Posted on August 13, 2023

Emory Researchers Blame Black Diabetes Epidemic on White Supremacy

Ben Bartee, PJ Media, August 9, 2023

Researchers at what is widely considered the most elite medical institution in the South, Emory University, have come to the brave and stunning conclusion that the culprit for the black type II diabetes epidemic is White Supremacy™.

That’s right: unbeknownst to the world, those dastardly MAGA deplorables apparently forcibly injected blacks all across the country with high fructose corn syrup straight into their bloodstreams and forced them to remain sedentary for decades, even centuries — a crime which had gone undiscovered until Emory cracked the case {snip}

Via The College Fix (emphasis added):

The researchers used a framework that “consider[s] the domains of health behaviours and social norms, structural racism, access to high-quality care, economic development, and public awareness.”

Structural racism play[s] a prominent role at all levels,” of these domains, the scholars wrote

The academic paper called on healthcare professionals and policy makers to “recognize their role in health disparities both based on historical policy decisions as well as current ones to make necessary policy changes to reduce disparities [in diabetes].


This study examined specifically type II diabetes, which is almost exclusively lifestyle-induced, as opposed to type 1 diabetes, which is usually an inherited condition from birth (although it can develop at any time) that results from an autoimmune condition.