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The goal is to increase non-white enrollment.

It helps them get racial preferences.

It’s part of the search for diversity.

A look inside a faculty “microaggression” seminar at the University of California.

On a technicality. A similar suit will move forward.

The Fischer case will be taken up again by the Court.

He’s been behind several high-profile cases that pushed for race-neutral policies.

Blacks want doctors who look like them.

Asians say they face discrimination; they are only 21 percent of freshman class.

Flinging Poo at South Africa’s Past


The Rhodes statue and the “transformation” of universities.


They say black university acted to maintain its blackness.

Jeb Bush is the only governor to ban racial preferences in college admissions.

His parents are Nigerian immigrants.

Pat Buchanan talks race and IQ.

80 percent of top schools use racial preferences.

Cop-killer Joanne Chesimard is Tupac Shakur’s aunt.

To get into top schools, they have to get higher test scores than any other race.

Universities that are at least 25 percent Hispanic get special federal handouts.

Blacks are many times more likely to be admitted than whites with similar credentials.

Harvard Under Fire, The Economist

Asian plaintiff challenges the university’s racial preferences.

Professor at University of Maryland realizes what is happening.

Lawsuit says affirmative action holds Asians to higher standards.

The Obama Brief, New Yorker

The president speaks on judicial diversity and racial preferences.

Tax money for schools to help them “modify enrollment processes” to admit fewer whites.

Another way around bans on racial preferences.

Making Money on White Displacement


An insider’s story.


Rep. Mo Brooks hopes we can get beyond race.

That would be the result of basing admissions on “holistic” criteria than test scores.

Madness in Madison, Pope Center

U. of Wisconsin professor lambastes his school’s new “diversity initiative.”

Texas race preferences are “narrowly tailored.”

The case might even go back to the Supreme Court.

But young liberals still think affirmative action programs are a good thing.

Using their growing numbers to promote their interests.

America in 2034


We are not doomed.


Class-based affirmative action would help poor whites.

America in 2034


The triumph of the boring.


Non-whites will test their experiments in near-zero gravity.

And how immigration guarantees a “constant influx of the ‘disadvantaged’.”

Another “anonymous note.”

Insider’s new book on racial preferences in college admissions.

Professors less likely to write back to LaToya Brown than to Brad Anderson.

Half of young whites think they face as much discrimination as non-whites.

Asians out of step with other non-whites on racial preferences.

Getting Into the Ivies, New York Times

Since 1994, the number of places at Harvard filled by Americans has dropped by 27 percent.

Non-white beneficiaries are often wealthy or mixed-race.

The court’s majority has “a blinkered view of race.”

“Today’s decision turns back our nation’s commitment to racial equality.”

In 2012 more Hispanic than white high-school graduates went to college.

Sotomayor dissents: She wants to correct the “unfortunate effects of centuries of racial discrimination.”

The university forgot to call it “diversity.”