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Flinging Poo at South Africa’s Past


The Rhodes statue and the “transformation” of universities.


The county is 92 percent white.

Will spend $150 million this year trying to turn the place brown.

“Diversity and inclusion are national security imperatives.”

“Minority enrollment’s been going down, open it up or we’ll shut it down.”

95 percent of Indian company’s 14,000 US employees are South Asians.

“Political correctness be damned.”

Tough test is likely to be thrown out because of “disparate impact.”

They say black university acted to maintain its blackness.

Jeb Bush is the only governor to ban racial preferences in college admissions.

It worked.

“The blacker one’s features . . . the lower that person generally is on the economic and social totem pole.”

“Before it was white against blacks. Now it’s just blue against blacks.”

Women and non-whites are overrepresented.

Cop-killer Joanne Chesimard is Tupac Shakur’s aunt.

Apple pours millions into black colleges.

Project is called CODE2040 for the year whites become a minority.

Major companies have a “lack of people of foreign origin” in top positions.

South African utility must reflect the country’s demographics.

Will introduce “gender neutral” standards for all jobs.

Not talking about the number of blacks who would benefit would be “political malpractice.”

But “Hollywood is not progressing at the same rate as America is diversifying.”

It is an ethical obligation.

Government doles out millions to increase number of non-white farmers.

Advice for a white job-seeker.

A black woman is in charge of spending the money.

Match Made in Heaven?


Is this the most eligible black bachelor in America?


Just 5 percent of majority-white districts are represented by non-whites.

Stock climbs 5 percent after black CEO resigns.

Black officers were promoted under to a court order that has now been overturned.

On most major networks, blacks are overrepresented.

Whites were the only nominees in 2011 as well.

Jesse Jackson is pleased.

Of 15 new cardinals, only 5 are European.

Trying to solve a problem that does not exist.

Sierra Club says Michael Brown and Eric Garner are “victims of injustice.”

He will pressure Sony execs to push for more diversity.

He doesn’t like “Racist NYPD CRACKERS.”

Associating “whiteness” with “divine favor and heroism” is unacceptable.

“Fixing” tech means hiring fewer whites.

Jesse Jackson also spoke at the shareholder’s meeting.

Face to Face with Race


Firsthand accounts give up-close views of racial diversity.

Reviewed by John Engelman

The Times describes her as a “low-profile prosecutor.”

Silicon Valley: A Shocking Lack of Diversity


Jared Taylor explains why it’s nothing to worry about.


And Jesse Jackson isn’t happy.

Fantasy novels and movies are overwhelmingly white.

The Obama Brief, New Yorker

The president speaks on judicial diversity and racial preferences.

NASCAR started its Drive for Diversity program in 2004.

Sign up for a webinar on how you can cash in.

Having more black cops does not reduce the number of police shootings.