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Authors say norms for Asians should differ from those for whites.

Another “gap” that must be closed.

Researchers have tracked evolutionary changes in lactose tolerance and skin color.

Researchers uncovered 14th century remains with signs of the disease.

“We got it back almost instantaneously. It was almost like the e-mail had bounced.”

Hispanics are much more likely than blacks to be drug dealers.

British paper suggests no reason for this increase.

Causes appear to be drugs, alcohol, and suicide.

Black women are fatter than white women and get more aggressive cancers.

New Prospects for Eugenics


Advanced techniques for improving our species.


Liberian woman killed by her fiancé.

$128 million campaign aims to curb smoking among non-whites.

Young black patients have double the white rate of recurrence.

In only a three-month period.

It’s all because of white privilege.

Gene helps them tolerate a fatty diet but also makes them an inch shorter.

More wacky research.

69 percent of Hispanics are for it.

At most ages, blacks are about three years older biologically than whites.

Another gift from the Third World.

Two-thirds of ads directed at Hispanic children are for junk food.

Yet another gift from the Third World.

We’re getting one, whether we can or not.

It genes, not lifestyle, that make smart people live longer.

When they get it, they’re also twice as likely to die.

The virus is not contained in Guinea and Sierra Leone, and is now reappearing in Liberia.

CA syphilis rate is second highest in the nation.

Among Europeans, blue-eyed people are most prone to alcoholism.

Average weight: 166 pounds.

Woman came to the US from India and then traveled around the country.

Researchers may be able to develop treatment tailored for those with Mayan genes.

Illegals in California now using emergency rooms.

Whites suffer by far the most, and a health campaign could sharply cut number of cases.

A higher BMI is seen as “normal” for blacks.

Tentative finding is that light drinking is good for whites but not for blacks.

If blacks didn’t die young, there would be enough of them to swing elections.

The first national study to find higher suicide rate among blacks than whites.

Blacks want doctors who look like them.

Study says crack babies from the early 1990s turned out like other blacks.

85 million Hispanics will be in the US.

Science for the simple-minded.

Docs said he was a bad candidate for transplant but were shouted down as “racists.”

66 percent of amnestied illegals would be eligible to apply.

Percentage of gay blacks who admit to not using condoms has increased.

Shows on ebola and nature preservation featured only whites.

It’s “racist.”

Andean population is particularly good at ridding the body of arsenic.

They’re “flummoxed or alienated by the medical system.”

Americans have the right to know their genetic profiles.

Once Hispanics starved. Now they’re fat.