“Race Purists”—Are They “Slightly Nuts”?

Jared Taylor, VDARE, June 20, 2012

Jared Taylor responds to John Derbyshire.

When liberals discover that I have unorthodox views on race, they poke around for other unorthodox views. They think that if I am beyond the pale on enough fashionable subjects, it means I am a crackpot, and they can ignore the uncomfortable things I say about race.

The first poke usually goes like this:  “And what do you think about gays?” My reply: “I sure wouldn’t want my daughter to marry one.”

This question of whom I want my children to marry—or even more provocatively: whom I want your children to marry—was raised by John Derbyshire in a recent VDARE.com column discussing, among other things, his own marriage to a Chinese woman:  John Derbyshire On Immigration, Liberty, and Mating Choices,

In it, he wrote that, although he supported an immigration policy that “preserves the historic white-European ethnic core of the American nation,” he was

…fine with miscegenation—again, obviously. I don’t even have anything to say to racial purists. I just think they’re wrong; and also, to judge from their occasional emails, slightly nuts.

This is unusual. Most people who think race should be a criterion for immigration also think it should be a criterion for marriage. I certainly do (although, as I explain below, I don’t want to make laws about it).

But when VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow first asked me to reply to Derbyshire, I declined.

I am at too many psychological disadvantages. I like and admire John Derbyshire very much. His delightful wife has fed me Chinese food she made with her own hands and she grows azaleas that could win a prize. I have even met Mr. Derbyshire’s very pleasant children.

But I am not “fine with miscegenation,” and with considerable reluctance have decided to violate the demands of friendship and hospitality and explain why.

There are two levels on which one can oppose miscegenation: for one’s own family, and for everyone else. For my own family, as I once put it, I want my children to look like their grandparents, not like Anwar Sadat or Whoopi Goldberg or Fu Manchu. This is partly for unabashedly esthetic reasons; I like the way white people look, and that’s reason enough to want white children.

It is a near-universal human desire for people to want to see themselves rather than strangers in their children. (Of course, in contemporary America, as Steve Sailer has observed, only Jews are allowed to express it.)

Thus Lowri Turner is a blonde British woman whose second marriage was to a man from India. She already had two blond children, and now got a new daughter. You would think it had occurred to her that this time around her children would not look like her, but no:

[W]hen I turn to the mirror in my bedroom to admire us together, I am shocked. She seems so alien…

I didn’t realize how much her looking different would matter and, on a rational level, I know it shouldn’t. But it does.

Evolution demands that we have children to pass on our genes, hence the sense of pride and validation we get when we see our features reappearing in the next generation.

With my daughter, I don’t have that…

Even admitting to having mixed feelings about her not being blonde and blue eyed, I feel disloyal and incredibly guilty.[ “I Love My Mixed Race Baby—But Why Does She Feel So Alien?” London Daily Mail, July 12, 2007]

People of other races are no different. Most black people want black children and Asians want Asian children. When people imagine what it would be like to be a parent they imagine children who look like them.

The Taylors—and their forebears—have been white for thousands of years. Suddenly to produce one who wasn’t would be as strange as joining Al Shabaab or apprenticing myself to a snake charmer.

Most people who can have children of their own do so rather than adopt. That is because they understand instinctively that family is about genetic closeness.

And most people who adopt would rather adopt a child of their own race. One reason is that they don’t want to stick an obvious “I was adopted” label on their children—but another is that they feel instinctively closer to people of their own race.

They are even more right than they realize. Frank Salter explains in his brilliant, unsung classic, On Genetic Intereststhat if you have children with someone who is genetically very distant, you may be genetically closer to strangers of your own ethnic group than to your own children. Mr. Salter’s example is of an Englishman who mates with a Bantu; he would be genetically closer to any other Englishmen than he would be to his own mixed-race children.

And I don’t want my children just to look like their grandparents: I want them to be like them, too. Many traits are under at least partial genetic control, and our Bantu-English hybrid is probably going to behave differently from an Englishman.

But my preferences go farther than wherever genes are likely to take my children. At least in the United States, many half-white children identify more strongly with their non-white half. I don’t want half-Kenyan children who listen to rap music and identify with Africa, thank you very much. Nor do I want half-Japanese children who feel compelled to study tea ceremony.

Some bi-racial children really don’t know which way to turn. It is fashionable to claim that the “tragic mulatto” is a racist myth, but science has tracked him down. Dr. J. Richard Udry’s 2003 study of 90,000 middle- and high-school students found that black/white and white/Asian children were more likely to be depressed, sleep badly, skip school, smoke, drink, consider suicide, and have sex than children of just one race. [Health and Behavior Risks of Adolescents with Mixed-Race Identity, American Journal of Public Health, November 2003]

The  authors of a 2008 study  reached the same conclusion:

When it comes to engaging in risky/anti-social adolescent behavior . . . mixed race adolescents are stark outliers compared to both blacks and whites. . . . Mixed race adolescents—not having a natural peer group—need to engage in more risky behaviors to be accepted. [The Plight of Mixed Race Adolescents,” NBER Working Paper No. 14192, July, 2008.]

Other research on white/Asian children found that they were twice as likely as mono-racial children—34 percent vs. 17 percent—to suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression or drug abuse. [Bi-Racial Asian Americans More Likely to Suffer Psychological Disorder, UCDavis, August 18, 2008.]

Instead of moving smoothly between both groups, many mixed-race children don’t feel comfortable in either. When they go to college, such “outcasts,” as they sometimes call themselves, start their own student groups. Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, UCLA, Bryn Mawr and other campuses have groups with names such as ReMixed, Half and Half, and Mixed Student Union. [The Risks of Multiracial Identification, by Naomi Schaefer Riley, Chronicle of Higher Education, November 10, 2006.]

Miscegenation can be dangerous: Lynn Barkley Burnett and Jonathan Adler, the authors of a 2005 study on domestic violence in the United States, found that “the incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages compared to intraracial marriages.” The chances of being killed by your spouse are small, to be sure, but an older study found that white men who married black women were 21.4 times more likely to be killed by their spouses than white men who married white women. A white woman increased her risk of being killed 12.4 times by marrying a black man. [Fatal Violence Among Spouses in the United States, 1976-85, by James A. Mercy and Linda Saltzman, American Journal of Public Health, May, 1989.]

(I have no data on Asian spouses, although I doubt they are so great a risk.)

And this raises the question of what one might call degrees of miscegenation. North Asians—the Politically Correct name for Orientals—are smarter than we are, on average, so a purely pragmatic miscegenist might say that only they were fit candidates for marriage. And it is a fact that the “race purists” writing to John Derbyshire are likely to be less offended by white/Asian than by white/black matches.

But everyone draws the line somewhere. A Wogs-Begin-At-Calais Englishman would think marriage to an Italian was scandalous, while I suspect even relentless liberals would think Reese Witherspoon would be crazy to take a Congo Pygmy as her husband. If Neanderthal Man could be brought back to life, would he be a fit husband for your daughter? Some people would think you were a “racist” for thinking he wasn’t, but what about Homo Erectus? The more genetically distant the prospective mate, the more people recoil.

Should any of this be a matter of public policy? The plain fact is that for most of our history it has been. Between 1661 and 1725, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and all the southern colonies passed laws prohibiting inter-racial marriage and, in some cases, fornication. Of the 50 states, no fewer than 44 had laws prohibiting inter-racial marriage at some point in their past. (For the history, see “Miscegenation”: Making Race in America by  Elise Lemire, University of Pennsylvania press, 2002.)

Of course, this is now regarded with horror. But I think that, as a general rule, we should be very careful about overthrowing long-standing practices.

There is one argument for anti-miscegenation laws that is stronger now than ever. Whites used to have eight or ten children, but now they are not even replacing themselves, and every out-marriage is a tiny step towards extinction.

We are supposed to care about the survival of the snail darter and the spotted owl. If you have endangered salamanders living on your property, the feds may not even let you build a house. I care a whole lot more about the survival of white people than I do about snail darters, and by 2050 we are expected to be no more than 4 or 5 percent of the world population.

John Derbyshire argues that, since only about 9 percent of whites marry out, there is no justification for anti-miscegenation laws.

But this is a slippery slope. What percentage would justify proscription? Twenty-five percent? Fifty percent? By the time such laws were needed to prevent short-order extinction where would be the majority—including non-white legislators—necessary to pass them?

Derbyshire also believes that U.S. immigration law should discriminate on the basis of race, in order to preserve a white majority. But in principle, I see little difference between legally preventing white Americans from even meeting more non-whites and legally preventing them from marrying them—though I realize preventing marriage seems much more intrusive. To thwart the abstract desire to have imaginary Sri Lankan neighbors seems less harsh than to stop a marriage between two real people who presumably love each other.

But why preserve a white majority? Is it not because whites have a legitimate yearning for societies that reflect their own nature and culture, and that only whites can build such societies? If, in every generation, 9 percent of whites are contributing to their own demographic dispossession, that alone will ensure that they eventually disappear.

And what about the victims of miscegenation whom Derbyshire himself writes about: the Chinese men who wanted to attack him when they saw him with a Chinese woman, and the black women who hate it when black men chase white women? (Derbyshire leaves out other combinations but they can produce resentments that are just as strong.)

Racial-sexual loyalty is a powerful emotion. Should we just ignore it?

This said, I don’t like government intrusion into private decision-making. Even if it were possible to pass anti-miscegenation laws I would oppose them.

Of course, if there were enough popular sentiment to pass anti- miscegenation laws, they would not be needed. From 1705 to 1843, Massachusetts banned inter-racial marriage, but repealed the ban because most people thought it wasn’t necessary. The text of the new law argued that inter-racial relations were “evidence of vicious feeling, bad taste, and personal degradation,” so were unlikely to become a problem.

We have the opposite situation today: A ruling class that promotes miscegenation and reviles anyone who opposes it. Together with our mass immigration policies, this spells doom for the survival of whites and their culture.

So, despite the laws of friendship and hospitality, I’m not “fine with miscegenation.”

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • A great article as usual Mr. Taylor. Perhaps you could have given more emphasis to the fact that government, and corporations, practically force miscegenation upon us through their propaganda and anti-freedom of association laws. Hence, if government would simply leave us alone, miscegenation rates would be much lower.

    For a Jewish view on the matter, at least regarding blacks, click here:


    • This video is safe for work, but it may not be safe for your conscious: http://youtu.be/VVdLKsMB4Mw

      How does stuff like this get even made? I especially am queasy when she takes off the wedding ring. 

      • MekongDelta69

        In addition to the video, if you want to see how far our society has sunk, read the comments below the video (if you can hack them).

      • Diamond_Lil

        I’m so glad my teen finds this kind of music revolting.

        • Church_of_Jed

          Your teens will be ridiculed for being outdated, then accused of intolerance, then forced to grovel for the sin of a hate crime against Diversity, then tin effort to survive, they will pledge to only listen to hideous voodoo noise to prove they are “doing more to undo” their White privilge.

          The White Man’s Fate: Unconditional Surrender

      • WhitesRdumb


        Wow, that some nasty stuff

        For something better check this out.

      •  Well, I don’t know if you realize, but the “Millionaires” girls are half-Asian. They wear so much cosmetic product that it is almost uncertain.

      • MBlanc46

        Black male hypersexuality is a potent factor in modern Western social relations, especially among the young. Once the traditional methods of containing it became illegal and generally socially unacceptable, it became almost impossible to contain.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Here we go again.  I will repeat:  My unofficial collection of statistics leads me to believe that Jews are 75% anti-white liberals, 20% neo-cons who are not racially aware (or at least, won’t admit it), and 5% folks who would agree with most of us.  Yeah, I know, we have to eat an orchard of rotten apples to get a few good ones.  Just as with blacks.  

        That’s why I am so glad that we have Reuben on our side.  His blog is well worth your time. 

        • I really don’t think it is “just as with Blacks”. There are some blacks who agree with us on many issues, but I still rarely get the sense they are “with us”. And it is better that way, IMO.

          Your statistics are pretty accurate for most Jews in America (figuring out the Hasidic types is almost impossible in my experience). However, I am not sure if it applies globally, because the vast majority of Israelis I have met hold positions that parallel ours here. And not in the hypocritical manner of the neocons but in a principled way.

          Furthermore, I have a sense (from anecdotal, personal interactions) that the younger generation of Jews (like Whites) are in important respects a degree less liberal than their parents on questions of race and immigration.

          • AfricanAmericanPerson

            You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I’m black and I agree with the ideas espoused on this website one hundred percent. Though not always with the rhetoric espoused. For example yours. If ideas make perfect logical sense and are based in truth than anyone can see their validity. This struggle is between those who are liberal on race vs those conservative on race, not black vs white.

