Posted on August 2, 2011

Cowards in the Archdiocese

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 2, 2011

Frank Borzellieri, who at one time spoke and wrote forthrightly on racial issues, has been fired as principal of a Catholic school in the Bronx. In recent years, Mr. Borzellieri has concentrated on serving his students, and had withdrawn from racial concerns. His record as a teacher and a principal has been exemplary, and he never spoke about racial matters with students or faculty. He was fired simply for holding certain views and having the courage to write about them.

What prompted Mr. Borzellieri’s firing was a hit piece in last Sunday’s New York Daily News. Writer Cornine Lestch called him a “firebrand” with ties to a “white supremacist publication” which was, of course, American Renaissance. She quoted from his books, in which he pointed out that “diversity is a weakness” and that increasing numbers of blacks and Hispanics will bring a New Dark Age to America.

Miss Lestch quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center as saying that Mr. Borzellieri was still “intimately involved” with AR. The SPLC got it wrong, of course. The last time Mr. Borzellieri spoke to an AR event was in 2002, and he has not written for us since a piece five years ago about the soccer World Cup.

Miss Lestch made much in her article of the fact that the school where Mr. Borzellieri worked, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, is heavily black and Hispanic. She failed, of course, to mention that he is widely liked, or that during his two years as principal there had never been the slightest hint of “prejudice” or “discrimination.” Before his appointment at Mount Carmel, Mr. Borzellieri taught at St. Barnabas High School and Blessed Sacrament High School, always earning the highest ratings from students and colleagues; no one ever suggested he was in any way unfair to any student.

Before making a career in education, Mr. Borzellieri was a columnist for the Leader-Observer newspaper chain in New York City. His tart columns on immigration and race created a furor, but were hugely popular, and his editor always defended him.

In 1993, Mr. Borzellieri was elected to School Board 24 in Queens, and was reelected twice, for 11 years of total service. He was an unabashed partisan of Western Civilization, and thus constantly in the news. He made headlines when he called a press conference to announce his call to remove library books that promoted homosexuality and contempt for America. Mr. Borzellieri was twice voted the most popular school board member, and would have continued to serve had his board not been eliminated as part of a reorganization of the city school system.

He spoke at four American Renaissance conferences1996, 1998, 2000, and 2002 — where his witty, upbeat talks were always immensely popular. By our count, he wrote five articles for AR, the last in 2006.

It is worth repeating: There was no incident or even allegation that prompted last Sunday’s Daily News article. Mr. Borzellieri’s extensive record could not be more public. A reporter simply hashed over Mr. Borzellieri’s years-old writings and associations. This prompted bloggers to rave about his “hate filled belief system” and to claim that “Frank Borzellieri doesn’t like anyone who isn’t white.” Television and radio reporters piled on, besieging diocese headquarters and Mr. Borzellieri’s home. Everyone wants to join the pack when a “racist” has been flushed.

The diocese did not even wait 48 hours to fire Mr. Borzellieri. His record and his stack of outstanding recommendations from three schools counted for nothing in the face of baseless charges of “white supremacy.” The Archdiocese of New York mumbled something about Mr. Borzellieri’s views being “found to be incompatible with the philosophy and practices” of the school, and gave him the boot. This contemptible behavior harks back to when the church used to hunt for witches and burned heretics at the stake.

In recent years, as part of his dedication to a career of service to students, Mr. Borzellieri returned to graduate school, where he earned two master’s degrees. He has heavy student debt — and no job. He would be deeply grateful to anyone who can send a check to:

Frank Borzellieri

Box 780142

Maspeth, NY 11378

52 responses to “Cowards in the Archdiocese”

  1. Recividistic Tendencies of Whiteness says:

    As outrageous as this story is, we shouldn’t lose sight of a more important issue.

    He’s talented, effective, and well-liked, but he was applying his White Talents to uplift our non-white inferiors.

    For every one degree of improvement he got out of his black and Hispanic students, he put forth ten degrees of effort compared to what would have been needed to improve Whites students by one degree.

    Whites need to start investing in Whites Only! We must start investing ourselves in those who can do the MOST with our efforts on their behalf, and I don’t mean the Asians and the Jews. While they will advance faster than Whites, they will use their advancements to put themselves ahead of Whites.

