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He has been charged several times previously with Re-Entry after Deportation.

Last year’s oil revenue: $19 billion. Remittances: $25 billion.

One had been hired to paint the victim’s house.

Apprehensions of unaccompanied children are up 78 percent over this period in 2015.

“I want to vote against racism and hate.”

Something else to worry about.

Total is expected to be $1.3 billion in fiscal 2017.

Hispanics are 21 percent of all millennials.

80 percent of illegal Central American child immigrants were placed with other illegals.

And now the group wants the rest of the country to follow the Library of Congress’s lead.

Jose Alejandro Najarro is 52 years old.

Mexican was caught with other illegals 23 of the times.

Rick Wilson: “I don’t see a good outcome from it for anybody, except for probably [Trump].”

Some of the murderers entered the US illegally as “unaccompanied children.”

Mexican consulates are hosting “citizenship clinics.”

Two of the four gang rapists were previously deported to Guatemala.

They had 464 criminal charges between them before they were charged with murder.

A few arrests of minors enrages liberals.

Illegal alien who killed five was deported in 2004.

Non-profits are helping them register.

Texas put nearly a billion dollars into securing its border.

Obama has deported just 5,000 of the more than 127,000 minors who recently arrived.

One resident: “I don’t want a military base to be an orphanage.”

A half million ineligibles got the subsidies.

There are 750,000 immigrants eligible for citizenship in the greater-LA area.

Mark Krikorian is skeptical.

Mexican will end his days in America.

Repeat law-breaker fears “persecution” in Mexico.

The money will help house the thousands of unaccompanied children still crossing the border.

There’s a big push to get green card holders to naturalize.

A net 140,000 have left over the last five years.

Illegal alien voted in a presidential primary and a general election.

Most are staying with relatives in the US.

This is what they explained to the border patrol.

Welfare: Who’s on It, Who’s Not?


The numbers are even worse than we thought.

By F. Roger Devlin and Henry Wolff

Newspaper headline calls him “a man.”

Could Mexico Become Somalia?


Organized crime threatens chaos in Mexico.

Review by Jared Taylor

With no fear of deportation, younger illegals have grown bold.

Every case has been approved so far.

Foreign born and their children will be 36 percent of population by 2065.

Anchor baby says: “All immigrants just like my dad feed this country.”

A fitting reply.

17-year-old El Salvadoran immigrant was shot on his way to the bus stop.

“They always have a story.”

He was previously deported for the same offense.

He carjacked his first victim just minutes after getting out of jail.

Taxpayer dollars help train illegals to “transform the country.”

About half of black and Hispanic households in California are in poverty or near-poverty.

They’re suing the US government for millions.

Perps are an illegal immigrant and a legal resident.