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Keeping an Eye on the Lefties


Lessons from RootsCamp.


He also defended the Nation of Islam.

Trump won 29 percent as opposed to Romney’s 27 percent.

New York Times ponders the difference between “nationalist” and “supremacist.”

Jared Taylor chats with Vox’s Zack Beauchamp.

A conversation with George Hawley.

A report on the National Policy Institute’s weekend conference.

“The beatings will continue until intersectional morale improves.”

And there are no signs of a new one.

They are now just three points behind the Social Democrats.

Through the Eyes of Sam Francis


What he wrote 25 year ago is even more relevant today.


The majority eventually realizes they have an identity too.

Another Jamelle Bouie lecture on white wickedness.

To white people: “You need to sit in your guilt right now. You need to feel bad.”

Jared Taylor: Trump’s win is “part of a worldwide reawakening of nationalist sentiment.”

Donald Trump Wins!


How it happened, and what it means both for America and for the world.


“Reason white women chose Trump over Clinton is simple: racism.”

Rush Limbaugh says there is nothing wrong with whites voting in their own interests.

Fabled Hispanic vote is yet to materialize.

“People finally woke up and said ‘enough.’”

The data.

Whites Hand Trump a Great Victory


They are beginning to vote like people of other races–in their own interests.


Pat Buchanan: “Whatever happens Tuesday, there is no going back now.”

This election will be seen as the “beginning of a new stage.”

“As it turned out, the Obama era would supply only one racial miracle: his election.”

Even Hispanics want immigration laws enforced.

Why Obama Will Win, AR Classic Article

Whites jump at any chance to feel virtuous.

Nation is sharply divided.

It’s become the party for white people–of all classes.

Whites may finally be reacting to dispossession.

Black early-voting turnout is down about 15 percent in both North Carolina and Florida.

Among white Millennials with an opinion on the Alt-Right, “the favorable-unfavorable divide is 33%-19%.”

“Diversity” increased most in the Midwest.

Early voting by whites and Hispanics is up.

Trump has the same non-white support as Romney.

Rise of the Alt-Right, The American Conservative

A thoughtful account of the factors contributing to the rise in white racial consciousness.

Documentary includes the AR conference and a four-minute interview with Jared Taylor.

Reflections on Jared Taylor’s “Letter to Cuckservatives.”

Did not realize his Thai opponent is a daughter of the American Revolution.

He was upset at a black woman who knelt while singing the national anthem.

Ann Coulter: “Look to Mexico for your future–or any Third World country.”

Includes more police, and incentives for businesses to move to black areas.

“[A]s a Latino, [Rubio is] a freaking sellout. I would not vote for him if they paid me.”

Clinton canvassers listen for their distinct accent since they widely favor her.

Summoning the Ghost of Ralph Nader


A different strategy for a Trump victory.


LA Mayor Garcetti: ‘“We are well past the tipping point–everywhere.”

Only bitterness and fear can explain why whites say things like, “I don’t want my community changed.”

Some college Republicans are mum about who they support.

“In general, whites are twice as likely as blacks and Hispanics to be very distrustful of the government . . . .”

Trump’s support among Hispanics is close to Romney’s.