    We must start thinking of what are the White Interests at stake in anything we do. Let the Diveristy educate the Diversity. Let White teachers educate White students!

    Transcend diversity, embrace Whiteness, beware and prepare, because you really do know what’s coming next, you see it in your worst nightmares, and you are extremely right…

  2. Tim in Indiana says:

    This just confirms what Jared Taylor has said: You can have sterling credentials as an “anti-racist” without needing to do a single thing about it, just through pure lip service. If you’re white, you associate with nobody but whites your entire life, you send your kids to an all-white private school and you live in a lily white neighborhood, and yet you mouth the appropriate platitudes about “diversity,” then you can have an A-1 spotless reputation as an “anti-racist.” If, however, you live in NYC most of your life, work at an integrated school, and show through your entire manner and conduct that you treat everyone fairly and equally, but you’ve said some race-realistic things at one point or another, you lose your job. What a pathetically hypocritical age we live in!

  3. Henry Stanton says:

    Is this the same Frank Borzellieri who wrote Don t Take it Personally: Race, Immigration, Crime and Other Heresies” and “Lynched: A Conservatives Life on a New York City School Board.”?

  4. Jupiter7 says:

    If Frank Borzellieri had been a dues paying member of La Raza-the Race-the NAACP, MECHA,Azlatan,the Brown Berets,Anti-Defamation League,Jewish Defense League..all highly racialized organizations…he would still be employed at-and on very good terms with-this particular Catholic High School.

  5. sbuffalonative says:

    “Everyone wants to join the pack when a “racist” has been flushed.”

    Let’s be incendiary here and call it what it is, the lynching of a white man.

  6. NYC resident says:

    I’ve heard Frank Borzellieri several times on the “Political Cesspool”. He is an American Patriot. He has also been betrayed by a very liberal and politically correct Catholic Church here in NYC. These sorts of attacks are going to become more and more numerous as the forces of political correctness see more and “threats” to their power. Hopefully more and more White men and women will come forward to speak out. Once we have most White men and women on the same page, these same forces won’t know where to turn. They’ll be seeing racists behind every rock, and hopefully will eventually reveal themselves to be the real racists, and haters of everything that represents European and White.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here is the delator’s schoolgirlish “about” page on the net:

    Would that Ms. Letsch were compelled to sing as a “jazz singer,” as she says she’d like to do, on a street corner and rely on the charity of bypassers for her living, instead of acting as here as an NKVD wannabe, viciously destroying the career and reputation of a good and honest man.

  8. Eva says:

    The Vatican II Catholic Church has replaced traditional Christian sins with the new sins of racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism.

  9. John PM says:

    “Miss Lestch quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center as saying that Mr. Borzellieri was still ‘intimately involved’ with AR. The SPLC got it wrong, of course.”

    The very first indication that Comrade Lestch was on a witch hunt of the Marxist-Leninist sort, is right there for any but the most ossified or decayed mind to behold. Anyone smeared by the SPLC, gets an automatic consideration of circumstances in my book. Since Mr. Borzellieri is an honorable and dedicated man to both his work and freedom, he gets infinitely more than that from me, to say nothing of the “benefit-of-the-doubt!”

    That the Archdiocese of New York was also so quick to expel this decent and respectable man from his job, only adds to his credit. God forbid, that Mr. Borzellieri spend his free time defending Western Civilization and the race that built it as a teacher, and not molesting little boys in a black and white collar or some maroon cassock!

    I will be sending Mr. Borzellieri some money and a letter of encouragement as well, you can bet on that!

    John PM!!!


  10. S & GS says:

    Just by coincidence I was going to post a reply on a thread last week, it had to do with NYC and ABOPTL or some such said something about there were only guidos, Jews and Albanians in NYC, no whites. I was going to use Mr. Borzellieri (and Michael Levin) as exhibits to the contrary…

    I read this article and am completely disgusted with the NY Daily News and this Corinne Lestch person It was a hatchet piece of the worst kind. Also, for me there was guilt by association as I had bought FB’s book, in fact through AMREN.

