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They’re stoking fears of voter suppression to boost turnout.

Did Republicans pay for ads calling tea party activists “racist?”

Party and former candidate will appeal.

He says we’re still a “nation of cowards.”

It doesn’t appeal to working-class whites.

Republicans not allowed, even if they are Hispanic.

GOP stands for gringos y otros pendejos.”

Congress celebrates 50 years of civil rights.

Changing demographics may bring an end to an era.

Using their growing numbers to promote their interests.

America in 2034


Local communities are finding their own way.


The senator holds out hope against all evidence.

Rename Washington


The nation’s capital is no longer worthy of the name.


Minority whites are now the swing voters who must be courted.

Senate candidate suggested whites are North Carolina’s “traditional” population.

America in 2034


More of the same.


Citizenship, age, and low turnout limit Hispanic influence.

America in 2034


A real break from the leftist revolution.


The party has dedicated $60 million to wooing blacks.

Could combine with southern Oregon to become the 51st state.

Bangladeshis use novel techniques to maintain power in British borough.

You still have time to register!

An inspiring message from the youth wing of the Swedish Democrats.

And how immigration guarantees a “constant influx of the ‘disadvantaged’.”

Four years ago, Ta-Nehisi Coates opposed reparations. He’s changed his mind.

Private conversation is overheard and reported; sinks popular police commissioner.

Even Democrats sometimes blurt out the truth.

British conservatives urged to pander to non-whites.

And he’s not apologizing.

Even Hispanic evangelicals vote Democrat.

Says party will run lots of non-white candidates to prove it’s not “racist.”

Says Republicans “need to own up to their racism.”

The Black Caucus wants targeted spending among the long-term poor.

He said Thomas “doesn’t like black people, he doesn’t like being black.”

It would only increase the Hispanic vote in key swing states.

Romney received 90 percent of the white vote in some Southern counties.

Just six percent of voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job.

Voters know better than their betters.

Jared Taylor asks a smart question; gets stupid answers.

They just want “to better participate in our nation’s political process.”

Another “breakthough” on its way?

For counties, a 1% increase in immigrant share of population reduces Republican vote by 0.6%.

Political strategy for the long term.

“Among those below the age of 18 in Berlin, 45 percent have foreign roots.”

Wants to stop the defection to the Democrats.

And that’s why Republicans won’t vote for amnesty.

First Asian to have a full-time job in British cabinet.

Hip-Hop Hegemony


Degeneracy is now mainstream.


Letting the Free Market Bare Its Teeth


How libertarianism can advance white interests.


The Next America, Pew Research

We can look forward to an “intricate new racial tapestry.”