Posted on April 20, 2023

Verified Hate: Racial Exorcism

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 20, 2023

“Wokeness” is a faith. We can quibble about the name. Some might call it intersectionality, universalism, or egalitarianism. A more accurate term might be patholatry — the literal worship of suffering and victimhood. However, one can no longer dispute the magical and ritualistic behavior behind this creed. Priests and pastors have put black martyrs on the altar, the intersectional flag is a frequent sight at churches, and there are claims about “black girl magic” and that “trans” people are “sacred.” The fantasy of racial egalitarianism is built on far less evidence than older faiths such as Christianity.

However, if God is real, so too is the Devil, and he manifested in Derek Chauvin. A racial exorcism was necessary.

“This badge, betrayed and so egregiously dishonored, will be destroyed, and the badge number permanently removed from our rosters so that no future Minneapolis police officer should have to wear it,” said Police Chief Brian O’Hara, who said the move was “symbolic but important.” Not assigning the badge number is one thing, but destroying it like an evil relic makes this almost funny. Mr. Chauvin recently had his request for a new trial rejected. It seems that the law does not extend to a racial devil, unlike with the actual devil in A Man For All Seasons.

Religion can also be big business.

You may have heard about a mass shooting in Alabama. Maybe not. I’ll give you one hint about it. None of those killed nor those who did the shooting looked like those pictured here.

Sportsmanship is a white value.

The police are investigating.

The demand for racism always exceeds the supply.

It’s tempting to say some people are just saying this and don’t really believe it. However, even after the collapse of the Duke lacrosse sexual assault story and the UVA fraternity gang-rape story, it’s easy to go after white frat boys. Media are a powerful force — more powerful than facts.

Sometimes, people say that Brazil is the demographic future of America. Even in the future, there will be anti-white race preferences.

Social media are heavily controlled, and Reddit is no exception. One account claims even saying racism is possible against whites is grounds for a ban.

What is allowed on TikTok:

What is not:

Traffic fatalities for blacks have increased since 2020. Luckily, Treasury Secretary Pete Buttigieg has the answer:

I get only partial credit for this one. It was up for some time and was widely circulated, but was eventually deleted.

Does this make the point she thinks it does?

“Civil rights” was top-down, like most social movements in this country. It’s worth reading the movement’s critics from that time. They proved more perceptive about the country’s future than MLK.

Recent riots in Chicago have gained some mainstream media attention, but raw footage is best.

Remember, one state senator called it a “mass protest against poverty and segregation.”

Los Angeles isn’t much better:

Still, sometimes our vibrant, diverse modern life has an almost cinematic quality.

At the University of Texas-Austin, a quiz asks who is most likely repeatedly to violate the rights of others. You’ll never guess it is “wealthy white men.”

“Racism” may or may not mean something. However, in the popular understanding, racism is about “who” not “what.” For example:

At some point, we will need a racial version of Atlas Shrugged. The entitlement below is simply incredible.

Though it isn’t surprising.

Two amusing ones to end with. First, something tells me Anheuser-Busch wants white conservatives to come back, and it is leaning on all the stereotypes.

Finally, Jared Taylor may not be allowed on Twitter, but he haunts it like a specter.