

      Upside down?  Done on purpose?  That’s sure how it appears to me.


  • Natassia


    46% Asians

    And yet the problem is still white racism.

    Good grief, liberals are stupid.

    • Marcus Trajanus

       Why aren’t Whites complaining about the blatant anti-White and pro-Asian discrimination? I guess we haven’t learned to see ourselves as eternal victims and to whine to get our way. Yes, there is something wrong about the number of Asians compared to Whites in this school, but I think Whites are the problem, not “discrimination”. Whites have become negrofied, and this underrepresentation is what you get. 

  • Virtual_Ego

    “Poor Latino kids are not being identified, and I worry part of that is language,” Martina Hone of the Coalition of Silence told NBC Washington. “African-American kids are not being identified. I’m worried that’s race.”
    The Latino kids could learn English.  I’m afraid the niggers are just SOL.

  • Xanthippe2

    When one looks at the photos of the Blacks from the past who were acclaimed for their contribution to medicine or science, many looked almost entirely White….

  • Xanthippe2

    I would rather live in a society were Whites did the menial work.  The Blacks can do as well as they can elsewhere.

  • El_Magyar

    This is the part of this whole “diversty” nonsense that really annoys me. Instead of ruining a high performing school, get the schools the minorities are attending now up to par then see about their gaining entrance into a high performing school. No, instead the poor-performing minorities are have their way forced in to the detriment of all. Idiots.

  • I support re-diversifying of this school. Let’s composition of the student body be: 80% White, 10% Asian, 9% Latino and 1% Black.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    as well as students with disabilities, are being shut out of the school because Fairfax County consistently fails to identify them for gifted programs.

    Not “being identified” are the key words.

    In the 70s, the courts pronounced IQ tests inherently “racist,” blacks won major lawsuits including massive payouts and that was the end of it. 

    For the government educational system,  IQ is like kyrptonite to Superman, never mentioned, never used.  I have looked at thousands of student records and have not once seen “IQ” used anywhere.

    Instead, something like Gardener’s STUPID ” Seven Intelligences” are used to identify “gifted” students — the premise being ALL students are gifted at something (and yes, graffiti CAN BE and IS considered a creative art form).  The student can be identified as “gifted” at such nonsense as interpersonal or intrapersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, existential intelligence. (think I’m kidding? This is EXACTLY how government schools weasels around the IQ issue and “identifies” blacks and hispanics as “qualified” for gifted and talented programs).

    Remember people, we are dealing with a system whose main tenants are that IQ does not exist and all students have equal potential.

    Any questions?  You are an evil RACIST who wants to keep blacks and browns DOWN.

    No other explanation is acceptable.


    •  On the Huffpo site I challenged a commenter who claims to teach in a gifted program (amazing how many there are when stories like this come out) who claims blacks are over looked for the programs because of racially biased IQ tests, So I defied her to post even one question from an IQ test that appeared to be racially biased.  I wait with bated  keyboard in hand

      • I posted a few posts, too. The liberal commentators (mostly women & manginas) seemed to be caught of guard. Their responses were clueless &  what to say—-dumb.

    • godzillabloggs

      “Remember people, we are dealing with a system whose main tenants are that IQ does not exist and all students have equal potential.”

      If the people who preach this stuff allow themselves to be operated on by surgeons who owe their careers to affirmative action,  I will accept that they are sincere in their beliefs. But not otherwise.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Whites are being shut out of the NBA because they are not identified as gifted basketball players.  Makes about as much sense.  

  • Strider73

     it means that Idiocracy will become a reality film long before 2505.

  • Dr Al

    How can a judge “not allow it”?  Why can’t the defense bring in true expert witnesses  (Psych Ph.d.’s) to explain IQ, etc.  They do this with so many criminal trials, etc. with shrinks, medical experts, etc. etc.

    All of the negatives is NO excuse.  We have to start SOMEWHERE  (sorry for shouting so much) and our excuses do not excuse us.  

    They never stop. They don’t care about “truth”. They never give up and they lie and cheat and steal and bribe, etc.

    You don’t fight evil by standing around. In every legal matter that I have won (and its about 95%) I did so when it was clear to me the opposing party was involved with real lying and cheating.  I then decided, ok, if that’s the way, then watch how I can do it.  And I won. I defeated dishonest scum by being better at being dishonest scum.  The objective was to WIN, not some stupid morality.

    When the opposing party would BLATANTLY lie and the stupid magistrate or judge just sat their like the loser they are,  I then made up my mind to forge documents, shred documents, deny the existence of records,  alter records, lie, etc. etc.  Never be afraid to fight evil with GOOD evil (there is such a thing).

    Remember, that which is good about you will be used against you. Don’t let them get away with that.

  • Marcus Trajanus

     “Poor Latino kids are not being identified, and I worry part of that is language,” Why? did they all just sneak across the border last week? I’m a native Spanish speaker and I could speak and read English by the time I was 12 without ever setting foot in an English speaking country.

    • Yeah, but what’s your race ?

      • Marcus Trajanus

         White. Of Spanish and Italian descent.

  • Hirene

    These suits are getting more ridiculous each year.  More money is spent to educate blacks, hapless white students are bused into their schools, yet still they fail.  When are they going to take responsibility?

  • Ni123

    I suggest NAACP sues this school too. A very racist picture, don’t see a single colored face.

  • Blacks have lower IQ’s than whites.  They are simply a borderline retarded race.  

  • pablo

    Just once I would like to see a school stand up to these haters and simply say that students either pass the entrance exams or don’t.  And that our standards won’t be compromised by some groups pc. And that we will be filing a counter suit for frivolous action. 
    Trust me. Counter suits have one nasty chilling effect. Some corporations have begun to do them because they have seen a huge drop in pot shot suits when they get aggressive with the lottery players.