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Tentative finding is that light drinking is good for whites but not for blacks.

If blacks didn’t die young, there would be enough of them to swing elections.

The first national study to find higher suicide rate among blacks than whites.

Blacks want doctors who look like them.

Study says crack babies from the early 1990s turned out like other blacks.

85 million Hispanics will be in the US.

Science for the simple-minded.

Docs said he was a bad candidate for transplant but were shouted down as “racists.”

66 percent of amnestied illegals would be eligible to apply.

Percentage of gay blacks who admit to not using condoms has increased.

Shows on ebola and nature preservation featured only whites.

It’s “racist.”

Andean population is particularly good at ridding the body of arsenic.

They’re “flummoxed or alienated by the medical system.”

Americans have the right to know their genetic profiles.

Once Hispanics starved. Now they’re fat.

This was the “black death” in Europe.

It will include gene sequencing for a million volunteers.

Altered gait could cause joint problems.

Insecticide-treated nets are poisoning fish.

Carriers have an 80 percent chance of heart failure after age 45.

This may allow researchers to develop treatments tailored to blacks.

Race differences in obesity and hypertension.

Even still, ObamaCare is shrinking race gaps in health insurance coverage.

A fourth of the gene variants were never previously identified.

Hispanics want to cover illegals.

Employers won’t have to pay a penalty for not insuring amnestied illegals.

They will get work permits, too.

It costs $30,000 a day to treat Ebola.

Their businesses depend on superstitious rumors.

Also allegedly targeting rural and middle-income areas.

25 percent of immigrants and their children are on Medicaid.

He calls the “cellphone number for the ancestors” to cure Ebola.

Bad medicine in government-run “sterilization camp.”

Immigrants bring the disease from south of the border.

US might still medevac sick health workers to other countries.

Judicial Watch has also heard of this plan.

He caught the virus in Guinea while working for Doctors Without Borders.

Gene variants in Inuits that help digest fats also lead to hypoglycemia.

Those with two copies of the variant are 80 percent less likely to get breast cancer.

She may have Ebola.

It is not airborne, but it is “droplet-borne.”

Africans are more sensible than the CDC.

Black nurse with Ebola violated rules when she flew to Ohio.

Liberian who died from Ebola in Texas hospital got inadequate treatment because of “racism.”

Estimated mortality rate is raised from 50 percent to 70 percent.

If the virus spreads, Hispanics may flee to the US to seek treatment.

It’s the first case transmitted in the United States.

There are now 600,000 of them.

Curious logic from a man of science.