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Liberian native was returning to Michigan from Africa.

Researchers say the cause may not be genetic.

Disease has already killed 500 people.

Non-white homosexuals suffer “‘tricultural’ experiences of stigma.”

Some infected immigrants were among those activists turned away in Murrieta.

Admixture with Denisovans gave Tibetans a special gene that regulates the number of red blood cells.

Children with scabies and lice are being sent around the country in public transport.

Increased absorption of vitamin D may not have been the reason for lighter skin.

The infected illegal is staying at Lackland Airforce Base.

Worse black outcomes are partly due to genetics.

Researcher: “The research is provocative.”

Especially strikes Hispanics. Only cure is diet and exercise.

Blacks account for more than half of the AIDS deaths in the US.

Some groups are as different from each other as Europeans are to Chinese.

Researchers say genes contribute to higher obesity rates in Mexicans.

Scabies, chicken pox, and staph infections.

Black survival rates haven’t improved in 40 years, despite advances in treatment.

There are substantial racial differences in approval rates.

Since 2000, all measles cases come from overseas.

American journalists are terrified of racial differences.

The Times critiques its longtime science writer’s latest book.

They drown at 5 times the rate of whites.

Harvard doctors say it may be a more severe form of PTSD: “hood disease.”

Even controlling for income, blacks are 1.84 times more likely to get the worst kind of breast cancer.

And the SAT measures it.

SES and physical activity level explain only 10 percent of the obesity disparity in women.

Non-whites are exposed to 40 percent more air pollution than whites.

The virus kills a majority of those infected.

Penn’s Africana Studies Department to report the latest findings on race.

Whites’ brain lipid concentration differs from other races because of these genes.

Will British officials clamor for a narrowing of this “health gap”?

Nearly a quarter of young black women in South Africa are infected.

17 percent of blacks in California are uninsured; only 3 percent of California enrollees are black.

There’s been a lack of “culturally sensitive” outreach.

It has become impossible to ignore the biological basis of race.

And also your armpit scent.

It can distinguish even between people from different parts of Finland.

There was a different lactose-tolerance mutation in Africa from that of Europe.

Unvaccinated college student brought the disease to California.

They edited the genes to match an HIV-resistant variant found in 10 percent of whites.

Whitey’s to blame.

Illegals who received deferred action can qualify for Medicaid in California.

Many already go to ER for free so don’t want to pay for Obamacare.

24,700 black babies were born in NYC; 31,328 were aborted.

Poor area’s new $15 million “Fresh Grocer” hasn’t changed bad eating habits.

Science is making racial reality undeniable.

Multi-culti Coke is trying to hook Hispanics on sugar water.

Obamacare makes it harder for Hispanics to find doctors “who appreciate our culture.”

Income and education do not explain the differences.

Income Inequality: The Debate Ignores Race


What Obama will never tell you.