        • charliegirl

          i am one of the 5%, we are not all multiculturalists, or communists. i respect the white people for preserving their culture. but i dont think inter racial marriage should be out lawed, maybe discouraged. as for mr. taylors opinions, i agree w/some. generally bi racial children are accepted in new york city. it must be hard for them in middle america.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Well, Charlie, I am pleased and proud to make your acquaintance.

  • razorrare

    You nailed it Jared.

    A ruling class that promotes miscegenation and reviles anyone who opposes it. …

    The promotion of miscegenation is what i find to be truly repulsive & evil…especially when they push it on little school age children through various means…

    just in the past week alone i have seen the major T.V. stations(NBC-ABC) add 2 more new shows promoting miscegenation–the new dating shows.

    I am not so much bothered by what people freely choose to do when it comes to their choices for seeking out a mate…

  • razorrare

    You nailed it Jared.

    A ruling class that promotes miscegenation and reviles anyone who opposes it. …

    The promotion of miscegenation is what i find to be truly repulsive & evil…especially when they push it on little school age children through various means…

    just in the past week alone i have seen the major T.V. stations(NBC-ABC) add 2 more new shows promoting miscegenation–the new dating shows.

    I am not so much bothered by what people freely choose to do when it comes to their choices for seeking out a mate…

  • razorrare


  • Athling

    How important is it to preserve one’s race and all that flow from it? To the miscegenist the answer is self evident.

  • Ken P.

    Mr. Taylor writes very well, but to those who are racially aware, his point of view is obvious.  Most likely, even Mr. Derbyshire knows that he (Taylor) is right.  Regardless of what one might think of Derbyshire regarding his marrying a non-White woman, he is a gentleman.  He would be seen as a monster were he to state his agreement with Taylor.

  • I’ll write-maybe- later more on the topic. But- what can you expect ?
    Americans worship their “celebrities” as demi-gods & these people are frequently race-mixers (OK, here are not only Americans):

  • Space4jan

    I have always opposed black-white miscegenation for reasons Jared Taylor gives, and others. What does make it very tricky, in Britain at any rate is the media propaganda in favour of it, accelerating since the later 1970s and the social circumstances of proximity in urban centres, places of education and entertainment, which results in younger children of close aquaintances and even distant relatives following suit.  It has been virtually impossible, if not technically illegal, to present arguments against wide crossing in Britain.  Arguments do not carry much weight against adolescent “love” or the anarchic effects of “sex, drugs & rock-n-rap” on what remains of our culture.  But we should not just give up.  Some of the negative results will get noticed, though admittedly these are mistakes it would be better not to learn from after they are made. – David Ashton.

  • Jared, I can  appreciate that having to write this article must have been quite hard.

    Not least because there is likelihood of ill-feeling, loss of contacts, some kind of ‘internet battle’ to escalate, etc, and it is never pleasant to have to inform somebody that their life-choices are wrong and detrimental to everything you stand for.

    This is one of the difficulties sorting people out between the people who ‘get it’ and stand by it, and those who are not really on-side and not on target. You are absolutely right to state your opposition to the slippery slope, and I am glad you did. Any kind of friction or cold shouldering in the future is worth taking a stand for what is right and what you believe in.

    There is a hazy line somewhere between people who are in tune to the cause and ideologies which we support, and some of those who are drifting around the edges.

    These are people who are uncomfortable with the way things are going, people who may not like demographic change in the main, people who come to reject being under the thumb of “taboos” like discussing race – as John Derbyshire did when the Taki thing exploded in his face earlier this year.

    I do not know what ‘label’ to apply, but some kind of libertarian right-wing socio-conservatives with a no-nonsense approach. Whilst they are often a bridge to our true positions, it is vital that we are not infiltrated and undermined with such individuals.

    People do not like to be judged or to admit they are part of the problem, but there is no escaping the fact that Mr Derbyshire is part of the problem. In some ways, I myself am part of the problem, because I have yet to grow myself into a person worthy of cultivating a cultural shift. In my opinion it is up to us all to try and stand and act by our beliefs, to improve ourselves (stop boozing, recreational drugs, gambling, or any other destructive blight in modern life).

    Yet instead of facing this uncomfortable reality – which is understandably uncomfortable and massively detrimental to his personal life and his family life (as in, Mr Derbyshire is hardly going to be likely to reject his own children) –  he instead calls the people who are against his actions “slightly nuts” or “race purists” or whatever.

    I am sick and tired of people being labelled “race purists” – as though we seek some absolutely perfect white supremacy specimen. I do not think there is a ‘pure race’ – as there are sub categories of the white racial group (alpine, etc) – but there IS a vast difference to knowingly and back-handedly supporting admixtures of non-whites into our racial group.

    This flakiness on race has unfortunately confirmed my suspicions that he is one of those ‘periphery’ types who should probably not really be here on Amren or any other such racial advocacy / counter-culture website, well, not without a careful eye being cast on what is being suggested or promoted by their article pieces or external commentary.

    It is a shame. Being an Englishman I have only come across Mr Derbyshire since the Taki explosion affair and his sacking. I have liked his honesty and his articles, and I have supported his sticking his neck out and standing proud in the face of adversity for muttering the self evident truths about race – with the whole “black talk” article etc and some subsequent pieces.

    He did not back down or bow and scrape and apologise. He seemed to just pack his bags, clear his desk out and has sought out some freedom of thought and expression – and I think he has enjoyed being able to be released from the shackles that may have once binded, by visiting and getting involved and insight into Amren and some other places he may have previously avoided.  (?).

    I do not know John or where he fits in the picture, but perhaps he is on that “voyage of discovery” that we all have to go through – the one that leads from the periphery towards grasping the importance of the core.

    Like Jared, I have little interest in “forcing” who people can and cannot marry etc, through law. That should not really be the role of the state. However, I do think that it should be an “expected” in society that people couple with those of the same heritage, that mixing should be frowned upon once again, and that, ideally, a demographic shift is undertaken so that this “mixing” and likelihood of finding such partners are greatly reduced in the first place.

    I have no hostility or animosity to John whatsoever, and I am sure Jared is the same. It is not really about ‘individuals’ for me. It about a position as a whole and what is right and wrong. It is important to make these points of difference clear, no matter who it potentially alienates – and I respect Jared for taking the bull by the horns and not “letting it slide”.

    I hope Mr Derbyshire understands this position and takes it decently enough – and continues to ride alongside our general counter-current, albeit not being the full charge.  It is always a thorny issue. I have had to grasp a few roses by the stems too, before now.

    • jartaylor

      I have not yet spoken to Mr. Derbyshire about this column, but I believe him to be very much a gentleman and not likely to take offense at a disagreement honestly expressed.

  • Orion_Blue

    This is an interesting, insightful article on what might be considered a highly-charged and emotive issues.

    Personally, I do notice miscegenation and I also notice the generally unilateral flow, viz-a-viz race and gender. It always seems to be the predatory black male pitching for the rather easily-led white female; rarely the other way round. 

    I used to avert my gaze, which I still do for the most part, but not without a brief flicker across my face to indicate my disdain and disapproval.  Nobody ever got ‘done’ for the wrong facial expression, did they? Or at least, not outside of a George Orwell novel.

     I have had this instinctive response since just before adolescence, and this was partly due to the arrogance and swagger of the black males involved. 

     It is frequently gloated that White Male angst regarding miscegenation (mixed-race relationships), is predicated on personal inadequacy, lack of male potency, or other personal deficits. This may or may not be true, though I am inclined to doubt it, personally. My instinctive revulsion for this arose before a time when projections of  inadequacy could credibly be attributed to someone.  It seems so viscerally right and proper to oppose it, that I cannot for the life of me think why others would not.  

    Perhaps the protagonists for miscegenation have personal defects of their own, which would mesh quite nicely with the nihilistic erasure of the White race. 

    The problem is gaining momentum and I have even switched off television programmes because of its being so heavily promoted.

    This is propaganda at its ‘finest(?)’, the idea is to produce a shock and recoil in order to flush out dissent to a prevailing orthodoxy.

    The famous Marxist/revolutionary playwright, Bertolt Brecht, is famous for his dictum that Revolutionary Art should never show the world as it is; rather it should show the world as you would like it to be.

    There is a new BBC series which heavily promotes miscegenation, called (ironically), True Love. It is available on iPlayer, but only in the UK unless you happen to be able to masquerade through a proxy server in order to yield a UK IP Address.

    I concur with the author of the above article, that in a healthy white racially-aware society, there would be no need to enact anti-miscegenation legislation and I am also conscious of the quandary we are in because we do not live in a healthy, white racially-aware society.

    Having said that, I do not like the idea of a government imposing itself to such an extent that it can enact such legislation.

    Another point to note is that since most liaisons rarely result in marriage as such (though that does not preclude the production of children outside of wedlock), such legislation would probably be unworkable.

    Something else to note is that some of the most strident activists for miscegenation are often those who’s relationships are by definition moribund and dead-end, simply because they cannot lead to reproduction.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      “I avert my gaze..but not without a brief flicker across my face to indicate my disdain..”

      Can you really be sure that, one of these days, one or both members of one of these vile and unnatural couplings won’t notice your brief flicker of disdain before you avert your gaze?
      You know what these “Noble Savages” are like – no nobility, all savage.
      Best to adopt (imho) an attitude of stone cold neutrality! When the revolution comes, and it surely will come, there will be no more ‘averting gazes’ and ‘flickers of disdain’, it will be more serious than that; in the meantime, it’s best to keep yourself safe.

      Obviously, what you do with your own face is your business, I just don’t want to see a brother get hurt, that’s all.

      • Orion_Blue

        I appreciate your reply, but unfortunately, the facial expression is not reallya consciously-mediated gesture of defiance – it is spontaneous and largely irrepressible. I do try to take precautions, however. I just can’t pull of neutrality, for some reason.

        I still avert my gaze, though I think the time is coming where a poker-faced expression of stone cold  neutrality could itself be taken for silent defiance.

        I do hope you are right about the inevitability of a backlash – hopefully sooner, rather than later.

    • Orion Blue

      ”There is a new BBC series which heavily promotes miscegenation, called (ironically), True Love. It is available on iPlayer,”

      The BBC stands for the Black Brainwashing Corporation. The boss of it Greg Dyke said in about 2004 ” that the BBC was hideously white.”

      • Orion_Blue

        The BBC stands for the Black Brainwashing Corporation. 

        Funnily enough,  thought it always stood for The Bolshevik Broadcasting Commissariat.

        I still remember that remark made by Greg Dyke – it is probably quite moderate by the ‘thinking’ that goes on in the BBC today.

        • I suspect the BBC coverage of the Queens jubilee  celebrations was garbage because in their eyes it was an all White affair. I think the BBC is going to go FULL BONGO over the Olympics because it’s an all Black affair.

  • xthred

    There is a world of difference between miscegenation with Blacks and miscegenation with other races. In a couple of years I expect to have half-mexican grand babies. Can’t wait!

    • The__Bobster

      Just wonderful. In another generation, your bloodline will disappear as your great grandchildren will be self-identifying Mestizos.

  • To be perfectly honest, white to Asian defectors (this 1%) would not be a problem if whites had a higher birth rate. 

    People who are open about our cause are somewhat of a minority now, so those who talk about it are sound to be fearful that one of our own has chosen to race mix. The fact that John Derbyshire, who represents a voice in our movement, chose to race mix is controversial in itself.

    It is completely understandable, with our dying numbers, that even this small 1% has become a significant figure. However I feel that this figure is only significant because of the lack of birthrate among whites. For example, if our white population grew as much as it did during the baby boomer era, with 6 or more kids, we would not have this problem even with the rate of defection.

    I feel that while the disdain for mixers, especially for those within our cause, is valid but only because whites as a whole are in decline. I hope that if we get the message out that this decline could end, and whatever defector derivative would become insignificant.

  • razorrare

    In reply to Angry White Woman…

    To clarify i do not in anyway support miscegenation.I agree with much everything you stated.

    I am not “bothered” by choices people freely choose to make when picking a mate(not to the extent that i would support laws that prohibit miscegenation) but yes,like you i would still be “bothered.”

    In fact,i found my blood boiling just last week when while in a grocery store i saw a 6-7 yr old White child with blonde hair grasping the front of a grocery cart that was being used by a black man.Obviously the mother must have split/divorced/had a child out of wedlock with a White man and now has as a boyfriend/husband that is a  blackman.I felt really bad for that child.

