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The court’s majority has “a blinkered view of race.”

“Today’s decision turns back our nation’s commitment to racial equality.”

In 2012 more Hispanic than white high-school graduates went to college.

Sotomayor dissents: She wants to correct the “unfortunate effects of centuries of racial discrimination.”

The university forgot to call it “diversity.”

Letting the Free Market Bare Its Teeth


How libertarianism can advance white interests.


“If it were a good argument, it would be an offensive one to make.”

Jeremiah Wright will be speaking.

Son of Ghanaian immigrants is ranked 11th in his graduating class.

Indian universities receive NASA grants to “inspire the next generation of explorers.”

Asians kill deal that could have brought back racial preferences.

The district agreed to drop the language after media inquiries.

Are You In?, CollegeBoard

College Board wants more non-whites in AP classes.

Chinese finally waking up to what “affirmative action” really means.

More black self-absorption.

He says the program “goes to the very heart of why I ran for President.”

They want an “exact commitment” to each “demand” on their lefty wish list.

Blacks wanting more blacks on campus is “anti-racist activism.”

The War on Truth, Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard writes something sensible about diversity.

Thorough analysis of racial preferences completely ignores differences in intelligence.

California legislators are determined to discriminate against whites.

But the President was short on the details.

Zero tolerance policies were meant to shield schools from charges of discrimination.

Few women, blacks, or Hispanics take the computer science AP exam.

Jackson says “The absence of blacks diminishes the greatness” of Oxford and Cambridge.

Whites seem to be avoiding lower-tier law schools.

Obama Supports Racial Preferences . . . Again, Center for Equal Opportunity

Wants universities to discriminate against whites and Asians.

There is a 22-point gap between blacks and whites at Division I schools.

At a few top schools, blacks have higher graduation rates than whites.

The Court seems likely to uphold Michigan’s ban on racial preferences in school admissions.

Blacks and Hispanics want more blacks and Hispanics on campus.

There’s a whole industry dependent on the practice.

In other words, racial discrimination against whites is still fine.

More evidence for “mismatch theory.”

Professor Santiago Piñón set up a study session only for non-whites.

“The announcement . . . came two days after U.S. News and World Report ranked the school the top national university . . . .”

Equal protection requires preferential treatment.

Meritocracy or Bias?, Inside Higher Ed

Whites may not support strict meritocracy if they are reminded of the academic success of Asians.

Strong words from a Notre Dame professor.

The Los Angeles Times reports black student’s struggle at UC Berkeley.

Opposing “enlightened” policies like affirmative action is proof of “racism.”

Texas Race Case Defiance, Wall Street Journal

University of Texas trying to get the Fisher case thrown out.

Now “dark ones” is racist?

The public and the Supreme Court are at odds.

You must attend a college that “historically” serves non-whites.

University presidents claim “diversity” is essential to education.

Available only to certain people.

Yes, Krystie, We Know About White Privilege


And Abigail Fisher probably does, too.


Justices Reconfirm: Discrimination Against Whites is OK


A defeat in the form of a compromise.


Court reaffirms Constitutionality of discrimination against whites; just wants to tinker with the method.