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Black chief says flag is part of a “culture of racism.”

“Black motherhood is still policed away from the choice of breastfeeding.”

They want GoFundMe to stop the campaign.

Sociologist didn’t like reference to “non-native” plants on gardening program.

He flopped in front of the garbage trucks to protest.

Files class-action suit against the city.

Principal Aiddy Phomvisay didn’t like how one student showed school spirit.

Why don’t people adopt black dogs?

New horizons for anti-racism: racist paint names.

Blacks say protecting school children from stray bullets is “racism.”

Voters know better than their betters.

“Back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”


Can you spot the “racial discrimination?”

It’s “cultural appropriation.”

The beard, apparently, was a symbol of “white, masculine supremacy.”

Warning French travelers to avoid high-crime areas in Boston is “racist.”

“Racism” is the only explanation for black poverty.

It’s “racist” to say Australia was “established in 1788.”

Another act of cowardice fails to placate.

They featured famous white actors who had only bit parts.

Who knew Pippi Longstocking was so insidious?

UCLA Protesters Call Good Grammar Racist, Western Center for Journalism

Correcting students’ errors is called a “micro-aggression.”

It is part of helping teachers recognize their own “white privilege.”

In an interview with the BBC.

14 year old in Sweden says it is “sick” to call beige paint “skin color.”

Psychologists say just owning a gun may make someone more “racist.”

“No justice, no peace, no racist police.”

Keen-eyed white man detects vicious racism.

It reads “Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White.”

Gov shutdown is the “next phase” in the “fight for white supremacy.”

Racism has become “covert/evolved.”

Some blacks were disqualified for arrest records.

“No matter the intention, the result is racism.”

Leggings design was “a violation of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.”

And blacks who smashed the place charge “racism” when restaurant now turns them away.

This could be the most bizarre racism charge to date.

Says Christianity is to blame for racism in America.

Watermelon flavoring is racially insensitive.

It is hard to get any nuttier than this.

Arthur the aardvark has violated Ph.D. candidate’s sensibilities.

Multicultural training for your dog.

Claims abortionist was singled out for prosecution only because he was black.

Why don’t retailers go into non-white neighborhoods?

More nonsense from the social “sciences.”

AmRen Protesters, WSMV Channel 4

Objectivity and fact-checking are not their strong points.

Eric Holder had better look into this.

The group’s latest tactic: Try to prove gun control is “racist.”

The contracted firm has received $3.3 million in tax dollars over five years.

Tim Wise also suggests we make Jesus black for a year.