    Demarcus Ware and his wife adopted a newborn white baby back in 2008? If you are not aware–Demarcus is an NFL player who is black.Its very challenging for me to look at the various photos of Demarcus holding this White baby for more than a second.If anyone is interested they can google ‘Demarcus Ware white baby’.In this example laws should be made to insure that ethnic babies of all stripes are placed with adoptive parents that share their ethnicity or race.

  • Athling

    It should be noted that Jared’s opinion on this was once held by the vast majority of Americans up until the 1960s or so. This “free love” phenomenon is a relatively recent occurrence.

    I have stronger feelings on this topic than JT does but see no need to add anything more to what he has said other than this:

    Asians, and by that I mean those from the Orient, are probably the most compatible with whites of any non-whites. I admire many aspects of their culture and find most of them pleasant to be around. Miscegenation with them is one thing, miscegenation with Africans is quite another. No race is more incompatible with whites on many levels. At the 1999 Amren Conference I believe Glayde Whitney, a behavioral geneticist, spoke about blacks being genetically different from all the other races – very different. They are the most different from us.

    Miscegenation with them is immoral and destructive to our race. That is my belief based on decades of study.

    I am against all miscegenation in general though as it goes against the natural order we find in the world.

    I can only say that Mr. Derbyshire may have robbed us of the next Shakespeare. We’ll never know.

    • Yeah, they’re different, very different: http://www.isteve.com/realityofrace.htm

      Even Blacks know this from experience:

    • alastairabbacle

      Do you mean that by having half-asian kids they might have been less artistic/innovative than they otherwise would have been?

      • Athling

        Think for a moment about the most important inventions ever made by mankind. Think also about the greatest art, music, and literature ever produced by the minds and hands of men. Think about the greatest minds of science.

        If we make a list of the people who have made the most significant impact on modern civilization and the way we live our lives today, we find that the list is composed almost exclusively of white men. Why is that?

        On the other end of the spectrum, Historian Arnold Toynbee tells us,

        “It will be seen that when we classify mankind by colour the only one of the primary races, given by this classification, which has not made a creative contribution to any one of our twenty-one civilizations is the Black race.”

        Again, why is that so? There must be an explanation.

        I’ll answer your question now with a question. We have our list of the greatest thinkers and artists that have ever lived. How many on that list are half Caucasian half Asian?

        I’ll leave the rest as an exercise for the reader…

        • Cowboydroid

          You people need to be loved. When you are loved, you will realize the error of your thoughts.

    • Cowboydroid

      My belief, based on decades of Love, is that Love is blind, and Ego is the most destructive force to humanity.

  • Vildan

    Me, my father, my cousins, my uncles, my nephews almost all have either blonde
    or brownblonde hair, either light blue or greenblue eyes and we all look
    somewhat alike. Any outsider can tell if someone is part of my family
    and I am proud of that. I wouldn´t want to suddenly change that and
    tarnish my heritage.
    I really can´t comprehend how people would prefer miscegenation over having children that look like themselves, like their grandparents.

    I like this song/story The Saddest Story Ever Told http://home.comcast.net/~ruquick77revo/saddeststory.html

  • When I see a black man walking down the street hand in hand with a white woman, I find that quite disturbing and unsettling. The sight of a white man with a large black woman ( a Precious type from the movie ) is even more troubling. I find these self loathing whites mentally deranged.

    If we all practiced miscegenation like John Derbyshire, the white race would die out.

    • The second example I don’t care a bit. Actually, I find this kind of amusing.

  • We may intellectualize it & heap an arsenal of arguments in discussions with self-doubters (libtards are beyond remedy), but essentially it comes to a gut feeling.

    Any racial group is a natural “in-group”, and members of this group want to preserve the group’s phenotype, culture, way of life, tastes,….

    I remember when I was a youth strolling through Vatican museums &
    part of the museum containing ancient Greek
    and Roman busts (Socrates, Pericles, Caesar, Hadrian,..). Close to 150
    busts or more. I vividly recall how I identified, spontaneously, not
    only famous historical figures, but also thought: hm, this guy looks
    like my neighbor…this one like my teacher etc.
    Essentially, race is phenotype, and no one wants to see his group’s “looks” vanish. “Looks” plus a web of attributes (language, customs, collective identity & memory,..) that constitutes a nation.

    There is no true biracial or multiracial nation on earth, just countries, members of the UN.

  • I don’t think Jared Taylor will be a fan of the 1970 song ” Melting Pot ” by the pop group Blue Mink. The usual collection of useful idiots, Cultural Marxists and  Eloi.


    Here are the nauseating lyrics.

    The Melting Pot song by Blue Mink 

    Take a pinch of white man 
    Wrap him up in black skin
    Add a touch of blue blood 
    And a little bitty bit of red Indian boy
    Curly Latin kinkies
    Mixed with yellow Chinkees, yeah
    You know you lump it all together
    And you got a recipe for a get along scene
    Oh what a beautiful dream
    If it could only come true, you know, you know

    What we need is a great big melting pot
    Big enough enough enough to take
    The world and all its got And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
    And turn out coffee coloured people by the score

    Rabbis and the friars
    Vishnus and the gurus
    We got the Beatles or the Sun God
    Well it really doesn’t matter what religion you choose
    And be thankful little Mrs. Graceful
    You know that livin’ could be tasteful
    We should all get together in a lovin machine
    I think I’ll call up the queen
    It’ s only fair that she knows, you know, you know

    What we need is a great big melting pot
    Big enough enough enough to take
    The world and all its got And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
    And turn out coffee coloured people by the score

    • You were right. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    •  People don’t understand how a melting-pot works. One mixes in the right proportion of certain metals or elements and create from that an alloy. Throwing in anything besides what is required to make the finished product is folly.

      Blue Mink would flounder if they were metallurgists.

  • OsRazor

    The elephant in the room when it comes to mixed race mating is self-loathing.  Those who engage in mixed mating simply wish to negate themselves and their ancestry.  In the case of groups with really high levels of mixed mating (i.e., blacks and jews) once they get the chance, one can be somewhat sympathetic to their desire to destroy their genetic past.  If I were black or jewish I’d be rushing to negate myself along with the rest.  What do I have or represent worthy of preservation?  With whites, it’s taken a massive decades long brain-washing to accomplish this, and the advocates are just now seeing some substantial result.  It will only get worse.  Much.

    Derbyshire married and mated late and I see in his writing a consistent loathing
    of his birthplace and its people of the sort common among republican,
    deluded sorts of the middle class of England.  His choice to destroy his ancestral line seems to follow from this attitude, a decided desire
    to negate himself and his past. 

    And as for his feel good rationalization that his children “pass,” he needs to spend a little more time studying the photos on his website.  Those children look decidedly oriental.  It brought tears to my eyes to see his daughter sticking out like a sore thumb among the charming red and blond haired relatives of his.  It’s the same noise people made how Obama looked a lot like some white uncle.  As possessor’s of regressive genes, we whites never come out well in this mixed mating nightmare.  Perhaps the only non-white groups that seems to blend in well long-term for whites are middle-eastern and SW asians or people otherwise categorized as Caucasoid.  A glaring examples.  One of Boris Johnson’s great grandfathers was a Turk and Boris looks almost albino.  I doubt that would be the case if his such ancestor had been Asian or Black.  Say goodbye to the light hair and eyes and freckles.

  • IstvanIN

    I read this article on VDARE at lunch.  It is absolutely perfect.  Mr. Tyalor expresses what I have always thought in a way I could never. Interestingly enough this weekend my mother was showing me current pictures of extended family members.  It is interesting to point out how so-and-so looks like so-and-so from X generations on back.  With a mixed race family how much can that happen?  It is interesting how traits pop up after a generation or two down the line.  With miscegination that pretty much goes away.

    I work with a young man who is Irish/Filipeno.  His wife is of obvious Indian/Spanish decent.  Their child looks nothing like either one.  Both are great young people, but the boy looks adopted.

  • It’s simply a fact that we will chose a mate from among the people in close proximity; from the people in our neighborhoods, school, work, and recreation. These are the people we see and have contact with and this is the pool from which we make our choices.

    The trouble is integration and multiculturalism. If we were to remain separate as either God or nature ordained, miscegenation would neither be an issue or a choice.

    It’s the unnatural forcing together of disparate people that gives rise to breeching the natural order.

    Mr. Derbyshire, for whatever reason, has found himself attracted to a non-White woman. I’m in no position to know the feelings and attraction Mr. Derbyshire felt when he made this choice. ‘Love is blind’, as they say and affairs of the heart are too personal for any of us to judge or condemn the choices of others (though I disapprove of inter-racial choices).

    I don’t judge or condemn Mr. Derbyshire for the choice he made. I judge and condemn the forced inter-mingling of races that gave Mr. Debyshire the means to be in the proximity of non-Whites and to be in the position where he had the choice to pursue a woman of a different race.  
    I whole heatedly agree with Mr. Taylor. I want the White race to continue undiluted and uncorrupted simply because I like the look of White women and men. While other races, particularly blacks, have to invest a great deal of effort into making themselves attractive, White women and men seem to possess the trait of natural good looks.

    I do hope and pray that most White people make the choice to be with their own but integration only increases the chance of making the wrong choice.


  • The__Bobster

    I said “great grandchildren”. His mongrel grandkids would identify with their Mestizo parent and sink back into the brown primordial ooze by mating with other Mestizos.

    BTW, a 3/4 White Mexican is still a Mestizo.

    • If he looks & behaves white & cherishes White identity- who cares ?

      • I don’t see genes & they don’t matter in this example.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I don’t understand you, IstvanIN.
    I read some of your comments and you come across as an agitator/troll; other comments you write I agree with.
    What are you – one of us, one of them, what?

  • We’ve read & written on this stuff, but it never ends. Only personal annoyances & paralyzing defeatism.
    Let’s see what’s real & what can be done.

    1. mass immigration must be stopped, since this is the only way to acculturate “visible minorities”

    2. there is NO way anti-miscegenation laws could be passed in any form. Furthermore- where to stop ? Iranians, light Punjabis, Arabs from Lebanon,..

    3. it’s perfectly natural that vast majority of Whites want to stay within their ethnic-social circle. BUT- there will always be a small percentage – Derb’s sources say ca. 2%- who are attracted to Blacks. It’s perhaps more physiological than cultural. When you look at Robert De Niro & don’t know his heritage- you could easily take him to be some kind of mixed person (make your choice).

    4. it’s natural that Whites marry & procreate with Whites. Just, let’s be realistic- a high divorce rate points that numerous other social & economic forces are at work, not just “marital alienation”. In this respect, US is no different from post-industrial countries in Europe & East Asia.

    5. while, statistically, most Whites-both genders- can find fulfilled family life ONLY with Whites- those who do it with other races not very distant from our (Asian Indians, East Asians, even Native Americans, White Hispanics,..)- will be “bleached” in 1 or two generations, PROVIDED there is no constant significant replenishment of non- White gene pool & White European heritage is restored as the dominant ethno-cultural matrix. Blacks should be helped to self-segregate.

    In all other possible options, US will end up as another India or Indonesia or Brazil-  a chaotic conglomerate.

    • pc must go

       I have a white friend with a half east indian baby. The kid looks very exotic, is a model, but “white”. He passes for white.

    • ViktorNN

      good comment, thanks

    • haroldcrews

      I’m a 1/16th Cherokee but have/had brown hair; blue eyes and blondish facial hair.  I’m also a member of a learned profession.  No one would guess that I’m anything other than 100% white.  By the way I’m also a race realist.

      •  You’re eligible for the tribe membership. Just think about the opportunities: affirmative action, casinos,..


        • haroldcrews

          Heck I could be a federal judge if I wanted to ride the AA wagon.  Set for life.  But somehow I couldn’t live with myself for selling out.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    “Of course, if there were enough popular sentiment to pass anti-miscegenation laws, they would not be needed.”

    The logic of that claim essentially precludes any regulations over public and private behavior. There is enough popular sentiment to pass many laws which are nonetheless necessary. There is overwhelming support for not allowing people to urinate in public, for instance, but we still have the law. The same is true with public intoxication, public nudity, animal abuse, etc.

    There is also something about having a moral edict enshrined in law which elevates it above the level of public contention. Laws such as this are a society’s way of forcing deviant individuals to stay within certain bounds. If we accept that there will always be whites who want to explore the racially exotic, it makes sense to create a tangible deterrent in law, so long as we are cohabiting with other races. 

    Further, it’s clear that Massachusetts was wrong, since people are now miscegenating.

  • At the end of this session, I’d try to summarize 4 options that seem to appear in these discussions (I won’t include Blacks, just Asians, Indians and light Hispanics):

    1. racial purity- no mixing at all. Most people here are for that. So am I, but
    consider this to be totally unrealistic (I’m talking about society, not personal preferences)

    2. small amount of mixing. I find this acceptable, although not desirable. Just- keep it low. The “results” will be swallowed by White gene pool. Others consider even this unacceptable.