    The Daily News seems to be stirring up the anti-white flames lately. The NY Post is widely hated by Afro NYers, Afro co-workers of mine go into paroxysms of rage just at the thought of someone reading this tabloid. Lately they’ve tamed it down, including the comments section, while the News is ratcheting up the anti-white journalism and coupling it with Obama praise stories.

  11. white advocate - Canada says:

    Religions are full of double standards and discrimination against women, gays, abortion, and followers of other religions. You can find plenty of examples in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It’s all there in the holy books. So please explain why followers of these religions are not getting fired.

  12. Anonymous says:

    . This prompted bloggers to rave about his “hate filled belief system” and to claim that “Frank Borzellieri doesn’t like anyone who isn’t white.”


    Neither do I.

    Is that a crime now? We have to like people of color when they are very outspoken about their hate for Wbitey? If it is a crime,they need to arrest all the nonwhites in this country pronto!

  13. Richard says:

    Didn’t the Catholic Church once have something to do with religion?

  14. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    The continuing purge of whites who stand up for whites or stand up for white civilization may be history’s longest purge.

  15. Peter says:

    While there is nothing wrong with helping a fellow man in need, I would suggest that AmRen predominantly advertise Mr. Borzellieri writings. Mr. Berzellieri would gain income and the message of race realism would spread.

  16. WR the elder says:

    We have now one more reason to never give a dime to the Catholic Church, the same Catholic Church that supports illegal immigration.

  17. Tom S. says:

    I’m confused about Mr. Borzellieri – he spoke at several AR conferences and said that “diversity is a weakness and that increasing numbers of blacks and Hispanics will bring a New Dark Age to America”, but yet he worked at a “heavily black and Hispanic” school teaching and guiding black and brown kids that, in my opinion, will help bring about that very scenario? Why would he do that?

    Whites need to stop helping make the rope thats going to hang them and start putting their time, talent, effort and money helping poor White kids because nobody else does!

  18. Michigan Patriot says:

    I met Frank at the 2002 A.D. Amren Convention in N. Va. He speaks the truth concerning ” diversity “. I agree totally what the first commentary stated about Frank.

  19. SF Paul says:

    This seems to me that Mr. Borzellieri was not fired for his actions, he was fired for his beliefs. I hope that he can sue the school for all it is worth.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I would recommend to any Catholic who is offended by the CC pandering, to withdraw from this apostate “church” and look into the Orthodox Christian faith. Many there still believe that the various races and ethnic groups are best ministered to in separated branches.

  21. madison grant says:

    As a Bronx resident and a Catholic I am outraged by the Church’s moral cowardice.

    That said, amren recently posted an article about companies investigating prospective employees by searching the web for any trace of controversial writings or comments.

    Bottom line: anyone who chooses to write honestly about racial differences should strongly consider using a pseudonym.

  22. Steven Broiles says:

    I was a high school English Teacher in the NYC Public System, and I am well-aware of how certain people in the system can and do weed out people for conservative or even libertarian opinions. Perhaps Mr. Borzellieri can, ironically enough, contact the ACLU for, as liberal as they are, are fairly consistent with 1st Amendment issues.

    I have seen people in education get very political, and very vicious, against conservatives and whistle-blowers. There was a lot of criminal activity in the school I taught in–including at least one administrator. And the fallout is perverse–everybody got the Stockholm Syndrome. It was nuts.

    Michael Savage said it best: “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.” Best Wishes, Mr. B…

  23. Whiteman says:

    Yet these same folks have spent the last 50 years going on about ‘McCarthyism’. It all seems a one-way elevator. And yet, for all their enlightenment, the world is a sadder place than it was 50 years ago. Of course, my observation is independent of statistical measure.

  24. William says:

    Would that they had acted with appropriate integrity on several decades of sneaky paedophile clergy, several decades of warnings instead of targeting an overt and honest man.

  25. Anonymous says:

    As white Catholics see the Church aiding in their displacement, I imagine donations will plummet. If my old parochial school goes dark you won’t see my money. Then they will finally get public tax money–because no white children can benefit.

  26. Reg says:

    I’m going to send him £50.

    We need to support those among us who stand tall.

  27. Anonymous says:

    CORRECTION: The correct mailing address for Frank Borzellieri is PO BOX 780142

    Maspeth, NY 11378

  28. bill says:

    This is why despite the fact that I was born into a Catholic family, I DO NOT practice it; in fact I repudiate any religion that does not put the importance of kinship and race above all else.

