Posted on August 14, 2023

Princeton Anti-Capitalist Class Teaching Black People Should Be Considered Handicapped Due to Systemic Racism

Hannah Grossman, Fox News, August 13, 2023

A Princeton University class curriculum slated for the upcoming fall semester claims that Black people can be considered “disabled” due to the purported systemic racism they face, according to information in a course description.

A class taught by a professor who specializes in women, gender and sexuality studies – Satyel Larson – featured a book called “Permission to Maim.” The book argues that Black people, along with other groups the author – Jasbir Puar – deemed to be oppressed by systemic racism, can be considered “disabled” since the supposed structures in place limit their agency in society.

“Black Lives Matter and the struggle to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine are not only movements ‘allied’ with disability rights, nor are they only distinct disability justice issues. Rather, I am motivated to think of these fierce organizing practices collectively as a disability justice movement itself, as a movement that is demanding an end to so many conditions of precaritization that debilitate many populations,” the book stated.