    3. significant amount of mixing- say, 20-25% of White procreate with non- Whites. Very bad, undesirable, even if immigration is completely stopped.

    4. anything up from 25-30%- demographic disaster & the collapse of the country.

    • charliegirl

      agree, i am a moderate as well.

  • Personally I think one of the best things people can do is to simply socially shun any relatives they have that do this.  Cut off all contact, all support, and let them know well ahead of time exactly how you feel about it so it comes as no surprise.  It’s only socially acceptable because we’re so accepting of it.  I haven’t talked to one of my cousins in ages, and she knows exactly why.  Amusingly the rest of the family agrees with me, but finds how far I’ve taken my disdain odd.

    Tolerance is the virtue of men who no longer believe in anything.

    • Cowboydroid

      You people are sick, to shun loved ones over such ultimately trivial matters. If  you truly love your family, you will not find fault in them. I don’t know what kind of devilish creed you subscribe to, but I pray to God that your souls can be enlightened one day.

      • robinbishop34

         “but I pray to God that your souls can be enlightened one day”

        I suggest you buy a good pair of knee pads.

  • The pic linked in the article Mr. Taylor reacted to- Chinese-American prof. Amy Chou, her white/Jewish husband & their two cute daughters. Cute they are- but to me, they look 100% Chinese, not “mixed”:

  • Mahound

    Fantastic piece!

  • Nine percent is a HUGE number.  That’s damn near a 10% deliberate extinction of us.  How is that “small”?  John Derbyshire I feel, writes that because he himself contributed to that extinction.

    Also, if bi-racial children are more prone to such problems, why isn’t anyone talking about what kind of society that would bring?  I mean, our society is beyond sick as it is but what will it be when it’s chock full of people who are so susceptible to such things?

  • Mister_Carson

    Although I’ve never considered myself anti-miscegenation, but I guess I have told the children I expect blonde/blue eyed children. Just seems like we’re the true global minority, and it’s important to maintain ourselves, whatever the PC crowd may think. 

  • mikejones91

    Basically what your saying is whites are the ONLY group of people capable of “racism”. Even though you leave an anecdote of “Asian activists” who are clearly “racists” themselves. How…Typical…Face it—The majority of people sexually prefer their own kind. Sure, there are some like you who don’t, and that’s fine. Most black women prefer black men, just like most white women prefer white men. Unless we forcibly make people  “mix it up”, demographics will largely stay the same. You have this “guilty obligation” in your mind because of your mixed race children. You think your child’s “problems” will be solved when EVERYONE is mixed race. That’s never going to happen. Even if it does, you and I both will be long gone before we see it (I’m 21 so I’m sure I am younger than you) Calling out racism, while being blatantly racist YOURSELF! Trademark! 

  • MekongDelta69

    Seventy comments (as of my comment). Hard to add something without it turning into a book.

    So I’ll just say, being familiar with both men (via email), they both have class. And class is a rare commodity these days.

  • mikejones91

    To me, there is NOTHING attractive about mixed race people (specifically women). I love and celebrate ALL women. I have had sex with black women, Asian women, even a middle eastern girl.  I also made damn sure my condom was on properly and they were on birth control, which they were. I will also continue to do this. But, I still PREFER white women. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have sex with a beautiful Indian woman, or any other woman for that matter. But I will NOT sleep with a mixed race woman. WHY??  Because they usually look terrible. Even if they don’t, I rarely find them attractive. The best looking white women, are 100% white (100% as in NO heritage OTHER than European, wherever that may be). The best looking black women, are 100% black. Just like the best looking Asian women, are 100% Asian. Now while I will mate with non-white women, I will NEVER have children/marry them. When I have children/get married, my wife will be WHITE. No OTHER woman on this planet can please me sexually/emotionally/connect with me on a level YOU will never grasp/ like a WHITE woman. This is something YOU will experience. I almost feel sorry for you. I think you should leave your white wife and find someone of your OWN race to experience REAL love. Keep the kid, obviously, but move on and find TRUE love/happiness. You can’t even begin to fathom what being content in life is. Scratch that, I do feel sorry for you.

  • mikejones91

    All I know is that when I see white women strolling around their half black babies, I notice two things. They look dead inside, and or miserable. That, and the father is NEVER around. The only male YOU ever see is a grandfather. You guys/girls know exactly what I am talking about.

    • MekongDelta69

      And they are ALWAYS doing the ‘welfare shuffle’ (common in the Projects). Since there’s no where (of value) to go to and nothing (of value) when they get there, there’s no hurry to get from one place to the other. The above is not an embellishment or a clever and witty thing to say, because of something I’ve read. Unfortunately, I lived it for part of my life in NYC a long time ago.

      I can be as ‘street’ as any of them. I have always chosen not to be.

    •  I agree.

      When I see a young white girl pushing a stroller she’s almost always alone or with a girlfriend (not the baby daddy) and has a blank expression. I think this is when the realization has set in. It’s a tragic image that came about through ignorance, youth, and naivete.

      Too late we grow wise.

    • ViktorNN

      Black fathers aren’t around for the all-black children they had with black mothers, so it shouldn’t be surprising that black fathers won’t be around for the half-black children they make with white mothers.

      And yet somehow, these white women think they’re going to be the ones to get black male game players to settle down and start a traditional white-style family. 

      I would be sad for these women and the holes they’ve dug for themselves, but really, when a white woman has gone that far down that particular road, I’ve pretty much written her off.

      • refocus

         … well at least you cannot call them raciss.

  • MekongDelta69

    We’re only 9-10% of the world’s population *now*. I’m no futurist and I can’t predict the amount of miscegenation (and the future culture which will either promote it further, or, if we’re incredibly fortunate, revert back to how we used to be), but at the *present* rate with how the culture is *now*, 5% unfortunately doesn’t seem too unlikely.

    And that is one incredibly sad fact. 100,000 years of evolution to arrive at what? The annihilation of the race which discovered almost everything worth discovering; who founded almost everything worth founding; who invented almost everything worth inventing; who created the greatest civilizations in history; (I should continue for ten more lines, but I believe everybody here gets the obvious point.)

    And what takes the place of all of the above?
    A Jay-Z video…

  • mikejones91

    The singer of this video Karmin, is engaged to the WHITE keyboard player in the back. The video is packed with diversity, along with members of the band. Heres what gets me–The white singer, is marrying the white keyboard player in real life. The song is about a guy “standing her up” in a way. At the end of the video, it shows Karmin (the white singer) waiting for the white man. She looks out the window to see him getting in the car with an Asian woman. Which is odd because in real life, the two are engaged to be married. So I’m wondering–When casting for the video, did they specifically ASK for an Asian woman to play the part of the woman stealing away the white man? Good song either way. Just watch it.

  • Why do we waste time re-hashing and re-re-hashing these points?  This is stuff for “Racialism For Dummies,” not a serious group of informed racialists like most AMREN readers. 

    I don’t know John Derbyshire.  What I do know is that if he married an Oriental, then he is a race traitor. Like most intellectuals and politicians, he claims to champion the white race while his actions destroy it.

    We need white men and women of strong conviction, strong moral fiber and courage.  That’s who will fight and win our struggle. 

    One white woman who births healthy white children and raises them to be upright, moral, proud and generally to follow the traditions of our European ancestors, is more worthy of praise than John Derbyshire or any other white intellectual.

    Disgusted Chimpmaster

    •  “What I do know is that if he married and Oriental, then he is a race traitor.”

      Hmm…an interesting statement. I know a few Hungarians, and they are descendants of “Orientals” from Central Asia (likely the Huns). Here’s a link:


      By the way, Hungarians also consider themselves “white”.

      So I guess by your reasoning, anyone “white” person who marries a Hungarian is considered a race traitor as well?

      • Richomeres

        How can you compare a modern-day Hungarian with a person of pure mongoloid ancestry from Asia? First of all, not all Hungarians have “Oriental” ancestry, and second, the ones that do are many generations removed from Asian ancestry and look entirely caucasian. There is no comparison.

        • IstvanIN

          Thank you!  No one in my family looks Oriental!

        •  Your comments are valid, but Hungarians that I know (I live in Canada BTW) seem to have a romantic affinity with their Asian origins. In fact, “Attila” is a common name among Hungarian men. Why do you think that is?

          Attached to this post is a bust of Attila The Hun (wonder if that’s the root word for “Hungary”?) in a Hungarian museum. Looks Asian to me, don’t ya think?

          • Richomeres

            I understand what you’re saying, but there is still a major difference between modern-day Hungarians and East Asians, both racially and culturally. Besides, I don’t think anyone really knows what the Huns looked like; I think they just base it on what Genghis Khan’s Mongols looked like. I could be wrong, however, if there’s an ancient written source contemporary with Attila that describes his appearance (i.e., a first-hand account).

          •  Point taken Richomeres. Have a great weekend!

          • s shadow

            Not very.  No flat nose, no slant eyes.  His garb is giving cause to your illusion.

      • Hungarians descend from the Magyars (which is still their own name for themselves), not the Huns. The Huns, anyway, were a tribal confederation with a possible Mongoloid core. Most of the other tribes in the confederation were Caucasoid, including many Iranic peoples.

        The Hungarian language is linguistically related to the Finnish language. Are the Finns mongoloid too?

        Hungarians have lived in Europe since the Dark Ages. They are a part of our civilization as surely as the Germans or Czechs are. Can that be said of China? Is China an integral part of the European family of nations?

        • “The Hungarian language is linguistically related to the Finnish language. Are the Finns mongoloid too?”

          Well, in fact they are. See this link:


          • Quatsch! They are the most Nordic people on earth. It is not something that requires an immense level of intellectual thought. That leads to overthink. Grab a Finn and put him next to a Saxon and a Mongol. Their race and sub-race grouping will be instantly obvious.

            This is actually very easy to do in a place like Minnesota, though a Hmong might have to stand-in for the Mongol.

    • I definitely agree with the notion that rehashing points doesn’t do much for those already informed. I just don’t agree with the label of traitor in the case of Derbyshire. I’ve never seen anything where he lied or broke the trust of someone else.

      He’s quite obviously a race-mixer, but a traitor he is not. The way many pro-White people use traitor makes it sound more like some kind of psychological whipping post used to discourage anyone else from doing the same.

      Honestly, I’m just as much sick and tired of the sensationalism from the pro-White crowd as I am from the anti-White crowd. There are literally thousands of talking points that can be used to reach other White people without having to stretch and bend reality just to make it sound more desperate and serious.

    • Anon12

       Plus John Derb has a thin skin…..he reacted like a 2 year old on a article he wrote here at Amren when I questioned something he wrote…..he can dish it out but can’t take it in return….

  • Danimalius

    Great insight and good ideas. I particularly like the idea of a separate branch of government dedicated solely to the preservation of the ethnic nature of any future ethno-state for whites. As for miscegenation, those who would allow a “small” amount in, however much that is, must look at the African experience in North America: blacks are on average 10-20% white in ancestry. We may call them black, but there are definite differences between them and their less-mixed cousins in their original continent. 

    Should whites take the same path, and allow a sizable amount of miscegenation, our descendants may call themselves white, but they will be markedly different from previous thousands of generations in just a few lifetimes. By then, though, how could we undo the sapping of our integrity?

    I initially wanted to make a small criticism, that race-mixers would think leaving the country so difficult as to view it as not a real freedom. It occurred to me though that may Jews are emigrating from Israel, a modern ethno-state, and that should an ethno-state come about, other changes in attitudes will also come about, such as the willingness to uproot from America to those who would rather not live in an ethno-state.

  • Djinn42


    • The__Bobster

       That also applies to a certain male poster here. Even if he doesn’t breed with them, he is setting a bad example.

  • ViktorNN

    Jews are only viewed as white by whites living in areas where there aren’t many Jews.

    As someone who has lived in parts of the country where there are large Jewish communities, no, whites there do not see Jews as white – they’re seen as Jews. The more contact your average white midwesterner has with Jews, the clearer they will become about the difference between them.

    And most of all, Jews don’t see themselves as white. While in one breath, your typical Jewish family won’t have much to say about blacks, in the next breath, you’ll hear the most vicious mockery of whites. Jews see themselves as quite distinct from pretty much everyone.

    In a nutshell, Jews will use whiteness as a pass, if it benefits them. Behind closed doors, it’s a very different story.

    •  Have others here noticed the ‘Black male -FAT white female’
      pairings? Or am I the only one?

    • Your approach is ahistorical. If they are so homogeneous a group- how so that 40-50% of Jewish Americans end up married to Gentiles ?