  29. Luke says:

    Found something fairly revealing when I googled up this CORINNE LESTCH newsbabe:

    “Caribbean & Latin America descendants rediscover their Jewish roots


    Entire communities of Latin American and Caribbean people here and abroad practice Jewish customs without knowing they may be, well, Jewish. Wendi James, a 25-year-old Lehman College student of Jamaican descent, discovered her family has Jewish roots only after she started researching her heritage for a class assignment. James was raised to observe the sabbath and not eat pork, but never knew this was part of the Jewish faith because her mother always…”

    Form your own conclusions.

  30. Tom Iron says:

    As a practicing Catholic, I’m ashamed of our leadership. They aren’t up to their work. Not just on this either. On all things having to do with our Race and nation. They’re always on the side of our adversaries.

    This has nothing to do with my faith though. I realized our leaders are as bad as any other leaders we have today.

    Tom Iron…

  31. olewhitelady says:

    The Church must have known about Mr. Borzellieri’s views before he was hired. It’s difficult to understand how the published ideas of a prominent person in the very locality could not have been. But when the Racist!-crying sharks move in, the weak and waffling flee, leaving the victim to be devoured.

    Many students and their parents probably knew as well. The truth is, of course, that the majority of blacks and Hispanics understand that whites believe them to be, on the average, intellectually inferior. And they believe the same thing! They fully grasp that the white man is in charge and make the best of it.

    The liberal argument concerning race must never be argued. It’s obviously a house of cards built on shifting sand and can be demolished in ten minutes. The only defense available is the total shutting down of spoken or written truth about racial differences. To accomplish this, any race-realist must be demonized and treated as though his ideas are beyond the pale of allowable public discourse. To this way of thinking, had a Nazi spokesman offered to come to the U.S. and explain why Hitler had instituted concentration camps, he would have been banned. His theories of Jewish intellectual inferiority could have easily been refuted, and Americans would have realized what was transpiring in Germany.

    Of course, most Americans know the truth about race, regardless of the wall of silence from the MSM elites.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I think the last real Christianity is found in the Orthodox churches. Wealthy Protestant elites and sicko Catholic boy lovers ruined 20th century America.

  33. je suis paganisme says:

    These people who fired Mr. B are acting according to the precepts of Christianity. Jesus said that if you lust after a woman, in your own mind; or hate someone, in your own mind, then you are guilty of adultery or murder, regardless of the lack of action taken to commit these sins.

    He did not say that the thoughts were warning-signs, prompting a self-examination or a repairing of a relationship—he equated the thought with the action.

    So, in Christianity, certain thoughts are sins to be harshly and immediately repressed, in oneself or in others.

    Needless to say, this attitude conflicts with the religious spirit of Western Man, but it is found throughout Church history.

  34. Anonymous says:

    “or hate someone, in your own mind, then you are guilty of adultery or murder, regardless of the lack of action taken to commit these sins.” Really poster # 4? Jesus said that?

    If I remember correctly, GOD HATED certain groups of people and commanded his followers to kill them all. I am sick of hearing all this baloney that God “loves” everybody. No, HE does NOT! Even David said he hated those with a passion that were God’s enemies. Those enemies are still alive and well in today’s world.

  35. Bill says:

    This contrasts with how the Boston Archdiocese treated the death of Teddy Kennedy. He was treated with the greatest honor as if he was the pride of the Church. The Cardinal made sure to show up and be seen on national television consoling the family.

    What are their standards?

  36. Incognito says:

    Of course, most Americans know the truth about race, regardless of the wall of silence from the MSM elites.

    I disagree. I think “most Americans” are clueless about racial differences after enduring years of brainwashing by the schools and media. I still continue to hear the party line in private social settings about “blacks failing because of institutional racism.” It takes a knock in the head, sometimes several, or working in a non-white workplace before whites get the message. Try bringing up racial IQ differences in trusted company and see how far you get.

    Wealthy Protestant elites and sicko Catholic boy lovers ruined 20th century America.

    You are wrong. America has been co-opted by a wealthy hostile elite, but they are neither Protestant nor Catholic. Get your facts straight.

