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First Asian to have a full-time job in British cabinet.

The White House awarded her the title for being like Cesar Chavez.

They also want a Fred Korematsu Day.

“. . . to change the dialogue in this country.”

New teaching techniques for today’s students.

Mexican politics come to America.

Change of leadership for Northern Paiute.

Brace yourself, America.

Non-white congressmen have formed a “Full Employment Caucus” to accomplish the task.

Somali immigrants riot at a political meeting in Minnesota.

Thousands of verdicts in jeopardy because of incompetent analysis.

There will be a “London is You” recruitment drive with a focus on hiring non-whites.

The island has debt of $46,000 per person.

She ran what may be the most corrupt school system in Latin America.

There is a pattern here.

Dr. Dong-Pyou Han claimed rabbit blood could be turned into a vaccine.

Says she thought she was a citizen.

Could be next Detroit. Also has a murder rate six times that of the US.

Foreign pilots often fly out of London drunk.

A “task force” will look into the problem.

Such candor not likely in the United States.

Another “white Hispanic.” This one contributed to the mortgage crisis.

The study was done in India.

Asians administrators fill Obamacare’s highest ranks.

. . . and a majority non-white population.

Maria Cavallaro helped some 300 illegals get licenses.

Even Luis Gutierrez says they go too far.

Cambodian destroyer captain also passed confidential information to a Singapore-based company.

Claims 12 percent of New York’s students are Muslims.

Run by a thief and forger who says she didn’t get enough government money.

Mexican local governments want to send more immigrants and get back more remittances.

Minnesota government struggles to find non-white contractors–and often overpays when it does find them.

Says women are raped because they are illegals.

The End of Race, Politico

Bobby Jindal thinks race is only skin-deep.

Arab doctor also grossly abused patients.

Has a shady past and shady associates.

Different messages for different audiences.

The sergeant was also an “Equal Opportunity Adviser.”

Once again, the obvious remains unmentionable.

What do you expect from Cecelia Munoz?

Even the New York Times has discovered the fraud.

Striking facts, but not one word about race.

Thomas Perez was worried a Supreme Court decision could undermine the use of statistics in housing discrimination cases.

What took him so long?

Citing Thomas Perez’ involvement in the New Black Panther case.

He allegedly ran a prostitution ring out of his home.

Hispanic pressure groups were hoping for three.

Walt Whitman got it wrong on Camden.

“Los Angeles represents the new model of urban distress.”

62 women were sexually assaulted at Lackland Air Force Base.