      This reminds me of a joke.

      Shlomo comes to the rabbi and complains: “Ayayah, my son has decided to become a Christian ? What can I do to prevent it. HELP !”

      Rabbi says: “Hmm, that’s a tough one. I don’t- wait, I’ll ask G-d what can be done. Come in two days.”

      Shlomo comes again to consult the rabbi: ” And ? ”

      Rabbi: “Sorry, nothing can be done.”

      Shlomo: “WHAT ?”

      Rabbi: “I’ve talked to G-d & He told me He’s helpless since He got the same mess with His Son”.

      •  1. We don’t really know the stats.  We just get whatever Jewish organizations decide to feed us.  They don’t have the best history of honesty (there are actually interpretations of Judaism that forbid counting Jews, and their ethnocentrism and group relations with outsiders tend to motivate deception).

        2. Jews consider marrying Irish and Italians and English and etc as “outmarriage.”  Does that sound particularly “White” to you?  Do Irish keep track of “outmarriage” in this fashion?  Do any “western European” White groups, other than Jews?

        3. No one actually knows the rate of continental-level racial miscegenation for Jews, because the aforementioned Jewish organizations won’t tell us.  Presumably, that’s because the number is a tiny fraction, and would embarrass Jews.

        4. The “Jewish outmarriage” rate (i.e., Jews marrying other White ethnicities like Irish or English) is much lower than the “White outmarriage” (i.e., Irish marrying other White ethnicities like English or French).

        5. It’s commonplace and not at all a scandal in the Jewish community to call “Jewish outmarriage” (which occurs at a much lower rate than “White outmarriage”) a “silent genocide” or a “second Holocaust.”  Does that sound just as White as White can be to you?

        Just some food for thought.

      • charliegirl

        secular jews marry gentiles. more religious stay w/in the fold.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Always liked that joke.

    •  I do actually live amongst many Jews, and do consider them “white”, but only in the loose, scientific sense.

      I do not consider them “Whites”, or Americans/Americaner (the later a term I am trying to popularize). They are not part of the White-American people… my people. I consider many other foreign, “white-ethnic” people similarly as being not of my people… but with Jews, there is a further degree of seperation.

      However, if a Black gangbanger is looking for a “white girl” to rape so he can ‘earn his bones’, a Jewish girl would be no worse for the purpose than an Irish exchange-student. Because we are all palefaces in the barbarian mind… because we are all racially “white”.

      • charliegirl

        thats what i said in the other comment. to a black person we are ALL white!

    • charliegirl

      white jews get it from both ends. dark hispanics/blacks hate white, so we are targeted as white people. WNs hate jews, so if you have a jewish last name…..well you cant win.

  • ViktorNN

    Excellent article as always from Mr. Taylor. Thank you.

    Not much to add except this:

    I think most of the problem of miscegenation arises from a society where there are significant numbers of different groups living alongside each other.

    If a society is 80 or 90% of one group with only token numbers of other groups, even if there is miscegenation, it’s going to be on such a small scale that it won’t likely amount to much of a problem.

    So this is really only an issue that effects whites who live in countries with large numbers of blacks, Asians, and aboriginals.

    A certain amount of mixing seems to be inevitable in such situations, and it only stands to reason that the lower the number of whites in such societies, the greater the amount of mixing.

    Or to put it another way, when whites have their own living areas under white self-rule, miscegenation is unlikely to be much of an issue.

  •  to preserve the ‘equality myth’. Also adults with a alcoholic spouse
    usually are from alcoholic parents.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Indeed, while not agreeing with the Derb on his choice of mates, I would be very disappointed in a man who did not defend his marriage.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I see black-white miscegenation as being little better than zoophilia.

    • Better ? It’s worse, since with animals there is no possibility of “mixed” children.

  • No, since there is a strong emotional sense of belonging to a particular nation. Besides, the differences are not that big- Sophia Loren is from the South & is visually different from Gina Lolobrigida/Lolo nazionale (I’m talking about old “stars”). Yet, they’re complementary.
    Besides, some of the most creative Italians in the 20th century were Sicilians (Pirandello, Verga,..)- so, no, it’s not realistic.

  • ? When did I say that Jews are not white ? They are, but are also socio-political morons when it comes to immigration. There is no demonic Jewish conspiracy to “destroy the White race” – a popular idea with many AmReners- but liberal dogmatism most Jewish Americans are simply incapable of getting rid of.

    •  Well, I would say that there IS a demonic conspiracy to destroy the White Race. Amongst those complicit, Jews are overrepresented.

      However, I think calling it a “Jewish” conspiracy… and acting as if the “enemy” is “just Jews, and all Jews” is nuts; and not just nuts, but extremely dangerous.

      For instance, neither Tony Blair or Gordon Brown are Jewish in any true sense of the word, and yet they were some of the biggest conspirators in turning England into a multiculti hellhole. I know it had been creeping towards that earlier, but Blair and Brown turned a problem that could have been resolved with only minor pain on both sides into one that can surely only be resolved through civil war.

      All the Jews could be gone tomorrow, and Gentile traitors would simply step up to fill the shoes of the Barbra Spectres of the world.  It would solve nothing because the problem isn’t with the Jews, but with us… our people.

      How did Europe survive with millions of Jews for century after century? How? Because the Jew is not all powerful, and we should not and must not live in fear of them. That is how too many people in this proto-“movement” are. They are paralyzed by an illusion.

      Just like the liberal and the grazer, they are unwilling to use our strength as our European ancestors did. What good is that to the success of our movement?

      P.S.- I have one last thing to add, from a Christian perspective. We, Europeans, are God’s people. We were chosen to spread His law to the world: “In hoc signo vinces”. This was confirmed by Our Lord to the Emperor-Saint Constantine in 312 A.D.

      Through our Emperor-Isapostolos, the Divine Favor was offered to us. We took it. And Our God still loves us… We must love Him again too.

      Jews are not “Chosenites”. Any such claim to such was lost many centuries in the past.

  • SheilaTX

     Why the defensive, hostile tone?  Mike Wallace specified, on respectable, mainstream television, that he was Jewish, not White.

    • So ? Jews are White, but are, generally, reluctant to identify themselves with a movement that, in the extreme form, has been among ideological “culprits” for the WW2 genocide over Jews. If not “White”- what they are ? East Asian? Native American ? Black ? Mulatto ? Pacific islanders ? ..

      Although, there is something to it. Some Jews I’ve conversed with- ordinary liberal type- solemnly proclaimed they were not white. Then I asked them: OK, who you are, race-wise ? Then, platitudes about social construct & “human race”.
      I pressed further & told them to stop insulting my intelligence (Michael Corleone, Godfather 1). After some hesitation, I literally forced them to acknowledge they were Caucasians & phenotypically White Europeans. The result was: they- with one exception, a guy who had been mugged by Blacks- conceded, exasperated, that they were whites, but not too happy about that.

      • Bardon, Jews are NOT white. How can someone from the middle east with clear Semitic DNA similar to the Palestinians, Turks, Iraqis and North Africans be white?

        Abraham, the grand patriarch of the Jewish people and the 12 tribes of Israel originated in Ur ( a small town near Tikirit – Saddam Hussein’s birthplace) in modern day Iraq ( what was called Sumeria, part of the Bronze age Mesopotamian culture).

        The vast majority of Israeli Jews are the actual historical Biblical Jews known as The Mizrahim- עֲדוֹת-הַמִּזְרָח, who are brown complexioned with dark eyes and black wooly hair. The light skinned Askhenaz Jews ( who btw are race mixed products with the Eurasians of Central Asia) are probably the ones you are talking about and even they cannot be termed as white, simply because they bear both the Asiatic Semitic DNA as well as Slavic-Eurasian DNA. Jews are an Asiatic race ( west Asian) NOT European white. Thus calling a Askhenaz Khazarian Jew as “white” would be tantamount to calling the Palestinians, Iraqis and other mixed race Eurasians or Mulattos, such as President Obama as “white” too. If you are okay with that, I would have no problem with your erroneous terminology for my folk!

        This is a more accurate depiction of the Biblical Jews as well as  what Jesus would have looked like:

        The real accurate historical depiction of Jesus as opposed to the false Eurocentric depiction ( white skinned light haired, light eyed European white caricature)




        The Modern day Jewish look ( clearly Non white)


        And last but not least – here are typical modern day Semitic Jews ( descendents of the Biblical Jews) – Israel’s biggest Music sensation – Idan Raichel singing a popular Hebrew Pop song!


      • Re: Angelina Mendes

        Jews are, originally, mixed Caucasian Near East people- both genetically & phenotypically. But, during their sojourn in Europe- ca. 2,000 yrs- they had been, to various degrees, Europeanized, not only culturally, but also phenotypically. Not to be nitpicky, many Mediterranean peoples have similar facial features as Jews who live with them. Be as it may:

        1. Jews are indisputably from middle east, like Assyrians, Arabs, ..

        2. but, having been long time in Europe & mixed- willingly or unwillingly- with various Europeans, had the effect of producing masses of Jews who are visibly hardly discernible from their -mostly Christian- neighbors. Sure, many Jews retain characteristically “Semitic” features (Einstein, Golda Meir, Kissinger,..)- but many do not (Hertz, Pasternak, Lauren Bacall,..)

        3. perhaps the most correct description would be: Jews are Caucasians- most of them: some being non-White European Caucasians like Turks & most Arabs, while some belonging, due to history, to the White European phenotype, regardless of origins.

      •  Whites are, generally, reluctant to identify themselves with an ethnicity that, in all forms, has been among the ideological vanguard of the ongoing destruction of the White race(s).

        A race that will punish the Whites who saved them (Americans) from the Whites who holocausted them is probably too far gone for anything simpatico.  IMHO of course.

      • charliegirl

        white jews have average of 30% semite gene (less or more). rest is white european & turkish.

  • Long Marcher

    Taylor is being ridiculous. The white race being bred out of existence? What about the races that whites have bred out of existence …..such as Amerinds (who almost all have white blood), Polynesians, Maori, Aborigines.

    There are more whites than blacks in the world. So who is making who ‘extinct’.

    As Steve Sailer has noted before, whites are in no danger of becoming extinct. Unlike a whole lot of non-white races, many of whom whites had no compunction about breeding with:

    Malays: 180 million

    Arabs: 300 million

    Amerindians: 48 million

    Polynesians: 2 million

    Melanesians: <1 million

    Micronesians: < 1 million

    Pygmies: <1 million

    Bushmen: < 100000

    Australian Aborigines: 500000

    Lapps: <200000

    So when whites go on about 'purity', they are, as Derbyshire puts it 'slightly nuts'.

  • Long Marcher

    Whites in the world:

    Europe excluding Russia:
    Total population 568 million
    Europe at least 98% white. That is whites in the EU are 557 million.

    United States:
    Total Population: 311 million
    White population, say 70% or 217 million

    81% of population of 143 million is 116 million

    About 25 million whites

    Australia and New Zealand:
    about 24 million whites

    Latin American whites:
    About 200 million

    Total whites in World conservatively 1139 million.

    Compared with blacks:
    Sub-Saharan africa: about 850 million
    The Americas: 40 million in US + 50 million in Latin America

    Total sub-Saharan blacks around 950 million.

    East Asians:
    China: 1,338,299,512
    Japan: 127,450,459
    Both Koreas: 48,875,000 + 24,346,229
    Total Orientals about 1.54 billion.

    That is the white population is smaller than the East Asian population, and larger then sub-Saharan Africans.

    Whites are the second most numerous race in the world after East Asians, and have around 75% the numbers of East Asians.

    Of course if you threw in related races like North Africans, and Near
    Eastern Caucasoids, whites would be about the same as Chinese (in fact
    this should be done, because I have assumed all Chinese are genetically
    closely related in counting their numbers. But if Southern Chinese are
    lumped with Northern Chinese, there is every reason to lump North
    African Caucasoids with Germans).

    It would be interesting for Mr Taylor to provide a proper accounting of who he recognises as whites, and how many of them are in the world.

  • OsRazor

    Is Steve Sailer’s wife asian?  I read that somewhere, but I’m not sure.  If she is asian, it explains a lot about his interracial mumbo-jumbo and especially his asian fetish.

    Sailer tries to make the case that interracial mating happens more as a reflection of biological differences in muscle mass and masculinity than a concerted and exhaustive effort by elites to destroy white people.

    On the marginal IQ superiority of NE asians (and jews for that matter) compared to whites, that superiority hasn’t translated well for either group in the real world in historical terms or geo-political success.  Whites colonized and conquered two continents in N. and S. America, not asians.  Whites have bloodied and bullied Asians repeatedly and for centuries in their backyards and living rooms, not the other way around.  Even now, after the White genocidal efforts against each other in the 20th century, Whites alone control their destiny.  They depend on us, we do not need them.

