Posted on May 24, 2024

The X Files: Remembering Michael Brown

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 24, 2024

Propaganda, guilt, and belief can change perception in ways we can barely fathom. Some people actually feel more pain if they think a white person is giving them an electric shock rather than a black person.

American Renaissance has published a lot of research over the years proving that white people avoid integration, but most whites people never admit it.

As the hippies used to say, whites “need to get in touch with their feelings.”

Some say race is a social construct. It’s biology. Even class is not a social construct; it also reflects biology.

Chase inequality out with a pitchfork and it will return. Black writer “Ida Bae Wells” will never understand this.

Black-run countries failed to build wealth or achieve equality.

There is a whole industry of snarky anti-white white people.

Do any of these things happen? Even in history?

More than 53,0000 people liked a comment calling the Confederate flag “some loser flag.”

Mexicans, American Indians, and “colonized” Third Worlders get upset if you apply the same standard to them.

More signs of resistance in Ireland:

Keith Woods gave a great speech about this at the last American Renaissance.

The Irish and other Europeans are simply asking for the same rights progressives champion for “indigenous people.” Somehow, Europeans are never “indigenous,” not even in Europe.

It’s tiresome.

It’s so common to exclude whites from benefits that we forget how sinister it is.

Blacks violate certain laws more often than whites, so we stop enforcing those laws.

Think how bored we would be in an all-white country.

There is a saying — “get woke, go broke,” but wokeness is not crushing corporate America (I wish it were). What’s the ROI on DEI?

If she had used the money responsibly instead of pocketing it, what difference would it have made? It would not have increased profits. Hiring incompetents lowers profits. The companies were better off with a thief.

Since the so-called Civil Rights Movement, we have dismantled our civilization in the name of racial equality. What thanks do we get?

Remember, these people would never let whites go their own way.

Many in the Global South also trash Western Civilization.

But they still want to come here. And after what happened to Lara Logan there in 2011, Egypt hardly seems civilized.

Here is a message from an African-American.

Clearly, we need to check our privilege.

A non-white talking head on “The View” has figured out why people are starting to pay attention to the WNBA.

For years, we have heard complaints that no one pays attention to women’s basketball. The league finally gets a good player and someone on national TV denounces her for being white.

Meanwhile, in Britain:

Jasmine Crockett seems to agree.

The clamor for reparations goes on.

Who owes whom? Blacks benefit tremendously from living with whites; we suffer.

Get ready for the next feel-good film for the whole family.

There will be drug addiction, robbing a woman at gunpoint, dying from fentanyl after trying to pass a counterfeit bill, lying to police. I can’t wait.

It’s now a cult.

Jesus didn’t die for your sins. George did.

We palefaces can’t compete with this level of brilliance.

They’re not playing with the same deck.

Finally, tributes to the Gentle Giant, Michael Brown. Hands up, don’t shoot never happened, but that doesn’t matter.

Mark Twain is supposed to have said that it’s easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled.