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Black activists flung excrement at Cecil Rhodes statue, which will now be removed from campus.

“Whose heritage are we preserving?” blacks ask.

South African utility must reflect the country’s demographics.

She proposed that foreigners be let in to work but live apart from Japanese.

The inner workings of the social media crusade against “insensitivity.”

“We’re turning into a banana republic.”

The End of South Africa, National Review

National Review columnist calls for a Boer ethnostate.

South Africans resent immigrants.

Fight broke out over $23-million upgrade to Jacob Zuma’s home.

Black reporters travel to the ethnostate within a state.

Protesters thought anti-racist show was racist and closed it down.

Snuffing Out South African Identity


The campaign against the Afrikaners.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

He says he was a member of a persecuted minority in South Africa.

By hiring affirmative-action incompetents.

Richard Spencer reports on the 2014 AmRen Conference.

2014 American Renaissance Conference


A weekend of fellowship and commitment.


South African government raises pro sports racial quota to 60% for blacks.

Nearly a quarter of young black women in South Africa are infected.

Their way of refusing to vote for the city’s budget.

Next to Mexico City, Detroit is the most miserable city in North America.

Anti-apartheid activist will be the presidential candidate for the leading opposition party.

We hope to see you in Nashville this April.

His ghost writer concealed the fact that he was a Communist committed to violence.

The “Royal House of Mandela” reminds us of the King family.

Eating grass “demonstrates that, with God’s power, we can do anything.”

“I used to practice witchcraft around here, bewitching the Boers during apartheid.”

Twenty-eight years after Apartheid, what is keeping South African blacks poor and unemployed?

Videos showing Zuma being booed at Mandela’s funeral were also banned.

An Open Letter to Justine Sacco


. . . the latest victim of a PC lynch mob.


Thousands of people were let in without being searched.

Straight dope on South Africa.

He may have been mentally unfit to stand trial.

Erasing our “Racist” Past


How to control the future.


Hardly any whites were in the audience.

It’s the second burglary of his home in the past four months.

We’re sure he meant well.

The Long Walk to a Myth, Living in a Madhouse

A realistic assessment of Nelson Mandela.

Four US presidents will attend the funeral in Johannesburg.

Conservative leaders say Mandela brought “freedom” to South Africa.

To say that Mandela’s death was “sudden” is unforgivable.

Mandela: White Genocide with a Whimper


Madiba’s true legacy.


Immigrants being run out of South Africa.

Honoring Nelson Mandela, Huffington Post

George H.W. Bush praises Mandela’s “moral leadership, courage, and vision.”

In an interview with the BBC.

Last month, 400 Afrikaners rallied against dispossession.

Party banner: “Honeymoon is over for white people in South Africa.”

Victim’s son could recognize the mutilated body only by its hands.

Afrikaners march in Pretoria against white genocide.

South African press photographs of the march.

Why We Profile, Those Who Can See

Wherever they live, blacks commit more crime.