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The Obama Brief, New Yorker

The president speaks on judicial diversity and racial preferences.

NASCAR started its Drive for Diversity program in 2004.

Sign up for a webinar on how you can cash in.

Having more black cops does not reduce the number of police shootings.

Transvestite heralds the decline of white norms.

65 percent of elected officials are white men.

City agencies will be graded on the “diversity” of their contractors.

He thinks non-white soccer coaches in Britain should get special consideration.

“Does a councilperson have to be black to represent black voters?”

Yet another form of discrimination is discovered.

Company mandates diversity training to combat “unconscious bias.”

Author says discrimination is why only 7.5 percent of airline pilots are black or Hispanic.

Blacks just don’t sign up for combat arms.

Says Cher wanted fewer dark-skinned dancers on stage.

The problem was too many whites.

Police in Charlotte, NC, have even recruited in Puerto Rico.

Non-white wore a shirt that said “Merit Matters.”

Why Isn’t My Professor Black?


Blacks in Britain are learning how to play the grievance game.


Another crisis.

Arne Duncan says having fewer white teachers would be “doing the right thing for our nation.”

Study of St. Louis police shootings finds black and white officers equally likely to shoot suspects.

Ferguson: A Police Officer’s Perspective


Jared Taylor interviews officer John Sullivan for AR’s inaugural podcast.


A very happy ending for the multi-culties.

State senator: “It’s a political move to try to calm down the African-American community.”

When “diversity” is a priority, standards drop.

Only in Washington, DC, are whites underrepresented on big-city police forces.

He says “this tragedy can give rise to new understanding.”

Apple appears to be just as discriminating as the all the other tech companies.

Both US and international audiences prefer white superheroes.

She was hired because she was black.

Rep. Mo Brooks hopes we can get beyond race.

Sick of White People


A white savior speaks for blacks.


He pretended to use minority- and woman-owned subcontractors.

Experience and aptitude are less important than “diversity.”

Only non-whites can teach non-whites about being non-white.

Industry spokesman: Tech firms must “expand the definitions of merit.”

Twitter is white and Asian, just like all the other tech companies.

Study Finds Diversity Toll, Wall Street Journal

Non-whites who push “diversity” are seen as less competent.

Company says the government’s inquiries violate the Fourth Amendment.

He says company executives should give their own jobs to blacks.

Non-whites must be promoted in order for films to get money from public fund.

And she’s black, to boot.

But young liberals still think affirmative action programs are a good thing.

Even for the diversity-oriented NPR program, the typical listener was “a white suburban mom.”

“Our Parliament is still nowhere near representative enough of the country we live in today.”

Blacks and Hispanics make up only three percent of the company’s tech workers.

British comedian says set-asides to develop acting talent in non-whites are not enough.

The same pattern.

Class-based affirmative action would help poor whites.

Asian author says “yes.”