Posted on August 3, 2011

Australia Uses YouTube to Scare Off Asylum Seekers

Bonnie Malkin, Telegraph (London), August 2, 2011

The first group to be processed under the new “Malaysian solution”, under which Australia will send 800 arrivals to Malaysia and accept 4000 certified refugees in exchange, are expected to arrive on the remote territory of Christmas Island this week, after being picked up in Australian waters on Sunday.

Once they have arrived, they will undergo health checks and within a few days will be sent on to Kuala Lumpur, a process that will be filmed by the government and posted on the video-sharing website.

Chris Bowen, the immigration minister, said posting the videos online would send a powerful message to people-smugglers and their customers that if they attempt the voyage to Australia they will end up in Malaysia.

“We know that people-smugglers tell lies, we know that people-smugglers will be out there saying, ‘Look, this won’t apply to you’ . . . because they are desperate to make money off desperate people,” he told ABC radio.

“We know that many asylum-seekers throughout the region do follow closely what’s happening in Australia; they follow closely announcements of policy changes and they are watching this arrangement quite closely.” Last year more than 50 asylum seekers died off Christmas Island after their flimsy wooden boat broke up in high seas.

The Australian government has used YouTube videos to counter people smuggling before, but this will be the first time that it has used real asylum seekers in the footage.

The announcement of the plan to film asylum seekers comes as the public waits to see if the Malaysia solution does indeed cut the number of boats arriving at Christmas Island. Julia Gillard, the embattled prime minister, has staked her reputation on the policy, and is desperate for it to pay off.

Earlier this week she granted federal police special powers to force asylum seekers onto planes to Malaysia.

10 responses to “Australia Uses YouTube to Scare Off Asylum Seekers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    800 of them leave in exchange for 4000 of them coming in. Wouldn’t that just be the kind of math used by the diversitoids?

  2. fred says:

    The only way this will work is if the prospect of being diverted to Malaysia is so undesirable that it reduces the number attempting to sneak in by boat by at least 80% which is the break-even point. I don’t know enough to say but it sounds unlikely. Instead, they should have just paid some impoverished 3rd world country a flat fee to take in the refugees. Now that the precedent of diverting refugees to another country is established maybe they can take steps to do that in the future. One step at a time. Incrementalism.

  3. Je says:

    “Australia will send 800 arrivals to Malaysia and accept 4000 certified refugees in exchange”

    “800 of them leave in exchange for 4000 of them coming in.”

  4. Jeddermann. says:

    “Australia will send 800 arrivals to Malaysia and accept 4000 certified refugees in exchange”

    “800 of them leave in exchange for 4000 of them coming in.”

    Do the math. Something wrong here. Let me think hard now. All this thinking with the numbers is messing my brain up. And perhaps too for those in the Australian government. You send 800 back and take in 4,000. Certified. Well, if they are certified, why doesn’t Malaysia just keep them if they are refugees. And this isn’t going to deter a single soul. Just shows how the Aussie government can be manipulated and made fools of by “refugees”. Welcome to the club Australia. U.S. has been there for some time now and now you are too. Congratulations!

  5. William says:

    Australia has a refugee program of about 15,000 per anum. Any illegal boat arrivals are put in detention, their cases heard and if accepted the number is removed from the refugeed quota.

    Extremely well subsidised ‘human rights’ lawyers mount continious and vexatious legal challenges that usually lead to the ‘detainees’ being accepted as refugees out of administrative convenience despite the deliberate destruction of documentation.

    This problem led to a policy of ‘offshore processing’ where boats were intercepted and taken to detention centers in cooperative nations such as Naru (well paid for its trouble) which were outside of Australias immigration zone and the vexatious ethno-marxist ‘human rights lawyers’. A new Labour government, which had made some political milage out of describing the detention of familes as ‘cruel’ and criticism of offshore processing shot itself in the foot by reversing the policy. This immediatly lead to a big increase in illegal boat entries and threatened electoral backlash. Australians have a high abstract respect for the rule of law and don’t like ‘que jumpers’ or ‘asylum jumpers’ and so something had to be done.

    The fumbling idea is to transfer illegal boat arrivals to Malaysia and then acccept 5:1 of Malaysias refugees in return. Malaysia is much less popular a destination than Australia as it has a rather attractive welfare and education system. Its worth noting that most of the refugees in Malaysia are non-muslim Burmease while many of the illegal arrivals are from the middle east and may be a better fit for the Malays.

    Immigration flows in Australia are extremely high and are certainly minoritising Whites quite rapidly as well as casing exhorbitant housing costs and infrastructure problems.

    Immigraion is driven from both the left and the right by the usual social-marxist reinginnering on the one had and cheap labour interests on the other.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see what right any of these people have to come to Australia. It’s not the fault of Australians that these people have messed up their countries. Why should Australia get stuck with them? They don’t go to Japan or South Korea.

  7. Zach Sowers says:

    ‘Certified’ refugees sounds better than economic migrants.

    Always insist on Certified Refugees. They’re better than run-of-the-mill economic migrants because they are 100% certified.

  8. Alan D says:

    I agree strongly with what William (#5) has said, especially the part about immigration. The left elite wants to turn white Australians into a minority, and the right elite wants cheap labour, while the wishes of the minority are ignored. In other words the situation here is similar to that in the US, except that we have not gone as far yet.

  9. A Comment from Australia says:

    We take five and give you one! Sorry Canberra, not a good deal and also we do not really want any of them! Canberra, Please consult the Australian people re immigration policy, 85% of us do not want any more Islamic immigrants here!

    To our American readers of this post, please note that at present we have an unofficial coalition of the Greens and the Socialist Labor Party running the Federal Government in Canberra.The Greens want a completely open door refugee (aka illegal Immigration) policy while the Labor Party has gone soft on previously hard line border controls. This Malaysian Solution MAY slow down the numbers of boat people but will do nothing to stop widespread tourist and student visa misuse or imported cheap labour.

    In the meantime the do-gooders, often well paid lawyers, are having a field day attempting to overturn the Malaysian Solution, they are threatening everything from High Court action to taking Australia to the UN.

  10. westerling says:

    If the truth about the Kebec issue be really known to the world, it would open theyes of those who are so blind that they cannot see Kebecois APARTHEID, yet saw South African APARTHEID. The reason being the Kebecois APARTHEID was the brainchild of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre-Elliott Trudeau a closet Racist, who disguised hemself as a great Canadian hero.