    This is no where more true than the case of the jews and israel.  Both disappear if we wanted.

    Our IQ has translated into the creation of the world as it is now–all other races swim in and breath in our world.  We simply need to regroup and realize our strengths and dictate again.

    •  Sailer’s wife is Italian-American & his article on race & marriage is very good. It’s just one-dimensional & suffers from all evolutionary type texts- it tries to reduce everything to animal physiology, leaving human psychology in the marginal position.

    •  “Whites colonized and conquered two continents in N. and S. America, not asians. ”

      Not to mention Africa, Australia, and Siberia. The conquest of India was also quite a feat.

      On the other hand, the Mongols did create the second largest empire in the world.

      Regarding Israel though… I think it should be recognized that the founding of that country was one of the most remarkable achievements of the last century. A state that had been out of existence for 2000 years reemerged, with a people speaking a tongue that had been unheard outside of synagogs for even longer. And this took place with not only the resistance of the Arab World but of the British Empire.

      Of course, Whites could make Israel disappear. White nations control 90% of the worlds nukes and could erase all life on Earth four times over.

  • The__Bobster


     In the past decade, several biographies
    of Cary Grant have claimed he was a closet homosexual.

    Cannon is adamant when she says “I can
    tell you there isn’t an iota of truth to those ugly rumors.

    “They would never have written that
    drivel when Cary was alive. He’d have sued the pants off those cowards.

    “Cary can’t defend himself from the
    grave but I will go to mine insisting he was every ounce a straight

  • The__Bobster
  • The__Bobster

    Most people who call Europeans “mongrels” use it as an excuse to engage in miscegenation.

  • The__Bobster

    Maybe a couple of centuries ago. Now they’re just squat monster Mestizos. Maybe because they’re  so mongrelized now that it’s hard to find a pure 75% White/25% Indian mix.


    With the fall of the Spanish Empire, the numerous caste terminologies fell out of use and lost all meaning, other than the categories of White, Black, Amerindian, and their three possible resulting combinations; mestizo, mulato and zambo (the latter three, now without blood quantum connotations), as these legal categories were seen as incompatible with the new concept of citizenship.

    A person who formerly would have been deemed a Castizo, would today simply identify as mestizo or White. The word “castizo” itself has lost all racial meaning.

  • I am afraid it is true that we are only somewhere around 8% of the global demographic at the moment, and dropping fast.

    Without homelands to call our own and survive intact within, if nothing changes, the day will come when we are a small to non-existent entity – and then completely gone. Britain, for example, is changing dramatically through massive non-white
    immigration and increasing amounts of mixing in the population.

    For further clarity on the kinds of percentages we are talking about, 8% is around the picture of the whole world. Yet how many of those are over the age of 50? America and most parts of Europe are now “ageing” populations, and this has an important dimension.

    This is because, out of the 8% figure, only around 2% are white females of child-bearing capabilities. Only a white female, coupled with a white male can produce a white child. No other combination. 

    This is why, to many people, “race mixing” is really something to get upset about and to vigorously oppose. In many ways, it is more of an issue and more of a problem than it ever was before. This is because we are talking about our very survival for the future.

    In some ways, it would perhaps not matter too much if our demographics ebbed and flowed within our own (European) nation states if they were homogeneous. There is always an ebb and flow that usually corrects itself.

    However, this time it is different. This time we have millions and millions of non-whites in our nations, most of which are younger, of child bearing age, and a widespread message of mixing being fed to our children on top of everything else. 

    Also, you may want to look up about the problems when the replacement levels drop below a certain ratio. Total Fertility Rate or ‘TFR’ for short. I seem to remember that once it gets below “1.2” there is a kind “death spiral” that means the population concerned can never recover, no matter what they did.

    Some European nations are dangerously low, and not much higher than this number.

    The UK is above that figure, somewhere around 1.7 I think, but (and it is a big but) this also includes all the non-white residents here.  For ‘replacement’ population – the bare minimum of “staying as you are” – requires a “2.1” TFR.

    To give an indication, in 2005, in England and Wales, 33%% of all births were to ‘non-white Britons’ by mothers who were themselves born overseas.

    Whilst this may indeed include some Poles and such, it does not seem to include non-white mothers who are second, third, fourth generation ‘British’. Therefore the 33% is, in my view, definitely going to be correct or an underestimate.

    There are some quite frightening calculations to be found, along the lines of a population halving in the space of 50 years, and that it could only take 2 to 3 generations to entirely change the racial composition of a nation like mine.

    For example, as I understand it, it is common for white family structures to have four grandparents, two parents, one child.

    For non-white families (such as Pakistanis and Somalis in Britain) it is perhaps not uncommon for a structure of four grandparents (that arrived off the boat), six parents (via three children each side), eighteen grandchildren (via three children each son or daughter), or even potentially 32 if they all had 4 children.

    (The TFR does tend to drop after a few generations, so I have gone for the 18 figure so to be conservative and not alarmist).

    So within that kind of generation span, we are left with ONE child, whilst the new-commers have amassed around 18. That does not need to go on for long, before it is “goodnight vienna” for the host society.

    Of course, it is also important to factor in that somewhere around 95% of the future world demographic growth is going to occur in the third world and developing countries, hence pushing our global percentage even smaller, if it is to be measured that way.

    Even if we stayed static in our present physical numbers, we would still be dwindling as a global percentage.

    I do have some material on this forecast for the next 50 years. Long range forecasts are always a bit dodgy, but 50 years is quite short when there are stark trends and factors to be found.

    We all know what Africa is like, and how it cannot make a success of itself. Open borders with Europe, mass immigration, soaking up the massive, absolutely massive demographic explosions and over-spill in places like Africa, it can only hasten the pace of our eradication.

    Although it is an uncomfortable position to have to take sometimes, when it is put into the bigger picture of these situations and these trends, people can get pretty angry with the advocating of and/or ‘wishy-washy’ smudging of race mixing as being somehow ‘okay’.

    With our nations being transformed ‘internally’ in this way, the prospect for future survival is dropping all the time, hence a lot of people who get cheesed off with the issue of race-mixing on top of all the other importations of demographics and higher birthrates in general.

  • This is a delicate issue & I don’t know the two people engaged in dialogue here. But, my take is:

    1. Jared Taylor is essentially American patriot whose racial awareness is based on common sense. It’s good he’s spent years & learned in the wide world, since this cosmopolitan experience helped him see life without prejudices. So, this is a sound fusion of national allegiance, knowledge of broader European roots & texture of Western civilization (and some others) & a wish to preserve all this. This is healthy & natural- national consciousness is basically a sense of belonging to a group of collective destiny. Which can be extended to other groups, but it must of necessity- without hatred- leave other groups as definite “out-groups”. So, in Mr. Taylor’s case, the national, the racial & the cultural overlap – I don’t see how can it be otherwise.

    2. from what I’ve read from & about John Derbyshire- he’s in the tradition of English eccentrics, being at home in the big interesting world & living & working mostly in Anglosphere (US included). I don’t question his national identity, but, IMO, George Orwell was a true English patriot- never mind his other political positions- while Mr. Derbyshire…. I haven’t heard he’s much concerned about ethno-racial reshuffling of his native country.

    When it comes to these matters, it all boils down to: whether you are member of a “tribe” (people, nation, ..)- or not ? When it comes to English speaking world, Henry Miller, John Updike, W.H.Auden, Aldous Huxley … did not possess strong & stable national consciousness; on the other hand, Henry Adams, George Orwell, William Faulkner,…- indubitably did.

  • OsRazor

     You raise the pertinent question, why have whites permitted and participated (oftentimes eagerly) in their own self-destruction these past 50 years.  My view is that our elites (the ones with the same genetic ancestry as ours) became spiritually exhausted after the traumas of WWI and WWII, which were really the culmination (in a psychotic way) of our hyper-activity, competitiveness and creativity.  No other race could have fought in such an advanced technological state and so savagely and bravely in the trenches of France and streets of Stalingrad for such an extended run.   Our elites looked at the abyss and stepped back.

    They’re still licking their wounds, but I don’t see our holiday as active agents of history and people in control of our own destiny as permanent.  The fads of mulch-culturalism and diversity and blah, blah, are nothing more than fads, expensive and draining but quite a bit like a low grade narcotic on an unsettled patient.  We will throw them off and renew our march forward.  It’s already starting in Europe where nationalistic parties are gaining strength.  Europe is still much more than 95% white, with blacks (importantly) constituting puny numbers and Muslims isolated and powerless and at our mercy.  The homelands of the white people are safe and so long as that’s true all is possible.

    The United States, unfortunately, is lost as a white nation, but its white race need not be and probably won’t be.  The white race is active and healthy in Brazil and other S. American countries and we’re on that path.  We should reconcile and plan for that future, where affirmative action and welfare will be dropped and we will still possess most of the levers of power.

    As for China, take a look at where their elites are piling their cash and futures–not in China.  They have no faith in their own people, would abandon them without remorse and are in the midst of doing so.  China buys our debt because it has no alternative and will be too busy with its own internal chaos and hostile neighbors to threaten whites in any meaningful way.

    •  OsRazor,

      The West is in decline because it lost its ability to compete economically with the East, NOT because of immigration.

      Americans used to possess the Protestant work ethic which served them well as they became THE economic power at the end of the 19th century.

      During the 20th century, they lost that work ethic – unions and government intervention in the West have made America and Europe less competitive than China, South Korea and India.

      These Asian countries don’t have whiny powerful unions and their goverments are going out of their way to create business friendly environments.

      And their inhabitants are willing to work longer hours for less money – just like Americans used to do at the turn of the 20th century.

      So guess what happened? Western corporations decided to relocate their operations to Asia.

      Lower wages and lost jobs led to the accumulation of debt which in turn led to the Financial Crisis.

      So if the West is setting and the East is rising, don’t blame immigration;  blame “White” economic policies like free markets, globalization and technology transfers. All of which I support as a right of centre follower of economics.

      All the best…

      •  Absurd. Firstly, there is no reason why the West needs to participate in the global economy with the East the way it does now. Abandon free-trade (which serves the East) and the West will restore itself economically.

        Japan only has a competitive economy because the United States was merciful after World War II. We could have made the country into a slave plantation.

        India’s economy is not as strong as you pretend, and in any case remains far behind as a society. It is dotted with ungovernable provinces and much of the population live in medieval conditions.

        China relies on ripping off Western technology, and so even their success is dependent on the West.

        • If the West abandons free trade, then expect prices of manufactured goods and interest rates to skyrocket. Let’s look what would happen to the U.S. by examining the current situation:

          1. China manufactures pretty much everything that America now purchases

          2. America pays China with US dollars for those purchases

          3. China invests those dollars in US Treasuries

          4. Because China is willing to lend to America, this allows America it to keep its interest rates low

          If America stopped trade with China (i.e., U.S. stopped purchasing Chinese-made goods and purchased American made goods), here’s what would happen:

          1. The price of all manufactured goods would increase significantly because now you’re paying US level wages. For example, that $729 IPad would end up costing you about $1,100. Therefore, demand for manufactured goods would collapse and wipe out US manufacturing companies, leading to bankruptcies and massive unemployment

          2. If China has no more dollars to buy US Treasuries at treasury auctions, then interest rates would skyrocket as the effective yield would surge.

          3. A shrunken tax base due to Point 1 and increased debt service costs due to Point 3 would effectively wipe out the US economically. America and the West would be in economic chaos.

          4. Of course, China would also be wiped out. And they know this. This is why they are spending their US Treasury holdings on “hard” assets like gold, oil reserves in the Alberta tar sands and mining deposits in Africa.

          Your point about Japan is completely valid. And that is why Japanese people are (mostly) so pro-American and reliable allies to the U.S.

          India’s problems stem from both their caste system of keeping their different “races” (e.g., Brahmins, Dhalits, etc.) separated and their adoption of socialist economics after independence from Great Britain. Both of which you appear to advocate.

          As for China, they most certainly do rip-off Western technology. But the main key to their success has been their “creativeness” in coming up with a political/economic system that combines Communism and Capitalism called “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”. They have turned Marxism on its head and came up with something completely new.

          And they’ve used that system to become the second largest economy on Earth within 30 years while the U.S. is mired in debt and the European Union is on the verge of collapse.

          Nobody wants to live in a Chinese-run world, but unless the West addresess the REAL causes of its decline (embracing socialism and rejecting free markets & capitalism), then its sun has finally set.

        • Rhuled Bi Reeson says that prices would skyrocket… if free trade was abandoned… and so?

