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The more they get the more they want.

More non-whites would better protect the country.

UC president Janet Napolitano announces $25 million for illegals to help campuses turn brown.

New study contradicts previous research that found “discrimination.”

Maybe Metro will finally hire whites.

It is an “absolute business imperative.”

Program is run by a government-funded charity.

She was the wrong race for the Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program.

There’s “been a bit of a backlash within the company.”

Says he’s tried hard to “transform” the federal courts from a “diversity standpoint.”

Diversity of ideas.

Ferguson mayor says the city now needs a “massive recruiting drive” for more black officers.

As the concept of “white privilege” spreads, some whites are pushing back.

“The DNA of blacks cannot be distinguished from the DNA of Asians or the DNA of whites.”

Black actors now being cast in roles formerly played by whites.

Chris Christie’s administration was pressuring the department for more non-whites.

Non-whites hope the data will boost their calls for more non-white staff.

America’s Balkan Values, National Review

The absurdities of liberal views of race.

Board says company diversity strategy is already “much broader” than the proposal.

CBS Entertainment president: “We’re not casting color blind, we’re casting color conscious.”

Only white men have no vested interested in “diversity.”

The truth slips briefly into print.

She prioritizes hiring non-whites.

A blind lottery didn’t do the job.

One woman and one non-white must be among the final candidates.

The company has succeeded under an all-white board. Now it can afford “diversity.”

Faculty will also get training on implicit bias in faculty searches.

Dean at HBCU was said to be trying to purge all white teachers.

SAT’s Racial Impact, Inside Higher Ed

Race is a strong predictor of SAT scores.

Because white people can’t relate to Hispanic students.

British home secretary is also critical of police “stop and search.”

One of the lead characters is a black man.

Cincinnati councilman: “People are going to have to do business a different way.”

Although admissions officers called Asian applicants “shy” and “quiet.”

Share of black teachers actually declining.

Diversity-mongers used to ignore smaller tech companies.

Indians fight back against affirmative action.

She’d ruled two earlier exams “discriminatory.”

An employee will get $4,000 if he refers an “underrepresented” non-white.

Says Kansas City “is very proud of the work of National Council of La Raza.”

“The National Park Service is the logical leader to blaze a trail to racial diversity in the natural world.”

World champions but not diverse enough.

Head of agency says diversity is “absolutely critical to CIA’s success.”

The Central Inclusiveness Agency, Wall Street Journal

CIA will go all out to change its “culture” and promote non-whites.

94 percent of employees are white or Asian.

Out of 1,231 new hires.

Casting directors must navigate a racial minefield.

He blames stop-and-frisk, since it caught so many non-whites committing crimes.

That’s on top of $300 million the company has pledged to “diversify” its own employees.

Bantu community leader: “People were thinking, to be a police officer . . . you have to be white.”