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Who Is Running John Kasich’s Campaign?


Insanity on the road to New Hampshire.


“They are drawing attention to issues that need to be drawn to.”

Hispanics say they will write off any candidate who doesn’t support amnesty.

A Whiter Shade of Candidate, Slate Star Codex

Media fail to notice Bernie Sanders’ monochromatic support.

Black activists want a full presidential debate on Black Lives Matter.

Finds no similar backlash to Asian immigration.

Civil-Rights Republicanism, National Review

National Review thinks Republicans can win black votes by promoting “civil rights.”

As the white population declines, so too will gun rights.

LA mayor’s attempt to pander ends in chaos.

The Ben Carson Money Machine


Making millions from white guilt.


Trump’s supporters look a lot like those of Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, and George Wallace.

Boehner flouted white interests.

NBC in contortions to call Trump a “racist.”

Campaign could add “millions” to the electorate before the November elections.

A fitting reply.

Policies that drive away Hispanics could attract blacks.

Conservatives are rejecting their Trump-supporting, pro-white constituents.

By attacking Democrats, it could depress black voter turnout.

Mexico bans immigrants who upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.”

Chicago Tribune interviews Richard Spencer.

Even Jeb is a nasty racist.

Even arch-panderers Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio poll low with Hispanics.

Donald Trump: A Call for Deportation


A discussion with Peter Brimelow about Trump’s immigration plan.


Hispanics think their interests are sacred.

55 percent of whites would vote for The Donald over Hillary.

Old white racists cannot be Democratic symbols.

The Times discovers “cuckservative.”

Which candidate will be next?

Says he might have fought them off personally.

Says “no one will fight harder to end institutional racism.”

Trump Dominates First GOP Debate


But will he stand up for whites?


She’s down among blacks, too.

An Open Letter to Cuckservatives


You aren’t just betraying your principles.


“I have Hispanic children. I have Hispanic grandchildren. I’m part of the community.”

The intent is increasingly clear.

Candidates are being bullied to talk about “issues of color.”

Will rich Democrats accept Section 8 housing in their backyards?

He’s taking attention away from candidates who are squishy on immigration.

Says all the Republican candidates except Trump are “pussies.”

Ann Coulter on ¡Adios, America!


The Washington stop of her national book tour.


A white man ran as a black for the Stockton city council in 1983.

Ann Coulter says working-class whites are the only swing voters.

Some Hispanics say “no.”

Voters under 40 are twice as likely as their elders to agree.

If blacks didn’t die young, there would be enough of them to swing elections.

They complain that white “progressives” don’t spend enough money on Hispanics.

He says the children of Third-World immigrants will “bury the GOP.”

He’s their senator, right or wrong.

The “Task Force on New Americans” will help them naturalize so they can vote.

White Man: Why Are You Giving Away Your Country?


A Hispanic student wants to know.