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Hail to the Whiteskins!

Let’s rename Washington’s football team.


Southern Nationalism Is Growing Up

League of the South mixes regional and racial consciousness


Yes, Krystie, We Know About White Privilege

And Abigail Fisher probably does, too.


When Patriotism Meets Conservatism

Lessons from South Africa.

Review by Gregory Hood

Race: The Central Question

Race isn’t everything. But it might as well be.


Whites and Guns

The media have discovered the real source of mass violence: white people.


Back to Blood

Tom Wolfe tackles diversity.

Reviewed by Gregory Hood

Malcolm X: A Model for White Advocates?

He was more a model for Al Sharpton.

Review by Gregory Hood

The End of an Illusion

A hilarious look at the grim reality of Detroit.

Review by Gregory Hood

Shed No Tears for Richard Lugar

The media loved him for all the wrong reasons.


Conservative Ritual Sacrifice

The firing of Leif Parsell.


Lessons for Americans.