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US might still medevac sick health workers to other countries.

Judicial Watch has also heard of this plan.

He caught the virus in Guinea while working for Doctors Without Borders.

Gene variants in Inuits that help digest fats also lead to hypoglycemia.

Those with two copies of the variant are 80 percent less likely to get breast cancer.

She may have Ebola.

It is not airborne, but it is “droplet-borne.”

Africans are more sensible than the CDC.

Black nurse with Ebola violated rules when she flew to Ohio.

Liberian who died from Ebola in Texas hospital got inadequate treatment because of “racism.”

Estimated mortality rate is raised from 50 percent to 70 percent.

If the virus spreads, Hispanics may flee to the US to seek treatment.

It’s the first case transmitted in the United States.

There are now 600,000 of them.

Curious logic from a man of science.

“The number of Ebola cases . . . has been doubling about every three weeks.”

It might come from Central American children.

Most of the responsibility for screening is in the country of departure.

His family is still under quarantine.

“Trying to do that is racist. Let’s us be frank about it.”

. . . so long as there is travel between Europe and West Africa.

Young illegals have yet to learn to use bathrooms properly.

He probably lied to authorities, claiming to have no contact with Ebola patients.

Some fear “Ebola tourism.”

It’s one way infected West Africans could make it to the US.

“We have a responsibility to stay connected to them and help them see this through.”

Bush meat, prostitutes, and used needles.

Now that a Liberian has brought it into the country.

Up to 80 people are now being monitored.

Dallas Ebola Patient Was Another Visa Mistake, Center for Immigration Studies

He never should have been given a visa.

Says it is a “genotype weapon.”

Eighteen people–including some children–are being monitored.

He was traveling in Liberia.

Some have been here since the Liberian civil wars.

This is a step toward race-specific drugs.

Only foreign aid will stop the contagion.

Natives think Ebola was invented by whites to kill blacks.

Central American immigrant children may be infected.

Asians in America are more likely than whites to get type 2 diabetes.

3,000 US troops to be sent to infected countries.

Illegals may have been getting Obamacare subsidies.

Even small hospitals are being warned.

Liberian professor says the US infects Africans through vaccines.

70 million Africans, that is.

Race affects the progress of the disease.

Races differ in fat distribution.

Study Simulates Likelihood of Ebola Spread, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Study suggests US has an 18 percent chance of an outbreak by the end of the month.

America tells non-whites they are inferior and they overeat to console themselves.

“Black motherhood is still policed away from the choice of breastfeeding.”

Regulations will especially benefit blacks.