Posted on June 3, 2021

Verified Hate: They Taught Us How to Bathe

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 3, 2021

Truly, we are blessed. We ignorant cave-dwellers can never be thankful enough to our superiors for teaching us the basics of human behavior. We wouldn’t even know how to wash without blacks.

He deleted this tweet, but we saved it. Bishop Talbert Swan still has a verified account.

I note that many blacks really believe this.

Is anyone actually upset when non-whites call us “colonizers?” This seems to be the new slur for us. Even the supposed insults against us remind us of our greatness.

Yes, we are a race of settlers, pioneers, and conquerors. It is the West that is undergoing settler colonization by the Third World.

On a separate note, there will always be those who argue we can’t do anything great as long as there is “suffering.”

Someone recently vandalized the Lewis & Clark Memorial. Apologies for the filthy language.

The new Woke version of Memorial Day just dropped.

This may be what the government will be teaching us soon.

Joy-Ann Reid has some thoughts on what whites should learn in school.

Our heroes are her villains. There’s no reason to pretend we share a national identity.

The tweet below didn’t get much reach but is still important.

Formerly fringe ideas like “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” are about delegitimizing our countries.

The best solution is to break free. If they think they are better off without us, let them prove it.

The rainbow flag with the additions of the black, brown, and transexual colors is the real flag of the regime. In Canada, they put the flag on the crosswalk and someone used his car to make “burn out” marks. This is apparently a crime.

If the new sacred symbol isn’t to be desecrated, don’t put it on the road.

One of the latest controversies on Twitter was about the restaurant Cracker Barrel.

There was another manufactured controversy about actress Ellie Kemper. She won an award at a debutante ball in 1999, the Veiled Prophet Ball. Apparently, this is an outrage because in 1876 a Confederate veteran founded the organization that hosted it. The horror:

Twitter users dutifully erupted.

Of course, Ellie Kemper supports Black Lives Matter, but she gets no credit for that.

Ol’ Faithful Saira Rao tweets:

Again, this is good. Let white liberals reap what they sow.

Finally, the “Director of Competition Policy” at the International Center for Law & Economics and Senior Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute says this:

At least he’s honest about it.