Posted on August 2, 2011

Bronx Catholic School Principal Frank Borzellieri Fired over Ties to White Supremacist Group

Corinne Lestch, NY Daily News, August 2, 2011

The principal of a Bronx Catholic school was fired Tuesday after the Daily News exposed his ties to a white supremacist group and his controversial writings.

“Frank Borzellieri has been relieved of his position as principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School,” said Joe Zwilling, spokesman for the Archdiocese of New York.

“This decision was reached following a thorough internal review of his opinions and beliefs as expressed in his books and columns, and a discussion with Mr. Borzellieri himself.”

The 48-year-old, who was named principal at the mostly black and Latino school two years ago, had pushed in the past to ban a biography of martyred civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King.

He wrote a 2004 book which maintained “diversity is a weakness,” and was a frequent contributor to the white supremacist publication American Renaissance.

As a Queens school board member, he tried to bar “anti-American” literature–including the King book–from school libraries and remove a gay teacher from the classroom.

Zwilling said the opinions expressed by Borzellieri in his writings “were found to be incompatible with the philosophy and practices” of the school and the archdiocese.


[Editor’s Note: Mr. Borzellieri’s books are available for purchase here, here, and here.]

25 responses to “Bronx Catholic School Principal Frank Borzellieri Fired over Ties to White Supremacist Group”

  1. Peejay in Frisco says:

    And what about the black supremacist whitey hating racist Leonard Jeffries, who gloated about the 1986 Space Shuttle Disaster, because now Whitey cannot spread his Filth through the Universe? Why didn’t he lose his job, which is with the PUBLIC school system? Why didn’t this publication say anything about that comment? The double standard just keeps getting worse, not better. Decent New Yorkers should begin an immediate boycott of this publication.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Zwilling said the opinions expressed by Borzellieri in his writings “were found to be incompatible with the philosophy and practices” of the school and the archdiocese.”

    In other words, he was diverse.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah, racist “ties.” Almost anyone can be covered. If I said “hi” to Jared Taylor, conceivably that could qualify as a “connection” to a Hate Group. Eek.

    So much for academic freedom, by the way, including within the Catholic Church.

  4. mga says:

    I just had a history professor who was also one of the heads of the NAACP. In his class, he told us that the Greeks stole all their knowledge from Black philosophers, and that it was these blacks who really created Western Civilization. When I’d complained about it, I was told “You don’t have to agree with somebody politically to learn from them.” I was told to “Shut-up.” and perhaps I’d learn from the man. Go look at the Huffpo message boards, or the NY Daily News boards, and see how many people are willing to be so charitable to Mr. Borzellieri’s beliefs, and educational offerings. It is also notable that there hasn’t been a single complaint about his job performance.

  5. hokie says:

    Ingrates. IMO he was one of the few honest PS teachers/admin and was actually trying to help the little thugs. Socialists getting the Public Ed. system after integration was the kick to the head that put down the America I grew up in.

  6. highduke says:

    No coincidence this happened in the wake of the government-orchestrated Oslo massacre. Disgusting. Frank is a real American hero and if the Oslo fiasco doesn’t destroy the Nationalist parties in W.Europe & their Tea Party counterparts in the US, Frank will be celebrated by future generations.

  7. Deirdre says:

    This man was fired because of his “opinions and beliefs.” I cannot believe how this can happen in the USA. These cowering idiots should at least stand for free speech. I’m really disgusted.

  8. Pelayo says:

    How much longer do we abide being victims of this “Double Standard” scam?

    Viva Don Francesco! You had the coglioni to speak the truth. We’ve gotta get behind this guy. Start a letter barrage to the Archbishop. Anyone who can’t see the path of destruction left in the wake of “diversity” of the Afro/ Third world kind has to be a total cretin.

    You White idiotas are beyond help if you continue to carry the PC banner when you see what’s right under your noses and the same thing that’s going to be UP your children’s noses in the next 10 to 15 years.

    It’s time to find our balls, reattach them and get out there and do something or leave your children’s children to be raped and murdered by the Muslims , the Mau Mau, the Mau Mau who are also Muslims and certain Hispanics of the “East Los” variety.

  9. Robert Binion says:

    These zealots of tolerance are implacable in the enforcement of uniform speech. They cling to politically correct drivel like an alcoholic the bottle’s last swallow, a Puritan one more hosanna, like Wes Unseld the foul lane. Did this termination come before or after the sermon on “forgiveness”?

  10. Ken says:

    Again, MSM can call Amren a white supremist publication (which is very inaccurate) but no one will call them out on this. And don’t tell me his employer didn’t know about his writings or beliefs previously. Sometimes I’m appalled at the leaders of my church.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be honest.

    EVERY person and EVERY race is racist. It is hardwired into our DNA. FOR A REASON! Survival of one’s own racial line.

    But, it is only the nonwhite races that has the privilege of being vocal about it and to promote their own racial interests, WHY? Because we, Whites, let them get away with it while demonizing ourselves for even feeling racist!

  12. sbuffalonative says: will be directing traffic here:

  13. NBJ says:

    The comments section of this article are just incredible, or incredulous I should say. The few trying to defend Mr. Borzellieri are being called worse things than this man ever said. I’ll bet half of them have never read a thing he wrote, or ever heard a word he’s said about racial issues.

    The same thing happened to Jared Taylor when the last AR conference was cancelled in Charlotte. The newspapers and news sites here were full of comments from ignorant posters who admitted they had never heard of Mr. Taylor or AR, but were quick to call him names and condemn him. The difference was, those fools were outnumbered at least 4 to 1 by people who like myself spent hours and even days on these sites defending AR and Mr. Taylor.