          As you say, the Chinese would be hit hard and possibly even see a revolution that would throw it back thirty years. Not my problem.

          Americans would not be hit hard with regards to essential items, because we still have a strong domestic agricultural base and don’t import oil from China.

          The cost of comfort items would go through the roof, which is splendid because that would make the United States a much less attractive place to the migrants flooding in. Many might even return home even with the current absence of migration-law enforcement.

          The thing is that what I would advocate is actually a set of policies similar to the Chinese model, in which foreign trade is controlled for the national interest rather than purely the interest of the business class.

          I would, on the other hand, advocate an inverse of the “One Child” policy… To promote larger families amongst Middle-American couples.

  • What bothers me about John Derbyshire’s position is that he is, by his own admission, a genetic determinist and material reductionist (which I am not).  This means he does not believe a person who is not Western can fully perpetuate Western Civ.  He is not a “propositionalist.”  Personally, being fully European, I am somewhere in between the two views.  However, given Derbyshire’s materialism, he is admitting that his children are not really Western, much less European.  If he were a neoconish propositionalist, then he could say, yes, my children are half Chinese genetically, but because they were raised in the West (if we can call contemporary America the West), they will be every bit as American/Western as any other kids.  This is what someone like Dennis Prager would say.  Ergo, John Derbyshire is just not that interested in preserving European culture.  His philosophic presuppositions coupled with his life choices make that clear.  In all fairness to him, he has never put himself forward as pro-Western but rather as a “race realist,” a term I reject entirely because those who hold it have some bizarre, insulting notion that Asians are smarter or superior to Europeans, something so patently stupid it embarrasses those who utter it.  Derbyshire’s obsession with “IQ,” i.e. with the results of a standardized test, have removed him from the road to wisdom – and given him a serious case of Asian fever.

    • OsRazor

       Beautiful post! We follow confused, self-loathing people like Derbyshire at our own peril.

      • Thanks for your compliment, but in all fairness, I never said nor do I believe he is self-loathing. But he has very different priorities than mine. And he’s an atheist.

        • OsRazor

           You did not call him self-loathing–I did.  But your point that his material determinism tells us a lot was brilliant.  Thank you.

  • Anon12

     That’s your solution?  While immigrating millions more nonwhites into our country?  The ones already here need to be deported ASAP. You cannot have a multiracial nation and expect to have a White homeland!   I want a White homeland and nothing else. There was very few race mixers when I was growing up but that was because Whites made up over 90% of the population!

  • What an excellent article! I did not see it and reply yesterday because I’m trying to spend less free time online. Of course, once I decide that, AmRen puts up a most relevant article to me personally — that’s life! 😉

    While I read the article and find much to agree w/it, I won’t read the 30 or so linked article that I’ve opened until this weekend. I look forward to reading them w/much anticipation.

    I will say that there’s a side of me that is idealistic, wanting to figure out how we would decided what criteria to use, if any, in determining what whites can immigrate to America (IQ tests? physical health screenings? employment requirements? educational requirements?) Allow a small number (how many/what fraction of a % of total US pop?) of Orientals/Far East Asians to immigrate? (hybrid vigor!)

    But another side that realizes thinking about such things at this point in time is mostly a waste of time on a fantasy. Focus on what is most important and that is attainable: stopping illegal immigration and spreading the word about the blacks’ “open season” on white men for attack and white women for rape.

    For those concerned about Asians: 2 – 3% of white guys are homosexuals (aka “sodomites”, “gay”).  Only 1% of white guys who are married in the US are married to Asian gals. As I constantly harp, we’ve got to keep our priorities in order. Does AmRen and AmReners complain about the threat from white male homosexuality more than they complain about white guys w/Asian gals??? If not, why not? Seems like a bigger threat to “pure” white procreation than Asian gals.

    If you believe male homosexuals can turn straight (or never turn homo), AmRen should be at the forefront against its promotion in schools, universities, corporations (“diversity”), churches (yeah, you read that right), and the MSM/films/TV/music.

    If you believe male homosexuals cannot turn straight, AmRen may want to look into polygyny as a solution for white women who otherwise would not have a white guy to marry….

  • “Women often vote the same way as men, for whatever reason.” Wrong.

    Women are far more liberal than men. Dr. John Lott did a study showing that, if it weren’t for women’s suffrage, NOT A SINGLE DEM would have been elected president from FDR to Clinton (the study was done in the mid-1990s).

    Women’s compassion and tenderness that is so vital in the home and when raising children is POISON when applied to civil government and governing adults, esp adult men who are most likely to violate society’s laws.

    Politicians appoint judges. Politicians appoint chiefs of police. Sheriffs are merely politicians w/guns and badges. Law enforcement has been transformed over the past 50 years into “social work.” We would have never stood for negotiating w/a gun man w/o hostages for 24+ hours decades ago….

    • BS. Married women almost invariably vote the same as their husbands. Same for those with long-term boyfriends.

      Ok, it is true that single, urban, careerist white women are generally liberal. How many women in this whole country are in that description? Much less than you think.

  • Anon12

    I remember when so many posters here defended John Derb when he was fired….I say, never defend a race mixer. 

  • KingKenton

    I think is very note worthy that the anti-miscegenation laws that were passed in 44 of the 50 states were done so at time when this nation was much, much, more Christian than it is now. I believe there is a direct correlation between post-Christian America and the rise of miscegenation, and Anti-White sentiment.

  • KingKenton

    I don’t buy into the idea that Asians are “smarter” than Europeans. I suppose it depends on how you define “smarter”, perhaps. As one who works in the software industry I can tell you that Europeans are definitely better at developing software than Asians or Indians. I can’t tell you exactly why this is. Developing software requires that one be able to think in very abstract terms. Perhps Asians and Indians simply don’t have as great a capacity to think in the abstract as Europeans.

    • Funruffian

      I agree with you. In fact, Jared has failed to clarify the complexity of Asian and Caucasian intelligence. Northeast Asians such as Japanese, Chinese and Koreans score a mere 6 points higher in IQ than the average European. However, lower caste Asians such as Cambodians, Vietnamese, Filippinos, Thai, etc. score about 10 points lower than European Whites. Another important factor to consider is that Whites have a higher amount of geniuses per capita than Northeast Asians. If you took the top 10% of White intellectuals compared to the top 10% of Northeast Asian intellectuals, Whites would score higher. The reason for this is that Whites have a higher deviation rate (more afflictions of Downs Syndrome, Autism, etc.) Germans, Italians and Polish each average an IQ of 102. Britain and Ireland average 100. Spain and Portugal average 92.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    Just because a White man wants to marry an Asian woman doesn’t mean he  also wants flash mobs and Sharia law. 

  • We’re not talking about choice between bad & worse.

  • You’re wrong, but also so racially dogmatic it’s a waste of time to discuss the issue.

  • I’d always take Precious. In the sack & in the dark- you never know what part of anatomy you’re dealing with.

  • Hello,I am just a very curious guy that has discovered this interesting racialist movement and wants to know more about it because You appear very serious,intelligent and acculturated and I am quite interested about the genetic and the differences existing between various world populations 🙂
    However I am 100% Southern Italian(Neapolitan),can I be considered white in your book or Do you see me as a mixed race person in your book?

    Excuse me for my bad english,it’s not my mother tongue

    • Space4jan

        Western Caucasians of Europe and north America are mostly descend from three major racial subdivisions, now quite intermixed: Mediterraneans, Nordics and Alpines.  References to google: C. S. Coon, J. R. Baker, A. J. Gregor.  Some Vikings were raven-haired, and many of the oldest indigenous inhabitants of Britain were predominantly Mediterranean.  My own mother inherited dark wavy hair from her Berkshire mother whose surname was of Anglo-Saxon heritage, and my father from an old Devon naval family had blue eyes and black hair like me; my children have light brown hair; all my grandchildren are blond.
         You are probably of mainly Mediterranean  ancestry, and therefore “white”.  Membership of the white communities also is cultural and political.  Some Nordic-looking types are among the worst betrayers of their own stock.  Jared Taylor, of course, is an enviably handsome exception.

    • You’re White.

    • Funruffian

      You are White, because you are Caucasoid. Arabs, East Indians and Eastern Europeans are caucasoid as well.

  • BaronBaal

    I am white and I love my race and want to see it preserved. Didn’t stop me from marrying a Chinese woman and having a “Eurasian” son with her, though. Is he psychologically unstable? Hardly! He’s smart as a whip and loved by both sides of the family.

    My views on race? Yes, all races should be preserved because that’s REAL diversity, but we need to keep level-headed as miscegenation has been going on for a LONG time.  And as for whites and Chinese, we’ve been intermarrying for at least 4,000 years and the TARIM BASIN mummies of Xin Jiang in Western China are proof of this as the later ones were White-Chinese mixes.   Time to wake up, folks. Wonder how many of you have American Indian blood, hispanic, asian, black, etc, running through your veins. Get a DNA test done and you might be surprised.


    • Mark Schmidt

       I’ve seen pictures of Derbyshire’s ‘very pleasant’ kids (no doubt your son would not look a lot different from them).

      They look like they belong in Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan or Xinjiang province in China.

      Not New York City, a city founded by whites for whites.

      Sorry. You are a race traitor.

      • HadEnough

        I’m interested to know, Mark Schmidt: whom would you consider to be more of a “race traitor”?

        1. John Derbyshire, longtime race-realist, conservative writer and general ally of Amren readers, but married to a Chinese woman; or

        2. Tim Wise, odious anti-white, anti-patriotic activist, but married to a pretty white girl.

        •  I know you didn’t ask me.  But I answer #1, because the result is a white person eventually leaving this world  not having procreated identifiably white people.  Tim Wise might be an extreme nut case (see below), but if he is married to a pretty white girl, and they have children, they are white people.  Don’t forget, people can change their politics as often as they change their socks.  Once your race is gone, it’s gone forever.

          Someone here on AR recently advanced a theory that Tim Wise has become or is in the process of  becoming one of us in his subconscious, and his way over the top rhetoric is a matter of his conscious having a psychological aversion to his subconscious.  I don’t know if it’s that true, but I do know that rhetoric like Wise’s is almost never for real.

        • Mark Schmidt


          It is debatable whether or not Wise is white. But let’s assume here that he is. Wise by marrying white will have white children. As the previous poster said, it is not impossible for them to change their views and become white nationalist. In fact even Wise could if he really wanted to.

          But your children cannot. White nationalism is for white people. Period. Otherwise it cannot be called ‘white’ nationalism, and nationhood goes back to being some sort of propositional thing, not one of blood and soil.

          If we heard of some white person who sneaked in three illegal non-white aliens, then fought on their behalf and got them accepted as ‘americans’, everyone here would rightly denounce such hypothetical white person as a race traitor.

          Yet Derbyshire has done exactly this, only in a different way. He imports an oriental, has two children with that oriental, and bingo —three non-whites to displace us.

          If everyone followed Derbyshire’s example, the US would look like Uzbekistan or Cairo in under 10 years. The damage Derbyshire has done, is simply irreversible. There is no power in the universe which can reverse the genetic disaster that Derbyshire has wrought to his own family, and to his nation. That is treachery of the highest order.

          Whereas Wise, as disgusting a human being as he is, has done no real irreversible damage. In fact by being such a completely and transparently repulsive human being, he does his cause no favors and is probably more a help than a hindrance to ours.

  •  You sound like a typical 19th-century Jew, telling the early Zionists that their movement was nothing but an intellectual fantasy.

  •  Guess what? Some feelings are better to suppress. Doing anything that “feels good” is no way to go through life.

  • This chick is actually an Indian impostor- “Israel Finkelstein” etc. I saw it when I read “her” other posts (style etc.).

  • Not “that” complicated. The desirable partner is to be:

    * White European ancestry
    * not adherent of explicitly anti- European religions (Islam etc.)
    * also, some other Caucasians could pass, like Lebanese Christian Arabs or atheist pro-Western Iranians & White Hispanics (not only visually white)

  • Mark Schmidt

     Had Enough: I don’t want to be mean here, but to me a white man having children with a Chinese woman is as bad as a a white woman having half black kids. The effect of both is to introduce non-whites into a white nation, and contribute to our racial displacement.

    Most of the white men I see with Asian women are the type of white men who would struggle to get an above average white woman. So I kind of understand where they are coming from, because some Asian women are undeniably attractive. Mr Derbyshire, to be really mean here, is a rather ugly, nerdy white
    man. His wife is not that attractive, but probably better looking than
    any white woman that Mr Derbyshire could reasonably have hoped to attract.

    But that is no excuse for miscegenation. We do not excuse white women from going with blacks, simply because these white women find black men sexually attractive. Neither should we accept into our fold white men with Asian women.

