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Raoul Wallenberg High School wanted a Hispanic.

The government pushes top UK schools to admit poor people and non-whites.

Another prodigy.

Guess the race and sex.

As the concept of “white privilege” spreads, some whites are pushing back.

Non-whites hope the data will boost their calls for more non-white staff.

Asians do well academically, but many admissions officers think their personalities are flat.

America’s Balkan Values, National Review

The absurdities of liberal views of race.

He hopes to give fifty $2,500 grants.

Ron Unz is hoping to influence the Harvard admissions process.

One that boosted enrollment of blacks and Hispanics at U of M by 24 percent in one year.

Good sense, as usual, from Walter Williams.

The truth slips briefly into print.

Race Preferences at the Supreme Court


Our court watcher predicts there will be no change in “affirmative action.”


Researcher: A non-racial approach to affirmative action would reduce blacks in college by 50 percent.

At “diverse” colleges students self-segregate.

Heresy at National Review.

The Asian argument for racial preferences.

They cite “mismatch” theory and even question the value of diversity.

Diversity undermines trust, making us second-guess our peers.

John Roberts wants to know when racial preferences will no longer be necessary.

Non-whites perform poorly, then take it out on the university.

Foolishness from the secretary of education.

One woman and one non-white must be among the final candidates.

Several Yalies cried during speech opposing racial preferences.

They don’t want to “disenfranchise other communities of color.”

It’s only for blacks and Hispanics.

Racial preferences lead to a “mismatch effect” for blacks.

The principal withheld the results because too many winners were white.

They have a lot; they want more.

Share of black teachers actually declining.

Can whites even apply?

That is, the “climate” for blacks at Berkeley.

Most underrepresented groups are “white Christians, Christians, white Republicans, and Republicans.”

Indians fight back against affirmative action.

The goal is to increase non-white enrollment.

It helps them get racial preferences.

It’s part of the search for diversity.

A look inside a faculty “microaggression” seminar at the University of California.

On a technicality. A similar suit will move forward.

The Fischer case will be taken up again by the Court.

He’s been behind several high-profile cases that pushed for race-neutral policies.

Blacks want doctors who look like them.

Asians say they face discrimination; they are only 21 percent of freshman class.

Flinging Poo at South Africa’s Past


The Rhodes statue and the “transformation” of universities.


They say black university acted to maintain its blackness.

Jeb Bush is the only governor to ban racial preferences in college admissions.

His parents are Nigerian immigrants.

Pat Buchanan talks race and IQ.

80 percent of top schools use racial preferences.