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How Trump Could Pull It Off


A full-scale analysis of white voters could be a road map for the Trump campaign.

Review by Thomas Jackson

“There is no real America. You don’t own it.”

Says he demands “respect for the rights and heritage of European-Americans.”

Race is more important than business for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The congressman fought back against gloating about white decline.

Just 18 of 2,473 GOP delegates are black.

Just three of the interns in the photo are non-white.

VICE’s attempt to understand white consciousness.

His name has become a talisman for white identity.

He also says he’d make a better vice president than “total sellout cuck” Newt Gingrich.

Blacks have had to endure all the “racism” heaped on Obama.

Congressional candidate says a white supermajority used to be America’s strength.

Exit polls in 2012 underestimated the working-class white vote by millions.

Black author: “The Sanders insurgency is largely a white revolution.”

Audience laughs at idea of discrimination against whites.

Pat Buchanan says Trump’s support is fueled by the dispossession of white men.

Why Trump is pulling ahead.

Even as liberals embrace it.

The Schizophrenic Left, the Confused Cuckservatives, and the Path to American Greatness


Only we can contribute to a debate that baffles both Right and Left.


The Federalist: Self-defense is to be expected.

This is the one to force integration in cities.

Wall Street Journal promotes American Renaissance conference.

Red State concedes defeat.

Conservatism Devours Itself


The Buckley movement betrayed both itself and the country.


“We are raising money with the intent of defeating mediocre white dudes . . . .”

Hispandering gone wrong.

What Will Replace Conservatism?


Could white advocates pick up the pieces?

Review by Thomas Jackson

One-quarter of white men with only a high school education are out of work.

Hillary concedes: “It’s gotten increasingly challenging” for Dems to win Appalachia.

“I want to vote against racism and hate.”

“She has lived her life; it’s like our lives. And she knows what we need.”

Another unconstitutional act by a Democrat executive.

Says move is to rectify “long and sad history” of suppressing black voting power.

Only Trump seems to target them.

The campaign calls them “The Mothers of the Movement.”

Mayor de Blasio joked that he was on “C.P. Time.”

Former New York lieutenant governor says Hillary is stirring up blacks.

Whites are less likely to support gun control after seeing pictures of blacks.

Sharp age split among Hispanics on which Democrat to support.

Coulter thinks Trump will win the white vote in states where Romney lost it.

A conservative thinks Trump will reduce support for white nationalism.

Groups that make anti-Trump statements are getting federal funding to help naturalize immigrants.

WaPo says Trump appeals the “raw identity politics” of whites.

Larry Elder pins the tail on the donkey.

Hispanic business owner is harassed and called “racist” for supporting Trump.

Many of her former supporters are defecting to Trump.

The hardliners on immigration–Trump and Cruz–have won 77 percent of delegates.

Taming the White Beast


Demographic change will cure white xenophobia.

Review by Jared Taylor

$15 million will be dumped in a new PAC called “Immigrant Voters Win.”

In the general electorate, a majority of white men support Trump.