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Black who scored low on the ACT believes she was rejected due to her “morals.”

Owner says employers who pretend otherwise are hypocrites.

Letting the Free Market Bare Its Teeth


How libertarianism can advance white interests.


South African government raises pro sports racial quota to 60% for blacks.

There are many black coaches in Division I basketball, but their teams do badly.

Loony ideas from the inventor of Lotus 1-2-3.

Black Coaches in Pro Sports


Accusations of racism are not plausible.


Can you spot the “racial discrimination?”

Jackson: “Technology is supposed to be about inclusion.”

The district agreed to drop the language after media inquiries.

De Blasio wants $98 million awarded to non-whites who claim written tests were discriminatory.

Minorities in Energy Initiative, Department of Energy

Contact [email protected] to get involved.

The usual handwringing; this time at Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Government may revive snooping plan.

We think our readers can guess.

The Hollywood Diversity Report says the industry is “woefully out of touch with an emerging America.”

“My Brother’s Keeper” will hold their hands until they get jobs.

The War on Truth, Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard writes something sensible about diversity.

Thorough analysis of racial preferences completely ignores differences in intelligence.

Obama going all out to appoint anyone but white men.

And a black man is chairman of the board.

Report issued by UCLA black-studies center.

Ethnic Chinese don’t like laws that favor Malays.

Blacks and Hispanics are “excluded” from Silicon Valley.

Obama isn’t appointing as many black judges as the Black Caucus would like.

Guess what the NAACP thinks.

He calls the clamors for more non-whites in comedy “PC nonsense.”

She says she may not be the smartest justice, but she will be competent.

Race-based contracting is still common.

Thousands of verdicts in jeopardy because of incompetent analysis.

We hope to see you in Nashville this April.

More non-white judges has been a “legacy priority” for Obama.

There will be a “London is You” recruitment drive with a focus on hiring non-whites.

Few women, blacks, or Hispanics take the computer science AP exam.

Los Angeles mayor says this is “unacceptable.”

Another capitulation to pressure tactics.

Lack of diversity must really be holding back the world’s most valuable company.

Black Baltimore mayor wants black fire chief to solve the “persistent problem” of too many white firemen.

No non-white coaches or GMs were hired last year, despite the “Rooney rule.”

Show had been criticized for not having any black women in its cast.

How many New Yorkers will die unnecessarily in fires?

Mandela: White Genocide with a Whimper


Madiba’s true legacy.


Diversity—by Judge’s Order


Legal teams must match clients by race and sex.


Asians administrators fill Obamacare’s highest ranks.

Vice chancellor: “It is difficult to eliminate this painful imbalance without considering race in the admissions process.”

It also says, “Assume racism is everywhere, every day.”

How our rulers think they will improve the military.

They’re both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

Management team would be “better” with fewer white men.

Leader of non-white orchestra wants national orchestras to hire more non-whites.