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Honduras’ president brings up DACA.

Media are giving them the Trayvon treatment.

Texas has already decided to put 1,000 national guardsmen on the border.

$1.5 billion plan promises quick deportations of young illegals.

Including 3,000 homicides.

Catholic Charities USA has even opened “welcome centers” at the border.

Forty-six percent of young immigrants fail to appear for their hearings

Officials were “ringing alarm bells” as early as 2012.

What kind of “families” are sending their children north?

600-bed resort with 650 staffers has tennis courts, Olympic size pool, jacuzzis.

Just housing the young illegals will cost $1.5 billion.

There are now pockets of them in New York City.

Says he’s “never, ever taken a position that is more right than this.”

Many aboard “the Beast” were young people.

UN says Central American arrivals should go through asylum procedures.

No illegals have been unloaded at the Murrieta Border Patrol station.

Demonstrators show their true colors.

Some infected immigrants were among those activists turned away in Murrieta.

Cross the border, turn yourself in, climb on the bus.

Children with scabies and lice are being sent around the country in public transport.

One professor says “This is a phenomenon that has gone on for years if not decades.”

We are becoming a land of old whites and young non-whites.

They say Republicans are using the border crisis as an excuse for inaction.

Pelosi would hear captured aliens say “That’s okay, Obama’s gonna let me go.”

Cesar Chavez–the Saint Unmasked


A new, critical biography tells all.

Review by Jared Taylor

Traffickers give illegals all the right answers.

Authorities are surprised?

The infected illegal is staying at Lackland Airforce Base.

“Child” illegals apparently wear extra-extra-extra-extra-extra-large sizes.

“Tactical alert” by police managed to keep the peace.

The senator holds out hope against all evidence.

The state will spend $1.3 million per week on enhanced border security.

Professor: “What’s now a wave of people at the frontier will become possibly a tsunami.”

America in 2034


Hispanics could go either way.


Migrant Surge Jams Border, Wall Street Journal

A look at the numbers.

Immigrants tell border patrol they’re coming because of lax enforcement.

Even a Univision anchor understands the problem better than Obama does.

Before they even give their names, immigrants say “We’re fleeing gang violence.”

Teenage Latin Border Horde, National Review

Local media may be encouraging the exodus.

Citizenship, age, and low turnout limit Hispanic influence.

Some of the children have never seen a doctor.

He says it’s the feds’ job to protect “against illegal entry of aliens,” not to send them to Arizona.

Child illegals will get counseling, education, legal advice, mental health treatment, and condoms.

They’re “as American as apple pie.”

Obama is following up on his promise to “fundamentally transform” America.

More “dreamers” on the way?

Illegals look forward to being caught.

America in 2034.

Immigration officials are acting more like travel agents.

The more illegals they release, the more others want to come.