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Minneapolis will spend millions to encourage non-whites to use parks.

‘Candid Camera’ for Our Times


The brainwashing of middle Americans.


. . . race riots that took place 93 years ago.

Perhaps they’re catering to their audience.

“Don’t make fun of racism or you’ll be called a racist apparently.”

Hard Times, Weekly Standard

Television loves to depict white trash.

Like the black table in the lunch room.

If the party had made fun only of CMT it probably would have been OK.

They were worried the film would be upsetting.

Despite grossing just $50 million in North America.

The National School Boards Association says public schools should add it to their curricula.

The Hollywood Diversity Report says the industry is “woefully out of touch with an emerging America.”

In 25 years, will hip-hop be as white as rock n’ roll?

“These are going to be game changers.”

Report issued by UCLA black-studies center.

Multi-culti Coke is trying to hook Hispanics on sugar water.

He calls the clamors for more non-whites in comedy “PC nonsense.”

Park is supposed to attract Hispanics, who can’t “relate” to Yosemite.

Underlines the idea that America is up for grabs by whoever wants to come here.

Blacks haven’t visited the $42 million black culture center; now the bank wants it foreclosed.

A nation of cowards.

The ad’s fictitious family is having another mixed-race child.

The word was mentioned 625 times on TV the day after his boast.

Blacks like Twitter.

He wanted to cover “issues of adultery, conflicts within the movement, and King’s spiritual transformation.”

Maria Conchita Alonso is in favor of immigration control.

Students were asked to express their feelings about race in six words.

Another capitulation to pressure tactics.

Salon editor says 2013 was the year of “white grievance mongering.”

The wrestling federation pitted a white “Bad Santa” against a black “Good Santa.”

Says Duck Dynasty star must have been suffering from “white privilege.”

They featured famous white actors who had only bit parts.

White musicians were “appropriating black music.”

Liberals and the Knockout Game


For once, they’re right.


Some think pop culture is to blame.

Isn’t the purpose of movies about “racism” to make people angry?

More racial insanity.

Who knew Pippi Longstocking was so insidious?

Horrors: Only 4.8 percent of blacks like hiking and backpacking.

In an interview with the BBC.

One black theatergoer to another: “Doesn’t it make you hate white people?”

Movies and TV must always remind us of slavery.

Mavel Comics’ new character is Kamala Khan, a Muslim girl from Jersey City.

Former Spice Girl’s fashion show was too white.

47 percent of non-whites–but only 24 percent of whites–say “people like them” are well represented in Congress.

He hopes his new film series will be shown in classrooms nationwide.

Some claim it is because her skin is too dark.

The cast has many whites and the show appeals to a white audience.

Spanish-language film is doing particularly well in California and Texas.