    They won’t respond to the one guy who has posted stats and spoke the cold hard truth defending Mr. Borzellieri, and when they do, it’s just more typical name calling and insults they resort to when they can’t counter an argument with any kind of intelligent debate. Of course, what are they left with… really?

  14. BO_Bill says:

    It really is a new state-sponsored religion. This one teaches that those who believe that man was created in God’s image are ‘rednecks’ (the unwashed) and that those who believe that man was formed by the environments of their ancestors are ‘racists’ (the heretics).

    The Believers teach us that evolution in man magically stopped 30,000 years ago, with the exception of outward physical appearances as these are too hard to deny. And like all good state-sponsored religions, the unwashed must be shunned and the heretics must be silenced. For now this silencing is limited to economic boycotts. Best of luck to Mr. Borzellieri.

  15. Mr.White says:

    Meanwhile in Arizona, they have principals, administrators and teachers openly pushing their anti-American, La Raza reconquista curriculum – as required course work – to the sheer delight of many illegal invaders and their supporters; which includes the ACLU.

    If it’s not obvious by now that white America is under attack, then it never will be…..

  16. Anonymous says:

    The only thing about Borzellieri’s viewpoints and writings was that so many people silently agreed with his positions.

    This is another case of the politically correct enforcing their ideology on everyone else. It is totally hypocritical of the Catholic Church officials in New York to claim that no one knew about Borzellieri’s books and articles. He was probably doing a good job as the school principal, but the weaklings chose to throw him under the bus rather than to be accused of racism.

    Prepare yourselves, in the run up to 2012, the left will be playing the race card more and more often.

  17. white advocate - Canada says:

    It seems like the right to prefer your own race needs to be included in human rights laws. Add an amendment to the constitution. That would guarantee that these actions by the RCC would end up in official government courts. Does the church want that? Government rulings over church affairs? Try this one on; government licenses for priests. That should give extra protection to boys. Please explain why you don’t want government licensing for priests.

  18. Anonymous says:


    Leonard Jeffries once taught that black genes have been augmented by the value system of the sun, and that white people are “ice people, dirty, dastardly, devilish, devious, diabolical folks” Jeffries probably thinks school books need to focus more on African Americans (of course, not on any bad things about them), while Borzellieri seems to feel these books are too Afrocentric and anti-white already. If one were to believe in an objective reality, only one of these two men can be right.

  19. Mark says:

    I get so tired of American Renaissance being called a “white supremacist” organization. I guess it’s easier for people to use that term, but I think most of us here are racial realists – not white supremacists.

  20. Daniel says:

    The truth may set you free but telling the truth has never been all that popular.

    What really makes me sick is that more and more people are afraid to tell the truth because they know what will happen to them.

    Two plus to two does equal four except when “Big Brother” says differently ( 1984 ).

  21. Anonymous says:

    5 — Mark wrote at 2:40 AM on August 3:

    I get so tired of American Renaissance being called a “white supremacist” organization. I guess it’s easier for people to use that term, but I think most of us here are racial realists – not white supremacists.


    There are no White Supremacists.

    That very phrase says that the White race wants to control and rule over the other races (nonwhites). WN’s do not want any such thing. They don’t want to be ruled over by over races!

    WE want to be FREE in our OWN lands, free FROM people of color and control our own racial destiny. We don’t care how the nonwhites rule themselves or live, as long as it is IN THEIR OWN LANDS. It is called White survival and controlling our own destiny, not letting other races control it for us. We have seen how that has worked out, haven’t we?

  22. SS says:

    To Eye Floater,

    No Way!

    The Tenth Amendment is the Foundation of The Constitution – Thomas Jefferson

    I am mortified to be told that, in the United States of America, the sale of a book can become a subject of inquiry, and of criminal inquiry too. – Thomas Jefferson

    [You will notice the comment to which you are replying has been deleted. I approved your reply nonetheless because you were making an intelligent response to some comment that you thought was written by an intelligent human being. In reality, this “Eye Floaters Cure” is a spam poster, trying to direct traffic to some spammy website. This moderator has seen “Eye Floaters Cure” post that exact same message to various stories here on AR in the last week, and there are other similar spammers working in that fashion. The dead giveaway is that if a moderator edits any posting by this “Eye Floaters Cure” or any similar “person,” s/he will find that there is both an e-mail address and a website URL submitted — It is impossible for a human poster to AR to do that because AR’s comment input system leaves out the URL box (deliberately so), only allows e-mail, even though the internal content management system (“blogging software”) does allow for URL submissions by commenters. The answer therefore is that “Eye Floaters Cure” and similar “posters” are bots or scripts, written with the correct assumption that AR’s CMS can handle both E-Mail and URL, and also submits a political paragraph in a feeble attempt to fool our moderators. Clever, but not clever enough. Game over, insert another quarter to play again. — Moderator]

  23. Anonymous says:

    Due to Mr. Borzellieri’s firing, I will be ordering his book “Don’t Take It Personally: Race, Immigration, Crime and Other Heresies”.

    It has really touched me that he was fired. Especially since he was actually helping the cretins in his school.

  24. HinduCatholic says:

    Just in case y’all don’t know, the Catholic Church has jumped onto the “social justice” bandwagon with both feet and their hands too. In other words, the Church has turned from a staunch anti-marxist organization to a pro-marxist one. I just found out that my own priest (who has since been reassigned to a church even more prestigious than ours, which is pretty high up) was HIDING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in housing that was supposed to be designated for priests. Obviously he was rewarded for that bit of illegal activity. So, it doesn’t surprise me that this principal was fired. The Church is now so pro-liberal and PC that it would fit right in in ANY Communist country. I don’t give them money any more – they don’t deserve any of mine.

  25. Anonymous says:

    “Sometimes I’m appalled at the leaders of my church.”


    Then why are you still in it?

    If you continue to support it, then you are part of the problem.