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National Review takes notice.

Whites and Amerindians most affected.

Increased suicide and drug overdosing contributed to white women’s decreased life expectancy.

British military didn’t consider that blacks are more susceptible to cold injuries.

Common gout treatment is more likely to cause severe reactions in Asians and blacks.

Medical students don’t understand race differences.

Interesting data on race, sex, age, and suicide rates.

That’s true of Melanesians, at least.

Kenya will now let legitimate doctors advertise so they can compete with witch doctors.

In Sweden, refugees are 3.6 times more likely to be psychotic than the native-born.

Blacks most vulnerable, followed by whites, then Asians.

Compared to one in 11 gay white men.

Whites are better at ignoring pain and focusing on the task at hand.

Whites sleep better than other races. “Racism” may be to blame.

A half million ineligibles got the subsidies.

Some African countries already have more obesity than the US.

Scientists find gene variants related to being taller, healthier, and smarter.

And Denmark has taken only 18,000 asylum seekers.

Texts are in Spanish.

Our “behavioral immune system” may make us wary of foreigners.

An African Planet? Part II


Africa could collapse into Malthusian catastrophe.


Modern Eurasians kept the best genes from Neanderthals.

Author gloats that working-class whites are no longer central to America’s identity.

Came from Uganda by way of Brazil.

4,000 years ago, migration brought blue eyes to Ireland.

More cultural friction for us to worry about.

Illegal immigrants often bring them.

Why is diversity necessary if race is a “social construct”?

You may be able to determine a person’s race by the mites on his skin.

Hospital is in an area with “a very diverse population.”

Brits don’t like nurses who speak bad English and give bad care.

Authors say norms for Asians should differ from those for whites.

Another “gap” that must be closed.

Researchers have tracked evolutionary changes in lactose tolerance and skin color.

Researchers uncovered 14th century remains with signs of the disease.

“We got it back almost instantaneously. It was almost like the e-mail had bounced.”

Hispanics are much more likely than blacks to be drug dealers.

British paper suggests no reason for this increase.

Causes appear to be drugs, alcohol, and suicide.

Black women are fatter than white women and get more aggressive cancers.

New Prospects for Eugenics


Advanced techniques for improving our species.


Liberian woman killed by her fiancé.

$128 million campaign aims to curb smoking among non-whites.

Young black patients have double the white rate of recurrence.

In only a three-month period.

It’s all because of white privilege.

Gene helps them tolerate a fatty diet but also makes them an inch shorter.

More wacky research.

69 percent of Hispanics are for it.

At most ages, blacks are about three years older biologically than whites.