    Sorry. But race mixing is a line in the sand. It has to be. Cross it and you cannot join our ranks. Any white nationalism which accepts non whites and white race mixers is a total contradiction in terms, and puts us on the slippery slope to modern day ‘conservatism’.

    Sorry BaronBaal, and HadEnough. In the famed words of Mr Taylor, ‘only we can be us!’. And your kids can never be part of ‘we’.Away with you and your Asiatic brood!

    • Here is where one must choose between humanism & ideology. Frankly, I don’t think I have a moral right to pontificate about “marrying out” to anyone – but I do have strong opinions re these matters.

      1. I absolutely do not disparage those Whites who fell in love with Asians & lead  a happy married life. Personally, it’s not my choice- I’m attracted almost exclusively to the White women, period. But, in small numbers- I don’t see this as a disaster for White race. “Halfies” will be assimilated into White gene pool- as did many of their Native American race relatives- & that’s all. More importantly- who am I to frown upon other people’s happiness, White or Asian ?

      2. Blacks are different & there is no way to compare White-Asian and White- light Hispanic couples to White- Black. Of course, Blacks are human beings, and unlike many of the commentators here- I don’t hate them & wish them to prosper- but I’m well aware that their prosperity should come from something entirely different than contemporary racial circus of lies & parasitism & White guilt trip.

      3. remarks about Mr. & Mrs. Derbyshire are distasteful, I won’t comment on them.

      4. IMO, it’s so natural that White men can find their physical, emotional & spiritual fulfillment with White Women (Woman- I’m strongly against polygamy or swingers or any other “alternative” lifestyles- Tolstoy: “He who has “loved” many women actually didn’t love a single one; he who has loved one woman- loved them all.”) But, I’m aware of life’s realities & that many-or most- marriages are just a prolonged hook-up, not something deeply felt or hardly worked on (Orwell: “Love, sexual or non-sexual, is a hard work.”) So, writing as a White man, I’d say that White women are -POTENTIALLY – spouses without any serious competition from other races’ females.

      But- although I’m not a Christian: Judge not lest you be judged.And, while I’m a White man, first & foremost- I’m a MAN (homo, anthropos, čeloviek, Mensch, uomo,…).

  • I don’t support anti-miscegenation laws.  What I support is the right of communities and neighborhoods to decide their own composition.  A citizen has the right to sleep with, date, or marry without restriction, but a community has the right to decide whether a person can continue to be a member, including on the basis of who that person sleeps with, dates, or marries.

    E.g., a black community has the right to evict a black woman who marries a White man or bears his child, and vice-versa.  A Christian community has the right to evict a member who converts to Islam, and vice-versa.  A business owner has the right to refuse to serve parents of mulatto children, etc., etc., etc.

  •  Really?  Falasha Jews are viewed as White?  Interesting…

  • eunometic

    Always remember. There are other races that have Goodwill to Whites. They don’t want to see us disappear, often prefer us to other races.

    Please, we must not insult such people but cultivate them.

    A few White guys marrying east Asian girls is not too high on the list of problems we have.

    In my experience they don’t have the anti white malevolence and chip on the shoulder. A mixed race Asian is not an automatic anti white the way most mullutos are.

    Let’s not make them enemies or alienate them. I see no gain.

    By all means discourage miscegenation but

    • Mark Schmidt


      It is not about insulting others. It is simply about being consistent.

      The fact is none of us here accept the idea of white women sleeping with black men.

      So how on earth can we demand racial loyalty of white women, if we not only allow John Derbyshire into our ranks, but actually put up a notice asking for donations to support his non-white wife and non-white children, as was done a couple of months ago?

      None of us here likes the idea of non-white immigration.

      So how can we with a straight face accept a man like Derbyshire into our ranks, who has introduced 3 non-whites to our country?

      And if we accept all people, regardless of race, just because they agree with our views (or at least say they do), then surely we are no different from the idiot liberals and idiot ‘conservatives’ who say anyone can be American as long as they support American ‘values’?

      We are not a propositional nation (or at least should not be). That is the one thing that separates us from mainstream ‘conservatism’.

      Yet there are some here who say we should accept all and sundry, regardless of race, racial loyalty (or lack thereof), simply because they say some nice things about us, and apparently state some agreement with our views.

      Well I can tell you, when our views finally become more accepted in the ‘mainstream’, you will have people everywhere, non-whites as well as whites jumping on the bandwagon.

      Non-whites, and white race traitors like Derbyshire and HadEnough will say they are pro-white just to try and be one of ‘us’.

      And if we let ‘them’ be one of ‘us’, ‘we’ are not going to survive for very much longer.

      • benvad

        Derbyshire is a good man regardless of who he’s married to.

  •  There are better looking all-black women in Africa… from the more rural tribes that don’t practice things like lip-discing.

    Beauty isn’t what matter so much as content though. I would choose Halle for the simple fact she is of more European blood. And then only if there were no White women left.

  • Elvis supposedly had a Cherokee great-great Grandmother or something like that. Every second White person from south of the Mason-Dixon line that I meet seems to have the same story, unless they are Cuban. In fact, almost every other White I meet who can’t trace all their ancestors to a place in Europe in the 1880s* or later has a Fauxcahontas story.

    This is why many of the late arrivals from Europe, even as they swore their loyalty to the United States and respected the Founding Fathers, nevertheless still thought of common Anglo-Saxon Americans as “varnished over barbarians; scratch the surface and the Sioux Indian stands exposed.”

    For the most part, it does not really matter politically or socially, because admixture with the Redskins has largely stopped and when it does happen the child will normally be an enrolled tribal member and not part of the White population. Members of tribes with blood-quantum laws are particularly reserved when it comes to dating non-Indians, because if the child is less than a certain-percentage Indian he will not be allowed into the tribe and won’t be privileged to the rewards that entails.

    Culturally, I do however find all the Fauxcahontas “heritage” crap to be quite obnoxious. I once dumped a very pretty colonial-descended ginger because it was rankling my nerves too much.

    *(For Irish-Catholic ancestors, the 1840s)

    • charliegirl

      look @ elvis, thats no white boy. he looks indian mixed. he look more ethnic than me & i am jewish.

  • better_times

    As for the Jews,  you & Steve Sailer fail to mention that it is a matter of God’s biblical law that the Jewish people not intermarry (or face being cut off from their people).  Of course, since biblical times, we have & are now doing so at the rate of 50% in America.  Secular Jews most of whom don’t even know Jewish law, nonetheless still support this commandment in theory as a kind of “tradition.”  A lot of awful stuff comes from not following God’s laws. Usually a major disaster is required to wake up the Jews.  Maybe it will require the same to wake up Americans of European heritage & Europeans.  If not, Israel will be the last white nation on earth.


  • Carney3

    It takes a man with great personal integrity to write something like this rather than just go along and get along.  And a man with great tact and good will to write in in the way he did.  Congratulations, Mr. Taylor.

  • Mark Schmidt

    The fact is none of us here accept the idea of white women sleeping with black men.

    So how on earth can we demand racial loyalty of white women, if we
    not only allow John Derbyshire into our ranks, but actually put up a
    notice asking for donations to support his non-white wife and non-white
    children, as was done a couple of months ago?

    None of us here likes the idea of non-white immigration.

    So how can we with a straight face accept a man like Derbyshire into our ranks, who has introduced 3 non-whites to our country?

    And if we accept all people, regardless of race, just because they
    agree with our views (or at least say they do), then surely we are no
    different from the idiot liberals and idiot ‘conservatives’ who say
    anyone can be American as long as they support American ‘values’?

    We are not a propositional nation (or at least should not be). That
    is the one thing that separates us from mainstream ‘conservatism’.

    Yet there are some here who say we should accept all and sundry,
    regardless of race, racial loyalty (or lack thereof), simply because
    they say some nice things about us, and apparently state some agreement
    with our views.

    Well I can tell you, when our views finally become more accepted in
    the ‘mainstream’, you will have people everywhere, non-whites as well as
    whites jumping on the bandwagon.

    Non-whites, and white race traitors like Derbyshire and HadEnough will say they are pro-white just to try and be one of ‘us’.

    And if we let ‘them’ be one of ‘us’, ‘we’ are not going to survive for very much longer.

  • Mark Schmidt


    Stop trying to wriggle out of it.

    If every white woman in America decided to take a black man for husband and breed mulattoes —you would not be in a position to condemn it.

    If every white man in America has kids with Asiatics —-you would have no right to condemn it.

    As Mr Taylor says above, it is simply logically inconsistent to want a white majority US, while mating with non-whites and adding non-whites to the US gene pool.

    The fact is you know that America is  now being deluged by non-white immigration.

    So now is the time, even more than in the past, that white people should NOT engage in miscegenation.

    You are a race traitor. Pure and simple. Your deeds condemn yourself.

    But I was mistaken before. The situation is still recoverable.

    Send your wife and kids back to China, and have nothing to do with them. Don’t send them money, or support them in any way shape or form. Let them sink or swim in China.

    Then find a white woman, marry her, and have beautiful white children.

  • Cowboydroid

    The Ego is evil. Despotism and hatred and ignorance are evil. Evil knows not color nor race, but pervades those who are so self-absorbed as to believe they are absolutely superior to any other human being.

    I only pray that your type can know true love, the love of companions that is blind of physical condition.

    “For no greater love hath a man, than to lay down his life for another.”

  • WardKendall

    “So how can we with a straight face accept a man like Derbyshire into our ranks, who has introduced 3 non-whites to our country?

    We must never accept any whites who have committed the unconscionable sin of race-mixing, no matter what crumbs of sympathy they may otherwise flick our way, their betrayed white brethren. It matters not what they write, how urbane they may be, what “nice people” they otherwise are: race traitors are just that – traitors. Being guilty of bringing three half-mongoloid children into an envioronment our forefathers intended for white children (and fought and died for) is simply unforgivable. Race-mixing is genocide and individuals like John Derbyshire have forfeited their membership in the white race.  

    Hold Back This Day: new edition @ $12.95
    The Towers of Eden: new edition @ $14.88

  • william mcintosh

    The big issue is uncomfortable for whites-namely that whites are having much smaller families and in many cases many whites settle down later in life and often discover they cant have children at all. Non whites seem to marry younger and have more kids. If whites had more children & less abortion (which besides killing a baby often renders a woman infertile) we could forget the possibility of white decline. Another little problem is environmentalism which has limited benefitting from our vast hydro carbon resources (including coal to obtain liquid fuels)  and has been a boon to the muslim world enabling it to flourish and look westward to lands to immigrate to and conquer. 


    Been listening to some interesting stuff, about the need for couples to be genetically dissimilar if they are planning to make babies. The reason  for this is that it makes for survival of the fittest. Genetic dissimilarity  inhibits genetic disorders and auto-immune diseases, infertility and miscarriages. Smell, or rather pheromones, is how these lucky folks find each other. They also have more lasting relationships and a better sex life.  A human male finds an ovulating female this way. He can pick out her t-shirt among the t-shirts of several women and his testosterone level goes up. An ovulating female ,will find the t-shirt of a genetically dissimilar man, out of a line up of shirts worn for 3 days by male volunteers. A contracepting female does not have this sense and oftentimes will pick a genetically similar man. When she quits the pill, she finds she doesn’t like him any more. Read about the work of Dr. Lionel Tiger (his real name) at Rutgers. Drs Gandestad at UNM and Maner at FSU, are doing similar work. I think its a mistake to go into all the parts of the world and contracept the people. The low population that remains, may find out that only cousins are left.

  • charliegirl

    johnny i read that white jewish men have 30% of the semite gene. or is that only kohan? (cohan)

  • charliegirl

    siclian has arab blood. north italian has more white almost swiss blood.

  • Laughingatwhitemorons

    You would remain anonymous… Cowards
    often do. Here is a good reason for you. Having children with someone whose bloodlines are too close to your own produces offspring with mental and physical deformities! That is why backwoods rednecks who procreate with their cousins produce toothless retarded white trash babies who grow up to be toothless retarded white trash adults who sit behind a computer screen and anonymously post uninspired washed up rhetoric. My half Hatian half Jewish daughter is light years ahead of her white counterparts. While I am busy reading to her, her white counterparts are watching spongebob and thinking to themselves well at least I’m white! Pathetic little ingrates. While you white people keep having sex with your sistercousins I will continue to produce genetically superior, physically superior, and intellectually superior mixed race offspring.

  • Am Somali man seeking lady to marriage can you assist me

    • benvad


  • Funruffian

    I have half-Italian ancestry from my father’s side and I am completely White looking. I have a bit of an ethnic stain to my skin tone, but my features are very Caucasian.