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Political strategy for the long term.

“Among those below the age of 18 in Berlin, 45 percent have foreign roots.”

Wants to stop the defection to the Democrats.

And that’s why Republicans won’t vote for amnesty.

First Asian to have a full-time job in British cabinet.

Hip-Hop Hegemony


Degeneracy is now mainstream.


Letting the Free Market Bare Its Teeth


How libertarianism can advance white interests.


The Next America, Pew Research

We can look forward to an “intricate new racial tapestry.”

“Back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”

They support the party but demand nothing in return.

Jobbik won 20.5 percent of the vote in Sunday’s elections.

A single vendor is enough to taint a political rally.

He thinks a majority of Hispanics may be “conservative.”

A remarkable column by Diana West.

Pollster’s advice to GOP: “Try to take as much of the anti-government rhetoric out.”

Asians kill deal that could have brought back racial preferences.

And non-whites remain solidly Democratic.

He says the city needs to stop gentrification and whites need to be more open-minded.

It may be due to race.

That Old-Time Whistle, New York Times

Even oblique critiques of black shortcomings are not allowed.

Fewer than half of Hispanics in America are eligible to vote.

Their way of refusing to vote for the city’s budget.

Let out early because she is bipolar.

“. . . to change the dialogue in this country.”

Millennials in Adulthood, Pew Social Trends

They are more “diverse” than older generations, and have less social trust.

Where is the C in CPAC?


What are “conservatives” trying to conserve?


The only real man at CPAC was a woman.

Richard Spencer says “We used to think of ourselves as an extended family and a nation.”

And they fear big government.

“Amnesty is suicide for the conservative movement and the Republican party.”

Says black Alabama state rep.

He will replace Tom Watson. Vote was 173-3.

. . . but have as much success as Republicans who court non-whites.

Are Tories as stupid as Republicans?

Dispossession can increase white racial consciousness.

He hosted a Spanish-language town-hall meeting with Hispanics.

He says talking about civil liberties–not taxes–will help bring more non-whites to the party.

Ann Coulter: “At the current rate of immigration, [America] won’t exist anymore.”

The Liberal Newcomers, National Review

Phyllis Schlafly says Republicans must reduce all immigration to remain viable nationally.

Somali immigrants riot at a political meeting in Minnesota.

Up from an all-time low of 17 percent.

Thomas Sowell says the “immigration reform” debate is like something from “Alice in Wonderland.”

Income Inequality: The Debate Ignores Race


What Obama will never tell you.


New report says even at current immigration rates, the GOP will be doomed in a decade.

57 percent of non-whites think the country is doing well. Only 33 percent of whites do.

Anti-apartheid activist will be the presidential candidate for the leading opposition party.

He says “Our current immigration laws are national suicide.” We agree.

Group dedicated to making Hispanics Republican also pushes amnesty.

Maria Conchita Alonso is in favor of immigration control.

MP: “Is anyone speaking up for the white working class?”