  37. Anonymous says:

    What now, how do I know which address is correct? No offence meant to you #28, but some crook could post his own address easy enough and rip off donations.

  38. Mike B. says:

    #7 – Anonymous wrote at 8:28 PM on August 2:

    Here is the delator’s schoolgirlish “about” page on the net:

    Click on link. Get this:

    “The authors have deleted this blog.”

    Frank lives about 2 miles from where I grew up. We used to keep in contact via e-mail and I went to the restaurant in Queens to get my copy of Don’t Take It Personally signed when it came out. (I also have Lynched.) They’re both VERY good books. Look them up on Amazon (or Cultural Studies Press – href=“” or from here (AmRen)) and get a copy of each to support him. He’s a very good guy.

    None of us on here are Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, but if you can afford a few bucks to send to his P.O. Box (which has been the same for a long time), I know he’ll appreciate the support. Here’s a chance to make a REAL difference in a REAL person’s life, who had the courage to speak out.

  39. Baron says:

    As someone who was born well after the Second Vatican Council, but was fortunate enough to manage to acquire, nonethless, a Pre-Vatican II faith and religious education, it should be obvious—clearly obvious— that the “Catholic Church” that we see nowadays is only the religious arm of a socialist, anti-white, modernistic approach to mankind.

    True Catholicism figures not at all in this new orientation to the entire world, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Rather, it is viewed as both archaic and to be discountenanced at whatever cost. The erstwhile prestige of the Pre-Vatican II Church and that Church’s historical continuity with Catholicism, is abused by a Post-Vatican II Church, which while maintaning the same name, has long ago given up the same Faith.

    That the “Church” is so hypocritically concerned about this man’s personal opinions on matters which do not touch the faith at all is only a further outward expression of the faith they long ago tacitly renounced at a false council held between 1962-65.

  40. Mike B. says:

    38 — Anonymous wrote at 12:57 PM on August 3:

    What now, how do I know which address is correct? No offence meant to you #28, but some crook could post his own address easy enough and rip off donations.

    The P.O. Box in AmRen’s article is correct. I can vouch for that. (I’ve been posting on here since AmRen went interactive, for what that info may be worth to you.) He’s had the same P.O. box for at least eight years – and probably longer. In addition, Jared (and AmRen’s staff) know his correct P.O. Box, if that will ease your mind.

  41. Anonymous says:

    34 — je suis paganisme:

    Matthew 5:28

    American King James Version

    But I say to you, That whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.

    Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible

    But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

    Where is the part about guilty of adultery just by thinking? It is lusting after a woman!

    But where in heaven’s name did you come up with the nutty idea about hate and murder?

    This is another example of the idiocy that afflicts liberals.

  42. Stogie says:

    Frank Borzellieri should contact The FIRE at this link: (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education).

    This organization regularly sues colleges and other schools for

    arbitrary firings of teachers for non-performance related issues. I think they do it on a pro bono basis.

  43. reality says:

    Frank needs to sue. I am not just saying this because I despise how the church has treated him, but because his firing was motivated by his race and his views. If he was black would the Daily News care he attended an NAACP conference? No they wouldn’t and neither would he befired for it. In fact, I doubt he would even be contriversial or even known to begin with.

  44. Fr. John says:

    “The Vatican II Catholic Church has replaced traditional Christian sins with the new sins of racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism.”

    Brava, Eva! And NONE of these supposed ‘sins’ is in the Canon of Holy Writ, nor were considered ‘evil’…. in over 20 CENTURIES of Christian witness!

    Andrew Fraser’s new book, “The WASP Question” clearly delineates that something CHANGED around 1100 AD, which shifted the focus of Christianity from being a united culturo-ethnological faith for the Peoples of Europe, to an overweening, universalist ‘Faith’ that was the predecessor of the Modern Multicultural. The Orthodox consider this event to be the Schism of 1054, over the ‘filioque’ in the Creed. They are correct… but to assume that Byzantinism is free from taint, is to speak of things with rosy glasses. Christianity is an ethnological-biological faith, much like the mosaic faith it replaced. This faith was “ONCE given unto….” the residents of the “Ecumene,” which comprised the race and folk of Europe.

    Moving ahead 1000 years, and we have the ‘effects’ of Vat. II. This went EVEN FURTHER in their ‘invite the world, invade the world’ as a ‘faith’ that doesn’t give a D*MN about those Euroepeans who comprise the overwhelming majority of saints, doctors, martyrs, and holy ones of the Faith the ‘Church of what’s happening now’ so easily disparages. Borzellieri is merely the most visible (and current) ‘victim’ of a group that once said they were ‘semper edeam,’ and now clearly show themselves to be liars to that fact.

    “Come out of her, and be ye separate, lest ye partake of her sins’ saith the Apostle. I concur. All ‘faiths’ that disparage the Christendom peoples, are kin to the universalist paradigm that has ruled Rome for over 1000 years, and was the philosophical Grund, for the modern multiculturalism we now find so abhorrent.

  45. je suis paganisme says:

    To posit the notion that “lusting” does not include thinking is absurd.

    My point was that no adultery was commited–only thinking about it. It is “thought crime,” according to Jesus.

    This attitude is the precursor of political correctness, and is one of the reasons that I think that Christianity carries the seeds of liberalism.

    As far as the teaching equating angry thoughts to murder, just look at Matt. 5:21-23.

    You should have known where to find that, but your post illustrates an important truth: The more a person knows about the Bible, the less he believes in it.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I think why so-called “white supremacist” sites are being given an unfairly bad rap has to do with the nature of what they need to contest.

    It is the effective NAACP (and other liberal groups) position that IQs and behaviors are the same across races, and that therefore any difference in financial success must be due to white racism. Therefore, government must reverse discriminate against whites until non-whites have the same financial level of success.

    It is unfortunately necessary for any group, then, wishing to argue against this reverse discrimination, to have to challenge its basis–again, that IQ and behavior are the same across races. And so groups like Amren unfortunately need to highlight and point out evidence that NAACP’s basis is fundamentally wrong. But that’s where it falls victim to “white supremacy” charges –“Ah! You’re saying whites are better and smarter!!!” But such groups are never saying that just to be “mean” but only to fight against reverse discrimination, which unfortunately requires challenging NAACP’s false assumption that they base it on.

    If NAACP wasn’t arguing equality of people in order to advocate for reverse discrimination, whites wouldn’t need to challenge their position on that. Nobody wants to examine ugly things about racial differences in IQ and behavior, but so long as NAACP is using that as the basis for reverse discrimination, such analysis needs to be done.

  47. Anonymous says:

    “That the Archdiocese of New York was also so quick to expel this decent and respectable man from his job, only adds to his credit.”


    Down throurgh the centuries, the Church has expelled and discredited numerous “decent and respectable” men. It has a long history of that. (And of doing much worse than merely expelling them!)

    Mr. Borzellieri is just the latest victim of group think and of political correctness.

  48. Anonymous says:

    “Wealthy Protestant elites and sicko Catholic boy lovers ruined 20th century America.”


    Perhaps. Just possibly. But must they bear ALL the blame? Just they and they alone?

    WHY do you mention Protestants and Catholics, but exempt mention of any other religious groups that were eagerly complicit in the 20th century dismantling and ruination of America?

    Seems to me that you’re rather biased here!

  49. Anonymous says:

    The Church will only recover with Militant Catholicism that recognizes the Eternal Truths. Many Catholics, for which the number is growing, are becoming more militant in their Faith; that is to protect and defend the Truths that are inherent in the Church.

    I expected this inexcusable action against Mr. Borzellieri, who attended a Catholic University and received Graduate Degrees in Education, and from the reports, treated all of his students fairly; so much so that none of them knew of his Political beliefs. Try getting a Marxist Professor, a La Raza Chica, or NAACP Queen to keep their mouths shut, and their opinions to themselves. Good luck.

    No, Frank is not alone, and I will be sending some money to his Box, with deep appreciation for having the spine to say what we all know is the truth.

    I suggest that when one of us hits the Lottery, that we do what has been discussed on another site, and form our own Whites-only European-American Schools. Frank, there’s a job waiting for you when that happens.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Steve #23: Mr. B should forget the Communist ACLU, and seek out the assistance of the American Center for Law and Justice, ACLJ.

    He could also contact the Thomas More Law Center. Either way, shove this wrongful termination down their PC throats.